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Bilateral Above Knee Amputee Socket System
I explain my double wall vacuum socket system and why I like it.
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Bilateral AK Amputee Explains Knee Disarticulation Amputation
My layman's explanation of a knee disarticulation amputation and the benefits/disadvantages.
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Ottobock Cockpit App Walk-thru by a Bilateral Above Knee Amputee
I wear a pair of the C-leg 4 by Ottobock, not the 3 as I mistakenly mentioned in the video. I go through the basics of this easy-to-use app.
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Bilateral Amputee Trick for Dealing with Phantom Pain
I describe my trick for keeping phantom pain away.
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Traveling as a Bilateral Above Knee Amputee
Some quick tips.
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Introduction to My Life as a Bilateral Above the Knee Amputee
A quick intro to what I hope to accomplish with this channel and my life as a double amputee.
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Bilateral Above Knee Amputee's Kinterra Foot/Feet Review
I review the Kinterra feet by Freedom Innovations and why it works great for me as a bilateral above knee amputee.
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Bilateral Above Knee Amputee Walking at the OC Fair
I walked around the fair for about 4 hours. I felt my walking was a little jerky so I went to see my prosthetist for an adjustment. I'm using a pair of C-leg 4's and Freedom Innovations Kinterra Feet.
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Bilateral Above Knee Amputee - Issues
I talk about some issues I occasionally face as a bilateral AKA.
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Bilateral Above Knee Amputee Walking into Home Depot on Guam
Trying out my new Total Knees from Ossur donated to me by Progressive Prosthetics in Tulsa, OK.
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To Go Hook Testimonial from Irvine Mom
Testimonial from a busy soccer mom on how the To Go Hook keeps her stuff in place.
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Using the To Go Hook with a higher opening glovebox
www.togohook.com, $10.99 for 2
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Bilateral Amputee's Thoughts on Life
What's the biggest lesson I learned when I lost my legs? (Besides, the fact that I'm not invincible.)
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Bilateral Above Knee Amputee Walking Around the Yard in C-legs
After returning to Guam from Orlando, Florida in April 2013, I continued to practice with my C-legs.
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How to use the To Go Hook
Quick vid of how to place the To Go Hook in your vehicle's glovebox. Super easy and no modifications needed to your car/truck!
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Bilateral Above Knee Amputee's 1st walk (Oct 6, 2012)
Walking on my new legs kindly given to me by Progressive O&P in Tulsa. Michael of Progressive reached out to me while I was still in Guam. I am extremely thankful to God and Progressive.
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How to Select a Prosthetist, Prosthetic Clinic
I talk with my prosthetist at Southern California Prosthetics (https://scprosthetics.com) about choosing a place that keeps you going.
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Jr. Varsity [Clothing] Commercial
Quick commercial for JV Clothing. Made in California from imported Japanese fabrics. Clothing for the shorter, slimmer guy.
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