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15 Things You Didn't Know About Coco Chanel
15 Things You Didn't Know About Coco Chanel - Original Video by Alux.com Full Article: http://bit.ly/29H4b1E Chanel is one of the biggest brands out there and today we're taking a look at the roots so we can show you how everything started. That's why we decided to share with you several facts about Channel and its famous founder: Coco Chanel! Here's the link to our most expensive perfumes in the world ranking: http://bit.ly/29oHKcc 5 Things You Should Know About Coco Chanel: http://bit.ly/29sSaLi #alux #fashion #lifestyle Alux.com is the fastest growing, trusted, online community for luxury enthusiasts to discover, learn and enjoy quality content on the topics that most interest them. Visit us at: http://www.ALUX.COM Or join the conversation on social media: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aluxcom/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/aluxcom Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EALUXE Tumblr: http://ealuxe.tumblr.com Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/ealuxe - SUBSCRIBE to ALUX: https://goo.gl/KPRQT8 WATCH MORE VIDEOS ON ALUX.COM! Most Expensive Things: https://goo.gl/09XcYJ Luxury Cars: https://goo.gl/eOUgfS Becoming a Billionaire: https://goo.gl/rRLgJI World's Richest: https://goo.gl/m6emkX Inspiring People: https://goo.gl/KxqTdL Travel the World: https://goo.gl/g5BGmm Dark Luxury: https://goo.gl/20ZsSt Celebrity Videos: https://goo.gl/0cs6sx Businesses & Brands: https://goo.gl/otHsTB -- Alux.com is the largest community of luxury & fine living enthusiasts in the world. We are the #1 online resource for ranking the most expensive things in the world and frequently refferenced in publications such as Forbes, USAToday, Wikipedia and many more, as the GO-TO destination for luxury content! Our website: https://www.alux.com is the largest social network for people who are passionate about LUXURY! Join today!
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Coco Chanel: From Fashion Icon to Social Revolutionary
Coco Chanel - From Fashion Icon to Social Revolutionary Completed Spring 2012 for National History Day Documentary about the the revolutionary impact of Chanel's fashion designs. I spent about 4 months researching in Libraries and Online Archives: reading through primary and secondary sources (newspapers, magazines, books, photos) as well as reaching out to experts in the field. A very special thank you to the wonderful fashion designers and historians who I had the pleasure of interviewing for this project: Shannon Bell, Metropolitan Museum of Art Tilar Mazzeo, Author of "The Secret of Chanel No. 5" Chloe Dao, Fashion Designer & Project Runway Winner Dr. Ann DuPont, Texas State University Dr. Irene Guenther, University of Houston Claire McDonald, University of St. Thomas NHD Regional Individual Senior Documentary Division 1st Place NHD State Qualifier
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Paris by Chanel - Inside CHANEL
Immerse yourself in the street where it all began, la rue Cambon. Leave the black and white sobriety of the Haute Couture salon and enter the baroque world of Mademoiselle’s apartment. Then, indulge at the Ritz, before opening the door of 18, Place Vendôme to discover the world of Fine Jewelry. Finally, gaze upon the monumental theater of the CHANEL fashion shows: the Grand Palais. From Gabrielle Chanel to Karl Lagerfeld, in Chapter 12 of Inside CHANEL, discover these legendary locations and how the CHANEL story continues to be written. http://inside-chanel.com
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Coco - Inside CHANEL
The story of a young orphan who reinvented herself and became Coco Chanel. In Chapter 5 of Inside CHANEL, discover Coco Chanel's humble beginnings, from her birth in 1883 to meeting the love of her life Boy Capel. This new film unveils the woman behind the legend, who in a stroke of genius transformed the female silhouette. Coco Chanel closed one era and launched a new century of fashion. Chapter 6 "Mademoiselle": http://youtu.be/VCAro7GnCHo
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Fashion History: CHANEL
Hey Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed this Fashion 101! I think there is a lot in store for Chanel and I think that a lot will happen soon! XOXOXOXOXOOXOXOXOOXOXOOXOX
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The History of the House of Chanel
Coco Chanel has been one of the world's favorite designers since 1913. Check out some highlights from the history of Chanel. Subscribe to Harper's Bazaar https://goo.gl/KK5zZB America's first fashion magazine, Harper's Bazaar has showcased the visions of legendary editors, photographers and stylists since 1867.
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Coco Chanel - French Fashion Designer & Businesswoman | Mini Bio | BIO
Revolutionary fashion designer Coco Chanel was raised in a convent where she learned to sew. She would introduce the world to the 'Little Black Dress' in 1926 and become the first designer to put her name on a fragrance. #Biography Subscribe for more Biography: http://aetv.us/2AsWMPH Delve deeper into Biography on our site: http://www.biography.com Follow Biography for more surprising stories from fascinating lives: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Biography Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/biography Twitter - https://twitter.com/biography Biography.com captures the most gripping, surprising, and fascinating stories about famous people: The biggest break. The defining opportunity. The most shattering failure. The unexpected connection. The decision that changed everything. With over 7,000 biographies and daily features that highlight newsworthy and compelling points-of-view, we are the digital source for true stories about people that matter. Coco Chanel - French Fashion Designer & Businesswoman | Mini Bio | BIO https://www.youtube.com/user/BiographyChannel
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The History of Chanel - Iconic Design - Part 1
World Fashion Content
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The Colors - Inside CHANEL
Black. White. Beige. Gold. Red. In Chapter 11 of Inside CHANEL, five colors come alive as we delve into the history, the anecdotes, and the quotes from Mademoiselle herself that immortalized their significance for CHANEL. Five emblematic colors, five inspirations, five CHANEL codes. One signature. http://inside-chanel.com
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Karl Lagerfeld - German fashion designer and icon | DW Documentary
The German-born designer Karl Lagerfeld has died at the age of 85. He was a designer, an artist and a fashion icon. For this sad occasion we recommend a portrait DW made in 2014. No living fashion designer, let alone a German one, was as celebrated as Karl Lagerfeld. On September 10, 2018 the man with the trademark ponytail and sunglasses celebrated his 85th birthday. From dawn to late morning, Karl Lagerfeld designs for Chanel, Fendi and his own signature brand - a combined workload of up to 15 collections a year. A workhorse who never takes breaks or even a vacation, he is also a photographer and filmmaker. His passion for fashion was awakened by a Dior show in Hamburg in 1950. Four years later, at the age of 17, Karl Lagerfeld was hired as an assistant to Pierre Balmain. Karl Lagerfeld recounts his beginnings in the industry, as well as his upper class background and childhood in Schleswig-Holstein. Karl Lagerfeld was greatly influenced by his mother, whom he describes as his personal style icon. Karl Lagerfeld's caustic comments were notorious and dreaded by those at the receiving end. As an artist, Karl Lagerfeld worked in several media, from pictures and photographs to book illustrations and videos. The documentary of 2015 follows Karl Lagerfeld to exhibition openings, during the hectic preparations for his fashion shows, and at photo shoots in Paris as it seeks to uncover the man behind the mask. _______ DW Documentary gives you knowledge beyond the headlines. Watch high-class documentaries from German broadcasters and international production companies. Meet intriguing people, travel to distant lands, get a look behind the complexities of daily life and build a deeper understanding of current affairs and global events. Subscribe and explore the world around you with DW Documentary. Subscribe to DW Documentary: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW39zufHfsuGgpLviKh297Q?sub_confirmation=1# For more documentaries visit: http://www.dw.com/en/tv/docfilm/s-3610 Instagram https://www.instagram.com/dwdocumentary/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dw.stories DW netiquette policy: http://www.dw.com/en/dws-netiquette-policy/a-5300954
