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Workshop - Brand Content Digital : le pouvoir de séduction des marques
Les marques aussi ont leur personnalité et ont envie de plaire. Mais comment transmettre ses valeurs et ses qualités quand on est une marque ? Découvrez ce qu'est "le pouvoir de séduction des marques", comment font-elles pour séduire, de quoi habillent-elles leurs sites web pour se rendre attractives et surtout, comment font-elles pour marquer l'esprit des internautes ? Animé par Amanda Bertrandias, conseil en stratégie de communication. Bon replay à tous, L'équipe IONISx.
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Build A Digital Strategy in 5 Steps
Marcus Mustafa, ECD at LBi Digitas teaches the five steps to a successful digital strategy. If you work in marketing or advertising, you can't afford not to watch this film. Book your place on Marcus' D&AD Training course 'Digital Strategy' now – http://www.dandad.org/en/digital-strategy/
Best Branded Content Campaigns in the World 2018
Branded Content & Entertainment Pencil Winners 2018: http://bit.ly/2xPQUNo Branding Pencil Winners 2018: http://bit.ly/2OQ0cA5 D&AD represents global creative, design and advertising communities and celebrates brilliance in commercial creativity.
Le Brand Content par Laurent Laforge
Laurent Laforge, fondateur de l'agence Modedemploi et expert du brand content, répond à nos questions. Il intervient sur les formations suivantes : - Digital brand content ; - Community management : créer et gérer une communauté 2.0, lors du salon i-expo ; - Community management et stratégie de communication ; - Prospective et grandes tendances de communication ; - Médias sociaux et community management. Découvrez également notre formation sur le brand content, animée par Edouard Rencker, Directeur Général du groupe Makheia. www.strategies.fr/formation
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SUPER PR - Brand Content - Digital Storytelling - Public Relations
Wollen Sie Ihre Zielgruppen emotional erreichen? Eine virale Geschichte wie Supergeil von Edeka erzählen? Wir machen SUPER PR, die die Beziehungen mit Ihren Zielguppen langfristig pflegen. Wir unterstützen Sie mit unserem Know How aus TV und PR und machen Unternehmenskommunikation, die Ihre Marke und Ihre Brand Story optimal unterstützt. Wir sind eine PR-Agentur, die Expertise aus beiden Bereichen vereint und deshalb unschlagbar. Wir wissen was strategische Unternehmenskommunikation bedeutet, wir bereiten Sie mit unseren Medientrainings optimal vor und können Ihre Botschaften in unterschiedlichen Content-Formaten umsetzen und transportieren. Wir sind Ihre Partner im Mediendschungel. Arbeiten mit uns macht Spaß und bringt einen messbaren Mehrwert. "Videomarketing" steht für alle Formen des Internetmarketing in Verbindung mit Online Videos. Auf YouTube und anderen Videoportalen werden täglich mehrere Millionen neue Videos hochgeladen. Damit ist klar, dass es nicht reicht ein Video auf einem Videoportal hochzuladen und zu erwarten, dass es von vielen Personen angeschaut wird. Wie setzt man Videos ein? Wohin geht die Zukunft der PR? TAGS: Onlinemarketing Videomarketing Filmproduktion Videoproduktion Imagefilm Werbefilm Eventfilm Musikvideo Videoberatung After Effect CS6 Premiere Pro CS6 ABONNIEREN! KOMMENTIEREN! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!! ABONNIERT UNSEREN KANAL UND BLEIBT AM LAUFENDEN! SUPER PR: Sabine Sikor Petz Sladjana Krsteska Christian Cabek
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How To Create A Content Strategy For Your Content Marketing
Creating a content marketing strategy can be an incredibly difficult process, especially if you’re unsure of you you’re targeting, or what you’re trying to achieve. An effective content strategy is an invaluable resource, helping to structure and drive your content campaign. In this video, James explains everything you need to know about creating a winning content marketing strategy, and how you can go about putting together a plan that works for your business. Target Audience Firstly, James explains the importance of understanding your target audience. Whilst there are countless methods of targeting the right audience, a few highlights James includes are creating buyer personas and utilising data from Google Analytics. You can use tools like YouGov Profiler: https://yougov.co.uk/profiler#/ to gain a clearer view of your audience’s interests, likes and habits, and apply this information to different stages throughout your buying cycle. You can also pull audience reports from Google Analytics, which provide valuable key demographic data, including location and the sites your audience are also visiting. Building Goals Now you understand who it is you’re going to be aiming your content towards, you can formulate worthwhile goals and objectives for your content marketing campaign. These goals will vary depending on your own business values and marketing plans, as well who you’re trying to reach with your work. Your content marketing goals could be targeted towards gaining more followers, increasing traffic, boosting social shares or driving conversions; it will all depend on your business’ needs. Whichever goal you select, you’ll then need to formulate objectives to help you achieve them. You goal is what you’re aiming for; your objective is how you’ll get there. The video above contains plenty of information on relevant objectives which you can set to help you achieve the goals you’ve set. Social Media James also explains the importance of establishing social profiles on popular social media platforms, in order to further build your brand, and boost your content promotion efforts. During this process, it’s also worthwhile searching for industry relevant websites, such as forums and blogs, which will allow you to gain an overview of current attitudes, opinions and issues related to your business. By engaging with key users and influencers on social and sites such as these, you can begin to build a loyal group of followers with an active interest in your brand. Content Audit Before you begin creating a new plan, it’s necessary to take a look back, and carry out an in depth content audit to determine what has worked, and what has failed, in the past. As part of this, you’ll also want to carry out a competitor content analysis on three or four of your key competitors, in order to get a better idea of what your competition are doing to gain traction. Details on how to