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Spring Break! (Is there Ethical Labor Under Capitalism?)
Please excuse the constant squinting, I have mole-person eyes
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One of them detransitioned women
All the cool detransitioned people make vlogs about it. I am cool.
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The Value of Female Only Spaces
My phone cut me off before I could delve any further into the topic of Male Pattern Bullshit, so I took that as a sign to hold off on that one. Herein I discuss (briefly) the experiences I have in Female Only Spaces and what I like about them. Turns out the bike ride was listed on the wrong day, and is actually tomorrow. So I will try again then! Consider submitting me questions in comments of you have any. I would like to make these more, and I want to know what is is people are going to get out of me.
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What Detransitioned Women Want
A by no means exhaustive list of what it is detransitioned women I know actually want. I know quite a few, and I checked this list by people. Before making your hand-wringing article about how we should be handling the Detransitioners, please watch this and respond to the things we actually want, and not what you fear or assume we want. Thanks!
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You Can Do This
What ever it is I am up to, you also could achieve. Maybe even better. How I manage to keep chipper in a world that can be hard of people like us. I detransitioned a few years ago now and I need to use detransitioning in a sentence so the Algorithm will share my newer video because it looks like people are searching for the term and I think I have better videos than my first one by now.
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Join me in a trek through the winter wonderland that fell on my city this week.
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Being Asked​ About Pronouns
I wanted to discuss how I handle being asked about my gender when it is a pretty uncomfortable topic for me. If anyone else had advice or strategies for this, I would love to hear about it. We are all in this cess pit together.
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A Fresh Start in A New Place With Less Stuff
Please enjoy my first attempts at editing. Edit: Wow: Everything is incredibly fuzzy because I have no idea what I am doing. Sorry friends! That is what learning is for!
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I Regret Nothing!
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New Used Jacket
Life updates, fashion updates, weather updates.
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All The Books I Have Checked Out Of The Library Currently
I will edit this section to include a list of the books later. 4/2/2018 edit Here is the list (mostly in the order shown in the video): Suits me : the double life of Billy Tipton by Middlebrook, Diane Wood. The second sex by Beauvoir, Simone de, 1908-1986. Broken silence : voices of Japanese feminism [1997] The rise of women farmers and sustainable agriculture by Sachs, Carolyn E. The three-body problem by Liu, Cixin, author. If I recall correctly, all the graphic novels I have out were things i picked off this list here: www.npr.org/2017/07/12/533862948/lets-get-graphic-100-favorite-comics-and-graphic-novels The sleep of reason [2014] Sweet Tooth. 1, , Out of the deep woods by Lemire, Jeff. Walkaway : a novel by Doctorow, Cory, author. Speak : the graphic novel by Anderson, Laurie Halse, author. Life as we knew it by Pfeffer, Susan Beth, 1948- Become the Force : 9 lessons on how to live as a Jediist master by Jones, Daniel M., author. Mexifornia : a state of becoming by Hanson, Victor Davis. (I looked into it and this is kind of some racist trash that I do not suggest. I do not remember where I came across the title.) Debt : the first 5,000 years by Graeber, David Paid : tales of dongles, checks, and other money stuff [2017] But what if we're wrong? : thinking about the present as if it were the past by Klosterman, Chuck, 1972- author. Origins : a John Zerzan reader by Zerzan, John. Symmetry : a very short introduction by Stewart, Ian, 1945- author. From here to eternity : traveling the world to find the good death by Doughty, Caitlin, author. Comment with your own suggestions of titles to make my hold list from even more!
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What do you do when people ask about your pronouns?
Revisiting a topic from an older vlog. The audio and video fall really out of sync (AGAIN) and I found it a distracting, but I also really want to get this up soon. So just do not look at my face if it gets weird. Sorry, I am still figuring all this tech stuff out. Best of luck on the new year to all the other students out there! EDIT 9-25-2018 Considering the engagement this has gotten, I really wish I had taken the time to fix the audio problem. Oh well, you live and learn. I also added an end card because I finally found out how while I was clicking around procrastinating today. Nothing in the actual video has been changed.
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Answering Questions
This is a follow-up to my last video. Someone very kind left me a comment asking about how I deal with situations in my day to day life currently. Be warned, I swear a bit and you can hear soft yowling on the background of most of the video.
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Just What ARE I?
In which we address the question as old as time and space itself. Tipjar @ paypal.me/DylanFreack Where do you think my parents went wrong? Tell me about it in the comments.
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Finding a Job While GNC or Dysphoric or Whatever
Some tips and tricks and commiserating on acquiring employment while feeling like a big weirdo. Edit: 7/23/2017 Adding in some advice I have gotten from people based on this post. - Learn coding. It is needed and can be started online. - housecleaning--no co-workers, no client facing - butcher-pays well if you can stomach it, they will take almost anyone, high turnover - security guard--the bigger and badder the better - warehouse-no client-facing, but co-workers can be an issue - nursery-long as it's not in a super fancy area, plant weirdos tend not to care as much - parks and rec - janitorial-like housecleaning, no client or coworker contact - Local government labor of any sort. YOu often have to go through temp stuff to get in (in my town at least, this varies all over the place) but it can be solid. - Locksmish - Bus driving This is good advice for anyone, but try to find a skill that robots will not be able to do and master it now.
