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The Secret of Dreaming: An Australian Aboriginal Myth of Creation
This is an Australian Aboriginal myth of creation adapted by Rowan Walking Wolf, and is part of a research made for the University of Granada, Spain, on traditional stories as educational tools for the transmission of complex systems thinking and the values of social justice, peace and sustainability framed within the Earth Charter. This video will be publicly displayed at the Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2015. We encourage the use of this film for educational purposes both in formal and non-formal education, both for children and adults. This story encourages a change in our worldview, while stimulates systemic thinking and instils those values which we most need in this time of social and environmental crisis. Please, spread this film as you can. CREDITS Text: "The Secret of Dreaming: A Tale from Indigenous Australia," adapted by Rowan Walking Wolf. Anti-copyright, 2009, in https://yggdrasildistro.files.wordpre... Music: * "Didgeridoo," by Victor Toulouse. Licensed under CC BY in https://soundcloud.com/victortoulouse... * "Aboriginal Dawn," by Acrilic Colors. Licensed under CC BY in https://soundcloud.com/acrilic-colors... * "Music for a Three Layer Brain - Track 3," by Moira Smiley & VOCO. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA in https://soundcloud.com/tedxmusicproje... Photo: * "Australia Aboriginal Culture 002," by Steve Evans. Licenced under CC BY-NC in https://www.flickr.com/photos/babaste... Videos: * "Blue Fire," by ZAFFI Pictures. Licenced under CC BY-SA in https://vimeo.com/9539890 * "SFX Reel" and "Showreel 2012," by Picture Front. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA in https://vimeo.com/131205372 and https://vimeo.com/44508414 * "Valentine's Aurora," by Phil Hart. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA in https://vimeo.com/52612008 * "Tasmania Timelapse with Aurora Australis," by Er Chian Kong. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA in https://vimeo.com/51738840 * "Hubble's Deep Field - Timelapse," by Creation Videos. Licensed under CC BY-SA in https://vimeo.com/90565538 * "Twilight Magic: Botanics, Spring Loaded" and "Twilight Magic: The Elements at Play," by Alf Pilz. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA in https://vimeo.com/128812984 and https://vimeo.com/50363895 * "Kakadu - Australia's Ancient Land," by Holiday Hunter. Licensed under CC BY in https://youtu.be/mxcexCDRxQo * "Australia," by Julien Granier. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA in https://vimeo.com/74357894 * "Hobbit of the Sea," by Florian Fischer. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA in https://vimeo.com/84019588 * "Sand People," by Shaun Edward Goo. Licensed under CC BY-NC in https://vimeo.com/16785198 * "The Cactus," by Ben. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA in https://vimeo.com/14587311 * "Blue-tongue Lizard," by Peter Kuttner. Licensed under CC BY in https://vimeo.com/19778221 * "Red Rock Canyon," by Pinnacle Studios. Licensed under CC BY in https://vimeo.com/103217385 * "Bald Rock by Quadcopter," by Strepto. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA in https://vimeo.com/82534824 * "Wedge-tailed Eagle," by Jan Martin. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA in https://vimeo.com/123460135 * "Eagles - with Dr. Dave," by Murray Darling Basin Authority. Licensed under CC BY in https://youtu.be/Ip-Ac4PSL9A * "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud," by Matthew O'Shea. Licensed under CC BY-NC in https://vimeo.com/65336195 * "Short-eared Brushtail Possum," by Peter Kuttner. Licensed under CC BY in https://vimeo.com/81986367 * "Welcome to North America," by Adam Souter. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA in https://vimeo.com/103965621 * "Lazy Sunday," by John Rey. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA in https://vimeo.com/47504984 * "Uluru: From Sunrise to Sunset," by Holiday Hunter. Licensed under CC BY in https://youtu.be/wuDQOg4X5Uo * "Vicon Kangaroo Shoot," by Vicon. Licensed under CC BY in https://vimeo.com/127604176 * "Argyle Diamonds - Barramundi Dreaming," Steve Lund. Licensed under CC BY in https://vimeo.com/67349327 * "Alice Springs Desert Park," by Barry Schrapel. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA in https://vimeo.com/6150145 * "Close the Gap 2015," by Oxfam Austalia. Licensed under CC BY in https://youtu.be/wMUkl3gE1Xc * "Humpback whale showing tail at Bahia de la Paz," by Thore Noernberg. Licensed under CC BY in https://youtu.be/4JHqSAy6t9w * "Delicate Home," by Fabio di Donato. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA in https://vimeo.com/58976799 * "Iceland - LX1000 Edition," by Kai Gradert. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA in https://vimeo.com/124400330 * "Central Australia Nightscapes," by Bobesh. Licensed under CC BY-NC in https://vimeo.com/129619745 * "Australien 2013," by Cedric Lehmann. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA in https://vimeo.com/82982282
