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Rising Storm 2  Vietnam: Talvisota Mod Test
Talvisota is a great mod coming out. Great fun. Song: White Death by Sabaton, happened to be on my Spotify playlist while this was happening. The songs about Simo Hayha, a Finnish sniper during the Winter War. I didn't plan that, it was coincidence. But I wont complain. Adds to the experience.
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Seth's Kitchen Blues
Classic Seth fam, started all of this with the national anthem
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Irma - Flood
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1000 lbs leg press
21 45 lb plates + 80 on top And whatever the machine weighs Didn't unlock it but still man
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Irma - Explosions
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The worst lat pulldown ever
Like wtf That's not even that heavy, maybe ~150 pounds because its half the machine This is how you hurt yourself and break shit
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The Dino Dude Saga, Part II
I wish this was higher quality, but receiving messages on my phone doesn't end well.
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