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card manipulation at its best
Meet Mike Chao, this man is something else, it's just amazing to watch, enjoy
تعلم العاب الخفة # 410 card manipulation magic trick revealed
https://www.facebook.com/nadjibmagicien learn professional magic tricks. Learn card tricks. Learn tricks coins and rope. And many surprises. Subscribe to the channel to get the new.
Views: 76417 nadjib haffaf
Jad card manipulation
Card Manipuation in CHINA
Views: 3351 The Magic of Jad
hyunjoonkim 2012 FISM manipulation winning act
hyunjoonkim FISM 2012 manipulation wininng act www.hyunjoonkim.com
Views: 1941202 hyunjoon kim
How To VANISH Any Playing Card - Card Manipulation Tutorial : PART I
Tutorial on Card Manipulation! Guys, I'm not an expert at card manipulation BUT it was one of the first things I learned when studying card magic! Here is the basics to study, practice, and use in your magic. Part II COMING SOON... -MAGIC & PLAYING CARDS- My MAGIC Website: http://bit.ly/2vQwKD9 CRAZY PANDREA BUNDLE: http://bit.ly/2JoO8DN Learn MORE magic here: http://bit.ly/2JoO8DN Get My Playing Cards: http://bit.ly/2GaMXGU NOC 5-Pack Bundle Deal: http://bit.ly/2KO8erv MY FAVORITE DECK OF CARDS: http://bit.ly/2jKCeIv FOLLOW @nocplayingcards : http://bit.ly/2wrAP2X -WHAT EQUIPMENT I USE- MY GO-TO CAMERA : https://amzn.to/2Iln8r9 Secondary Camera: https://amzn.to/2IoYTIu PLAYING CARD photo lens: https://amzn.to/2jKC58g MY FAVORITE LENS: https://amzn.to/2HZyqBM My MIC for sound: https://amzn.to/2rvg54E Best tripod for vlogging: https://amzn.to/2rtLW6u Tripod for your PHONE: https://amzn.to/2KQ7z9g My Drone: https://amzn.to/2rta1KS OH ALSO THAT PHONE TRICK COMING SOON...
Views: 25582 Alex Pandrea
Yu Hojin - '2012 FISM Grand Prix' Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde 2012.
Korea Magician Yu Ho-Jin. -2012 F.I.S.M Grand Prix. -www.the-hojin.com [email protected] Thank you.
Views: 2216252 Yuhojin77
Ricky Jay - Amazing Card Trick/Manipulation
The Master at work.
Views: 2159285 theeloved1
Artist Visual (Ball & Card)- Manipulation by Lukas / SEO MAGIC USA
Available at SEO MAGIC, http://www.seomagic-usa.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/1232
Views: 13091 SEO MAGIC
تعلم العاب الخفة # 400 ..... مروحة المحترفين magic trick revealed card manipulation
https://www.facebook.com/nadjibmagicien learn professional magic tricks. Learn card tricks. Learn tricks coins and rope. And many surprises. Subscribe to the channel to get the new.
