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Following my Dreams Changed my Life - Brandon Amato
Follow my Instagram!! https://www.instagram.com/brandonamato/ My snapchat: brandon.amato This was the past 6 months of my life. Traveling with Adam and Inna has been the most incredible experience I could ask for and I can't thank them enough for the opportunities I have been given. The audio of the phone call was from the day I decided to tell my family that I was moving to California to chase my dreams. When I called my grandma I recorded it because I knew I would want to look back on that conversation someday. I am super stoked on this channel and the future of it so please SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and SHARE this video to support us! Adam Horwitz: https://www.instagram.com/adamhorwitz/ Wolves x Mindset: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeNdjxcrWI5B1-j8mG4Nm7g Snapchat:Jointhewolves Jesse Catalano: https://www.instagram.com/jessecatalano/ Snapchat: jessecattt Wolves x Fitness: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX2Ol1eCCEKgX389zLBcEVA Inna Moll: https://www.instagram.com/innamoll/ Inna Molls Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5qk889RvhdZ_RnnII3JrDg Snapchat: ignaciamoll Also big thank you to @nickginsberg_ and @brendonhayward for a few of these shots! And shout out to my parents for being the most supportive people ever. Love you. And no the private jet isn't mine, or any of ours lol just got a deal with a jet service
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khai dreams - Travels
Have a nice Day:) ● Open Description ● --------------------------------------------------------------- ● Follow khai dreams: https://www.instagram.com/khai_dreams/ https://open.spotify.com/artist/0lawSNBxNgJFQYJnQzLH8c https://twitter.com/khai_dreams https://khaidreams.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/khai_dreams/ --------------------------------------------------------------- ● Follow Me: https://www.youtube.com/c/WetVibes https://soundcloud.com/mrbunny-music https://twitter.com/MrBunny_Music https://plus.google.com/u/1/113435658232936944791 https://www.pinterest.com/animechillmusic/ https://www.instagram.com/wetvibes_arts/ --------------------------------------------------------------- ● To submit your own music for promotion send an email to [email protected] ● Background : https://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=920702 --------------------------------------------------------------- ✖IMPORTANT: © Please note, if you are the artist of any of the songs promoted here in this channel, you have full control. This is a right that you have and we will not change that. If any part of the contents of this channel is your property (such as an image or distributor artist musician, label), please send me a e-mail message or a personal message and your content will be removed immediately. Please do not flag my channel. ---------------------------------------------------------------
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Khai Dreams – Find My Way (ft. Atwood) (Lyrics) [CC]
Aviencloud – Taking you to a better place • Khai Dreams - Find My Way (ft. Atwood) [Hip Hop] • Open me senpai and support the music artist, artwork artist and grab your download ʕ•͡ɛ•͡ʼʼʔ. • Don't forget to check the 24/7 live stream: https://goo.gl/4EN3uN • For more music click here: http://bit.ly/CloudyLand Aviencloud Sing with me! (Lyrics's) [Playlist] - http://goo.gl/XH6AvN Aviencloud Ambient Chill & Relax [Playlist] - https://goo.gl/r5IZMo Aviencloud Classics [Playlist] - https://goo.gl/hqcVqZ Aviencloud Happy Vibe [Playlist] - https://goo.gl/a1K63Z Future Bass [Playlist] - https://goo.gl/6IP1xk Aviencloud Hip Hop Hood [Playlist] - https://goo.gl/iuZGrD » Download: N/A Atwood's Album "Nice Colors" released on his own Tracklist: 01. Khai Dreams – All I Need 02. Khai Dreams – Find My Way « 03. Khai Dreams – Travels 04. Khai Dreams – Sunshine 05. Khai Dreams – Nice Colors 06. Khai Dreams – Questions 07. Khai Dreams – Spacey 08. Synergy Sound – Times Never Change 09. Synergy Sound – Killing Time 10. Synergy Sound – Sidewalk Spirits 11. Synergy Sound – Spades And Arrows Support Khai Dreams https://soundcloud.com/khai_dreams https://open.spotify.com/artist/0lawSNBxNgJFQYJnQzLH8c https://twitter.com/khai_dreams https://instagram.com/khai_dreams https://khaidreams.bandcamp.com Support Atwood https://soundcloud.com/atwoodotj https://open.spotify.com/artist/1dtZllLT0EINXgSftEnOjv https://twitter.com/atwoodotj https://instagram.com/iamatwood https://atwoodotj.bandcamp.com Support Night Owl Collective https://nightowlcollective.net https://facebook.com/nightowlcollectiveofficial https://twitter.com/night_owl_music https://nightowlcollective.bandcamp.com https://youtube.com/c/nightowlcollectiveofficial https://instagram.com/night_owl_collective https://facebook.com/groups/nightowlcollectivecommunity https://open.spotify.com/user/nightowlcollective/playlist/0WJ6NRxepjKGhvYyUeHlfq Support us https://discord.me/Aviencloud https://open.spotify.com/user/aviencloud/playlist/1eHx5AddXZB5KqYOczgArk https://reddit.com/r/Aviencloud https://facebook.com/Aviencloud https://soundcloud.com/aviencloud https://instagram.com/aviencloud https://plus.google.com/+Aviencloud https://twitter.com/Aviencloud https://youtube.com/user/Aviencloud -- Support Azuki https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=11888001 https://twitter.com/_A_zu_ki_de_su Artwork by Azuki https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=65564206 -- Submit your music & artwork: http://aviencloud.com/submission
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khai dreams - travels (legendado)
Tradução da música Travels do Khai Dreams, todas as redes sociais dele estão aqui em baixo. KHAI DREAMS SOUNDCLOUD https://soundcloud.com/khai_dreams/ SPOTIFY https://open.spotify.com/artist/0lawSNBxNgJFQYJnQzLH8c INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/khai_dreams/ TWITTER https://twitter.com/khai_dreams --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Imagem: https://www.instagram.com/wolveskun/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyrics What you want me to say That I'm caught in a daze That I'm stuck in autopilot but ain't flying away There's a lot i could say Got a lot on my brain What you want me to say That I'm stuck in this place That I'm only a human and that I've made some mistakes I just think I'm afraid And that's okay That i feel all alone That this house ain't a home That I'm too damn stubborn not to do it alone But can't do on my own Think i just need to know That it's alright But I'll never make it through it if i don't try Wait up, Say what, They don't-Think that i really got it I don't either I'm just being Myself all the - Way Up, Stay down, To earth Don't let em get you out it Don't let em get you out it No, don't let em get you out it Ain't no thing go and say it to me I got shh nevermind, they gon hate on me I may not be the greatest me C'est la vie But i ain't slowing down til Mercedes keys Like skrr beep beep Point A to B Nah You ain't phasing me Yah Where am i taking me Ah Guess I'll wait and see And all my travels seem to bring me back to this place But all my life i've just been looking for the right way And i've been thinking to myself that this is who i gotta be And i've been jivin on my own to find the right pace And i've been watching all the clocks i need the timeframe I wonder when will come the day I wonder when i'll see those dreams I gotta get past that and get out of the abstract I’m writing every thought i think I’m tryna map that A little money in my pockets never had that Just a little though but i been running towards the fat stacks I been workin all day, all night I watch the sunset Hues on the horizon got me feeling like it's all set Calling me to follow so i wrap it up like offset Even if i didn't it would never leave my conscious Going oh nani nani I’m telling you that it's all me This probably won't be always But still i won't regret nothing And if i do then i promise i'll be setting it straight Yeah i've been getting tired of worrying if i'll make a mistake I was lost up in a dream where everyday was the same Now everytime the sun rises its a whole other way I was always playin round now all i do is press play Turbulence ahead but you know that some risks you just take I’m like What you want me to say That I'm caught in a daze That I'm stuck in autopilot but ain't flying away There's a lot i could say Got a lot on my brain What you want me to say That I'm stuck in this place That I'm only a human and that I've made some mistakes I just think I'm afraid And that's okay And all my travels seem to bring me back to this place But all my life i've just been looking for the right way And i've been thinking to myself that this is who i gotta be
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Time Travel - In Your Dreams Full Episode #1 - Totes Amaze ❤️ - Teen TV Shows
The twins Sam and Ben Hazelton from Sydney, Australia, are shocked when their parents announce that they are all going to emigrate to Europe for four months: in Germany. They spend the summer with their eccentric, aristocratic relatives, the von Hasenburg family, who live in the remote German Schoneburg Castle. The family fortune has dwindled to almost nothing so Sam and Ben must help them save the castle and turn their fortunes around before bankruptcy descends and centuries of von Hassenburg entitlement comes to an end. Subscribe here - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN_vBvnKZ4x2X6wWUMPpIwg?sub_confirmation=1 Here on Totes Amaze you can find totally amazing teen tv shows. New full episodes uploaded all the time and new compilations every Sunday.
