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Life is More Awesome Without Porn - The 700 Club Asia Testimony - June 27, 2014
"... where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." 2 Cor. 2:17 "... be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect." Romans 12:2 This video is first upload at The 700 Club Asia Media Center: http://cbnasia.org/mediacenter/2014/06/27/bagabag/ #confession #admission #freedom #deliverance
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Interview with Atty. Gregorio "Gary" Bonifacio
“Andres Bonifacio’s mother was a mestiza, of Spanish origin,” – explains relative Finally! It took me twelve months to meet a direct descendant of Procopio Bonifacio, the brother of Andres Bonifacio. Last year, I was able to interview their other relatives from the line of Espiridiona “Nonay” Bonifacio. But it took me a year to finally meet and talk with the only lawyer within the clan who came from the siblings who joined the Philippine Revolution (because not all of their family members did). Andres Bonifacio didn’t have any known descendant, so it currently leaves us to talk with those who came from his siblings. So far, Attorney Gary Bonifacio is the one who has been interviewed several times already about the late hero. ( Related Blog: Bonifacio’s relative speaks – part 1 ) “It’s quite wrong to say it often that Andres Bonifacio came from a very poor family,” explains Attorney Gary. “His mother was a mestiza, of Spanish origin. He came from the middle class.” A source would say that his father was a teniente mayor (Chief Lieutenant) in the Spanish Colonial Government. While, another would claim that his maternal grandparents are Spanish (grandfather) and Filipino-Chinese (grandmother). Gary points out to the nose and ears of Andres Bonifacio. The nose was pointed and his ears were quite bigger compared to the average Filipino during that time. This would somehow explain Bonifacio’s capacity to read and understand Spanish plus a little of English as he was self-studying while working. All of these are pointing out that Andres Bonifacio could’ve been from a middle class origin. He wasn’t entirely impoverished from the beginning. When asked about the Katipunan, Attorney Gary explained that it was a national movement. Before that, Filipinos revolted by regions or by their class. However, the Katipunan was a movement whose members are from Luzon to Mindanao ranging from the lower to the upper class of society. (Related Blog: Bonifacio’s relative speaks – PART 2 ) “There are documents from the Archivo Militar de Madrid that came only in 2013 that even suggest that the Katipunan was more than that,” added Gary. “Some historians may find it hard to believe that it could’ve been a government already. In the documents from the Archivo, the Katipuna even has rules on citizenship, on who can be considered a Filipino. I’m part of the movement that wishes to have Andres Bonifacio acknowledged as president.” On this part, I clarified if he wanted Bonifacio to be acknowledged as “First President.” Gary replied, “He could be considered as a Revolutionary President.” There are laws that acknowledge the existence and powers of a “Revolutionary President” and it is different from the plain term “President.” A Revolutionary President can also have the authority to shape legislation and other responsibilities of a Political Leader, whether appointed or elected. Is there any politician in their family? “So far, as to what I know, there are none. Because the Bonifacios hid themselves. Espiridiona (Bonifacio) appeared in public a few times, but then she would (shy away),” Gary explained. “In fact, in the lines of Procopio and Espiridiona, I’m the only lawyer. Besides me, there are no other descendant who has achieved thus in terms of education. I know there is a nurse and two who went to the military and the police. We have a dentist, but no doctor.” “How about Engr. Edgardo Bonifacio from Novaliches?” I asked. “Oh, he’s from the line of Andres and Procopio’s cousins. Today, they have a company.” Gary Bonifacio currently serves at the COMELEC office at the 3rd District of Manila. After Andres and Procopio Bonifacio were killed, the rest of the family hid themselves. They didn’t even know each other until Manila City Mayor Alfredo Lim organized a get-together for them. Gary finished his undergraduate in Philosophy at the University of the Philippines (UP). Before that, he was enrolled as a Political Science student at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) for one year. After graduating from his undergrad, he enrolled in San Sebastian College of Law in Manila. He admits to be a descendant of a “love child” between Procopio Bonifacio and a woman who was in Mindoro when Procopio was already helping the Revolution. It wasn’t only after decades of Andres Bonifacio’s death when other relatives showed up because of the fear of what may happen next. Many thanks to Mrs. Marilou “Ninang” Chua and Sir Aldwin from COMELEC for assisting me so that I may interview Attorney Gary Bonifacio in person.
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Imee Marcos on public utilities, relocation, roads, dams, and foreign investments
My interview with Gov. Imee Marcos this afternoon touched the concerns with control of public utilities, placement of population, dams, roads, and foreign investments. Basically, here are the things she told me: Imee Marcos believes that it would be better if our government would review its policy on turning over to the private sector certain control on public utilities. Water is an example on this. She believes that there have been tendencies for the private sector to pursue profit more than giving public service. So, perhaps by now we already know that there are continual checks that government must do whenever it turns over some control to the private sector the business on certain public utility or basic commodities. Marcos also wishes to review and update the proposals on creating new dams. Since the 1960’s, there were already people who said we must build more capacity for water reserve as the population increases. (So I guess it’s not entirely the fault of the population, but to find ways to support a growing population). Aside from that, more and more people are going to Metro Manila and there is a challenge to ensure that the supply of basic necessities are secured. Marcos claims that since the Angat and La Mesa dams were built for Metro Manila water supply, there is no major dam built from then on. She also suggested to review past policies on encouraging for people to move or be relocated out of Metro Manila or encourage those outside Metro Manila to stay where they are, especially in areas such as San Mateo, Antipolo, and Carmona in Rizal. She spoke of roads from C1 to C6 and then C10 going to Infanta, Quezon to avoid too much traffic in Metro Manila. If there are good roads and highways, then people from afar or surrounding places could have better access to places of economic activities. They may be encouraged to stay where they are and think of not needing to transfer their residence to Metro Manila anymore. If more and more people are congested in a region, then there is a bigger chance of traffic and crisis in terms of water and electricity. As to foreign investments, Marcos is open to them flowing into the country. But, she reminded that we must check if they are really helpful with no strings attached. If you wish for me to interview any interesting person or a national candidate, please let me know and help me arrange an interview that would actually take place. Thank you. Thanks to Kobe Felicia for helping me arrange this interview. This was uploaded by Obed dela Cruz
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Juan Ponce Enrile talks about Luis Taruc
ENRILE: Luis Taruc did better than Ninoy [Aquino] and did better than [Joma] Sison. Luis Taruc fought the Japanese in Central [Luzon] in the Philippines during the war. We were guerillas. I was a guerilla in the Cagayan Valley. They were guerillas in Central Luzon. I have a cousin who was a member of the Huks. [Name] Castillo. He was a famous commander. My grandfather was a member of the Hukbalahap movement where Luis Taruc is their Supremo. Doctor Romeo Taruc, son of Luis Taruc, told me we are relatives in my mother's side. I am uploading this because Enrile is the first national figure, aside from National Artist F. Sionil Jose, who freely gave me a comment about Luis Taruc in two years that I have been sending messages, emails, chats, and requests to other personalities to tell me what they think about Luis Taruc. I hope more of our youth would learn about him. Thanks to Kobe Felicia for bringing me along in this interview with former Senate President Enrile so that I could ask about a question on Luis Taruc. I used Kobe's phone in taking this video and he sent this to me.
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Sarah Elago and Hugot Prof: Martial Law
Maganda. Matalino sumagot. May ipinaglalaban! PROF: Congresswoman, naranasan nyo na po bang masaktan? SARAH: Oo. PROF: Pwede po bang MAG MOVE ON nang hindi na binabalikan ang nakaraan? ALAMIN ANG MGA SAGOT at mga iba pang mga tanong tungkol sa pagbabalikan, pagsoSORRY, at Martial Law! (The views expressed, even implicitly, by Hugot Prof does not necessarily mean that they reflect the views of the University where he is teaching) #HugotProf #RedTeacher #KabataanPartyList #SarahElago #LFS #LeagueOfFilipinoStudents #MartialLaw #NeverForget #NeverAgain
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Cesar Virata on family life and career
Rare video interview with former Philippine Prime Minister Cesar Virata on family life and career. He is a grandson of Baldomero Aguinaldo---first cousin of Emilio Aguinaldo. As we look back in our country's history, we must not pit only two clans against each other. There are other personalities and families we need to learn from. It could be helpful to know their thoughts during their hold of great power while it could also be beneficial to know their thoughts a few decades after their fall. After the fall of the regime he helped in terms of economic policies (though there were recommendations he made that were ignored by both the supporters and opposition of the regime he was part of), he quietly established a career in the private sector though he did not get the retirement benefits he had as prime minister. His ideas and help were still asked, directly and indirectly, by the administrations that followed after the fall. There were times he was invited to attend events and it was either he was ignored when he came or he was simply not acknowledged, which can be a big offense for others, yet he would still stay and find the cheer of those who know him or worked with him. Unlike his other colleagues, Cesar Virata is not one who reinvented himself in the public eye. It seems he simply left history to judge him and focused on how to support his family after finding himself sick, jobless, and facing many cases he was asked to choose from (which is a bit weird) when he was back as a private citizen. There were other things we asked and he shared that are not in this video. I'd still have to look over my notes, process them again, and read some more before I would write about them, though if you ask me in person I might tell you my raw thoughts. Thanks to former Prime Minister Cesar Virata for having responded to my emails, recommended books, asked for updates, and tried to make sure that his availability for interview was communicated to me. That's the first time a former head of government did something like that for me. He gave us a little bit more than an hour of his time before he went to a Philippines-Japan lunch. This video first appeared in the facebook profile of Obed dela Cruz. Thanks to Rj Alamag for taking this video. I posted this as it is, no edits.
