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Mad Men Don & Betty Last Phone Call - S07E14
Don calls Betty after their daughter, Sally, tells him she has cancer and only months to live.
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Stannis Final Scene - Game of Thrones S05E10
(SPOILERS) In the final scene with Stannis he is wounded and Brienne sneaks up on him. It's heavily implied that she killed him, we don't actually see him die, though. What's the deal???
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Emma Watson Laughing at Swedish Interviewer Uncontrollably
It was pretty messed up she laughed at this guy's face for like 5 minutes straight whenever he starts talking she just laughs in his face.
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Freaky Eaters - Brussels Sprout Kryptonite
The Cheesey Potatoes Freak Eater can't eat a single Brussels sprout
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Game Of Thrones meets TDKR
Game of Thrones meets The Dark Knight Rises - /tv/ edition
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Annie Kisses Abed Community Finale
Annie Kisses Abed Community Finale kiss community annie abed aliso brie danny puddi finale season 2
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Bane's "For you" Clip from The Dark Knight Rises
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IM THE CAPTAIN NOW - Captain Phillips
IM THE CAPTAIN NOW - Captain Phillips
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Community - Rhymes with Not There
Season 5 Episode 10, Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons A little place that rhymes with not there
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Fookin Legend - Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones - I was a Fucking legend, FUCKING LEGEND
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Sex hotline
Calling a sex hotline for some free sex
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You Can't Explain That
dollar goes in, soda comes out. you can't explain that. Bill O'Reilly you cant explain that you cant explain that meme
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Community - Race Thing [Season 5 Episode 6]
Community - Race Thing [Season 5 Episode 6] They want to have a Fat Dog party but Annie is skeptical. Shirley and Change bring race into it.
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Natalie Portman Pregnant Sex Joke
Natalie Portman acceptance speech for Best Actress 'Black Swan' at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards laugh
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Mad Men - You Feel that Feeling
Mad Men - You Feel that Feeling Season 6 Episode 5 Don describes how he feels that feeling that feel, tfw no gf
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Christian Bale - THINK For One Fucking Second
Christian Bale - THINK For One Fucking Second From the Christian Bale Stage Rant
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