The Lows of My Solo Travels & A Dream City 🌎 - Annecy, Lyon and Dijon Vlog
Hey guys!! Vlog #2 of UnJaded Solo Travels takes us to Annecy, Lyon and Dijon in France. Despite the literal HIGHLIGHTS of Annecy, someone did try to steal my stuff on a train between Lyon and Dijon which really shook me up. :( That, and train delays definitely made for some lows of my travels! As always, I love being honest with you!! Enjoy the realities of solo travel - not everything goes to plan. ✨ If you watch to the end, THANK YOU I LOVE YOU! These videos are an insane editing task. 😂🙈 Any Qs regarding solo travel, leave me a comment!! I'll do my best ;) x Vlog #1: Starting Solo Travel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqL-Bgeb3VA ------------------------------ Hi my name is Jade and welcome to UnJaded Jade! I post every Wednesday about varying topics I truly care about, from self confidence and veganism, to academic help and motivation 💛 ------------------------------- How old are you? - 18 Which camera do you use? - Canon 750D When did you start your channel? - 17th Feb 2017 P.S i love you. so much. thank you for finding me and for being here and for gifting me your time. you are so loved.
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Time Traveling In A Lucid Dream - Part 1
This is "Part 1" of how I time traveled in a lucid dream in our Dream Interpretation 101 series. In this part of the discussion I explain the dream's full details, the places I time traveled in and it's degree of lucidity. Stay tuned for Part 2 where I break the dream down and explain its full dream analysis and interpretation. For more info on dream interpretation & lucid dreaming visit us at http://www.philosophyofdreams.com
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khai dreams - Find My Way (feat. Atwood)
we must all find our own way Listen on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/0XXrVQ0KrHjnAlPdZHaEDY khai dreams https://soundcloud.com/khai_dreams https://khaidreams.bandcamp.com https://twitter.com/khai_dreams https://www.instagram.com/khai_dreams Atwood https://soundcloud.com/atwoodotj https://open.spotify.com/artist/1dtZllLT0EINXgSftEnOjv https://atwoodotj.bandcamp.com https://twitter.com/atwoodotj https://www.instagram.com/iamatwood Ambition https://twitter.com/AmbitionYoutube https://soundcloud.com/ambition-beats https://www.twitch.tv/ambitionyoutube https://www.facebook.com/AmbitionYT https://www.instagram.com/ambitionyt Artwork by Hangmoon https://hangmoon.deviantart.com https://hangmoon.deviantart.com/art/Five-minutes-of-silence-676043151
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Dream Land (Road Trip)
Lets get this video to 27,000 likes! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS! http://bit.do/Subscribe2Kyle My Social Channels- Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/kylehouck/?hl=en Snapchat- https://www.snapchat.com/add/kylet.houck Twitter- https://twitter.com/kylehouck_ Shoutout to my friends that came along on the trip! Here are their Instagram pages- https://www.instagram.com/maryleest/?hl=en https://www.instagram.com/brendannorth/ https://www.instagram.com/connorhaddadin/?hl=en https://www.instagram.com/mvxwxll/?hl=en https://www.instagram.com/chasermiller/?hl=en Special thanks to H Influencer Collective for making this trip possible http://hinfluencers.com MØ - Final Song (Andrey Azizov Remix) https://soundcloud.com/andrey-azizov/mo-final-song-andrey-azizov-remix Any recommendations of where to go next? Let me know where in the comments!
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MY TRAVELS 2017 | Go where your dreams take you
I lived 2017 like it was my last! Een overzicht van sommige reizen die ik het afgelopen jaar gemaakt heb. Ik hoop dat je geïnspireerd raakt en gaat waar je dromen je brengen. Sommige reizen die in je in deze video ziet zijn nog niet op dit kanaal gekomen. Die komen er nog allemaal aan! Be ready. Let's make 2018 even better! Vergeet niet te abonneren en mijn laatste reis video's te checken! OVERNACHTEN OP EEN ONBEWOOND EILAND https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=ZRF7Sc7Gt5M 7 Tips om geld te sparen voor je reis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmPwBrXPiuc&t=7s - Special thanks to BeemFlights for the USA drone shots. - https://www.youtube.com/BeemFlights //SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter - https://twitter.com/Lisakolster Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/lisakolster... Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/LisaTravelss... Snapchat - @Lisakolster __________________________________________________ Business enquiries: [email protected] Ik ben altijd op zoek naar nieuwe muziek voor mijn video's. Wil je dat ik jouw muziek gebruik voor een video. Contact mij dan op social media of een stuur een e-mail. CAMERA: Sony A7s II DJI Mavic DJI Osmo EDIT: Premiere Pro CC
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A World of Dreams - Mexico (Cinematic)
Last month, I had the chance to visit Mexico, in the region of Puerto Vallarta, with friends for a couple of days. I decided to bring my camera and a couple of lenses with me in order to document the trip. Mexico is a truly beautiful place and all the people we’ve met along the way were all very welcoming and beautiful. This country is truly unique and gorgeous. I Hope you guys enjoy the video! I would like to thank my good friend @alexandre_halle for helping me film this and for providing some of the shots you see in this video. My beautiful girlfriend @valouim for all the support she gave me during the process of making this thing come to life. Also my great friends @gab_jet and @david_maman for inviting me to come along with you guys on this trip. It was an incredible opportunity. This video wouldn’t have been possible without all of you guys, so thank you. Music from the video is Silence by Khalid & Marshmello
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Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Official Video)
Check out the official music video for "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" by Eurythmics Preorder Eurythmics vinyl released in 2018 -http://smarturl.it/EU_multi Listen on Spotify -http://smarturl.it/EUC_SP Listen on Apple Music - http://smarturl.it/Eurythmics_Essential Amazon - http://smarturl.it/EUC_AM Follow Eurythmics Website - http://www.eurythmics.com/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/eurythmics/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/eurythmicsmusic/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/eurythmics Lyrics Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree? I travel the world and the seven seas Everybody's looking for something Some of them want to use you Some of them want to get used by you Some of them want to abuse you Some of them want to be abused Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree? I travel the world and the seven seas Everybody's looking for something Hold your head up, keep your head up, movin' on Hold your head up, movin' on, keep your head up, movin' on Hold your head up, movin' on, keep your head up, movin' on Hold your head up, movin' on, keep your head up Some of them want to use you Some of them want to get used by you Some of them want to abuse you Some of them want to be abused Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree? I travel the world and the seven seas Everybody's looking for something Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree? I travel the world and the seven seas Everybody's looking for something Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree? I travel the world and the seven seas Everybody's looking for something Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree? I travel the world and the seven seas Everybody's looking for something" #Eurythmics #SweetDreams #Vevo #Pop #VevoOfficial
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Cartoons about planes - The Airport Diary - My Dream is to Travel around the World (cartoon 3)
Let us introduce you a new animation for children about planes and cars! Winkie, a small airliner, whose dream is to travel around the world comes to the Fluffy Airport and meets various airplanes and cars. This animation also reveals secret stories about airplanes and airport!
