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1/4 新手如何配对天猫精灵
下载app 注册账户 添加音箱,这款是方糖 长安🎤键 自动配对成功 购买链接 http://bit.ly/tmallgenie
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360 Degree Setup Guide Xiaomi Xiao Fang Small Square CCTV IP Cam 1080P Tutorial
Whypaymoreonline 360 Degree View Xiaomi Xiao Fang Setup Guide IP Cam. Share with you how to group the camera and view panoramic. Device can be use in Malaysia, No issue on upgrade at the moment. Chinese Interface on iOS, English Interface on Android. Info update on 23rd Jan 2017 How to Setup / pair the cctv. Please refer here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOUqFfGAs0Q
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Xiaomi ZAJIA Automatic Water Tap
Xiaomi ZaJia Automatic water tap Charging time 3 hours Usage time 6 months Micro usb port.
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Xiaomi Xiao Fang CCTV Complete Setup Tutorial Guide Android Account Create  XiaoFang Share Device
How to Connect XiaoFang CCTV How to Create Mi Account How to Share CCTV With Another Mi Account/ Device
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2/4 如何设置天猫LED智能灯泡
天猫精灵app已经下载 打开灯泡电源 使用天猫精灵语音配对 "天猫精灵" "找队友" "是" 灯泡配对成功 如果失败,就得恢复原厂设置。参考影片2.00分钟开始。 如要回复原厂设置,开关电源 5次,第6次打开灯泡就会闪5次了 购买链接 http://bit.ly/tmallgenie
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How to downgrade & connect xiaomi xiaoyi yi cctv ip cam night. (Resolved: Can't use outside China)
This tutorial included- How to connect yi cctv. Camera saying that cannot be use outside china region. Downgrading cctv to solve the issue. 1)format your micro sd card to fat32 using pc. 2) download the frimware http://xiaoyi.querex.be/ 3) extract the rar file 4) drag the home file to the micro sd card. 5) follow the video tutorial.
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How to connect Mijia Car Dash Dvr Recorder with Android Mobile Phone
How to connect Mijia Car Dash Dvr Recorder with Android Mobile Phone
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4/4 智能插座+天猫精灵实现智能语音设备
有了天猫精灵和tuya账户 方糖绑定天猫账户了 插座绑定tuya账户了 现在我们要绑定tuya到天猫账户。 到天猫精灵app,添加
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BENKS iPhone 6s / 6s Plus Smart Touch Glass
Benks iPhone 6s , 6s plus Smart Glass Demo video. For more info, please refer the link below. http://bit.ly/benks-smartglass
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Xiaomi Fix dafang fail to scan QR code issue
Issue: DAFANG not able to scan QR code. Solution: re-flash the firmware. Step 1: put the .bin file into micro SD card. Step 2: press power button,( do not release) Step 3: plug in usb, (still pressing button) wait for 1 minute to flash and boot up. During flashing firmware,the led light is blue+orange Color. Once done flashing. It is yellow colour only. Step 4: press reset button 1 time and you will hear camera speaks. Pm us for custom firmware.
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Tutorial - How to install software for Gprinter 2120TF Barcode printer
1) download the installation software http://bit.ly/gprinter 2) extract the zip file and install refer to the video. Or Refer to official website user manual http://www.gainscha.cn/Files/download/GP-2120TF%20Driver%20Installation%20Manual.pdf How to install thermal paper into printer http://youtu.be/Yw-SBwWTE0Q
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How to install thermal paper into barcode printer Gp2120TF
How to install thermal paper to gp2120tf How to install printer software and setup label software https://youtu.be/9Z4ScI76AzE
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How to configure Mi Router 3 for Unifi and Maxis Home Fiber
Tutorial on how to configure Mi Router 3 for Unifi and Maxis Home Fiber. If you are Unifi Lite, some new area are using telephone line, which is not applicable on this router. This method is only for Fiber Optic which connect to your Unifi Modem. from unifi modem, connect a lan cable into Mi Router 3 WAN Port (blue color). Connect to the wifi (ASUS) Password :1234567890 Open browser: Username: admin Password: admin Then refer to video for the rest setup. Vlan Tagging for Unifi Internet : 500 Vlan Tagging for IPTV : 600 Vlan Tagging for Maxis Internet : 621 Vlan Tagging for IPTV : 823 Firmware credit to prometheus
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How to setup Xiaomi Dafang Ip Camera CCTV Dafang Setup Tutorial
This video show you how to setup xiaomi dafang ip camera. If you have issue on cannot scan qr code. you may refer to other video.
