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Esoteric P-500 (maybe) saved from the rubbish tip or just a lot of time wasted.
This is really a private video to my customer but it tells the story that others might find useful. Originally this player had tray issue (it would not come out due to drive belts having turned into sticky goo). I replaced both belts and cleaned the pulleys and sent the player back. Some weeks later, the customer reported that the player was just spitting the tray out instead of loading CDs. On its 2nd visit to my workshop, I found that the VRDS tray that spins the CD, dropped lower on its shaft (probably due to shock), preventing the laser head from traveling to CD's centre. I corrected it and sealed the shaft with Locktite. This would've been the end of story if it wasn't for the fact that I bought myself a new laser power meter. Having a new toy, I just had to check the laser and found... it was set for double the power! This is sometimes done by some people when laser is on its last legs, in order to keep the player going for another fortnight and to sell it as a working unit !! Then the laser dies shortly after. So I reduced to power to factory spec and spent hours aligning it, so it still would work with correct (lower) power output from the laser diode. It does but it draws excess current. Which leads me to believe that: 1. either it will die shortly (service manual states that if the current is 10mA greater than what it was at factory, then the head is to be considered unservicable. The current here is not just 10mA more but almost double at around 80mA (originally 47.9mA). Or, 2. someone has fitted a new, non original, aftermarket diode to it before and not only have I not saved this unit from the rubbish tip but have wasted a lot of time of fixing a thing that ain't broken. Time will tell. Or my customer when he sees this video. :-) That is if he knows this player's story.
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Vintage amp repair - 04 FIXED!!!
I have finally managed to fix my troublesome vintage Marantz amplifier! Watch the video for more details! :o) Marantz Repair Part 01: www.youtube.com/watch?v=djX-zGSvCfc Marantz Repair Part 02: www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3VKXx-ptjE Marantz Repair Part 03: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlA3NGrTSa4 Marantz Repair Part 05 (setting the idling current) Marantz PM350 service manual download link: www.eserviceinfo.com/downloadsm/21105/_Marantz%20PM350.html Helpers and advisers: Audio Amplifier Servicing: www.youtube.com/channel/UC5xxS_WGQaMxitvq1D5G70A Dr Cassette: www.youtube.com/channel/UCkRMWcXvRwItm9x2bMQVWYg Pavle Pavlovic: www.youtube.com/user/dedskin1/feed
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Porsche Boxster Spyder PPF Replacement at ESOTERIC
Paint protection film (clear bra) installation at ESOTERIC is an art form! We often remove the existing film from vehicles and install better quality film with more seamless installation methods. Paint correction is also a great service to add before applying paint protection film. It will remove swirls and defects while enhancing gloss and clarity. For more information on our services please visit us at http://www.esotericdetail.com ESOTERIC New Albany, Ohio Please subscribe: https://bit.ly/2uFUJGy Facebook and Instagram: @EsotericDetail, @EsotericCarCare
2 Million Views! Thank you tour of the ESOTERIC HQ.
After reaching a milestone of 2 million views on the ESOTERIC Channel, we decided to create a video thanking all of our loyal viewers. In this video, Todd Cooperider, Founder of ESOTERIC, walks us through the facility and talks about what makes them different from any other detailing product distributor in the business. For more information, please see the links to corporate websites below. ESOTERIC Car Care http://www.esotericcarcare.com ESOTERIC - Fine Auto Finishing www.esotericdetail.com http://New Albany, Ohio
How to use a paint thickness gauge - ESOTERIC Car Care!
How to use a paint thickness gauge by ESOTERIC Car Care! In this video, we discuss different types of paint thickness gauges, and how to get the most out of your readings. ESOTERIC Car Care www.esotericcarcare.om New Albany, Ohio
1979 Bryston 3B 4B repair - Safe startup procedure
This describes how to start safely testing your Bryston 4B (old model) after replacing power transistors, insulators, electrolyitc capacitors and the bias trimpot. Start by using two series adjustable power supplies with current limiting function. Check distortion , adjust bias current. Only then move on to full AC input voltage testing. An oscilloscope and tone generator are needed. You could also use an variac (adjustable transformer) if you have one. Until sure that everything is working I used a 1,5A fuse (the external one). The pdf with the checkout procedure for this model can currently be found here: http://www.bryston.com/PDF/Other/3B_4B_Pre-NRB_TECH_REF.pdf
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Esoteric Psychology and the Science of the Twelve Rays 1
From: Joshua David Stone: The Complete Ascension Manual. How to Achieve Ascension in this Lifetime
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How to use RUPES Bigfoot Polishers - Esoteric Car Care
For more information on RUPES Bigfoot polishers, please see our site: http://www.esotericcarcare.com/car-buffers/ The RUPES LHR15 AND LHR21 MARK II Bigfoot Polishers are the reference tool in the detailing and paint correction industries, and ESOTERIC was one of the first American distributors. Not only that, we were the first Rupes Authorized Training centers in the world. In this video, we talk about what makes the machines so special, and we also talk about how to get the most out of them. Buy RUPES tools: http://www.esotericcarcare.com/brands/Rupes.html ESOTERIC Car Care www.esotericcarcare.com New Albany, Ohio
Teac AL-700 Elcaset Playback Test
This is a rare Teac AL-700 Elcaset Deck that I managed to obtain as a NIB item. This model was part of Teac's Esoteric series and was manufactured in about 1976. The Elcaset format didn't last unfortunately even though it was superior to the Cassette format at the time. As it turns out convenience wins, both Elcaset and Reel to Reel decks were over taken by the Cassette format in the early 1980's as the Hi-Fi recording medium of choice. Thankfully NIB Sony Elcaset's are still available with a bit of a hunt on the Internet and don't seem to suffer the "Sticky Shed Syndrome" of the Reel to Reel tapes from the same era. Have a look here for a scanned copy of the owners manual :- :- https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ey14xpdjavp7drn/4z0w7FNR6E. Take a look in the Teac folder. I've also included the service manual.
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4K - FERRARI 575 SUPERAMERICA - Test drive in top gear with V12 engine sound - 540 BHP | SCC TV
54581 Km | PRICETAG 2019: € 289.500,- The Superamerica is a Pininfarina designed limited version of the 575M, with a total production of only 559. The Superamerica distinguished itself from by its Revocromica roof designed by the Italian design house of Fioravanti. It takes just 10 seconds to transform this stylish coupe to a gorgeous convertible! The roof construction is made from carbon fibre and glass. The window does not stow away but functions as a windbreaker when the roof is down. The rest of the roof hardly takes up any space at all. The most amazing fact is the electro chromatic glass roof, which can be adjusted to allow the amount of light-fall into the cabin from opaque to transparent in under a minute. Ferrari Classic Automobile in Murnau, in South Germany, supplied this particular car on the 21st March 2006 and remained in the same hands for over 10 years. The stamped service booklet shows that the Superamerica has always been dealer maintained. The last service was just 2,000 km ago. With 54,581 km on the clock, she still has her first coat of paint and is in pristine condition. It was sold to its second and last owner, a collector, at the close of 2016. The Superamerica manages 25hp more from its V12 than the standard 575 Maranello, thanks to a special exhaust system. It has been finished in the original ‘Rosso Corsa’ with leather ‘Nero’ interior trim. The cars’ history is complete and correct from day 1 a shown by the fully stamped service booklet, owners manual in the original car wallet, every receipt and the Becker radio card. This is one for the collection, it is rare, exceptionally well preserved and should be part of any Ferrari collection!
