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Roskilde Festival July 2008. Kamera: Hans-Christian Davidsen.
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#1 Pissing outside
This is me having a piss outside. enjoy and comment!
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Man piss outside.
You gotta go you gotta go.
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Old Guy Takes Piss in Public Caught on Tape! Gross!!
Subscribe/ This old guy takes a piss right in the street unmindful of people including us ! As if nothing happened he nonchalantly walks away back to his business! If this were in America or Europe or Japan then the police would have arrested him and locked him up for awhile. Here is the norm. An old normal!
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autistic girl films her friends pissing on soap dispensers
We all went in the guys restroom and jack moved the soap dispensers in the unirals and gio pissed on them and I recorded
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Dirty Magaluf: Piss Baby Piss
A young woman wants to piss on the body of her boyfriend. This happend on an a public square in Magaluf. A group of young men were chearing her.....
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Pissing in the park.
Public Urine urination drunk problem
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pissing in the bar lol
ok videos of going pee are nasty but this bar sucked and it needed to happen dugout in gainesville fl dont go management are dicks
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Outdoor pissing
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Piss In Wall
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Pissing my little sister off
Based on the "How to Piss in Public" video...but made for the ladies!
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Hot Model Takes Piss in Woods
Model Environment, a new cause group that uses fashion models to call attention to environmental and social causes is out with a new PSA, Helene on Toilet Paper. The PSA which shows model Helene Traasavis running through the woods in search of a toilet aims to urge people to reduce the amount of toilet paper they use. In the Northern Lights-edited, The Artist Company- produced spot, Helene, while relieving herself on a toilet randomly placed in the forest, says, "Remember, toilet paper comes from trees. So unless you made a complete mess, only wipe with a few squares. Do you really need to cut down whole forests just to wipe your privates? And hey, look for products with high post-consumer content." She then pulls up her shorts and adds, "Maybe you'll be wiping with an ad I was in." Um, yea, we can't wait to wipe out ass with a hot model. Right. We might be into hot models but we certainly wouldn't disrespect them with that sort of disgusting behavior. But we have no problem with any brand or cause group who wishes to offer up visuals of beautiful women pulling their pants down in the middle of the woods.
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Kid Takes a Piss outside of WALGREENS!!! (Cops Called)
A guy from our group goes and takes a leak infront of workers at Walgreens.
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girls trip Major league PISS
A zip line ride stops working only to cause some problems for the people on the street... I thought that this was so FUNNY,,,
man taking a piss??
messed up
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How to piss in public
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How to take a piss outdoors
The same fucking way
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Someone takes a piss outside
This what happens when you drink too much in vegas and there is no bathroom around.
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The Neverending Piss is about a guy who starts peeing, and cannot stop. Mike DeMarco Vinnie DeMarco CaptainJooce
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Man taking a piss
he didnt expect a helicopter :P
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A Pot To Piss In by Eitan Loewenstein, for Shoot 'Em Up, S4e3
Inspired by the script “Don’t Propose to Me, Not Now” by Bahar Eshraghi (https://youtu.be/NHQ7hIv6Cuk?t=725), based on a story by Jenna Brister (https://youtu.be/N8O4Jybm7u0?t=2489). Shoot ‘Em Up is a Los Angeles based show created and produced by Monte LaMonte, with Gary Buchler as the executive producer, which explores the evolution of a story, to a script, to a film & takes place over three events during a three-month period. Starting out with a night of storytelling, 6 storytellers tell true stories from their lives. Those stories are then given to screenwriters who have a month to create a screenplay inspired by the story they are assigned. We come back a month later and have a live table read of the screenplays. The screenplays are then given to filmmakers who have a month to shoot a short inspired by the screenplays. And for one last time, we come together again and screen the shorts inspired by the screenplays (inspired by the stories). Special shout-out to Alex Linares for his help recording this night’s show! Alex and his production company’s services are available to all, especially SEU filmmakers! Check him out https://infocusbyalex.com/ http://www.TheShootEmUpShow.com
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Takeing.  A.  Piss.  Outside
Pissing. Is. Cool
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EDL Piss on a Church
EDL "patriots" take time out from protesting in support of Islamophobic Dutch MP Geert Wilders outside London's Palace of Westminster, to show their respect for the UK's Christian heritage by urinating on a medieval doorway in the Westminster Abbey complex
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Shorti piss outside
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Taking a piss  on the street
Taking a piss like Noone watching lmfao... ahhaha
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Piss OutSide
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White Drunk Men Piss On EVERYBODY At Park
Drunk Guy Pisses On EVERYBODY At The Park😂
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Girl piss in cup in club👀 👇🏾 LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE
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Nasty old lady taken a shit or piss outside!! Lmao!!
Watch this Old lady taken a shit or piss in the corner!! Like wdf!?! Lmao and this happens like everyday!!
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Outdoor piss
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Lafuda taking a piss outdoors
Lafuda taking a piss outdoors
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Rash taking a piss and white lighters
Rash taking a piss outside his own door step and vince talkin shit on white lighters yea random shit i found on my computer...
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Piss Head Outside Youth Offendin
This Man Was A Joka
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Pagal piss outside
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Frustrated boy pissing
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man takin a piss in the house
it fake im not really pissing in the house
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PlayMakers: The Piss Man - Part 1
Part 1 of the PlayMakers episode "The Piss Man".
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poor old ugly man pissing in corner - another Vienna Story
Filmed by DrIfTeR and CeKo
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PlayMakers: The Piss Man - Part 5
Part 5 of the PlayMakers episode "The Piss Man".
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CCTV: Girl caught taking clothes off and  pissing in the street
CCTV: Girl caught taking clothes off and pissing in the street with boyfriend helping and watching. Happend in Paceville, Malta.
Piss anywhere u want
Outside Kansas City Municipal Court this guy walking down the side walk pissing then asking for $1.19 for a beer. http://bailbondskansascitymo.com/ http://bailbondskansascitymo.com/
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just piss right here to get your free shower
Fed up with a parade of people urinating outside their Allentown store in broad daylight, 2 owners who didn't want to be identified took matters into their own hands rigging up a camera and shower head in the back ally. What they get is a lot of water and a little revenge. You got to admit it's pretty funny. A motion detector on the security cameras alert the owner someone has come to "do business". Here's the fun part, a pipe drilled through the wall is connected to a high pressure water line and with one turn of the valve. For 3 months the potty vigilante's have been catching and recording dozens people. Not just men, but women and children. They've caught so many people going; they even keep a score card of how many people they drench. The owners admit they're having a little fun doing this. They even have plans to upgrade the system to monitor cameras from home. They say soon enough violators will get the message
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