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How to enter someone's dream
How to enter someone's dream?...entering someone's dreams can be done through many ways but the main way in which I will be teaching you through this video is done so by conversational hypnosis & the art of astral projection! - https://youtu.be/BXhaSbMgcp0 If you've ever wondered as to how to make someone dream of you then this will help as I've actually done these techniques myself lol, and the results were phenomenal...Good luck! My Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaC3... Got Twitter? Then you can follow me live on periscope! Just search Ryan JC. Twitter: @Ryan_j_cropper My website: http://www.ryancropper.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/16131...
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khai dreams – ultimately (lyrics)
ʚ listen on spotify / soundcloud : ∷ https://open.spotify.com/album/2ATE98DN7sMocKj5CYsVal ∷ https://soundcloud.com/khai_dreams/ultimately ʚ buy for only $1 : ∷ https://khaidreams.bandcamp.com/track/ultimately ʚ support khai dreams : ∷ https://khaidreams.bandcamp.com/ ∷ https://www.instagram.com/khai_dreams/ ∷ http://khaidreams.co/ ∷ https://twitter.com/khai_dreams ʚ artwork by : 94mlk ♡ (ᴋᴇᴇ ᴋ.) ∷ http://94mlk.tumblr.com/post/138073552847/ig-94mlk-tumblr-94mlk-o94 ʚ lyrics : ♪ ultimately i don't understand a thing i try to do the best i can i know you try to do the same we're just so bound to make mistakes you could call it a disposition i apologize for all your tears i wish i could be different but i'm still growing up into the one you can call your love i don't know if i'll ever be enough i'm throwing in my chips i guess i tend to push my luck and ultimately i believe we'll be okay it's so cliche to say these things but repetition is a key i think i'm better when i'm with you but i worry when you're gone i think i need to learn to love myself i must learn to be strong so for now we'll say goodbye although it pains my heart your words they come to me in memories they sing to me like songs it won't be long until i'm here soon i'll make my arrival under shady trees a quiet street the roads that i have traveled ultimately it's a beautiful thing like flowers blooming in lonely field the petals drift through crossing winds they find there way to river streams that scent the water beautifully it takes me back to you it takes me back to you ♪ ┄✂━━━━━━━━ #ʜᴀᴠᴇᴀɴɪᴄᴇᴅᴀʏ + #ɪʟʏ.
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Dream Life In Australia - Amazing Roadtrip East Coast / Travel Video - Lovers Travelers
A Roadtrip of 2 months along the East Coast in Australia where everything is possible ! WE ONLY LIVE ONCE :) Voyage and Live your Dreams guys !! 👍 Roadtrip en Australie ❤ Inspirations de voyage ► FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/loverstravelers more ⥥ INSTAGRAM : http://instagram.com/loverstravelers / Travel photo/vidéo Inspiration ⥥⥥ ALL THE PLACES ARE IN THE DESCRIPTION (Just below) ⥥⥥ Cape Tribulation, Whitsunday Islands, Mission Beach, Sydney, Lady Elliot Islands, The Great Barrier Reef, Artheton Tablelands, Byron Bay, Tin Can Bay, Surfer Paradise, Blue mountains National Park, Springbrook National Park Met un pouce bleu si tu aimes cette vidéo :) #Australia #thisisqueensland #LoversTravelers #travelvideo 👍TRAVEL VIDEO 👍 Lovers Travelers Abonne toi, subscribe for more videos ! :) https://www.youtube.com/c/loverstravelers FACEBOOK : http://www.facebook.com/LoversTravelers INSTAGRAM : http://instagram.com/loverstravelers MUSIC : "On My Mind" by the Awsesome Don Diablo
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Girl of my dream - Travel video
Me and my love travelling around the world
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Osei Kufuor / "My Dream Travels Through Planets"
Metaphysics, melanin, kemetic science
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best of khai dreams / khai dreams mix
best of khai dreams / khai dreams mix best of khai dreams 2nd part : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbFiPxwrjJ0 --------------------------------------------------------------- ● Follow khai dreams: https://soundcloud.com/khai_dreams ● Follow biosphere: https://soundcloud.com/officialbiosphere ● Follow biskwiq: https://soundcloud.com/biskwiq ● Follow j'san: https://soundcloud.com/iamjsan ● Follow Atwood: https://soundcloud.com/atwoodotj ● Follow Wizard Island: https://soundcloud.com/wzrd-island ● Follow Rook1e https://soundcloud.com/byrook1e --------------------------------------------------------------- ● Follow Me: https://soundcloud.com/mrbunny-music https://twitter.com/MrBunny_Music https://plus.google.com/u/1/113435658232936944791 https://www.pinterest.com/animechillmusic --------------------------------------------------------------- ● To submit your own music for promotion send an email to [email protected] --------------------------------------------------------------- ✖IMPORTANT: © Please note, if you are the artist of any of the songs promoted here in this channel, you have full control. This is a right that you have and we will not change that. If any part of the contents of this channel is your property (such as an image or distributor artist musician, label), please send me a e-mail message or a personal message and your content will be removed immediately. Please do not flag my channel. --------------------------------------------------------------- tracklist: 0:00 - When I look into your Eyes feat. lanie (prod. biosphere) 2:28 - In Love(prod. Rook1e) 3:32 - Spacey 5:40 - Fireflies (Produced by Wizard Island) 8:10 - Sunshine 10:57 - 9pm on a Sunday(Produced by Rowen Westervelt) 12:20 - Nice Colors 15:24 - Travels 18:16 - Questions 20:11 - Time to Time 22:24 - Find My Way 25:04 - All I Need ---------------------------------------------------------------
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Join the movement. Be a Maverick ► https://ShopLoganPaul.com/ Welcome to Paradise... SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY VLOGS! ► http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Logan Watch Yesterday’s Vlog ► https://youtu.be/onm7U6lz0kA ADD ME ON: INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/LoganPaul/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/LoganPaul I’m a 22 year old kid living in Hollywood. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, and I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick. This is my life. https://www.youtube.com/LoganPaulVlogs
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Hi, I'm Ashkan Ghaneian. I go by Wabarus, and for the next 3 months I'll be traveling all over South East Asia. To bring you some of the most entertaining almost daily vlogs possible. I'm passionate about traveling, entertaining, and being a comedic relief. I love meeting new people and introducing myself to fresh faces. I invite you to join me as I travel all over, and vlog it all for you. I'm starting off showing you my travels to Singapore. My first location on my journey. In this vlog I go into explanation on how no one believed in me and didn't think I was capable of doing this. I've managed to save enough money to begin my travels and I'll be meeting up with a group of others in Bali, Indonesia. My next location on my journey. I hope you get inspired and motivated by what I'm doing here. If it wasn't for you guys watching, I wouldn't be here today typing this description for my first travel vlog. I'm excited to show you what is possible in life when you go out there and put yourself in an uncomfortable position in life. Follow me as I pursue my dreams in Singapore and the rest of Asia! FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram Accounts http://instagram.com/WabarusWorldWide http://instagram.com/Wabarus Facebook http://facebook.com/WabarusWorldWide Snapchat (Add me, I use the Spectacles!) https://www.snapchat.com/add/OGwabarus Btw. Never Fly with United Airlines... They are extremely strict with their carry on sizes and staff very unprofessional employees.