perform both these audits are revealed at length in the video above, where James also explains how you can use tools like Google Trends https://www.google.com/trends/ and Google Analytics to get a better understanding of your previous campaigns. These techniques should provide you with enough information to formulate new ideas. Editorial Calendar An editorial calendar is paramount to your campaign’s success. It will allow you to plot what should be created when, and give you a better idea of the activities you need to carry out to stay relevant and up to date. Promotion and Measurement Finally, James explains how you can successfully promote your content using the contacts you’ve established, and measure this success against the goals you’ve set. Watch the video above for the full details, but for more information on planning winning content marketing campaigns, download our complete guide today: http://www.koozai.com/resources/whitepapers/the-complete-guide-to-content-marketing/ For more information visit http://www.koozai.com/seo/content-marketing/ For more information on our digital marketing services, please visit http://www.koozai.com/services/. Feel free to check out our other useful Digital Marketing posts at: http://www.koozai.com/blog/ https://www.facebook.com/koozai https://twitter.com/koozai
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Secrets to Creating Breakthrough Branded Content
What makes a piece of sponsored content stand out? How can marketers create branded content that feels authentic and innately sharable? Gain valuable insight into the success of content in the digital space and what it takes to climb to the top of this changing industry – engaging with audiences through meaningful ways, building trust within brand platforms, and successfully integrating other brands within native content to serve both the brand and the viewer. Join First Media’s (Blossom, So Yummy and Blusher) founder as he discusses trials & tribulations through case studies, algorithm changes, and how to gain ‘super fans’ that drive viral video success. Attend this session and learn: How to apply a few minimal but crucial steps in your content formula to achieve success How to create a brand that resonates with audiences and makes them share How to adapt to a changing social industry How to integrate brands into content that feel organic in a saturated marketplace
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디지털 브랜드 콘텐츠 기획자 (digital brand content manager)
브랜드를 말하는 이야기꾼인 디지털 브랜드 콘텐츠 기획자
Les 2 piliers du Brand Content
Julien Guagliardo - Directeur de Yahoo Studio Interview en marge de la soirée débat Cels'and Co du 2 octobre 2014: "Brand content et digital: quelle stratégie gagnante pour les marques ?" Retrouvez-nous sur Twitter #Celsandco
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How to Create the Optimal Content Marketing Strategy
http://www.fanaticsmedia.com Mark Fidelman interviews Mark Schaefer on Content Marketing Strategy. Here's what you'll learn: 1. What Should People Know About Content Marketing Today? 2. Do You Have Any New Content Marketing Distribution Strategies that Can Be Deployed Broadly? 3. Do You Have a Marketing or Social Hack That Is Related to Content Marketing? One of the big reasons that many brands are suffering from “content shock” is that so much content today looks exactly the same. It seems to be a bit lazy and uninspired because of this. Through this realization, Mark found inspiration in an unlikely place; Taco Bell. The fast food chain only utilizes approximately 14 ingredients, yet every month the company comes out with a new concoction. The point made here is that marketers have many ingredients at their disposal, but are not using them in creative or innovative ways Read more: http://www.fanaticsmedia.com/how-to-beef-up-content-marketing-campaigns-in-2016/ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Don't miss this one! "Ep 7: How to Get 70 Million Views on Facebook" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkpZ6r-MKt4 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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How Red Bull Turned Their Content Marketing Into a Media Company
Red Bull is probably one of the most cited examples of a company doing great content marketing. But at Red Bull, they actually don’t think of their videos, TV shows, magazine, and events as content marketing. In this clip from the documentary, The Story of Content, you can see just how Red Bull has gone beyond a content marketing case study and now profits off all their content. To watch the full documentary: https://youtu.be/dBnpr3pkFlk FOR TONS MORE advice & education http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/ SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL LIST! http://info.contentmarketinginstitute.com/acton/form/5141/0022:d-0001/0/index.htm LEARN ABOUT CONTENT MARKETING WORLD 2017 #CMWorld: http://www.contentmarketingworld.com/ ENROLL IN CONTENT MARKETING UNIVERSITY http://www.contentmarketinguniversity.com/ SUBSCRIBE TO OUR FREE MAGAZINE http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/chief-content-officer/ LET'S CONNECT! Twitter ► https://twitter.com/@cmicontent Google+ ► https://plus.google.com/+Contentmarketinginstitute/posts Facebook ►https://www.facebook.com/ContentMarketingInstitute Linkedin ► https://www.linkedin.com/company/2416452 Slideshare ►http://www.slideshare.net/cmi
5 Social Media Campaign Examples From Big Brands You Want to Be In 2018
There's no better places to look for social media campaign examples than to the big brands that do it best. That's why Ramona has compiled 5 of her favorite social media examples for you. Whether you're looking for small business social media ideas or you're one of these big brands, this video has something for you! READ 22 More Social Media Campaign Ideas: ► https://www.impactbnd.com/blog/social-media-campaign-ideas DOWNLOAD the 2018 Inbound Marketing Strategy & Template: ► https://hubs.ly/H09_qJj0 Visit Our Website for honest and unfiltered advice, stories, strategies, and support: ► https://www.impactbnd.com Happy marketing!
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OH MY JOB! : Brand Content Manager
« Mon travail, c'est être responsable du contenu de la marque et raconter son histoire sur l'ensemble des canaux qu'on peut utiliser. » Mélissa, Brand Content Manager chez Tediber, nous explique son boulot dans ce nouvel épisode de OH MY JOB!
