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Joammaji asks...
Namaste darlings! Turning the microphone on you lovelies, what is it that you would like me to share? Thank you so much for watching my videos and taking this journey with me!! Bless!
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I love India!
A few reasons why I love India so much. Why everyone should travel to India and how the obsession began. Please feel free to leave comments, like, share and subscribe! Jai India Ma!
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Kashmir in our Hearts
Sending prayers for peaceful resolution in Kashmir. May we see the power of connection with our relations in neighboring states, come to understanding with compassion and grace. If you are involved in this conflict, or know a way to support those involved, please reach out. Now is the time to rewrite the story. Choose Love.
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Dating Dont's for Indian Men
What not to do in a relationship with a Western Woman. A few helpful tips for Indian Men who want to date or have a contemporary relationship, especially with a white woman. Small ways to make your relationship last longer, be more satisfying for both parties, and save you some trouble in the long run. Please subscribe, like and share my videos! Tikke? Challo!
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Kids in India- Making the Most of Life
A few of my wonderful encounters with children in India. Some wonderful lessons we can learn from kids! Thanks so much for watching! Please comment, like and subscribe to see more videos!
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Little Little Hindi Speaking!
Practicing my Hindi with my kitty cat Fabio. Mea bhartiye naheen, mughar mera dil bahot bhartiye hung! Thanks for watching! Please comment, like and subscribe! Challo!
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Relationship Tips for Dating Diversity
Dating advice for women interested in Indian, or ethnically diverse partners. How to have the most satisfying relationships and bring out the best in each other! Thanks for watching! Please comment, like and subscribe!
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Kali Temple turns me Vegetarian
As I was cooking Dhal Tadka, I decide to share how I became Vegetarian during my first trip to India. Please like, comment, and share my video! I want to hear about your experiences in India too! Tikke? Challo!
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After returning from 10 days of silence and 10 hours of meditation a day, my report of the wonderful and wacky world of Vipassana meditation. Please comment, like and subscribe! And Be Happy!
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Andes vs. Himalayas
From the city of Cusco high in the Andes mountains in Peru, I share some of the similarities of the Incan empire to Mother India. Please like, comment, share and subscribe!
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Wear a Bindi, Learn some Hindi
To Bindi or not to Bindi? Is that even a question?! Bindis are beautiful I and fully support more BEAUTY! Thank you for watching, please subscribe, like and comment! Love you Beautiful Humans!
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Gurdas Maan in Chandigarh
When traveling through India on my first trip, my friend Ana and I ended up staying longer in Chandigarh than we had expected. Please comment and share some of your favorite musicians and songs! Thank you for watching my videos!
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Wonderful Indian Head Wagging
The way Indians move their head is a language in it's self! What does the head bobble mean? A few head bobbles decoded! Please like, comment and subscribe! Thanks for watching!
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Shiva: Such a Dude
What makes Shiva so Cool? Why do people love Shiva so much? Find out why I think he is such a dude, his incredible powers, how he loves his woman Parvati, and why he is an all around awesome God. Way to go Shiva, you've got my vote! Please leave comments, subscribe, like and share my videos! Tikke? Challo!
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India vs W. Indies Cricket Results (According to Joammaji)
According to Joammaji, it's not about winning or losing, but about continuing to game. We can only learn from playing from such phenomenal teams. "To be serious is to press for a specified conclusion. To be playful is to allow for possibility whatever to cost to oneself." GREAT GAME GUYS!! Keep playing! Please comment, like, and subscribe, theikhai? challo!
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Loosing Everything is not Everything
Saying goodbye to my beloved healing instruments today, after spending the day processing that they were stolen from the trunk of my car the night before. They cold angry pangs of attachment are slowly subsiding to forgiveness and compassion. Let this be a new beginning, as the sun sets on one day, it symbolizes a new beginning, something different but beautiful and a sky full of stars. Thanks for all your love and kind thoughts, it's going to be better than before. I know it ❤️
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Dancing to Daft Punk "Doing it Right"
... because life is for happiness! Smile and relax and dance! "If you lose your way tonight that's how you know the magic's right." My only wish is for you to keep smiling ... and you're doing it right... 2/14/2014 Lobitos, Peru
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Flying to India- Go with the Flow
"Aren't you nervous to travel India alone?" they asked before my second trip to India. It wasn't until I was the only non-Indian on a plane to New Delhi that I realized what they were referring to. Thanks for watching my videos! Please like, comment, share and subscribe!
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White Women Dance to Punjab Music- GurDANCE MANN!
From a small fishing village on the coast of Peru, the chicas of ConCIENCIA show off our dance moves to our favorite Gurdas Mann song! Baile! Nach'ne! Dance!!
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Peace Love and Joammaji
Here's the ultimate permission slip, permission to access your true self! Realized afterwards that the sunlight was creating a beam of light through my head, giving me that "extra spiritual" look ... well, I'm still human, so I'm still the same as everyone else. Just giving you the go-ahead to go a little bit deeper into who you are and what your heart is saying, in case you needed one. There is power in that path. Please comment, like, share, subscribe!! Love you guys!
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Blessing the Water
Today is March 22, 2015 and I am celebrating World Water Day! Thank you Water, we Love You and Respect You! May All Beings have Clean Water! Join me in this prayer and visualization, no matter where or when you are watching this. Bringing people together under a common cause is what makes great changes! Thank you, please continue to watch, like and comment and I will continue to post videos! Namaste!
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Time to Say Challo to Joammaji's Channel
Darlings! The time has come ... I'm moving to Patreon permanently. At the end of this month, I'm deleting this channel and moving all my content to a new platform, Patreon. Check it out here: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3890498 I hope you understand and I hope you come join me over there. There's much more magic in store, the journey's only just begun! Love you guys so much.
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Practicing the Yoga in India
Many tourists go to India to practice Yoga and Mediation. This was my experience practicing yoga and meditation and learning about the Vedas while doing an Ayurvedic fast in Bagsu, Himachal Pradesh. Please like, comment and subscribe! Thanks for watching!!
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