2017 ZL1 being sold with a discount. Nightfall Gray manual transmission, PDR, Nav, & Sunroof.
Support my channel when shopping at Amazon. http://bit.ly/chevydudeamazon Follow me on all my social media outlets: https://clyxo.com/chevydude In this video I show you my 4th ZL1 in nightfall gray. Looking for automatic transmission? February starts the order process. I can get you your exact car but you better get your order in ASAP! Mike Davenport the Louisville Chevy Dude with Bachman Chevrolet is the top Chevy salesman in the state of Kentucky and takes pride in making the car buying process an easy one. Matter of fact, his slogan is "Buying a Car Doesn't Have to Suck™" Google Me and see why i am here for you before, during, and after the sale. I even have my own app for my customers to make it easier to schedule service, contact me, You can contact me at LouisvilleChevyDude.com my personal cell 260-602-1207 call/text anytime SEND ME MAIL for a feature in my next video!! Chevy Dude P.O. Box 99272 Louisville, Ky. 40269 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Chevy Dude gives away an Apple Watch to one lucky fan. " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7BoRReBLIk -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- #Chevrolet This link is for SEO reasons. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KQUavq6w5FdYyaeMB0RX54tseyiy8JEod0hPfvcdyX8/edit?usp=sharing
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Aston Martin DBS Manual - Nicholas Mee & Co Ltd - Aston Martin Specialists
Made famous by our favourite secret agent, Commander James Bond, the DBS replaced the previous generation Vanquish S as Aston Martin’s new Flagship car on its launch in 2007. In the short time since, the model has firmly established itself as a favourite of Aston Martin enthusiasts. Before being replaced in the range by the 2nd generation Vanquish model, just over 2,500 DBS coupes were built for worldwide consumption with only 988 of those built with the manual gearbox. The 2008 model year example we are delighted to offer for sale once again is, in our opinion, the ideal specifications. 6-speed manual gearbox, 2+0 seating (with Alcantara seat inserts) arrangement, the original 20-spoke alloy wheels and Storm Black exterior paintwork, just as the car was imagined by Aston Martin! In addition to the usual luxurious specifications of the DBS, this car is fitted with a high spec alarm, Piano Black fascia trim and auto dimming rear mirror. First registered in September 2008 and known to us since 2016, when we supplied the car to its 3rd and current owner, this car benefits from servicing throughout its life at either Aston Martin agents or our own workshops. Having covered just 11,300 miles from new, this car is in superb order throughout, with only the very slightest evidence of use. Prior to handover to its new custodian, it will benefit from a fresh service, full pre-delivery preparation, 12 months MOT and 12 months warranty.
Esoteric wholesale welcome english
Welcome witches sisters at Brighid Witches information from Hexenzauber.org Halloween.hexenzauber.eu More in the video .... You are welcome to watch all the videos of Magic of Brighid, Witch Circle and embed and network Anderswelt everywhere Thank you very much and be blessed by Brighid ... About us Wholesale Import for: Handicrafts, Medieval, Fantasy, WICCAN, Lifestyle, Gifts , New Age, Gothic, Esoteric, Halloween. Import- Export. Phone: 0049-7394-916399 Welcome to the esoteric New Age Wholesale. ANDERSWELT (Other World) Import was founded in 1996. Products that reveal other worlds. We supply throughout Europe exclusively distributors for resale. With prepayment we provide for you also OEM service. Manufacturer information: We constantly cooperate with 30 craftsmen on the basis of friendship and fair trade, which is our contribution to active development assistance. We produce special products in Asia, which are sold with much success in the area of middle and new age. With our wholesale we supply distributors across Europe exclusively for resale. Distributor Dealer List Link: https://sites.google.com/site/magicofbrighidspells/ With our know-how, we know exactly what the customer wants and what is demanded and searched on the market. As an independent family company, we set great value on a high degree of service availability and personal responsibility. Therefore we are able to act quickly and flexibly and to respond particularly to our customers’ requirements. This includes not only the shortest delivery times, but also our own production and direct import. Our ANDERSWELT expert knowledge publishing: Our author "Brighid " can put all of her knowledge into our products and into our practice-oriented books. Our long experience in this area allows us to provide you with promotional information to customers about our products, so that we may be at your disposal as a consulting partner, when required. For the benefit of all customers, from small company to an international market leader. Discover – the - ANDERSWELT (Other World) - Here you will find all the items we sell. We hope that our reasonable prices will convince you. Our minimum order value is net 50 - € The delivery will be made immediately upon receipt of your payment by PayPal , credit card, or after receipt of your bank transfer in case of payment in advance. Our total number of imitators confirms our abilities" (Oscar Wilde) Witch books in German language Link: https://sites.google.com/view/hexenbuch/startseite Be blessed from Brighid tip Special Christmas gifts Link: https://anderswelt-import.blogspot.com/2018/11/weihnachtsgeschenke-der-besonderen-art.html Dolls magic instructions in german https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zH2ANA9mmA Interresantes about Santeria Voodo from Cuba Link: https://halloween.hexenzauber.eu/voodoo-santeria-die-magie-aus-kuba/ With the Magic of Brigid line I want natural Offer ethereal magical oils. ... For own animations. Texts and Speech mp3 Copyright at Book author Brighid BRIGHID Author Page Jahreskreisfeste.de New Products Magic of Brighid Magic Ink Love magic inks, medieval calligraphy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMEwdwq9Bjw Candle magic candles wholesale https://sites.google.com/view/kerzenzauber/startseite Manual GB Magic of Brighid PDF Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6sLMMQA-mJBV19GS1ExUkt1Zjg/view?usp=sharing Yule Julfest Witch Festivals Link: https://sites.google.com/view/yule-hexenfest Imbolc Witch Festivals Link: https://sites.google.com/view/imbolc Ostara Witch Festival March 21st Spring equinox link: https://sites.google.com/view/ostara-hexenfest Beltane Mondfest April 30 to May 1 Link: https://sites.google.com/view/beltane Litha Witch Festival June 21 Summer Solstice Kupala Link: https://sites.google.com/view/litha-hexenfest Lughnasad Lammas Witch Festival 1st August Cutterfest Link: https://sites.google.com/view/lughnasadh Mabon Witch Party 21st September Autumn Equinox Link: https://sites.google.com/view/mabon Samhain Witches' Festival 31 October to 1 November Deadly Halloween Link: https://sites.google.com/view/samhain-halloween Brighid Author Ebooks Brighid Download link: xinxii.com 30468 Book author -BRIGHID- ) O (Magic of Brighid) O ( https://plus.google.com/+Witchcraftspell_Brighid_Author https://www.jahreskreisfeste.de Info witchcraft Halloween.hexenzauber.eu ) O (Magic of Brighid) O ( ) O (Witch Circle) O (Coven Team https://plus.google.com/+witchcircle Magic of Brighid Video Info Link: https://sites.google.com/view/magic-of-brighid Wholesale www.anderswelt-import.eu IMPRINT Link: Privacy Privacystatement Link: https://www.witchcraft-spell.com/privacystatement IMPRINT Link: https://www.jahreskreisfeste.de/impressum.html ... © Anderswelt-import.eu) O (Magic of Brighid) O ( ... France videos http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x9n0er ...