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Sultan's daughter, Princess Jacel Kiram, explains why Sabah is for Filipinos
The Philippine concern on the West Philippine Sea has been in frequent talks for several years now. However, that region is not everything that the Philippines has a historical claim on for certain areas. We must not forget that somewhere in Mindanao, there was once a great sultanate in Sulu and their royal house, their lineage, can help us remember another region that the Philippines has a historical claim on: Sabah. This interview can help us get educated on the general ideas on why Sabah is historically owned by the Philippines and not by Malaysia. There are countries that have been teaching their children, through schools and forms of media, on the reasons why certain territories are theirs and why they have more rights in certain areas than other countries. In the Philippines, we hope that our government, schools, communities, and families would do a better job in educating our people on the territories that we have been claiming for decades now. It is a privilege that I was able to interview the Princess Jacel Kiram–daughter of the late Sultan Jamalul Kiram III–who has clear direct blood ties with the former sultans of Sulu. Princess Jacel Kiram raised the following points: 1. Sabah is producing an income of $72B per year. If we are going to compute that, how much can it help to benefit the Filipino people? 2. Sabah is a property owned by the sultanate of Sulu. But because Sulu is officially part of the Philippines, a constitutionally republican-democratic country, then Sabah is also part of the Philippines. 3. The Philippine claim for Sabah goes back to the 1700’s. It was given to sultanate of Sulu by the sultanate of Brunei as a token of gratitude in helping to stop the rebellion in Brunei. 4. The sultanate of Sulu rented Sabah to British North Borneo Company. The agreement was it would pay 5,000 Mexican gold coins per year. However, when Malaysia was born in the 1960’s and the British turned over the authority to Malaysia for their country, Malaysia continued the rent. But, instead of paying through Mexican gold coins, they paid through the amount of 5,300 ringgit per year. Today, one ringgit costs less than P13. Imagine how low this is compared to the income caused by Sabah of $72B per year. This is why the sultanate of Sulu would rather cancel the rent, have the whole of Sabah be back under full operations of the Philippines, and help make the Filipinos benefit from it completely once again. 5. Actually, when the sultanate of Sulu made moves to get Sabah back in 2013, the Malaysian government already stopped paying their annual rent because they wanted to show that Sabah is indeed theirs so why do they pay rent? Still, it cannot be denied that they have been paying rent for decades now and it was only because they wanted to show they’re not “renting” it which is why they stopped paying even if there is a rental agreement. 6. In 2016, President Duterte had a clear stand on Sabah. He said that it is for the Filipinos. We are hoping that our government would successfully push for it, using a lot of political will to get Sabah back for Filipinos. President Duterte’s term has not ended yet, so we are still hopeful of moves done by the government on this. (This video shall also be set to appear in the facebook profile of Obed dela Cruz and a blog would be written showing other info not stated by Princess Jacel Kiram but by other people to provide more context and urgency in the Philippine claim for Sabah)
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WATCH: Former porn addict burns his porn-infested book
WATCH: Former porn addict burns his porn-infested book Magandang araw po sa inyong lahat! Hawak ko po ang mga pahina sa isang libro ng isang taong ginagalang ko. Hanggang ngayon po ay siya’y ginagalang ko. Ngunit may mga nabasa po kasi ako sa mga pahina na ito na medyo sensual, medyo R-rated, medyo pornographic kung tawagin. Binili ko itong libro na ito dahil humahanga ako sa tao na iyon. At actually, may isa pa akong libro na kanya na ibinigay niya sa akin. At iyon, itatago ko iyon kasi okay yun eh. And, yun nga lang, alam niyo naman po na ako ay isang tao na dating porn addict. Pero gustong magbago. At ilang buwan ko pong pinag-isipan kung gagawin ko po ito dahil nga po may historical significance ang libro na ito. It won awards. But for the sake of values, for the sake of my stand against pornography, and sana sa future talagang the Lord will continue to sustain me and He might also sustain you, I’m gonna burn them, okay? I’m a book lover. And, you know, I still respect that person. But I have to do this for my convictions. I hope that those, some of you, who are watching this–some of you might do the same to your books, to your films. Dati noon, I burned thirty-five (35) DVDs. So may there… sana po magkaroon tayo ng deliverance. Sana po mas tumaas pa ang moralidad nating mga Filipino. It’s already burning. Salamat po sa inyong lahat! NOTE: My mom was the one who took the video. So, it means I had to say everything I told there before my mom. I am thankful because I have a family that is understanding and I hope more people would be placed in environments where they are free to express themselves and with people who would encourage and empower them to change their ways–if those ways are not in accordance to the will of God. Usually, it is not an overnight process. It may take days, weeks, months, and even years to change. Sometimes, we even make mistakes after we have decided to change. But I guess we have to be patient with ourselves, huh? Even if we are irritated by our own self. Once again in my life, I burned a piece of literature. As a book lover, especially if the book has a historical significance and I personally met the author and we talked personally for one hour, it is not easy for me to do this. However, this award-winning novel has sensual, sexual, R-rated, or pornographic content. I bought this book a few months ago because I liked its summary based from what I read in online reviews. But I was surprised when I read not only one but several pages containing detailed pornographic stories. As you know, porn has been an embarrassing subject and bondage in my life. I don't want to be the kind of porn addict/maniac I was before. There will always be temptations, and we are indeed frail human beings. So we need to make the proper steps to avoid some circumstances to happen in our life. Then, we can ask God to help us change, even the process of changing seem so slow. I continue to respect and pray for the health of the author of this book, and still thankful for the favor & understanding he gave me even if he is really someone quoted by different artists, political leaders (even a President), writers, and readers. And, when we met, I was an ant compared to his gigantic achievements & numerous awards. I still have a copy of his another book, which he gave to me with his note & signature. I pray that Life will still preserve him for whatever God still intends to do in, with, through, and around him.
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Greco Belgica's speech before Pampanga's politicians - part 1
Greco Belgica promises to investigate & have Sec. Abad imprisoned if his case is proven in court.
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Hugot Prof Interviews Baron Geisler
Interview with Baron Geisler – Transcription OBED: Okay! Hello po sa inyong lahat. Right now, I am with Sir Baron Geisler, one of the most honest celebrities I know. Sir Baron, tanong ko lang po: ano po ang kahalagaan ng “honesty” sa inyo? BARON: Honesty. Depende sa tao. Depende sa pinanggagalingan ng tao. Depende din sa estado ng tao. So, napakalawak ng tanong mo. Can you be more specific? OBED: Honesty in terms of personal relationships. Like friends, coworkers. Ganun lang. Between you and your friends and your coworkers. BARON: This is just a cliché answer, but just be who you are. That’s it! OBED: Okay. Now, there are some people who say that si Sir Baron Geisler daw ay nakakatakot. And, sabi nung iba, maybe hindi sya naniniwala sa God. What do you think about that? BARON: Baka siguro sila yung may question dun. Kasi bakit nila tatanungin ang isang tao kung meron silang question sa isang tao. Lalo na tungkol sa pinaniniwalaan nila. So, if they have questions like that–with their spirituality–then it is not our problem anymore. It is their problem anymore. OBED: What can you about people who are socially awkward, and they think they are being discriminated, what’s your take on that? What can you say to them? BARON: To whom are you referring to? OBED: Okay, to people who feel (or think) that they are strange, weird, socially awkward, like mga nerds, mga geeks, mga tao sa school na kulang sa confidence. BARON: Kulang sa confidence? Unang-una, bakit kayo magkukulang sa confidence kung may sobra-sobrang knowledge kayong nakukuha sa internet. Hindi lang sa internet. Lalo na sa establishment ng education nyo. Kumbaga, kung U.P. student ka man, malamang alam mo na ang sagot. Hindi mo na kailangan tanungin ang prof mo. Hindi mo na kailangang tanungin si Baron Geisler eh. BARON: Second, kung kilala nyo ang sarili nyo at hindi kayo bastardo, at masamang tao, o creepy na tao na manghahalay ng babae, o gagawa ng away na walang katuturan, o walang ipinaglalaban bilang tough guy at hindi bad guy, eh di sana alam nyo yan! So, ang tanong nyo’y mali. Unang-una, i-decipher nyo muna kung sino kayo talagang klaseng tao. BARON: Bago yan, tignan nyo muna ang puso’t isipan ninyo at nanggagaling iyan sa magulang ninyo. Sa nanay, tatay, kapatid, at kung sino man sa pamilya ninyo. Sa circle ng family ninyo. BARON: Kung mali, eh di napunta sila sa ibang kaibigan na mali. Napunta sa Adonis. Nagpunta sa kalokohan. Sa droga, mali. BARON: So, therefore, ang sinasabi ko lang ay puntahan ninyo–unang-una, kung buhay pa ang nanay at tatay ninyo, o kapatid, o kung sino man–family first. At hindi yan statement galing sa gobyerno or political statement. Hindi po. Kasi po iyong po ang katotohanan. BARON: Kung gagawa po kayo ng sarili ninyo, with your friends, eh baka magkanda letse letse po kayong lahat. Unang-una, do you really know them? Maaaring testing lang yan. Maaaring sinusubukan kayo nyan. Imbes na paddle, ipinapaddle ang mga utak ninyo. Nakalimutan nyo na yata ang lahat kung saan nanggaling kayo. OBED: Okay. Maraming salamat po sir Baron.