Views: 21636 nadjib haffaf
Lance Burton: manipulation
Manipulation of cards, candles doves...very good slight of hand by master amgician Lance Burton
Views: 45365 Flip Mattia
Backpalm Vanish Card Manipulation Tutorial [HD]
► Learn more tricks and magic at http://52kards.com ▼ Video Description: ----------------------------------- I first got intrigued with magic and playing cards after seeing a friend do some back palm card vanishes back in 8th grade. To this day this is one if my favorite things to do with a card. When done properly it should look like you just throw the card in the air and it just vanishes. A few seconds later you reach out and pluck it out of thin air. This is the wonderful art of card manipulation. The Foundations of Card Magic DVD on Kickstarter ► http://kck.st/1GhL4l2 ▼ Follow 52Kards Everywhere ------------------------------------------ Website: http://52Kards.com Instagram: http://Instagram.com/52Kards Facebook: http://on.fb.me/52Kards Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/52Kards
Views: 963983 52Kards
Card Manipulation - Roy Benson Card Production
See the Kickstarter Project: http://kck.st/1GhL4l2 Watch The Backpalming Video: http://youtu.be/QyqdJnXpvz0 This is a very sudden and magical card production you can do using two hands. It's similar to the one handed production, but the extra hand provides more cover and allows you to produce the card with very little arm motion. ▼ Related Videos ----------------------------------- Backpalm Card Vanish: http://youtu.be/QyqdJnXpvz0 ▼ Credits/Sources ----------------------------------- Roy Benson ▼ Follow 52Kards Everywhere ------------------------------------------ Website: http://52Kards.com Instagram: http://Instagram.com/52Kards Facebook: http://on.fb.me/52Kards Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/52Kards 52Kards is the most comprehensive free online resource for learning card magic on the internet. Use it well. ► http://www.52kards.com
Views: 242994 52Kards
Make Playing Cards APPEAR from ANYWHERE! Card Manipulation Tutorial : Part II
Card Manipulation Part I : https://youtu.be/VUk9_yNp14M When I was little, all I wanted to do in magic was to make cards appear from thin air, like they did on World's Greatest Magic. I was introduced to card manipulation BEFORE any close-up magic. I hope this video introduces some of YOU to this beautiful art form and leads you down the rabbit hole into the world of close-up card magic. Enjoy the tutorial! Again, I'm not an expert at this at all, so if you want to learn MORE about card manipulation from an expert, I HIGHLY recommend Jeff McBride's "Art of Card Manipulation" There are 3 volumes and these are what I learned from. Jeff is an amazing teacher and the videos are packed with SO much more than I can get into here on a youtube video.
Views: 15138 Alex Pandrea
Easy Waving One Card Manipulation Trick (Cardistry Tutorial for Beginners)
Today we are going to learn an easy application for your one card manipulation routine. We only are going to need a single playing card an our palm! The rest is your imagination! I really love this card trick because it's very easy to do and it gives a lot of flow to your card flourishes sequence. In this Cardistry tutorial we are going to learn every detail of this move and also talk about some theory ideas related to grab your cards relaxed and not too tight. A key point to convey a magical feeling of beauty to your audience :) I hope you like this video and if so, don't forget to hit the LIKE BUTTON! You can download my free magic handbook which contains 15 amazing card tricks here: http://thecardtricks.com Cheers! -Miquel Roman Follow me: Instagram: https://instagram.com/miquelroman/ Facebook: https://facebook.com/miquelroman Twitter: https://twitter.com/Miquel_Roman Snapchat: miquelroman Spanish Channel: http://youtube.com/MiquelRoman Peace and Magic! :)
Views: 57076 The Card Tricks
Card manipulation routine
My card act 5 years ago. More of a general stage magic than pure card manipulation. Practice ver. Thx!
Views: 3716 mixymy
Single Playing Card Manipulation- Day 37 of 365
Check out this crazy magic trick with only 1 card!! Wicked! An inside look into a magicians 365 project. Follow me on Twitter @ LeclericShow or Satan will tap dance on your lawn tonight 'Like' my Facebook page...But ONLY if you like ABBA http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lecleric-Show/129735937093036
Views: 20986 Eric Leclerc
Magic Manipulation Cards
Available at: http://www.magicgeek.com/norm-nielsen-manipulation-cards-326.html Learn beautiful card manipulations with Norm Nielsen's Manipulation Cards at magicgeek.com
Views: 63504 Vanishing Inc. Magic
Yu Ho Jin - Cards Manipulation art
This is the full rountine of him More magic at https://www.facebook.com/allaboutMagicArt
Views: 68455 duc
Masters of Illusion Footage - Lefty: Card Manipulation
LEFTY picks up cards and then they start to magically appear, disappear, and multiply between his fingers if by magic.
Views: 41756 Douglas Leferovich
card and billiard manipulation magic
part of my manip act, put back together after 30 years - I edited out the bad bits !!!!