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Ferrari 360 Modena Manual
2003/03 Finished in Grigio Titanio with Beige Leather. Supplied New by Maranello Ferrari in March 2003, this Ferrari 360 Modena has a very impressive Service History given the low miles the car has covered. It has been serviced throughout its life by Ferrari Main Dealers and Renowned Ferrari Specialists Shiltech Performance Cars Ltd and Bob Houghton Ferrari. In February 2018 it benefited from a full Cambelt and 18,750 Service by Graypaul Ferrari with any items requiring attention being carried out regardless of cost. It has also just undergone another annual service by them recently. This 360 Modena has been prepared to the very highest standards. It is quite simply one of the best condition Ferrari 360 Modena’s we have had the pleasure of buying back and most likely the best you will find. This car comes will the following factory options fitted:- Ferrari Radio Navigation. Electric Seats. Daytona Style Seats. Freshly Serviced by Ferrari in January 2019. Immaculate Condition Throughout! 17,300 miles £77,950 Link to the vehicle on our website:- https://bit.ly/2odrcOQ
Secret Mind Power
Inspirational Lectures by Dr. Paul Leon Masters - “Secret Mind Power” https://universityofmetaphysics.com - https://universityofsedona.com The power to manifest lasting happiness does not rely on continually focusing your mind and thoughts on what you think you want. The real secret to manifesting lasting happiness is connecting to the Universal Intelligence deep within you, and allowing it to express itself through you—that is, allowing it to intuitively and creatively guide you, so you can be the person you were divinely created to be, and do the things you were divinely created to do. The University of Metaphysics and the University of Sedona are private, post-secondary, distance learning, theological schools with a curriculum which is strictly non-secular and theological in nature. Students are prepared for Ministerial and other related careers in the Holistic, New Thought branch of Metaphysical Theology. The coursework written by the Founder, Dr. Paul Leon Masters, offers self-paced distance learning in Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree programs that are metaphysical, theological, and spiritual in nature. It is a synthesis of holistic, metaphysical, transcendent, esoteric, transpersonal, psychical, psychological, yogic, and mystical studies. Whether it be as a career choice, educational enrichment, or self-discovery, the material offered within these courses will help you to expand your consciousness to improve your life. The time-tested metaphysical curriculum will provide you with a recognized education and the practical tools and resources to help others, be it on a professional or personal level. The Universities operate under the auspices of the International Metaphysical Ministry (IMM). The IMM is a non-profit, religious exempt organization as designated by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States. It is a worldwide New Thought Metaphysical Ministry operating in the domestic United States and in over 120 countries internationally. The IMM has over half a century of service in the private, post-secondary religious field. As it is our intention to award prospective students an equal and affordable opportunity to participate in metaphysical studies and higher consciousness education, scholarships are available to all. Please visit: https://universityofmetaphysics.com/introduction/ for more information. Our Websites: https://universityofmetaphysics.com https://universityofsedona.com https://metaphysics.com https://voiceofmeditation.com https://internationalmetaphysicalministry.com/ Intro and ending music © "Night Radiance" by Maxim Kornyshev https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ This video relates strongly to the following categories: Mysticism Mystical Spiritual Spiritually Spirituality Metaphysics Metaphysical Inspire Inspired Inspirational Uplifting Love Meditate Meditating Meditations Awakening Healing Healing Meditations Alternate Healing Alternate Healing Classes Online / Home Study Epistemology Ontology Cosmology Transcendentalism New Thought Metaphysics Ministry Training Metaphysical Degrees Metaphysical Ministry Ordination What is Metaphysics? Metaphysical careers Spiritual Metaphysics Study Studies Classes Courses Online Home Study Health Distance Learning Consciousness Research Higher Consciousness Expanding Consciousness Enlighten Enlightening Enlightenment Self Improvement Self Help
All the PROBLEMS my BMW E39 M5 has after 166,000 miles
JOIN the Beemer Fam by hitting the SUBSCRIBE button! Welcome back the channel ladies and gentleman! Today we talk about all the problems my bmw e39 m5 has after 166,000 miles have been put on her. I am surprised on how well the previous owners took car of this BMW E39 M5! Now I get to truly enjoy this car. I hope you guys enjoy the video! - Beemer Fam Grab YOUR Merch! http://shopbeemerfam.com Popular Uploads : My TOP 5 CHEAP Modifications For Any BMW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXHCdpzBJJg&t=10s You Drive a BMW E39 M5 POV (Straight Piped) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daOAK2zWH6k&t=1s BMW V10 M6 Straight Pipe and Meistershaft Race Exhaust (GODLY) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReLSteHMQV4&t=217s 5 Reasons Why I Will NEVER Sell My BMW E39 M5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJLDyF9jyQk&t=375s BMW 650i Gran Coupe w/ M Performance Exhaust! Pure Sound! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHk4-xcfoaw&t=1s What It Is Like To Drive A 700HP BMW M3 E93 Manual POV (ESS Supercharged) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqudfB1lApg&t=3s Join the Beemer Fam on Instagram NOW! http://instagram.com/beemerfam
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Exploring Scripting in Altium
BEFORE YOU WATCH – the purpose of this video is to provide a very high-level overview of scripting in Altium Designer. This is not a “how to”. It provides you an overview of what you will need to know going into this effort. Unfortunately, this is not a trivial effort. Along with this video, please consider the following commentary: Many high-end tools offer the ability to script. It is a feature that intrigues most engineers who are always looking for a way to automate something. Embarking on a script, especially one that has to do with evaluating the position of primitives is much like writing a novel. It may be exciting at first, but it can take a good deal of time and enthusiasm to get it up and running. More often than not, though we have the interest, work obligations get into the way. For example, if I can repeat of key clicks and mouse motions 100 times and can do it in 5 minutes, am I willing to invest 20 minutes researching whether a feature exists and more so, how to use it? Am I also willing to invest 1 or 2 hours if this is something that needs to be coded? If mashing a bunch of keys and mouse clicks dozens of times is a one-time proposition, then most of us just grin and bear it. If we have to do it again at some time in the future or if we know that our colleagues also partake this particular manual effort, then we may consider the other options. This question was posed to one of our experts in Altium scripting. As if scripting was not difficult enough, Altium makes it more difficult by not providing all the processes and their options. When someone approaches Nine Dot Connects about a script, it is carefully reviewed to ensure that it is viable option. As for whether one should pursue a script, consider one or more of the following criteria: • Does it meet (a) specific need(s) which typical users believe is needed but with which they have difficulty either remembering or implementing without making mistakes? • Does it significantly speed up processes done regularly and thus saves a lot of time? • Does it implement a process which is too manually complex, obscure or esoteric such that the user has trouble remembering how do it? • Does it implement a feature which is too complex (computationally or otherwise) for the user to do manually? • Would it be simple and fast such that it saves way more time that is takes to use it? A good script is more than pressing a run button. It needs to provide feedback. It should have control and reporting dialog boxes to confirm it is being run, allow the setting of options, and summarize immediate results. And, if the script is going to be sold, it needs to provide much more value than it costs to invest in the tool. In all cases it must not conflict with procedures a company has already established (such as file naming and storage protocols, configuration managements, etc.). It also must be something which is done fairly regularly so the user does not forget how to use it. For example a script to draw schematic templates (with borders, zones, title block, parameters, fields, section indicators, different sheet sizes, top vs. continuation sheets, logo insertion, etc.) could be really nice for a design service, but not of a lot of value to a customer at one company who would only do it once. It would be of little value it its sole purpose replicated an intrinsic function of the tool, such as checking for connectivity. It is much safer to check and report on conditions than to modify or create layout because of the esoteric relations to other things. In order to be created and used correctly and effectively, scripts should do relatively simple and well-bounded things (although repetition is straightforward). For example, a script to move vias onto the nearest grid would be simple but fixing the aftermath would be very complex and possibly impossible. And lastly, make certain that all other workarounds have been sought before embarking on this effort. Would you like to see other webinar recordings or videos from us? Check out https://ninedotconnects.com/knowledge or reach out to us at [email protected] or 214-699-7719. Thanks!