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Believe in your dreams! Manifesting my Motor-home RV for my Meditating Australia Travels
Click here to download my FREE meditation: https://www.meditationmasterysecrets.com/free-meditation Join me on WebTalk. The New social media platform: https://www.webtalk.co/be/home/6499607 Click for my FREE ebook - 7 Pathways to Happiness: http://www.jasonstephenson.net/7-pathways-to-feel-happy-everyday Click here to download my FREE meditation: https://www.meditationmasterysecrets.com/free-meditation Jason Stephenson's Life Expansion Merchandise Store: https://teespring.com/stores/life-expansion ~ Please reach out and connect to me and say hello! ~ JASON STEPHENSON WEBSITE: http://www.jasonstephenson.net ~ FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/Xk6mgy ~ YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE: sleep meditation channel: https://goo.gl/w4J47K ~ YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE: Life Expansion: https://goo.gl/AMHUAd ~ YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE: Binaural Beats Sounds: https://goo.gl/6GDRvV ~ Instagram: @jasonstephensonmeditation © JASON STEPHENSON & RELAX ME ONLINE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Copyright 2017 All rights reserved. This work is not intended to substitute for professional medical or counselling advice. If you suffer from a physical or mental illness, please always seek professional help. For professional online therapy. I recommend trained counsellors from "Better Help": https://goo.gl/dhdU3k (Please note: I do not work for these guys. I am an affiliate. (Plans start at $35.00 per week.) I have suggested many people to them and from all reports, they match the best counsellor with the client. All therapists are PROFESSIONAL COUNSELLORS. ) Being transparent to you, if you sign up with them, I am offered a small percentage of the fee - however, please be assured, I am only recommending them due to their worthiness and the feedback I have received from my subscribers. DO NOT DRIVE OR OPERATE MACHINERY WHILST LISTENING TO SLEEP MEDITATION MUSIC, BINAURAL BEATS OR GUIDED SLEEP RELAXATIONS.
Guided Meditation for Lucid Dreaming (The Forest of Dreams)
To purchase this track go to: http://hypnoticlabs.com/product/guided-meditation-for-lucid-dreaming-forest-of-dreams/ To purchase the Isochonic Tones Version go here: http://hypnoticlabs.com/product/guided-meditation-for-lucid-dreaming-forest-of-dreams-with-isochronic-tones/ Check out my new course on Lucid Dreaming: http://guidedluciddreaming.com/ Get 30 of my most popular guided meditation at 50% off: http://get.hypnoticlabs.com/meditation-stack-vsl/ Get 50% off on 25 Guided Meditations with Isochronic Tones from Joe Treacy: http://get.hypnoticlabs.com/isochronic-tones-stack-vsl/ This guided meditation was created to help you lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is the ability to know you're dreaming while your dreaming. When practicing lucid dreaming it's important to keep a dream journal. Write in your journal each day upon waking up. This guided meditation was inspired by Stephen Laberge's M.I.L.D technique. Music and main script by Joe Treacy Progressive Relaxation by Linda Bennett Beautiful Forest Pic: Angela Jayne Latham Her channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyA3CVpKA9lsuDzOkBP-Uug Her website: http://www.celticmystery.co.uk/the-emerald-forest
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Build Your Own Dreams! Feat. Peter McKinnon
Color Graded Using The Cine LUTs Pack - www.mattihaapoja.com/store/ CHECK OUT MY GEAR - https://kit.com/MattiHaapoja/travel-gear This video was filmed on the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II entirely handheld along with the Phantom 4 Pro. More information and content at FindMeAt4k.com. Including a chance to win a free camera! Check out Peters channel - https://goo.gl/vl7nHB Cinematic Color Grading Course: https://www.udemy.com/cinematic-color-grading-course/?couponCode=66PERCENTOFF GEAR Camera - http://amzn.to/2nJn0EU Beast Stabilzation Lens - http://amzn.to/2mZHNHh Shallow depth of field Lens - http://amzn.to/2nXC57S Perfect In between Lens - http://amzn.to/2mZGiJd My favourite DRONE! - http://amzn.to/2m5jrq7 ND filter - http://amzn.to/2lgqRKj Microphone - http://amzn.to/2lgi37t Follow me on Instagram @mattih
Views: 402070 Matti Haapoja
Summer in Spain: a dream adventure (travel video)
The Ultimate Spain Travel Video: Follow a young couple around the beaches of San Sebastian, Barcelona, Ibiza and beyond. Discover what makes Spain one of the most beautiful countries on earth. https://www.instagram.com/evanthomas.me/ https://www.instagram.com/jjuliarosen/ This Spain travel video is a semi-fictional short inspired by edits from Brandon Li, Sam Kolder and Taylor Cut Films, among others. This Spain travel video is about a guy that meets a girl on a beach in San Sebastian. They travel together across Spain, before realizing they both have separate lives. One of my favorite movies of all time inspired this Spain travel video: "Before Sunrise" I originally wanted to make a Sam Kolder inspired edit, but decided half way through filming to pursue my own style. I admire the Brandon Li's editing and was inspired by his travel videos. I hope you enjoy my Spain travel video. Please do not forget to 🔥 like🔥 this video and SUBSCRIBE ➡️http://bit.ly/2uRsWh7⬅️ for more travel videos. I respond to ALL comments, so if you have any questions, just ask below and I will get back to you within 24 hours! Gear: - Sony A6500: http://amzn.to/2wOfno6 - Zhiyun Crane: http://amzn.to/2weSo49 - RODE Video Mic Pro: http://amzn.to/2vFH5OF If you're curious about lenses, ask in the comments.
