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Indirect File Loading And Dynamic File Creation Using Transaction Control Transformation
This video will help to understand, how to read different files [having same structure] using only one source qualifier with the help of Indirect File Loading method. Also, it will help to understand, how to create files dynamically with the help of Transaction Control Transformation.
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Informatica : Lookup Tranformation - PassAllMatchingRows
Lookup as Active transformation with feature as "Pass All Matching Rows"
Views: 11631 Mandar Gogate
SSIS : Script Component
How to use Script Component in SSIS; which mostly similar to Java Transformation in Informatica.
Views: 9363 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Using PMCMD To Run Informatica Workflow.avi
How to run informatica workflow using pmcmd command from command line. Please view this video in full screen mode for better clearity.
Views: 37218 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Session dependencies using Workflet
How to setup dependencies between different loads using Informatica Worklet.
Views: 4632 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Mapping and Workflow Variable Value Assignments
1, How to assign value to a mapping variable 2. how to pass value of one mapping variable in one session to another mapping variable in separate session
Views: 65661 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : XML Generator Tranformation
How to create xml files as an output using XML Generator Tranformation in Informatica.
Views: 25014 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Static Lookup Persistent Cache Files
Informatica Static Lookup Tranformation With Enabling Persistent Cache Option
Views: 16706 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Event Wait Tasks - File Watcher
How to use pre-defined event wait task as a file watcher ?
Views: 10018 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Static Look Cache Sharing - Un-Named and Named Cache
How Informatica Integration Service shares static lookup cache in same / different mappings in same / different target load order group?
Views: 4931 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Interview Question [Scenario Based]
How to transform source files to required format in output file using Indirect Loading and Java Transformation
Views: 14372 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Using Oracle External Loader Utility In Informatica for Relational Target Loading
Informatica External Loader utility as Oracle Target.. Please view this video in full screen mode
Views: 7341 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Remove Duplicate Records
Scenario Based Interview Question -- How can you remove duplicate records while inserting into target table?
Views: 24605 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Deleting And Retrieving Objects.avi
Deleting N number of informatica objects and Retriving those again using informatica repository manager.
Views: 5505 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Partitioning Basic Example - Part 1
Basic Example of Partitioning In Informatica
Views: 56187 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Minus Operation On Flat Files.avi
How to perform Minus Operation on flat file using informatica
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Informatica : Indirect File Load With Different File Structure
Loading more than once file having different structure to one target using only one source qualifier. We will define these source file structure in Field_Mapping table and call this Field_Mapping table using un-connected lookup to determine currently processed file's structure.
Views: 44407 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : XML Source.avi
Working with XML as a source and loading a data into relational target. Please find the xml file at http://gogates.blogspot.in/2013/04/informatica-xml-source-file.html
Views: 37228 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : OracleSequenceGenerator
How to use Oracle Sequence in Informatica mapping instead of using Informatica Sequence Generator Tranformation.
Views: 3949 Mandar Gogate
Union Tranformation
Union Transformation of Informatica to achieve Union and Union All results of SQL Query
Views: 3046 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Backup And Restoring Repository Contents
How will you copy the content of one Infra repository to another Infra repository? How can you take a backup and Restore it ?
Views: 7352 Mandar Gogate
Stored Procedure Call From SQ Transformation
Why to call Stored Proc from SQ Transformation instead of Stored Procedure Transformation In Informatica
Views: 2009 Mandar Gogate
Informatca : Parameter File Creation using Infra Mapping (Part 1)
How to create a Parameter File Dynamically using Informatica Mapping and Metadata Entries.
Views: 4841 Mandar Gogate
Informatica Installation On Linux - Part5 (Connecting Client to Server)
Connecting Informatica Windows Client to Informatica 9.5.1 Server installed on Linux Machine
Views: 4394 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Sql And Stored Procedure Transformations [Part-1]
How to use SQL and Stored Procedure transformation for dumping data from Oracle to Teradata database
Views: 7431 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Executing Session Conditionally Based On Workflow Variable.avi
Scenario Based Interview Question -- There is a workflow having 3 sessions in sequence. A--B--C. We want session C to run only on 12 successful completions of session B. How would you do that?