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The Code Behind The Vulnerability - Barry Dorrans
OWASP illustrates that developers keep making the same mistakes over and over again, but what about more esoteric vulnerabilities? In this session Barry will take you beyond SQL injection covering some of the code behind now fixed ASP.NET vulnerabilities. By the end of the session you should be poring through your own code looking for problems with dictionaries, compression, encryption and more. NDC Conferences https://ndcsydney.com https://ndcconferences.com
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The Spirit of Action 🔥 Inner Alchemy Master Keys to TRANSMUTING RESISTANCE + Evoking the TRUE WILL - UNLEASH YOUR SPIRITUAL POWER #Alchemy #Manifestation #Transmutation #Self Actualization #creativeGenius #MASTERKEYS .............. ►THE SPIRIT OF ACTION ~ **Exclusive Video Page!!** FREE💯 https://www.realityfiles.com/spirit-of-action-inner-alchemy-master-keys-creative-genius 💠CREATIVE MASTER KEYS - PREMIUM COURSE💠 on the Spirit of Action & Creative Excellence - https://www.realityfiles.com/product/the-spirit-of-action-creative-master-keys-creators/ ............. POTENT & PRACTICAL WISDOM! Time to become Powerful here on Earth — Techniques to be a True Spiritual Badass :).. These vids are the beginning of my CREATIVE MASTER KEYS FULL package! (Science of the FLOW OF SPIRIT *course 1.) -- How to Transmute Resistance & BUILD MOMENTUM towards your Divine purpose. 🔑 KEYS to TRUE MANIFESTATION & How To BRING FORTH WHAT IS WITHIN YOU. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🌟 COACHING / Skype / Consultations https://m.me/RealityFiles 🌟 STORE / Next Level Packages / NEW APPERAL!! - https://www.realityfiles.com/Shop ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ Support my Work! ~~ ► PATREON 💜 (Exclusive Video Archive!) https://www.patreon.com/RealityFiles ► PayPal Donations https://PayPal.me/RealFiles ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Instagram 📷 @Reality_Files Facebook 🌐 @RealityFiles ~ https://www.facebook.com/RealityFiles BEST OF REALITY FILES (playlist) - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVRPj0k_5DJG4A46JZ6V631cFeN1SYWud Reality Files ☯️ We do it different here. :) ~~ Truth, Knowledge, Love & Wisdom ~~ The truth of our Reality & Living free of fallacy.. A Path of Pure Philosophy - To find a Life Real To Me. THE Alchemy of inner peace & Master Keys to Mysteries. Unlocking Higher Frequencies. Not stopping till we're free to be.. DANCING IN DIVINITY. — A Quest, No Rest, Our constant Test to SEE if We - are meant to be - The MASTERS OF OUR DESTINY. 🧘‍♂️. ;) ... A journey to Knowledge of Self - Never stop seeking. Thanks for watching 🙏 ... ~ Don't be a stranger! Drop a comment, hmu or Connect on FB, #TribeUp 🖤 Stay woke fam, -Dmitrius ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Contact / Skype Sessions: FB Messenger = Best place to chat! — https://m.me/Dmitrius.RealityFiles [email protected] ---------------------------------------------- .
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Moonraker Cocktail - a Vintage Drink with Cognac, Kina, Absinthe & Peach Brandy
Learn how to make a Moonraker Cocktail that James Bond would drink by using Hennessy VS Cognac, St. George Spirits Absinthe, Tempus Fugit Spirits Kina L'Aéro d'Or and Capovilla Peach Brandy. The series, Cocktails and Pussy Galore, shows you how to drink like 007 using the Ian Fleming books (not the movies) as the source, which takes you beyond the typical James Bond Martini. This is definitely one of the most esoteric cocktails I’ve ever made. It uses a lot of ingredients that are hard to find, but worth it if you can get your hands on them. The drink was famous enough to get reprinted in different bar manuals, but not famous enough to be one that the Lost Generation or any generation talked about. The recipe featured here is based on the recipe from the Savoy Cocktail Manual. It was originally intended to serve 6 people. I have adjusted the recipe for a single serving and added a lemon twist which really helps to complete the drink. This is the first Cocktails & Pussy Galore drink that had no real connect to Bond. It’s more of a spirit animal. But it's such a good one and it's a drink, that based on contextual evidence, Bond would enjoy. So I decided to include it with the Bond drinks. This drink is named, not after the Bond book, but rather an English folk story. The townsfolk of a rural English village hid barrels of brandy in a pond to avoid having to pay a tax on the spirit. One night while retrieving a barrel from the pond with a rake, the townsfolk got caught by the tax man. But they covered their tracks by declaring that they were simply trying to hook the wheel of cheese floating in the middle of the pond. The tax man saw that the cheese was just moon reflecting on the surface of the pond, so he dismissed them as country bumpkins and left them alone. Presumably the drink gets its name because of the predominance of Brandy in it. The St. George Absinthe is made from a Brandy base so it fits right in here. Peach Brandy is really hard to find and it's really expensive. It makes a great cocktail, but it will be out of reach for anyone except fanatics like myself. Calvados or Apple Brandy is the accepted substitute for old recipes that call for Peach Brandy, simply because Apple Brandy is a lot cheaper and much easier to find. Do not use Peach Liqueur. It will not work in this drink. Nor will Peach-flavored Brandy. Only use spirit distilled from peaches or another eau de vie substitute. Hennessy VS is my go-to Bond Brandy. He drank it in the book, On Her Majesty's Secret Service. I really like it in the Coffee Cobbler (https://youtu.be/5kk7AjLo8vQ) and it's great in this drink. Kina or Quinquina was a category of spirits that thrived from the middle of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century. They were basically vermouths that contained a significant amount of quinine, the bitter ingredient of Tonic Water. However, Kinas began to fall out of favor as our diets and palettes began to swing toward super sugary and super salty in the wake of the post-war food industrialization. Kina Lillet dropped "Kina" from the name then was reformulated in the 1980's. It became the sweeter version we have today, called Lillet Blanc. In order to get back to something closer to the bitter elements, David Solmonson from 12 Bottle Bar, suggests supplementing Lillet Blanc with Aromatic Bitters and Citric Acid (a cheap and natural food preservative). Another popular alternative is Cocchi Americano. It has a lot of the fruity palate and stronger sense of bitterness that will help awaken your appetite before a meal. My favorite option is Kina L'Aéro d'Or (formerly Kina L'Avion d'Or). It's a Swiss product. It's more expensive and harder to find than the other options, but well worth it if you can track one down. Kina L'Aéro d'Or is fruity, bitter and complex. The lemon twist is my own addition and I think it really makes the drink come together, but feel free to make it like they did in the Savoy, without it. Cheers! Recipe: 1oz Brandy 1oz Kina 1oz Peach Brandy (or Apple Brandy) 0.25 tsp Absinthe garnish Lemon Twist Shake with ice. Strain into chilled glass. Garnish Lemon Twist. Follow Us! https://www.facebook.com/DistinguishedSpirits http://instagram.com/distinguishedspirits https://twitter.com/DistinguishedSp http://www.pinterest.com/DistinguishedSp Featured in This Episode: Hennessy VS Cognac http://www.hennessy.com/us/collection/vs/ Kina L'Aéro d'Or http://tempusfugitspirits.com/kina-vermouths St. George Spirits http://www.stgeorgespirits.com/spirit/absinthe/ Capovilla Peach Brandy https://www.klwines.com/p/i?s=14D23CB23E30&i=1176765 Bar Tools: Nick & Nora Glass http://amzn.to/1NdX7Tn Measuring Cup http://amzn.to/1GL9u93 Measuring Spoons http://amzn.to/1JQaABS Vegetable Peeler http://amzn.to/1AA2s69 Hawthorne Strainer http://amzn.to/1FfK2mB Fine Mesh Strainer http://amzn.to/1KDExWv Shaker http://amzn.to/1QgOg3l
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2002 Ferrari F1 Maranello
http://www.autosportdesigns.com/inventory/stock/2176/ferrari-575-f1-maranello-2002 _____________________________________________ 🚗 2002 Ferrari 575 F1 Maranello 🏁 Grigio Titanium Met. with Bordeaux leather interior and Bordeaux carpeting, 8,000 miles from new, F1 style six-speed close ratio manual transmission controlled through twin paddles mounted on the steering column, Recent major service by Authorized Ferrari dealer. Options include: Daytona seats and Scuderia Shields. 💰 $149,500 📜 The 550 Maranello was already one of the fastest cars in the world. To upgrade this thoroughbred two-seater sports coupe supercar, Ferrari has increased the capacity of the V12 engine by 274cc to 5,748cc. With other small changes the result is a significant step up in power to 508bhp. Top speed is now officially over 200mph. This 575 F1 Maranello is offered for sale with complete books, tools, extra keys and remotes and original window sticker.