EDF - Snapchat et Digital Brand Content
Episode 1 : Interview avec une vision annonceur (EDF) Episode 2 à paraître : Interview avec une vision agence (HAVAS) Crédits musique : Pandrezz sur YouTube :) Me suivre sur les réseaux sociaux : Facebook : L'oeil de la com Twitter : @oeil_de_la_com LinkedIn : Philippe Rohel
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The Best Branded Content in the World 2016
D&AD Pencil Winning Branded Film Content & Entertainment 2016. We spoke to members of our Branded Film Content & Entertainment Juries to find out what they looked for when choosing the best examples of branded content in 2016. Overall, the award winning branded content that stood out was nothing short of brilliant, but what makes brilliant branded content? What does it take to get noticed by the judges and how do you win a Pencil? All these questions and more are answered by our panel, who are: Claire Donald, Head of Operations, Google Creative Lab Jimmy Smith, Chairman & CEO/CCO, Amusement Park Entertainment Khai Meng Tham, Co-Chairman & Worldwide CCO, Ogilvy & Mather Stephanie Oakley, Director of Film Production, 72andSunny Work shown in order: Hello Play - http://ow.ly/bK913029M9M Award: Graphite Pencil / Branded Content & Entertainment / Branded Content & Entertainment - Fiction 1-5 mins / 2016 Agency: Blink Productions Client:Hello play! Compton - http://ow.ly/2kY73029MdJ Award: Yellow Pencil / Branded Content & Entertainment / Branded Content & Entertainment - Fiction 1-5 mins / 2016 Agency: TBWA Chiat Day Client: The GRAMMYs Our Greatest Adventure - http://ow.ly/G7iR3029Mni Award: Wood Pencil / Branded Content & Entertainment / Branded Content & Entertainment - Fiction 1-5 mins / 2016 Agency: RSA Films Los Angeles Client: 20th Century Fox The Story of Ivine and Pillow - http://ow.ly/7fnH3029MrJ Award: Wood Pencil / Branded Content & Entertainment / Branded Content & Entertainment - Non-Fiction 1-5 mins / 2016 Agency: 180LA Client: UNICEF CHAMKI: The Girl From The Future - http://ow.ly/7JEX3029MyF Award: Wood Pencil / Branded Content & Entertainment / Branded Content & Entertainment - Non-Fiction 1-5 mins / 2016 Agency: Lowe/SSP3 Client: UNILEVER GLOBAL Never Alone - http://ow.ly/IrdJ3029MFv Award: Graphite Pencil / Branded Content & Entertainment / Branded Content & Entertainment - Non-Fiction 1-5 mins / 2016 Agency: AMV BBDO Client: Diageo High School Girl? - http://ow.ly/hfkP3029MKy Award:Graphite Pencil / Branded Content & Entertainment / Branded Content & Entertainment - Fiction 1-5 mins / 2016 Agency: WATTS OF TOKYO INC. Client: Shiseido Kaleidoscope - Red Bull - http://ow.ly/SVeP3029MOk Award: Wood Pencil / Branded Content & Entertainment / Branded Content & Entertainment - Fiction 1-5 mins / 2016 Agency: RSA Films Client: Red Bull Media House The Power of Privacy - http://ow.ly/2XAp3029MSv Award: Wood Pencil / Branded Content & Entertainment / Branded Content & Entertainment - Non-Fiction 6-15 mins / 2016 Agency: The Guardian Client: Silent Circle Act of Love - http://ow.ly/mted3029N0b Award: Wood Pencil / Branded Content & Entertainment / Branded Content & Entertainment - Non-Fiction 1-5 mins / 2016 Agency: HAKUHODO Kettle Client: Sagami Rubber Industries Co., Ltd. Survival Billboard - http://ow.ly/tlQ43029N91 Award: Wood Pencil / Branded Content & Entertainment / Branded Content & Entertainment - Live Experience / 2016 Agency: McCann London Client: Microsoft Look Who's Driving - http://ow.ly/QwL13029Nhx Award: Wood Pencil / Branded Content & Entertainment / Branded Content & Entertainment - Fiction 1-5 mins / 2016 Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors Client: Volvo Trucks OK GO - Upside Down & Inside Out - http://ow.ly/KI3K3029NkI Award: Wood Pencil / Branded Content & Entertainment / Branded Content & Entertainment - Fiction 1-5 mins / 2016 Agency: TUTKOVBUDKOV Client: S7 Airlines
Brand Content • Vendre, sans parler de ton produit
Le message est fort, et pourtant. Tente le coup de ne pas parler de ton produit et de mettre en avant tous les éléments autour, afin de générer du trafic. Pour le reste, ton personal branding fera le reste 😉 ------------------------------- 📍COACHING EDITORIAL Pour bénéficier de mon coaching sur le calendrier éditoriale, et avoir une organisation à toute épreuve pour réussir à produire des contenus de manière régulière, il te suffit de rejoindre l'équipe : http://www.emilie-mahaux.com/coaching-editorial/ Le déroulement du coaching : ✑ 1 semaine de coaching ✑ 5 mails, soit un par jour ✑ Des exercices pratiques ✑ Des échanges privilégiés avec moi ------------------------------- 📍CONTACT Et si tu as besoin de me contacter pour faire appel à mes services en rédaction de contenu et en stratégie éditoriale : ➤ Mon site professionnel : http://www.emilie-mahaux.com ➤ Mon email professionnel : [email protected] ➤ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/emiliemahauxfreelance/
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ITW Henkel : comment marier brand content et transactionnel grâce au digital
Quelles sont les ficelles du programme relationnel digital de Henkel France ? Comment faire du consommateur le nouveau média et la voix de son expérience, et tisser une relation durable avec les consommateurs dans un modèle de distribution indirecte ? 3ème partie de la Table Ronde " LE CLIENT EN MAÎTRE DE SON EXPERIENCE CROSS-CANAL" avec le témoignage de Catherine Marroc Latour, CRM Manager de Henkel France, leader mondial des marques et des technologies sur les produits d’entretien, cosmétiques, et adhésifs. Catherine intervient à la table ronde au côtés de : - Peter Verhoeven, Directeur Général Europe, Moyen-Orient et Afrique de Booking.com, N°1 mondial de la réservation hôtelière en ligne, - Juliette Bron, Directrice du Développement Digital du Groupe Macif, acteur mutualiste de premier plan, - Muriel Lemesre, Directrice CRM de Meetic, leader des services de rencontre en ligne et in Real Life Les Tables Rondes "Innovation & Cross-média" sont organisées par MC Factory http://www.mcfactory.fr/ en partenariat avec http://www.strategies.fr/, IBM http://www.ibm.com/fr/fr/, OpenText http://www.opentext.fr/ et Synomia http://www.synomia.fr/fr/
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What is Integrated Digital Marketing?
