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ДЕРЗКАЯ vs МИЛАЯ | Обзор-сравнение “динамитки” Dayle Good Times | Dynamite Girls | Integrity toys
Моя первая “динамитка”: очаровательная, веснушчатая Дейл. В этом видео я поделюсь своими эмоциями, покажу куклу во всех деталях и сравню ее с куклой Problem Child Integrity toys. Разница вас поразит! (обзор, распаковка, сравнение) Обзор Problem Child: https://youtu.be/riZtckeIlas “Коллектор” с Мариной Маркиной (1 часть): https://youtu.be/ZBkP0ojTOi4 “Коллектор” с Мариной Маркиной (2 часть): https://youtu.be/3AcCXpEPMAg Видео про выставку на “Тишинке”: https://youtu.be/s1BO7TbuWt8 Мой instagram: http://instagram.com/daysofbers Конкурс: http://goo.gl/Bzf37e Список моих кукол: http://goo.gl/pPQ4QX Группа VK: http://vk.com/bersreview Я в VK: https://vk.com/daysofbers Instagram 2: http://instagram.com/bers_review _____________________________________________ Реклама и сотрудничество: [email protected]
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Dynamite girls
Integrity toys dynamite girls dolls Jasper, Tj, Sookie and Gavin
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Dynamite Girls Take It Easy Cruz
Up Close look at Integrity Toys Dynamite Girls Love Revolution Take It Easy Cruz!
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JET SET FASHION ROYALTY CONVENTION Dynamite Girls Design an Doll Studio Dolls sold out in minutes This has been the HIGHLIGHT so far along with the experimental dolls
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Dynamite Girls Aria Checkmates Collection 2011
Spend the summer with Aria
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Dynamite Girl Halloween Collection Sooki The Return обзор на русском
http://kemetalex.tumblr.com/ http://vk.com/kuklomania85 http://vk.com/barbiecollector группа, по продажам Integrity Toys
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Good-Bye Jett: My First Dynamite Girl
Sold my first Dynamite Girl Jett and this video is for her! I will miss her deeply! Check out my Blog and more http://brooklynstars-forever.blogspot.com/
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Doll Unboxing: The Dynamite Girls’ “Handsome Devil Damon” Doll/FR Homme/Fashion Royalty Doll
Hi guys! I purchased this nude Dynamite Girls’ Handsome Devil Damon doll, which is my very first articulated Fashion Royalty doll! I have some older Integrity Dolls from wayyyyy back in the day when they weren’t articulated like Janay, so I’m so excited!
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Dynamite Girls part 1.wmv
this is part 1 of my DynamiteGirls Series/Movie
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Dynamite Girls
Check out the swimsuits they are hot!
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Dynamite girl Gavin
Dynamite girls Gavin doll integrity toys
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Dynamite Girls mix 1
My Dynamite dolls
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Dynamite Girls Part 9.wmv
this is part 9 from my series :)
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Dynamite Girls FR Trailer.wmv
this is the first trailer of the secons session from dynamitegirls on youtube/facebook
Fashion Royalty Dynamity Girls In The City Cruz
Review and more pics here: http://saturdaymorningtoyz.blogspot.com/2012/01/dynamite-girls-in-city-cruz-video-below.html Super Hot item Controversialy sold out in minuets that night Oct 28 2011! 0nly 350 produced at only $60 resale value over $200
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Jason Wu's 2011 Dark Romance Convention
Jason Wu and Integrity Toys held their convention for collectible doll enthusiasts Oct. 28-30, 2011, in Pittsburgh, Pa. Design superstar Jason Wu and famous author Sherrilyn Kenyon were in attendance.