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Effortless Enlightenment: A Lazy Man's Guide To Self-Realization
Rosicrucian Imperator, Bishop David Griffin and applied anthropologist, Witch Queen Leslie McQuade, share their personal experiences of Enlightenment and Self-realization, including a tested magical method to effortlessly give anyone the spiritual breakthrough of an Enlightenment experience. • Switch On The God-Force Energy In You! Get started with Magick today using one simple method in this amazing ebook. Download it FREE and begin with the Magick of Light right now! • Ultimate Life Mastery: The Science of Miracles https://www.golden-dawn.com/eu/gdw-lm-sl ALPHA ΩMEGA • Daily Livestream Sunrise Enlightenment Ritual (@lesliemsquade on Periscope) https://www.pscp.tv/LeslieMcQuade/ • Monthly Livestream New Moon Human Liberation Ritual (@lesliemsquade on Periscope) https://www.pscp.tv/LeslieMcQuade/ • Alpha Ωmega Website http://alphaomega.church/ • Witch Queen Leslie McQuade Biography http://www.alphaomega.church/witch_queen_mcquade • Bishop David Griffin Biography http://www.alphaomega.church/bishop_david_griffin • Esoteric Christianity http://www.alphaomega.church/esoteric-christianity • Apostolic Successions http://www.alphaomega.church/apostolic_lineages • Contact Us https://www.golden-dawn.com/eu/contactus.aspx COURSES • Alpha Ωmega Courses http://www.alphaomegamysteryschool.com • The Ritual Magick Manual (A Complete Course For Solitary Practitioners) https://www.golden-dawn.com/eu/GDR-TW-SL • Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Alpha Ωmega Rosicrucian Mystery School https://www.golden-dawn.com/eu/index.aspx • Spellwork Mastery Course http://spellworkmastery.com/ • VIP Private Training Course https://www.golden-dawn.com/eu/GDR-PM-SL RESOURCES • Golden Dawn Website https://www.golden-dawn.com/eu/index.aspx • Golden Dawn Blog http://hermetic-golden-dawn.blogspot.com/ • Golden Dawn Library https://www.golden-dawn.com/eu/library.aspx • Golden Dawn Biographies https://www.golden-dawn.com/eu/displaycontent.aspx?pageid=136-golden-dawn-biographies • Golden Dawn Articles https://www.golden-dawn.com/eu/displaycontent.aspx?pageid=100-golden-dawn-articles • Golden Dawn Lineage https://www.golden-dawn.com/eu/displaycontent.aspx?pageid=96-golden-dawn-lineage-guarantees-legitimacy • Golden Dawn Podcast http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hermetic-golden-dawn • Golden Dawn Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/HermeticOrderoftheGoldenDawn1888/ • Golden Dawn Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/HermeticOrderOfTheGoldenDawn/ NEWS • Magick Wars (News from the front lines of the spiritual war!) http://magickwars.com/
USED FORD FOCUS 2.5 ST-3 3DR 223 BHP full ford service history
BLACK WITH FULL BLACK LEATHER INTERIOR + FULL FORD SERVICE HISTORY + SATELLITE NAVIGATION + HEATED RECARO SEATS + XENON LIGHTS + BLUETOOTH + REVERSE CAMERA + PARKING SENSORS + 18 INCH ALLOY WHEELS.......At Dace German Car Centre we are very proud to be named the first Stockport Trading Standards Approved Car Retailer, with process and procedures developed with and applauded by them. We price check our vehicles daily in order to maintain a highly competitive price point. Such is our confidence that we offer great value, if you should find a like-for-like vehicle for sale at a main dealer, or similarly professional car retailer, we will offer to beat that price with our NATIONAL PRICE PROMISE GUARANTEE. You can also phone and pre-arrange your finance before you visit. We do recommend that customers RESERVE their choice of vehicle prior to making their trip, to avoid potentially missing their perfect car. Visit our website http://www.dacegermancarcentre.co.uk as here at Dace Motor Company we carry over 500 cars in group stock. Many have Full Service History, Automatic or Manual and Models like Focus, Grand C-Max, GT, Mondeo, ECO Zetec, Edge, ECO, Sport, ST, Ecoboost and TD, some of our cars will have Satellite Navigation, Sunroof, Leather and Bluetooth. Please enquire or call 0161 4424360 if you do not see what you are looking for and we will try and find it for you?.....Date of reg 30/09/2010
AATCO Transmission and Transaxle, Car Care, Beaverton, OR
http://www.superpages.com/bp/Beaverton-OR/AATCO-Transmission-Transaxle-L0020781909.htm?lbp=1 Tim's AATCO Transmission & Transaxle, located in Beaverton Oregon on TV Hwy, specializes in car and truck transmission and clutch repair and maintenance services for vehicle owners. We specialize in providing repairs and overhauls for automatic.
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Review AutoDrive 2017 Maserati Levante Used Manual Transmission
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JBL L65 Jubal Restoration: Refoaming and Crossover repair.
http://texasound.blogspot.com/p/speaker-repair.html We offer a complete speaker repair and restoration service. Our specialty is vintage speaker restoration and the reversal of all age related issues. We can even restore your vintage speakers' performance to as good as new. Just take a look at some of our videos and the before and after shots of our work to see the results for yourself. We are situated in Austin Texas. Located in North Austin near Burnet, and West Koenig. We meet by appointment, and can be reached By phone: 512-769-9750 By email: [email protected]
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AAMCO Colorado Transmissions and Total Car Care | West
Affordable, honest and reliable auto repair, maintenance, and transmission mechanics. https://www.aamcocolorado.com AAMCO Colorado Transmissions and Total Car Care West Front Range Colorado AAMCO locations serving Arvada, Lakewood, Littleton, Longmont, and surrounding areas. Transmission problems or questions? Auto repair, maintenance? Car making strange noises or just not running right? We can help. Call us or request an appointment online today. http://www.aamcocolorado.com/appointment-scheduling/ http://www.aamcocolorado.com/locations/arvada/ Local Transmission & Auto Repair Near You AAMCO Arvada, Colorado Call: (303) 431-1991 6437 Miller Street Arvada, CO 80004 http://www.aamcocolorado.com/locations/lakewood/ Local Transmission & Auto Repair Near You AAMCO Lakewood, Colorado Call: (303) 234-1263 8808 W Colfax Avenue Lakewood, CO 80215 http://www.aamcocolorado.com/locations/littleton/ Local Transmission & Auto Repair Near You AAMCO Littleton, Colorado Call: (303) 933-1535 10168 W. Chatfield Ave. Littleton, CO 80127 Get a coupon and come on in for the best affordable automotive repair and maintenance services. http://www.aamcocolorado.com/special-offers/ http://www.aamcocolorado.com/services/transmission-repair/ We specialize in transmission rebuilds and replacements. Our certified mechanics work on all makes and models, including 4x4s, and can handle any transmission repair or rebuild. You can rely on our technicians to quickly diagnose and repair your automatic and manual transmission problems, from clutch service and replacement, to automatic transmission flushes and full rebuilds. We use modern computer diagnostics to identify transmission and engine issues so we can repair your car and get you back on the road without worry. http://www.aamcocolorado.com/services/total-car-care/ From tune ups and factory recommended maintenance, to oil changes, brakes, exhaust system and muffler repairs, shocks and struts, radiators, cooling systems, and air conditioning, we can handle all your car repair and maintenance needs. Stop in, call, or make an appointment online today! http://www.aamcocolorado.com/appointment-scheduling/ Check out our blog for tons of automotive information, tips, infographics, and articles of interest. http://www.aamcocolorado.com/blog/ Looking for more Colorado Front Range locations? http://www.aamcocolorado.com/locations/
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Whats a trickle charger?/C7 corvette battery location
The battery on a C7 corvette is not under the hood like most cars. If you are not going to drive the car for a couple of weeks the you should have a trickle charger for your battery, you do not want to have to jumps start your car as it causes a high load on the electrical system like the starter, alternator and it could potentially short out a cars computer.
