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How To Pick The Right Complementary Colors For Your Logo
In most design applications, especially in the field of logo design, color schemes are split into one dominant color, depending on how it stands out in comparison with other colors or how much it appears in the design, and one or more accent colors. Here are 6 ways you can find the perfect accent colors to complement your logo design to perfection. The 10 Commandments of Color Theory: https://www.designmantic.com/blog/infographics/the-10-commandments-of-color-theory/ Music: Summer Smile - Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wlbB1PTzJU
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The Positive Side of Negative Space Logo Designs
We have become so used to dwelling on the negative side of things that we oversee the optimism lying just beneath the surface. Our ingenious negative space logos suffer the same unfortunate fate of being perpetually misunderstood, even though all they want is to let you have that innocuous “Eureka” moment of discovery. Here we have assembled a collection of stunning negative space logos and strived to show you their positive side which you might never have noticed before:
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7 Logo Design Principles To Follow Religiously
Designing a logo isn’t a piece of cake, as the general opinion has it. An effective and impactful logo design is timeless, memorable, creative, unique, simple, and able to convey the business message across to the intended audience. An incredible logo design basically narrows down to two things: extraordinary idea and awesome execution! Knowing that the identity of their business could be distilled down to a few pixels, companies are taking their logo designs very seriously. In this video, we have compiled the 7 most important principles you should take into consideration before designing an effective logo:
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8 Typography Mistakes Designer Make!
Be it branding or marketing, selecting the right typeface is crucial to successfully communicate a brand message or promise. Here are some of the most common typography mistakes designers make when picking up a font. Beware of these mistakes. Music: BACK IN SUMMER - Nicolai Heidlas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGsC98vR4Q4
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17 Biggest and Boldest Logo Redesigns of 2017
Each generation yields a new breed of customers who perceive the world in a different light than the ones before them. Therefore, brands must ensure that the reworked logo not only matches the interests of new and old consumers but also portrays the same message and principles of the brand as the previous logo did. 2017 proved to be that very year where a number of well-known brands decided to give their logos a little bit of a makeover. Here is a list of some of the most prominent logo designs in 2017... Music: A DAY OFF - Nicolai Heidlas Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOFG-G_GpGk&t=4s
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One Minute Design: What Is Hue?
In color theory, a hue refers to a pure pigment—one without tint or shade (added white or black pigment, respectively). Hues are first processed in the brain. Find out more in this video.
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10 Embarrassing Business Card Design Mistakes!
Since your business card is a direct reflection of your business, imagine the embarrassment, the sheer horror, of dealing out faulty or ambiguous business cards at corporate events, only to be met with polite smiles, vague looks, raised eyebrows, or God Forbid, a bucket load of sarcasm from the recipients! After all, if your business card fails to pique their curiosity and interest, it has a high chance of ending up in the dumpster seconds after the visual handshake. To spare you the potential branding missteps that may ensue in the light of a poorly designed business card, here are the top 10 awkward mistakes your business card may fall prey to.
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How to Create Website in 5 minutes!
The Only Web Design Solution with a Great Logo! A website design in minutes and FREE? Yes, our web design maker is fast and can help you create your website in minutes. Why bother with web designers who will take eons to create your website design, when you have DesignMantics web builder, and create your website for FREE! Just enter your company name, and browse themes after themes, and select the one for your business website instantly. Choose a website design, edit to your hearts content in our website builder, and get your site up and running instantly. Get your website now for FREE! http://www.designmantic.com/web
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One Minute Design: What is Unity? (in Graphic Design)
Coming from a Latin family, unity is a Middle English word that means the state of being united or joined as a whole. Same is its importance in graphic designing as it binds together every design element to produce an effect or an image, keeping the individuality of the elements at bay. It might sound rather simpler, but playing with unity or to create a united effect can be very trickier at times. As graphic designing is all about conveying a message in a flow, you need unity playing its magic in your design. Otherwise, the communication is interrupted in its absence and that is the last thing you would need to do with your design. Put unity into practice and be united to hire it in your designs so you can establish a better connection with your next design. More videos on our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/designmantic Subscribe to our blog for interactive content: https://www.designmantic.com/blog/interactive-media/ Music: Pink Lemonade - Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjSJbDj1suM
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Typesetting: The Art of Placing Text on A Page!
Typesetting is the composition of text by means of arranging physical types or the digital equivalents. Stored letters and other symbols are retrieved and ordered according to a language's orthography for visual display. (Source: Wikipedia) Here is how typesetting works... Background Music: You're No Help - Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wK6bwkuUYRo&t=2s
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How To Brand Your Travel Business?