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Chanel: The history behind a brand
Aesthetic Art II year Presenter: Angela Galyan
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History of Chanel
Recorded with ScreenCastify (https://www.screencastify.com), the screen video recorder for Chrome
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Coco Chanel: The Illustrated World of a Fashion Icon
Coco Chanel is arguably the most significant influence on women’s fashion in the twentieth century. Hardie Grant Books new "Coco’s World" is a compilation of Megan Hess’ stunning illustrations of the 100 most quintessential moments through Chanel’s history, from Coco’s incredible life, to the impact of Karl Lagerfeld on the company and the incredible items that have become iconic of the brand–the little black dress, the luxurious bags and accessories, glamorous jewellery and of course the renowned Chanel No 5 perfume. Interspersed with historical anecdotes and famous quotes from Coco herself, Karl Lagerfeld and other key fashion icons of the era, this book is an elegant and immersive introduction to the moments that shaped Coco and the iconic Chanel brand–and how fashion, in turn, shaped their lives. About the Author: Megan Hess is an international fashion illustrator who works with some of the most prestigious fashion designers and luxury brands around the world, such as Chanel, Dior, Cartier, Montblanc and Tiffany and Co. She is the official illustrator for Bloomingdales and completed the cover artwork for all of Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell’s books and recently a private commission for Michelle Obama, along with a collaboration with Gwyneth Paltrow for the Blo Blow Dry Bar campaign. Coco Chanel: The Illustrated World of a Fashion Icon by Megan Hess On sale: October 13, 2015 Publisher: Hardie Grant Books Price: $24.95 ISBN: 978-1-74379-066-3 Learn more: http://www.rizzoliusa.com/book.php?isbn=9781743790663&csrt=239019976806006398
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Chanel History: Chanel No 5, Coco Mademoiselle, Karl Lagerfeld and Coco Chanel
Chanel has been popular among celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and others. Jackie Kennedy was choosing Chanel as her go-to designer. She wore a double-breasted Chanel wool suit when her husband, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The suit has become an emblem for her husband’s assassination and one of the iconic items of fashion of the 1960s. "Jackie in the blood-stained pink Chanel suit”, as “the most legendary garment in American history“, and as “emblematic of the ending of innocence“. Catherine Deneuve, was the face of Chanel No. 5 from 1956-76. Vanessa Paradis, became the face of Coco perfume in the `90s, beginning a long-lasting relationship with Lagerfeld and Chanel, for which she has also modeled lipstick and handbags. Claudia Schiffer achieved supermodel status when she became the face of Chanel in 1987 and closed most of Lagerfeld's shows in the `90s. She's still going strong 20 years later, most recently fronting Chanel's new range of eyewear. Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington were two of the most iconic models of the Nineties. In 1991, their combined glamour and effortless cool made them the perfect choice to front the Chanel boutique clothing range. No fashion history is complete without the inclusion of Miss Moss. Despite being the face of Coco Mademoiselle Chanel since its launch in 2001, after five years Kate was swiftly replaced by Keira Knightley amid rumors of hardcore partying. Lagerfeld cast the British actress, Keira Knightley as the face of Coco Mademoiselle. She appeared in a few major ad campaigns, and has been a Chanel supporter since 2006. In 2015 Keira is the face of the lipstick Rouge, featuring the "Gabrielle" shade Nicole Kidman was the star of Chanel’s 2004 campaign, including a famed four-minute mini-film shot by Baz Lurhmann. Costing an astonishing $4 million dollars to produce, the film later won a Guinness World Record for being the most expensive advert of all time. In 2009, a 52-year-old Jerry Hall proved age is just a number when she fronted a seriously seductive campaign for Chanel's accessories line. In Karl Lagerfeld's words: "Oscar Wilde said, 'I like men who have a future, and women who have a past.' It is this whole idea of seduction that is summarized here that appeals to me." Audrey Tatou, became a new face of Chanel No. 5, after playing Coco Chanel in the film Coco avant Chanel. She starred in an advert released on 5th May, 88 years to the day after Coco Chanel first produced her iconic fragrance. In 2011, Blake Lively, adored by most in the fashion industry, was being thrust into the spotlight as Chanel's newest face and brand ambassador. Her ad campaign for Mademoiselle handbags debuted in April 2011. Marilyn Monroe's love for Chanel No.5 was no secret. And in 2012, it has become possible to hear her say it for the first time in a rare recording, where she admitted to wearing "just a few drops of Chanel No. 5” to bed. In 2012, Brad Pitt was the first ever male to become a face of Chanel No. 5, starring in a black and white video. The ad raised a lot of eyebrows at the time. In 2014, Gisele Bundchen landed one of the perfume industry's most iconic accounts, Chanel No. 5. A new ad campaign featuring Bündchen was directed by Baz Luhrmann, and was filmed in New York and Hamptons. Bundchen was chosen for her “natural beauty and modern femininity,” according to the company. Cara Delevingne, has become the new face of Chanel for Fall 2014 campaign. Kendal Jenner, might replace her based on the recent very frequent Chanel campaign appearances. Diane Kruger was the face of Chanel's Allure perfume even before her acting career took off. She has since modeled handbags and become one of Chanel's most loyal and prominent celebrity faces, having worn Chanel on more red carpets than we can count. But the most memorable icon representing the brand of Chanel, will always be Gabrielle aka Coco Chanel herself, making a major moment in fashion history. If she were alive today, she'd undoubtedly be proud of her eponymous brand and the strong, talented women that wear and represent Chanel.
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The Secret Behind Coco Chanel's Fashion Brand
In this video, you'll learn 4 interesting facts about how Coco Chanel started her fashion brand. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ► http://bit.ly/WqPFyy PREVIOUS EPISODE ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zc_d9Vu8b8M I recently read the biography Mademoiselle, by Rhonda Garelick, about Coco Chanel and how she started her fashion brand. I picked up 4 interesting insights that I want to share with you. EVen though we focus on fashion, her tips are universal and can apply to all types of businesses. Even if you just want to start out as an influencer on YouTube.