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Omg i got a free trip to paris france with my best friend and it was my dream vacation!! AHH I HOPE YOU GUYS LOVE PARIS VLOGS!! xo -Alisha Marie Twitter: @AlishaMarie + Instagram: @Alisha Snapchat: LidaLu11 Chloe's Instagram: @itsmechloemae Subscribe to my Main Channel::: http://www.youtube.com/user/macbby11 Graphics by Hayley Matsumoto: hayleymatsumoto.com IG: @typehayley [email protected]
Views: 658044 AlishaMarieVlogs
Dream A Little Bigger, My Travel Journey
“Not all those who wander are lost” – JRR Tolkien I have been addicted to travel and dreaming of more my whole life. This video is a little about my travels through Europe and Malaysia and how I would love to share more with my family and friends. There is so much more I want to see! I feel as though this is only just the beginning! Find more at http://www.inspiringwit.com/ Song: You're Worth It by Nameless Warning https://soundcloud.com/creativecommonsmusicfree/nameless-warning-youre-worth-it-creative-commons Prelude No. 23 by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://chriszabriskie.com/preludes/ Artist: http://chriszabriskie.com/
Views: 1418 Inspiring Wit TV
How to Save Money for Traveling (or any other Dream)
One of the most common questions I get is how I can afford to go traveling. I'm not rich and no one is paying for my travels (tho I have gotten different kinds of help from friends along the way), and yet I've still been able to pull it off bc of the philosophy I share in this video. Let me be one to tell you that YES YOU CAN DO IT! BTW one thing I forgot to mention that I did was to move out of my apartment and put the money I would've otherwise spent on rent into my online savings account (which is why I'm living with my sister this summer instead of getting my own place). Anything you can do to lower your monthly expenses is key! Check out the savings accounts I mention at www.allybank.com. They are great!!! #backpacking #travel #tips
Views: 333 Erica Derrickson
My dream is coming true | Yulia Safutdinova | TEDxEkaterinburg
Yulia, a simple girl from Yekaterinburg, Russia talks about the importance of dreams in our lives. She dared to dream on traveling the world non-stop with her blog “Miss Tourist”. Watch her speech describing how all your craziest dreams are possible on her own example! This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx Traveller, dreamer, blogger, person who catch her own dream! This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Traveling around the world and living my dream life. How I do that?
Free accommodation, cheap flights and other tips to travel the world like nomad on 10k a year Read more here http://passionfortravels.com/how-to-travel-the-world-on-a-budget-or-even-better-build-your-life-around-traveling/
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Plan Your Dream Holiday To USA With Flamingo Travels
USA is one of the largest and most diverse countries in the world; the United States boasts an amazing amount of tourist destinations. It is widely known as the Land of Liberty. USA Tour Packages offers plenty of options for travelers with incredible sights sprinkled across the country. The country is home to the most spectacular scenery in the world and some of the most recognizable icons on the globe. There are tourist attractions range from skyscrapers of New York, and Chicago, the natural wonders of Yellowstone and Alaska to the sunny beaches of California, Florida and Hawaii. Here is the list of places you must visit on your trip to USA: 1. Grand Canyon: The Grand Canyon is located in northern Arizona and is one of the great tourist attractions in the United States. Carved by the great Colorado River the Grand Canyon cuts deep into the landscape, creating the dramatic cliff walls and ledges. 2. Niagara Falls: Situated between the State of New York and the province of Ontario, Niagara Falls is one of the most spectacular natural wonders on the North American continent. It is actually three different falls, the American falls, Bridal Veil Falls and Horseshoe Falls. 3. Yellowstone National Park: Yellowstone National Park was world’s first national park, set aside in 1872 to preserve vast number of geysers, hot springs, and other thermal areas, as well as to protect the incredible wildlife and rugged beauty of the area. 4. Manhattan: Manhattan is one of New York’s five boroughs which as an amazing skyline and sightseeing. The city is featured in ample of movies with beautiful sights. 5. Golden Gate Bridge: The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate, the strait between San Francisco and Marin County to the north. The bridge is approximately 2 miles long. Flamingo Transworld Pvt Ltd is Best Tour Operator in India. We provide Tour Packages from India across 70 Countries, also Domestic Tour Packages are also available. For more information you can contact us on +917940001500, mail us at : [email protected] or Visit our website: http://www.flamingotravels.co.in
Dream Delhi Punjabi wedding finale! Attending a big fat Punjabi wedding has always been a bucketlist of mine. Can't believe the incredible dream Delhi Punjabi wedding finale of my gorgeous friend Sami. She looked like an absolute rani (queen) and I'm so so happy I got to celebrate this special moment with her and her family. This is part 3 of the crazy Delhi Punjabi wedding series. See also part 1 here: https://youtu.be/IHMNuPnyemE and part 2 here: https://youtu.be/4UCCFm3MF4w If you enjoy this video make sure to subscribe by clicking http://bit.ly/1KKCs8V and for new videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Also turn on notifications by clicking the little bell icon. If you want more NOW here are some playlists; ALL Thailand 2018 vlogs: https://bit.ly/2Pg2xUW First time India (2015): https://bit.ly/2JBgtpZ Second India trip (2016): https://bit.ly/2HESRyX India 2017: https://bit.ly/2JMN0wH Life in India 2018: https://bit.ly/2MgZESZ DAILY TRAVEL ON I N S T A G R A M: http://instagram.com/travelvlogiv DAILY TRAVEL ON T W I T T E R: http://twitter.com/ivanaperkovic FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/TravelVlogIv MUSIC: Gerua piano cover by Hasit Nanda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VRu5LkvSO0 SEND ME AN EMAIL (ONLY BUSINESS INQUIRIES): [email protected] PLEASE NOTE: I despise email in general. If you want to say hi or give me recommendations please leave a comment on a video or on my other social media. I LOVE responding to public comments! Travel Vlog Iv is a travel and food video channel. I'm Ivana, nice to meet you! You'll find travel and food videos on this channel because I like to take you along while exploring the world. These videos hopefully make you excited to travel and eat food around the world as well. There's such a joy in getting out of your comfort zone and growing as human being by traveling to new places and eating delicious food you've never tasted before. I'm currently based in Bangalore because India is my favourite country in the world. Travel in India is kind of my thing but I've been al over the world. Just check these playlists to begin your journey with me: https://bit.ly/2l4sMk4 FAQ's: Q Where are you from? A I am born in former Yugoslavia. Mom is Serbian, Dad is Bosnian. During the '90's war we came to the Netherlands and I got Dutch nationality. I've lived in Amsterdam for 8 years but lost my heart to India. Since 2018 I'm based in Bangalore. See this video for my refugee story: https://bit.ly/2l17T9h Q How can you afford to travel so much? A I saved for 3 years while working full time and now travel vlogging is my job. I work together with tourism agencies but also do some freelance work on the side. You can watch this video: https://youtu.be/vxfjQO_F1vE and this one: https://youtu.be/dB7plg139wQ to learn more about my story. Q What camera do you film with and what editing software do you use? A Canon G7X Mark II and Final Cut Pro X Q (Why) Are you vegetarian? A I'm vegetarian but not strict. I don't eat any meat, fish, cooked/boiled or fried eggs. I gradually became a vegetarian over the course of 15 years because I disliked the taste of meat more and more. After doing a yoga teacher training in 2015 I also quit fish and the eggs. No matter my food preferences I have no issues with other people not being vegetarian. I don't judge others and kind of expect the same favor from others concerning my own food preferences. It makes for a more friendly world :-) Q Why do you usually travel alone? A Because my friends have jobs with limited holidays, kids and partners. Also I really like exploring on my own. Q Why do you love India so much? A Watch this video: http://bit.ly/2iyUKkc and this one: https://youtu.be/Sh7E9VisTKQ