With an ever escalating population of tourists ridden with wander lust, and a proliferation of tourist destinations and travel agencies to choose from, those in the travel business need to make branding a huge element of their success. If you want tourists to entrust their carefully planned vacation in your hands and book with you, you need to appeal to them on an aesthetic level. If you are just another name in the travel business, not many people would be inclined to include you in their travel plans. If you want to turn your travel business into a viable brand, here’s what you should consider.
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One Minute Design: What is Emphasis in Graphic Design?
When we look at a piece of drawing or painting, there’s always something that intrigues us more than anything else in that piece. Why is that? This is a method used specifically by artists who wish to divert our attention towards the most. The technical term for this technique is called ‘emphasis.’ Emphasis mainly serves as the focal point or main highlight of any artwork. In graphic design, emphasis can be achieved by using colors, visual weight, size and page placement that are naturally attractive to the human eye. This is done by using various principles such as contrast, movement or repetition. When it comes to text, the main words to focus on can be highlighted using bold or italic functions of the Word Processing programs. The video we’re about to show will give you a better example of what emphasis is and how you can use it for your graphic designing projects. Music: Pink Lemonade - Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjSJbDj1suM
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10 Brand Logos With Secret Messages!
How often do you stop to appreciate the details in a logo design and its hidden meanings? Well, this is your chance. While some are more obvious than others, all of these famous logos hold some sort of secret. How many of these sneaky messages would you have spotted without the help? Music: Into The Clouds - Nicolai Heidlas Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7KZAoj4YH0
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One Minute Design: What is Texture?
Graphic designing is somewhat contagious. If you are hooked to it once, you will never ever want to leave it. One of the most important elements that lend graphic designing this quality and make it more interesting is the use of texture and its variations, the tactile grains of surfaces and substances. Texture can be both physical and virtual and includes the precise surface and its optical appearance used to make a printed piece or physical object. Designers use textures to manipulate the viewer who cannot feel the texture physically, but can have an imaginary feel that comes from an optical effect. Usually, texture are used to add detail to an image thus providing quality to the surface.
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DesignMantic Logo Design Guide!
Quick, snappy yet professional looking logo designs are now within anyone’s reach. Thanks to the marvels of technology, there’s no need to wait for a hotshot logo designer to become available for you. Because now, with the help of an online logo maker tool like DesignMantic, you call the shots on your brand’s logo design. Want to see for yourself how easy and intuitive it is to use? Then look no further than this video. It really is that simple to embark on a journey of logo design with an easy to use online logo maker for SMBs.
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7 New Year Resolutions For Graphic Designers in 2017!
With so many exhilarating design trend predictions we have been bombarded with for months, it’s hard not to plan for the year. In case, you haven’t made any resolutions for the New Year, it’s only the beginning with the whole year ahead of you. Here are some of the New Year resolutions our designer friends have confided in us. Music: Happy and Fun Background Music - Simple Ukulele: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rZ28KjecoQ
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10 Pick up Lines For Graphic Designers This Valentine's Day
Making creative and emotional logos, websites and banners to earn a living is great and all, but even graphic designers need some love for Valentine’s Day. Speaking of which, have you decided on how you’re going to woo your sweetheart for the aforementioned day? We have come up with a variety of unique pick-up lines that are in reference to graphic design itself in this video we have made. If your valentine is a graphic designer themselves, then these lines will settle into their hearts with ease. To get $10 discount on logo design, sign up today: https://www.designmantic.com/logo-design Music: Acoustic Breeze - Bensound https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7T8oFqUG6s
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7 Proverbs To Celebrate The Unconditional Love Of A Mother!
Mothers are the best thing. In any culture, in any county and in any situations, mothers keep us grounded. They nurture and care for us when we can’t, they are the softest shoulder to cry on, the most loyal friend, and the only person who sticks around when everyone else gives up and leaves. Here are 7 proverbs celebrating the love of a mother in far, far parts of the world... Share it with your Mommy! Music: Every Step - Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JX8Jo66w4tA
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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Typography in Websites
Did you know that 90% of your web design is based on typography? From font size to Kerning, everything has an impact on user experience. Micro font is not compatible for readability, while macro font can prove to be overwhelming.Optimal font size lies between 12px to 16px on a website.
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The Anatomy Of A Business Card: 10 Elements That Make A Business Card Design Truly Great!