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Minute Faith ~ Dreamtime
The Aboriginal Dreamtime faith is native to the Aborigines of Australia, and is about the continual formation of all life - together with rules for living - out of a preexisting chaos of fertile potential. At the heart of this belief system, is responsibility in the community. The Dreamtime is a potent mix of creation myth and ancestral lore, which dates back thousands of years in Australia. To them, the dreamtime is the foundation of Law and Lore for the living - It shapes how things are and how things should be. Dreamtime is also a fundamental aspect of Creation. Before creation, there was a dark, infinite, featureless space. Within it exists all potential realities. For the full video description and sources, check out our website: https://spiritsciencecentral.com/dreamtime Support our studio https://www.patreon.com/spiritstudios https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvSIEQ0EyTA2T0D-HCM4hyg Join the community https://www.facebook.com/SpiritScienceOfficial/ https://www.instagram.com/spiritscienceofficial/ https://twitter.com/spiritsciences
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The myth of Aboriginal stories being myths | Jacinta Koolmatrie | TEDxAdelaide
For more than 50,000 years there were over 200 different groups of people living on the landmass now referred to as Australia. All of these groups formed a strong understanding of the land. This knowledge was passed down through thousands of generations. Who holds this knowledge today and is it respected in Australian society? Jacinta Koolmatrie explores these questions and connects them to her own experiences as an Adnyamathanha person. Jacinta Koolmarie is an Adnyamathanha and Ngarrindjeri person who grew up in Port Augusta. Last year she won the Flinders University’s Ken Wanganeen Medal as the most outstanding Indigenous student for her studies in archaeology. Jacinta is currently working on her Masters thesis, researching Adnyamathanha yura malka (rock art), with a focus on centring Indigenous knowledge. At the beginning of 2017, Jacinta began working at the South Australian Museum with the aim of changing the way museums portray and work with Aboriginal people. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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A gorgeous creation story by the Australian Aboriginals from the Big Myth collection. See all 25 of creation stories from different parts of the world in English, German and Dutch on www.bigmyth.com.
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Aboriginal Dreamtime Story
Based on an Aboriginal Dreamtime story of Waatji Pulyeri (the Blue Wren)
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HSC Studies of Religion - The Dreaming
In this HSC Studies of Religion video, we go through a brief introduction to the Dreaming and take a look at kinship, ceremonial life and obligations to people and land. To watch more videos, head to our website at https://getatomi.com Subscribe to our channel for more FREE videos: http://youtube.com/user/HscHubVid Like us on Facebook for handy study tips and blog articles on how to smash your HSC: https://www.facebook.com/Hschub Follow Atomi on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/get.atomi Follow Atomi news on Twitter: https://twitter.com/atomihq
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Dreamtime Story
This is a draft video for te Australian Museum for their Dreaming Stories. The performers are Gumaroy Newman, Eric Arthur Tamwoy and Norm Barsah. Video by Fintonn Mahony, Lisa Duff, Bronwyn Turnbull and Gina Thomson.
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Dollar Dreaming: Ben Genocchio on the world of Aboriginal art
Australian author, essayist and art critic (New York Times) Ben Genocchio discusses his new book on the world of Aboriginal art, Dollar Dreaming, with Age art critic Robert Nelson....
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The Dreamtime (Full Documentary)
Indigenous tourism helps to reconcile the two different Australian peoples: the Europeans want to be forgiven for the tragic colonial period, and the Aborigines try to preserve their ancient roots from the present and the future. But the geographical isolation of the indigenous communities faced with problems in economic development underlines the fragile balance between tradition and modernity. At the beginning of the 21st century, the life expectancy of a white Australian is ten years longer than that of his or her Aboriginal counterpart. Will the world’s environmental problems bring the two civilizations together? Preserving the Australian continent’s biodiversity on a short-term basis represents a sustainable, complementary interest for the two peoples - technological advances will profit from the use of ancestral knowledge.