Views: 14229 partydave
3 Years 3 Days 3 Minutes - Card magic and manipulation
Three years of practice, 3 days of filming, 3 minutes (ish :P ) of video Song: Five Hours - Deorro
Views: 60087 GregoryL
Card Manipulation Magic Tutorial
How to do card Manipulation Trick. Practice well. Watch tutorials at http://www.theonlytutorials.com
Youngwoo lee's Besame Mucho Card Manipulation magic
Youngwoo lee's Besame Mucho Card Manipulation magic He was praised in Europe for his miraclous charisma and for creating a powerful mix of Eastern and Western styles in his act. His magic with cards and bow-tie will bring a smile to your face while his skills will astound you. 2012 DIMS Guest Performer 2011 Italy Magic Convention Guest Performer 2010,2011,2012 Busan International Magic Festival Guest Performer 2011 Magic Castle Guest Performer 2011 Las vegas IMX Convention Guest Performer 2009 Busan Internatonal Magic Festival Champion
Views: 62870 이영우
Adriano Ghosts Magic Manipulation  Card Smoke Shin Lim,Jeff Mcbride
Views: 748 Adriano Ghosts
Card manipulation revealed
Card manipulation magic tricks revealed
Views: 2758 Magic Yin
Ricky Jay Card Manipulation.
This is my version of Ricky Jay's great trick. I have done away with his camera cut and you can now inspect the deck before the trick. Enjoy!
Views: 55068 judsongreenemagic
NESTOR HATO 2017 Card Manipulation
1st Prize FISM European Championships of Magic 2017
Views: 96601 Nestor Hato
Card Manipulation magic cards appearing
just messing about
Views: 617 Mick Berry
Card Sandwich by Kevin Martino [ Cards Manipulation ] Magic Cards Trick
Pagina Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/kevinmartinoprestigiatore
Views: 136 Kevin Martino
Fantasio-Card Fans and Manipulation
Skill with playing Cards
Views: 11301 1936fantasio
Ricky Jay Card Manipulation
From Tx, 18th November 1995
Views: 14143 VHS Video vault
Jeff McBride's Essential Card Manipulation
Learn the essential card manipulation techniques from Jeff McBride. Video tutorial available from virtual.magicalwisdom.com
Views: 8035 Jeff McBride Magic
Fool Us - Richard Turner Thoroughly Astonishes Penn & Teller
For more on Richard Turner's incredible story, check out his upcoming feature documentary DEALT!! Watch it NOW: http://bit.ly/WatchDealt https://www.facebook.com/dealtmovie https://www.twitter.com/dealtmovie https://www.youtube.com/user/DealtMovie
Views: 4532098 RichardTurner52
Sad Card Trick Manipulation Magic For My Mum on Mothers Day
Card trick magic for my mum.
Views: 8266 Card Tricks
Stage magic  Card manipulation
2016年 学外発表会リハーサル Twitter @num_9x
Views: 4670 mafimagic
EASY DUO Card Manipulation Trick feat. CT Magic - Card Tricks Revealed
Hello Again Spectators, I've Been Getting Requests To Combine Tricks With Magicians Around The Globe, If Anyone Wants To Perform Duo Tricks On My Channel, Let Me Know. This Is An Original Card Trick From CT Magic, Click This Link To Subscribe To His Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsepO7S-P0pSNlGkRpA-GHA Comment, Like, Share, And PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO Subscribe To My Channel! "THAT'S IT, I'll See You In My Next Video."
Views: 1463 BDI Mister Magic
Magician Angela Funovits Card Manipulation
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/angelafunovits Twitter: https://twitter.com/AngelaFunovits Homepage: http://www.AngelaFunovits.com Productions: http://www.SeraphimOne.com
Views: 540837 Angela Funovits
YU HOJIN Manipulation card Pro.
