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Tree Diagramming Practice 1
A first in a series of tree diagramming practices.
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Socio-Cultural Theory in SLA and SLL
A mini lecture focusing on the socio-cultural aspects inherent in SLA www.nyack.edu/content/TESOL_Home
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TESOL Methods: History of TESOL
TESOL Methods: This mini-lecture highlights a few of the historical elements from which TESOL emerged. - adapted from H.D. Brown - "Teaching by Principle"
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Getting Started with TESOL
TESOL Methods: This mini-lecture begins the exploration of TESOL
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Introduction Second Language Acquisition
A mini-lecture that introduces Second Language Acquisition
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Language Assessment Principles
This mini lecture continues the discussion on language assessment and covers a number of vital items of information including: Practicality Reliability Validity Authenticity Washback
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SLA  Theories: Input Interaction Output
A Mini lecture on some interactionist and social theories of 2nd language learning. Theories covered include Long's Interaction Hypothesis Swain's Output Hypothesis Van Patten's Input Processing Carroll's Induction Learning www.nyack.edu/content/TESOL_Home
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Language Assessment: Concepts and Issues
This mini lecture is the first in a series that reviews Language assessment in the classroom. It is loosely based on Brown, H.D. & Priyanvada, A. (2010). Language Assessment: Principles and Classroom Practices ISBN: 9780138149314. This lesson will cover foundational issues and concepts of language assessment including differentiating assessment from test, and reviews the variety of tests e.g. achievement, proficiency, diagnostic,
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Basic Tree Diagramming Components
This is a mini lecture on the basic components that make up tree diagramming. It includes ideas like noun phrases, verb phrases, adjective phrases and adverb phrases.
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NeedsAnalysis For Curriculum Design
This mini lecture shares ideas and essential protocols for determining how to conduct a needs analysis for the purpose of establishing a language curriculum
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Assessing Speaking for ESL  learners
A mini lecture on on ways to assess speaking skills and assess the speaking level of 2nd language learners.
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Overview of Language Curriculum Design
A mini lecture on designing a language curriculum or a course - This is the first in a series on Language Curriculum, Testing and Assessment
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Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach via CALLA
A mini lecture on the CALLA and how it relates to bilingual learners. Based in part on Herrera & Murray's Text - Mastering ESL and Bi-lingual Methods
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TM: Teaching By Principle
TESOL Methods: This mini-lecture describes a number of principles that good ESL educators will want to adopt to become better teachers. - adapted from H.D. Brown - "Teaching by Principle"
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CALLA-Academic Language Development
A mini lecture on the importance and procedures for teaching academic language development
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TESOL Methods: Motivation in TESOL
TESOL Methods: This mini-lecture investigates the role motivation has in TESOL and SLA - adapted from H.D. Brown - "Teaching by Principle"
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Language Assessment:  Designing a Language Test
This mini-lesson is a continuation of a review in Language Assessment, which focuses on the components included in a typical test. Additionally, this lecture includes a more focused review of multiple choice questions, their specifications and design. Finally, there is a review of test administration with an emphasis on reliability. http://nyack.edu/content/EDUPrograms
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Communicative Competence in SLA
A Minilecture on Communicativ Competence
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A mini-lectrure on cross-linguistic influences and form-focused instruction. Issues include form focused instruction, language error types, and error correction
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Curriculum Development Principles
A mini lecture on 20 essential principles curriculum developers should be aware of before they embark on building a 2nd language curriculum
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Assessing  Listening in the ESL Classroom
A mini lecture highlighting ways to assess listening.
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Setting Goals, Content, & Sequencing for a language curriculum
This mini lecture reviews ideas and concepts for setting the scope and sequence of a second language curriculum
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The History of English: Old English: Part 1
A Mini lecture on the History of the English language
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CALLA & Academic Language Development:  Why Teach This?
A mini lecture on CALLA and its emphasis on academic language development.
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2nd Language Acquisition - mini lecture covering the learning styles and strategies that language learners employ,
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Assessing the Environment for Curriculum Devlopment
This is a mini lecture on assessing the language learning environment in preparation for curriculum development
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TM: The Post-Method Era
TESOL Methods - This mini-lecture looks past the single methodology into a richer multi method or post method framework for ELL teachers - adapted from H.D. Brown - "Teaching by Principle"
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Standards-Based Assessment for ESL Curriculum
A mini lecture that reviews assessments based on standards - typically these are exams (achievement, proficiency, diagnostic, placement) They are usually tests (as opposed to other forms of assessment)
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Tense Aspect Modality System in Discourse
A mini lecture highlighting the tense aspect modality system in English discourse.
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Linguistics Tense Aspect Modality System
A mini lecture on the English Tense Aspect Modality System
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The History of English: Middle English to Early Modern English
A mini lecture on the History of the English language from the Middle English to Early Modern English. Emphasis is on the expansion of English standardization, the growth of the London Standard, the strengthening of linguistic classes and the impact of printing
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Tree Diagramming Practice
Everybody's favorite activity!!! Watch this podcast to see and learn about tree sentence tree diagramming.
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Grammar & The Lexicon
A Mini lecture on the grammatical component of the lexicon and how some lexical arguments are syntactic in nature
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Adopting & Adapting Textbooks for an ESL Curriculum
A mini lecture on adopting & adapting textbooks for an ESL curriculum
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Designing Language Tests for the ESL Curriculum
A mini lecture on designing language tests for the ESL curriculum
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SIOP-05 Strategies
SIOP strategies - a mini lecture on the strategies component of the SIOP Model
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Grammar - Sentence Tree Diagramming-01
Sentence tree diagramming practice -01
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Alternatives In Assessment
A mini lecture highlighting alternatives in the assessment process for language assessment
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TMM 20 21 TeachingReadingWriting
Teaching reading and writing strategies with top down or bottom up processing. Helping students to learn faster using various reading strategies. Learn what readers do when they read and what factors affect reading. Characteristics of written words that students read.
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SLA- Age & Acquisition
Second language acquisition - A mini lecture on SLA that discusses practical, neurological, and theoretical issues related to age and language acquisition
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Key Concepts  in 2nd Language Acquisition Research
A mini lecture on some key Factors in 2nd Language Acquisition Research.
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CALLA and Content-Based Instruction
A mini lecture on Content-Based Instruction
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The Negotiated Syllabus
A mini lecture on developing a syllabus in conjunction with your students so that they can have a hand in its content choices, which results in more motivation.
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TMM 18 19 TeachingListeningSpeaking
Factors that affect active and passive listening. Learn the types of listening such as planned or unplanned and single or group.Principles for teaching and assessing listening. What speakers do when they speak and what factors affect speaking.
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The Negation System
A brief discussion on the Negation system in English
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Formatting Presenting in Curriculum Design
This mini lecture shares ideas and essential protocols to aid curriculum developers in the formatting and presentation of their content, skills, and databases.
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TESOL Linguistics & Metalanguage
TESOL Linguistics & Metalanguage
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Foundations of Second Language Acquisition
A mini-lecture on the foundations of 2nd Language Acquisition
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Acquiring Knowledge for L2 Use
A mini lecture on the major components that users will need to have in order to acquire a L2 www.nyack.edu/content/TESOL_Home
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Monitoring & Assessment  of 2nd/foreign Language Curriculum
A mini lecture on monitoring and assessing in a 2nd/foreign language curriculum. It covers some monitoring guidelines as well as a review of the different types of assessment test types
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