Digital Marketing is an ever-changing field with many moving parts; new trends come and go each day, but is it enough for your brand to just have a website? Or to have just a strong social media strategy? Not unless they are integrated! As the popularity of digital platforms continues to grow, Integrated Digital Marketing is becoming more and more crucial to the success of a company's marketing efforts. In its essence, Integrated Digital Marketing (IDM) offers an overarching strategic and tactical framework for companies to build meaningful relationships with those who find value in their brand across all digital platforms. What exactly is IDM? Watch and learn.... Love Integrated Digital Marketing as much as we do? Subscribe to Synecore Tech's YouTube Channel for more insight into the world of IDM! Follow Synecore on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SynecoreTech Follow Spencer on Twitter: https://twitter.com/spenceafied Check out Synecore's website at: http://www.synecoretech.com Find out why you need to implement an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy, now! Check out our FREE download, "The IDM Blueprint: Define and Establish" - http://hub.am/1hRPm4Y TRANSCRIPT: Many businesses understand the need of having some sort of digital presence, whether it be a Facebook page or a Website. But how does one meet the challenges of the growing digital space if their brand's marketing efforts aren't integrated? Today's consumers expect seamless online user experiences. They're looking for content that informs, entertains, or otherwise adds value to their daily lives. They're looking for Integrated Digital Marketing! Define and Establish: The first step in executing an effective IDM strategy is to "Define and Establish" your brand for the digital age. Consider this: What are your organization's target goals? Defining specific goals that are well thought out and reflect the future direction of the organization is a critical aspect of the IDM strategic process. Convey and Promote: The second step in an IDM strategy is leveraging digital content to convey your organization's brand message, product, expertise, and creativity. Organic search, paid search, and social channels are utilized to effectively promote your brand message and content. Using Paid search tactics such as Google Ad Words will offer your brand numerous ways to micro target prospects more cost-effectively than many traditional forms of advertising. Connect and Convert: A successful IDM strategy conveys your brand message across all digital platforms to form personalized connections with your target consumers, no matter the device or location they receive or access your brand. Three factors drive the mobile user experience: convenience, simplicity, and proximity. Mobile devices make our lives more convenient, while Mobile-optimized websites and apps simplify the path to discovery, create relevance, and top-of-mind awareness. Measure and Refine: The final step in an IDM Strategy is to measure and refine your efforts. To be successful, you must consistently evaluate all tactics and tools to measure your actual outcomes against expected performance. You must then use those insights to further refine and improve upon any future IDM initiatives. By seamlessly integrating various digital marketing channels into one cohesive approach, you are better able to foster deeper and more meaningful connections with those who find value in your brand. Remember IDM: It's Integrated, It's Digital, It's Marketing!
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Using Content Marketing to Build Your Digital Brand
No matter what you offer, your digital brand is referenced before anyone buys from you, a partner works with you, or a deal is closed. Bottom-line, your target audience will review your digital footprint before considering any offerings. So, how does your brand look online? If you're perplexed by that question, you need to attend this online session. This session will focus on: * How content helps to develop your identity. * How to use content to gain more visibility. * How to leverage content to increase credibility. All with NO budget or resources! You may not have the budget to produce a blockbuster content, but you can create something special to enhance your digital brand.
Tata Communications: Brand Content Drives Digital Transformation
Check out more on Adapt: https://bit.ly/2JNUiNW Tata Communications’ Head of Web & Social, Matthew Sykes, speaks to how content helps businesses connect to consumers in a digital world. As technology continues to transform how we communicate, content must zero in on emotional storytelling and help the world keep pace with its imagination.
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Brand content digital, quand la marque génère sa propre audience.
En « désintermédiant » la relation entre les marques et les consommateurs, internet a rendu désormais indispensable le contenu de marque. Un contenu digital qui peut être à la fois tactique et positionnant.
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Pullman - A New Digital and Brand Content Strategy
The world changes, Pullman's customers change too. Hyperconnected, cosmopolitan and more mobile than ever before. A new digital and brand content strategy for people who work hard, play hard to meet modern-day nomads wherever ther are, whenever they connect. #PullmanLife
Chaque année le Groupe Figaro et FigaroMedias convient leurs clients au DIGITAL DAY. Un événement, organisé au sein de les locaux du 14 bd Haussmann, qui s'articule autour d'ateliers et de rencontres qui traitent de problématiques digitales. La promesse : nourrir conjointement nos cultures digitales et nos réflexions, confronter nos expériences et apporter des solutions. ATELIER L'EDITORIALISATION DES CONTENUS, BRAND CONTENT ET CROSS CANAL "Le brand content est une expression publicitaire qui s'exprime hors des formats traditionnels". La publicité devient alors suggérée et non imposée bien décryptée pour les jeunes générations. Ces stratégies de communication amènent l'affranchissement des contraintes techniques au service de l'idée. Entre opérations digitales et citations de Lee Clows (Chairman & global director de TBWA/Worldwide), nous découvrons ici une dimension du brand content où l'objectif est de servir les marques en défendant leurs valeurs et leur identité. Intervenants : Franck Botbol et Hugues Cholez - Directeurs Généraux de DAN Paris TBWA et Directeurs de Création digitale TBWA Paris Retrouvez tous les contenus Digital Day Figaro #4 http://www.figaromedias.fr/content/digital-day-4eme-edition www.figaromedias.fr Twitter : @FigaroMedias
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Interview métier : Brand Content Manager - BforBank
En quoi consiste le métier de Brand Content Manager chez BforBank ? BforBank : https://www.bforbank.com/ Notre page Facebook : http://bit.ly/BfBfb Notre compte Twitter : http://bit.ly/BfBtwitter Notre page LinkedIn : http://bit.ly/BfBLinkedIn Pour s’abonner à notre chaîne Youtube : http://bit.ly/BfBTv
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Content Creation Strategy For Ecommerce and Online Brands
