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Brothers convince little sister of zombie apocalypse
After having surgery to remove her wisdom teeth, two brothers convinced their groggy little sister there was a zombie apocalypse happening -- and they were in danger. Watch her reaction.
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Watch: 106-year-old woman's priceless reaction to meeting the Obamas
At age 106, Virginia McLaurin was lucky enough to meet President Obama and the first lady during a Black History Month event at the White House. Watch her dance with the Obamas as they greet one another.
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Watch: Starbucks customer confronts employee for stealing credit card info
A woman figures out a Starbucks employee stole her credit card information and then confronts her at the drive thru. CBSN's Contessa Brewer has footage of the tense interaction.
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Hamilton cast performs "My Shot" at White House
The cast of the hit Broadway musical "Hamilton" performed the song "My Shot" at the White House Monday for an audience that included President and Mrs. Obama, Vice President Biden and local students.
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"Breaking Bad" stars team with Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Emmy parody
Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, the stars of the hit series "Breaking Bad," joined "Veep" leading lady Julia Louis-Dreyfus in a pawnshop parody, lampooning the Emmy awards. The sketch was produced by Audi.
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Donald Trump attacks George W. Bush on 9/11, Iraq
The Republican debate takes a dramatic turn as Donald Trump and Jeb Bush clash over former President George W. Bush's record on national security.
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Obama reveals his "retirement plans"
In a humorous video that aired at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, President Obama revealed how he would ease his way into retirement. He gets a little help from Joe Biden and John Boehner too.
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A taste of Beatlemania in the 1960s
In 1963, CBS News characterized Beatlemania as an "epidemic" that had "seized" Britain's teenage population. Soon, it would "infect" America.
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Neil DeGrasse Tyson on the science of "The Martian"
Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson joins CBSN to discuss the new film "The Martian" and whether or not the science in the film stands up to reality.
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What inspires a man to play taps every day: CBSN Special
Steve Hartman goes "On The Road" to visit the Pacific Northwest, where a special performance of taps every day brings an entire neighborhood to a stop.
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Prison escapee arrested after 50 years on run
A man who escaped from a prison work camp in Georgia nearly 50 years ago was finally arrested in Connecticut last week. Robert Stackowitz is now asking Georgia officials to commute the remainder of his sentence because he says going back to prison would amount to a death sentence. Demarco Morgan has more.
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Harvard grad wows crowd with spoken word commencement address
2016 Harvard graduate Donovan Livingston delivered a powerful, inspirational and poetic speech during commencement. CBSN's Josh Elliott has more on the spoken word that's getting attention online.
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The mystery of Pennsylvania's Lady Liberty: CBSN Special
For 25 years there was great mystery surrounding the sudden appearance of a Statue of Liberty replica in the middle of the Susquehanna River in central Pennsylvania. Steve Hartman goes "On The Road" to find out more.
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The top 10 Ham4Ham skits by "Hamilton the Musical"
Incorporating artists from other Broadway shows and other mediums, "Hamilton the Musical" puts on daily skits for fans hoping to get their hands on coveted "Hamilton" lottery tickets. They are called Ham4Hams, and these are 10 of the best.
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Obama lets emotions show at Beau Biden's funeral
President Obama nearly broke down as he spoke at the funeral for Beau Biden. Vice President Joe Biden's son died from brain cancer. He was 46.
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Chris Christie takes down Marco Rubio
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie attacked Florida Senator Marco Rubio on his lack of executive experience and pre-packaged remarks. CBS News' Jericka Duncan brings you the highlights of the exchanges.
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Donald Trump offers woman job at press conference
Donald Trump offered a woman a job after she asked if he would hire veterans to help develop Washington, D.C.'s Old Post Office into a luxury hotel. CBSN's Elaine Quijano has the details.
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Donald Trump, Jeb Bush get heated over Syria, national security
Donald Trump and Jeb Bush spar over how to approach the fight against ISIS and the Assad regime in Syria.
