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In a pikle - Marina and the Diamonds Pop Diva Essentials on Off the Rails
http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/dill-in-a-pikle-paisley-with-starter-pack/piklepaisleypd.html In a Pikle is one Marina and the Diamonds' Pop Diva Essential Elements as seen on Off the Rails. She loves it as it has everything you need including stain remover, dental floss, mini screwdrivers and much more! Visit us on www.SecretFashionFixes.ie
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Hollywood Fashion Tape - How to use Fashion Tape - How to use Dual sided tape
http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/hollywood-fashion-tape/hw%20tpe%20tinpd.html..... Hollywood Fashion Tape® is a double-stick apparel and body tape. It is gentle on skin, hypoallergenic and leaves no residue on fabrics.
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Canopi - Armed With Confidence - Arm sleeves - How to cover your arms
http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/canopi-c100-micromesh-/canopiblkpd.html For every woman who wants to cover her arms, Canopi is a simple, seamless, elegant solution to enable her to wear that sleeveless dress. Canopi is trusted to cover the arms and banish those unsightly bingo wings.
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Bye Bra Perfect Cleavage Tape Size A-F
Bye Bra redefines the use of adhesive breast lift for wearing deep V neck clothes and cross strap clothes through an innovative, patent-pending tape: the Perfect Cleavage tape.
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Bye Bra Instruction Video
How best to apply Bye Bra Adhesive Breast Lift Tape.
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Slingbackers Instructional Video
Slingbackers™ is a new, revolutionary, patent pending shoe accessory that creates a barrier to keep clothing hems from getting wedged between a woman's heel and slingback shoes.
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Teeze w/eez - Back combing Tease comb - Hair Styling Comb
Teeze W/eez professional teasing comb will allow you to backcomb in one fourth of the time and also give you a smooth finish to comb back through. Its ergonomic designed handle reduces hand and wrist fatigue. One stroke is like multiple strokes due to the multiple anti-static stainless steel pin design. Buy on http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/teeze-weez-teaseback-combing-comb/teezecombpd.html
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Hollywood Fashion Tape- How to use Fashion Tape
http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/hollywood-fashion-tape/hw%20tpe%20tinpd.html Easy-to-use, clear double-stick apparel and body tape! The 3M adhesive makes our tape the absolute best product available... gentle on skin, hypoallergenic and leaves no residue on fabrics. It's also more discreet and fabric-friendly than pesky safety pins. Ideal for everyday and special occasion styles
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French Tip Dip French Manicure and Pedicure Tool - Top Tips and Tricks
It's an easy, affordable, do-it-yourself French Manicure tool. The French Tip Dip tool has multiple sized tips for quick & easy French manicures
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Wedding Shoes Makeover Kit how to use - Rosso Solini
http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/wedding-sole-makeover-kit/rossolwedpd.html Add a bit of magic to your Bridal Shoes with a touch of Blue with this Wedding Sole Makeover Kit. They include "I Love You" and "I Do" stickers. This video shows you how easy to apply! www.SecretFashionFixes.ie
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In A Pikle - Compact Organiser for all Bag Essentials - www.SecretFashionFixes.ie
http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/dill-in-a-pikle-stripes-with-starter-pack/piklestripespd.html This compact purse organiser is the perfect way to be prepared for any situation and deal with any daily challenges life throws at us. Amongst taking care of a broken nail, a nose bleed, missing buttons or stains on your top, In a Pikle Dill bags can successfully get you out of most tricky situations.
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PopSockets  - the new must have phone accessory
Add a single PopSocket, or a pair of PopSockets, to the back of almost any mobile device to transform its capabilities. PopSockets "pop" whenever you need a grip, a stand, an earbud-management system, or just something to play with. PopSockets not only make terrific phone grips and phone stands, they also make holding tablets and e-readers more comfortable and secure.
Rosemary McCabe, Fashion Journalist talks about our Fashion Fixes on XPOSE.
Rosemary McCabe, Fashion Journalist talks about our Fashion Fixes to solve the dreaded gaping shirt on XPOSE.
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Bridesmaid Fashion Emergency Kit - Brides Survival Kit - Secret Fashion Fixes
http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/bridesmaid-fashion-emergency-kit/bridesmaidkitpd.html This Bridesmaid Fashion Emergency Kit is an essential Wedding Day survival kit that contains 15 essential items that will assist any bridesmaid in making sure that everything goes according to plan for the beautiful bride!
LOX Mega-grip Earring Backs - How to never lose and earring again!
http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/lox-mega-grip-earring-backs/loxpd.html Never loose an earring again with LOX mega-grip earring backs. Simple to use and hypoallergenic - make losing an earring a thing of the past!
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Hollywood Fashion Tape - How to use Fashion Tape
http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/hollywood-fashion-tape/hw%20tpe%20tinpd.html Check out some of the many uses of Hollywood Fashion Tape. This is an essential weapon to prevent a fashion mishap!