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Dreamtime Travelling through the Australian continent - documentary
Travelling through the Australian continent, one is often appalled by the living conditions of the Aborigine people. Having lost touch with their culture and traditions, many of them have become outcasts or alcoholics who aimlessly wander the streets of the Australian cities. From the early 1800s to the late 1960s, Aborigines were gradually deprived of their land by the white man who used it for herding, cropping, and mineral extraction. Forced to leave their homelands, Aborigines were often separated from their children, who were sent to live with white families or to boarding schools, in an attempt to teach them the white man’s values. Today 390,000 Aborigines account for less than 3% of the current Australian population. Learn how they are beginning to find their place in a society which has excluded them for so long. Meet and share the life of Aborigines who through art, dancing, hunting, work, or spirituality, are finding ways to better their future. Director: Eric Elléna Producers: French Connection Films, Voyage, Boomerang Productions "Like" in the video is the best way to support us. Subscribe to this channel to hear about our upcoming publications.
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SOR Prelim. 2.1 - Nature of the Dreaming / Aboriginal Spiritualities
This video was uploaded for educational purposes
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Aboriginal Astronomy - Behind the News
Scientists think they may have found the world's oldest astronomical map right here in Australia. The sacred Aboriginal site is believed to have been made to map the position of the sun, moon and stars in the sky. And studies suggest it might be old enough to predate some much more famous examples from overseas. TEACHER RESOURCES (yr 3,7 Science) "Students will develop a deeper understanding of Aboriginal astronomy and Dreaming stories about them." http://www.abc.net.au/btn/resources/teacher/episode/20161025-aboriginalastronomy.pdf BTN STORY PAGE http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4560044.htm
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Brief Introduction to Australian Aboriginal Culture
This presentation was made to briefly educate people on the culture of Aboriginal Australian people. This presentation was created by two Aboriginal university students with the purpose to create awareness in the workplace. Please enjoy the video! Feel free to ask any questions. Haidarr Jones & Jacob Olsen -- Created using PowToon --
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the secret of dreaming : An Australian Aboriginal Myth of Creation
لقد أنشأت هذا الفيديو باستخدام محرر فيديو YouTube‏ (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Indigenous Astronomy & The Dreaming (Teaching Object)
This video details 5 Indigenous stories, and briefly explains the ways people used the sky to illustrate Dreamtime stories and myths in language appropriate for Stage 1 students and up. This video may be useful to show to students as a class, individually, or an educator for ideas around teaching Astronomy and The Dreaming in Primary HSIE. Story 1: Tnorala (origin of Gosses Bluff) Read more at: http://www.abc.net.au/tv/messagestick/stories/s2629034.htm Illustrations by Lisa Junius Story 2: The Old People / Kourt Chin Summer Skies at the Sydney Observatory Story 3: The Frill-necked Lizard & The Cockatoo / Binnungar & Gagadoo Summer Skies at the Sydney Observatory Story 4: Sun & Moon Further reading: http://www.atnf.csiro.au/research/AboriginalAstronomy/Examples/SunMoon.htm Story 5: Milky Way Additional Reading: Min Min Lights: http://www.nationalgeographic.com.au/australia/what-are-queenslands-mysterious-min-min-lights.aspx General & about the Three Brothers constellation: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/gq894b/australia-has-a-night-sky-youve-never-seen General & more Astronomy uses: http://emudreaming.com/culture.htm http://emudreaming.com/examples.htm Keeping stories alive & more Astronomy interpretations: http://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2009/07/27/2632463.htm Music by: Pascal Tatipata https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTRHYcodVNs
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Australian Aboriginal Dreaming
This is the best way I can describe my experience in the Pilbara, out in the bush, working and living with the Aboriginals. The experience changed me forever, and this is my tribute to Aboriginal Australia (and to my friend, Tayunna).
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The Rainbow Serpent
The Rainbow Serpent participates in the creation of the world in so many of the Aboriginal Myths of Dreamtime. Higher Quality: http://www.ozjthomas.com/dreamtime.html
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The Dreaming Animated
Animated Australian history. Good soundtrack.