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Did You Know? Filipinos did 80-90% work on these Cartoon Network Shows
Last week, I met with Professor Raul Rodriguez, a Filipino artist and former animator in Fil-Cartoons during the time they tied up in the 90’s with Hanna-Barbera cartoons–maker of Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, Addams Family, The Flintstones, among others that were shown in Cartoon Network. Millennials today might not be familiar with all the cartoon shows done through the collaboration between those two animation companies, but millions of children and adults were able to watch them around the globe. Raul Rodriguez claims that 80-90% of the cartoons produced by Fil-Cartoons and Hanna-Barbera during the 90’s were done by Filipinos. There were 300 to 400 Filipinos who were hired to make those cartoons sought after by kids during those days. The Filipinos did drawings and the rest of the production, however their bosses were usually from another country. During that time, it was still hard to make cartoons and they were doing that manually. To produce a segment of one second, an artist had to finish 12 drawings simply to produce one-second of a cartoon clip. If one would draw a clip of 12 seconds, artists during those days spend up to three weeks simply drawing them. After that, other staffs would have to color and put them in motion picture. Rodriguez recalls that one of the hardest segments he had to produce is the portrayal of birds flying with their feathers falling, wind blowing while the plants were dancing, and waters moving. That’s not anymore the story for today’s more advanced digital animation, although it also requires hardwork, efficiency, and creativity. Listen to what he has to say about his lessons from his experiences and challenge to today’s students who want to make a career in art. Trivia: This is not anymore in the video, but he said that people can make a career with art easier nowadays compared twenty years ago. He claims he has a friend whose artwork was sold in an auction for P9 million.
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Hugot Prof's Interview with the Shoemaker who Gave  President Duterte a Pair of Shoes
"Kahit sa tingin pa lang, alam mo na kaagad. Pero dapat pinapanood at pinagaaralan mo rin para hindi ka magkamali." - Paano ba nalaman ni Mang Rolly (Marikina shoemaker) ang size ng paa ni Presidente Duterte? ALAMIN! (Please support Marikina-made shoes) #HugotProf #RedTeacher #MarikinaShoes #MarikinaCity
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Gerry Gamez video interview for PWDs and youths
Dapat na bang mawalan ng pag-asa dahil naputol ang iyong isang kamay? Pakinggan ang pahayag ni Gerry Gamez, isang Person With Disability (PWD) na naputulan ng kamay habang nasa farm noong kabataan niya. Nguni’t hindi niya itong kinilalang malaking sagabal o hadlang para makamit niya ang ilang mga kahilingan sa buhay. May mga scholars na siyang natulungan, mga classrooms na naipatayo, at marami pang iba na ginagawa niya at ng kaniyang pamilya. He was even awarded as one of the "Happiest Pinoys" in 2010. #GerryGamez #Kabayani #PitongPinoy #BayaningPilipino #PWD #PersonsWithDisability #RedTeacher #HugotProf #HOPE
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Hugot Prof Interviews Vins Santiago---the First Filipino who had a sex change.
Hugot Prof Meets the Man Who Changed His Gender Twice Kuya Vins Santiago has not always been the gentleman he is right now. At some point in the past, he was a beautiful and friendly “lady.” He was born as Vins and was called “Benny” as a schoolboy. However, in the 1980’s, he decided to have a sex change–being the first Filipino to have done so. Several women envied him because of his beauty as a transgender/transwoman. He worked as a club entertainer and had many boyfriends. In fact, he was even married to a British citizen. The men he lived and dated were handsome and some can be said as hunks. Nevertheless, all of that he gave up and believed that it was God who orchestrated the circumstances in His life. Additionally, he said he got tired of his efforts to always try to be the lady he is not. He always aspired to be better than the others. He was not only contented with a college education, but also finished his Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA). In his book “Transformed: Mula sa Pagiging Transwoman,” Vins writes his autobiography on why he identified himself as a homosexual and transgender for several years. He also narrated why he decided to give up being Mrs. Vinna Robinson and went back to being Vins, the man he really was from the beginning. During the book launch at the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) 2016, he said he is willing to listen and sit down with people who identifies with him. However, he explicitly said that he is patient and won’t force anyone to change his or her gender identity. However, he prays and wishes that the Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgenders–all of whom he can identify with–would continue to think about life, joy, security, and peace with God. He believes that people need more patience, understanding, and right responses when interacting with those who identify themselves as part of the LGBT community. Vins’ book would arrive in major bookshops nationwide soon. A portion of the income from the book would be given to HIV patients that have been disclaimed or rejected by their family.
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Dulce Amor Cruzata's message to the students of the University of the East
Asia's Diva "Dulce" who is known for popularizing the song "Ako Ang Nagwagi" was interviewed by Professor Jochebed "Obed" dela Cruz from the University of the East on July 7, 2016 at KaTunying's Cafeteria and Restaurant (owned by broadcaster Anthony Taberna) along Visayas Avenue in Quezon City. After the interview, Professor Obed asked the Filipina artist to give a message to his students and readers of his blog. Made for the subject "Contemporary Philippine Arts from the Regions" in Grade 11 of the Senior High School of the University of the East - C.M. Recto Ave., Manila. Read the whole blog here: http://obed-dela-cruz.blogspot.com/2016/07/11-trivias-from-asia-divadulce-amor.html #AsianDiva #MusicPH #ArtistPH #ModernArtist #WalkOfFame #AkoAngNagwagi #WorldClassPH #InternationalArtist #MetroPop #History
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Hugot Awareness for Vitiligo - Appearance and Self-Confidence
PROF: Nilalayuan ka rin ba ng tao? KAREN: Oo. Sakit nga eh... pero dapat kilala mo yung sarili mo regardless ng sinasasabi ng iba. ANO YUNG VITILIGO? ALAMIN SA VIDEO NA ITO! Please spread the info about this condition. #HugotProf #RedTeacher #Awareness #Vitiligo #Advocacy #Appearance #SelfConfidence
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Hugot Prof Meets Former Senator Nene Pimentel
HUGOT PROF meets former SENATOR NENE PIMENTEL Ano ang masasabi ng dating senador tungkol sa Federalism, Sabah, at status ng mga brokenhearted? PANOORIN! Check the blog here: http://obed-dela-cruz.blogspot.com/2016/08/3-hugot-questions-to-former-senator.html Thanks to my students Angel Druja and Raymond Cayabyab for accompanying me. Special thanks to Raymond for taking this video. Thanks to my sister-in-law, ate Marie Ruth Dela Cruz for editing the video, especially the inclusion of subtitles. Thanks to Sir Greco Belgica for inviting me to join the forum, and for allowing me to bring some students with me. #HugotProf #RedTeacher #SenatePH #SenatorNenePimentel #SenatePresident #Federalism #DU30 #Digong #Sabah #Kiram #Sulu #Sultan #Pagibig #HugotPolitika #SocialIssues #HugotInterview
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Larry Gadon on Marcos, Aquino, education system, and others
Last Tuesday, I had the chance of interviewing Atty. Larry Gadon in San Beda University. I was hoping to interview the others who were invited, especially from the Liberal party, but none of them showed up to face the administration candidates in a senatorial forum. Before I proceed to a summary of my notes from Atty. Gadon, I just want to remind that, for all my interviews, I am personally collecting primary sources through joining events and getting first-hand statements from people we read in the news or from anyone I find interesting. Sometimes, I try to give them a chance to redeem or clarify for themselves, though I know not everybody takes that chance. It does not necessarily mean that I fully endorse their views, even if some of them make me smile. But I sincerely thank them all for their time, and I hope to talk to interesting experts or more qualified people to help me share not just different, extreme perspectives, but refined and better ones. Here’s a summary of my notes from this interview: For Atty. Larry Gadon, the educational system in the Philippines has nothing wrong in principle. However, he worries of the indoctrination and brainwashing done by allies of the Liberal party, those who sympathized with the Aquinos, and those who think that all that happened during the Marcos’ marital law regime were all negative. Gadon believes that the perspective on that era would never be balanced because, for him, it would be largely obvious that all that the “yellows” said were lies, especially on the demonization of Ferdinand Marcos. He thanks modern information technology and social media for helping put up the proliferation of these new ideas and perspectives. Before there was a boom of users in social media, the mainstream media was controlled by “yellow” oligarchs. Now, they are facing a tough competition in the battleground of ideas through social media. For him, a person who is #HindiBobo is someone who is open to the truth and does not mindlessly believe the claims of those who are against the government, and the brainwashing of the “yellows.” A person does not have to be titled and a college graduate to qualify as #HindiBobo. NOTE: The ideas here are a bit extreme, but this made me reflect on how come we reached this point. When people thought a political battle was won in the mid-80’s, although political scholars today say that the people were betrayed over and over again after EDSA Uno, it seems that there were those who became lax or mismanaged the succeeding administrations, which is why the residues of the past became seeds that grew unnoticed until what we see now is a big tree that has deep roots. And we fed that tree. The triumph of whoever won in the 2016 elections, the victory there would not last forever if the same problems that go beyond personalities shall not be competently addressed. In Philippine politics, the hubris born of political success–when prolonged–would not help the incumbent president ensure that the successor is an ally. More often than not, when systemic problems are not significantly addressed and incumbents do not own up to their mistakes, while trying to feign humility or display none of it at all, then it is more likely that someone who is not from the incumbent’s party would win. Although, some incumbents may switch alliances eventually and win as a member of a different political party. This video was uploaded by Obed dela Cruz.