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Enumeration and Privilege Escalation - SickOSv1.2
Discuss some common OS enumeration and privilege escalation techniques for the SickOSv1.2 Boot2Root image from Vulnhub. https://www.vulnhub.com/entry/sickos-12,144/
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Volvo V40 2.0 D2 R-Design Pro
FINISHED IN STUNNING GREY, SAT NAV REAR PARK SENSORS BLUETOOTH CRUISE CONTROL DAB RADIO LEATHER FACED SPORTS SEATS. COMES WITH FSH & VOLVO WARRANTY UNTIL 2020. ALL CARS WILL RECEIVE AN 82 PT RAC APPROVED INSPECTION, ALL CARS ARE PREPARED TO THE HIGHEST STANDARD WITH A SERVICE IF REQUIRED., Black Full leather interior, Sensus Navigation, Bluetooth Handsfree System, Cruise Control, DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) Radio, ECC (Electronic Climate Control) with Pollen Filter, Rear Park Assist, 18in Ixion IV Alloy Wheels (Diamond Cut/Matt Black) - 225/40 R18 Tyres with Locking Wheel Nuts, Active TFT Crystal Drivers Information Display, Alloy Wheels - 18in Ixion IV (Diamond Cut/Black), Anti - Theft Alarm incl. Volume Sensor and Level Sensor, Dark Tinted Rear Windows and Cargo Area, Front and Rear Power Windows, High Performance Sound - 1x Radio/CD, Hill Start Assist, IDIS (Intelligent Driver Information System), R - Design Leather Faced Sports Upholstery, Rain Sensor with Automatic Wiper Function, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, WHIPS (Whiplash Protection System) (Front Seats), Steering Wheel Mounted Audio Controls, Power steering, Heated Rear Screen, Front and Rear Headrests, Front and Rear Cupholders, Front and Rear Centre Armrest, Child locks & Isofix system, Airbags, 3x3 point rear seat belts, 1 x USB Input, 12V Socket (Front and Rear Tunnel Console). 5 seats, Grey, Here at Mike Brewer Motors, quality really matters to us. Not just the quality of our service but the high quality of our vehicles, and the standard at which they hit our forecourts. We have invested a lot into our business to open 2 state of the art preparation centres in Sheffield and Luton with the sole purpose to deliver the highest quality cars possible both Mechanically and aesthetically, because we know you won’t want to buy a car from us unless it’s in top notch condition. Please check out our independent reviews at www.judgeservice.com or follow the link on our website mikebrewermotors.com under JudgeService ! Mike Brewer motors also offers a UK mainland Delivery Service, one of our most popular offers. You can also reserve the car until you can come and take it for a spin so you do not miss out! (ULC), Part Exchange Facilities Available, Finance Available. Postcode for Sat Nav is S4 8AL Search for a quality used car: http://www.mikebrewermotors.com/ Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/MikeBrewerMotorsUK Join us online: Twitter - https://twitter.com/mikebrewermotor Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/MikeBrewerMotors/ Email us: [email protected] PLEASE NOTE: This car may have been sold by the time you contact us. However, we have a vast range of stock therefore we should still be able to help you. Get in touch to find out!
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Porsche 911 997 Turbo 3.6 Manual Coupe
6 Speed Manual, Special Order GT Silver Metallic, Full Black Leather, Alpine Sat Nav With DAB Radio And Bluetooth,19 inch Turbo Alloys, Sport Chrono Plus Package, Fully Electric Seats With Lumbar & Drivers Memory, Electric Tilt & Slide Sunroof, BOSE Surround Sound System, Three Spoke Sports Steering Wheel Finished In Smooth Leather, Rear Wiper, PASM - Porsche Active Suspension Management, PSM - Porsche Stability Management, Bi Xenon Lights With Wash, Climate Control Airconditioning, 4WD, 480 BHP Twin Turbo, Full Porsche Main Agent & Specialist Service History, An Independent Multipoint Inspection & 1 Year Bumper To Bumper Guarantee Is Included, 35250 Miles
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Royal Arch Sword Work
This is the first in a series of videos depicting the use of the sword in Chapter work. For use in chapters under jurisdiction of Grand Chapter, State of NY, Royal Arch Masons. Visit http://ny-royal-arch.org for more information.
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2010 Bmw M6 Manual
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FIND SPIRITUAL HELP @ http://dailylivechurch.com . *** SUBMIT PRAYER REQUESTS @ https://dailyliveprayer.com *** ADOPT YOUR CITY @ http://adoptyourcity.com (City Leaders) *** MOBILE PRAYER UNIT @ http://mobileprayerunit.com (Neighborhood Cleansing) ** LIKE US @ http://facebook.com/brothercarlosoliveira ***DAILY PRAYER CAMPAIGNS ((( 8 am & 6 pm Pacific Standard Time))): - MONDAY: GOOD MORNING HOLY SPIRIT, by Brother Carlos - TUESDAY: "GOD'S FINANCIAL KINGDOM" Prayer Campaign, by Brother Carlos - WEDNESDAY: "SPIRITUAL WARFARE NATION MOBILIZATION" Prayer Campaign, by Brother Carlos - THURSDAY: "FAMILY RESTORATION" & "MIRACLE" Prayer Campaigns, by Brother Carlos - FRIDAY: "INTENSIVE CURSE BREAKING" Prayer Campaign, by Brother Carlos In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ I declare broken and destroyed any aggression, attempts of the enemy to penetrate, curses resulting in the destruction of the mind, behavioral perversion, blasphemies, enchantments, incantations, sorcery, communication with dark spirits, consulting with the dead, condemnation, control, curses affecting the household, curses associated with utterances, curses from any demonic avenues and doors that have opened, curses from generational lines coming down from both the father and the mothers family lines, curses from the womb, cursing another, deceptions of all types, delusions, demonic attacks, demonic condemnation, covenants, depression, destruction of all types, destruction of finances, destruction of marriage, destruction of family, destruction of the body, distractions, dullness of mind, dysfunctionality, adverse effects, side effects, and stings, every idle word spoken contrary to God's original plans and purposes, evil allegiances, evil cords, poison, condemnation, demonic condemnation, evil condemnation, contracts, evil devices, evil forces and powers, hindrances, imaginations, evil influences passed down socially, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, inherited, or any other channel, unknown to me, conscious, or unconscious evil alliances, evil interplay, manifestations, evil or wrong perceptions, and evil thoughts concerning us, our families, work, and ministries which we are to accomplish, evil principalities, evil spirits of inheritances and curses, evil spirits that follow, evil strongholds, wishes, false anointing and impartation, trauma, false prophecies prophesied, familiar perversion, financial perversion, futility of the mind, ill spoken words, ill wishes, illusions, influences or stings, interaction with darkness, lies, manipulation, mind control, negative feelings, neutralizing effects, bad habits, nullifying affects of wrong words and the enemy, occult ties, oppression, pains, perverse speech, thoughts, plans, perversion, poverty, powers and rulers of darkness, spiritual wickedness in high places, proclivities and captivities that are contrary to, opposes, or hinder God's Will and destiny for our lives, religious perversion, satanic, and demonic alliances, schemes of the enemy or wicked people, self condemnation, sexual perversion, spiritual perversion, evil systems of people or the enemy, terrorism, twistedness of the mind, unconscious associations or covenants with darkness, undue hardship, undue pressures, ungodly soul ties, unjust soul bonds, unjust soul ties, unjust ties, unjust bonds, unrighteous agreements that I have entered into, vain thoughts, wiles of the devil, witchcraft prayers, witchcraft spells, demonic spells, evil spells, satanic spells, works of the devil, wrong and worldly traditional religious thinking, wrong mind sets & thinking patterns. - THE END-TIMES HAVE COME, Equip Yourself For The Battle, here are some the (((FREE))) WEAPONS... FREE - Premarital & Singleness Curse Breaking; - Financial Curse Breaking; - Manual For Miracles, Healing & Deliverance - Manual for House Cleansing & Curse Breaking. @ Website: http://dailylivechurch.com Prayer Requests: https://dailyliveprayer.com Deliverance Videos: http://churchwebtv.com Curse Deliverance: http://cursedeliverance.com Multi Level Prayers: http://multilevelprayers.com BrotherCarlos.Com: http://brothercarlos.com I NEED A BIG FAVOR I'm running a TEST, I'd like to ask you to visit my WEBSITE for a few seconds and leave a positive note (NO SIGN UP REQUIRED) at the (((LIVE CHAT))) @ http://www.dailylivechurch.com Thx. - RECEIVE YOUR MIRACLE NOW, by Brother Carlos - Healing, House Cleansing & Blessing Prayer Series - BUSINESS CURSE BREAKING BROADCAST - MAR 24, 2017 - Sign up @ DailyLiveChurch.Com UNIVERSITY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, by Brother Carlos - University of the HOLY SPIRIT & BUSINESS Curse Breaking, by Brother Carlos