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Spirit of Uluru: Australian Aboriginal Music
Spirit of Uluru: Music of the Australian Aborigine. Delta Music, Laserlight Digital (1998). Track list below. Enjoy the music! [00:00] The Spirit of Uluru [07:08] Noorooma: Myths and Magic [13:59] Bieningana: Eternal Sunrise [21:22] Sacred River [27:38] Kiparra: Awakenings
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"Dreamtime" (Didgeridoo Healing Meditation)
"Dreamtime" relaxation meditation. Close your eyes, or stare at the imagery and let your eyes go out of focus. The sound frequencies in this will vibrate and stimulate all of your body and your Chakras. This is a healing song. "Dreamtime is a term for the animist framework and symbol system of Australian Aboriginal mythology, for a concept of "time out of time", or "everywhen", inhabited by ancestral figures, often of heroic proportions or with supernatural abilities, but not considered "gods" as they do not control the material world and are not worshipped. The term is based on a rendition of the indigenous (Arandic) word alcheringa, used by the Aranda (Arunta, Arrernte) people of Central Australia, although it appears that it is based on a misunderstanding or mistranslation, and the word has a meaning closer to "eternal, uncreated". The term Dreamtime or Dreaming is directly based on the term Altjira (Alchera), the name of a spirit or entity in the mythology of the Aranda. Related entities are known as Mura-mura by the Dieri, and as Tjukurpa in Pitjantjatjara. "Dreaming" is now also used as a term for a system of totemistic symbols, so that an indigenous Australian may "own" a specific "Dreaming", such as Kangaroo Dreaming, or Shark Dreaming, or Honey Ant Dreaming, or any combination of Dreamings pertinent to their country. This is because in "Dreamtime" an individual's entire ancestry exists as one, culminating in the idea that all worldly knowledge is accumulated through one's ancestors. Many Indigenous Australians also refer to the Creation time as "The Dreaming". The Dreamtime laid down the patterns of life for the Aboriginal people. Creation is believed to be the work of culture heroes who traveled across a formless land, creating sacred sites and significant places of interest in their travels. In this way, "songlines" (or Yiri in the Warlpiri language were established, some of which could travel right across Australia, through as many as six to ten different language groupings. The dreaming and travelling trails of the Spirit Beings are the songlines. The signs of the Spirit Beings may be of spiritual essence, physical remains such as petrosomatoglyphs of body impressions or footprints, among natural and elemental simulacra. "Dreaming" existed before the life of the individual begins, and continues to exist when the life of the individual ends. Both before and after life, it is believed that this spirit-child exists in the Dreaming and is only initiated into life by being born through a mother. The spirit of the child is culturally understood to enter the developing fetus during the fifth month of pregnancy. When the mother felt the child move in the womb for the first time, it was thought that this was the work of the spirit of the land in which the mother then stood. Upon birth, the child is considered to be a special custodian of that part of their country and is taught the stories and songlines of that place. As Wolf states: "A black 'fella' may regard his totem or the place from which his spirit came as his Dreaming. He may also regard tribal law as his Dreaming." In the Wangga genre, the songs and dances express themes related to death and regeneration. They are performed publicly with the singer composing from their daily lives or while Dreaming of a nyuidj (dead spirit)."
How the Kangaroo got its pouch
For more dreamtime stories and free resources, please visit my blog http://www.cloudskipper-dreaming.co.uk/ Aboriginal dreamtime story about the origins of the kangaroo's pouch. Thank You for watching :-) For more dreamtime stories and information about my dreamtime story eBook 'The Great Dream', please visit my website: http://www.cloudskipper-dreaming.co.uk or my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyHqsVBE4EKOTIvVGWvZzug This video is an original work created by Cloudskipper Dreaming, any copyright material used done so under fair use for educational purposes. Audio version available on SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/storm-khandro-moon/how-the-kangaroo-got-her-pouch Remember to watch the remix!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_0tSjZfkcM
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Aboriginal Dreaming
Transformations Final Exam
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Aboriginal Dreaming
Words from ancient wisdom with a sliver of music by vangelis recorded in parkinglot on Macbook.
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The men of the Fifth World (full documentary)
The aboriginal culture of Australia, includes a large number of tribes inhabiting the oceanic continent before the arrival of the white man. But all that rich culture is doomed to survive in stocks in which its people are destined to extinction. In this episode one of the elders that preserve aboriginal culture will show the most important elements of a culture that struggles not to disappear. Know his rituals in which contacts the parallel world in which the gods, spirits and men live together. We will see the role exerted by the digeridu, a musical instrument employed in these rituals. We'll see how it is manufactured by the musicians themselves, who will address the complex technique used to make it sound. The cave paintings of Ubi Rock opened the door showing the spirituality of these villages that are sacred totems direct reference the natural world around them. Analyze the paintings today continue to make to represent their dreams and the importance of this painting. Participate with them in making the famous boomerang and the banquet to which fishing leads a giant turtle. But the aboriginal community also show us the bitter side of life: the reserves in which its people seem destined to a slow extinction.