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Lourd de Veyra on DAKILA, trolls, democracy, etc
It was a pleasant opportunity to finally talk with the host of “History with Lourd” last Saturday in U.P. Cine Adarna during the final screening of Citizen Jake. I am aware that I have friends and students who look up to this person. From 7:30pm to sometime past midnight, I waited for this interview to take place. Lourd seems to be a nice guy. During the first time I met him, he sat at the back with me in a seminar. He was already popular then, and seemed to be humbler and more personable than the speaker in that event. Some of my students even saw him alone going around a bookstore. He is approachable when you see him. He was better than my first impression with him on TV and social media. Anyway, let me now share to you a summary of our conversation: OBED: What is DAKILA organization? I heard you co-founded it. LOURD: It is an NGO where we use the arts as a springboard for discussions and social change. Pero hindi naman kailangang artist. Art as a venue para mapag-usapan ang mga bagay-bagay na nangyayari sa lipunan. Maraming bagay tungkol sa gobyerno. Kasama ang cinema dyan. We are composed of singers, band members, composers, et cetera. OBED: Paano po kung hindi artist? Pwede rin po ba? LOURD: Pwede rin, pwede rin. Lahat naman tayo may creativity. OBED: So, they can check the facebook page of DAKILA. LOURD: The moment you appreciate art, you partake in the art… OBED: How about people like me? I wish to see the Duterte administration become successful. I also want to see other administrations become successful, for example, in the economy. But what’s our role? Kaming mga people na nandito. What is our role with all the issues that are going on? LOURD: Wala naman sigurong mga tao na talagang they wish to see their government or presidents to fail. Nobody longs for their mayors or governors to fail. Whether you like it or not, iisang bangka lang naman din tayo. We should be rooting for the same team. Pero, I think, kung mahal mo talaga ang bayan mo. Kung may pagkakamali ang pamumuno, it is not just our right but our obligation to call them out. Hindi cheering squad ang citizens na parang for Ginebra, Alaska, and et cetera. Hindi naman black and white yan eh. If you see something good, spread the word. Purihin mo ang kailangang purihin. If you see something negative, obligation mo yun lalong-lalo na to point them out. Kung meron kang paraan, then at least correct the mistakes. OBED: What can you say about keyboard warriors or yung may mga troll-like behaviors sa social media? LOURD: Well, dalawa lang naman yan. May isang uri ng troll or keyboard warrior na sincere naman talaga sa kanilang opinions. Very vociferous lang naman talaga, inelegant, and rude ang tono. Meron naman talagang sincere dyan. But meron din naman noong troll armies or keyboard warriors talaga na professionally binabayaran to influence or sway. It has been a playbook of Chinese and the Russian governments daw yan. They have a script. May pattern daw sila na sinusunod. Ngayon, what really matters is social media or if social media can really stop the killings. What matters in the end eh yung gagawin nyo pa rin sa kalye, sa streets. OBED: How about in our workplace? Can we do something there? LOURD: Oo naman. I think it’s a mistake to listen to the comments’ section. Pwede mo syang basahin. Pero para ma-sway ka, ang kapalaran mo, ang career mo based on social media, mag-isip isip ka na siguro. Kung iisipin mo, naghirap ka sa isang bagay, pelikula, kanta, essay, and research paper. Then, here comes a troll na hindi pa binasa yung ginawa mo or kahit man lang yung first paragraph, pero may opinyon na sya agad sa iyo in the most demeaning manner possible. Makikinig k aba doon sa comment na iyon? OBED: Last question po. We know that in the advocacy of trying to call out the abuses or trying to put things right, it is not a one-day thing. There are things that will always be there. So, what are the issues that will always be there and always have to watch out? LOURD: Masyadong marami yan kung iisa-isahin. Pero ganito na lang. Nobody ever said that democracy is easy. The democratic project is the most complicated form of political setup where the voice of the people or the voice of the governed that should matter. Depende rin iyan sa kung ano o sino ang ginogovern mo. Ano pa ang mga iniisip nila? Mas complicated ang democracy kaysa sa strongman rule. The strongman rule is the lazy and pinakamadali dahil hindi na nag-iisip ang bayan. Pinakmadali dahil may isa na lang na nagiisip para sa lahat. So, kung ano ang mga bagay na yan, well, it takes hard work. ******* Lourd de Veyra finished a course on journalism from the University of Sto. Tomas (UST). He is a recipient of Palanca awards. Thanks to my former student, Rhon Ducos, for helping me arrange this interview. This video was uploaded by Obed dela Cruz
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Unsurrendered 2: Young Director's Documentary on WWII Hunters ROTC Guerrillas
Director Bani Logroño talks about his team’s documentary on the Hunters ROTC Guerrillas–a band of young nationalists who took part in fighting against foreign oppression in the Philippines back in World War II.
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Kaye Briones of AGAP party list on agriculture
Kaye Briones of AGAP party list on agriculture "Lupa is forever. Hindi ka niyan iiwan." Nagmahal. Nasaktan. Nag-farm. I am so glad to introduce to you Ms. Kathleen "KAYE" Briones of AGAP party list. She is a kababata, a family friend, and I used to climb up and slide down her mom's car when I was still a kid. She used to be a drummer in a local congregation I am part of. Right now, she is representing the Agricultural Sector Alliance of the Philippines (AGAP) and they are concerned with food security and the plight of different kinds of farmers and cooperatives. They have been supporting legislations against smuggling and tax evasions of imported agricultural products and hoping that more Filipino farmers can benefit from our government. She is open to considering proposals to put temporary tax exemptions for young investors who wish to start up a farming business. I interviewed her the last time we met. Here’s a summary of our discussion: The smuggling of agricultural products may produce a temporary relief to consumers. This may result in a temporary drop of market price as the smugglers evade taxes. However, the law of supply and demand would say that if a market is flooded with a lot of low-priced products, other farmers who wish to follow the law may be compelled to also lower the cost of their stock, which may result in a loss or diminishment of income. Then, there are those who wish to rely on imported agricultural products but this would not help encourage our farmers continue their business. If this continues to grow in a fast rate, then there would be lesser Filipinos who would want to invest in farming. If this happens, our internal food security might be threatened. Buying imported products would send more money to foreigners. Nevertheless, our farmers might need help in developing quality produce for exportation. It can be considered that some taxes on poultry products must be increased to be equal with other poultry products to avoid technical smuggling (as there is a tendency to under-report the value of their delivery) and loss of income for the government. CAREER ADVICE: Kaye Briones believes that students must try a lot of interesting and new stuff, though within the limits of what is right, because we do not know exactly what the future may hold for them. Some of the experiences they may have could be a platform that may launch them to greater heights in the future. Kaye did not know plan to become a politician or former top 1 councilor in Batangas because she was a shy person. But she was open to this new experience when the opportunity came. WOMEN IN POLITICS For women to enter politics today, it may depend on the culture where the woman is, but there are more communities and areas now in the Philippines that are open to women leaders. “Ang babae ay hindi lang malambing, meron ding angking galing.” FOR SINGLES If you become socially aware and active, it is possible you can meet your lifetime partner as you go along with the activities you get involved in. This video was uploaded by Obed dela Cruz
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Robert Alejandro of Papemelroti and Art is Kool's message to UE Students
Award-winning artist and co-owner of Papemelroti encourages students in the University of the East in Professor Jochebed "Obed" Dela Cruz' class to do art. Robert Alejandro was also the host of a TV educational series in 2002 "Art is Kool." Read the blog: http://obed-dela-cruz.blogspot.com/2016/07/interview-notes-with-robert-alejandro.html
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Mikko Gusi on being a UE alumnus and his career
Thanks to Mikko Gusi----an alumnus of the University of the East who graduated with a degree in International Studies and now has been travelling around the world (though mostly based in New York) doing performances and charitable works through the Gusi Peace Prize Foundation---for sharing a few words when I asked a statement for his fellow warriors studying in UE. We started to meet back in 2011 when we were still both college students and were youth/student leaders. We had a seminar for environmental advocacy back then, and we believe that students should engage in community development initiatives to get a better feel of the social issues we are trying to solve through studying in preparation for nation-building. This video was taken by Obed dela Cruz on the night of November 28, 2019 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC). They have this event there every 4th Wednesday of November. People are free to attend.