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Coco Chanel | Transformation From 12 To 87 Years Old
Birthday: August 19, 1883 Nationality: French Famous: Poorly Educated Fashion Designers Sun Sign: Leo Died At Age: 87 Also Known As: Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel Born In: Saumur, France Famous As: Fashion Designer Family: Father: Albert Chanel Mother: Eugénie Siblings: Alphonse Chanel, Antoinette Chanel, Augustin Chanel, Julia Chanel, Lucien Chanel Died On: January 10, 1971 Place Of Death: Paris, France Cause Of Death: Drug Overdos ---------------------- Coco Chanel was a renowned French fashion designer who founded the fashion brand ‘Chanel’. She was the first person to see style as both, classic and casual. Chanel created timeless classics and set a high benchmark for the fashion designers to come. She was instrumental in breaking the stereotype and liberating woman from the stifling ‘corseted silhouette’ and making the sporty casual chic look not only acceptable but also trendy and very fashionable. Her extraordinary fashion sense was not just limited to couture clothing but also reflected in fragrance, handbags and jewellery. She also was quite a party animal and had wide network of people with whom she socialised, built connections and did business. Chanel was ambitious, determined and hard-working lady whose effort clearly reflected in her work. She seemed more of an enigma and lied on many instances, masking her real age and place of birth. Chanel and her work can be best described in her own words ‘Fashion fades, only style remains’. This speaks volumes about what a legendary style and fashion icon she was. ----------------------- Childhood & Early Life Chanel was born on 19 August 1883 to an unwed mother Eugenie Jeanne Devolle. She did not have a great childhood and grew up with poverty surrounding her. Her mother Eugenie Jeanne Devolle was a laundry woman in the Charity hospital run by the Sisters of Providence in Saumur, France. Chanel’s father Albert Chanel was a rambling street vendor who peddled work clothes and undergarments for a living. When Chanel was 12, she lost her mother to bronchitis and her father put Chanel and other daughters to the convent of Aubazine in Central France. Chanel had a tough time in Aubazine, as it was a demanding place, and thus she fled from there to boarding house for Catholic girls in the town of Moulins. --------------------------- Career Although Chanel did not have a pleasant stay at Aubazine, it did do a little good to her eventually. She did a lot of sewing sewing in the six years that she stayed in Aubazine which earned her a job as a seamstress. In her free time, she used to sing in cabaret frequented by cavalry officers. During this time she made her stage debut singing at a cafe concert in a Moulins pavilion, La Rotonde and she acquired the name ‘Coco’, because of the two songs she sang which she became identified, "Ko Ko Ri Ko", and "Qui qu'a vu Coco", or it was an allusion to the French word for kept woman, cocotte. In 1906, she went to the spa resort town of Vichy and tried her best to become a stage performer but soon realized that a stage career was not her cup of tea and thus she returned to Moulins. It was Captain Arthur Edward Capel, her love affair, who was instrumental in helping Chanel set-up her first shop. Capel, himself being a well-dressed man influenced the conception of the Chanel look. The design of Chanel’s signature scent ‘Chanel 5’ drew inspiration from knick-knacks carried by Capel. It was either the rectangular, bevelled lines of the Charvet toiletry bottles Capel carried in his leather traveling case or the exquisite design of the whiskey decanter. In 1913, Chanel with the help of Arthur Capel, who financed her, opened a boutique in Deauville. She introduced a range of casual clothes and sportswear. The boutique at Deauville became quite successful. Inspired by this, she opened one such boutique in Biaritzz, in 1915. Subsequently Biaritzz did very well for Chanel. By 1919, she was registered as a couturiere and established her maison de couture at 31 rue Cambon. She had the whole building of 31 rue Cambon in one of the most fashionable districts of Paris. With time Chanel's business empire flourished and by 1935 she employed four thousand people. But during the late 1930s her business began to dip. other designers such as, Elsa Schiaparelli began to make their mark and the beginning of World War II, forced Chanel to close her shops. During the World War II, she was accused of being a Nazi spy. In 1945, after the end of the War, Chanel moved to Switzerland, eventually returning to Paris in 1954. She reopened her couture house in Paris, in 1954. But her new collection wasn’t well received by Parisians as the taint of being a Nazi spy continued to haunt her. However, her designs were well received by the British and the Americans. -------------------- #CocoChanel #Chanel
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CHANEL N°5 - For the first time - Inside CHANEL
For the first time, CHANEL tells its story online at http://Inside-Chanel.com Chapter 1: the legend of N°5. Journey back in time through the CHANEL archives into the heart of this magical perfume, beginning with the revolutionary moment of its creation.
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The Great Success Story Behind The Brand Chanel | Brand Story
The Chanel logo, designed by Coco Chanel herself in 1925, consists of two interlocked and opposing letters “C” for her name, “Coco Chanel”. It remains unchanged since and at the same time, one of the most iconic logos in fashion industry. A popular story suggests that it was inspired by the original Château de Cremat logo; a pair of intertwined Cs. The Chanel logo was not registered as a trademark until the first Chanel shops were built. The black color in the Chanel logo represents elegance, elitism and wealth. Sub @ www.youtube.com/WhatABrand Like @ www.facebook.com/KARAStudios #Chanel #BrandStory #Brands
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"Once Upon A Time..." by Karl Lagerfeld
"Once Upon A Time..." by Karl Lagerfeld Soundtrack: "Ah ! Finalmente !" Extract from "Tosca" Composed by Giacomo Puccini Performed by Gottfried Hornik, Fernando Corena, José Carreras, Berliner Philharmoniker, Herbert von Karajan ℗ 1980 Deutsche Grammophon GmbH, Hamburg & "Io De´ Sospiri" Extract from "Tosca" Composed by Giacomo Puccini Performed by Wolfgang Bünten, Berliner Philharmoniker, Herbert von Karajan ℗ 1980 Deutsche Grammophon GmbH, Hamburg
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Top 5 Reasons You Should Own a Chanel Flap Bag
Get your favorite designer handbag now at: https://www.lovethatbag.ca/ Love that Bag’s Director of Sales & Consignment, Kailey Zrihen, will be filling you in on the Top 5 Reasons why you should own a Classic Chanel Flap Bag. A classic Chanel flap bag is on the list of must-haves for fashionistas and handbag collectors all over the world, and for good reason. It is an absolute icon in the handbag world. Here are 5 good reasons why you should buy one: 1. Beautiful Quality: Chanel handbags are crafted from the finest quality materials by the best craftspersons in the world. Quality simply does not get better than this. 2. Always in Style: Flap bags have been around since the 1950s and have never not been in fashion. Celebrities and those in the know have been wearing them ever since their introduction. What’s more, you will have it forever. 3. Prices Keep Going Up: These bags not only hold their value but actually appreciate in value. Chanel has been increasing the price of its flap bags regularly, as often as every 6 months, and in many cases by hundreds of dollars each time. So, you may want to snag a flap bag sooner rather than later. Buying a bag pre-owned is a great way to make it more affordable. 4. It’s A Club: There is something about wearing a Chanel flap bag that, in the fashion world, says you’ve arrived. Not everyone can -- or cares to -- own one. 5. The Most Versatile Bag: The classic flap is a wardrobe staple, and in a basic color like black, cream or red, will go with anything -from jeans to gowns- and take you just about anywhere. What other bag would do that for you? That makes the cost-per-wear factor more palatable. So whether you choose to buy a classic or more unusual and colourful version of the flap bag that Chanel releases every season, you just can’t go wrong. SHOP Shop Classic Chanel Flap Bags: https://www.lovethatbag.ca/collections/classic-chanel-flap-bags Shop Chanel Collection: https://www.lovethatbag.ca/collections/chanel Create an Alert to be notified when a bag you are looking for comes in stock: https://www.lovethatbag.ca/tools/notifications LOVE US HERE ♥ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lovethatbagca/ ♥ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LOVEthatBAG.ca/?fref=ts ♥ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/lovethatbagca/ Thank you for watching!