Australian Aboriginal Culture and Dreamtime
Basic info on native Australians Noongar Aboriginal dreamtime "rainbow serpent" eora pemulwuy murri tjapukai, yolngu, david gulpilil, 2pac, boomerang, didgeridoo,
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The Dreaming.  The Story Of The Spirit Fingers
I have uploaded this video because I think that it has a very profound message which everyone on the Earth should hear and listen to. This video came from a beautiful series which was televised on the ABC (Australia) some 18 years ago. The whole series is available for purchase here http://www.thedreamingstories.com.au/ They have many beautiful stories with alot of moral content which is good for children to watch.
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Aboriginal Dreaming: Rainbow Serpent
This is a dreaming story by the Windjina tribes, i made this video myself and i acknowledge the sites where i got my info from in the Credits.
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Aboriginal Art William Sandy Emu Dreaming 0791
Artist: WILLIAM SANDY Dreaming: EMU Painted in Alice Springs 2010 Contact: [email protected]
Aboriginal Elder's perspective on Permaculture, Dreamtime, Going Walkabout, Life Purpose and Culture
Join me, Morag Gamble (www.our-permaculture-life.blogspot.com) and Australian Aboriginal Elder, Wiruungga Dunggiirr (www.dreamtimewalkabout.com) in a wide-ranging conversation about permaculture, finding life purpose, bush foods, bush medicines, the Dreamtime, creating a new Dreaming, going walkabout and creating a shared culture. With great humour and humility, Wiruungga, an Elder from the Namba Gumbaynggiirr Nation, in the central coast of New South Wales, gives us a fascinating insight into Aboriginal culture, but also the reality of life on Aboriginal communities today. He teaches aboriginal studies, spiritual healing, bush tucker, bush medicine, rituals from the Never-Never, dance, ceremonies, fire ceremonies, making boomerangs and stone tools. He often fills up his bus and takes loads of clothes, food, toys and other basic household items out into the desert and Aboriginal stations. I love the way Wiruungga talks about old permaculture and new permaculture - this makes so much sense. I think there is so much more we can learn more from old permaculture ways. Wiruungga has been present during permaculture workshops we have led at our place to chat with participants. He has also led one of our Nature Kids programs - teaching them art, dance and language. When he’s not on walkabout, we are honoured when he is able to join us and share his knowledge and gentle wisdom. Wiruungga also takes non-indigenous people on walkabout to explore Aboriginal culture, to learn about bush medicine, bush foods, spirit, dance and more. He takes people into the desert, to meet with aboriginal communities and meet with Elders. You can help to deliver clothes and basic household items and help set up fresh food gardens I'm hoping soon to go walkabout with him, with my family, to learn more about bush foods, bush medicine, but of course also about the culture that has sustained this landscape and its people for tens of thousands of years. I want my children to grow up learning from and understanding more about the indigenous culture of this land. 0:49 Journeys to Keep Culture Alive 1:39 Time for the New Dreaming 3:47 Old Permaculture New Permaculture 5:07 Getting Gardens started in Aboriginal Communities 7:55 Not Enough fresh Food in Aboriginal Communities 8:24 Too Much Sugar 8:54 Healing Diabetes with Bush Food and Bush Medicine 9:47 Going Walkabout to Harvest Healthy Food 11:25 How do you Find Water in the Desert 11:25 How is Deep Knowledge of the Land Passed On? 12:35 Wiruungga’s Very Long Hair 13:49 Wiruungga on Being Himself 13:49 What is Life All About?... Explaining the Dreaming 15:22 The New Dreaming 17:25 We are One Mob... Let’s Care for the Earth 18:09 Supporting the People of the Desert 22:09 Building Bridges and Opening Conversations 23:12 Wiruungga’s Funny Encounter in the Forest 26:04 Advice from an Elder 27:18 Where did Wiruungga get his Bush Medicine Knowledge? 28:45 Sharing Knowledge of Culture Freely... 30:49 Are you Listening? 31:47 Bushtucker Tea and Drinks 34:29 Natural Personal Care in the Bush 34:29 Eating in the Bush and Natural Wrapping 38:24 Build a Gunyah - the Indigenous Tiny House 38:20 What’s smudging for? 39:30 How do Non-Indigenous Connect with Land? 41:04 Connection Through Totems 43:30 How to Connect with Wiruungga Dunggiirr 44:40 Clothing and Toys Needed for Women and Children 46:03 Ask ‘Why Am I Here on Mother Earth?’