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Interview with PH's first Transwoman elected to Congress
Interview with Cong. Roman, the Philippines' first Transwoman elected to Congress. Even if we belong to different camps, we believe that human rights must apply to all. However, we vary to its interpretation. CONTEXT OF THE VIDEO: Cong. Roman, together with 141 House Members who signified to be a co-author of this bill, is pushing for the "SOGIE Equality Act." SOGIE means Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity/Expression. However, as for my side and the more than 10,800 signatures I represented, we are reluctant to support the bill because of the nature of convictions of the groups we represent. Although we believe that no physical injury, harm, or threat must be done against a person simply because he or she identifies him/herself otherwise than what he or she biologically is at birth. We hope that the bill and the authors won't pass it simply to get back or to take revenge against those who do not agree with a homosexual lifestyle. This video deviates from the usually harsh words we read and hear about the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) issue. Taken last Tuesday by ate Ruth at the House of Representatives. May it enlighten both camps, however opposing! #SOGIE #CWGE #RedTeacher #LGBT #Queer #CoalitionOfChristiansForChange
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Hugot Prof Goes to the Police
Nagpunta po si HugotProf kanina sa may awtoridad para may i-report. Tulungan nyo po kung namataan nyo ang ipina-sketch nya. Alamin sa video na ito kung ano iyon! (Salamat kay Czien Gamboa sa pagkuha ng video na ito para ma-i-document ang napagusapan ng propsesor at ng pulis) #RedTeacher #WalangPasok #Warrior #PNP
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Tatad on senate work, Duterte, and freedom of the press
PART ONE: Former Senator Francisco "KIT" Tatad In this interview, we talked about Tatad's accomplishments in the Senate, good points about President Duterte, areas where President Duterte may have to improve on, the President's remark to sexually violate Tatad's wife, and why Tatad will be leaving the Manila Times on March 4, 2019. Senator Kit Tatad authored 22 laws, however he said it is wrong to assume that just because a senator authored a law then all the credit must belong to the senator. This would simply confuse the matter as to the collective effort of passing laws, since they have to be ratified or supported by both the Senate and House of Representatives and thus could not have been passed by the effort of only one legislator. Still, it cannot be denied that there are sources that credit him for authoring the following laws among others: 1. System of Mineral Oil Exploration 2. P10B project for Mt. Pinatubo victims 3. Department of Energy 4. Retirement pay for public sector employees 5. Electric Power Crisis Act 6. New Central Bank 7. Increasing minimum wage of household helps 8. Women representation in the Social Security Commission 9. Voluntary Blood Donation 10. CHED 11. TESDA 12. Developing exports 13. PHILHEALTH 14. Development of the book publishing industry Tatad said he never promised anything to people except to serve. He was a majority floor leader under five different Senate Presidents. As a majority leader, he was a member of all committees and no law would pass without his influence because he had a hand in the scheduling and prioritization of which bills shall be discussed in the plenary. He recalls the late Senator and Vice President Arturo Tolentino. Senator “Turing” was one of the most distinguished lawmakers. In his last term, he did not file any bill. But he raises good questions and makes intelligent statements that illuminate the plenary discussions, even one day raising a question to then-senator Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. As for Lito Lapid, he files tons of bills but do not understand them. One senator filed 2,000 bills. Whatever bill that did not pass in the last Congress, this senator simply filed them again. But filing bills alone do not mean anything. Others avoid debates, and sometimes there are really no debates at all! As for President Duterte, he did a lot of good things. He vetoed the “Anti-Palo” bill that punishes parents for disciplining their children. Tatad supports Duterte on that move. He believes parents must preserve the responsibility for disciplining their children, though not in a grave manner. Children must know what is wrong and must be disciplined. One of Tatad’s children would even say, “Dad, kailangan ko ng palo,” when this child believes he did something wrong. Nevertheless, Tatad disagrees with Duterte on basic fundamental beliefs on democracy and governance. He believes that the three (3) branches of government should not just be in one hand. Tatad wishes that Duterte would stop cursing and disrespecting women. He should stop cursing the religious sector and even God. Even when there are priests who are more sinful than Duterte, the president’s job is not to discipline priests. Disciplining religious leaders is out of his responsibility. With the freedom of the press, Tatad and Duterte had a recent misunderstanding. There was a period when Duterte’s whereabouts were not told to the press for 14 days. Tatad heard and checked on sources saying that the President had a kidney operation. Tatad wrote about it then, since the Palace was not saying anything about it. Then, somebody told the president that Tatad wrote that Duterte had cancer. That was false. Tatad said he never wrote that the president had cancer. He doubts that the president ever read those articles he wrote but only based his assumption on what his advisers told him. Last month, Duterte humorously suggested to Tatad publicly that the presidents wishes to borrow Tatad’s wife for 10 minutes to sexually violate her honor. Even when Tatad criticized Ferdinand Marcos before, the late President Marcos did not even privately suggest to sexually violate Tatad’s wife. The government also pressured the Manila Times to have Tatad removed. Supposed to be, periodicals should protect their writers. However, as for the Manila Times, its chairman is a special envoy to an international foundation and a consultant to PAGCOR and Sweepstakes. The Chairman would rather have Tatad removed to follow his business interests that uphold the freedom of the press and responsible journalism. More videos with former Senator Kit Tatad will be uploaded soon. He will not be running for any office this 2019. This video was uploaded by Obed dela Cruz.
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Sultan's daughter, Princess Jacel Kiram on love life and career
It is a privilege to have interviewed Princess Jacel Kiram about her advice on love life and career for our youth. I thought of interviewing her because I find her posts and that of her husband’s as sweet. Recently, as a teacher, I had to deal with students who are undergoing family problems. Families that have parents who love each other seem to do better than those that don’t. Then, what I appreciate is how they try to spend time with their children in spite of their hectic schedule. I could not see any reference available online as to their age, but if she was qualified to run for the Senate in 2016, which means she is somewhere 35 or older back then. Her age today would mean it can be somewhere near 37 or 38. If she got married in April 2013 (according to a news info), that’s just five years ago. It means, unlike other women who wish to get married before they reach 30, Princess Jacel was married to then-Lt. Col. Al Hasan when they were above 30. As a military officer’s wife, not all the time her husband can be physically there for them. This requires a healthy disposition and wisdom on the part of the wife and mother to keep the family together. Women have a lot of role to play in establishing a family. Princess Jacel Kiram believes that everything has their proper timing. It depends on the age and opportunities available. It could also depend on one’s priorities (and we hope those priorities are well-thought of). It would still be advisable to study well and fill one’s self with love so that this love can be channeled well to other people without running out. As for a career advice, Princess Jacel sees herself as not the typical student that already planned her career through. She believes that one’s interests and hobbies can be eventually used for one’s career. Based on what she has been doing, she believes she was prepared since grade school, her values were molded through the years, and she remembers how her experiences in having joined school debates and oratorical contests before are helping her now. She also spoke of destiny. For some people, this can be discovered as they journey along in life. If you are wondering about your destiny, better to seek guidance from the Almighty. Reliance or faith in God is a big factor in shaping one’s career and finding out one’s destiny. To understand further where Princess Jacel is coming from, her father was dubbed as the “poorest Sultan in the world.” She is said to cook, drive, and do manual work for her parents. In one TV interview, she even spoke of her sister working in a call center company. This shows how much the status and living conditions of Filipino royal families have changed through the decades and centuries. NOTE: Pardon for the shaky video. When I do interviews alone, I usually take it by one hand and it gets tired after a few minutes. References: Lim, Carla. (2013). PROFILE: Jacel Kiram shows what being a Sulu princess means. Retrieved on December 31, 2018 from http://globalbalita.com/2013/03/10/profile-jacel-kiram-shows-what-being-a-sulu-princess-means/ Lizares, Luci. (2013). The Princess and Us. Retrieved on December 31, 2018 from https://www.sunstar.com.ph/article/275193 Rosalado, RJ. (2013). Princess Jacel Kiram marries Army officer. Retrieved on December 31, 2018 from https://news.abs-cbn.com/nation/regions/04/29/13/princess-jacel-kiram-marries-army-officer The Philippine Star. (2013). Kiram: I’m the poorest sultan in the world. Retrieved on December 31, 2018 from https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2013/03/08/917097/kiram-im-poorest-sultan-world This video would also appear in the facebook profile and blog site of Obed dela Cruz
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700 Club Asia feat. first week of the national K to 12 system in the Philippines
This video contains interviews from outgoing DepEd Sec. Armin Luistro, incoming DepEd Sec. Leonor Magtolis Briones, Kabataan Partylist Rep. Sarah Elago, Prof. Obed dela Cruz, and others about the first week of implementation of the K to 12 system in the Philippines.
