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Finnish Candy Package part 1
I have 3 best friends living in Finland, and they love me enough to send me candy. They also love to watch me squirm. So, here's an hour long event of me opening and tasting Finnish Candy. Sorry if anything offends you ;)
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Finnish Candy Package part 4
This took way longer than it should have!
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Finnish Candy Package part 3
Views: 241 DizzyChan Morgan
The end!
Thanks y'all!
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Christmas Lapdance Workshop
Choreo by the wonderful Suzie Song: All I Want For Christmas (Chase Holfelder cover)
Views: 90 DizzyChan Morgan
Successful Pole
Big Dip, Back Hook, Back Arch, Stand. Left and right hands.
Views: 16 DizzyChan Morgan
Family Christmas
I had to share the Christmas bacon. Please disregard the horrible lighting ^^
Views: 8 DizzyChan Morgan
Our Toronto Hotel
We're in Toronto seeing a concert! This is our room! Woo!
Views: 11 DizzyChan Morgan
Another chair
Not crazy about this one... Choreo by the wonderful Ms. Kelly of Studio Chic.
Views: 6 DizzyChan Morgan
Finnish Candy Package part 2
It takes a while to go through when you gotta taste everything.
Views: 303 DizzyChan Morgan
Kissa's First Workshop
Song: Fetish Choreo: Christie Location: Studio Chic
Views: 19 DizzyChan Morgan
Toronto trip day 2
A summary of our evening and what we've done today ^^ Created by VideoShow
Views: 21 DizzyChan Morgan

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