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Amazing Facts about Coco Chanel  and the Chanel designers brand
Amazing Facts about Coco Chanel and the Chanel designers brand, Subscribe to this channel for amazing biographies and stories of great women
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[CHANEL] Pricing History - Since 1955 Until Today!
Luxury Life Without The Luxury Price For a complete selection: https://www.youtube.com/howmuchagain OR http://i.youku.com/howmuch Killing Me Softly ​Music: Michael Behm Vocal: Me Footage: Videvo Pricing History http://www.bragmybag.com/chanel-price-increase-over-the-years/
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Chanel brand study
Brand study, history and SWOT
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Chanel  | Spring-summer 2019 Paris fashion week
Chanel S. A. - French company for the production of clothing and luxury goods, founded by fashion designer Coco Chanel in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century. Chanel S. A. — французская компания по производству одежды и предметов роскоши, основанная модельером Коко Шанель в Париже в начале XX века Chanel spring-summer 2019 Paris fashion show #WorldFashionChannel Подписывайтесь на наши соц.сети: https://www.facebook.com/WFCtv https://vk.com/wfchannel https://www.instagram.com/worldfashionchannel/ https://wfc.tv/ World Fashion Channel
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Mademoiselle - Inside CHANEL
Coco becomes Mademoiselle. In Chapter 6 of Inside CHANEL, discover Mademoiselle's journey from a young girl to an acclaimed couturière. Her passions, her successes, her sorrows. The birth of Chanel N°5, costume jewelry, and the little black dress. But at the height of her glory, Mademoiselle was far from having said her last word. Chapter 7 "Gabrielle Chanel": http://youtu.be/VhgI8zaG1qY
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CHANEL CLASSIC vs REISSUE FLAP: Which is the best investment?
CHANEL CLASSIC vs REISSUE FLAP: Which is the best investment? Full blog / notes on this video below. I Would love to have you on my journey. Some other links you may be interested in! WIN A GUCCI BELT: https://youtu.be/jX4LoRCw0Hs Shop: www.timpanys,com See our stock via email first: https://mailchi.mp/timpanys/signup Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/timpanys FULL BLOG: Before we dive into the investment side of things, I thought it might be interesting to understand a little about the history of each of these bags as well as some of the overriding differences between them. Despite perhaps the 2.55 with the classic CC lock being the better known of the two bags the 2.55 Chanel bag above with the rectangle Mademoiselle lock is, in fact, the original design. The name of this rectangle lock is known as “Mademoiselle” as Coco Chanel never married. And the 2.55, in fact, stands for the date February 1955 - the year the bag was first released. In February 2005, Karl Lagerfeld re-made the 2.55 – exactly as Coco Chanel had made in 1955, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the 2.55. This bag was called “The Reissue” and is the one you see above. I think this alone shows just what timeless, classic bags they are. That the designs have been gracing our shelves for over 65 years and are still as desirable as ever. Now the bag above that may be slightly more recognisable with the CC lock is as we established not the original design. This was introduced in the 1980s by Karl Lagerfeld. Some serious Chanel lovers out there might be wanting to point out the slight inaccuracy in the title of this blog. As technically the term Reissue should only be used for the bags that were made to commemorate the original – so only those made by Karl Lagerfeld in 2005. However, it has now become commonplace to call all the 2.55’s with the Mademoiselle lock the “Reissues” and all the bags that have the CC locks “Classic Flaps”. Having established the history of both bags let me quickly highlight some of the overriding differences between the two designs, before moving on to the matter or investment. I will leave out the locks as we have already established the differences here. You may want to watch the video to have a look at some of these differences up close. The chain handles. The Classic has a chain whcih is interwoven with leather and the Reissue has a solid slightly vintage looking chain. They are often made with slightly darker toned metals. The Reissue is made with a slightly more distressed leather and can sometimes look “worn” however this is just the effect. The Classic Flaps often have a rounded and much more “plush” appearance, with leather that is luxurious and meant to continue looking new throughout the years, contrasting with the worn and vintage-inspired leather found on the Reissue bags They also come in different sizes. So now we have established the differences between the two bags. They clearly both have a rich and long history. So which one would we consider to be the best investment? Having conducted our own market research via our Instagram where we have nearly 8000 followers (@Timpanys) we asked for our follower's opinions on the CC lock vs the Mademoiselle on the reissue a huge 88% preferred the CC. Also having been trading in second-hand Chanel for 9 years at the time of writing the bag design that always flies out the door is the CC. Naturally, when looking at a good investment you have to consider what the second-hand market is saying. As this will be where you will be having to sell your bag in order to release your equity in it. One thing you may want to take into consideration is the effect that “trends” have on value as well. At the moment there is a big trend for logos so with could well create a spike in the value of the CC however the Mademoiselle could potentially be a safer long-term investment. It is as you will notice a lot more understated and often on style blogs I will read about people feeling more “comfortable” to carry it on a day to day basis. Looking strictly at the numbers though they speak for themselves historically. Mademoiselle: ''This model has increased in value by 70% over the last 5 years,'' from https://www.telegraph.co.uk/fashion/brands/chanel-bags-make-best-investments/ Also CC:''This bag has increased its average value by an impressive 140% over the last 5 years,'' Continue reading on timpanys.com
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History of CHANEL N°5
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Who Owns The Chanel Brand?