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Hugot Sa Agila - Brahminy Kite Eagle
"Kailangan natin ng mas maraming tao, tulad ng mga agila, na matapang, mataas lumipad, at may prinsipyo." - Video ni #HugotProf at ng isang Agila sa Manila Ocean Park's Birds of Prey. Thanks, Kuya Johan, for taking this video through your phone. #RedTeacher #ManilaOceanPark #BirdsOfPrey
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Comments on House Bill No. 6330 - October 2012
In a segment of The 700 Club Asia, yours truly noted the weak spots of the implications of a particular bill that bans all forms of ecumenical practices and religious symbols and activities from all government offices during office hours. The bill was ironically branded as an act that promotes religious freedom. This was done during my involvement with Truth On-Air Christian Online Radio Station. (Originally uploaded at http://cbnasia.org/mediacenter/ )
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Mocha Uson on loved ones killed while in public service
WATCH THIS: I was able to interview Mocha Uson. Her father was a good judge in Pangasinan who was killed years ago while handling a case involving a rich and powerful personality. I asked her to reflect on that and tell what she can say to families whose member or parent was also killed because of public service. #HugotProf #RedTeacher
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Dulce on suffering, pain, God's grace, etc
When we watch #TNTsaShowtime, we see Dulce as a happy person and can be a motherly figure to her fans. There is no doubt about it. But she has not kept it a secret that she had a lot of troubles in the past. Her story was aired at the 700 Club Asia TV program. Many times she attempted to commit suicide before. There were people, even her own family members, who tried to kill her or caused her to have a dark time. In terms of her singing career, there were those who did not want to help her achieve her success because some said she was ugly or not beautiful enough to become a celebrity. Imagine being told something like that early on in her life. There were times she was at the point of giving up hope and life. But she found something that kept her through. She may sound religious, but what if faith in God and the discovery of His love are among the things that healed her heart and became her constant source of joy so that she could rise up again and be a realistic encouragement to those who may have experienced similar things, the trauma, she also went through? To Ma'am Dulce, thank you for sharing your heart, mind, and prayer through this video interview. May the love and truth of God heal us all! This video first appeared in the facebook profile of Obed dela Cruz. Thanks to RJ Alamag for taking this video! From Ma'am Dulce: Salamat din sa mga beauties ng BEAUTÈ SALON - JAFER PLACE Lorna Yanguas, Lina Cerbo, and Lina Santos sa pag allow sa ating instant interview/ministry kahit sa gitna ng kabusy-han sa trabaho nila. Kaya to the listeners pls bear with this videos sounds of clangs and gongs etc.
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Sereno clarifies which government programs she supports
There were people who became so obsessed with putting down former (de facto) Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno last year because they got so polarized with binary thinking and they thought she’s all against the current administration. Yesterday, I clarified this with her, introducing myself as a pro-administration supporter, and she said, “It is right to support government programs–especially those that are beyond personalities–that will help Filipinos.” She also clarified that, “With respect to building infrastructure, fighting poverty, and cleaning our neighborhood, let’s help the government.” I think these words are better to be heard now that she cannot be accused of trying to win back her position as Chief Justice and she declined the offer to run as a senatorial candidate of Liberal party in the 2019 elections. She has been going around the country, talking about clean elections, and she is not running or applying for any government position for now. I don’t think that is threatening or would result into armed rebellion or the collapse of the current government. In fact, she said that we need a new set of leaders in the future to lead our country because we could not entirely depend on the incumbents today, which may include some of her allies. Anyway, I am delighted to have interviewed former (de facto) Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno about people like me who wish to support the government, to wish the success of any administration, although we are very sad for whatever it does erratically or excessively. Here’s a summary of our chat: OBED: What can you say about people like me who wish to support the government, to see the reforms needed, to make changes, and to see its success although we know there are ideas said and actions that must be done with caution? SERENO: It is right to support government programs–especially those that are beyond personalities–that will help Filipinos. But when it comes to excesses and abuses, we must say no. For example, extrajudicial killings that could be traced to the statements of the leadership. But with respect to building infrastructure, fighting poverty, and cleaning our neighborhood, let’s help the government. But it must never be with the use of abuse of power. We can do this. We can do this even without the abuse of power. That’s what we are asking for. We can be alert with what’s wrong, but we can help each other. We should not oppress each other. OBED: How about improving the environment and economy? SERENO: This must be done every day. This is right under any administration. This goes beyond politics. Our economy must succeed. But, again, this must be done without the excessive use of force and abuse of power. Pity the children. Our actions must be accordance to law. ************* This video first appeared in the facebook profile of Obed dela Cruz
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Greco Belgica's speech before Pampanga's government officials - part 2
Salamat po sa partido nina Gov. Lilia Pineda & Cong. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for endorsing Greco Belgica for senator sa lahat ng mga officials mula sa Governor ng Pampanga hanggang sa mga kagawad at iba pang tauhan ng gobyerno kahapon. Patuloy pa rin po namin sasabihin na ang mga candidates on the national level, kapag namimili ng boto ay magnanakaw. Patuloy pa rin po namin isusulong ang aming adhikain na paimbestigahan lahat ng nang abuso sa kanilang DAP at PDAF, kahit naging presidente pa sya ng Pilipinas. Pwede po makulong pati si PNoy pagbaba nya ng pwesto kapag napatunayan na he abused or used his DAP Pork Barrel funds after it became illegal. Sana po manaig ang hustisya at bantayan natin ang mga kandidato kapag sila'y nahalal na. Muli, salamat po sa endorsement kahit wala kaming pangbayad para sa boto nyo. #PHVote #GrecoBelgicaforSenator #GrecosaSenado #PDPLaban
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Hugot Prof Consults Attorney Jeremiah Belgica About Paasa
"Attorney, ano po masasabi nyo sa word na 'PAASA' in terms of contracts and agreements?" WATCH HERE: (Thanks to Raymond Cayabyab for taking this video, and to Angel Druja for taking another version should it be needed). #MYBelgica #Belgica #MyLawIQ #HugotProf #RedTeacher #Paasa #Umasa #Hustisya #JusticeForMyHeart
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ClassRoom SetUP: Myth of Christian Demigods
We go for the priesthood of all believers, regardless of career path! God has a 360 degree purpose complemented by 360 degree skills which He sovereignly distributed to His followers according to His own measure and grace. They will satisfy the demands of His holiness through justice and compassion! Main Passage: Ephesians 4:7-16 Presentation Venue: ALC 301, International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL)
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Medyo serious interview with "Bayaw" Jun Sabayton
Binoto mob a si BAYAW for president? Paano kung for senator? Alam natin ang konteksto nyan. Noong 2015, sa unang semester ko ng pagtuturo, ang unang impression ko kay Rodolfo "JUN" Sabayton, Jr. a.k.a. BAYAW ay isa lamang na komedyante na kasama ni Lourd de Veyra. Hindi ko kasi pa napapanood ng buo noon ang kahit isang episode ng “History with Lourd” o kahit ano pa mang show nila. Pero, unti-unti (at salamat sa mga araw na walang pasok) nakapanood din ako ng programa nila. Medyo hindi ko lang maisulat ng maigi kung paano na nagbago ang tingin ko sa kanila, at hindi ko rin kasi alam kung iyon ba ang intensyon nila, pero alam ko na may nakukuha din naman akong magandang aral at hugot mula sa kanila, lalo na sa pagdadala nila sa kanilang mga sarili at sa pag-present nila ng mga istorya. Kaya dahil dito, sinubukan kong interviewhin si Bayaw Jun Sabayton noong nakita ko sya ng Sabado ng gabi, although mga Sunday past 12 midnight ko na sya talagang nainterview dahil pinagisipan ko muna kung anong itatanong. Buti nga nandoon pa sya sa labas ng U.P. Cine Adarna at kahit na sinabi nya sa akin na inistorbo ko sya habang kinakausap nya yung crush nya, at hinanap nya pa ito pagkatapos, naging masaya pa rin naman an gaming usapan. Anyway, eto po ang summary ng aming pag-uusap: OBED: Sir, diba po may challenge minsan sa advocacy, sa pagko-communicate ng maayos ng ating mensahe, even doon sa mga ayaw maniwala sa atin? Do you think being vulnerable, being transparent, and allowing people to mock or ridicule you can be an effective way of reaching to their hearts and communicate our sincerity very well? BAYAW: Para naman sa atin ito lahat, para sa mga Pilipino. Kahit ma-risk ang kabuhayan mo at ang buhay mo mismo, para naman ito sa nakakarami. OBED: So far, do you see na effective ito kapag nakita nila ang sincerity mo kahit na inaasar ka nila? BAYAW: Siguro effective yun, kahit na inaasar ka, kapag nagcocomment sila social media, kahit negative. Ibig sabihin noon, tinitignan nila yung sinasabi mo. So, may pakialalam din sila sa kung ano ang kinocommunicate mo. Yung iba naman, nagtatanggol din. OBED: Salamat po. I think sa pag-ibig ganon din po. BAYAW: Pero kapag umibig ka, yung tama lang. Kasi kahit ano naman ang sobra eh di na maganda. Kapag umibig naman sa Pilipinas eh kamatayan lang ang kahantungan. OBED: Grabe naman. But we need to live [for our country]. BAYAW: Importante ngayon na magkaroon ka ng stand, kahit ano pa yan. Doon lang tayo sa tama. Ngayon kasi parang dapat maging dilawan o ano man ka pa, eh di naman dapat ganun eh. Para sa Pilipinas ito, para sa mga Pilipino. *********** I was hoping to get ask some more, but I was limited by the space remaining for videos in my phone. I am still an amateur in this and I am not complete as to professional equipment. Also, it was already some time past midnight and I really wanted to go home to eat the meal my mom has prepared for me. So, at this point, allow me to thank Sir Jun Sabayton again for this opportunity. This video was uploaded by Obed dela Cruz
