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A video showcase of Bvlgari watches
You can find these beautiful Bvlgari watches on WatchesOnNet.com // created at http://animoto.com
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Brad Pitt and other Celebs Love Breitling Watches
Brad Pitt, Dave Chapelle, Tommy Lee Jones and many other celebrities can ofter be see wearing one of their amazing Breitling watches. For more information about the Breitling Aeromarine, Aerospace, and Navitimer collections check out www.watchesonnet.com.
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IWC Watches
IWC Watches from http://www.WatchesOnNet.Com Luxury Timepieces Collection. For more on Watch Discounts visit Watches On Net.
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Anna Wintour and her Jewelry Watches
Anna Wintour, editor in chief of Vogue and one of the top names in fasion, often can be seen wearing a jewelry watch to go with her outift. She seems to prefer jewelry watches from Cartier, Hermes, Rolex and Gucci. For more information about Wintours favorite watches, check out www.watchesonnet.com.
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John Travolta and his beloved Breitling Watches
John Travolta has been known to regularly sport one of his amazing Breitling watches. He has quite a collection including various pieces from the Breitling Navitimer series. For more information about Breitling watches, check out www.watchesonnet.com.
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Raymond Weil Watches
A look at the 2009 Raymond Weil Watch Collection from WatchesOnNet.com
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Leonardo DiCaprio and his Tag Heuer Watches
Leonardo DiCaprio loves to wear his Tag Heuer watches and is even an official spokesperson for the company. For more information about Tag Heuer watches, including the Formula 1 and Carrera collections, check out www.watchesonnet.com.
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Tiger Woods for TAG Heuer
Golf superstar Tiger Woods is an official ambassador for TAG Heuer and recently helped launch a huge campaign for the TAG Heuer Carerra collection. For more information, check out http://www.watchesonnet.com.
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Breitling Watches
A Breitling Watch collection from the greatest to the great in luxury watches, men's watches, women's watches, and more. brought to you by http://www.WatchesOnNet.Com
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Tom Brady & Derek Jeter Love their Movado Watches
Football star Tom Brady and Yankees' SS Derek Jeter can regularly be seen sporting one of their favorite Movado watches. For more information about mens watches and womens watches, including the full line of Movado watches, check out www.watchesonnet.com.
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Baume Mercier Watches
A really cool look at the Baume Mercier luxury watch collection for 2009
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Movado Watches Showcase
A cool look at the current 2008 movado watch collection
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Eva Mendes seen with her Jaeger-LeCoultre Watch
Eva Mendes loves her Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Lady Squadra watch. This watch was named best ladys watch for 2009 by the German watch magazine Armbanduhren. For more info, check out www.watchesonnet.com.
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Jennifer Aniston loves her Cartier Watches
Jennifer Aniston has been known to sport her Cartier Tank Chinoise watch as well as other Cartier pieces whenever she goes out. For more information, check out www.watchesonnet.com.
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2012 Tag Heuer Formula One Collection
The Latest collection of tag Heuer watches - 2012 Formula One Collection. Have a look at the entire collection of tag Heuer watches here: http://www.watchesonnet.com/watches/tag-heuer.html
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Angelina Jolie "Jane Smith" & her hot Tissot Watch
In the movie "Mr & Mrs. Smith", Angelina Jolie wore a Tissot T-Touch womens watch during many of the scenes. For more information about Tissot, check out www.watchesonnet.com
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Gucci Watches
A small glimpse of the magic that is Gucci. // created at http://animoto.com
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SLR Chronograph by TAG Heuer and Mercedes Benz
TAG Heuer and Mercedes Benz together have produced the TAG Heuer SLR Chronograph watch collection based on the Mercedes SLR car series. Find out more at http://www.watchesonnet.com on twitter @watchesonnet.
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Kim Kardashian Loves her Cartier Watches
Kim Kardashian loves her Cartier Watches. She was seen adding to her collection. Check out the full Cartier collection at www.watchesonnet.com.
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Charlize Theron and her Raymond Weil Collection
Charlize Theron enjoys luxury watches and frequently can be seen wearing one of her beautiful Raymond Weil watches. The beautiful actress was also once an official spokesperson for the brand. For more information, check out www.watchesonnet.com
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Breitling Bentley Luxury Watches
A Breitling Bentley Watch Collection brought to you by the infamous low price leader delivering quality, authentic, luxury watches for Men and women WatchesOnNet.Com
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Michele Watches: All That Todays Woman Represents
Michele watches are beautiful timepieces aimed at todays bold, chic, sexy woman. They feature intricate designs with interchangable bands to match any outfit. Check out the full line of Michele watches at www.watchesonnet.com.
