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Why IT Audit and Checklist 2.0
Kathy Green talks about the approach for IT auditing and best practices based IT audit for assessing and reporting the IT status
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What is IT Audit
Kathy talks about her favourite subject, IT Audit, objectives and controls. As more and more business processes are automated by IT capabilities IT audit is one of the key responsibilities of an auditor.
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What is Audit
Checklist 2.0 has been getting lot of questions about what is an audit program. Audit is conducted for several reasons. Kathy Green talks about What is audit and assessment in this video
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How to enable idle_time parameter for user profiles on Oracle
Typically, malicious users target the inactive sessions to gain access into the database. By reducing the period of time an inactive session stays connected, the probability of that session being a victim of abuse is reduced. Also, setting up idle_time helps to reduce problems of having too many INACTIVE sessions.
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How to implement strong password verify function on Oracle database
Establishing and enforcing limitations on password complexity, expiration, lockout, and reuse will reduce the risk that threat agents may gain access by exploiting a weakness in these settings. Create a strong password verify function and attach the function to default or custom profile which will be assigned to all user accounts created in the database. Following values are recommended for the password profile options:- failed_login_attempts=10- password_life_time=90- password_reuse_max=20- password_reuse_time=365- password_lock_time=1- password_grace_time=3
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Oracle Database Restricted Privileges Audit Method
How to use Checklist 2.0 practice list to audit restricted privileges in Oracle database
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How to revoke privileges from PUBLIC user on Oracle
Oracle Database Audit Best Practices
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Harden init ora
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Identifying & Locking default (service) accounts in Oracle
Oracle default installation comes up with several database accounts that're opened and have escalated privileges. Oracle database installs with a number of default database user accounts. Upon successful installation of the database, the Database Configuration Assistant automatically locks and expires most default database user accounts. If you perform a manual (without using Database Configuration Assistant) installation of Oracle Database, then no default database users are locked upon successful installation of the database server. Or, if you have upgraded from a previous release of Oracle Database, you might have default accounts from earlier releases. Left open in their default states, these user accounts can be exploited, to gain unauthorized access to data or disrupt database operations. You should lock and expire all default database user accounts. Oracle Database provides SQL statements to perform these operations.
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Oracle Default Tablespace.mp4
how to audit oracle database default tablespace assignment
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manage dblinks
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Why Audit
Kathy Green talks about why auditing is required to assess/report operations, financials, regulatory compliance and IT divisions of an organization
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