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Siamese Cat wanting some attention
Luna my SO's cat wanting some attention.
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Weiner Dog Race
Weiner Dog Race at Emerald Downs. August 15, 2008
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Otter pups being cute.
After some other people left they came over to where we were, rolled around and fell asleep.
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Cat catches bat.
I bought a batman laser light. I wanted to test the night vision on my new camera. At least this third bat he caught was harmless.
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A Red Panda eating an apple.
Red Panda enjoying apples at Woodland Park Zoo.
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Tabby cat shortly after adoption.
Louis, my cat back in 2009 four hours after I adopted him. Proof that animals from shelters are not broken. Unfortunately during the economy crash of the late 2000's his previous owner had to surrender him. They could no longer afford housing, much less afford a pet. I have the comments from the previous owner said about him and why they were giving him up. He has been with me since and has filled out quite a bit since this video.
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Mellow tabby cat.
Been a few years since I adopted Louis. I wanted a mellow cat and he certainly lived up to that. Music from Youtube's audio library. Believer by Silent Partner
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My three rats. Eclipse, Shu and then Rogue Jasmine. Rogue has found a way to have a bed with a blanket. This is her second bed and not getting another once this one is torn to shreds.
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Deer steals cat food
I was in the petting zoo and had forgotten the sample of cat food in my back pocket. It wasn't long before a deer pick pocketed me.
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Kitten watching Chef Ramsey.
Chef Ramsey's tiniest fan ever.
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Cat tries a surprise attack.
My SO's cat trying to get a surprise attack in.
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Cat chases and eats laser.
Louis thinks he can eat lasers. He will bite it, lick his lips and swallow. In the last video segment. I was trying to take photographs of him, but the light was reflecting off my camera and he was too busy chasing it.
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Disco Kitty
I picked up this scepter from the Torch Light Parade. Louis likes to chase the lights. Laser pointer, light reflections, just about anything that casts light. This is the second time that night, so I think he was a bit burnt out. Trying to manually focus in the dark with a moving object was a challenge. Music Lines by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena
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Siamese cat enjoying her birthday present
Sorry that the video is on it's side, it was before I put on the auto-balance adjustment. Luna never really jumped at anything before, but she really loves this toy. The highest she's jumped is from the futon to the height of the curtain rod. I think that's around 5' or 5'2". Before she wouldn't play anything that made noise or wasn't green. Such a weird cat.
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My SO and I leaving Leavenworth, Washington.
Leavenworth is a Bavarian village in Central Washington. The fires had let up and I had been wanting to go for a few years. We finally made it out there and had a good time. The biggest surprise was the Aussie store in the village. I think we overshot our exit, so we turned back around. I wouldn't mind visiting in the winter, but would not like to try the drive.
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Siamese cat vs. massager
My SO's cat is so curious. Filmed in 2008? Update: Tried again to get her to play with it. She lightly pawed at it and then walked away.
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Cat vs. shadow dog
Louis is very interested in shadows. My SO is hard to hear, since he's whispering. He's saying "Hey, it's a doggy. Arf. Arf."
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Louis playing
Louis loves his JG ground toy. Testing my new GoPro out with the GP app on my tablet. 1080p at 24 fps
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On the right way from Leavenworth, Washington
Through the remains of the fires that plagued the area.
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Tiger Chuff
I told my SO how to "chuff". Chuffing at tigers was done many times at Cat Tales in Mead, Washington.
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My original rat pack.
Filmed in 2008? The first few rats I had that shortly became five. They're in a temporary cage here, while I cleaned the large one. I gave them organic dog biscuits as a treat. Eclipse (all black), Shu (black and white), Niiku (beige), Kayleigh (blue) and Amy (the patchwork hairless).
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