His grandfather, pierre, partnered with gabrielle (coco) chanel, the company's namesake, in 1920s 25 sep 2013 chanel is one of world's most famous luxury brands but very little all jewish owned property and business enterprises, even started its success introduction no. The beginning of a monumental revival making chanel the most famous designer brand in world 24 jun 2015 fashion 'bullying' sa business over chocolate at no. Logo, of terms, but refused to sign any requests made by the company 1 apr 2015 coty inc. But like any 18 may 2013 the combination of historical branding and excellent products explains since that day, wertheimers have owned all chanel, but an iconic brand. Wikipedia wiki chanel url? Q webcache. The company has since enter the world of chanel and discover latest in fashion & accessories, eyewear, fragrance beauty, fine jewelry watches 20 feb 2012 cosmetics perfume wing french house all began many years ago with a little called no5 19 aug for example, lot people know bourjois to be sister brand. Gerard heads the company's watch division and lives in switzerland. Googleusercontent search( n l; French [ a l]) is french, privately held company owned by alain and grard wertheimer, grandsons of pierre who was an early business partner the couturire gabrielle bonheur chanel gerard coco wertheimer. Completes acquisition of bourjois cosmetics brand from. This simple statement captures the essence of gabrielle chanel'chanel is above all a stylecompanydolce & gabbana. What i didn't know was that bourjois actually came into the picture company boasts more than 120 boutiques worldwide. And chanel announced that coty has completed its acquisition of the bourjois cosmetics brand from for a consideration. How karl lagerfeld made chanel the biggest designer name in fashion brand 'bullying' sa business over chocolate at no. Fashion passes, style remains'. Coco chanel, luxury brand, brand management, technology chanel and the itself but do not delve into detail about company 5 oct 2015 it goes without saying that is one of most highly recognizable universally beloved fashion brands in world. Vault defining delphine. Chanel wikipedia chanel wikipedia en. Chanel is an iconic name in the world of luxury. Gerard wertheimer and his brother alain own french luxury brand chanel. English 7 oct 2014 a binding offer to buy frenchmake up brand bourjois from chanel and give the family ownedfrench luxury company stake in coty worth an 19 may 2016 once upon time was old hat. Controlled by chairman alain wertheimer's family, chanel also owns lingerie and swimwear brand 23 jan 2015 bourjois cosmetics is a drugstore beauty sold in europe, the middle here chicago who wears almost exclusively makeup s. A 9 crazy facts you never knew about chanel rude fashion what makes the best brand there is cavi brandsupdate 1 coty to buy chanel's bourjois cosmetics in shares. Chanel wikipediachanel on the forbes world's most valuable brands listkarl lagerfeld? Meet men behin
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CHANEL No5 Limited Edition RED |2018 Unboxing
Hi my lovelies! So Chanel for the first time in the brand's history Chanel have released a limited edition Chanel No5 red bottle. Perfect timing...with Christmas approaching, this will make a love present and a must have for collectors. Find me on Instagram; fabtrends_miya Other Perfume VIDEOS https://youtu.be/SiZfE_xX0kI https://youtu.be/9TfDbR0JE7w https://youtu.be/kHoVjtRi_yU https://youtu.be/77bJ5NfEeSA
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CHANEL Fashion Film 2018 | Cruise 2018/19 | Shot on RED
New fashion film for CHANEL featuring the brand's, Cruise 2018/19 Collection. Shot in London on RED Digital Cinema. #CHANEL #CRUISE2019 #FashionFilm #London Make sure to Like, Comment, & Subscribe! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ►► http://bit.ly/2nZbztT Credits: Director: Tamas Sabo Concept & Art Direction: Vivienne Balla Styling: Eliza Scarborough Model: Steinunn at Established Make up & Hair: Scarlett Burton For more information, please visit my website: http://www.tamassabo.com FOLLOW ME: Instagram: https://instagram.com/tamassabo Twitter: https://twitter.com/tamassabo New Here? Hi, I'm Tamas, a freelance fashion film director. I'm one of the co-founders of TURNT magazine, also a geek and gadget enthusiast. My channel is full of fashion films for various brands and titles like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Bvlgari, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire and more...
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LUXURY BRAND STORY TAG ft  Louis Vuitton & Chanel | FashionablyAMY
I was tagged by the lovely Andri to do the Luxury Brand Story tag. Thank you honey and I tag a bunch of you too below! Can't wait to watch your versions! Enjoy! ► SUBSCRIBE! http://bit.ly/fashionablyamy ► FASHIONABLYAMY VLOG (sub my new vlog-only channel!) http://bit.ly/fashionablyamyvlog Connect with Me! ► INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/fashionablyamy ► BLOG SALE http://instagram.com/fashionablyamys_closet ► TWITTER http://twitter.com/fashionably_amy ► SNAPCHAT https://www.snapchat.com/add/fashionablyamy Share your pics with hashtag #fashionablyamy WHAT I'M WEARING: ► Lace mini dress*, size 4 https://goo.gl/WR8I6R ► Chanel Earrings http://bit.ly/2iBMHXc ► Marc Jacobs Lip Creme 216 http://go.magik.ly/ml/4nrw/ ► Physicians Forumla Eye Booster Eyeliner http://go.magik.ly/ml/4ugr/ PEOPLE I TAGGED OR MENTIONED: ► Andri's video: https://youtu.be/Gf1f6Cl_bWM ► HaveLouisWillTravel ► Katluxlove 8811 ► Kat L ► NastasiaM53 ► JerushaCouture ► Stories of a Bagaholic ► Shea Whitney ► LalaLV ► heyyyjune ► Kristina Braly ► Siradong ► BT Channel ► Mel Soldera ► Mel in Melbourne ► Aimee Jo TAG QUESTIONS: What is your first “wish list” bag? What is your actual first purchase? What do you think is special about this brand? Quality, service, history? What is your favorite purchase from this brand? What is your latest purchase? Do you think you’ll stay loyal to this brand in 5 years? What is a starter piece that you’ll recommend from this brand? What will you be buying next from this brand? PREVIOUS VIDEOS: ► 2017 DRESSES TRY-ON HAUL http://bit.ly/2pE8bVa ► LOUIS VUITTON PALM SPRINGS BACKPACK REVIEW http://bit.ly/2pLeFEq ► 2017 WISHLIST http://bit.ly/2ppApVS ► MARCH FAVORITES http://bit.ly/2p9DFoN ► VLOG #50 COME TO WHISTLER WITH ME http://bit.ly/2lLmZRB ► CHANEL DEAUVILLE TOTE UNBOXING http://bit.ly/2n6rrJI ► CHANEL SINGLE JUMBO CLASSIC FLAP http://bit.ly/2i8FRbc ► CHANEL MINI SQUARE FLAP REVIEW http://bit.ly/2j2hxpC ► 2016 BEST & WORST LUXURY BUYS http://bit.ly/2kigLs2 ► MOST DRAMATIC HANDBAG TAG http://bit.ly/2mPLDlG ► BEST PRE-OWNED LUXURY ITEM TAG http://bit.ly/2lVYxdZ ► LUXURY ITEMS I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT TAG http://bit.ly/2jsgzTu ► MY STORY http://bit.ly/2itCM3a VIDEO PLAYLISTS: ► VLOGS https://goo.gl/Mw2eRB ► FAVORITES https://goo.gl/ZB58nQ ► Q&A https://goo.gl/dEMA86 ► LOUIS VUITTON http://bit.ly/2kojaPg ► CHANEL http://bit.ly/2lsLm4q ► UPDATED COLLECTIONS http://bit.ly/2ktEx3X ► FASHION HAULS http://bit.ly/2koqnOY ► TAG VIDEOS https://goo.gl/z97zTe SHOP AND SAVE: ► EBATES CANADA https://goo.gl/3ciH3q ► GREAT CANADIAN REBATES https://goo.gl/tw3oOq ► CHEFS PLATE CANADA | Receive 3 free plates on your 1st order https://goo.gl/ctr9tc ► SHOPTAGR https://goo.gl/4NmrBd ► SHOP STYLEWE http://bit.ly/2bPjIIF ► SHOP ROMWE https://goo.gl/eZ8j27 ► SHOP SHEIN http://bit.ly/2khV0tH ► SHOP MAKEMECHIC https://goo.gl/3xawWk CAMERA http://go.magik.ly/ml/3frm/ EDITING Final Cut Pro X ------------------------------------------------------------------------ BUSINESS INQUIRIES: [email protected] FILMED & EDITED BY FASHIONABLYAMY FTC: This is not a sponsored video. Some links may be affiliate links. Gifted items will be designated with an asterisk (*).
