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Installation and Prerequisites to Setup Oracle Goldengate
The session guides you to install Oracle Goldengate and what are the prerequisites at the Database level to setup oracle Goldengate in your environment. The Goldengate version is 12c and database on source and target is Oracle DB 12c. For demonstration purpose platform used is linux on VM.
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Introduction to Oracle Goldengate
This video introduces you to what is Goldengate, its advantages and walk through the architecture of Oacle Goldengate
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Session 3 Oracle Goldengate DML Replication
Oracle Goldengate Training_DML Replication
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Oracle Goldengate Initial Load and Zero downtime Migration and Upgradation Strategy
The video describes Initial Load strategy using Oracle Goldengate as well as how to perform zero Downtime migration and Upgradation using Oracle Goldengate
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Oracle GoldenGate Parameters - Understand and create Parameter files
Goldengate Parameters- Comprehend and Create Goldengate parameter files
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Oracle Goldengate 12cR3 - Microservices Architecture (MA)
Introducing latest Microservices Architecture of Oracle Goldengate 12CR3. Oracle GoldenGate Microservices Architecture (MA) is a new REST APIs based architecture which enables us to configure, monitor, and manage Oracle GoldenGate. The Microservices Architecture in Oracle GoldenGate is comprised of five main components: 1)Service Manager 2)Administration Server 3)Receiver Server 4)Distribution Server 5)Performance Metrics Server To know more about Microservices Architecture watch the complete video. We recently had a webinar in association with K21 Academy as well. Watch full webinar at below link: k21academy.com/goldengate-webinar-replay For training and consultancy related to DB and Goldengate please contact @[email protected] or [email protected]+91-7208729978
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Oracle Goldengate - Apply Patch
Apply Patch in Oracle Goldengate
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Configuring Oracle Goldengate Security and Logdump
The sessions describes Configuring security in Oracle Goldengate Environment and how to read trail files using Logdump
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[FREE Live Webinar] Learn Integration of Oracle Goldengate 12c with RAC & GG Microservices
Want to know How Integration of Goldengate 12c with RAC? What are newly launched Oracle Goldengate microservices and configuration? Join the group of distinguished DBAs/Apps DBAs/Cloud DBAs across the Globe! Learn Integration of Goldengate with RAC,Microservices,features,concept and much more.. Be the part of upcoming Oracle Goldengate webinar on 28th July 2018 Sat 10:30 AM US EST/08:00 PM India IST (Please convert as per your time zone). with GoldenGate Expert Ashish PFB the links for self registration: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/5356429616532185857?source=Ashish+Registrants This Free webinar will help Oracle DBA's, PL/SQL Developers, Technologists responsible for Data Replication, Data Technologists and anyone who wish to kick start their in demand & highly paid Oracle GoldenGate Career so register at mentioned link above. Register Now for approx 90 Minutes FREE Master Class on Oracle GoldenGate. Date: Saturday 28th July Time 10:30 AM EST/8 PM IST (Please convert as per your time zone for all other time zones)
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Goldengate Microservices Overview, Download ,Installation and Configuration
The video discusses about the newly introduces Goldengate Microservices Architecture. In this video we will discuss overview, installation,download and configuration of Goldengate processes in Microservices Architecture.
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Oracle Goldengate webinar_5th Aug
The lecture is series of webinar. The session is intro to oracle Goldengate and Architecture.
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Oracle Goldengate webinar 23rd June
The session is intro to oracle Goldengate
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2017 05 19 22 04 Oracle Goldengate Demo
Oracle Goldengate demo
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Oracle Goldengate webinar 17th June
The session gives introduction to oracle Goldengate and its advantages along with session details
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Webinar  Learn Integration of Oracle Goldengate 12c with RAC   Oracle Goldengate Microservices
Start from 11 minutes. The webinar covers how to configure oracle goldengate on RAC.Also covered is recently launched Microservices Architecture. How to configure Goldengate on Cloud and AWS and much more is covered. Watch this to learn all this. For registration and queries drop an email @[email protected] or [email protected]+14168715708 or whatsapp @+917208729978
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Oracle Goldengate Capablities and Components
The session describes the components of Oracle Goldengate in detail and capablities of Oracle Goldengate
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2017 06 30 22 04 Oracle Goldengate Webinar   1st July
This session is a series of Oracle Goldengate webinar conducted on 30th June. This is an introduction to Oracle Goldengate and how it may help u to boost up your career.
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