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Green Forest: Cyprus' leading landscaping company
From spacious garden centers to unparalleled landscape design, construction and maintenance, Green Forest is, for both private and commercial properties, a one-stop solution for all your gardening needs. www.greenforest.com.cy
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Limassol Garden center
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GreenCyprusCom: let’s return the title of the “Green Island” to Cyprus!
Many years ago, Cyprus was called the “green island" – it was covered by forests by more than a half. Due to multiple factors, including regular forest fires that resulting in more than 40 thousand hectares of forest vegetation perished in 100 years, today, the forest area does not exceed 25% of the overall territory of the island. GreenCyprusCom is a non-profit organization founded in 2016, which is committed to restoration of the forest flora of the island with the support of the Department of Forests. The mission GreenCyprusCom is to form a civil public movement of Cypriots and guests of the island, aimed at reforestation and restoration of the ecosystem of Cyprus and at to motivate the island's citizens as hosts to personally participate in restoration of the forests. Our target is to plant more than 100,000 trees and return the title of the “Green Island” to Cyprus! Join us! https://greencyprus.com
M A I N C H A N N E L - https://www.youtube.com/user/tashaxgreen I N S T A G R A M - https://www.instagram.com/tashaggreen/ - https://www.instagram.com/tashagreenfit D E P O P - http://www.depop.com/en-gb/tashaggreen T W I T T E R - https://twitter.com/TashaGGreen S N A P C H A T - tashaggreen 》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》 | THINGS MENTIONED IN THIS VLOG | 》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》 | WHAT I WORE IN THIS VLOG | 》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》 | EQUIPMENT USED | Vlog Camera - https://fave.co/2Hs4VV3 Bendy Tripod - http://fave.co/2k191IO Hard Tripod - http://fave.co/2ALAK8z Video Editor - Final Cut Pro x 》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》 | MUSIC USED | Brock Berrigan - Split Decision Epidemic Sound - Summer Nights 2 》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》 FTC: This video is NOT sponsored & some of the link I use are affiliate.
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A week in Cyprus (Paphos, Akamas and Ayia Napa) 2018
Short video on how I've spent one week in Cyprus during October 2018 holiday. On the west side I've spent 3 days in Pahos and easly got in Coral Bay, Akamas (north) and in the forrest at Millomeris Watterfalls. In East 4 days were enought to see Ayia Napa and to travel very quick to Nissi Beach, Cape Greco, Sea Caves, Cyclops Cave and Green bay for a diving. Sound: Summer Sax Melodic & Saxophone Deep House Summer Mix
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HISTORY The Forest Park Hotel was founded by George. H. Skyrianides. The construction started in 1932 in Pano Platres with architecture plans by Samuel Barkai, supervised by Civil Engineer Benzian Ginsburg and officially opened in July 1936. The hotel stands amidst its own forest and gardens. It was then the only hotel in Cyprus able to cater for its clients with international standards such as individual bathrooms, large Ballroom, Dinning Rooms, Bar, Library, Lounge, Billiards room, Tennis court and its own power generator. It was in a position to cater for the discerning clients and royalties of the time. Originally the hotel had 70 bedrooms and then between 1946 and 1948 a further 30 wereadded, totalling 100 rooms. At the time this was a large hotel for Cyprus standards. During the Second World War the hotel in 1941 – 1943 was commandeered as an Army Hospital. It had a similar fate during the Suez Canal Operation in 1956; when it was taken over to act as Head quarters for the Field Records. In 1960s with the declaration of the Cyprus Republic independence, the hotel was registered, as Forest Park Hotel In 1962 Hercules Skyrianides enter the company as Assistant Manager. A year later, an outdoor half Olympic size and a small children’s swimming pool were built in the grounds. In 1972 the hotel was made into a limited company by the name of Skyrianides Hotels Ltd. The ownership was then transferred to George Skyrianides Children, Hercules, Anthony and Daphne as the shareholders of the company. Anthony Skyrianides also joined in 1974 as Assistant Manager. In the early seventies, a third floor was added with ten rooms and major refurbishments were carried out. In the early eighties, six chalet suites were built in the grounds, mainly for the Arab Sheikhs - amongst them the Leaders of Kuwait and Qatar. The hotel underwent major renovations in the late 80's and early 90's. After refurbishing the existing rooms a new extension of 54 new rooms were built in 1992 and were completed in 1995. The new extension also consists of indoor heated pool, gymnasium, sauna, jacuzzi, hairdressing salon, massage room and a new conference room. The hotel reached the final number of 137 rooms. The late George H. Skyrianides passed away in June 2001, at the age of 94. In 2002 the eldest son of Antony Skyrianides, George and in 2005 the youngest son, Marios after finishing their studies of Hospitality Management in Switzerland, joined the hotel both as part of the Management. During the winter months of 2003, the hotel went through major renovations with a facelift of the public areas and reopened its doors in the March 2004. After the renovations Mr. Hercules, Mr. Anthony Skyrianides and Mrs Dafni Demetriadou, became directors and a new General Manager was appointed, Mr. Vassos Vassiliou. When the hotel reopened in 2004 more family members like Sofianna and Polina Demetriadou (daughters of Dafni) and Gisselle Skyrianidou (wife of George), joined the hotel to assist in many various positions. The Forest Park Hotel is a family run 4 star hotel and under the personal supervision of the owners, in their fourth generation.