The Dreaming - an Aboriginal Dreamtime Story
A modern take on an Aboriginal Dreamtime story about the creation of the moon. Directed by - Liam Young CAST Japara - Hrishi Thatiot Ngarla, Japara's Wife, Parukapoli - Liam Young
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Aboriginal 4 Wheel Dreaming Documentary
An epic journey around Australia for 10 years living with the Aboriginal people and learning about art, bush medicine,didgeridoo and traditional dreamtime stories in this documentary titled '4 Wheel Dreaming. This is a full feature documentary 1hr 20min and you can buy this DVD by contacting [email protected]
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How The Moon Was Made - An Aboriginal Dreamtime Creation Story
Commentary, text, audio and more on Cloudskipper Dreaming: http://cloudskipperdreaming.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/how-moon-was-made.html For a Free companion eBook for the Cloudskipper Dreaming Stories and lots of other educational resources, please visit my blog: http://www.cloudskipper-dreaming.co.uk Inspired by the wonderful dreaming creation myths of Aboriginal Australia, How The Moon Was Made, is the forth in a series of Cloudskipper Dreaming stories. Cloudskipper is a magical dream bird who creates his own world. He uses clouds to create the moon and his friend Brolly Bird, a dancing Brolga Crane, to help create rainbows! With messages for adults and children alike, this charming little bird will make you smile, think and feel uplifted! Cloudskipper Dreaming is inspired by the Aboriginal Australian Dreamtime stories and creation myths. It is also influenced by the storytelling traditions and mythology of ancient cultures and their connection with the other-world experienced by shamans and mystics. The concept that life is a dream is common to many spiritual traditions including the Aboriginals, Tibetans and Buddhists. Please feel free to share- Creative Commons non-commercial, non-derivative with attribution (please link to my YouTube Channel or Blog) http://www.youtube.com/user/didgescape Thank you for watching. Tie-in eBook now on Kindle! http://www.cloudskipper-dreaming.co.uk/2014/10/tie-in-kindle-ebook-great-dream.html Narrated Version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AaTezKHmLQ Soundtrack of narrated version on SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/storm-khandro-moon/how-the-moon-was-made
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Aboriginal Spirituality and Dreaming
• Discuss how Aboriginal Spirituality is determined by the Dreaming - kinship - ceremonial life - obligations to land and people
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The Spirit of ULURU / Aboriginal Music Didgeridoo Dreaming
Spirit of Uluru: Music of the Australian Aborigine. Delta Music, Laserlight Digital (1998). Track list below. Enjoy the music! [00:00] The Spirit of Uluru [07:08] . Aboriginal sacred site, mystical, magic place, massive single rock isolated in the centre of Australias red desert thousands of miles from the coast in any . 2 Hours of Best Relaxing Music - Spirit of Australia (aboriginal music) Original audiotrack: Australian Initiation Song (folk art) *** Follow us *** Youtube . D.R. - Aboriginal Spiritual Music, Vol. II.
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Ancient Mysteries Dreamtime of the Aboriginals Documentary
The Aboriginals of Australia (INCREDIBLE ANCIENT HISTORY DOCUMENTARY) Frontier is considered television's first comprehensive account of Australia's . Aboriginal Theology - Ancient Mysteries - Dreamtime of the Aboriginals (1998) See Full Credits at In Aboriginal mythology ... Ancient Mysteries: Dreamtime of the Aboriginals (Documentary) The Aborigine culture is said to harbor the oldest continuous line of human wisdom on earth. Ancient Mysteries Dreamtime of the Aboriginals Documentary. Children of The Fourth World Documentary Video Production © Dreamtime Entertainment, Florida Please Subscribe! Indigenous tourism helps to reconcile the ... The men of the Fifth World (full documentary) The Aboriginals of Australia (INCREDIBLE ANCI Ancient Mysteries Dreamtime of the Aboriginals Documentary Ancient Mysteries Dreamtime of the Aboriginals Documentary
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Dust Echoes - The Mimis
ABC Aboriginal Stories, Dust Echoes - The Mimis.
