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Dark Sanctuary - Le Reve De La Nymphe
Le Reve De La Nymphe, song from the Dark Sanctuary 1999 album Royaume Mélancolique. Lyrics: Prends mon corps Je te donne ma chair Prends mon âme Je te donne ma vie Etre sans complexe En moi naît le désir Amené par ta main Qui elle seule me comprend J'affectionne tes caresses Celles qui me rendent belle Et qui guident mes pas Vers cet endroit si sombre Apprends moi à aimer De tes doigts longs et fins J'ai envie de goûter A ton fruit défendu Sans m'être investie Le plaisir monte en moi Je sens venir ma fin Et pourtant je respire Tu as su réveiller En moi tant de mystères Que je ne puis rester là Sans goûter à ta chair Alors emmène moi Dans cet antre de vie Où personne n'est plus Ce qu'il prétend éter Translation: Take my shell I give you my flesh Take my soul I give you my life A human being without complex Desire is arising within me Brought by your hand Which is the only one to understand me I'm fond of your caresses The ones which make me pretty The ones which guide my feet To this place so dark Teach me love With your long and slender fingers I'd like to taste Your forbidden fruit Without being involved Pleasure is arising inside me Death is coming But I'm still breathing You awaked So many mysteries inside myself That I can't stay here Without tasting your flesh So take me To this cave of life Where nobody Is real
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O J'zargo... I mastered those spells long ago
Talking to this insufferable cat (I actually do like him) has always been fun, but it's more fun when I get to be as snobbish as he is.
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Dunmer dances wildly, infant patron does not care
No wonder this is the elf/man who slept with Martin Septim. Those hips, baby! Idk why it's so dark. Stupid Sony Vegas