Today's brand building tip. We're going to be talking all about the content trifecta method. This is where you can take one piece of content and you can multiply it by three. You will be getting you more eyeballs on your content and also on your brand for a potential sale. So if you're interested in learning this trifecta method, watch this video because that's what we're going to cover here on the whiteboard. Have you heard about PACE? Learn Below!P = Preparation - Part 1 - https://youtu.be/ys5Q8gW4t6kA = Attention - Part 2 - https://youtu.be/azuVZJDukVYC = Cultivation - Part 3 - https://youtu.be/LAky6tuKRwAE = Expansion - Part 4 - https://youtu.be/COg742Pty8M • Check out my Weekly Workshop Here: http://theamazingseller.com/workshop/ ★☆★ SUBSCRIBE TO ME ON YOUTUBE: ★☆★ Subscribe ► http://theamazingseller.com/youtube ★☆★ Check out my Podcasts ► http://theamazingseller.com A Few of The Many Topics Discussed on My Blog are: ▪ Amazon FBA for Beginners - http://theamazingseller.com/453 ▪ Retail Arbitrage - http://theamazingseller.com/7 ▪ How to get more leads - http://theamazingseller.com/555 ▪ Internet Marketing Tips - http://theamazingseller.com/318 ▪ Insert Cards - http://theamazingseller.com/355 ▪ Video Marketing - http://theamazingseller.com/510 ▪ Advertising & Marketing - http://theamazingseller.com/522 ▪ Building Sales Funnels In Your Business (What – How And When?) - http://theamazingseller.com/527 ▪ 3 Types Of Sales Funnels For Your Business (Survive Without Amazon Sales)- http://theamazingseller.com/230 ▪ Product Selection - http://theamazingseller.com/429 ▪ FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) - http://theamazingseller.com/459 ▪ Sourcing - http://theamazingseller.com/332 ▪ Email List Marketing - http://theamazingseller.com/520 ▪ Email List Building - http://theamazingseller.com/157 ▪ Facebook Fan Page - http://theamazingseller.com/485 ▪ Private Label - http://theamazingseller.com/440 ▪ How To Launch Products - http://theamazingseller.com/465 ▪ Jungle Scout - Greg Mercer - http://theamazingseller.com/344 ▪ Amazon PPC - http://theamazingseller.com/119 ▪ Keywords - http://theamazingseller.com/483 ▪ Entrepreneur - http://theamazingseller.com/125 ▪ And Much More Top Tools & Resources For FBA Private Label Sellers - http://theamazingseller.com/resources ★☆★ FOLLOW ME BELOW★☆★ Facebook ► http://theamazingseller.com/fb Itunes►https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-amazing-seller-podcast/id963294070 Instagram► http://instagram.com/scottvoelker -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How To Find More Profit in Your Amazon FBA Business (Hacks and Tips) " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7FHCsNseH0 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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What IS Shareable Content? A Digital Brand Envy Guide
Read our blog post about this topic here!: Shareable content: https://www.digitalbrandenvy.com/what-is-shareable-content In today's video, Olivia walks you through what shareable content is, and why it can prove to be a vital part of your business and social media! Welcome to Digital Brand Envy: The Marketing education group dedicated to accelerating your marketing with bite-sized content. We've helped small and large businesses alike take their marketing to the next level, with methods that are proven to work.
Documentary- The Story of Content: Rise of the New Marketing
For more info: https://contentmarketinginstitute.com/the-story-of-content-rise-of-the-new-marketing/ Technology has changed the game. Consumers can ignore advertising and marketing at will. To break through the clutter, brands need to tell remarkable stories worth listening to and become the media in the process. The Story of Content: Rise of the New Marketing, a new documentary by the Content Marketing Institute, is the first comprehensive film of its kind for the industry. It explores the evolution of content marketing through the eyes of the world’s biggest leading brands such as Red Bull, Kraft and Marriott; and marketing influencers, including Joe Pulizzi, Ann Handley, Scott Stratten, Jay Baer and more. Featuring case studies from early pioneers to today’s marketing innovators, you’ll learn how content marketing has been–and will continue– to change business and media forever. Download our discussion guide to explore the documentary and its theme more deeply, and help you share the conversation with your executives, your colleagues, your associations and beyond: http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/... FOR TONS MORE advice & education: http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/ SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL LIST! http://info.contentmarketinginstitute... Register today for #CMWorld: http://www.contentmarketingworld.com/ LET'S CONNECT! Twitter ► https://twitter.com/@cmicontent Google+ ► https://plus.google.com/+Contentmarketinginstitute/posts Facebook ►https://www.facebook.com/ContentMarketingInstitute Linkedin ► https://www.linkedin.com/company/2416452 Slideshare ►http://www.slideshare.net/cmi
Brand Building in the Digital Age
Speakers: Frédéric Levron, Executive Director - Head of Digital and Brand Content, Ogilvy & Mather Moderator: Tiffany St James, Executive Director of British Interactive Media Association [@ tiffanystjames] Advertising has never been more fun. Digital media, technology and the entertainment industry are all booming, and brands are getting in on the action, investing an increasing share of marketing dollars into new-age brand building programs. Hear how leading advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather Paris, has embraced digital and branded entertainment to build brands such as Coke Zero, Europcar, Perrier, Ford and more.
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Alan Shulman, Managing Director, Brand & Creative Content, Deloitte Digital - &THEN17
For more information about &THEN - https://andthen.thedma.org There’s Data aplenty – but where’s the Creative that takes advantage of data? Can rules-driven ad messages really move anybody to emotion or to action? While media agencies now drive the bulk of dynamic ad creative, other players are using data to fuel more emotional creative experiences and consumer connections. In this keynote address, join creative and content veteran Alan Schulman as he explores and demonstrates how savvy brands are improvising in realtime and leveraging the power of “nowness” to create emotionally resonant data-driven creative. You’ll see and learn: Best-in-class examples of data-driven creative What makes data-driven creative different and powerful How the principles of jazz improvisation can empower data-driven creativity
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digital mkg & brand content
Views: 8 Tina Wehrli
Digital Branding: Being an Evangelist for Your Company
PR educator Bill Zimmerman delivers a talk on how to truly discover your brand and how to use that insight to create engaging social media content. Whether you're cultivating a personal brand or launching a startup, you'll learn what a brand is, see examples from branding role models and hear tools for building brand competency. The talk was given March 28, 2018, as part of the Happy Valley LaunchBox Expert Speaker Series. Bill Zimmerman is a lecturer in the Department of Advertising & PR in Penn State's Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications.