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President Obama meets Japanese Robot
U.S. President Barack Obama addressed students Thursday at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo after touring the facility. The president was introduced to ASIMO, a Honda robot that greeted him in English.
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Pentatonix members name their favorite things
Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, Kirstie Maldonado, Kevin “K.O.” Olusola and Avi Kaplan tell CBS News' Lauren Moraski about their all time-favorite songs, movies and more.
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Hamilton cast performs "Alexander Hamilton" at White House
President Obama and the First Lady hosted the Broadway cast of the musical “Hamilton” at the White House Monday for a workshop and Q&A session with area students. President Obama delivered remarks on the history behind "Hamilton," and the cast performed “Alexander Hamilton," the opening song of the play, live for the attendees.
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Massive space shuttle fuel cell completes 16-mile trip across L.A.
A 66,000-pound fuel tank the size of half a football field was transported 16 miles across Los Angeles Saturday. The fuel tank will eventually be displayed inside the California Space Center. Teri Okita has more.
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Dow Jones vs. S&P 500: What’s the difference?
What sets the Dow Jones industrial average and the S&P 500 apart? CBS MoneyWatch contributor Ray Martin breaks it down as the two stock market indexes continue to reach new highs.
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Five surprising facts about Lincoln's assassination
To commemorate the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's assassination, CBS News sat down with historian Harold Holzer to reveal surprising facts about the 16th president and his connection to John Wilkes Booth. Holzer is one of the country's leading authorities on Lincoln.
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Richard Nixon leaves the White House for the last time as president
After delivering a farewell address to administration staff, Richard Nixon left the White House for the last time as president on Aug. 9, 1974. He boarded a military helicopter on the South Lawn and gave his iconic wave to the crowd. Walter Cronkite anchored the CBS News Special Report with Dan Rather and Phil Jones reporting.
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Julian Lennon remembers his father, the Beatles
As we celebrate the 50th anniversary or the Beatles' arrival in America, Julian Lennon tells CBS News what it was like growing up as the son of a Beatle.
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What is Denisovan DNA?
Scientists have conducted a study that may show many people around the world have the DNA of an ancient human ancestor known as the Denisovans. CBS News science and futurist contributor Michio Kaku joins CBSN to explain.
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Was Ben Bradlee portrayed accurately in "All the President's Men"?
The Washington Post's Bob Woodward looks back at how he and his editor at the time, Ben Bradlee, handled the Watergate scandal – and whether Hollywood got it right in "All the President's Men"
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Tulsi Gabbard: I don't fear Clintons
Bernie Sanders supporter, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), who resigned her position as vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee to endorse the Vermont senator, tells CBS News that while people warned her not to defy the Clintons, she doesn't fear potential retaliation. Gabbard also discussed the state of the primary fight and stressed that Sanders still has a path to the Democratic nomination despite trailing Hillary Clinton in delegates. Gabbard joined CBS News' Demarco Morgan to discuss the 2016 Democratic race.
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9/11 cop reflects on surviving North Tower collapse
After 34 years of service, retiring Lt. David Lim, one of 16 survivors of the North Tower collapse, shares his story with Don Dahler
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Stephen Colbert gives a funny farewell to Wake Forest University class of 2015
Stephen Colbert delivers a witty commencement address at Wake Forest University. CBSN's Elaine Quijano and Meg Oliver show us the full speech.
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Retired NFL player Ben Utecht fights to keep his memories alive
After a series of brain injuries that forced him into retirement, former tight end Ben Utecht has struggled with the reality of his dramatic and progressive memory loss. The player tells "CBS This Morning" about the importance of his family and keeping their memory alive while he still can. Jim Axelrod reports.
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Traveling hundreds of miles to give a final salute: CBSN Special
Steve Hartman goes "On the Road" to meet Larry Eckhardt, a man who travels hundreds of miles to honor fallen soldiers with hundreds of flags.