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Cyprus Motorcycle Trail Riding Argaka Forest & Akamas Peninsula Paphos
Cyprus Motorcycle Trail Riding in Argaka Forest & Akamas Peninsula, Paphos.. 26th June 2016.. Kawasaki KLX450 Yamaha WR250 If you enjoyed this video please 'like' and subscribe to my channel..
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Holidays in Ayia NAPA Ayia NAPA, once from a fishing village in a desert forest South East coast of Cyprus, today turned into a huge resort and has become one of the most popular tourist destination for Cypriots and visitors to the island. "Sacred forest" sounds like the name of the resort, over the years, has become one of the best island resorts thanks to the combination of the beautiful natural environment: gorgeous beaches and bays, crystal-clear coastal waters and mild climate. Day and night, happiness and joy does not leave vacationers, shimmering in front of them new faces. According to the legend, Ayia NAPA appeared due to the nomadic hunter that found in the local woods the cave with the icon of the mother of God. The forest began to be honored among the inhabitants of the island as sacred, and the nearest village called Agia NAPA. Climate Ayia NAPA is in the power of the Mediterranean, dry climate, with its dry August. The hottest period is from June to September and in winter the cyclones bring a little rain. Attractions Monastery. Is the main attraction of the resort. Built by the Venetians in 1530, near rocky Church of the eighth century. Interesting for its unusual story - first he was a Catholic and later became Orthodox. Today, tourists opened the monastery courtyard with a marble fountain and the Church of the monastery. The folk Museum. An interesting collection of prehistoric implements. The Museum of sea life. Famous for its excellent collection of marine flora and fauna. What to do? A beach vacation. The beaches are considered the best in Cyprus, thanks to the fine Golden sand shade. Be sure to visit the beach, Nissi beach, which stretches for 2 km. Active rest. Holidays can be a visit to the karting center, Golf, Windsurfing, fishing and diving in areas with underwater cliffs and caves, among the sunken amphora and ships. Entertainment. Both children and adults will enjoy the rides and shows in the theme parks resort: - Marine Park, where daily except Mondays, arranged shows of trained dolphins. The Park entrance for children under 12 years free; Park Of Dinosaurs; - WaterWorld, located at the entrance to Ayia NAPA and the largest in Europe. At night time its doors open to hundreds of Nightclubs, discos and bars. Holidays In summer, the resort meets and accompanies the various festivals, folk and dance festival. With a special scale are: day Svetaine in January; the carnival just before lent; - Easter festival; - Green Monday or the Neptune festival in the summer; - carnival Ayia NAPA in the last week of September. Tips for tourists Restaurants. The resort has a lot of small taverns and restaurants, and much love enjoy dishes of national cuisine, fish specialities, local wines. A tip of 10% is usually already included in the bill. Transport. The best way to get around the resort is by Bicycle, as the entrance is strictly forbidden. Shopping. The resort enough variety of shops, but in the afternoons on Wednesdays and Saturdays they are closed. In the summer the shops are open from 16.00 to 19.00, Monday to Saturday. In the winter, from 8.00 to 17.30, closing at 13.00 on 2 hour lunch break. Best Souvenirs brought back from Ayia NAPA, are pottery and wicker products that can be bought in the village of Liopetri. All videos in this playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAmSf2yi-vfguYJMuuKp2dahaBRUveqmN Press like! Subscribe to the channel! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUfH__rkRc-Im-LJuFcyw0w NoCopyrightSounds: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_aEa8K-EOJ3D6gOs7HcyNg Музыка Aero Chord - Time Leap (Original Mix)
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Reviving Cyprus forests: movie by Kira Altman (Greek Version)
Many centuries ago, Cyprus was known as the “green island” with more than a half of its territory being covered with green forests. Due to various external factors, including devastating forest fires, today the Cyprus forest area covers not more than 25% of the territory of the island. In the last hundred years, Cyprus has experienced three major fires, which destroyed almost 400 sq. kilometers of forest greenery. GreenCyprusCom is a non-profit organization, which has launched the reforestation project of the island with the support of the Department of Forests of the Republic of Cyprus. For more information on the reforestation project, visit our websites: http://green-cyprus.com |http://adopt-atree.com/
Greening the Desert Project, Jordan September 2018: Casual Tree Tour