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Carnival Dream: Full Ship Tour
Carnival Dream Caribbean Cruise April 16-23, 2017 Primary camera is a Cannon Powershot G7X Mark II Secondary camera is a Sony Handycam HDX Waterproof camera is a GoPro Hero (basic) Please SUBSCRIBE, Comment, Like, Share & Follow! Get to know our family and come along with us on our vacations... Check out our weekly Thursday vlogs! Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/EECCTravels Also find us at: EECC Travels Blog: http://eecctravels.blogspot.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eecctravels/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/eecctravels Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EECC-Travels-1009605565772250/ Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+EECCTravels/about?csrc=yt&cfem=1 Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/eecctravels/ Email: [email protected]
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SINCE A LOT OF YOU GUYS ASKED ME HOW TO BOOK A CRUISE. What the cost is and how is the food. So I Decided to make a video of how a cruise is and what the cost to book is SAAB TRAVELS:- +919873023054 https://www.dreamcruiseline.com/en-in/ Hope you guys liked the video FOLLOW ME ON MY SOCIAL MEDIA FOR REGULAR UPDATES INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/karansehgal__/ FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/afoodiessoul/ #YouTube #subscribe #comment #video #gaming #spotting #vlog #pranks #scareprank #makeup #tutorial #youtuber #comedyshortsgamer #ksi #guitar #freetutorial #livestream #streaming #channel #uploads #social #episode #episodes #serie #movie #documentary #views #likes #subscribersthank
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B6 "Travel Dreams" and "Autumn Plaid" Traveler's Notebook available in my Etsy Shop
These B6 Travelers Notebooks are available in my Etsy shop. The "Travel Dreams" would make the perfect vacation/memory/travel journal or a wish book for the travels you'd like to do. The "Autumn Plaid" evokes warm apple cider and crisp autumn air. If you haven't already done so, please like this video and subscribe to my channel. B6 'Autumn Plaid' TN Listing: https://www.etsy.com/listing/658823899/b6-5x7-laminated-travelers-notebook?ref=shop_home_active_3 B6 'Travel Dreams' TN Listing: https://www.etsy.com/listing/644992180/b6-5x7-laminated-travelers-notebook?ref=shop_home_active_4 Follow me on social media: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jojoza_hanna/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/johanna.elisabeth.98 Check out both of my Etsy shops: For TNs, papercrafts, and other planner accessories, visit jojopapercrafts.etsy.com For crochet and crochet related items, visit mojoyarncrafts.etsy.com
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Dream Philippines - A Travel Documentary by Tabeer Tourism
Philippines is the place you will, at once, fall in love with. Blue waters and white sanded beaches will make everything worth it. A unique island of history, That surely has all the physical charms and beauty. Dream Philippines - an original travel documentary by Tabeer Tourism wherein we have managed to show the best places and destinations of the country. So the next time you plan your vacations, all you have to do is: Book Your Dream Philippines Package: https://goo.gl/7x9LN4
Views: 17579 Tabeer Tourism
Picking Up My Dream Car
Welcome to my new channel! Thank you so much for watching. I am Irish living in the UK, a DJ & Music producer, Life Coach and Dad.I love American cars,traveling the world, training, health fitness and meditation. I want to bring you with me on my travels, adventures. The successes and the challenges in my life while I create my dreams and push forward to reach my goals. Let me know what kind of videos you guys would like me to cover on this channel in the future and drop a comment below to say hello. Stay tuned for more videos and please make sure you subscribe! Thank you, Fran x Futuristic Polar Bears - https://www.instagram.com/futuristicp... Fran Cosgrave - https://www.instagram.com/francosgrave/ FPB Facebook - http://www.faceboook.com/futuristicpo... Fran Cosgrave - https://www.facebook.com/fran.cosgrave.7 For info on US cars picks or anything email [email protected] Check us out 28 State Cars and Trucks #dj #musicproducer #ford #f150 #music #irish #dad #smashthehouse #travel #lifecoach #ford #f150 #musicproducer #americanpickup #usa #uk #dimitrivegasandlikemike #tomorrowland
Views: 5042 Fran Cosgrave
The Sims 4 Gameplay [My Dream Life]  PART 1
In this series Deligracy sim explores hopefully a dream life of getting rich, finding love, getting more rich, buying a mansion and having 50 babies in The Sims 4. I am currently away in the USA, I'll be back soon! Keep up to date with my travels on the social links below! Check out my INSTAGRAM @deligracy, SNAPCHAT: deligracy and keep updated on TWITTER @deligracy TWITCH LIVE STREAMING http://www.twitch.tv/deligracy/ LIVE STREAM SCHEDULE HERE: https://www.speq.me/deligracy My sister's channel is here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnS7ggamtqddstpXZYnLJzg Thank you for watching! — Want more videos? Subscribe here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC883IVbvcI7SPx8kffHjWxw LIVE STREAMING SCHEDULE here: https://www.speq.me/deligracy/ POSTAL MAIL/ FAN MAIL Deligracy PO BOX 238 Red Hill VIC, AUSTRALIA 3937 SPECS AND FAQs: deligracy.com BUSINESS ENQUIRIES ONLY: [email protected] INSTAGRAM: @deligracy TWITTER: @deligracy Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com Thanks to Mwave for providing me with my amazing gaming PC! Check out Mwave here: https://www.mwave.com.au
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I lived out my dream day in Harajuku with my friend Cathy and finally did all the things I've always wanted to do in Harajuku, but never had a chance to💖 Make sure to watch her video for 4 MORE fun things to do in Harajuku! ♡ CATHY'S VIDEO → https://youtu.be/_FcUzNSUsdQ 🌼 Places in this Video 🌼 Totti Candy Factory http://www.totticandy.com/ Togo Shrine https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attraction_Review-g1066456-d320692-Reviews-Togo_Shrine-Shibuya_Tokyo_Tokyo_Prefecture_Kanto.html Nail Salon Avarice http://www.instagram.com/nailsalonavarice Calbee + http://www.calbee.co.jp/calbeestore/calbeeplus/en/ 🌼 Help Support My Channel 🌼 Support my channel and receive fun bonuses like behind the scenes blog posts, handwritten letters, souvenirs from my travels and more! Become a Patron ▶︎ http://www.patreon.com/sharla ♥︎ 🌼 My Coupon Codes and Deals 🌼 IHERB ♡ Really good prices on healthy food and snacks! Get 5% OFF all orders at http://www.iherb.com Use this code every time you checkout: VTZ267 AIRBNB ♡ I always use an Airbnb when I travel! Sign up for Airbnb with this link: http://www.airbnb.com/c/sharlah7 And get $36 in travel credit! WISHTREND ♡ Love Korean skin care and makeup? Get $5 towards your first order at http://www.wishtrend.com Enter invitation code 2311551505 when you sign up 🌼Follow Me 🌼 ▶︎ TWITTER http://twitter.com/annyeongsharla ▶︎ INSTAGRAM http://www.instagram.com/annyeongsharla ▶︎ MY CATS' CHANNEL http://www.youtube.com/c/marothecat ♫ http://www.soundcloud.com/dreamkiddo Render - Prism https://youtu.be/WAg8iCoH07w DOCTOR VOX - Frontier https://youtu.be/lkY3Ek9VPtg Hexalyte - Apollo https://youtu.be/3_90YJwiKyE Some links are affiliate links! A percentage of the sale price will go towards supporting my channel :) Thanks for watching!! xx
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LUCID DREAMING MUSIC: Journey to Deep Space - Relaxation, Vivid dreams, Sound Sleep, Dream Recall