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Donald Trump calls Ted Cruz "nasty"
After getting into it with Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz set their sights on eatch other, with Cruz bashing Trump for flip-flopping and Trump calling Cruz a liar.
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New developments in honeymoon disappearance
George Smith's family hasn't given up on a decade long search for him after he disappeared on his honeymoon. "48 Hours" senior executive producer Susan Zirinsky joins CBSN to discuss.
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Obama salutes Afghanistan war hero in State of the Union
President Obama praises the bravery and selflessness of Cory Remsburg, an Army Ranger who was gravely injured in Afghanistan.
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In the 70mm IMAX projection booth with "Interstellar"
Director Christopher Nolan's futuristic sci-fi spectacle is receiving a rare theatrical release on old-school, large-format film stock. CBSNews.com's David Morgan enters the projection booth when the new IMAX movie is being screened in 70mm.
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Former detective says he knows who murdered Tupac
Retired LAPD detective Greg Kading says he has evidence that links Sean "Diddy" Combs to Tupac Shakur's murder. Kading joins CBSN to explain his findings.
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A care package from home: CBSN Special
In a garage in Virginia, Karen Grimord answers the call of wounded soldiers with care packages. Steve Hartman goes "On the Road" to report on Grimord's mission to get everything on a soldier's wish list.
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Jon Stewart joins with 9/11 first responders to push for bill renewal
The James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act is set to begin expiring next month. If the bill is not renewed health programs for more than 33,000 men and women will be put in jeopardy. Stewart is in Washington, D.C., to knock on the doors of congressmen to make sure the bill is kept alive.
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Neil DeGrasse Tyson on the possibility of life on Mars
The discovery of flowing water on Mars reignites questions about life on the Red Planet. Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson joins CBSN to discuss.
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Remembering the "Mississippi Burning" murders
On June 21, 1964, civil rights workers Andrew Goodman, James Chaney and Michael Schwerner were ambushed and shot dead by the Ku Klux Klan in Mississippi. Their deaths were dramatized in the 1988 film "Mississippi Burning." David Goodman, the brother of Andrew Goodman, reflects on the case that captured the nation's attention.
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Moving remembrance of Muhammad Ali from Louisville Reverend
Watch: Reverend Dr. Kevin Cosby delivers powerful eulogy at Muhammad Ali memorial service.
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Bill Nye discusses newest images of Pluto
NASA has released the highest resolution pictures of Pluto ever captured by the New Horizons space probe. Bill Nye "The Science Guy" talked about the future of the U.S. Space program with CBSN.
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Rep. Trey Gowdy's Benghazi committee opening statement
Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, delivers his opening statement before Hillary Clinton's testimony.
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Woman sent to jail for "catfishing"
A woman has been sentenced in Canada for impersonating and blackmailing a NBA player. She faces additional felony charges in Colorado. "48 Hours" Crimesider's Julia Dahl joins CBSN to explain the case.
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Maurice Dubois discusses Bell's Palsy recovery
WCBS Channel 2 Anchor Maurice DuBois is returning back to work after recovering from Bell's palsy. DuBois joins CBSN to discuss his facial paralysis and recovery.
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Tree-climbing goats in Morocco's argan forest
The goats in Morocco's argan forest have an extraordinary skill. It's a Darwinian talent goats developed to reach argan fruit. This is where their New York-based argan oil brand Moroccan Elixir takes root. Jonathan Vigliotti has more.
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Robert Downey Jr. storms out of interview
Robert Downey Jr. stormed out of a sitdown interview with the UK Channel 4. He was doing a round of interviews to promote the new "Avengers" movie when on reporter asked him a question he didn't want to answer.
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CBS News reports on the Beatles in 1964
A report by CBS News' London correspondent Alexander Kendrick helped introduce the band to Americans when it aired Nov. 22, 1963 on "CBS Morning News With Mike Wallace."
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