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Sewing  Fur sewing machine
If you have access to a fur sewing machine but are unsure how to get started, look no further!
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Here you have valuable instructions on how to prepare a skin for cutting as well as the practicing cutting.
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Paris: city of lightness in fur
Fur is the fashion everywhere and the warm weather during Paris Fashion Week testified to fur's versatility. The streets and boulevards were full of light, elegant fur while the runways showed us what's to come. The City of Light simply glowed with beautiful furs.
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The furrier craft, like all others, demands tools. Here you will learn which tools are must-haves and which ones are nice-to-haves.
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Milan Fashion Week Street Scenes 2016
Fanciful and colourful were the accessories, bags, trims, sashes, capes, scarves … the list could go on … all in imaginative ways to put the contemporary spin on fur. Fox underscored many a look and fur mixes added seasoning to it all. Men and women wore fur for all its intrinsic characteristics – and its beauty.
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Preparing the skins
Basic instructions for preparing mink or fox skins are complemented by tips and advice to help you get underway.
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Stretching and nailing
Before the first cut or stitch, you need to stretch a skin and staple (nail) it to flatten your working surface and make it more supple.
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Saga Furs creates a precious moment for the holidays
Here you can have a look at some inspiring ideas for using fur to decorate your home for the holidays.
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Sewing  Household sewing machine
You can sew fur on a regular home sewing machine. We take you through the necessary steps for doing zig-zag or straight stitches.
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Milan Fashion Week Street Scenes 2014
Imagine the ways and byways of Milan as a cornucopia of luscious furs in the approaches to runway shows. The wearers used colour, volume and texture to vamp up a personal look with fur - and did sowith the style only fur can deliver. Have a look at what the imagination can do.
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Paris Fashion Week Street Scenes A/W14
The exuberance of Paris Fashion Week wrapped in fur. With spring poised to burst out, the rues of the city bloomed in the colours of the season and shades of romance. It was a luxurious display of the versatile beauty only fur can bring to fashion.
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Milan Fashion Week AW17 - Street style
Fox and mink adorned the streets of Milan, broken by bold splashes of colour enhanced by a wealth of fur-craft techniques. The furs were seasonally light, yet provided warmth for the bodies inside and gazing eyes. Accessories abounded, while the range of apparel ranged from offhanded casual to ultra-luxurious.
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Paris Fashion Week Street Scenes AW16
The summit of the world of fashion, Paris was a flurry of wonderful furs. The streets and boulevards showed how designers have interpreted techniques from Saga Furs to add to the beautiful idiom of fashion.
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New York Fashion Week AW17  - Street Style
Fur was the order of the day on the approach routes to shows at NYFW. Naturals, colours, upcycled and new, the one material perfect for winter took center stage on the streets. Styles broadcast lots of hair-play, especially with fox, in scores of sculpted and crafted apparel. Whether it was accessories or garments, fur reigned in snowy New York.
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Saga Furs Design Centre video
See why Saga Furs Design Centre is the place designers turn to when they are looking for tomorrow's ideas in fur. A new two-minute-long video shows the people and processes that go into fur innovation, and later to the world of fashion.
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The word on the street is: fur
Milan’s streets testified to the wearability of fur as the material for just tossing on and popping out of the house or for luxurious dressing to the nines. Splashes of colour and the depth of natural shades were presented as the twin peaks of form and function. And each style was rooted in innovation (Wonder where they got it from?). Have a look:
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Eye on the fur-filled streets of New York
Bitter cold lashed the streets during New York Fashion Week giving style-savvy individuals an ideal opportunity to flaunt what designers had whipped up for this season. The city was a celebration of fur. Natural and beautiful, fur was in its element as the perfect material to keep you warm and give you an inner glow that assures you – You look good!
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Paris Fashion Week AW17 - Street style
Parisians donned their furs as the natural choice to keep them warm as spring was on the way. Daring colours, intricate detailing, crafted mixes, lots of fox and the hues of nature turned rainy avenues in the City of Light into a kaleidoscope of luxurious furs.
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Saga Furs Basic Fur Skills
We are going to show you a selection of the most popular fur techniques and how to work with fur on a basic level. Stay tuned! Find more videos at technique.sagafurs.com
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Saga Furs Fashion Forum St. Petersburg 2018
Saga Furs took part in the second international fashion forum organized in St. Petersburg, Russia. Many important Russian and international fashion experts took part in Fashion Forum in St. Petersburg, to discuss hot fashion industry topics but also to take part in practical masterclass workshops. Saga Furs became one of the most important partners of the Fashion Forum. For the past 10 years Saga Furs has cooperated with two leading fashion design schools also in Russia: Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design and Omsk Fashion Design School.
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Saga Furs creates a precious moment for the holidays
We all cherish those precious moments. The holidays are a time when we realize how a sincere gift magnifies the joy of receiving, a joy that will sustain through the years. Saga Furs wishes everyone a precious holiday season!
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New York Fashion Week Street Scenes - A/W14
On the streets, on the runways, along the runways, everywhere you looked the guys and gals were wearing fur at New York Fashion Week. Colours and contours -- textures and trims -- prints and patterns -- luxurious fur was part of the ambiance during the blustery, snowy days in the Big Apple. Have a look.
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Saga Furs wishes you a festive holiday season
Joys of the holiday season brighten when you adorn your home with the enchanting beauty of luxurious fur.
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Saga Furs 80th Anniversary video
Saga Furs – The visionary leader and responsible choice in the fur industry celebrating 80 years. Saga Furs has succeeded in building a brand recognised around the world for its superior quality furs, sustainable practices and transparency that has made Saga® the most trusted label in the business.