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How to avoid Heels Sinking in Grass with Starlettos High Heel Protectors
http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/starlettos/strlettopd.html Starlettos prevent your stiletto heels from sinking in the grass, but they do SO much more... Be the STAR (that you are) with Starlettos! Starlettos are confidence from the ground up. They are fast becoming the most widely-used heel protectors in the world for the simple reason that ladies want the most attractive fashion accessory for their stylish heels at high-fashion outdoor events. Must have shoe accessory for bridal parties.
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Flawless Foundation by Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Tutorial
It's a 3-in-1 multi-functional makeup sponge by Real Techniques. Its versatile design evenly blends makeup for a smooth, enhanced finish.
http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/ Secret Fashion Fixes Featured on XPOSE
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ElevEase   The Shower Step
ElevEase is the latest revolution in leg elevation in the shower. An easy to install Shower Step, ElevEase reduces awkward bending and stretching in the shower while leg-shaving, tanning and exfoliating etc. ElevEase-The Shower Step easily fits into the corner of any shower unit at knee height. ElevEase also has a built in space to fit most razor sizes.
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Foldable Wellington Rain Boots - Redfoot Foldable Wellingtons - Wellingtons
http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/folding-wellington-boot--patent-red-/rf%20wellpd.html Whether you're commuting to work or dancing to a band in a soggy field, this Shiny Red Folding Welly will ensure you stand out from the crowd!
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Purse Organiser can relieve back pain! Pouchee Hand-Bag Organiser Featured on The Doctors.mp4
http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/pouchee-cotton-pink/pou-cotton%20pinkpd.html Does your Hand Bag weigh a tonne? This can cause back pain. Check out this Video from The Doctors ( on TV 3) who recommend the Pouchee Hand Bag Organiser as a way to better organise the content of your bag,
Denim Hem Tape - Tape for Jeans - Shorter Jeans
http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/hem-tape-for-denim/b6%20hem%20tpepd.html The first durable double stick tape specially created for denim to alter the length of Jeans in a flash! No sew, quick option to go from Heels to Flats without the fuzz.
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The BootyWrap - Sportswear - Slimming Sportswear
http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/booty-wrap/bw-blkpd.html The BootyWrap is simply a flat, bulkless garment with sleeves and pockets. Finally you store your stash, cover your bum and remain hands free! You'll love the BootyWrap -- the smartest sleeves around.
Strappy Strips Thin Strips
These ingenious little peel-and-stick strips are cushioned to provide comfort and grip in even the most barely-there shoes. Help prevent straps from cutting into your beautiful feet! These thin strips add comfort to your favourite shoes and slingbacks & can be cut to fit all your thin shoe straps. Tired of having to pull up the straps of your sling backs? Pull no more, because Foot Petals Strappy Strips are the answer. Looks may be deceiving, but don't be fooled by the size of these strappy strips -- they work miracles! Virtually invisible in all of your shoes, they are great to use on straps of thongs to prevent blisters and ugly red marks on your feet and heels. Pack includes 8 thin strips.
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Hot Iron Holster
The Hot Iron Holster is a heat resistant, silicone pocket that holds curling irons, flat irons, hair straighteners or hair dryers.
Bra Barrette - Keep your straps in place fashionably!
http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/bra-barrette--black-charmed/bra%20bar-blkpd.html Bra Barrette the stylish and fashionable way to prevent Bra straps falling down. As simple as one, two, ready to go!
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NeckTite Magic Application Video
Smooths away lines, folds, sagging skin, and wrinkles. One simple application of NeckTITE Magic gives you a youthful, restored, firm neck and jawline “INSTANTLY”. No Creams – No Surgery – No Injections
Adjust a Button - How to Get Rid of Muffin Top in Seconds - Expand Waistband on Jeans
http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/adjust-a-button/b6%20buttonpd.html Adjust-A-Button is a movable pin-like button adjusts waistbands up to 1½" instantly, so it's easy to extend waistbands that pinch or tighten to close the waist gap. They are made of a sturdy metal material that mimics the look of the original jeans button and its flat back clasp won't poke or pinch. The original metal Adjust-A-Button is reusable for years to come!
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Hollywood Garment Shields - Hollywood Fashion Secrets - How to prevent sweat stains
http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/hollywood-garment-shields--white-pretty-underarm-protection/hw%20gar%20shldspd.html 100% cotton discs adhere to the inside of clothing, preventing embarrassing wet marks and yellow sweat stains and protecting your clothes.
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Zipper Pull Extension - For opening & closing all dress zippers
Have you ever struggled to zip up your own dress? Have you ever been asked by your mother, girlfriend, sister, daughter or even a complete stranger to help zip up their dress? What would they do if you weren’t there to help? Now there is a solution: Zipper Pull. Zipper Pull can also be worn as a chain and bracelet
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Connoisseurs Jewellery Cleaning Gold Polish Cloth
These 2 ply large polishing cloths are the most effective on the market and best value for money. Formula will restore lustre, remove and control tarnish.
Fix A Bra, Fix a protruding underwire bra in seconds!
