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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Oprah - 1990 (Short Version)
In 1990 the Ninja Turtles were guests on Oprah. The entire episode is bonkers. These are the best parts.
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Unexpected John Cena Memes Compilation
No one ever expects John Cena…until he appears. After that you always expect him.
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Make a Porno at My House!
My name is Dan. I want you to make a porno at my house. This is a commercial about that.
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Mad Men Finale Alternative Ending
"When pizza's on a bagel…You can eat pizza anytime." -Don Draper
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Turn Down For Crutch
When the music hits you, it hits you. Boom. Turn down for crutch(es).
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Angry Target Bathroom Lady with Tuba Accompaniment
This lady doesn't like the idea of pooping next to a trans person because of the devil or some jibber-jabber which is dumb. So I added tuba music. "The son of God is coming for this nation...and Target." -Some guy in this video
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Russian Ninja Turtles Theme Song (Translated)
The intro to Ninja Turtles is way different in Russian.
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Let Me Baaaaaaaholla At Ya
A goat, the "Let Me Holla At Ya" guy from Chappelle Show, a boat, and two fried eggs walk into a bar...
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DMX Is Terrified Of Space Jump
Someone talked DMX into jumping down to Earth from the stratosphere. Now he's scared sh*tless.
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Badass Peacock
Behold the peacock. Did you know it looked so majestic? Me either! That's why I added Highway to the Danger Zone. Peacock. Loggins. Together. Forever. PS - I don't own the original video but it owns my soul now.
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Wrecking Ball - Recorder Tribute
"Miley Cyrus made a song. Then she rode a wrecking ball naked. Then someone made a recorder version of the song." That's how the history books will reflect on our time. (Original recorder music by Sean Coyle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYd2dgHzcoU#t=33)
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Tim Jennings presents...Comic-Con 2010.mov
My day at Comic-Con 2010. You know, BEFORE people started stabbing each other.
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Nationwide Kid Thug Life
See you at the crossroads, Nationwide Kid. Never forget.
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Hilarious Bollywood Ass-Whoopin'
How many kicks can one unathletic Bollywood martial artist kick in one video? A lot.
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Mortal Komballs
How far are you willing to go to be the best at hitting yourself in the balls? As far as you need to if you're these guys.
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Doggie Shoosh
Listening to a dog bark is the worst. Here's a good alternative. Written, directed and produced for The Stash on Playboy TV.
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Tim Jennings presents...Immigration.mov
Guess who solved the immigration debate? Me. Here's how.
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T-Rex explains what he does.
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Everybody Cries
The next time you're trapped on a darkened street corner with a potentially intoxicated crazy person yammering at you, remember this one thing. Everybody cries.
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It Do Go Down
One minute you're drifting down a lazy old river with your buddy, the next you're coming to a terrible realization. Robert, it do go down.
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MVP Reporter FTW
One reporter. One moment. One chance to finally bring glory back to the halls of West Central High.
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Kim Davis Remix
I don't know who was in charge of picking the music for Kim Davis getting out of jail but they picked a hot jam.
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Air Horn Uzi Drive By
Why not?
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