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Dreamtime Stories - Tiddalick The Frog
Dreamtime Story Animation "Tiddalick The Frog" for the Marambul Yuganha Exhibition at the Griffith campus of TAFE NSW Riverina Institute 2011. Exhibition Coordinator: Carolyn White Animation by: Mick Ashley - RedPixels Animation
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Australian Aboriginal Music   Rain dream ceremony
Recorded in Yuendumu, Northern Territory, February 1967. Language: Walbiri Record: Unesco: Australia - Aboriginal music (France, 1992) Picture: AAMU, Utrecht (Museum of Contemporary Aboriginal Art)
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The Land Owns Us
Bob Randall, a Yankunytjatjara elder and traditional owner of Uluru (Ayer's Rock), explains how the connectedness of every living thing to every other living thing is not just an idea but a way of living. This way includes all beings as part of a vast family and calls us to be responsible for this family and care for the land with unconditional love and responsibility.
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Giant Devil Dingo - Aboriginal Arts, London Didgeridoo Shop
'Giant Devil Dingo' is an Aboriginal story recorded for the Northern Territory Dept. of Education in the late 60's - early 70's. If anyone is interested in buying a higher quality DVD version at just £10.00 plus p&p please let us know. Alternatively, if you are a keen collecter, we have the original NT Film Library archive footage on 16mm tape available, please enquire. http://www.aboriginalarts.co.uk 07966 889 676
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ARC dreaming Aboriginal music and dance theatre @ Byron Bay Community theatre
Visions of a Nomad in collaboration with Nunukul Yuggera perform ARC dreaming at the Byron bay Community centre Feb 2012
ARC dreaming Aboriginal music and dance theatre at Byron bay Theatre
Visions of a Nomad in collaboration with Nunukul Yuggera performing Aboriginal contemporary music and dance combined .Original compositions by Michael Cuming,traditional song and dance by Nunukul Yuggera.A piece about collecting bush honey ,fish stomp dance into contemporary composition and choreography.
Kungkarangkalpa: Seven Sisters Songline
Kungkarangkalpa: Seven Sisters Songline is a performance of the ancient Western Desert epic song saga of the Seven Sisters presented by AṈANGU Dancers from the APY Lands in partnership with the Australian National University ARC Linkage project: Alive With Dreaming! Songlines of the Western Desert and the Centenary of Canberra at the National Museum of Australia as a celebration of Australia's vibrant indigenous culture. For more information: http://sevensisterssongline.com/
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Children's Book The Rainbow Serpent READ ALOUD
Indigenous Dreaming story about Goorialla, The Rainbow Serpent and how it created the rivers and gorges in the Northern Territory of Australia. Passed down through many thousands of years, this version is adapted by Dick Roughsey.
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Aboriginal Australia- Barramundi Dreaming
Track available at https://visionsofanomad1.bandcamp.com/album/barramundi-dreaming-single Barramund Dreaming was written after visiting the Far North West Kimberly region of Australia, its a video about loss as well as the beauty of the Indigenous people and the land they call their ancestral home. Thank you to the Toby Family and all the People in this video, we couldn't possibly name you all, thank you to our friends at the ranch and thank you to those whom sadly passed away after we just met. Composer Michael Cumin, Instrumentation: Michael Cuming,Didgeridoo,Guitar,Percussion,Bass.Silvana van Dijk on Concertina.Uncle on Vocals and guitar( end of video) Cinematography by Michael Cuming, concept and editing by Silvana van Dijk.All rights reserved Michael Cuming 2015. Available on itunes.
Modern Dreaming - Curator Kate Mullen and Aboriginal artist Curtis Taylor
Independent curator Kate Mullen brings together 14 leading contemporary Aboriginal artists from around Western Australia whose works attest to the reality of a living and modern Dreaming. Mullen spent over three years in remote Western Australia and the Northern Territory exploring her long term interest in Aboriginal stories and Dreaming. The exhibition, Dream Mine Time, includes sculpture, drawings, paintings, and an iron ore sand animation. Participating artist Curtis Taylor is not sure what his grandfather did wrong to be exiled from his Martu community, and doesn't know his name because his family won't speak his name. The only access he has to his grandfather is through the songs he composed. For this exhibition Taylor created tongues carved from wood collected from his grandfather's Country, inscribed with the words of these songs. "The songs came out from his tongue, from his dreams to his tongue," says Taylor. Dream Mine Time is on show at FORM Gallery in Perth, Western Australia until 28 July, 2018. Produced by the Artist's Chronicle, Perth, Western Australia.
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