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Integrity Toys 2012 Poppy Parker
Slideshow set to music of Poppy Parker fashion doll photos from Integrity Toys
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DynamiteGirls part 4.wmv
part 4
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REVIEW: a fabulous life rayna | nuface doll by integrity toys for luxe life convention 2018
better late than never, here is my review of the convention w club doll: a beautiful gothic rayna dressed in alexander mcqueen (A/W 2018)! it doesn't get any better! i was honestly impressed with this doll in person and so so happy to have gotten her. check out my video and let me know your thoughts of her. she's a doll i'd 100% recommend to anyone who doesn't own her yet. NEWS: http://eepurl.com/cyYvK9 WEB: dreamerdolls.net INSTA: instagram.com/dreamerdolls
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Tooka DG 021~1
Beleza Natural Vestido boneca tooka ™ Dynamite Girls ™ "Love Revolution" Coleção Edição limitada de 300 Dolls Worldwide Data aproximada de Navios: Early maio 2014 http://clubfashiondollsmadrid.com/2014/02/13/dynamite-girls-love-revolution-integrity-toys/ http://www.dollcollector.com.br/ Esse é o link do site mostrando todas as meninas http://woodsky.free.fr/LBX/listeDG.html
Unboxing My First Poppy Parker Doll: Poppy Parker IT Airways
I unbox my very first Poppy Parker doll! Although I do have a Dynamite Girls doll and a Fashion Royalty Nippon doll from Integrity Toys already, I am SO excited to meet my first Poppy. She is a gorgeous lady! Follow me on my Social Media! IG: @dolliberate Facebook: Jona Wanders
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FR de-heading tutorial: part 3
Showing how to de-head a Fashion Royalty doll (fits FR2, Dynamite Girls, Poppy Parker, and similar Integrity Toys dolls)
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FR de-heading tutorial: part 2
Showing how to de-head a Fashion Royalty doll (fits FR2, Dynamite Girls, Poppy Parker, and similar Integrity Toys dolls)
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FR de-heading tutorial: part 1
Showing how to de-head a Fashion Royalty doll (fits FR2, Dynamite Girls, Poppy Parker, and similar Integrity Toys dolls)
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Thank you for watching! and if you have a Second Like, Subscribe and Comment! Personal IG - @JUSTCHRISTOPHER86 ity Doll IG - @Bionic.Ken Also check out my Ebay Store!!! https://ebay.com/usr/cces9544
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Nokia N8 Pink - Freedom [720p HD]
Nokia N8 Pink: http://nokia.ly/iCKuBd Nokia are celebrating the launch of the Pink Nokia N8, with a music video for the Sugababes new track Freedom, starring a very talented dancing doll. Check out the making of video here: http://nokia.ly/knU0f1 Check out more on Sugababes here : http://www.sugababes.com/ http://www.youtube.com/user/sugababesmusic The Dynamite Girls® dolls by Integrity Toys. Used under license. ; Licensee agrees that all intellectual property related to the Dolls remains the sole and exclusive property of the Licensor; SUBSCRIBE TO MY HD CHANNEL FOR MORE VIDEOS !
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How to safely dissamble the FR2013 or Nu. Face body by Integrity Toys
This video shows the steps required to safely disassemble the FR2013/Nu.Face 2.0 doll body in order to repair it, replace damaged parts or simply help dressing the doll if certain clothes are difficult to put on. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]
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2014 Integrity Toys Gloss Convention Collection
2014 Integrity Toys Gloss Convention Collection
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Dynamite Doll Runway
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* recensione Integrity, Toys* Michelle *
* recensione Michelle ❤️
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Jet Set Convention 2011 Integrity Museum
Jet Set Convention 2011 Integrity Museum This was Day 2 Oct 7th 2011 So the new 16 inch and Holiday Monograms were not on display yet For Everything Jet Set convention go to: http://saturdaymorningtoyz.blogspot.com/ Or Saturdaymorningtoys on Facebook!
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2012 Integrity Toys Tropicalia Convention Highlights
Watch Highlight from the ENTIRE Weekend! Including Alain's Mermaid! It was a truly spectacular weekend! Remember Subscribe and come join the fun @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Saturday-Morning-Toyz/100437186726847
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Integrity Toys Spring 2014 Line Show
Round up of the Integrity Toys Spring 2014 Line Featuring discussion on NEW Jem, Poppy Parker, Tulabelle and Fashion Royalty
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Dynamite Girl Giveaway!!!(Closed)
Just explaining the rules to my february giveaway, Rules: YOU MUST BE SUBSCRIBED AND YOU MUST LEAVE A COMMENT IN ORDER TOBE ELIGIBLE!!! The question: Are you pro or anti Valentines day and how will you be spending the day of love?? Competition is open to the US and Canada and ends on the 14 of February. GOOD LUCK CUTIES!!!!