Views: 31054 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Oracle To Teradata Using ParameterFile
Inserting data from Oracle table to Teradata table wherein at Source Qualifier we pass the SQL Query value using Mapping Parameter and Source and Target connection values from Session Parameter..
Views: 8078 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Incremental Aggregation
Incremental Aggregation Implementation At Informatica
Views: 9383 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : XML View Creation
How and When to create an Informatica XML View while importing an XML source file. Please find the xml source file at -- http://gogates.blogspot.in/2013/04/informatica-xml-source-file.html
Views: 6021 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : XML Parser Tranformation
How to parse xml records using XML Parser tranformation?
Views: 19701 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : SQL Tranformation
Updating records at relational target using Dynamic Update query at SQL Tranformation in informatica
Views: 40959 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Clob Data Type To Blob Data Type Conversion using Java Tranformation
Converting Character Large Object of Source to Binary Large Object of Target using Informatica Java Transformation. For more information please check http://gogates.blogspot.in/2013/09/transfering-clob-data-to-blob-using.html
Views: 5680 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Migrating Informatica Objects From Command Line.avi
Migrate objects from command line interface.. using pmrep deploydeploymentgroup command.
Views: 4773 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Update Records Without Update Strategy
How to update records without using update strategy tranformation. Its a typical interview question, and we will be doing that by changing the source and target properties at session level
Views: 28716 Mandar Gogate
Creating Universe In Business Objects - 4
Universe Creation Using Business Objects - 4
Views: 28517 Mandar Gogate
Pre Post Attribute Execution At Source and Target of Informatica
Intention of this video to find out in which order queries written in Pre and Post SQL attributes of Informatica Source and Target will be executed
Views: 1928 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Session Logs
1. What is a informatica session log directory absolute path? how will you find and change that? 2. How will you archive session logs? and why is a need for that? 3. How will you create a session log which is readable?
Views: 7643 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Import Excel Data At Informatica
Inserting data defined in 2 separate tabs at Excel into Relational Target using informatica. Use ODBC connection at informatica to import Excel as a source
Views: 24566 Mandar Gogate
Informatica Static Lookup OverRide
How informatica will generate Lookup over-ride by default and what things we have to do in-order to add our own lookup over-ride
Views: 6846 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Dividing Records In Two Half
Scenario Based Interview Question -- How can you divide source records in such a way that, first half of records will get loaded in one target and another half of records in second target?
Views: 16647 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Partitioning Lookup Transformation using Partial Pipeline
How to configure session for Partitioned Lookup Transformation with Partial Pipeline?
Views: 4807 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Single Thread And Multi Thread Pass Through Partitioning For Flat File Source
How and When to configure a session for Single or Multiple Thread Pass Through Partitioning having Flat File as a Source? Use of Aggregator transformation in this video with Pass Through partitioning is just to show the Single & Multiple Thread Partitioning implementation.
Views: 5614 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Deployment Group.avi
Deploying objects using static deployment group in informatica.
Views: 24473 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : UserDefined Functions
How to create Private and Public User Defined Functions in Informatica
Views: 1662 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Backup And Restoring Domain
How to move informatica Domain from one schema [or database] to different schema [database]? How to take backup / restore of Informatica Domain?
Views: 5344 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Associating Session To Different Mapping
How to point a particular session to a different mapping?
Views: 849 Mandar Gogate
FTP Commands To Transfer Files
Transferring the files using ftp command..with option -i, -n and get, mget, put, mput.
Views: 124635 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Adding Header Footer to Flat File Target
How to add Header & Footer to a Flat File Target of Informatica
Views: 15786 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Read PDF Using Infromatica
How to read PDF document using informatica using java transformation?
Views: 1466 Mandar Gogate
Informatica : Mapping Variable Assignment And OutPut Port
When you are doing Variable Assignment using output port in a mapping, you have to connect the output port to next available port; since then only your assignment expression gets executed. If you don't do that, your variable assignment fails.
Views: 6003 Mandar Gogate

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