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How a Dior Dress is Made | Visionaire | Refinery29
Subscribe to the Refinery29 channel: http://bit.ly/subscribe-to-r29 “Couture” is a magic word. It conjures thoughts of impeccable craftsmanship, visionary design, and legendary fashion moments. But, most of us don't encounter haute couture very often, unless we're looking at a celebrity on the red carpet, a model on a catwalk, or a mannequin in a museum case. We wanted to get closer to couture — and to get you closer to couture — so we partnered with the legendary fashion publisher Visionaire to create this video, which tells the story of one dress from birth to runway. It’s a unique look inside the Dior atelier, where the team has been hard at work bringing creative director Raf Simons’ ideas to life. While an individual couture garment can take half a year to produce, here you will see the story of one dress (“Look #53,” in fashion-speak) come together in just a few minutes — from the first muslin pattern to the final style model Kinga Rajzak wore during yesterday’s haute couture show. It’s an incredible revelation, and when you discover what goes into these garments, the crazy prices on couture start to seem at least a little less crazy. While Look #53 is the star of the show, the video gives us the chance to reconnect with the rarely credited artisans and seamstresses we saw in Dior and I, as well as a cameo from Simons himself. Think of this as a mini-trip to Paris or a crash course into fashion’s highest form; either way, enjoy your couture, concentrated. For more up close looks at global fashion, watch Style Out There: http://bit.ly/SOT-Amsterdam For the latest trends and videos, visit: http://refinery29.com Like Refinery29 on Facebook: http://facebook.com/refinery29 Follow Refinery29 on Twitter: http://twitter.com/refinery29 Heart Refinery29 on Instagram: http://instagram.com/refinery29
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Top 20 Coco Chanel Quotes ||  The French fashion designer
Top 20 Coco Chanel Quotes | The French fashion designer - French fashion designer of women's clothes - founder of the Chanel brand
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Coco chanel history documentary for prosenberg
This video is about IMG_5644
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Hi everyone! Today's video is on the 10 things I think would be helpful to know before buying a Chanel bag! ***What I'm Wearing*** Red camisole: http://bit.ly/2zNmQ8B Ear crawlers: http://bit.ly/2zNKDFc Nail Polish: http://bit.ly/2zu0S9S ************************************** Link Love: Blog: http://www.chaseamie.com Instagram: https://instagram.com/chase_amie/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/chase_amie Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/chase_amie/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chaseamieblog/ Snapchat: ChaseAmie Email: [email protected] ************************************** Mailing Address: PO Box 71117 London SE18 9LR United Kingdom ************************************** Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. Occasionally companies will gift me items however this will not affect my opinion if and when I do review said item. I will always mark reviewed items if it/they have been gifted. That said, the vast majority of items are bought with my own money. Some of the links used are affiliated. All paid-for content will be clearly stated. ************************************** Have a question? I have a page on FAQs right here :) http://www.chaseamie.com/faqs
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In this video we would learn the correct pronunciation of the following brand names: Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Moleskine, Yves Saint Laurent, Lacoste, Chevrolet, Porsche, BMW, McDonalds's. Language schools in the USA (for international students) - https://goo.gl/H1Y6qX 📗🇺🇸 My book about how I got full financial aid to study in the USA (my story + tips) - https://goo.gl/fKwah2 ⭐ INSTAGRAM - linguamarina ⭐ LEARN LANGUAGES ABROAD - https://linguatrip.com 📝 Get your English text corrected instantly - https://fluent.express/ 📷 FILMING EQUIPMENT VLOGS (outdoors): - Canon G7X - http://amzn.to/2l2aSfE VIDEOS indoors: - Sony A7R II (also perfect for instagram) - http://amzn.to/2DrCNTU - Sony 50 mm lens - http://amzn.to/2G2r4c4 SOUND: - Zoom H4n Pro (better than any built-in camera sound) - http://amzn.to/2DVJzyr - Rode video mic (when I have to use my camera to record the sound) - http://amzn.to/2BhkCKW 🎈PROMOS $20 TO SPEND ON AIRBNB - https://abnb.me/e/B2yx6PJZER $20 TO SPEND ON UBER - http://ubr.to/2k1B89L
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My Luxury Brand Story Tag - Chanel
I was tagged to do this video by the lovely Lena Larsson (thank you sweetie!) - if you haven't checked out her channel already, you can find her here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX40.... I've tagged: JCKTfashionfinds - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeKE... graceandherhandbag - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCIM... YuniqToday (it'sYuenny) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNBW... I would love if you could all do this video and let me know your brand stories! Anyone else who wants to do this tag too, remember to let me know so I can go check out your video! I've left the list of questions right at the bottom of this box. :) Lots of love for NaughtiPidginsNest in this video too, Shian has some beautiful handbags - www.npnbags.co.uk As always, if there's something you'd like to see a video on, let m know in the comments below. Don't forget to Thumbs Up and Subscribe and I'll see you next time! Love, PPS x Instagram: aimee.pps QUESTIONS: TAG QUESTIONS: What is your first “wish list” bag? What is your actual first purchase? What do you think is special about this brand? Quality, service, history? What is your favorite purchase from this brand? What is your latest purchase? Do you think you’ll stay loyal to this brand? What is a starter piece that you’ll recommend from this brand? What will you be buying next from this brand?
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Fashion Blogger Epic Unboxing: Chanel Bags, Travel Pro Suitcases, and Shades; By Claire Sulmers
Fashion Bomb Daily Founded Claire Sulmers unboxes Chanel Bags, Travelpro Suitcases and more in her live unboxing, on YouTube for the first time ! Leave a comment below to win an item from her stash. Email [email protected]mail.com if you’d like to have your brand featured in our next unboxing!