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HUGOT PROF: Para sa National Heroes Day 2016
MATT: Pare, bakit may mga taong malayang magsaya? HUGOT PROF: Dahil may mga taong nagpaparaya. (Alalahanin natin sina Luna, Rizal, Bonifacio, at mga iba pa---mga brokenhearted, pero patuloy minahal ang Inang Bayan) #WhatAnIdea #HugotProf #RedTeacher #NationalHeroesDay #PusongBayani #Kabayanihan #InangBayan #RomanticActivist
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Harry Roque on the need to uphold human rights
WATCH: My short interview with former presidential spokesperson Harry Roque. I asked him why we still need to have regard for human rights in this season, even if we are supporters of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. This video was originally posted in the facebook account of Obed dela Cruz here: https://www.facebook.com/obed.delacruz.148/videos/10212094549749238/
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Tatad on early life, political dynasties, etc
Senator Tatad, when I was first saw him, was just with a friend drinking coffee. He only had one driver or personal assistant that was seating a few tables away. No bodyguards, and there was one time I saw him walking alone in a mall. I found him open to talk about his personal and family life, which is why I decided to ask him about those things. Here are my notes from this interview: Senator Kit Tatad was born in Catanduanes. His town was the smallest and poorest there. They only had up to 2nd year high school in that town. For 3rd year high school, they had to go to Baras, the next town. There were no good roads, no vehicles. The first time he saw a jeepney was many, many years later. When the the jeepeny first arrived there, people were chasing it because they wanted to kill it. Perhaps, they thought, they could eat it. Because he had to go to another town to study, he walked 54 kilometers a week just so he could be in school. It was 7 mountains away. That was fun. He was still young and he appreciated the scenery. After narrating his recollection on my first question, for some reason, I decided to leap to another topic: love life. Senator Tatad said that when he was in Metro Manila, he lived in the Quirino district in Quezon City. They used to call that place as “home site.” One day, he saw a lady working at the post office. They did not know each other. But, when he arrived home, he told his sibling that he already saw the woman he is going to marry. Eventually, they knew each other when he was already working as a journalist. During that time, the lady was working in ABSCBN. They were in the same building. Every weekend, Tatad would borrow money to buy her roses even though he was being shunned. In spite of that, he was consoling himself and just kept sending her flowers. Then, President Marcos appointed Tatad as Minister of Information. After this, he was getting phone calls from this lady. He was already escorting her to concerts. Eventually, they got married. Today, they have 7 children and 11 grandchildren. No personal scandals. Tatad considers himself lucky because he has no major personal scandal. At least, nothing was published against him or his family on a personal level. He said he believes in a simple life. Even when he was in Marcos’ Cabinet, social life was very limited. When he was still single, well he was single. When he was married, he said he did not anymore considered or pursued another woman as a fling. He believes in the superiority of the human conscience and intellect that separate us from animals. He believes we could use this moral reasoning against temptations. When Tatad as in government, he claims, that he was the only one working there. He had no other relative who would demand or run for a position using his name as the only “credential.” Even his own wife does not go directly to his staff to give orders. His wife has to talk to him so that he could communicate the concern to his staff. There were many times he excused himself from a political party or group simply because they drafted candidates who come from political families. He said he did his best to be clean in government on a personal level. He did not exhaust himself to acquire political gain for his family. During the 1st elections done under Marcos’ martial law in 1978, he was asked to run for Bicol. His competitor came from a political dynasty. He said that it is because of these political dynasties that there are other competent young leaders who wish to prove themselves and serve the country that are being prevented because of the pressure and influence of political dynasties who wish to keep the power and authority for themselves in the local level. This is why he avoided to run at the local level after his Senate terms. He believes that other young and competent leaders must be given the opportunity to serve in government. . Tatad complains of siblings who serve in the Senate together. For him, he does not believe that there are no more other people who are capable and clean. There are only 24 seats in the Senate. We have a population of 106 million and possibly divided into 20 million nuclear families. Tatad sees no moral justification for having more than 1 member in the Senate who belong to the same family, even if they are all competent. Furthermore, the problem is that even these siblings are corrupt. “Everyone should be capable of arguing against our own self interests,” Tatad said. As to his greatest advice, Tatad said he could offer none except his testimony. For him, his life is an open book. He is a Catholic Christian who believes in God and wishes to serve Him and this country in spite of all his mistakes and shortcomings. He claims that he did not deliberately deceive anyone and that he did not hurt anyone. This is why, after Marcos’ martial law, he could walk the streets alone. This video was uploaded by Obed dela Cruz.
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Freddie Aguilar on why people must stop unhealthy vices
Ka-Freddie was interviewed by Obed dela Cruz last year on why people, especially the youth, must abstain from unhealthy vices. Freddie Aguilar emphasized on taking care of one's life, weighing one's health as more important than pleasure, as the top reason why people must stay away from illegal drugs and other things thay may harm one's self.
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Hugot Prof and Hugot Students
"Buti pa yung oral examination nila, pinipilahan." Thanks, JM Santos, for taking the video. #HugotProf #RedTeacher #HUMSSEstudyante
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Jairus Aquino on donating through #LightTheWorld vending machine
WATCH: Jairus Aquino---formerly part of Super Inggo, Luv U, and Goin' Bulilit series---invites people to donate to less fortunate people this Christmas season through the #LightTheWorld vending machines found in SM Megamall near the EDSA entrance. This was done in cooperation with UNICEF, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints/Mormons, Caritas Philippines, and possibly other organizations. This video also appeared in the facebook account of Obed dela Cruz: https://www.facebook.com/obed.delacruz.148/videos/10212098586890164/
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5/6/2015 --- Mrs. Celia Veloso's speech
Before this portion of her speech, Mrs. Celia Veloso---mother of an OFW who was recently saved from death row---first thanked every person who supported efforts to prevent Mary Jane Veloso (her daughter) from being killed by a firing squad because of death row. She continued on asking for understanding for her recent outburst that drew the ire of netizens against her, labeling her an "ingrate." The family is thankful for those who helped in keeping Mary Jane alive. Filipinos continue to pray, hope, and join movements for peace, justice, and truth to surface no matter what the circumstance may be. Read more: http://obed-dela-cruz.blogspot.com/2015/05/pcpr-organized-liturgical-thanksgiving.html
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Doctor Jaime Jazmin's  Hugot Interview
Doctor Jaime S. Jazmine is a former Director or Chief of San Lazaro Hospital. Listen to what he said after being asked on the medical implications of being "brokenhearted."