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David Fried: Digital Agency Branding & Content Strategist | Episode 017
David Fried integrates content strategy throughout his branding work at the digital agency EFM. Whether he's crafting a branding strategy from the ground up or executing a campaign for an existing brand, content is always a key element. http://efmagency.com/ Content Strategy Interviews are hosted by Larry Swanson of Elless Media. https://ellessmedia.com/csi/
Quality vs. Quantity: Creating a Content Strategy in 2019 | Melbourne Australia, 2018 Keynote
When you’re debating quality vs quantity, the answer is always both. But that being said... It’s super important that you go about building your audience with the right intent. For example, so many people are using tactics like “follow / unfollow”, or using bots to grow an Instagram account with no meaningful connection. That kind of short term behavior will always fail. What are your opinions on the quality vs quantity debate? — If you haven't joined my #FirstInLine community, you need to jump on it ASAP! By joining #FirstInLine, my messaging program, you get details on exclusive giveaways that I'm doing, updates regarding my keynotes/conferences, and more ;) You can join here: https://garyvee.com/JoinFIL Thank you for watching this video. I hope that you keep up with the daily videos I post on the channel, subscribe, and share your learnings with those that need to hear it. Your comments are my oxygen, so please take a second and say ‘Hey’ ;). — Get my newest shoe here: https://garyvee.com/GaryVee003 — Follow my journey as an #entrepreneur here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfA33-E9P7FA-A72QKBw3noWuQbaVXqSD — ► Subscribe to my channel here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=GaryVaynerchuk ►Check out my second channel here: http://www.youtube.com/askgaryvee — Gary Vaynerchuk is the chairman of VaynerX, a modern-day media and communications holding company and the active CEO of VaynerMedia, a full-service advertising agency servicing Fortune 100 clients across the company’s 4 locations. In addition to VaynerMedia, VaynerX also includes Gallery Media Group, which houses women’s lifestyle brand PureWow and men's lifestyle brand ONE37pm. In addition to running VaynerMedia, Gary also serves as a partner in the athlete representation agency VaynerSports, cannabis-focused branding and marketing agency Green Street and restaurant reservations app Resy. Gary is a board/advisory member of Ad Council and Pencils of Promise, and is a longtime Well Member of Charity:Water. Gary is a highly sought after public speaker, a 5-time New York Times bestselling author, as well as a prolific angel investor with early investments in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo, and Uber. Gary is currently the subject of DailyVee, an online documentary series highlighting what it’s like to be a CEO and public figure in today’s digital world, as well the host of The GaryVee Audio Experience, a top 100 global podcast, and host of #AskGaryVee, a business and advice Q&A show which can be found on both YouTube and Facebook. Gary also appeared as judge in Apple’s first original series “Planet of the Apps” alongside Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba and Will.i.am. — Check out my Alexa skill!: http://garyvee.com/garyvee365 — Follow Me Online Here: 2nd YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/askgaryvee Instagram: http://instagram.com/garyvee Facebook: http://facebook.com/gary Facebook Watch: http://facebook.com/garyvee LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/garyvaynerchuk/ Snapchat: http://snapchat.com/add/garyvee Website: http://garyvaynerchuk.com Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/garyvee/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/garyvee Medium: http://medium.com/@garyvee Podcast: http://garyvaynerchuk.com/podcast Wine Library: http://winelibrary.com Official Merchandise: http://garyveeshop.com Subscribe to my VIP Newsletter for exclusive content and weekly giveaways here: http://garyvee.com/GARYVIP
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Content Marketing: Brand Storytelling in a Digital Age
30th November 2017 - Hooked Digitally conducted yet another successful workshop facilitated by Rob Thurner. This session tells the tale of content marketing in a brand perspective. How content has shifted from traditional to digital. What are the key contents which attracts individuals today and what can us as companies do to keep up with the game to implement to our content marketing action plan? Why digital now? Digital transformation is moving at the speed of a charging bullet train. It is going at a pace too fast for academia to keep up. We keep you at the forefront by bringing you lessons from a practitioner consultant that no local academic tutor can match with the speed of change in the digital world. Our training workshops have been structured for a limited capacity of 20 participants each to maximize tutor-participant engagement and a hands-on experience. We will expound enough material to help you successfully assess your marketing strategy that is aligned with the needs of your organization, including tips on managing digital communication in the event of a crisis scenario. More about us - Hooked Digitally is powered by the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (the IDM) London. The IDM leads at the frontier of data and digital marketing through experiential and interactive learning taught by marketing practitioner consultants. Our strategic partner has been in the industry for over 30 years across 30 countries, with over 100,000 digital, data and direct marketing qualifiers and graduates. We offer focused, interactive and action-oriented training to develop your expertise from strategic planning to execution and monitoring of key metrics. We aim to drive your business return on investment by bringing you the latest digital marketing trends and learnings to ASEAN at the same value. Like us on our social media! Find out more: http://www.hooked-digitally.com/ Follow our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hookeddigitally/ Like our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hookeddigitally/ Follow our Linkedin page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hookeddigitally/ Follow our Linkedin community: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/10361138 For more info, please email: [email protected] to find out more about our upcoming workshops.
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Retour sur la conférence « Social Media & Brand Content » 2018
Découvrez le best-of de la deuxième édition de la conférence ISM « Social Media & Brand Content : Prenez le pouvoir sur vos contenus ! », en partenariat avec Abilways Digital et le CFPJ. Si la présence sur les réseaux sociaux est désormais incontournable, il est parfois difficile de s’y retrouver : Faut-il être présent partout ? Tout le temps ? Comment faire le tri ? Décryptage avec les professionnels et échanges de bonnes pratiques entre pairs étaient au rendez-vous. Retrouvez toute notre programmation de conférences : https://www.ism.fr/article/conferences-d-actualite-ism
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Digital Brand Engagement via Content
Behavioral Economics understands the WHY of people - marketers must understand this if they want to realize engagement in today's digital dialogue age.
Views: 13 Kevin Adema
Content Marketing and Newsletters to Grow your Brand in a Digital World
How to expand your business with content marketing, email marketing and newsletters to grow your brand in a digital world. Know your niche. Everything is a brand, your image, and your reputation ties in to the business world. Stop researching and start doing. Opportunities come when you least expect so you should always be living your brand.