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My Luxury Brand Story TAG| CHANEL
If you like this video THUMBS UP!! Back with another TAG!! I know its coming thick and fast but I have a few to do this Luxury Brand Story TAG was created by Mis Cherry and she tagged me to do it and I think it is a fabulous tag!! I hope you enjoy Thanks for watching X Jerusha My Site www.jerushacouture.com Fashion Phile blogger www.fashionphile.com Send me any Subie mail you want JERUSHA COUTURE PO BOX 1104 MONA VALE 1660 SYDNEY, NSW AUSTRALIA TAG QUESTIONS: What is your first “wish list” bag? What is your actual first purchase? What do you think is special about this brand? Quality, service, history? What is your favorite purchase from this brand? What is your latest purchase? Do you think you’ll stay loyal to this brand in 5 years? What is a starter piece that you’ll recommend from this brand? What will you be buying next from this brand? LINKS & VIDEOS MENTIONED Cherry’s TAG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4v_jnv2oiAI Purse Bop http://www.pursebop.com Inside Chanel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLhdf2XoL_Y&list=PLEE61EDB90F0AA88F ITEMS MENTIONED Chanel Rouge CoCo lip gloss 722 Chanel Le Boy Bag black medium calf leather Chanel Vintage Classic double flap bag medium Chanel Espadrilles black lambskin 39 Chanel Small O Case Lambskin Starter item from Chanel Classic double flap Next wish list item Chanel CC Delivery Tote YOUTUBERS & INSTAGRAMERS MENTIONED @CherryTung @Mel in Melbourne @Sunny C JAPAN SELLERS I use for Luxury consignment -BrandOff Ebay -Gallery Rare Ebay -BrandWorks Ebay -Elady -Atlantis Tokyo WHAT I AM WEARING Tee- Cotton on Watch- Necklace- Ring- wedding set Nail Polish- Arm Candy- Lip pencil- Revlon colour stay lips pencil ‘Nude’ & Chanel Rouge Coco lip gloss 722 Lashes- Koko Lashes ‘Misha’ I film with Sony a5000 SLR camera http://www.digidirect.com.au Facebook: www.facebook/jerushacoutureblog Twitter: www.twitter.com/jerushacouture Blog: www.blogspot/jerushacouture Instagram: www.instagram/jerushacouture Show me your Pics on Instagram My Site www.jerushacouture.com Mum's Instagram: Jillian_McGrath_ TAGS #jerushaaddict #jerushasboys #jerushamademedoit FAQ Jenn’s Online Store -http://www.ellandemm.com CC Mug Tea Ford Mug Pouf Girl Boss Tee VOGUE sweater The Sound track to my videos-http://ccmixter.org/files/blakeht/43140 Jerusha Couture Pouches http://jerushacouture.blogspot.com.au FTC Disclaimer: THIS VIDEO WAS NOT SPONSORED These Items were bought with my own money if the item was gifted it will be listed with an * or any items I state as gifted. Strictly All opinions are my own Music provided: by Covert Keys TrackTitle: “Just Beginning (Covert Keys Mix)” Find this Track at : http://ccmixter.org/files/blakeht/43140
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Chanel | Fashion Designers
Watch more Fashion Designers and Fashion Brands videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/500164-Chanel-Fashion-Designers Counterfeiting is any indication than Chanel is one of the most coveted brands in the world. While fake Chanel hats and scarves and bags are really easy to find. Real Chanel only comes from the House of Chanel that was founded by Coco Chanel around 1915. The company produces couture ready to wear for women, renowned accessories, cosmetics, fragrances and jewelry. The cosmetics business is especially successful and they're seen as really innovated in skin care, but also as great colorists. Chanel No. 5 was introduced in 1921 and remains one of the bestselling fragrances in history and it's now a part of a line that has over 20 fragrances for men and women. Since its founding in 1915 the company has expanded immensely, but, it still represents principles established by Coco herself.
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Chanel fall-winter 2018 - 19 Неделя Моды в Париже
Chanel S. A. - French company for the production of clothing and luxury goods, founded by fashion designer Coco Chanel in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century Chanel S. A. — французская компания по производству одежды и предметов роскоши, основанная модельером Коко Шанель в Париже в начале XX века/ Fashion Week in Paris - the final and most important of the four World Weeks has been regularly held since 1973. The most authoritative event of the fashion industry is organized twice a year - in early March and in late September - early October. It is here that the fashion shows of the most famous fashion houses are held - Chanel, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Balmain, Chloé, Nina Ricci, Lanvin, Balenciaga and dozens of others. Apart from the fact that Paris Fashion Week is the main and most ambitious event of the fashion industry, it is also an important social event, in which brands hold numerous parties, presentations and gala evenings that gather the most stylish representatives of the fashion industry, cinema, music and show business. Paris Fashion Week 2018 will be held in the French capital from February 27 to March 6. The chief editors of glossy magazines, experts, critics and fashion lovers from all countries will gather here. Неделя моды в Париже — финальная неделя моды из четырёх наиболее важных в мире. Неделя моды в Париже всегда закрывает сезон и считается самой авторитетной в fashion-индустрии. Проводится раз в полгода еделя моды в Париже — финальная и самая важная из четырех мировых Недель регулярно проводится с 1973 года. Самое авторитетное событие модной индустрии организуется дважды в год — в начале марта и в конце сентября — начале октября. Именно здесь проходят показы коллекций самых знаменитых Домов моды — Chanel, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Balmain, Chloé, Nina Ricci, Lanvin, Balenciaga и десятки других. Помимо того, что парижская Неделя моды — это главное и самое масштабное мероприятие fashion-индустрии, это еще и важное светское событие, в рамках которого бренды проводят многочисленные вечеринки, презентации и гала-вечера, собирающие самых стильных представителей модной индустрии, кино, музыки и шоу-бизнеса. Парижская Неделя моды 2018 пройдет во французской столице с 27 февраля по 6 марта. Здесь соберутся главные редакторы глянцевых журналов, эксперты, критики и поклонники моды из всех стран. London fashion week - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvoGIEKMMqbJFBwMv222x3s1uDhGHkbyL Paris fashion week -https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvoGIEKMMqbJTuzHFwqhwDA1FBMwDD6GI Milan fashion week - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvoGIEKMMqbJuZ28sZ4wcYzgyJTUQzSYM New York fashion week - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvoGIEKMMqbJx5uDQnOpiivW2NKEBfV25 Spring-summer 2019 fashion collection - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvoGIEKMMqbJpxelFIGHap563ISAvLAkQ #WorldFashionChannel https://www.facebook.com/WFCtv https://vk.com/wfchannel https://www.instagram.com/worldfashionchannel/ https://wfc.tv/ Неделя Моды в Париже https://youtu.be/mGyd2h_POY8
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Exclusive Look inside Coco Chanel's Apartment | At Home with | British Vogue
Sam Taylor-Johnson talks to Laura Bailey about photographing Mademoiselle Chanel's apartment. Tell us what you think of the eingmatic Mademoiselle Chanel? What does her apartment tell us about her and the Chanel brand? Subscribe to British Vogue►► http://po.st/SubscribeBritishVogue Vogue goes inside the homes of fashion's biggest and brightest stars to find out how they live and what they own. CONNECT WITH BRITISH VOGUE Web: http://po.st/BritishVogueVideo Twitter: http://po.st/TwitterBritishVogue Facebook: http://po.st/FacebookBritishVogue Google+: http://po.st/GoogleBritishVogue Instagram: http://po.st/InstagramBritishVogue Pinterest: http://po.st/PinterestBritishVogue Newsletter: http://po.st/NewsletterBritishVogue ABOUT BRITISH VOGUE British Vogue is the world’s leading premium lifestyle and fashion entertainment channel. Weekly releases and brand new original programming including short films, series and in-depth documentaries, British Vogue’s channel is the ultimate destination for unprecedented access into the world of fashion, beauty and culture. Exclusive Look Inside Coco Chanel's Apartment | At Home With | British Vogue https://www.youtube.com/user/vogueql
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How to store, clean, care & protect luxury handbags inc Chanel bags | Conditioner for leather bags
How to store, clean & care for your luxury designer handbags. Includes weatherproof and conditioner products for leather bags and bag handles. How to protect your leather bags from mold, mildew & fungus! NOTE: Apologies but i will delay the upload of PART 2 due to heavy work commitments.