Whether you are a small business or a established brand in the market, a business card is crucial for the success of any one-on-one business interaction. The changing business needs in digital age did take away legacy systems and software but one thing that did not change is the power of communication. Business cards tend to make these business conversations more memorable and person or business easily recognizable. Here are some of the key features and elements your business card needs to succeed in today's market.
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One Minute Design: What is Knolling?
Knolling is the process of arranging related objects in parallel or 90-degree angles as a method of organization. This results in an organized surface that allows users to see all objects at once. Here's what it is about...
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How to Create Business Card
Our business card maker uses design templates that are different and unique. From simple to elegant to modern, we have all the right design combinations for you to create business card designs for your business industry. Use our business card maker to choose a design that reflects your personal self as well as your business. Customize your business card templates to distinguish your business from your competitors. Become outstanding today! http://www.designmantic.com/business-card-design/create
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7 Habits of Truly Happy Designers!
Good habits harness happiness, which is an inside job. Various angles of perception will offer you different types of happiness. For a designer to be happy, he has to be mindful and aware of his actions. His realization of the term ‘happiness’ liberates him free of all the physical objectives. Here are 7 habits of a truly happy designer...
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Roadmap To Brand Your Small Business
Branding helps identify your business and distinguish it from your competitors. And this is not an easy job to do especially when you have many competitors to deal with. If you do it right, you will be reaping the benefits for years to come. Here is a simple roadmap for small businesses to build their brand. Music: Bright Future - Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-eUXXW95Rg Illustration: iStock
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One Minute Design: What is Aspect Ratio?
They say that the math behind Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man follows the ‘Golden Ratio’. But do you know what the Golden Ratio in the design field is called? It’s called the ‘Aspect Ratio’. It’s no big deal; it’s just the ratio of width to height (W:H). Generally, the aspect ratio determines the relationship between different dimensions of a geometric shape. For example, if you have a rectangular image or a video, the aspect ratio for it would be 16:9; for a square, it would be 1:1. What are other popular ratios and what shapes are they used for? Get to know all about it in DesignMantic’s One Minute Design Video!
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8 Typography Tips To Ensure Web Accessibility
A well-executed typography makes the use of generous leading and line spacing to give reader a memorable and hassle free experience thus letting them focus more on the gist of the text. Web accessibility demands to refrain from using justified text as it might cause problems for readers to read the text especially people with certain disabilities such as dyslexia. With simple justified text and use of italics, the uneven variation in spacing makes the text more difficult to read. Check out more accessibility tips on our blog: https://www.designmantic.com/blog/infographics/web-accessibility-101/ Music: Happiness - Bensound https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64cvDqZPkos
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How to Create Logo
DesignMantic’s DIY logo maker is fast and extremely easy to use, Just enter your company name, and get your logo design instantly. Our logo creator offers over 5000 logo samples for you to choose from, All categorized according to industry, letters, shapes and designs Tons of alphabet logo designs to suit all kinds of business, Use our logo maker today to create any kind of logo of your choice! http://www.designmantic.com/
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One Minute Design: What Is Tracking?
In typography, your job to turn boring text into an attractive work of art, which is one of the key elements of brand marketing. One of the ways to do is with a certain process called letter-spacing or in technical terms, tracking. This technique involves increasing or decreasing the space between characters in words and phrases. Tracking can make your words appear loose, tight or perfectly balanced. However, tracking is a delicate task that must be done with utmost precision and dexterity. To clear up the fog in your head, we’ve put together a simple and effective video. In less than a minute, you will gain a crucial foothold in the competitive marketing world. Music: Pink Lemonade - Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjSJbDj1suM
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One Minute Design: What is Whitespace?
The jargon of whitespace in graphic designing is as old as the art itself and is equally important as other elements of graphic designing. The white space or negative space usually refers to the void left in between different characters elements of design. It is important as it saves the design from being too complex and confusing and introduces clarity to the design. The two major types of white space active and passive white space. Active is the one that is added to any design for emphasis and structure, is often asymmetrical and makes the design dynamic. Natural occurrence of white space around a logo or graphic element is the passive one. Active white space is the one graphic designers are dealing with the most but the effect of passive white space cannot be ignored as it works playfully with your overall design. Music: Pink Lemonade - Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjSJbDj1suM
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One Minute Design: What is Kerning?
Kerning is the art of adjusting the space between two characters to ensure better readability and eye-pleasing graphics. There are two types of kerning: Automatic kerning and Manual Kerning. In this video, we get to learn the difference between auto-kerning and manual kerning. Music: Pink Lemonade - Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjSJbDj1suM
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One Minute Design: What is Golden Ratio?