Hello. Today, I am releasing YU HOJIN Manipulation cards Pro. Firstly, I would like to thank you for your interest in the YU HOJIN Manipulation card, and for using my original YU HOJIN Manipulation cards for the last 2 years. ‘YU HOJIN Manipulation cards PRO’ has different features from the original YU HOJIN Manipulation cards. The original YU HOJIN Manipulation cards will also be released again. For the last few years, I have put lots of efforts into YU HOJIN Manipulation cards PRO to make it more innovative. I have tried to make the cards better in terms of difficult issues I had experienced using other manipulation cards. I am currently using the YU HOJIN Manipulation cards PRO. There are 2 types of the cards, one is a regular deck of cards and the other is a colored deck of cards, which includes the colors of Sky blue, Pink, Yellow, and Green in a deck. Features - Durability. The cards cannot be ripped. - The cards keep their own shape, even if they are bent or palmed for a while. - Elasticity. The cards never lose the elasticity. - If the cards get dirty from using them for a long time, you can wash them with water. - The original black art design can be used in many different ways. This allows you to show the back of the cards very naturally. - They are waterproof, humidity and rain will not affect your shows or practice. Also, it makes so much easier to apply fanning powder. - YU HOJIN Manipulation card PRO is thinner than any other manipulation cards, which makes it easier for you to do any techniques. Despite of the thinness, the cards are very elastic, and durable. - They are 100% handmade by experts using special materials, which took me years to discover. Regular YU HOJIN Manipulation cards deck includes: 52 cards, an instruction card, and a QR code card. Colored YU HOJIN Manipulation cards deck includes: 13 cards of each Sky blue, pink, yellow and green, and an instruction card, and a QR cod card. Lots of experts and I have put lots of effort into making YU HOJIN Manipulation cards. They are 100% handmade, except for the printing process. Manipulation cards are no longer consumables. I am proud to say it is the best deck of manipulation cards. I am pre-selling only for the next 2 weeks from today. I am selling only 100 packages (2 decks of cards) in total. You can only purchase two decks for 50usd (Shipping fee not included). (Your choice of colors, Regular cards & Colored cards, Regular cards & Regular cards or Colored cards & Colored cards) During the pre-sale, you can only purchase packages (2 decks of cards), you cannot purchase only one deck or more than two decks. I apologize for the limited early volume. The first 100 purchases will include a card with my autograph (with your name) in the deck. To purchase, send an email [email protected], with your full name, contact information, address, and your choice of the colors. The package will be sent in 2 weeks, after the pre-sale. For the past 2 years, I have received much love and feedback regarding the first version of the Yu Hojin manipulation cards. The size of the indexes, the price, and others were among some of the feedbacks. With this in mind, the set price, after pre - sales, for the original Yu Hojin manipulation cards will be 25usd and Yu Hojin manipulation cards Pro will be 28usd (The price difference accounts for the 100% handmade process of creating the Pro version.) All sales will be set at those prices for magic shops around the world with its official release. Also, I will send one package for free to 5 of those who share this Facebook post. Thank you so much. Please share this post!
Views: 31381 Yuhojin77
Shin Lim, Card Jam, Cardistry, Fism Act @ Magicland.se
Card Jam, Cardistry! World Champion of Close-up Card Magic, Shin Lim @ Magicland in Sweden Saturday 29/8 - 2015! Many thanks to http://www.premiumvisuals.se/ Erik Linder and Lars Bredenberg who filmed the event! Visit the shop for more info about next Card Jam or to see related products used in the video! http://www.magicland.se https://instagram.com/larsbredenberg https://instagram.com/eriklindermusic/
Views: 2764930 Magicland.se
Kolja Karo - Magic Closeup Magic - Card + Coin Manipulation
Magic Demo by Kolja Karo. For more information visit www.kolja-karo.de Thanks for watching and giving feedback.
Views: 7724 KoljaKaro1
Brain-Manipulation: Alexander Tezla: Interactive Card Magic (HD)
Choose a card Keep saying over and over in your mind Your card disappears 100% no Camera Tricks or Editing Folgt mir auf Facebook: www.facebook.com/alexandertezla
Views: 1514 Alexander Tezla
Sos Petrosyan Junior, Cards and Balls Manipulation
Youngest Card Manipulator, Cards & Balls Manipulation www. Sos-Junior. com
Views: 16498 Sos Petrosyan
Saturn Magic -Yu Ho Jin manipulation cards (multi color) by Yu Ho Jin - Trick
Visit Saturn Magic at http://www.saturnmagic.co.uk/paul-harris-magic-tricks/yu-ho-jin-manipulation-cards--multi-color--by-yu-ho-jin--trick.html to purchase this item or view our fantastic range of other magic products
Views: 420 Saturn Magic
Card Manipulation Tutorials-Volume 1
my first video of the card manipulation series
Views: 55018 Joe Steele
Magic Illusion Fun, manipulation Cards & Balls
Sos Petrosyan youngest cards manipulator - 9 years old. manipulation Cards & Balls www.Sos-Junior.com
Views: 40367 kamazik
Buka-Card Manipulation
Card Manipulation
Views: 86148 magic4ever

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