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NEW 'Batman v Superman  Dawn of Justice' Trailer | Download in torrent
# The story of the movie: After a tremendous struggle against General Zoud, Metropolis collapsed to the ground, and Superman is the most controversial figure in the world, Batman takes that Man of Steel, while the world wrestle with any kind of hero really needs .... # The heroes of the Movie: -Ben Affleck -Henry Cavill -Amy Adams -Jesse Eisenberg # The film's budget: $250,000,000 # The film profits: $330,249,062 (USA) (10 June 2016) # Movie Rating (IMDb.com): 7.0/10 # Movie Quality: BRRIP BLURAY 720p Download file torrent #link : http://adyou.me/8RfU OR http://adyou.me/M2qB
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NEW Movie"Warcraft  The Beginning – Official Movie Trailer Universal Pictures" Download in torrent
# Category movie: Action - Adventure - Fantasy # Run Time: 123 minutes # Date Display cinema: 10/06/2016 - USA # The story of the movie: Group invade the planet Azeroth using a magical portal, a small number of human heroes and goblins in an attempt to stop the real evil behind this war .... # The heroes of the film: -Travis Fimmel -Paula Patton -Ben Foster -Dominic Cooper # The film's budget: $160,000,000 # The film profits: $44,003,890 (USA) (24 June 2016) # Movie Rating (IMDb.com): 7.5/10 # Movie Quality: HC HDRIP Download file torrent #link :: http://adyou.me/4Dcy OR http://adyou.me/7nPt ^^
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