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London Fashion Week AW17 - Street style
The approach routes to London shows were highlighted by statement colours in volumes and textures only fur can provide. Fox and mink were there from top to bottom as accessories and garments in natural hues, pastels and brash colours. Finery and fun set the tone in fur styling.
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Milan Fashion Week AW19  Street Style
For fur fans, Milan Fashion Week is major eye candy. Guests at the AW19 shows trotted out incredible fur pieces across the city that really stood out in the sea of showgoers outside the venues. There were equal parts long and shorthaired styles on the street: mink wearers went with lots of beautiful techniques, from chevron and herringbone patterns to ribbed gilets and casual-cool hooded jackets, while the fox crowd wore stunning colours, intarsia motifs and coats that incorporated lavish fur applications as contrasts on metallic or floral fabrics.
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Fur Auctions of the Century - What the executives say
Speaking from the Beijing fur fair, American Legend vice-president Dale Theisen, Mark Downey, CEO of Fur Harvesters and Saga Furs CEO Pertti Fallenius talk about the joint March and June auctions that will offer the greatest selection of furs ever assembled under one roof.
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Saga Furs & Alena Akhmadullina
Russian designer Alena Akhmadullina presented her Fall-Winter 2019/20 collection in Moscow on 1 April 2019 during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. Models, one after another, walked through the catwalk showing beautiful fur garments and accessories made of Saga Furs’ certified fox and mink furs.
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Fur Vision 2013
Inspiration for many fur collections begins at Fur Vision events held annually at the nerve centres of fashion. It's where Saga Furs reveals the latest ideas in fur innovation to designers from around the world. Have a look at the activity generated at Fur Vision New York.
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CEOs: March success raises optimism for June auction
Pertti Fallenius, of Saga Furs, Joe Morelli of American Legend and Mark Downey of Fur Harvesters tell in video footage about the March success, which raises optimism for joint auction in June.
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Saga Furs x Astrid Andersen Bespoke Menswear AW18
Inspired by London’s Buffalo era and the influence it has had on her aesthetic, Andersen introduced heritage fabrics into her hyper-glamorous hip-hop universe. Street met opulence in tweed and tartan outerwear adorned with glossy black Saga® Mink or natural Finnraccoon.
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NAUMI Fall Winter 2019 collection launch video
The new collection NAUMI Fall/Winter 2019 was presented in Moscow on 24 Feb 2019 to around 200 excited buyers coming from all over Russia. The collection brought out certified Saga Furs Arctic Finnraccoon and design techniques from Saga Design Centre. Fashion show was supported by NAUMI brand presentation along with Saga Furs presentation highlighting sustainability, certification and traceability.
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Perceptions of luxury as told by designers
Luxury defies definition, but four top young names in fashion design give us their perceptions of luxury. Jason Wu, Joseph Altuzarra, Huishan Zhang and Yiqing Yin tell us in words and through their creations how they see luxury.
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Saga Furs Astel by Konstantinopolski launch video
Multitalented fur partner Viktor Konstantinopolski launched the new fur brand ASTEL by Konstantinopolski. Saga Furs was the main partner of the stylish event organized in Moscow, as well as the trusted partner, helping Konstantinopolski to realize their design vision with the help of new fur techniques developed at Saga Design Centre.
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Saga Furs Joint Auction 2014
The three CEOs -- Joe Morelli of American Legend Cooperative, Mark Downey of Fur Harvesters Auction Inc, and Pertti Fallenius, of Saga Furs Oyj -- tell in video footage about the success of their March sales and what they anticipate for the upcoming auction.
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Yiqing Yin Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2012
Have a look at this video clip to see how Yiqing Yin achieved an anatomical metamorphosis to express her "totems" theme at her haute couture show. With organic cuts and exquisite draping, the Parisian designer blended hints of animal and human characteristics in summer furs.
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Saga Furs Mink Grading
Reliability has made the unique Saga Furs Grading System the touchstone of quality behind Saga Furs® Mink, Fox and Finnraccoon. The fur and fashion industry has confidence in a system that is vital to business and is recognized as the best in the world.
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This is Fur event at the European Parliament
Under the banner, This Is Fur, the European fur industry's joint trade organization, Fur Europe ,held a major exhibition at the European Parliament in Brussels on 21-23 January. The purpose was to provide accurate information to European Union politicians and the general public about the European fur sector and do away with many myths surrounding the fur industry. Over 50 fur industry representatives participated in the gathering, which was the largest lobby event in the history of the international fur trade.
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Here’s how you can easily transferring a pattern onto the leather side of a skin.
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Saga of Fur
Saga Furs presented an exclusive showing of luxurious Italian and Russian fur creations at St. Petersburg's spectacular Manezh Kadetskogo Korpusa on 12 October. The gala event showcased exclusive garments inspired by Saga Furs craft techniques applied by eight leading names in luxury fur.
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Saga Furs + BIFTPARK - Full Show HD
On September 29, Saga Furs together with BIFTPARK unveiled a stunning 60-piece collection for Fall/ Winter 2016 in Beijing.
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London Fashion Week Street Scenes 2016 - A fur for every taste and occasion
Bold colours, notably intarsia-crafted pieces, shared the pavements with natural shades, as Londoners displayed a natural joy in wearing the most natural of materials. Fur was there in every way shape and form, and to be sure: the wearers looked to be having fun wearing fur.
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New York Fashion Week Fall 2019 Street Style
Coloured furs lit up the wintry city as the fashion roadshow got underway. Kicking off the AW19 womenswear season, New York was a rainbow of fur outside the shows where industry names and guests of all ages bundled up in hyper-luxe statement outerwear.
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