I'm at the Jordan permaculture project 'Greening the Desert,' and I've filmed a casual tour of the site and included a list of our plants below. It's taken the team 10-years to get to where we are now and everyone is doing a fantastic job turning this arid desert land into a green oasis. Even in harsh climates and landscapes, we can provide examples of hope by design and education extension. ✌️ If you'd like to follow my work, I’d like to invite you to join “The Permaculture Circle” (TPC), a free and vibrant online community for anyone passionate about permaculture where I share many of my projects plus my curated collection of 100+ videos, animations, and PDFs http://start.geofflawtononline.com/permaculturecircle/ 2018 Food Forest Plant List: Latin name; Common Name(s) Acacia saligna, Fabaceae: Orange wattle, Port Jackson wattle Albizia lebbeck: Lebbeck, lebbek tree, flea tree, frywood, koko, siris, Shak Shak Tree and woman's tongue tree Allocasuarina torulosa: Forest Oak, Rose Sheoak Azadirachta indica: Neem Basella Rubra: Ceylon Spinach Buddleja saligna: False olive Carpobrotus edulis: Pigface, iceplant Cassia: Cassia Ceratonia siliqua: Carob Cyprus Cupressus sempervirens: Mediterranean cypress Corchorus olitorius: Molokhia Delonix regia: Flame tree, Royal Poinciana, Flamboyant Dodonaea viscosa subsp. angustifolia, Sapindaceae: Broad leaf hopbush, candlewood, giant hopbush, narrow leaf hopbush, sticky hopbush, native hop bush, soapwood, switchsorrel, wedge leaf hopbush, and native hop Dovyalis caffra: Kei Apple Ficus carica: Fig Gleditsia triacanthos: Honey Locust Grape Guava Hibiscus tiliaceus: Cottonwood tree, sea hibuscus, beach hibiscus Hymenaea courbaril: Brazilian cherry Kumquat Lemon Leucaena leucocephala: Leuceana Lime Moringa oleifera: Moringa Mulberry Olea europaea: Olive Orange Parkinsonia aculeata: Jerusalem thorn Papaya Passion Fruit Phoenix dactylifera: Dates Prosopis juliflora: Prosopis, mequite Pomelo Punica granatum: Pomegranate Senna bicapsularis: Christmas Bush, Winter Cassia, Butterfly Cassia Sesbania sesban: Egyptian riverhemp Sissoo Spinach: Brazilian Spinach Sphagneticola Trilobata: Singapore Daisy Solanum melongena: Eggplant (black beauty) Tamarix spp: Tamarix, salt cedar Tecoma stans: Yellow Trumpetbush, Yellow Elder Tipuana tipu: Tipuana, Rosewood, Pride of Bolivia Tussilago farfara: Ethiopian cabbage Vachellia farnesiana: Fragrant Acacia, Needle Bush Washingtonia Robusta: Washingtonia Palm
Takatoshi Naitoh (内藤孝敏) - In The Forest (1993) [Full Album]
Tracklist: 00:00 In the Forest (Part I) 04:43 In the Forest (Part II) 10:47 In the Forest (Part III) 15:28 In the Forest (Part IV) 20:48 In the Forest (Part V) 25:40 In the Forest (Part VI) The album is comprised of a single track, titled 'In the Forest', which has three compositions broken up by collages of nature sounds or field recordings. Timestamps for the different parts of the track are listed above. Rip of the 1993 CD release from Eastworld.
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Reviving Cyprus forests: movie by Kira Altman
Many centuries ago, Cyprus was known as the “green island” with more than a half of its territory being covered with green forests. Due to various external factors, including devastating forest fires, today the Cyprus forest area covers not more than 25% of the territory of the island. In the last hundred years, Cyprus has experienced three major fires, which destroyed almost 400 sq. kilometers of forest greenery. GreenCyprusCom is a non-profit organization, which has launched the reforestation project of the island with the support of the Department of Forests of the Republic of Cyprus. For more information on the reforestation project, visit our websites: http://green-cyprus.com |http://adopt-atree.com/
Paradise on Cyprus-beautiful place middle of the forest in Kambia village
Property Site: Traditional brick ranch with beautiful original hardwood floors in living room, dining room, hallway and... For complete property details visit: Rose POV He was so perfect but quiet. It was my sweet sixteen he cant get into without knowing me but I really didn't care. I only cared about one thing who ... The wonderful private garden sets Casa Bacco apart from many homes in Cortona, as most do not have an outdoor space. Imagine sitting in Casa di Bacco's lovel... Checkout my short movie, not exactly what you call a typical short movie, it uses a computer game as I have not found an animator yet. Hope you enjoy. List o... The floor plan you have been looking for in the desirous Moulton Ranch neighborhood. The builder HOUSE IN THE MIDDLE OF FOREST ,WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PLACE ....! HOUSE IN THE MIDDLE OF FOREST ,WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PLACE ....!
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Green Forest Landscapes cutting tree down
Making room for a new home
Troodos and Paphos forest - waterfalls, bridges & walks
Cyprus has a few streams running year round. In summer they make for cool green pristine spots in complete antithesis to the dry Cyprus summer climate and the congested coastline. Explore the secret green Cyprus.
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Multifunctional forestry in Cyprus
EU funds from the LIFE programme support sustainable development approaches in the Troodos national forest park.
