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Letterman w/ Bill Hader 10/02/2008
I just like the Arnold impression, AND, I'm still testing the new widescreen.
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Dave Chappelle : Stand Up In London
Dave Chappelle finally pops up - in London of all places, very funny.
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Bruce Lee : Like Water
Apparently to be Bruce Lee, you need to be like water - which is humanly impossible. I can only assume he was omnipotent. ==================================== I was joking, to everyone replying thinking I was making FUN of Bruce Lee or taking him word for word needs to relax, I love Bruce. In a simple way of explaining what I meant, the joke was a play on the saying "Be Like Water" being literal, that if he could literally be like water, something impossible, he must be omnipotent. I was trying to say no one but him could, etc. I wasn't implying anything else. I was actually complimenting his abilities by exaggerating what I thought of them. I mean look at the tags.. Bruce Lee, Water God. I wasn't being sarcastic, I was being serious.
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Street Fighter Alpha : Akuma & Ryu
This is the part when Ryu goes to meet Akuma, my favorite.
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Finding Nemo : Amnemonemomne
I can say my home much better.
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