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Nancy Pelosi is Bat Shit Crazy
Nancy Pelosi is a mystery to me. How in the hell did she ever get elected
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The Dukes of Hazard [ Politically Correct ].mpg
Politically Correct version of the Dukes of Hazard
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Killer klowns from outer space
What are you gonna do knock my block off
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Clops the Movie
CLOPS was a MADtv parody of the Fox show COPS done entirely in claymation. It typically featured police officers pursuing and arresting (and sometimes mistreating) popular cartoon characters or toys for various crimes
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Where are the toons now - Toon Cops
Adult Cartoon
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The Sketch Show - Men Can Multitask Too
The original lineup of the cast was Lee Mack, Jim Tavare, Tim Vine, Karen Taylor and Ronni Ancona. The gender balance of this lineup enabled considerable variation in the dramatic setups for the sketches, in that all three men could be paired with either of the two women. Additionally, as all the performers traditionally used their own names in sketches, humour was able to be drawn from the attractive female Ronni being referred to with what is a stereotypically male name (Ronni being short for Veronica).
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Jeff Beck and Stanley Clarke at the North Sea Jazz Festival (2006)
JEFF BECK - with Stanley Clarke play Scatterbrain / Lopsy Lu Jeff Beck- guitar Stanley Clarke- Bass Randy Hope Taylor- Bass Jason Rebello- Keyboards Vincent Colaiuta - Drums
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Where are the toons now - Joe Camyl
Adult Cartoon
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Where are the toons now - Plasticman
Adult Cartoon
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Werewolves In Congress
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The Dick Tracy Show - The Copy Cat Caper.divx
The Dick Tracy Show is an American animated television series based on Chester Gould's comic strip crime fighter. The series was produced from 1961 to 1962 by UPA.
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bubbas baked brownies
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Where are the toons now - Smurfs
Adult Cartoon
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The Dick Tracy Show - The Parrot Caper.divx
The Dick Tracy Show is an American animated television series based on Chester Gould's comic strip crime fighter. The series was produced from 1961 to 1962 by UPA.
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Where are the toons now - Underdog
Adult Cartoon
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Night on Earth - Rome
In the wee morning hours, a very eccentric cabbie (Roberto Benigni) picks up a priest (Paolo Bonacelli). As he drives, he starts to confess his sins. Much to priest's discomfort, he goes into great detail about how he discovered his sexuality first with a pumpkin and then with a sheep, then details a love affair he had with his brother's wife. The already-ailing priest is shocked by the lurid confession, and promptly has a fatal heart attack, leaving the cabbie with a very troubling situation.
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Where are the toons now - Speedy Gonzalez
Adult Cartoon
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Stanley Clarke & George Duke - Schooldays
Stanley Clarke & George Duke Live at the Old Grey Whistle Test
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Mysterious Transparent Cloud Like UFO
A video of a mysterious cloud-like mass shimmering while moving through the Philadelphia sky has residents scratching their heads. Seen near N 7th St & W Tioga St, Philadelphia, PA. Some observers suggested the object could be a factory-grade soap bubble, while others said it looks like a transparent weather balloon.
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Where are the toons now - He man
Adult Cartoon
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Tommy Bolin Quadrant 4
Thomas Richard "Tommy" Bolin was an American-born guitarist who played with Zephyr, The James Gang, and Deep Purple; in addition to maintaining a notable solo career Died: December 4, 1976, Miami, FL Music groups: Deep Purple (1975 – 1976), James Gang (1973 – 1974), Zephyr Siblings: Johnnie Bolin
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Two and a half men - All new G Rated
CBS Replaces Charlie Sheen with Donnie Osmond for a new wholesome Two and a half men
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UPN 31 KMAX, new name, new network, maximum T V (1998)
KMAX originally went on the air as KMUV-TV on October 5, 1974, and was owned by legendary television producer, Norman Lear. It was programmed as an all-movie channel, to counter-program against the other established area stations, particularly then-independent (and current Fox station) KTXL (Channel 40). However on May 1, 1976, KMUV abandoned its all-movie format and became a Spanish-language station with some English-language Religious Programming such as The PTL Club with Jim Bakker. On April 2, 1981, Koplar Broadcasting (which owned and founded current St. Louis CW station KPLR-TV) purchased the station and on April 6, 1981 transformed it into an English-language/general entertainment/independent station to compete directly with KTXL and it's slogan was We Deliver!!. The station's call letters were changed to KRBK. (As a side note, Koplar's new sign-on in Missouri, channel 49, licensed to Osage Beach, has adopted the KRBK call letters.) Pappas Telecasting of California bought KRBK in 1994, and on January 11, 1995, changed its call letters to KPWB & moniker to WB 31 to reflect its new affiliation to the then-new WB network, which started in January 1995. Viacom's Paramount Stations Group bought Channel 31 in January 1998, and changed its calls once again on January 5, 1998, to the present KMAX-TV.