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Islands: Cyprus - National Geographic [HD]
How National Geographic see Cyprus Island...
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Cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain (Official Music Video)
Cypress Hill's official music video for 'Insane In The Brain'. Click to listen to Cypress Hill on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/CHSpot?IQid=CHIB As featured on Greatest Hits From The Bong. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/CHGHiTunes?IQid=CHIB Google Play: http://smarturl.it/CHIBPlay?IQid=CHIB Amazon: http://smarturl.it/CHGHAm?IQid=CHIB More From Cypress Hill Lowrider: https://youtu.be/mMWBh0B9F0M Hand On The Pump: https://youtu.be/G1SwN70b0bw Dr. Greenthumb: https://youtu.be/lj9FVlEtknU More great Classic Hip Hop Videos here: http://smarturl.it/CHHPlaylist?IQid=CHIB Follow Cypress Hill Website: http://cypresshill.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cypresshill Twitter: https://twitter.com/CypressHill Instagram: https://instagram.com/cypresshill/ Subscribe to Cypress Hill on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/CHSub?IQid=CHIB #CypressHill #InsaneInTheBrain #Vevo #HipHop #OfficialMusicVideo --------- Lyrics: To da one on da flam boy it's tough I just toss that ham on the fryin pan like spam it's done when I come in slam damn, I feel like the son of sam don't make me wrek shit wit a automatic got me goin' likke general electric damn the lights are blinkin' I'm thinkin' it's all over when go out drinkin' OH makin' my mind slow, that's why I don't fuck with the big four-oh bro, I got ta' maintain cuz a nigga like me is goin; insane insane in da membrane insane in da brain! [x4]
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Troodos Mountains Cyprus
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William and Kate land in Cyprus as they make a visit to RAF base
William and Kate land in Cyprus as they make a visit to RAF base: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6462263/William-Kate-land-Cyprus-make-whirlwind-visit-RAF-base.html. Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqi7z1Xa_8CBhQStlApH8ww?sub_confirmation=1 The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge today brought some festive cheer to the Royal Air Force personnel who will be stationed in Cyprus over the Christmas period by delivering presents from their families.Prince William and Kate arrived at RAF Akrotiri this afternoon on a special 'Royal Mail' flight loaded with gifts and cards from relatives, as they praised the men and women for doing their work 'without fanfare'.Many of the presents had been given to the royal couple yesterday at a party they threw at Kensington Palace in London for the wives, husbands, children and parents of staff from RAF Coningsby and RAF Marham, who will be spending Christmas away from home. This afternoon, they touched down at RAF Akrotiri on the government's Voyager aircraft, which is used by the Royal Family and ministers, after making the five-hour flight from the UK.Kate looked elegantly casual as she stepped off the plane in wide-legged trousers, a white silk shirt and a khaki jacket, with her hair half swept off her face.  Copy Kate in a khaki blazer by Smythe $695 Smythe 'Duchess' blazer Buy the forest green version at Revolve Buy now  Only last night the Duchess of Cambridge wowed in a stunning Jenny Packham gown at Buckingham Palace, but it was back to normal attire today.  For a visit to Cyprus, Kate wore a pair of flattering black wide-leg trousers which she teamed with a green blazer by one of her go-to labels, Smythe. She then finished off with a simple white top, a buckled belt and an L.K. Bennett bag in a matching hue.  Kate lived up to her reputation for recycling her favorite wardrobe pieces, as we first spotted her wearing this blazer back in 2016. It’s a really timeless piece so we’re not surprised it’s become one of her staples! The tailored fit and military style buttons give it a luxe look, whilst the green color makes a refreshing change from traditional black suit blazers.  If you’re a fan, the good news is you can click (right) to shop a darker green version. Team it with black trousers a la Kate, or skinny jeans for a smart/casual balance.  For even more options, head to the carousel where we’ve hand-picked the best of the rest. We’re sure the Duchess would approve of the smart styles by Calvin Klein, Reiss, Kohl's and L’Agence. * PRICES MAY NOT BE AS ADVERTISED ...NOW GET ONE LIKE IT Previous Next $175 L.K. Bennett 'Dora' suede clutch (now reduced to £119) Buy now $77.40 Calvin Klein blazer Buy now $425 Reiss 'Etta' blazer (now $230) Buy now $595 L'Agence 'Kenzie' blazer at Farfetch (now $357) Buy now $44.99 Kohl's blazer Buy now And William said: 'All of this work is done without fanfare. You don't seek praise for your contribution. It's not about credit or recognition – for you, it's just about service. But as we approach Christmas, Catherine and I feel strongly that praise for your work and recognition of your sacrifices is exactly what is due to you all.'From my time in uniform, we both know a bit o #William, #Kate, #land, #Cyprus, #they, #make, #visit, #RAF, #base #William, #Kate, #land, #Cyprus, #make, #whirlwind, #visit, #RAF, #base
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Explore Nicosia, Cyprus
Exclusively produced for MyCyprusTravel, Kristy Agapiou explores Cyprus and highlights special attractions throughout the island. This 5 minute video features Nicosia: Cyprus’s capital and Europe’s last divided city. Embraced by formidable Venetian walls, the old city weaves a tale of conquering empires, each of which have left their architectural mark – the Venetian walls, the Byzantine Archbishop’s Palace, and much more. At Ledras Street, you will catch a glimpse of the Green Line that has divided the capital since the Turkish invasion of 1974. Despite this divide, Nicosia is a thriving, dynamic city known for its shopping and nightlife. For more: https://mycyprustravel.com/ Music by COSTAS CACOYANNIS (used by kind permission)
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MTB Biking Paphos Forest Stavros CYPRUS GoPro Hero 4 Black Feiyu-Tech G4 Gimbal
MTB Biking Paphos Forest Stavros CYPRUS GoPro Hero 4 Black Feiyu-Tech G4 Gimbal
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Cyta Forest
It's a pro environment campaign created in Cyprus by CYTA. The locations are in a burned forest and then in an untouched one-both in Cyprus. The green paint on little girl's fingers symbolizes the protestors at Bali's Conference for Climate Change.