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How to setup Xiaomi Xiaofang Cctv via Wifi Direct tutorial
Xiaofang setup via wifi direct
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Xiaomi New User Register. How to Sign up Mijia Mi Account step by step guide
How to sign up xiaomi account for malaysia user. We use phone number to register new account. not facebook / wechat. New user account register choose malaysia. If you are buying imported xiaomi products, you may need to connect to china server. it is another step after new account creation.
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Whypaymoreonline How to connect Xiaomi yi cctv with your phone in Malaysia
Download Mi Home app at app store. Create account using Local Phone number. Not wechat login. Login server choose China Mainland. Choose Xiaoyi cctv. Insert your wifi password. Note: only support 2.4G wifi. Mi router have 5G, cannot connect with the device. Make sure phone is connect 2.4G wifi. Scan QR Wait 1 minute. Enjoy. DO NOT UPDATE FIRMWARE OF THE CAMERA!!
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Xiaomi Xiao Fang Small Square CCTV IP Cam 1080P Tutorial Setup Guide Yi Mi Hack
Whypaymoreonline Xiaomi Xiao Fang Setup Guide IP Cam Can be use in Malaysia, No issue on upgrade at the moment. English Interface on Android & iOS Info update on 3rd March 2017
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Testing on Original Xiao Yi bluetooth shutter with iphone 6 review
Testing on xiao yi bluetooth shutter on iphone 6. To purchase, please visit whypaymoreonline.com or contact +60123876858 or email to [email protected] Tags: original, xiaomi, xiaoyi, bluetooth, shutter, review, testing, iPhone, android
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Xiaomi Yi Sport Camera External LCD Screen Waterproof Case  External BacPac Battery
Xiaomi Yi Accessories Waterproof Housing Case+Expand Case Cover+LCD Screen Display+External BacPac Battery For Xiaomi yi Action Xiaomi yi waterproof housing case : Waterproof 60 m Xiaomi yi expand case cover : Fit for xiaomi yi LCD Screen Display / xiaomi yi External BacPac battery Xiaomi yi external bacpac battery : Input 5V 1000MA / Output 3.7V 2400MA Xiaomi yi LCD screen display : 1.5 TFT Xiaomi yi Adapter Kits : With this accessories you can mount your xiaomi yi camera with go pro accessories To Purchase : Go to http://bit.ly/yicamera-lcd
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Xiaomi Mijia Car DVR Dash Recorder Full HD Open Box Setup Tutorial
First look on Xiaomi latest DVR Mijia Car Dash Recorder Open box and Setup The interface on camera are chinese. Apps in Mi Home is Chinese as well. Hopefully they will have English interface on apps after update on software.
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3/4 如何设置智能插座 Smart Plug Setup Tutorial
How to setup smart plug. Download tuya app. Register account Turn on smart plug Press smart plug button for 5 seconds to pairing mode. Check the button led is flash rapidly. (Blink 2 times per second, not 3 seconds 1 time) Go to tuya app, press "+" choose plug, and continue. 选择这款插座原因是配合大马多数家里的插座(英规),生产给天猫的插座是中国式的插座,需要转换插头,不好用,也不好看。 购买链接 http://bit.ly/smartplugUK
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Xiaomi xiaofang 1080P cctv ip camera time lapse recording
Recorded via Xiaomi Xiaofang 1080P time lapse features.
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Kingdom KD802
via YouTube Capture
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Xiaomi Mijia 1080P IP Camera CCTV Fulll HD Openbox Setup Tutorial
Latest Mijia IP Camera Open Box and Setup tutorial Setup menu is in Chinese at this moment
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Yoobao Bluetooth Speaker YBL-202
1 Year Warranty from Whypaymoreonline.com 60 days 1 to 1 warranty. 1 years warranty from Yoobao. Please visit http://whypaymoreonline.com/store/Products/bluetooth-series/YBL-202-Bluetooth-Speaker for more details.
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Nut F3 Intelligent Hunt Paster
Nut F3 Smart Lose and found bluetooth device Credit Nutspace.com
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Fun with Xiaomi Mijia Smart Wifi Vacuum Robot Cleaner Mi Review in Next video
Preview of xiaomi mijia smart wifi robot vacuum cleaner Will post full review on next video, stay tune!
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[Sample] Endlish Voice Command Demo for 70mai Pro
This is china version flashed in to English. Voice command test, and it works like a charm. :)
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