Views: 57 Tony Molinaro
Online Presence = SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, Digital Branding, Mobile Friendly Websites
http://externalseoandsem.com , http://numberoneonthelist.com - Online Presence = SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, Digital Branding, Mobile Friendly Websites - NumberOneOnTheList. TRANSCRIPT In today's digital age, it's vital your business has what's called an online presence. If you don't or what you do have isn't very good, it's going to be very difficult to grow your brand, increase profits, and be successful. And here is another problem: creating a powerful online presence means mastering numerous types of online marketing techniques. Let's face it, you are an expert in your particular industry, but, unless you have time, energy and a lot of money to waste while you learn from your mistakes,becoming a master at creating an online presence is going to be difficult, if not impossible, and that is why you need online marketing experts like Number One On The List. We have the expertise and experience you need to increase sales and profits significantly. That means having an outstanding responsive website that's easy to navigate on all mobile devices and desktops using feature-rich mobile apps across any platform, creating engaging marketing videos, social media marketing and Facebook apps to interact in new persuasive ways. We can do all of this for your business and even more - including SEO, SEM, digital branding, pay-per-click marketing, web hosting and domain services. Our expert team has years of experience and our customer service is simply as good as it gets - the point being this - when you work with us we take care of handling all your digital marketing and do it at an affordable price. We build your online presence into something powerful that creates long-term sales and an affinity for your brand, leaving you to do what's most important - run your business and take care of your customer. If that sounds like an excellent idea get in touch with us, with Number One On The List today.
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The Keys to Brand Content Publishing Strategy - MIPCube 2014
How to engage consumers & audiences around emotions? Scan the best value exchange between programmes & brands through an exclusive survey on social values piloted by Moxie, a creative division of ZenithOptimedia. Moderator Angela Natividad, strategist and journalist, Darewin Agency, AdVerveBlog & MIPBlog, USA Speakers Lionel Abbo, Head of Development and Digital, Shine France, France Thomas Jamet, CEO, Moxie, France Chantal Petrachi, Director of Communications, Banques Populaires, France
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Le Brand content stratégique - version intégrale - [Daniel Bô]
Xerfi Canal a reçu Daniel Bô, PDG de QualiQuanti, dans le cadre du livre "Brand Content Stratégique : Le contenu comme levier de création de valeur". Une interview menée par Mounia Van de Casteele.
Views: 156 Xerfi Canal
Marketing Minute 002: "The Brand Experience" (Content Marketing) #MarketingMinute
On today's Marketing Minute: We hear a lot about the "customer" experience, but not as much about the "brand" experience. The brand experience is not just the technical aspects of your interactions with a particular brand, but the feelings or emotions surrounding those interactions. These feelings or emotions are most likely the deepest contributors to peoples’ attitudes toward our brands. In the case of live brand interactions, we can continually adjust our actions/inputs into the experience so our customers can have more positive attitudes. But with asynchronous interactions (e.g., many social media interactions), the content we originally develop plays a more significant role in the other person’s brand experience. Once we recognize that brand interactions involve content, we start to see the importance of having content that’s both meaningful and memorable. The take-away: Meaningful, memorable content is a key success factor for positive brand experiences. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and join me in exploring more about digital marketing, brand strategy, social media marketing, and personal branding. And watch for the #MarketingMinute every Monday morning!
Views: 38322 Anthony Miyazaki
Eduardo For any content marketing strategy is basic to have long format projects. You cannot expect to maintain audience attention with 2 or 3 episodes and that's why it's important to develope new production models that let you offer scalable services. OSCAR CALLEJAS MARTÍNEZ http://www.oscallejas.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/oscallejas/ Professional with +15 years of experience in On&Off media marketing and advertising industries, focus on consumer insights, client needs and business goals. Creative leader and end to end marketing strategist, planner and producer of cross-platform campaigns for blue chip companies. SKILLS On&Off Line Media Specialist | Digital & Content Marketer | Data Driven Client Success Focus | Doer and team leader | Digital Evangelist EXPERIENCE SELL/OUT, Consultant & Advisor https://www.sellout.mx/ ● Freelance GTM planner and sales solutions developer for start-ups ● Media advisor for monetization and commercialization strategy ○ Ad technology and programmatic sales optimization ○ Content syndication and monetization partnerships ○ Content per lead campaigns development ● Technology and media platforms consultancy to go into mexican market ○ Video brand content production escalation ○ Consumer Generated Content GRUPO IMAGEN, Digital Video & Sales Marketing 2016 - 2018 ● Integrated marketing and brand content sales accountability ○ Content Experience​ campaigns producer for media brands ○ Cross platform strategies​ connecting digital with print, radio and TV ○ Spin Off Brand Content​ for original long formats ○ Cross Media strategy ​ with Multimedia companies alliance ● Client success and loyalty program management from pre, post and sale renewal ● GTM speech design based on Imagen Digital platform’s USP and differentiators ● Data Driven + creative ​storyselling​ strategist for blue chip companies campaigns ● Budgeting and profitability of Brand Content projects accountability ● Digital and transmedia campaigns strategist for Beauty, Healthcare, CPG, Automotive and Pharma industries ● Video content production team leader (13 pax.) for 15 websites + social platforms with editorial and monetization goals ● Partnership with tech companies for content production and distribution MITÚ NETWORK, Sales Solutions & Marketing Manager 2015 - 2016 ● GTM strategy for Mitu's brand introduction into the Mexican and LATAM market ● Sales marketing and commercial strategy focus on business goals ● Client success operation for local and pan-regional campaigns ● Brand content and influencer marketing manager for premium brands ● Integrated marketing campaign for