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Knossos, an impressive villa enjoying stunning sea views in Argaka, Paphos, Cyprus
www.rentvillasincyprus.org Villa Knossos is located in Argaka and is a luxury, stone-built, villa with a very large pool and a tennis court.This villa lies on the edge of the Paphos forest and it overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. It provides a beautiful mountain view. Its' location is perfect to explore the neighboring areas of the west cost. Nestled in lusciously green orange groves it offers both sea and mountain views. On entering you will find an open plan ground floor, the living area is tastefully furnished and has a useable fireplace, for entertainment there is a television with satellite (limited channels) and DVD player. The dining area has a formal dining table and six chairs. The kitchen is fully fitted with a large fridge/freezer with ice maker, electric oven and hob, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine and wine cooler. The first bedroom with double bed and ensuite shower room is situated on the ground floor along with a separate cloakroom. The remaining three double bedrooms each with ensuite facilities and a private balcony are located on the first floor. The master bedroom features an ensuite bathroom. Argaka is a 10 min drive from the town of Polis which is served by the fishing port of Latchi—a pole of attraction all the year round and reputed for its fish taverns, its sea-sport facilities and boat rides up to Akamas—a must for all Polis visitors The main town Paphos, is only 30 minutes away.
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Forest Park Hotel Cyprus swimming pool
A cool, deep, crystal clear swimming pool, shaded by scented pine trees in a quite forest up in Platres Cyprus. The Forest Park Hotel is the hidden gem of Cyprus. When rowdy crowds gather in noisy hordes at newly built hotels and resorts along the coast, up at the Forest Park Hotel, real quality vacationing is available. This hotel was built in the 1930's in the middle of a large ancient forest in the mountains. Middle eastern royalty, European movie stars and American billionaires used to spend summers here, the only 5 start hotel in Cyprus at the time. Today this is still the only place in Cyprus where one can find real piece of mind, great service, pure cool dry air in summer and wonderful views from your room balcony. If you are looking for parties, bars, pubs, dance clubs and excited crowds, do not come here. Stay at a beach resort.
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Paphos Forest
Paphos Forest on the way to the Cedar Valley
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Cyprus is not just beaches
Cyprus may have some top class beaches, but its natural heritage is not restricted to those. A large part of it is covered with largely pristine forests, that are cool and green even during the hottest summer days. Great for exploration by foot or on mountain bike. If you are lucky, early in the morning or late in the afternoon you may also see some elusive moufflon.