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Julianne Moore for Bvlgari
Julianne Moore appears in BVLGARIs newest jewelry and watch advertising campaign. The ads will depict a lifestyle that BVLGARI calls Eccentric Charisma. For more information about Bvlgari watches and jewelry, check out http://www.watchesonnet.com.
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George Clooney Loves His Omega Watches
George Clooney never leaves the house without one of his amazing Omega watches. Check out all of Clooney's watches at www.watchesonnet.com/Omega.html
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Arnold Schwarzenegger sports Audemars Piguet
Governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has always been a big fan of Audemars Piguet watches. He can regularly be seen wearing one of his Royal Oak pieces. For more information check out www.watchesonnet.com.
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Nicole Kidman and her Omega Watches
Actress Nicole Kidman is an official brand ambassador for Omega. She recently helped launch a new ad campaign for various new Omega watches. For more information, check out www.watchesonnet.com.
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Michelle Obama likes Cartier Watches
First Lady Michele Obama can often be seen wearing her Cartier Steel Tank Francaise watch. Former first lady Jackie Kennedy also wore Cartier watches. For more information check out www.watchesonnet.com
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Gucci Watches Bring Style
The union of classic Italian beauty and sophisticated workmanship shine trhough in these high-end Gucci luxury watches.
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Beautiful Danica Patrick with her Tissot Watch collection
Tissot has teamed up with racecar driver Danica Patrick to help promote the new Tissot "T-Touch" collection. Check it out at www.watchesonet.com
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Tissot Watches Collection From Watches On Net
Beautiful Luxury Watches Display of Tissot Watches from Watches On Net. http://www.WatchesOnNet.Com Discount Watches
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Mary J. Blige and Gucci Partner On Charity Watch
Gucci teamed up with singer Mary J. Blige to create the limited-edition black PVD twirl watch to help benefit the Blige foundation. For more information about Gucci watches and other luxury watches, check out www.watchesonnet.com.
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Omega Watches Quality Collection
A fun look at the diverse selection of Omega Swiss watches available on www.watchesonnet.com
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Usher Loves his Cartier Watches
R&B star Usher loves to wear his Cartier Ballon Bleu luxury watches. For more information about Cartier, check out http://www.watchesonnet.com.
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Usher loves his Audemars Piguet watches
Singer/actor Usher loves to wear his Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watches. For more information about these amazing mens watches, check out www.watchesonnet.com.
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Amazing Omega Watches
A brief look at some of the most breath taking authentic Omega watches from WatchesOnNet.com
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Timeless Tissot Watches Part 1
Part of of the 2009 Tissot Watch Collection
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Jennifer Garner loves her Cartier Watches
Actress Jennifer Garner can often be seen sporting an amazing Cartier Watch. For more information about Cartier watches, check out http://www.watchesonnet.com.
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President Barack Obama and his Presidential Watches
President Barack Obama has a fine taste in watches and has a very nice collection. He frequently wears his Tag Heuer 1500 series or his special Secret Service watch given to him by his agents. For more information check out www.watchesonnet.com.
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Watches On Net Has All The Brands
Watches on Net has a vast selection of designer brand luxury watches. Every style, color, size, and model you could dream of, for men's and women's watches.
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Movado Watches For The Sporty, Elegant and Extreme
Movado Watches come in many different styles. There is a watch for every situation or setting. Learn all about Movado watches at www.watchesonnet.com.
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Tag Watch Sales Drop! NOT!
Tag Watch Sales Drop Consistently in the 1st quarter of 2009. Do you really buy that?
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Tag Heuer Timepiece Collection
Tag Heuer currently features a broad and vast collection of fashions from men's and women's watches.
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Movado, the heat is up!
Movado turns up the heat with these stylish new watch trends from 2009!
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Tag Heuer Watch Collection
A cool slide show with the new line of Tag Heuer watches on display.
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Breitling Watches- Remix!
Breitling watches on www.watchesonnet.com bring style and class to any luxury watch collection.
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Michelle Wie for Omega Watches
Michelle Wie is an official brand ambassador for Omega. She has appeared in ad campaigns for the Omega Speedmaster Automatic collections. For more information check out www.watchesonnet.com
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Cindy Crawford is the top Omega Watch Ambassador
Supermodel Cindy Crawford has been an official brand ambassador for Omega since 1995. She recently helped launch a new Omega ad campaign commemorating 10 years of the brands Co-axial technology. For more information, check out www.watchesonnet.com.
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Tag Heuer teams up with Maria Sharapova
Tennis Star and model Maria Sharapova shows off her beautiful Tag Heuer watches. Want to sport the same watch as Maria Sharapova? Check out www.watchesonnet.com/Tag-Heuer.html
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Omega Watches
James Bond wears Omega Watches
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