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Integrity toys review
Nadja Rhymes x2, Erin Salston, Dominique Makeda, Nyasha Lauder p
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"Sing" by Poppy Parker ★ポピーパーカー★Fashion Royalty★Integrity Toys ★Barbie
大人気のファッションドール、ポピーパーカーの動画です。 楽しんでいただければ嬉しいです^^ インスタでもポピーのファッションや私生活を公開中です。 アカウント@dollyming をのぞいてみてくださいね! Lovely Poppy Parker and her friend, Bellamy Blue have been featured in this short video. I hope you enjoy! More Poppy and other dolls pics are posted on my IG account, @dollyming Thank you for watching!
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~Born This Way~ COVER
READ ME!!! ~ABOUT THE SONG~: This cover of Lady Gaga's anthem of the misunderstood, "Born This Way", was a little project that grew. It was going to be just a quick little piece, in celebration of my youtube idol Twinfools' successful chest surgery. But somehow... I started adding things, and arranging more instruments and vocals and... well, this turned into a much bigger project than I had originally anticipated. ^_^;;; There are lots of new things in this cover. For one, I experimented a lot with effects on the vocals. I also used a new instrument: a lovely handmade ceramic doumbek that my mother made me. (Thank you to Raquy Danzinger for teaching me the basics of doumbek so I could start recording parts of it in my songs!!) I'm really proud of my arrangement of this song, and really excited to finally share it with you guys!! I hope you like it! ~ABOUT THE VIDEO~: I am a huge fan of doll photography. One of my favourite brands of dolls is Integrity Toys' "Dynamite Girls" brand. Somehow they remind me a lot of the K-pop groups I listen to. (2NE1 Nolza!!!) They are so fierce and full of personality, and come in many different colours and ethnicities. And on flickr, then are dozens of incredible doll collectors who take gorgeous photos of their dolls. So I decided to make a slide show of some of my favourite Dynamite Girls photography. I felt that the variety and beauty of the dolls really matched the joyful feeling and inclusive message of the song. Here are the photographers whose work was used in this video. Please check out their flickr sites for more amazing doll photography!! www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected] www.flickr.com/photos/addictbarbie www.flickr.com/photos/aminie www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected] www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected] www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected] www.flickr.com/photos/becholo www.flickr.com/photos/partymonstrrrr www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected] www.flickr.com/photos/sunshinekurhn www.flickr.com/photos/pedrocas_collection www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected] www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected] www.flickr.com/photos/art-i-ficial www.flickr.com/photos/wonderful_electric www.flickr.com/photos/anatchim www.flickr.com/photos/shuga-shug www.flickr.com/photos/etheriadolls www.flickr.com/photos/shadowdoll www.flickr.com/photos/littleblucorvette www.flickr.com/photos/aneky www.flickr.com/photos/jennadvd www.flickr.com/photos/floccentric www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected] www.flickr.com/photos/nevraforever www.flickr.com/photos/ilovethatdoll www.flickr.com/photos/xbreakeric www.flickr.com/photos/mocasiini www.flickr.com/photos/doll_like_her --- "Born This Way" (c) Lady Gaga Arranged and Performed by Naomi Censored
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Fashion Royalty Jet Set Convention 2011 Highlights!