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Troodos, Cyprus
trip to Troodos, Cyprus 14th May 2007
A big forest fire in august 2012 on outskirts of kyrenia
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Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery, Cyprus 2014
The Chrisorrogiatissa Monastery is the next station for the photo exhibition from "AG Leventis Foumdation" with the topic "Nature of Cyprus". At the request of BirdLife Cyprus I made some additionally photos from the Paphos Forest area for the Exhibiton. So, I'm also curious about the monastery it self. Early in the morning at 6:00 I came in the monastery courtyard and I heard from the Church, that the ceremony was already underway. I just looked around and noticed the monk who came to me from the Church. After a short presentation of mine he invited me for a coffee after the ceremony. What I did not know, it was Father Dionysos, the Abbot and simultaneously only monk of the monaster. Father Dionysos offer me later on my Cyprus Coffee and told me about the cooperation with the AG Leventis Foundation how have financed the renovation of the monastery and much more. By the way I met Papa Petros too, a young priest, who lives in the village Panagia with his family. He comes along with other priests from the area to celebrate the mass at the Monastery Church with Father Dionysos. The monastery is a very much a quiet place. The daily flow of tourists from 9:00 until late afternoon concerns only the Church. Unfortunately, tourists are often timed closely tied through the Guide and see very much little of the many details that has to offer the monastery. I can therefore only recommend to bring time to see all angles and details of the monastery and to enjoy the silenc. First and foremost Father Dionysos, which gladly answers questions and gives information, there is the Monastery wine production cellar, the library with numerous icons, workshops for icons painting with one of the best icons painter in Cyprus, a Conference Centre with Art exhibition, a restaurant with an observation deck (only in summer operation). I have found a place for me where I like to stay in silence for a few hours... Die Chrisorrogiatissa Monastery ist die nächste Station einer Photo Ausstellung der „AG Leventis Foundation“ mit dem Thema „Nature of Cyprus“. Auf Wunsch von BirdLife Cyprus habe ich zusätzlich noch einige Aufnahmen aus dem Paphos Forest Gebiet gemacht. So bin ich dann auch neugierig auf das Kloster selbst geworden und habe mich früh am Morgen mal auf den Weg gemacht um den Sonnenaufgang dort mit zubekommen. Als ich um 6:00 Uhr früh in den Klosterhof kam hörte ich aus der Kirche, dass die Messe bereits im Gange war. Ich schaute mich etwas um und bemerkte dann den Mönch, der aus der Kirche zu mir kam. Nach kurzer Vorstellung meinerseits lud dieser mich zu einem Kaffee nach der Messe ein. Was ich nicht wusste, es war Vater Dionysos, der Abt und gleichzeitig einzige Mönch, der seit 45 Jahren in diesem Kloster lebt. Vater Dionysos erzählte mir später bei einem Cyprus Coffee dass der gute Zustand des ganzen Klosters auf die Zusammenarbeit mit der AG Leventis Foundation zurückzuführen ist und er sehr dankbar ist für diese Zusammenarbeit. Nebenbei lernte ich auch Papa Petros kennen, einen jungen Priester, der im Ort Panagia mit seiner Familie lebt und immer wieder, zusammen mit anderen Priestern aus der Gegend, ins Kloster kommt um mit Vater Dionysos die Messe zu zelebrieren. Das Kloster ist eigentlich ein sehr ruhiger Ort. Der täglich Touristenstrom von 9:00 bis zum späten Nachmittag betrifft zentral nur die Kirche. Viele der Touristen sehen, durch das zeitlich eng gebunden Programm der Reiseführer, sehr wenig von den vielen sehenswerten Details, die das Kloster zu bieten hat. Ich kann daher nur empfehlen Zeit mitzubringen um alle Winkel und Details des Klosters zu besichtigen und zu geniesen. Allem voran steht da Vater Dionysos, der gerne Fragen beantwortet und Auskunft gibt, da ist die Klostereigene Weinproduktion mit Weinkeller, die Bibliothek mit unzähligen Ikonen, Workshops für Ikonen Malerei mit einer der besten Ikonen Malerin in Zypern, ein Konferenz Zentrum mit Bilderausstellung, eine Restaurant mit Aussichtsplattform, allerdings nur im Sommerbetrieb. Ich für mich habe einen Ort gefunden, an dem ich gerne einige Stunden die Stille geniese und verweile… Albert Stoecker
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Giant Green Insect While On Location in Cyprus. One Of The Biggest Bugs I Have Ever Seen.
Captured a large green insect on film while covering a wedding in Cyprus. The uninvited guest was spotted by a startled bridesmaid. This must be one of the biggest insects I have ever photographed. http://www.fuoco.co.uk
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Interstate 10 Cyprus Forest Louisiana USA
on trip, I fell in love with these swamp trees!
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Ariadni, an impressive, spacious, high quality villa in Argaka, Paphos, Cyprus
For Reservations, visit our site: http://www.argakaluxuryvillas.com call us:+35796370952, Follow us on twitter : https://twitter.com/Argaka_luxury A wonderful 4 bedroom villa on a 1000sq metres plot with a pool on two levels and a tennis court set in a quiet location and unique, unforgettable view to the sea.This villa is in the village of Argaka it lies on the edge of the Paphos forest and it overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. It provides a beautiful mountain view. Its' location is perfect to explore the neighboring areas of the west cost. TV and DVD player, huge spaces inside and out, landscaped gardens and a great play area for the children to enjoy and enjoy a game of tennis on our shared tennis court. Argaka is a 10 min drive from the town of Polis which is served by the fishing port of Latchi—a pole of attraction all the year round and reputed for its fish taverns, its sea-sport facilities and boat rides up to Akamas—a must for all Polis visitors The main town Paphos, is only 30 minutes away.
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Pikni Forest
A quick montage of how Pikni Forest in Peyia, Paphos / Pafos - Cyprus Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/petspotpro/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/PetSpotPro Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/petspotpro/ Google+: https://google.com/+Petspotpro LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/petspot-pro/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/petspotpro/ Or contact us Email: [email protected]
4K Cyprus - Autumn Creek
A secret place in Cyprus, shot and edited in 5K. Cinematography by Theodoros Nikolaides. Graded by Frederick von Sulle. Watch in 4K and enjoy.