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The Funnest Thing I Might Never Do Again
Sorry for such a long wait between videos, I was busy with living and packing and traveling and partying and then immediately back to working. I learned a lot about editing though. Next, maybe I will learn something about scripts. Happy Belated Holidays to you and yours. I hope you come into 2018 kicking and hollering, because that is my plan
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The Internet Left Needs To Learn To Talk To People With Jobs
Wherein I make some points about how online anti-capitalist spaces can take better steps to communicating our ideals to the Working Class.
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Being Okay
April is over. 2018 is one third gone. Good riddance.
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A Completely Pointless Airing Of Opinions
A meandering look into why someone would end up like me
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Still Alive
Trying to find a place on short notice and awkward as hell: this tired husk just will not give up.
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Every Book I Currently Have Checked Out 2019
All the books I have out of the library right now, with some commentary. Anything on here came with high recommendations: and so is worth looking into if you see one of your favorite subjects. Share your own reviews in the comments! Full list will be posted in a pinned comment later.
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Check Out The New Bike
This is why I never bother with editing. In good news, I got a new bike that I named Misty because it is blue and green and I love naming things. Also I wanted to answer a question about what the process was like mentally going from identifying as male to being an angry swamp hag (it was nicer than that. So nice.) Cats feature heavily, and the video is too long by far. Enjoy!
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Top 2 Resolutions for 2019!
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Freack's Birthday Bonanza
Edit in link to Bleachers song here. June update since it had been a while!
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How to Help Your Depressed Friends
Heck if I know. I think the audio might fall out of sync towards the end, sorry about that it is does.
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Part One Update
I hardly feel like a human the past couple of days.
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3 AM Vlog from a New Location feat. Baby
It took less time than I thought, and now here we are. Thank goodness for Space Internet, because I will need to get a router in order to have WiFi and I am too young to be living without my solid internet connection. The residents of the other rooms should be trickling in this week. So that will be exciting.
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House Plant Review Two
I introduce new plants and provide updates on long time friends. Guitar in the background provided by my roommate in the next room. The role of Shiva is played by Shiva. paypal.me/DylanFreack to support nice things for my plants
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Live from a Parking Lot
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Birthday Bench
Would you believe that some jackass stole my favorite shirt off my bike on this night? I picked up 0 babes, but I made at least three bar friends this night. Much better. Happy rest of 2019. May it not just be a holding pattern for 2020. Get something prepped.
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Where I Have Been and Will Be
Check out my cry for help if a haircut. I did it myself and will be making a tutorial when enough (too much) grows back. https://paypal.me/DylanFreack
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Moving Again!
The lease is up! I have accomplished more since my last video than I did this whole summer before, and I tell a bit about it. The next update will probably be in a whole new location. Not that this changes a lot for viewers at home, but it is what is on my mind
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House Plant Review
I filmed one of these in clips months ago, but have not had time to edit them together. So here is a vlog version of my review of all my plants. Advice welcome on the concerns I mentioned!
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All Hallow's Eve Eve
Hello New Subscribers. This incredibly crunchy update is a good example of what to expect around here.
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Connecticut Trip Report
Here is what I could edit together from the trip to see family in New England. It is my first real video with titles and editing in a while and I had a lot of fun with it. I was too busy taking photos to take much video, and too busy seeing family to take many photos. It was not until I was home that I realized I had not taken any pictures with my sister on the one occasion I saw her after like four years. Oh well, I guess I just have to go back soon. www.instagram.com/freackcianci for some sweet pictures of fungi and turkeys www.paypal.me/DylanFreack ^ My lease will be totally up on September 4th and I do not have another place secured yet. Tbh, I did not put nearly enough effort into it while I was busy being really depressed. There will be down payments in my future that I am not prepared for.
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Late Night Jams (Real Fans Only)
My public library has a piano sitting outside on the street for anyone to play. I sat and hit some keys on a really bad day. It is not good!, by any means. Someone asked to use the piano at the end of this and they played so beautifully. Just a thrumming sound that brought the concrete and metal alive on a hot summer night. This recording I intend to use as a background track after some work on it in a future video. Something with sections or pays or whatever. I am still alive. That is all I can give you.
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Solar Eclipse 2k17
The eclipse was cool. Outside of being broke as a joke, life had been okay.
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Click here to finish the vlog! Part 2!
I broke up the vlog into two pieces by hitting the button wrong. I either needed to wait to upload this later or just do it in two videos. This has ended up being more work than I thought. I am making it! Google picked a really intense thumbnail, and it had other options visible but I can not update it, so enjoy the terror eyes.
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Shaving Completely Bald Tutorial for Women
Ever wondered how to shave all your hair off? Here is a step by step guide to throwing off the shackles of patriarchal Brushing-Your-Hair Routines! Support me by donating to anarchists feeding the homeless in your metropolitan area!
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Why Everything So Sticky?!
Since this is four minutes long I am going to just post it. Listen to the chorus of insects in the background! Mushroom photos also available on my Instagram if you can not wait for the full trip video I might or might not make
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Think of this like a Midquel
Excuses for the new followers
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May Update
Some content for yah.
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But how do you IDENTIFY?
Addressing my third most received question after "What are you?" and "What are your soups today?" If you want more videos like this, here is a link to click on: paypal.me/DylanFreack. Will it lead to more videos? Maybe. In the long run. No promises though.
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I Had a Day Yesterday
An engaging story about buying pants.
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