Introducing Fix A Bra, the easiest and fastest way to Fix a Bra with a protruding underwire. It works and best of all it lasts. Our soft pre-cut moleskin and extra strong adhesive makes for a quick fix. No scissors, thread, needle or glue needed. The Fix A Bra will save you tons of money and your favorite bra. Buy Now and fix all your bras. (leave on bras and wash on gentle cycle, air dry)
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Boot Stay adhesive sag preventer
Find them online here http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/p/boot-stay-adhesive-sag-preventer/sts%20boot
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Hollywood Silicone Cover Ups - How To use Silicone cover ups
http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/hollywood-silicone-coverups-/hw%20sil%20co%20upspd.html Hollywood Silicone CoverUps™ self-adhesive, hypo-allergenic, comfortable nipple concealers. The contour shape boasts a perfectly engineered tapered edge to give you that ultra-smooth appearance
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PhoneFetcher™ - Find your phone - Avoid loosing your phone
http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/-phonefetcher-in-handbag-gift-box--black/phone%20fet%20blkpd.html With the Phone Fetcher, you will never miss a call or lose your mobile phone in your Handbag again! This is the new practical fashion accessory!
Pintwist Worlds Largest Hair Pin
Introducing the Pintwist, this revolutionary larger than life bobby pin will change the way you style your hair up forever! This super-sized pin holds hair in perfect place every time with just 1 pin. The Pintwist is contoured to lay with the natural shape of heads so it takes the place of many small ones that are straight and tend to slip out.
Helmies Nail Helmets
Helmies are soft and lightweight and fit over your nails when you are touch dry, allowing them to get on with your day. Due to the open back design, you still have sensory touch whilst wearing them, which means you can get on with doing things like using your smart phone and laptop. http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/helmies-nail-helmets/helmiespd.html
Hollwood Silicone Breast Enhancers - Hollywood Fashion Secrets - How to get bigger breasts
http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/hollywood-silicone-breast-enhancers/hw%20sil%20brst%20enhpd.html These super-soft Silicone Breast Enhancers slip easily into your bra or swimsuit, giving a new meaning to the term "Supersize me!" These beauties add a full cup size to your already invaluable landscape.
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PODillow's unique patented design allows you to tan or get a massage in any position you desire
Finally, the perfect sun tanning pillow and massage pillow. PODillow's unique patent pending design allows you to tan or get a massage in any position you desire, and be totally comfortable. Whether you're laying facedown, on your side, or flat on your back, PODillow allows you to tan in complete comfort. As if that wasn't enough, PODillow also has two internal pockets to hold and protect your MP-3 player, mobile phone, car keys or any other personal items you want to keep safe. While using your PODillow you can listen to your tunes wearing both earphones in total comfort, no matter what tanning position you choose.
Why you need Hollywood Silicone Cover Up!
The stars’ secret to a smooth appearance! Perky personality - fun; Perky nipples - not so fun. Pesky perkies can pop up at the least opportune moment. Meet Hollywood Silicone CoverUps™ self-adhesive, hypo-allergenic, comfortable nipple concealers. The contour shape boasts a perfectly engineered tapered edge to give you that ultra-smooth appearance.
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Garment Shields - Sweat Stains - Prevent Sweat stains
http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/garment-guard--nude-disposable-underarm-shields/sts%20shield%20nudpd.html 100% cotton discs adhere to the inside of clothing, preventing embarrassing wet marks and yellow stains on whites and helping your clothing investments (and old favourites) last longer.
How to get bigger lips in seconds
Fullips will give you fuller, more beautiful lips in just seconds. Just put it to your lips and suck! Finally, a tool for fuller, healthier-looking lips without the injections or chemicals. It’s a simple, quick, painless & temporary solution to achieve fuller lips. Fullips is small enough to carry in your makeup bag and is simply use to give you fuller, sexier lips and enhanced lip line. Use before applying your lipstick or lip gloss. Fullips is available in 3 Sizes & Shapes.
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Marissa Carter from Cocoa Brown Tan features our Pouchee Handbag Organiser
Checkout this video clip from Xposé where the Gorgeous Marissa Carter from Cocoa Brown Tan features our Pink Pouchee Handbag Organiser in her Beauty Slot "Ask The Expert" when talking about Savvy Beauty Storage Solutions.
5 Reasons you need MEEM Memory Cable
Secure, automatic back-up of data every time the mobile phone is charged with no third party access
New Necklace Fairy Fastener - Necklace fastener
The Necklace Fairy™ fastener is a professionally engineered and designed necklace clasp adaptor.
Pouchee - The ultimate purse organiser - Bag Organiser
http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/pouchee-cotton-pink/pou-cotton%20pinkpd.html Change hand-bags in a flash with the smart Pouchee Hand Bag Organiser! Find out how to organise your bag in very easy steps!
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Innovative Shoe Accessories
Check out our XPOSE slot where the the fabulous Stylist Lorna Weightman showcases some of our innovative shoe accessories - Strappy Strips and Flatliners.