Golden Ratio (also known as Divine Proportion) is the mathematical ratio found in nature that can be used to create natural looking and balanced compositions in your design work. Golden Ratio brings sustainability to the design and makes each element pleasing to the eye. In this video, we give you a brief introduction to Golden Ratio and how to create it for your own work . More on Golden Ratio here: https://www.designmantic.com/blog/the-golden-ratio-in-design/ Music: Pink Lemonade - Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjSJbDj1suM
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How to Create Letterhead
Our DIY tool helps you with create letterhead design templates and allows your design inspirations to become reality. Our DIY tool letterhead maker is amazingly easy to use to create letterhead designs in no time. Start by choosing from tons of templates to match your branding needs. Insert your company information and logo, and that's it! Start now. https://www.designmantic.com/letter-head/create
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One Minute Design: What is line?
In graphic designing, lines can be used in a variety of ways. For instance, as borders around elements, content separators, patterns, and as decoration. More importantly, lines can exist without the other design elements and can be made into an effective design. Their thickness may vary from time to time but no one can challenge the integrity, a line brings to designs especially when a line exists on its own and become a design itself. For example, the three heavy diagonal lines that form the logo for Adidas. Music: Pink Lemonade - Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjSJbDj1suM
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8 Types of Logo Design Critics on Social Media
If your brand is anything to contend with, your logo could come under the radar any day; and with it, a deluge of criticism. Knowing the types of social media critics can help the social media team of your brand deal with them and better respond to criticism of a myriad types. Here are the most common critics found on social media that you need to look out for... Music: The Only Girl - Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kT_qHfoiEnQ Characters: iStock
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How to Create T-Shirt/Polo Design
Design your own promotional t-shirt/polo with our extra simple and easy to use platform. Start by choosing the style you want and explore the t-shirt maker. Begin your free t-shirt designing now! http://www.designmantic.com/tshirt-design/create
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How To Become A Logo Designer on DesignMantic - In Just 60 Seconds!
Need a logo for your business? Looking for ideas and inspiration for your new logo? Planning to start a career in logo design and don't know where to start? You've come to the right place. This step-by-step guide takes you through the process of designing a super-fast logo - all by yourself. Designing a logo will never be easier. Our DIY logo maker helps smart businesses, entrepreneurs and designers to create quick logo designs. Design Your Own Logo Today, It's Free!
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One Minute Design: Warm Colors vs. Cool Colors
What’s your favorite color? This is the first one-liner conversation starter everyone hears in their kindergarten years. But no one asks if you’re on the warm side or the cool one. As a matter of fact, colors belonging to both these categories have different attributes attached to them. As the color theory goes, warm colors indicate warmth and are located on one side of the color wheel, while cool colors are good at giving you cold chills and are designated on the opposite side of the wheel. Which colors fall under the warm and cool categories? Find out more in this one minute-design video!
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One Minute Design: What is Contrast?
What comes to your mind with the word ‘contrast’? A possible combination of colors in a possible number of ways, right? But, the word has a way different meaning when it comes to graphic design. It caters to size, shape, color, fonts and anything that lends design an impact and user appeal. So, what are contrasting colors or sizes or shapes for that matter? Some common examples are black and white, big and small, fast and slow, thick and thin. In design, the contrast is more about making comparisons to gauge what looks better rather than looking for opposites. Let’s take a look at the different types of contrast used in web design. Music: Pink Lemonade - Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjSJbDj1suM
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One Minute Design: What is Composition?
In the visual arts, composition is the placement or arrangement of visual elements or 'ingredients' in a work of art, as distinct from the subject. It can also be thought of as the organization of the elements of art according to the principles of art. Here is a brief overview of composition in graphic design... Music: Pink Lemonade - Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjSJbDj1suM
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One Minute Design: What is the Rule of Thirds?
The rule of thirds is applied by aligning a subject with the guide lines and their intersection points, placing the horizon on the top or bottom line, or allowing linear features in the image to flow from section to section. It brings balance and harmony to a design. Music: Pink Lemonade - Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjSJbDj1suM
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One Minute Design: What is Symmetry?
Ever heard of Gestaltism, a theory about human behavior? Well, it describes how the mind structures and arranges visual data and suggests that human beings naturally create order out of the things they see. Let’s read it this way; our eyes crave organization and this brings us to the idea of symmetry. Symmetry is all about balance and when a graphic designers opts for it, the end result is always kind of consistent, in order, and stable. So, if you are a graphic designer and are short on ideas, go for the symmetry and we bet, you will be loving the advice. Music: Pink Lemonade - Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjSJbDj1suM
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One Minute Design: What is Alignment?