Its the ENITRE weekend in just five min.! Featuring: Gift Shop Line Opening Day Welcome Dinner Unveiling of the Bare Essentials Line Poppy Parker Luncheon Dynamite Girls Pucci Dinner Party Unveiling of Holiday Monograms and Official Pucci Party Gift Doll Alain's Class Gala Dinner Jason Wu's Speech Unveiling of Official Souvenir Dolls Eugenia and Veronique For More Information go to: http://saturdaymorningtoyz.blogspot.com/
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DynamiteGirls Part 8.wmv
This is part 8 of TheDynamiteGirls Serie/Movie
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Fashion Royalty 2012 Tropicalia  Convention Collection
Fashion Royalty 2012 Tropicalia Convention Collection For Everything you need sign up here!: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Saturday-Morning-Toyz/100437186726847
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Integrity Toys - Katy Keene: Blue Serenade
Integrity Toys Katy Keene Blue Serenade #14071
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THIS is Fashion Royalty
Set to one of the fiercest club songs of all Watch the girls of Fashion Royalty serve drama and conflama like the no other! To download the pics from this video click Here: http://saturdaymorningtoyz.blogspot.com/2012/08/this-is-fashion-royalty-pics-and-video.html Follow us: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Saturday-Morning-Toyz/100437186726847
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Kevin Ross & Gina Carano: Bellator KB 7, Work Ethic, Integrity & Real Life Stories of Fighters
Kevin Ross and Gina Carano guest on The K1Anoop Show following on from the recent announcement that Ross will be fighting, Domenico Lomurno, for Bellator Kickboxing's inaugural featherweight title at, Bellator Kickboxing 7 on September 23, 2017. Other talking points discussed with Kevin Ross include: - His technical analysis of Lomurno and what he expects in the ring come September; - The real reasons why there has been such a delay in him returning to action for Bellator Kickboxing; - How exactly things have been and are working out for him and Bellator; - Why he feels mistreated by GLORY Kickboxing after he had signed a two year contract for GLORY (in 2012) but never fought for them; 43:40 Hollywood actress and a pioneer and legend in the world of women's MMA, Gina Carano, joins Kevin Ross as we take a much deeper and wider look at: - The current and longterm impact of, Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor, both in and out of the world of fighting; - Why integrity and work ethic are essential for long term success especially in fighting; - How the real life stories of fighters needs to be better publicised in the build-up for instance, to Mcgregor vs. Mayweather, instead of the acting that's been on display; - Why stubbornness and strong mindedness are key components for persistence when life get tough working towards long term goals; - And plenty of more talking points too. __ Find Kevin Ross here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE3Nf8kFRI9VOFHgZwzgSBA Find Gina Carano here: Twitter.com/ginacarano __ ►Subscribe to K1ANOOP : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe8iFKi3_JuPbqg4c08zTGw?sub_confirmation=1 __ Share this video: https://youtu.be/jGGZjlSTL0c __ Keep up-to-date with Daily Kickboxing News on: - WWW.K1ANOOP.COM - and, follow K1ANOOP on all social networks __ Interviewed by, Anoop Hothi for K1ANOOP. Anoop Hothi is the founder of K1ANOOP which, is establishing itself as a leading source for, kickboxing news and entertainment: delivering greater insight into both the sport and most significantly, the fighters. As well as being a kickboxing reporter and podcaster, Anoop Hothi is a content creator who, is expanding his horizons in a media capacity and much more. Watch K1Anoop's Vlog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPhQtbWOaZ8&list=PLlcG-NdPm6tesfNe8LXIhfxYGK8cjPRbx __ Our hashtags: #TheK1AnoopShow or #K1AnoopsVlog Subscribe to K1ANOOP on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe8iFKi3_JuPbqg4c08zTGw?sub_confirmation=1 __
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Dangerous Waiters Part 2
dangergirls danger dangerzone dynamitegirls fashionroyalty dynamite girls fashion royalty poppyparker poppy parker noir aktion 3engelfürcharly
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Gavin its her Life
Dynamite girls Gavin and friends Jasper, Tj and Sookie
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ЧИТАЕМ ЗЛЫЕ КОММЕНТАРИИ | Реакция на хейтеров
Каблук, бомжиха и долбоящер сегодня будут реагировать на плохие комментарии хэйтеров! Самые ЖЕСТКИЕ и ЗЛЫЕ комментарии в одном видео - приятного просмотра! Инстаграм Дани: http://instagram.com/hashmaker Instagram 1: http://instagram.com/daysofbers Instagram 2: http://instagram.com/rs_avdeev VK: https://vk.com/daysofbers _____________________________________________ Реклама и сотрудничество: [email protected]
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Integrity 2020 Lacrosse vs DEWLAX - 11/8/2014
Integrity 2020 Lacrosse vs. DEWLAX 11/8/2014 in the New Generation lacrosse tournament.