original content: ○ Mitú Roast W2M​ for Telcel of América Móvil ○ Antiterapia​ for Asepxia of Genomma Lab TELEVISA.COM, ​Multiplatform Sales Marketing Leader​ 2009 - 2015 ● Team leader (6 pax.) for ideation, planning and execution of digital and transmedia campaigns (~50M annual). ● Digital marketing negotiator for CPC, CPL, CPA, CPM and programmatic deals ● Premium content monetization and commercialization strategist for Televisa’s BUs ● Push and pull projects accountability to achieve special events sales goals: ○ Online Live Streaming and content platform for 2010 & 2014 World Cups ○ Online Content and VOD platform for Olympics 2012 ○ Online Live Streaming, Second Screen and VOD platform for The Voice 11-14 ○ Online Content and VOD platform for Telenovelas and Realities ○ Online Content, VOD and Social Media platform for 1st Webnovela ● Evangelization program on digital marketing for C-level executives OLABUENAGA CHEMISTRI, ​Creative Associate​ 2004 - 2009 ● Led the creation and development of AAA advertising Campaigns ● 2007 Gold Effie Winner, “La Venganza de Edgar” for Emperador Gamesa EDUCATION ● STANFORD UNIVERSITY, ​Stanford Executive Program 2012 ● UNIVERSIDAD IBEROAMERICANA 2005, ​Bachelor in Communication CERTIFICATIONS ● Inbound Certification Program ● Youtube Channel Growth Certification ● Youtube Creative Essentials Certification ● Google Ads Fundamentals ● Content Marketing Foundations by Linkedin ● Strategic agility by Linkedin LANGUAGES Native Spanish ​|​ Advanced English ​| ​Beginner French OTHERS ● PR and Host at key industry Forums: ​IAB Conecta 2013 & 2014 ● Digital business development consultant and advisor ● Personal brand marketing ​developer​ and ​speaker ● Multicultural enthusiast and Influencer to be: ​@HDTPA https://www.instagram.com/hdtpapa
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How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2019 | Neil Patel
How digital marketing will change in 2019 and what you need to do to strive and succeed in 2019. So, let’s talk about digital marketing. Digital Marketing is going to change in 2019. What’s been working for the last few years is not anymore. These 7 digital marketing tips will ensure you’re on top of your game next year! ____________________________________________ RESOURCES & LINKS: Digital Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide: https://neilpatel.com/what-is-digital-marketing/ Read more Digital Marketing tips on my blog: https://neilpatel.com/blog ____________________________________________ Tip #1. Omnichannel Approach Digital Marketing is moving into Omnichannel approach and if you don’t use all of the channels, you’re not going to do as well Tip #2. Voice Search If you want to do well in 2019, you need to be leveraging the voice search. Tip #3. Conversion Optimization The only way you’re going to stay ahead and compete is through conversion optimization. The more you optimize your landing page, the better off you’re going to be. Tip #4. Leverage Funnels Whether you have a physical product, digital product or you’re doing lead generation, you need to track everything from a visitor all the way to a conversion point. Tip #5. Content Marketing Content marketing won’t work as easily to get links or shares unless you’re creating amazing content that people haven’t seen before. Tip #6. Video Content Video content is the future. People want to engage through video, so you need to leverage video in 2019. Tip #7. Podcasting Podcasting is taking over. Podcasting is making it easy for people to listen to your content on the go, on their mobile devices. ►Subscribe: https://goo.gl/ScRTwc to learn more secret SEO tips. Find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/neilkpatel/ Read more on my blog: https://neilpatel.com/blog #NeilPatel #digitalmarketing #onlinemarketing
Views: 217480 Neil Patel
Estelle - Digital Content Manager
Testimonial of Estelle, Digital Content Manager, about how proud she is to work in an environement where there are a lot of activities.
Views: 1832 Michelin
Smart Media - your complete digital marketing content solution
The Smart Media service has been developed in collaboration with major retailers and brand owners. Smart Media provides digital assets and data content to hundreds of brand owners and retailers and buying organisation. Smart Media continues to be a leading digital image and content creation, storage and distribution service in the Australian market.
Views: 295 GS1 Australia
Digital Content - When Is Brand Extension Appropriate?
Multiplatform, cross-platform, transmedia...whatever you call it, everyone is jumping on the brand extension bandwagon, yet making extensions should only be done when and where it makes sense -- from an audience, content and ROI perspective. Are producers creating extensions that are engaging or merely mediocre? In this session we will look at the question, "when and how should content be extended across platforms, if at all"? Angela Heck (moderator) leads business development at Tactica Interactive Mark Bishop, Executive Producer, marblemedia Victoria Evans, consultant Caitlin O'Donovan, Director, Digital Products, Corus Entertainment Alan Sawyer, founder and executive producer at Changing Channels Entertainment and the founder of Two Solitudes Consulting Prime Time in Ottawa 2013 panel, recorded March 7, 2013
Ezra here, and in this video I’m going behind the scenes of Content & Commerce Summit 2017 to give you the key takeaways from Digital Marketer’s amazing event. BRAND, CONTENT & COMMUNITY The reason I love this event so much is because it’s so much more than a conversation about selling products — it’s a conversation about building brand and community through content. In this short video, I introduce you to some of the notable speakers, including… Ryan Deiss, Brett Curry, Ryan Moran, Molly Pitman, and more… And convince these experts to share the best insights from their presentations so you can incorporate them into your business. Enjoy!
The Power of Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content [Sellerscast - Episode 4]
👍 SUBSCRIBE HERE --- http://bit.ly/SellersChoice-YT 📰 SELLER'S POST (Daily E-commerce Newsletter) http://bit.ly/SellersPost 🤖 SELLER'S BOT (Daily E-commerce ChatBot) http://bit.ly/SellersBot 👥SELLER'S CENTER (E-commerce Sellers ONLY Facebook Group) http://bit.ly/SellersCenterFB 🎯SELLER'S CHOICE (E-commerce Digital Marketing) http://SellersChoice.Digital Join us every Tuesday as the Seller’s Choice Team takes quick dives into some of the biggest topics in e-commerce --- http://bit.ly/SellersChoice-YT This week our Marketing Director, Andrew Maff, and Head of Accounts, Gina Milazzo, sat down to talk about Enhanced Brand Content, branding on Amazon, and how you need to utilize all the real estate Amazon gives you! Come listen in - maybe you’ll learn a thing or two! #PowerOfAmazonsEnhancedBrandContent #Ecommerce #AmazonTechniques
Views: 94 Seller's Choice