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FTM: Sex, Sexuality, and Shame
If you are family, please do not watch this. Basically a run-down on my feelings around sex and changes with my sexuality and the shame that surrounds these topics.
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FTM: Phallo recovery 7.5 wks
Talking about phallo recovery at 7.5 weeks. If you're interested in the part about how my forearm is healing, I start talking about that in the last 3 minutes or so. I also show my arm during this, just to warn you guys.
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FTM: Phalloplasty Recovery 3wks
Talking about my recovery from phalloplasty (stage 1) with Dr. Crane in Austin, TX.
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Phallo 3 Months Post-Op (pictures at end)
I've put a few pictures at the end to show my arm and the new products I'm using, in case you just want to skip to the pictures. No pics of the penis for now, not quite ready for that.
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FTM: 1 Year Since Top Surgery
And almost 15 months on T.
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FTM: Processing a Lost Boyhood and Becoming a Man in the World
Just some thoughts I wanted to talk about. Recently I've thought about the lost boyhood experience and also about how it's affected my experience of becoming a man in the world.
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FTM: Online dating!
What a fun topic. This is pretty much a ramble so watch at your own risk.
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FTM: Phalloplasty and Life Update
Things are finally moving forward in terms of phalloplasty! I'm so excited for this year. Waiting for an exact date from Dr. Crane's office, but will be having Surgery in late September/early October in Austin, TX.
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FTM: Men's Spaces
Good experiences recently in male spaces.
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Top Surgery consultations
Had two top surgery consults this week, one with Dr. Mangubat/Dr. Sherie in Seattle and the other with Dr. Crane in San Fran. Some tough decisions lay ahead of me.
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FTM: Life Update and Discussion about Lower Surgery
I had a hard time at the end talking about my partner's feelings on Lower Surgery. It's a hard thing to discuss but hopefully it can help someone else to hear my story.
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FTM: 11 Months on T and 8 Months Post-Op Top Surgery
A few days early on the 11 Month update but I didn't think I'd have time to make it otherwise.
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FTM: Hysto Date Set!
Finally have a hysto date set and a few other updates.
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2 Weeks on T
Two weeks on T. Changes. Issues with second shot. Clothes!
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When do I become a "real" boy?
Just some thoughts I had about transition. I'd be interested to hear other people's thoughts on the subject. Oh and that was FDR who did the Fireside Chats...I was way off. The book I talked about is "Letters for my Brothers"
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1 Month on T
Discussing one month on T. Short update with some pics. The band is AWOLNation
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FTM: Phallo update 12-2017
Update 1 year and 3 months post-op stage 1 phalloplasty with Dr. Crane. No implants (erectile or testicular) yet.
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FTM: 1yr 6mo on T and Therapy
Just a quick T related update and then I spend the majority of the time talking about Therapy.
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8 Months on T
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My Edited Video
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (https://www.youtube.com/editor)
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FTM: Processing/Letting go of Past Lives
This one's going to be a long one, so buckle up. Just trying to process my past life.
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4 Months on T
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6 Weeks on T and Going Home
Talking about changes at the 6 week mark and preparing for my trip home. Fun times.
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2 Months on T!
Kind of a boring update, but I'm at 2 months on T.
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Navigating the Airport as a Transman
My experiences while traveling as a transman.
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1 Week on T
Rambling about my "perceived" changes at the one week mark.
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5 Months on T Update
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Visit with Family
Discussing my trip home and my experience with family. First time home since starting transition.
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10 Months on T
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7 Months on T
No pictures again...I'm going to stop promising those. But you can make fun of my super ridiculous haircut.
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3 Weeks on T
Talking about changes at the three week mark
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FTM: 1 Year on T
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FTM: Top Surgery Recovery and Emotions
My thoughts on recovery and emotions almost 2 weeks post-op.
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FTM: 13 Months on T and New Job!
Also, I talk about ball-taping at the end. Please someone explain why guys ball-tap each other. What's the deal with that?!
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FTM: Hysto Recovery and Phallo Update
Almost 1 week post op hysterectomy and updating on phalloplasty
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Restrooms and STPs!
Oh what a fun topic. Just talking about what I've tried. Warning, if you are a friend or family you may not want to watch certain parts of this.
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