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Dick Cheney's got a Gun 2009
Updated parody of Aerosmith's "Janie's Got a Gun," except here the subject is Dick Cheney, for obvious reasons. Really funny lyrics and the accompanying animation rocks too.
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President Trump greeted by Pittsburgh Hospital Staff
Hospital staff thanks President Trump for visiting Sheryl Mascio, a Pittsburgh resident, shared a video with conservative actor James Woods, which shows doctors and nurses at the hospital saying “thank you,” “we love you,” and asking to shake the President’s hand. Both he and the First Lady are warmly greeted, while Ivanka Trump is given some love as well. Trump had been visiting four wounded police officers as well as their family and friends when he walked past the hospital staff, heard them express thanks, and turned back to speak with them. He congratulated them on doing a “tremendous job” and turned their graciousness back on them.
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That guy's nuts
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The Dick Tracy Show - Lab Grab.divx
The Dick Tracy Show is an American animated television series based on Chester Gould's comic strip crime fighter. The series was produced from 1961 to 1962 by UPA.
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The Dick Tracy Show - The Purple Boy.divx
The Dick Tracy Show is an American animated television series based on Chester Gould's comic strip crime fighter. The series was produced from 1961 to 1962 by UPA.
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Tsunami Hits Japan After 9.0 Megaquake
A 33ft tsunami has reportedly killed more than 200 and left more missing as it swept over Japan's northeastern coast after the country's biggest earthquake on record. The 8.9 magnitude megaquake caused a huge wave that hit the port of Sendai city, sending ships crashing into the shore and carrying cars and buildings through streets. Police there say between 200 and 300 bodies have been found on the coast, according to news reports in Japan. The death toll had already reached 90. Agencies in the country also reported a major explosion at a petrochemical complex in Sendai.
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The Dick Tracy Show - A Boodle of Loot.divx
The Dick Tracy Show is an American animated television series based on Chester Gould's comic strip crime fighter. The series was produced from 1961 to 1962 by UPA.
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Israeli Company Develops Solar Power Flower
ARAVA DESERT, Israel --An Israeli company has launched a first-of-its-kind hybrid solar power station. It is capable of producing what the company calls Green Power 24-7. For years, Israel has made the desert bloom. But now a new tulip has appeared on the horizon. They call it a power flower. Deep in the Arava Desert, where temperatures top 100 degrees Farenheit, the Israeli company Aora inaugurated what it says is the world's first hybrid solarized gas turbine power station.
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The White Trash Days of our Lives - The Finger
Soap Opera Commercial for Red Necks
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AARP The Power To Make It Better
Poking fun at AARP commercial
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N A S A  - First launch on new moon mission
Nearly 40 years after humans first set foot on the lunar surface, NASA is gearing up to go back with the planned launch today of two unmanned scouts, the robotic vanguard for the first U.S. return to the moon in a decade. An Atlas 5 rocket is poised to launch the two probes, a powerful lunar orbiter and a smaller spacecraft that will hunt for water ice by crashing into the moon, at about 5:12 p.m. EDT (2112 GMT) today from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The mission, NASA hopes, will lay the foundation for its plan to return astronauts to the moon by 2020. "We're getting ready to take longer strides. To leave the shallows, once again, and step into deeper waters of what President Kennedy called the new ocean of space," said Todd May, manager for NASA's Lunar Precursor Robotic Program. "The first island we plan to explore is the moon itself, our nearest neighbor." The $583 million mission has been delayed since October 2008 and was slated to launch on Wednesday. But NASA opted to delay the flight by one more day to allow the space shuttle Endeavour to try and launch after a hydrogen gas leak thwarted its initial attempt. The leak reappeared and the shuttle remains on Earth at the nearby Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla.
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Imagine (There's no liberals)
Matt Roush parodies John Lennon's "Imagine" Edited and remuxed by Dan Christensen
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Where are the toons now - Marvin the Martian
Adult Cartoon
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Scott Clukey - The Big Spin
On January 20th 1996 Scott Clukey was on The Big Spin and won 40,000 Dollars
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