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Motorcycle ride to Cedar Valley, Paphos Forest, Cyprus, part five
Welcome to part five of our motorcycle ride to Cedar Valley in the Paphos Forest in Cyprus. In this video we are just leaving Stavros Tis Poskas and are riding through the beautiful Paphos Forest climbing a few thousand feet into the mountains, with sheer drops over the side of the roads, I don't want to take my eyes off the road! Thanks for watching! Cliffy Amo.
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Paphos Garden Center
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Yoichiro Yoshikawa (吉川洋一郎) - Cyprus (1988) [Full Album]
Tracklist: Side A 00:00 Tarawa 04:03 Fiesta Del Fuego 07:48 Im Wald Nöerdlingens 12:31 ΚΥΠΡΟΣ (Cyprus) 16:28 Nube Side B 18:34 Nebraska 23:01 Ponape Island In The Afternoon 25:39 Dryad At 4 A.M. (Piano) 29:49 Die Gottes Auferstehung 34:05 The Miracle Planet (Piano) Rip of the 1988 LP release from Eastworld.
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Eleni Foureira - Fuego (Live - London KOKO club) | Cyprus Eurovision 2018 | Eurovoxx
Eleni Foureira came second at Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon with her song Fuego. On 29 June 2018 she performed her first concert in London as part of her European tour.
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Alligator Green Swamp FL
Jan 1 2011 found in the middle of a Cyprus Forest near a 10ft wet hole.
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Longboard movie "Please stay in touch" filmed in Cyprus
"A few friends went on a longboard trip to Stauros of Psokas which is situated in the heart of Paphos forest in Cyprus (island located in the Mediterranean sea). It is the only place in Cyprus that has many cedar trees which are amazingly beautiful! http://www.flickr.com/photos/philphotography/1464504598/in/set-72157602169369853/ Longboarding, cycling, running or any other activity gets you to places that you might had never visited offering a sweet memories. Constantine Cavafys poem Ithaca talks about the journey and not the goal...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1n3n2Ox4Yfk Produced / edited by: Home Made Picture Productions Filmed by: Dimos Nikolaou Music by: John Butler who is an American-Australian musician, songwriter, record label owner and producer. Xavier Rudd who is an Australian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Songs: John Butler Trio - Betterman Xavier Rudd - Stay in Touch Enjoy..:)"
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Rotary District 2450 Conference 2013 - Limassol Cyprus
Rotary District 2450 Conference 2013 - Limassol Cyprus Dear Rotarians, Rotaractors, Family and Friends of Rotary, It gives us immense pleasure to invite you to the 77th District 2450 Conference to be held in Limassol, Cyprus, from the 4th to the 7th of April of 2013. The city of Limassol is stretched along the shores of the Mediterranean and is the most exciting and vibrant city of the Island, with close proximity to historic sites and monuments as well as to the green pine forest covered mountains. The venue hotels are in walking distance to each other, all strategically built on the seashore with facilities to meet all tastes. Our exceptional organizing committee are preparing wonderful programs for you, with highly interesting topics from brilliant speakers and personalities. Visits for the spouses are organized to interesting sights and resorts, whilst visits for shopping are not forgotten. Evening functions are going to be great, with lots of fun and surprises. We shall have fantastic fellowship and create an unforgettable atmosphere as we intend to make this 'The Last Of The Best' of District Conferences for District 2450. We shall usher-in the two New Districts of 2451 & 2452 with great festivity, by strengthening our bonds of friendship with programs for future cooperation and joint activities. We promise to deliver to you an exceptionally interesting conference well balanced with interesting Rotary work but full of fun and fellowship. Dear friends, we are waiting for you with open hearts and open arms, please join us so that TOGETHER, we make this Conference 'The Best Of The Last." See You in Limassol, 4th to 7th April 2013. Kevork Mahdessian DG 2012-2013 For more information visit the Rotary Cyprus website at http://rotary-cyprus.org/
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CYPRUS Island - Myths and Truths
http://archive.churchofcyprus.org.cy/documents/EN.pdf * http://www.mfa.gov.cy/mfa/Embassies/Embassy_Warsaw.nsf/All/C87529455B0F3E07C1257AE70043B0E1 http://docs.google.com/document/d/1blQ8Rqt-cTzlA2EVVxl6LRqS9uCgCSebEFco-4s5SJE * http://kypros.org/CyprusPanel/cyprus/Cproblem.html http://kypros.org/Cyprus_Problem/Turkish-Atrocities.html * http://tiny.cc/cyprusissue * http://tiny.cc/cyprusdocu © Adouloti Kerinia, 2010 GREECE ELLAS ELLADA MACEDONIA MAKEDONIA ALEXANDER PHILIP ALEKSANDROS ALEKSANDAR ΕΛΛΑΣ ΕΛΛΑΔΑ ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟΣ ГРЦИЈА МАКЕДОНИЈА АЛЕКСАНДАР ФИЛИП HISTORY ΙΣΤΟΡΙΑ ИСТОРИЈА ANCIENT ΑΡΧΑΙΑ АНТИЧКА NAME ΟΝΟΜΑ ИМЕ REPUBLIC ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑ РЕПУБЛИКА YUGOSLAV ΓΙΟΥΓΚΟΣΛΑΒ ЈУГОСЛОВЕН TRUTH ΑΛΗΘΕΙΑ ВИСТИНА FYROM F.Y.R.O.M. ΠΓΔΜ Π.Γ.Δ.Μ. БЈРМ Б.Ј.Р.М.