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Porsche Sold, 1986 930 Turbo G50 5-speed manual
Sold by Williams Crawford, Passion for Porsche, the car Porsche would have built 30 years ago if they'd had the technology! Once in a lifetime opportunity to own this incredible one-off special build car. 1986 930 Turbo, completely remanufactured by Classic Carreras in Limerick, Ireland. Too many special features to mention, so please visit our website for full information, photos and video. Chartreuse green bodywork, black and lime green tartan interior. 3.3 litre with K27:29 hybrid turbo making an estimated 350 bhp. Modified 5-speed G50 gearbox, Quaife LSD, Bilstein suspension, custom Campagnola alloys. Never to be repeated! For more information, photographs and video, please visit our main website, www.williamscrawford.co.uk All our cars are sold following a full inspection and service by our technicians, and come with our own guarantee. Part exchange welcome on any make of vehicle. Finance available. Nationwide delivery, export and worldwide shipping available. Please call 01752 840307 and ask for Adrian or Dale. Williams Crawford Passion for Porsche, established 1991. We deal with all aspects of Porsche; buy, sell, broker, service, restore, custom build, race and event preparation. Discover our extensive line of Porsche cars for sale here: http://www.williamscrawford.co.uk/por… ►Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/PorscheVide… ►Website: http://www.williamscrawford.co.uk/ ►Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/passionforpo… ►Blog: http://www.williamscrawford.co.uk/news/
Who is the Church Universal and Triumphant? (CUT) / Sharing Jesus with the Cults Weekly Q&A
Who is the Church Universal and Triumphant? (CUT) / Sharing Jesus with the Cults Weekly Q&A In person - CUT cult (official website) Since The Summit Lighthouse was founded in 1958 by Mark L. Prophet under the sponsorship of the ascended masters, it has been our goal to bring liberation to all souls everywhere who seek spiritual freedom; to all those who sense their own innate divinity and wish to express and develop it. Church Universal and Triumphant Twelve Tenets of Faith I. Foundation, Head and Communicants of Church Universal and TriumphantII. God, Christ and the SoulIII. Ascended Masters, Hierarchy, the Great White BrotherhoodIV. Sacred Scriptures, Progressive Revelation, the MessengersV. The Path of Becoming the Christ and the BuddhaVI. The Divine Mother and the Aquarian AgeVII. Baptism, Violet Flame, Balance of KarmaVIII. The Nine Sacraments of the ChurchIX. Free Will, Antichrist, ArmageddonX. Sacrifice, Surrender, Selflessness and ServiceXI. Law of the Tithe Church Universal and Triumphant (CUT) is an international New Age religious organization founded in 1975 by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. It is an outgrowth (and is now the corporate parent) of The Summit Lighthouse, founded in 1958 by Prophet's husband, Mark L. Prophet. Its beliefs reflect features of the traditions of Theosophy and New Thought.[1] The church's headquarters is located near Gardiner, Montana, and the church has local congregations in more than 20 countries. Theosophy is an esoteric religious movement established in the United States during the late nineteenth century. As taught by Blavatsky, Theosophy holds that there is an ancient and secretive brotherhood of spiritual adepts known as Ascended Masters, who—although found across the world—are centred in Tibet. These Masters are believed to have cultivated great wisdom and supernatural powers. The New Thought movement (also "Higher Thought"[1]) is a religious movement which developed in the United States in the 19th century, considered by many to have been derived from the unpublished writings of Phineas Quimby. There are numerous smaller groups, most of which are incorporated in the International New Thought Alliance The name "Church Universal and Triumphant" was announced by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on July 2, 1973, in a message from the ascended master Portia.[2] In 1895, Mary Baker Eddy used the terms "universal" and "triumphant" in her first Church Manual as referring to the church she founded. In the 1903 edition of this work, she capitalized these terms, referring to her church as the "Church Universal and Triumphant”. #CUT #ChurchUniversalAndTriumphant #PeopleOfTheFreeGift Be sure to subscribe and enable notifications to make sure you don't miss any of our videos on Cults and Verse by verse teaching through the Bible. Playlist links What is the Trinity? - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuk6rG9a178VXIxgOpO4GmwGXU5AUfvOH Scientology - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuk6rG9a178VKwp2H51Va7-ZFJp1Q5tKy Common Traits of Cults and Cult Leaders - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuk6rG9a178UrnlcqHReIyJj1YasCSRfR You Might Be a Cult If ... - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuk6rG9a178UDxyYvQtLVJyLOuhaMsE52 Teaching through the Bible - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuk6rG9a178UmfPWTwZO-WacIGnpAUZnl Teaching Through the Gospels - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuk6rG9a178UmfPWTwZO-WacIGnpAUZnl Mormonism - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuk6rG9a178Vyznmr91tgzaLYne6JoQkY Apologetics - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuk6rG9a178XF_cX4ISQBR4ERBj_7gw6P Most Popular Videos - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuk6rG9a178WmuDKEABRKCjz6cBL79wfe Charles Manson - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuk6rG9a178XSVFl6PYd0YaeeDssEub0z What is a Cult? - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuk6rG9a178XIT6ytzonIcG0B9CvWAz3M Sharing Jesus with the Cults - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuk6rG9a178XwE7C_KGmWPZ7xd1Yc_940 Miscellaneous Cults - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuk6rG9a178XwHKqr2uyEy4SNMnssq6Qz Oneness Pentecostals - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuk6rG9a178WC5PklfdPWH-fkMRrRH6ic Jehovah Witness - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuk6rG9a178W7q1RgtPSMd2Ilko8YKjmS
Unintentional ASMR  | Neurological Examination
I do not own the rights to these contents. I will delete them upon request. All credit goes to the original creators. (I edited the audio and video for better ASMR effect). Original Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyBNYB0RLvU
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What is The Natural Guard? 8th Branch of US Armed Forces
What is The Natural Guard? The Natural Guard is the 8th Branch of Americas Armed Forces. Originating in 1978 as the Pentagon's Project JEDI, a Top Secret Manual was created called Evolutionary Tactics featuring 150 pages of practical and esoteric Tactics on and off the battlefield. This Manual spawned the First "Earth Battalion" of what later to become the New Earth Army. Presented by LT COL. DAVID K. SWENDIMAN, former US Marine Infantry platoon leader and Alaska Airborne Ranger pilot. Now NGO Secretary for the SISDnonprofit for Sustainable Living and Development of Human and Natural Resources in"Holistic and "Generative" way. These terms require further RD&A, Research Development and Application. "The purpose of the Natural Guard is uniting the world's militaries toward service to the Planet." Special Thanks to COMMANDER IN CHIEF Donald J. Trump for Executive Order 20180501 authorizing The Natural Guard to deploy locally and globally on Humanitarian Aide Operations (HAO) Armed only with a Video Camera and special sets as Ambassadors of International Peace and Prosperity. The Way of the Shaman, DJEDI, and Spiritual Warrior Training are available to all US citizens, Veterans and Nationals. Email: [email protected] for assignments, deployment and training IN YOUR AREA or Abroad. "Learn to Earn Your Living Through Your Play." "Making money... Makin' Movies Making a Difference! OPERATION: "Tread Softly" Treasury Resources Agriculture and Defense. Education Ecology Economy Agriculture Media Manufacturing Adventure Stewardship and Documentary Production Healing Arts Martial Arts and Multimedia Eco Homestead and Eco Village Building