◢ Travel to your inner and outer universes with our "Deep Space Lucidity" music embedded with multiple binaural beats and isochronic tones that will help your creative subconsciousness, enhance dream recall, triggers lucid and vivid dreaming and provides good deep sleep. This 8-hour long music track is divided into sections that follow the complete sleep cycle brainwave activity. The first stage assists you to achieve relaxation to fall asleep faster. The second stage triggers light REM where dreams can already occur. The third stage is will let your mind and body gain its much needed deep rest, and the fourth is for heavier REM, which is essential and important for recharging your entire system. As you relax, close your eyes and start imagining the cosmos, or the solar system, or even pretend you are looking down at the earth as the music plays. Training your mind to focus on a single type of dreamscape will enhance your chances of dreaming of the same or similar scenario. Listen with headphones to experience the best results that our brainwave entrainment track can provide. Sleep well and we hope you enjoy your dreamscape journey through the Universe. ◢Check Out Our Original Brainwave Merch here - Like Clothing, Phone Accessories and Original Artworks https://teespring.com/stores/the-brainwave-store ◢ Buy the high-quality MP3 at: https://brainwavepowermusic.com/album/482722 ◢ Download Our Brainwave Android App for access to great exclusive content! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.brainwavemeditationapp ◢ Subscribe to our channel and be updated with our latest tracks! http://www.youtube.com/BrainwavePowerMusic ◢ Visit our official Website and Online Music Store! http://brainwavepowermusic.com/ ◢ Join our mailing list and you'll get a free MP3 gift from us! http://brainwavepowermusic.com/subscribe ◢ Tune in and be a part of our growing social network communities: • Google+: https://plus.google.com/+BrainwavePowerMusic • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BrainwavePowerMusic • Twitter: https://twitter.com/BrainwavePM • Instagram: http://instagram.com/brainwave_power_music ◢ Read our Helpful Articles http://brainwavepowermusic.com/blog We, at Brainwave Power Music, have been dedicating ourselves in creating original sound therapy music tracks, using binaural beats and isochronic tones as our primary sound element along with different instruments and soundscapes to create a relaxed audio environment. We have one main goal: To help others through our music, be it for physical, emotional, mental or spiritual purposes. We upload a lot of new content on our channel every week, and we continue to work hard to provide more new music therapy tracks for everyone. Our other music categories are for: • Meditation http://tinyurl.com/pgb8bfw • Chakra Cleansing http://tinyurl.com/lk8ex4j • Relaxation http://tinyurl.com/kgofutw • Therapeutic Self-Healing http://tinyurl.com/mofp42q • Overall Balance & Well-Being http://tinyurl.com/l2ptxct • Study and Work Aids http://tinyurl.com/pbxaqgu • Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection & Dream Enhancers http://tinyurl.com/ootdlz5 • Planetary Frequency Connections http://tinyurl.com/ottom5h We are proud of our most-viewed videos. All thanks to our loving, supportive community! • Lucid Dreaming Sleep Track (8 Hour Sleep Cycle Track) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDX8QrcDI_o • Dopamine, Serotonin, Endorphin Release https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Op1rgjJAHb8 • Study Aid for Super Learning and Memory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNUeIaUJAqk ◢ Meditation & Relaxation Music Created as your ambient accompaniment during your meditation, relaxation, and spiritual connection sessions. ◢ Chakra Cleansing, Therapeutic Self-Healing & Overall Balance Chakras are energy points in the body and flows in the body through the life force prana. Our music tracks are dedicated to ignite, cleanse, and activate all your chakras using various frequency waves that are connected to certain parts of our human aspect, be it physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. ◢ Study and Work Aids Get your mind to work and enhance your focus, concentration, creativity and information absorption without the stress or anxiety with our relaxing work and study music accompaniments. ◢ Sleep Inducers, Astral Projection & Dream Enhancers We've been creating a lot of unique music tracks dedicated to help you to fall asleep, or get a deep, good sleep that will leave you recharged and refreshed upon waking. Our astral and lucid dreaming tracks are all carefully formulated to make sure that you can achieve subconscious awareness. ◢ For requests, questions or collaborations, please email us at: • [email protected]
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WOMAN lives in a TINY HOUSE so She Can TRAVEL the World
Jenna built her Tiny Home with her Partner and they Traveled in it for a year from Alaska to Florida. They ended their partnership. Jenna parked the Tiny House in Oregon Become a Patron: https://www.patreon.com/Dylanmagaster Video Jenna made on me: https://youtu.be/voV-db9xgkE Jenna https://www.youtube.com/user/tinyhousegj http://tinyhousegiantjourney.com/ https://www.instagram.com/tinyhousegiantjourney/ Follow me on Social Media https://www.twitter.com/dylanmagaster https://www.instagram.com/dylanmagaster Business inquires or music submissions: [email protected] Music: https://soundcloud.com/amarantemusic/ventura-highway-america-cover# Source Footage: Tiny House Giant Journey Special thanks to the Patrons: Paddy McCann, Vicki Magaster, Iain Price, Abel Zyl, Jens Lennartsson, Amor Gebreel, interlooper42, Reinoud Vaandrager, Alisa DeGeorge, Brian Schneider, Cōsta Boutsikaris, Jude Waguespack, Marlen Heske, Larry Coonrod, Peter Vollers, Aaron Lane-Davies, Paulo Senra, Jhan Bent, Michael Taddeo, Two Cowboys, Nicholas John Celestin, Curtis Thornburg, Nico Vergara, Yuzuru Sato, and Michele La Corte, Amit Shetty, Jessica Nigri, Ben Sullins, Constance Turner, isaac, Reg Prahalad, Matt Christie, Paul Howson, Philipp Stangenberg, Matt Christie, GlobalAlight, TJ Prince, Kombi Life, Chelsey Lehl, Robert Howell, Steven Larcher, Vilhelm Borg Pedersen, Anders L. Jakobsen, Stefan Kamph, Bert Aerts, Mathew Mcpaul, Anna French, and Luke Lewis CAMERA GEAR Shot with (Some or all of these) these are affiliate links :) Canon 5d Mark iv: https://goo.gl/xvJm2V Canon 70d: https://goo.gl/Mt4bs8 Sigma Lens: https://goo.gl/rB1Pz0 Gorilla pod: https://goo.gl/ujG45s Zoom H5: https://goo.gl/dVgD3X Rode Video Mic Go: https://goo.gl/VCzpaZ Gopro: https://goo.gl/Ic14cm Drone: https://goo.gl/xvS7lq Shoulder Rig: https://goo.gl/a75al7 SD Cards: https://goo.gl/zMNkTN SD Case: https://goo.gl/AE8swf Iphone 7
Views: 8962603 Dylan Magaster
Meet Your Spirit Guide in a Lucid Dream Meditation for Beginners (Hypnosis)
This meditation and hypnosis session to meet your spirit guide or guardian angel in a lucid dream is a meditation designed for those new to spiritual practice and who need more step by step guidance to lucid dream. If at this stage you don't recall your dreams, keep a notebook or some other means to journal your dreams by your bed, and start by setting the intention to recall your dreams. I have had the best success by falling back asleep mid-sleep cycle, rather than at the start of the night. I've induced lucid dreaming by being aware of my physical body and at the same time aware of the dream, and I've then been able to actively participate in the dream Please support my work to provide low cost and no cost support to all and receive exclusive rewards and all 100+ videos ad-free, please donate at Patreon: patreon.com/unlockyourlifetoday If you wish to donate in GBP or Euros and get rewards plus all 100+ videos ad-free, and pay , please go to unlockyourlifetoday.com/patreon Royalty free images and videos by pixabay.com, videvo.net and videezy.com Royalty free music "Beyond Words" by Silencio Music available from www.silenciomusic.co.uk Think Yourself Slim Program: www.thinkyourselfslim.com Get $5 off a minimum $25 purchase on all mp3s (excluding the Think Yourself Slim Program) by using code UYL5 at www.unlockyourlifetoday.com Subscribe to Unlock Your Life's Youtube Channel: http://bit.ly/1NbGwlX Connect on Facebook and gain access to exclusive offers and the occasional mp3 gift: http://www.facebook.com/unlockyourlifetoday ----------------------------------------------------- Please ensure you read the health advisory and disclaimer and seek any medical advice from your doctor if you have a confirmed or suspected health condition.