Eleouthkia Park
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Eurovision 2018 Cyprus - REACTION & REVIEW [Eleni Foureira - Fuego]
My greek friend Apostolis reacts to Eurovision 2018! Visit and make sure to subscribe to the official Eurovision channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/eurovision Eurovision 2018 Songs: Albania - Eugent Bushpepa - Mall Armenia - Sevak Khanagyan - Qami Austria - Cesár Sampson - Nobody But You Australia - Jessica Mauboy - We Got Love Azerbaijan - Aisel- X My Heart Belarus - ALEKSEEV – Forever Belgium - Sennek - A Matter Of Time Bulgaria - Equinox - Bones Croatia - Franka Batelić - Crazy Cyprus - Eleni Foureira - Fuego Czech Republic - Mikolas Josef - Lie To Me Denmark - Rasmussen - Higher Ground Estonia - Elina Nechayeva - La Forza Finland - Saara Aalto - Monsters France - Madame Monsieur - Mercy F.Y.R. Macedonia - Eye Cue - Lost and Found Germany - Michael Schulte - You Let Me Walk Alone Greece - Yianna Terzi - Oneiro Mou Hungary - AWS - Viszlát nyár Iceland - Ari Ólafsson - Our Choice Ireland - Ryan O'Shaughnessy - Together Israel - Netta Barzilai - Toy Italy - Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro - Non mi avete fatto niente Latvia - Laura Rizzotto - Funny Girl Lithuania - Ieva Zasimauskaitė - When We're Old Malta - Christabelle - Taboo Moldova - DoReDoS - My lucky day Montenegro - Vanja Radovanović - Inje Norway - Alexander Rybak - That's How You Write a Song Poland - Gromee - Light Me Up ft. Lukas Meijer Portugal - Cláudia Pascoal - O Jardim Romania - The Humans - Goodbye Russia - Julia Samoylova - I won't break San Marino - Jessika (feat. Jenifer Brening) - Who we are Serbia - Balkanika & Sanja Ilic - Nova deca Slovenia - Lea Sirk - Hvala, ne! Spain |- Alfred and Amaia - Tu Canción Sweden - Benjamin Ingrosso - Dance You Off Switzerland - Zibbz - Stones The Netherlands - Waylon - Outlaw In 'Em Ukraine - Mélovin - Under The Ladder United Kingdom - SuRie - Storm NO copyright infringement intended and NO financial gain by my uploads! I make my videos just for fun!!! "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use" Follow me: Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EscMike/ Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012072462632 Twitter: https://twitter.com/EscMike Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mike_ktistos/?hl=el Tags: ALL THE WINNERS: 2000 - Denmark: The Olsen Brothers - Fly on the wings of love 2001 - Estonia: Tanel Padar & Dave Benton – Everybody 2002 - Latvia: Marie N - I wanna 2003 - Turkey: Sertab Erener - Everyway that I can 2004 - Ukraine: Ruslana - Wild Dances 2005 - Greece: Helena Paparizou - My Number One 2006 - Finland: Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah 2007 - Serbia: Marija Šerifović – Molitva 2008 - Russia: Dima Bilan – Believe 2009 - Norway: Alexander Rybak – Fairytale 2010 - Germany: Lena - Satellite 2011 - Azerbaijan: Ell & Nikki - Running Scared 2012 - Sweden: Loreen – Euphoria 2013 - Denmark: Emmelie De Forest - Only Teardrops 2014 - Austria: Conchita Wurst - Rise Like a Phoenix 2015 - Sweden: Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes 2016 - Ukraine: Jamala - 1944 2017 - Portugal: Salvador Sobral - Amar Pelos Dois Tags: Eurovision Song contest, 2017, 2018, 2019 Supernova, A Dal, Vidbir, Eesti Laul, Eurovision Asia, Celebrate Diversity, Eurovision In Concert, EIC, Amsterdam, Israel Calling, London Eurovision party, Junior eurovision song contest, JESC, top 50, top 100, winner, esc, jesc, top 42, final, semi final, favorite, best songs, eurovision history ever 1956, 90's, Sweden, heroes, måns zelmerlöw, melodifestivalen, NRK, stockholm, national final, Europe, recap, all entries, ranking, karaoke, instrumental, plagiarism, cover, live, dress rehearshal, jury, 2nd semi final, 1st semi final, results, after show, uefa euro, beautiful, sexy, hot, handsome, England, Wales, Scotland, Britain, british, mad, VMA, X factor, Rising Star, Sergey Lazarev, Demy, Poli Genova, Helena Paparizou, UK, Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, FYROM, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Pays Bas , Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Serbia & Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Yugoslavia
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