Alignment in design is important not only because it adds to the organization of a design but also enhances its comprehension and usability. It is necessary to make every element on a web page organized like header, content, footer, paragraphs, ads, text headers, and images. You neglect one element and phew… every other element might get lost into oblivion. There are a number of web pages that look cluttered and nobody understands the reason for the mess. The answer hides in mismanaged alignment. While most of the designers look into every detail of designing, alignment is somehow neglected in the process. Like, the biggest alignment mistake is to forget to include the smaller elements within the large sections of a web layout. Proper alignment makes the smaller elements more appealing and make your web page more user friendly thus ensuring calmer reading experience and more traffic to the website. Music: Pink Lemonade - Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjSJbDj1suM
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One Minute Design: What is Grid?
A graphic design grid helps to create a basic structure or a skeleton on which you can start to build your design. Grids constitute “invisible” lines upon which your design elements can be placed, so that they are tied together in an overall rational system that seeks to support your composition. Grids allow you to achieve effective consistency and alignment with little effort. Grids can be thought of a glue that holds a design together. Regardless of whether you work in print or web, a comprehensive understanding of grid theory would go a long way. While grids are sometimes eschewed by designers in favor of a more freeform, intuitive layout, successful designers make it a special point to work with them all their lives. Here’s our one minute guide to drill you in to the basics of graphic design grids. Music: Pink Lemonade - Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjSJbDj1suM
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7 Branding Elements You Can DIY On DesignMantic!
Branding goes way beyond just a viable logo. When it comes to your brand, you should think about the entire customer experience- everything from your social media experiences, your website, your logo, and even the way your customers experience your staff to how you answer the phone. While a professional business logo is a good place to start, it’s important to consider building your “visual position” to be something larger. Music: Happy Ukulele Royalty Free Music For Youtube Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7hwL2dxYgY
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DesignMantic's Business Card Design Guide
Business cards are crucial for businesses. Especially, small and medium sized business can achieve more with a creatively designed business card. It can do more than just making a contact memorable, it can be an advert for business, it can help escalate traffic for a website and it can also be handover to spread the word out about a startup. Today, we are featuring a comprehensive DIY guide for all those who wish to design a compelling business card. This simple DIY Business card guide takes you through step-by-step process of designing a business card using DesignMantic. Design your own Business Card Today: http://www.designmantic.com/business-card-design/create
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One Minute Design: What is a shape?
A shape is defined as a two or more dimensional area that stands out from the space next to or around it due to a defined or implied boundary, or because of differences of value, color, or texture. All objects are composed of shapes and all other 'Elements of Design' are shapes in some way. Here's a brief intro to shapes and their types in graphic design. Music: Pink Lemonade - Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjSJbDj1suM
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How to Create Social Media Cover Image with DesignMantic
Our social media cover photo template makers allows you to select from tons of layouts and customize your Facebook cover page, Twitter header, LinkedIn cover image and Google+ cover photo within minutes. Make an impact to boost social engagement with beautiful social media cover templates. Our DIY tool for social media covers is easy to use - just add your logo or display picture to DesignMantic's beautiful social media graphics and presto, you have an outstanding social media presence. Start now! https://www.designmantic.com/social-headers/create
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One Minute Design: Illustration vs. Graphic Design
When it comes to design, illustration and graphic design are two different disciplines. But a lot of people confuse illustration design as a type of graphic design. Here in this video, we briefly explain the difference between the two most widely appreciated fields of design. Music: Pink Lemonade - Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjSJbDj1suM
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One Minute Design: What is Leading?
Did you ever wonder how leading (pronounced like the element lead) in typography came into being? Our ancestors had really been some ingenious people who liked text readability more than anything else. That’s why they introduced leading to insert spaces between successive text baselines. From the appearance of text to its readability, everything is affected by leading. It imparts the modification of vertical spaces in between the texts. Whether you go narrow or add more space, leading the right way is something which can’t be ignored. In this video, you’ll find how leading used to be done and why it’s necessary to lead the right way. Call it leading or line-spacing, this video is going to show you everything you need to learn about leading.
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The Newbie Designer Starter Pack
Designing is a job that can take you places while remain seated in one place for hours. You feel yourself immersed in your own thoughts, juggling with plethora of ideas while fighting the disturbing ones and trying to focus on design brief that you are provided with. Here's a Newbie Designer Starter Pack that will help you arm yourself with all the tools you need. Music: A WAY FOR ME - Nicolai Heidlas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-yp9a8gKD8 Illustration: iStock/TCmake_photo
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