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Hugot Prof and Activist Satur Ocampo
Nagmahal. Naloko. Na-torture. NAG-RALLY???!! PROF: So paano po yun, Sir? May nangloko sa inyo tapos gusto kayong balikan. Dapat bang balikan kaagad? SATUR OCAMPO: Di naman. Depende kung ano ang katangian ng pangloloko. Kung maliit na bagay lang, walang... pwedeng… pakakawalan mo na lang yun. Pero kung mabigat, apektado ang buhay mo, eh maghahanap ka ng katuwiran. Salamat po kay former Congressman Satur Ocampo ng Bayan Muna Party List for this interview! #HugotProf #RedTeacher #RomanticActivist #BayanMuna #MartialLaw #NeverAgain #NeverForget #Marcos
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Teaching Demonstration Final Assignment for EDS 111   Principles of Teaching, UPOU
This video was recorded for the purpose of accomplishing a final requirement for EDS111 - Principles of Teaching---a subject in UP Open University that Jochebed "OBED" Dela Cruz is enrolled in.
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Yul Servo wishes to enhance the Balik Scientist Program
WATCH: Congressman Yul Servo Nieto of the 3rd District of Manila City filed a bill to enhance the Balik Scientist program of the DOST to further encourage our Filipino scientists abroad to go back home in the Philippines and find good opportunities here. I asked him about it in this interview. If you want to download a copy of the bill, try this link: http://www.congress.gov.ph/legisdocs/basic_17/HB04628.pdf This video was uploaded by Obed dela Cruz.
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April 17, 2018: Sereno Supporter with Pro Marcos Volunteers
April 17, 2018: Sereno Supporter with Pro Marcos Volunteers This morning, in the pro-Chief Justice Sereno rally, there were also pro-Bongbong Marcos volunteers who were there calling for the manual recount of the votes for Vice President. Everything was peaceful until---I am not sure who started (though different camps are easy to claim that it is the other)---I heard noises of pro-Sereno and pro-Marcos campus ridiculing each other, exchanging cusswords and expletives, calling each other “bayaran,” and there were even those who cursed the nuns and other religious ministers there, including Sister Mary John Mananzan. The Marcos’ volunteers were also offended by what director Joel Lamangan said, and this could have been avoided if the call to support CJ Sereno has been consistent and that the speakers did not sway from one issue or personality to another. It is hard to concentrate on what is happening and what is being said if the noises would continue. There were more people from the crowds who were joining the undiplomatic verbal exchanges. Then, I heard the following words again: bayaran, dilawan, tuta, diktador, sinungaling, and et cetera. This is the usual narrative we hear in the news, read in the papers, and observe in social media. But the centrist inside me intervened because I know this is not the whole story. I still believe that there are Marcos supporters who are pro-CJ Sereno as well. I know this for a fact because I have a pro-Marcos friend who is a sympathizer of Sereno, democracy, and rule of law. I also know of a Marcos supporter, a former student, who is very upset with President Duterte. This call for this morning’s rally was to proceed with the impeachment case in the Senate, and not to remove Chief Justice Sereno by a quo warranto case. The main convener of the rally was the “Coalition for Justice.” The color was purple, not yellow. The call was to gather the supporters of Chief Justice Sereno, and this is why there were those who were upset when the speakers brought in the issues concerning Leni Robredo, Risa Hontiveros, and Leila de Lima. Personally, I was upset when there were those who shouted, “Duterte! Ibagsak!” I went there to support CJ Sereno, not to call for the ouster of President Duterte. Anyway, here are my notes on what I said and what I heard from the pro-Marcos volunteer I interviewed: 1. I am not “bayaran.” They are not “bayaran.” 2. The call for the manual recount of the votes for Vice President is still in accordance with our laws and democracy. I mean, even if I don’t adhere to ultra-democracy and the excesses/permissiveness of liberal democracy, the so-called pro-democracy framers of our Constitutions and laws agreed that a manual recount can be legally possible. The camp of Bongbong Marcos is simply using the benefits of the democracy they made. 3. If there are two different rallies in one location, better not to exchange expletives and cusswords. It is true that the atmosphere was peaceful until there were noises shouting cusswords, satire, and ridicules. To the pro-Marcos volunteers, thank you for welcoming me in your tent even if I told you a couple of times that I am anti-Marcos, that I never campaigned for him, and that I never voted for him. After my interview with them, there was one who requested for us to simply focus on the CJ Sereno issue, and that’s okay for them. I promised to upload this unedited version of the interview, and I am keeping it. To my fellow CJ Sereno supporters, let’s stick with the message and issue on CJ Sereno. We do not need to create more enemies that, at first, were not even hostile to us. We do not need to inherit the personal conflicts that our leaders have. It does not follow that the supporter always carries all the battles, conflicts, and problems of his/her leader. This video is an addition to the narrative that may be reported on the rally that happened today. I hope the voices of us---centrists---who can protest with diplomacy would also be heard. I support CJ Sereno not because I defend democracy. In fact, I believe with what the late Lee Kwan Yew said that our country needs more discipline than democracy. I went there to help put things in their proper perspective, even if I know that there are extremes, ideologies clash, and not every person can understand the virtues of centrism. Rise, centrist-conservatives! #LabanCJ #ILoveDU30 #ILoveCJSereno #LabanSereno #StandWithCJSereno
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Neri Colmenares on EDSA, Economy, and Lumads
After around 5 years of wishing to have an interesting conversation with Atty. Neri Colmenares (previously served as congressman), I had the chance of doing this yesterday although he was in a hurry. I initially said it would only be 3 questions, but I thought of asking one more. I felt like I haven’t asked everything yet, especially because there came follow-up questions in my mind that I wished to ask after his answers, but I guess I have to wait for another time to have that opportunity. Hopefully, I wouldn’t be waiting five years more. He mentioned his proposed economic policies for the short-term, so I wish to know where we could get the money and what might be his other economic proposals for the long term. Then, for the Lumads, I want to know more how we can ensure they would have the wealth, technology, and expertise to develop their communities as they are integrated further in our society. This is because we have to acknowledge that, for them not to always be oppressed and always needing our help, they must have the resources and other support they can gather from their own to scare away their oppressors. Permit me to say this out of my imagination, but I want something like the Black Panther movie for them. But that does not mean we will stop helping them. It’s just that I want to see them stronger and more capable of fighting for themselves, however this may mean adjusting or changing portions of their culture as we also may change for them so they could be fully integrated with us and we having more means to understand them. Anyway, here is a summary of our chat: OBED: Why does it seem that the winners of EDSA 1 have lost the elections of 2016? COLMENARES: When we say “winners,” it must refer to the Filipino people (not the political leaders or parties that were active during that time). After EDSA 1, we’ve always lost. Our society has not changed substantially. The problem is systemic. There is systemic corruption and political dynasty, among others, that cannot be fixed by one president replacing another. It cannot be done by a single person. That realization is important. The next time we reform a society, it cannot be delivered by a single person but by an entire people. We must involve ourselves directly next time we change our “destiny.” OBED: What are the economic policies that you propose? How do we lift ourselves out of poverty? COLMENARES: Our short-term economic policies include the lowering of prices on basic commodities. We must remove the value-added tax on water, electricity, and oil. Those products are inflationary. If we impose taxes, then their prices would certainly go up further and add more burden. We also wish to increase and to formalize a national minimum wage. We disagree that the minimum wage for NCR workers are higher than those working in Visayas and Mindanao. The amount must be nationalized. We want that pensions to be increased. All senior citizens must receive at least P2000 whether or not they are members of SSS. Lastly, regular work. I disagree with contractualization. These are our immediate economic reforms. OBED: Where is the place of ethnic minorities (ex. Lumad) in all of these economic developments? COLMENARES: The Lumads’ primordial interest is to defend their ancestral domain. We should not impose our culture and business framework. For them, land is very important. Aside from increase of salary and pension, which will generally benefit the public including them, we must defend the indigenous peoples (IP’s) from the attacks of big mining corporations. We must make IP’s part of governance. We should not just consult them, but make them take part in the governance of their ancestral domain. OBED: If land is their problem, how do we help the Lumads register their ancestral domain? COLMENARES: There is a law on that but I believe we have to amend it. I recognize their traditional law and we should not impose TORRENS title system on them. Right now, if you they do not have a title, their ancestral domain is not covered. We have to recognize that if their family or clan has been fishing or farming in an area for 100 years, then that has to be acknowledged as their rightful ancestral domain. We should not just ignore that fact merely because they do not have any document to provide. ************************************* NOTE: I started seeing Atty. Neri Colmenares in rallies and in Congress since 2013. He is a relative of Angel Locsin. I have been wanting a conversation since then. But, it was only in 2015 that I decided to intentionally interview people from different political backgrounds, alliances, and experiences. If you can help me arrange a meeting with other political leaders I may be interested to talk with, please let me know. Thank you. This video was uploaded by Obed dela Cruz
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