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Coco Chanel: What it feels like to wear her clothes by Justine Picardie
Read the new biography now https://www.amazon.co.uk/Coco-Chanel-Legend-Justine-Picardie/dp/0007317611/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1284987525&sr=1-1 Justine Picardie has spent the last decade puzzling over the truth about Coco Chanel, attempting to peel away the accretions of romance and lies. In this full-scale biography we finally discover the history of the incredible woman who created the way we look now. Coco Chanel was an extraordinary inventor - she conjured up the little black dress, bobbed hair, trousers for women, contemporary chic, best-selling perfumes, and the most successful fashion brand of all time - but she also invented herself, fashioning the myth of her own life with the same dexterity as her couture. While Chanel was supreme innovator and vendor of all things elegant and beautiful, what lies beneath her own glossy myth is darker. In this book, Justine Picardie brings the mysterious Gabrielle Chanel out of hiding, to celebrate her great achievements, at the same time as casting a clear eye over her transgressions. She examines Chanel's enduring afterlife, as well as her remarkable life, uncovering the consequences of what she covered up, unpicking the seams between truth and legend, yet keeping intact the real fabric of her past.
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Kendall Jenner Closes Chanel Catwalk in Paris
Kendall Jenner helped Karl Lagerfeld close his Chanel haute couture show in Paris with celebrities like Kristen Stewart, Julianne Moore, Rita Ora and Lily Collins in attendance. (July 7) Subscribe for more Breaking News: http://smarturl.it/AssociatedPress Get updates and more Breaking News here: http://smarturl.it/APBreakingNews The Associated Press is the essential global news network, delivering fast, unbiased news from every corner of the world to all media platforms and formats. AP’s commitment to independent, comprehensive journalism has deep roots. Founded in 1846, AP has covered all the major news events of the past 165 years, providing high-quality, informed reporting of everything from wars and elections to championship games and royal weddings. AP is the largest and most trusted source of independent news and information. Today, AP employs the latest technology to collect and distribute content - we have daily uploads covering the latest and breaking news in the world of politics, sport and entertainment. Join us in a conversation about world events, the newsgathering process or whatever aspect of the news universe you find interesting or important. Subscribe: http://smarturl.it/AssociatedPress http://www.ap.org/ https://plus.google.com/+AP/ https://www.facebook.com/APNews https://twitter.com/AP
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Chanel - Autumn / Winter 2019 Womenswear Live Review
Live from Paris, Fashion Editor Georgina Evans reviews the Chanel A/W 19 show. Joined by SHOWstudio Content Editor Calum Knight, Evans dissects the show - Karl Lagerfeld’s last as Creative Director of the house - commenting on the tailored ski-wear, twists on the signature bouclé jacket, and the tribute silence in memoriam of Lagerfeld. Knight and Evans discuss the casting, which featured Cara Delevingne and Penelope Cruz, Michel Gaubert's soundtrack and the alpine village set (located at the Grand Palais), as well as considering the future of the house with Virginie Viard at the helm. Catwalk imagery and social media curation: https://bit.ly/2TtNJrs Established in November 2000, SHOWstudio is an award-winning fashion website, founded and directed by Nick Knight, that has defined the manner in which fashion is presented via the Internet. A pioneer of fashion film and live fashion broadcasting, SHOWstudio is now recognised as the leading force behind these mediums, offering a unique platform to nurture and encourage fashion to engage with moving image in the digital age. In its documentation of fashion and the arts, SHOWstudio has collaborated with pop culture icons and creatives including Tracey Emin, Lady Gaga, John Galliano, Kate Moss, Alexander McQueen, Charles Jeffrey, Gareth Pugh and many more. Visit SHOWstudio: http://showstudio.com/ Explore our channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SHOWstudio View our Fashion Films: https://bit.ly/2U6T0SE Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/showstudio/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/SHOWstudio Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SHOWstudio/ Newsletter: https://showstudio.com/newsletter Shop our selection of art and books: https://shop.showstudio.com/ Shop our designers: https://www.machine-a.com/ #GrandPalais #Chanel #KarlLargerfeld
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Gucci Dionysus Bag Review Blooms Small inc comparisons to Chanel Double Flap bag medium/large
Gucci Dionysus Bag Review Blooms in size small with comparison to Chanel Double Flap bag medium/large. Review includes history of Gucci brand, Gucci's reputation, Dionysus main design features & variations, purchase story and verdict.
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Chanel brand lowers luxury prices in China
Luxury brand Chanel has revealed future plans for an e-commerce platform, the online sales channel to start as early as the fourth quarter of 2016. This comes just one week after the company announced global prices changes, which involved reductions that were very welcome in China.CCTV's Mi Jiayi filed this report from Shanghai.
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Inside story: Chanel's iconic Premiere watch
The first ever watch revealed by Chanel over 26 years ago, Chanel unveils the 2013 incarnation of their Chanel Première watch. Maria Doulton sits down with their Director of Watches, Nicolas Beau, to find out more about this classic timepiece's latest debut. Read more about Chanel's Premier watch here http://www.thejewelleryeditor.com/2013/02/chanels-2013-premiere-watch/ Find out all that is happening in the world of watches and jewellery at http://www.thejewelleryeditor.com
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