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Worship @ Fairhaven Church, Centerville
Sunday , March 1, 2015 10:30 Service Lighting Designer: Jacob VanVlymen Audio: Jon Lough / Drew Mealer Video/Production: Thomas Ford/ Ethan Bolvi Fixture List 1x ETC Ion 8x Elation Platinum Spot 15R Pro 3x Martin Mac 250 Krypton 4x High End Studio Color 575 8x Luster 1x Radiance Hazer 18x Esoteric RGBAW
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355 int repair
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A comprehensive introduction into the Roon music cataloguing and streaming program
In my review I described some of the basics of the Roon system and primarily showed the impressive user interface. Still people don’t grasp the unique qualities of Roon, so it’s time for a lengthy explanation on what makes Roon so unique. Promo code Roon: Due to misuse by other viewers this code is no longer available Roon review: https://youtu.be/yrRfhWcLoqA Installing Roon Rock on Intel NUC: https://youtu.be/AtfXsVM9QDE Connecting your DAC part 2: https://youtu.be/grzoqEb2KMk Elac Discovery DS-S101-G review: https://youtu.be/HY2sfwt4Y98 If you like my work, support it using Patreon or Paypal: My Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/theHBchannel Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/theHBchannel My book: http://thehbproject.com/en/news/116/file_based_audio My site: http://www.theHBproject.com/en My channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/TheHansBeekhuyzen My Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/hansbeekhuyzen My Google+ page: http://www.google.com/+TheHansBeekhuyzen My Twitter: https://twitter.com/hansbeekhuyzen My reference sets: http://thehbproject.com/en/About About Questions: https://youtu.be/YCNnUq6SbKg
My take on this August's intense energy matrix. S T A R C I R C U I T AUGUST 8TH-15TH ONLINE TEACHINGS. STARGATE CRYSTAL TECH. HEALING SYSTEM. +::Prism of the Star Mother:++ Water::SOUND Elixir S K Y T E A C H I N G S: GREECE 8/26-9/1
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The Trinity/Immco Advantage
Trinity/Immco provide a unique service with the Immco Reference Lab to support the range of esoteric products we market. The lab is staffed by a team of certified professionals in various fields related to laboratory science, i.e. immunology, immunogenetics, clinical chemistry, etc.
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The Real Truth about BlockChain and Crypto Technology with Darren Clifford
A few of the things we will cover include: What are bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchains? Basic differences between bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Why crypto is one of the most exciting fields in the next few years. How to earn a living in the crypto/blockchain ecosystem. Analysis of the current state of the crypto market. Plus your Live Q&A. For more information about becoming a patient with Bod MD/HD: http://www.TOTRevolution.BodHd.com Learn more about Optimizing Your Health, Reversing Your Aging Process and All Things Testosterone and TOT: http://totrevolution.com/ To sign up to the TOT Revolution Mailing List to get FREE BOOKS and the weekly Ultimate Life Optimization Report: http://bitly.com/TOTRev To Get Jay Campbell and Jim Brown's Magnum Opus on Testosterone Optimization Therapy http://TOTBible.com Feel the Focus of the World's Most Powerful OTC Nootropic-EMF http://www.optimizedlifenutrition.com To Pick up your FREE Paperback COPY of The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet(Continental USA Only) http://www.metabolicblowtorchdiet.com To Get the MBTD on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2xOXcOK To Radically Improve Your Physique and Develop Maximum Muscle Mass in Minimum Time-Utilize Jim Brown's Forged Training: http://AdvancedForgedTraining.com To Learn the systems and processes to radically improve your health, fitness and fat loss in the shortest time possible. http://90days2optimized.com To Coach with Jim and Jay http://trtrevolution.com/coaching Download the FREE PDF of The Definitive TRT MANual: http://trtrevolution.com/PDF To Listen to the Audio Version of The TRT MANual http://amzn.to/2exRnf7
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1996 Ferrari 355 Spider 6 Speed Manual
A fantastic example of a classic Ferrari 355 Spider. Hard to find 6 speed manual transmission. Daytona has recently completed a full engine out major service including new timing belts, new clutch, new valve cover, seals and gaskets. Refinished valve cover with Ferrari red wrinkle paint. Minor engine bay touch ups for a show ready engine bay compartment. Interior center console, door handles and air conditioning vents have all had the “sticky-stick” refinishing completed. Both seats have been reconditioned to a factory like finish. Factory Ferrari Challenge grill installed as well as 4 new tires for the spring season. This 355 is in immaculate condition is ready to be driven.
REVIEW Air Polishing Set PDAP 75 A1 (Lidl 2500 rpm 6.3 bar Ø 75 mm)
REVIEW Air Polishing Set PDAP 75 A1 (Lidl 2500 rpm 6.3 bar Ø 75 mm) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Out-of-the-BOX-Unboxing-1574696125944869 Manual: https://www.lidl-service.com/static/2638460905/300101_OS_DE_EN_FR_NL_CS_ES_PT.pdf IAN: 300101 Features Air Polishing Set PDAP 75 A1 Ideal for re-touching and polishing Adjustable rotation speed Polishing plate with practical hook & loop attachment Ergonomic design with coated handle Included in delivery 1 AIR POLISHING SET PDAP 75 A1 1 polishing disc Ø 75 mm (with Velcro fastener) 1 polishing hood, orange (for pre-polishing) 1 polishing hood, black (for final polishing) 1 fake lambskin 1 connector nipple 6.35 mm (1/4”) (preassembled) 1 assembly wrench 1 operating manual Technical data Rated frequency: max. 2500 rpm Rated air pressure: max. 6.3 bar Grinding disc: Ø 75 mm Weight (without accessories): approx. 740 g
Take a closer look at a very special Porsche 930 Turbo
A Unique opportunity. This RSR style 911 is an exceptional piece of engineering, for full details, please visit our website where we have much more information and photographs of this car's story. Jon Miller of Classic Carreras based in Limerick, County Clare is responsible for this fabulous car. As his own personal project, it gave Jon the opportunity to showcase the quality of his work and engineering.  It was a work of love, pride and dedication. This is a unique chance to purchase a high end custom Porsche at a figure that would not cover the costs of a comparable build. Driving this car is an event which stimulates all the senses. The performance is sensational, whilst the way it takes the bumps and cambers of a twisty B road really impressive. You cannot but help drive it swiftly, taking the corners, enjoying the clarity of response and the confidence this 911 brings. The sound crisp and deep; it plays a great tune! If you would like something totally exclusive, that brings a smile to your face every time you see it, and gets the pulse running every time you get behind the wheel.....this could be perfect for you...... For more information, photographs and video, please visit our main website, www.williamscrawford.co.uk All our cars are sold following a full inspection and service by our technicians, and come with our own guarantee. Part exchange welcome on any make of vehicle. Finance available. Nationwide delivery, export and worldwide shipping available. Please call 01752 840307 and ask for Adrian or Dale. Williams Crawford Passion for Porsche, established 1991. We deal with all aspects of Porsche; buy, sell, broker, service, restore, custom build, race and event preparation. Discover our extensive line of Porsche cars for sale here: http://www.williamscrawford.co.uk/porsche-for-sale/ ►Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/c/PorscheVideosuk ►Website: http://www.williamscrawford.co.uk/ ►Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/passionforporsche ►Blog: http://www.williamscrawford.co.uk/news/