Views: 350676 Unlock Your Life
The Sims 4 Gameplay [My Dream Life] Married?!?! - Part 3
Enjoy! I am currently away in the USA, I'll be back soon! Keep up to date with my travels on the social links below! Check out my INSTAGRAM @deligracy, SNAPCHAT: deligracy and keep updated on TWITTER @deligracy TWITCH LIVE STREAMING http://www.twitch.tv/deligracy/ LIVE STREAM SCHEDULE HERE: https://www.speq.me/deligracy My sister's channel is here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnS7ggamtqddstpXZYnLJzg Thank you for watching! — Want more videos? Subscribe here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC883IVbvcI7SPx8kffHjWxw LIVE STREAMING SCHEDULE here: https://www.speq.me/deligracy/ POSTAL MAIL/ FAN MAIL Deligracy PO BOX 238 Red Hill VIC, AUSTRALIA 3937 SPECS AND FAQs: deligracy.com BUSINESS ENQUIRIES ONLY: [email protected] INSTAGRAM: @deligracy TWITTER: @deligracy Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com Thanks to Mwave for providing me with my amazing gaming PC! Check out Mwave here: https://www.mwave.com.au
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We spent some amazing days in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where one of Adanna's long time dreams finally came true! Enjoy! X Daniel Wellington: www.danielwellington.com/uk - Promo code ”ADANNADAVID” valid until May 15th - Free shipping worldwide! Link to our watches: https://www.danielwellington.com/uk/classic-petite-black-melrose-32mm https://www.danielwellington.com/uk/accessories/ https://www.danielwellington.com/uk/classic-sheffield ALSO WATCH Travel Vlogs - http://bit.ly/2cZms8k Relationship/TAGS - http://bit.ly/1eDFGJX My Pregnancy Journey - http://bit.ly/1MGGwcf Motivational Talks & Confidence Building - http://bit.ly/1r9HiGW Medical Education- http://bit.ly/1zcqVsN Beauty & Hair - http://bit.ly/1sZuhNO --------------------------------------------------- For questions or enquiries please contact us at: *** [email protected] *** --------------------------------------------------- We are always looking for great music to feature in our vlogs. If your a musician and you've got some cool tracks for us to consider using please e-mail us at [email protected] --------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1iKHcwd INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/adanna_david FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/AdannaAndDavid TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/adanna_david ASK.FM: http://ask.fm/adanna_david
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Travel Bali Day 7 - Dream Beach in Nusa Lembongan - Island Life!
Daily Vlog #74 - Bali Vlog day 7 - Another day in paradise backpacking Bali. There are so many asian countries to see when backpacking southeast asia, but Bali is one of my favorites. Today we are exploring a completely new island that I have never been to before called Nusa Lembongan. When you travel in Bali it's so easy to get around and there are budget accomodations and hotels everywhere but last night the one we chose lost power hahahh so we decided to move on and check out a amazing beach called dream beach. I know now why it has that name, because it is set in the most picturesque locations. Island hopping in Bali is a must and if I were going to give any Bali travel tips it would be to come here to dream beach in Nusa Lembongan and stay in the Dream Beach huts. There are so many amazing beaches in Bali but this one is one of my favorites, and it's so easy to rent a scooter in Bali that you have to do it and explore around. Well first you have to get on the island of Nusa Lembongan haha. After lounging around the beach and the beautiful infinity pool we finished the afternoon with an amazing yoga practice in a small little hut at the Yoga Shack Nusa Lembongan, and then went over to the cliff to check out a spot called the Devil's Tears. Its a cliffside cave that basically spits out water when the waves come in, and has the most amazing energy. Check it out! The end of the night was spent hunting mosquitos hahah in our net that was supposed to keep them out but instead made a perfect little sactuary for them all to gather hahah oh well it's all part of the journey :) and if anyone is reading down this far thanks for hanging around and I promise to start uploading more frequently. Travelling in Bali is amazing and it's been a busy busy busy time but Astrid and I are just finishing up a yoga teacher training and are super excited for our adventures to follow!! Instagram: Martyn - http://www.instagram.com/saltycreatures Astrid - http://www.instagram.com/livelovenatural_astrid Hotels: Dream Beach Huts - http://www.dreambeachlembongan.comm Scooby Doo Bungalows - http://www.scoobydoolembongan.com Yoga: Yoga Shack - http://www.yogashacklembongan.com Vegan Food Bali Eco Deli - http://www.baliecodeli.net http://www.tigerlillysnusalembongan.com Camera Equiptment Used (not affiliated links) Canon 70d: https://www.amazon.com/Canon-Digital-... Canon 10-18mm Lens: https://www.amazon.com/Canon-EF-S-10-... Canon g7x (old one): https://www.amazon.com/Canon-PowerSho... -------------------------- Music by David Cutter - https://soundcloud.com/dcuttermusic -------------------------- How to Vlog? This is the question I asked myself as I started out the new year. I am always looking to be more creative and I decided that this year will be the year that I start a daily vlog. So sitback and step into my daily life. Vlogging is totally new to me, but I hope to bring you on all my travels, adventures and all around exploring. A little bit about myself: I live in San Diego and love all things creative. I am a webmaster for work but do all sorts of things including design, photography and anything that involves using my hands or creativity. My wife and I are avid rock climbers and love go to on adventures in our 88 Vanagon. We traveled to last year all around Mexico, China, Bali, Hawaii and throughout California and Neveda. I am hoping that 2016 will bring more excitement and more travels, so be sure to subscribe :) I use a Canon 70d combined with a Canon G7X for all my Vlogs.
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Chasing my dreams and traveling alone
Travel, courage, faith, lonely, encouragement, discouraging friends, success, music,
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My motorcycle dream (Visiting ACE CAFE!)
Road tripping through Florida in my camper van, I stopped in Orlando and visited the new Ace Cafe. The original Ace Cafe was founded in London in the 1950's and was an integral part of Cafe Racer history. Being an avid fan myself, I've always wanted to visit the cafe. To any motorcycle fan, I highly recommend checking this place out! Music: Youtube creator studio -------- For more info: http://roadtorechah.com/ https://www.facebook.com/roadtorechah/ https://www.instagram.com/roadtorechah/ ------- My travels are funded by my Youtube Video views/Adsense and by the donations of my amazing subscribers and Patrons To help support my travels: Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/roadtorechah Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/JamieLidberg ------- To help support my travel’s (FREE OF COST TO YOU) Amazon Associate link: Did you know that a small percentage of Amazon’s commission can go to an Associate of your choice, instead of back into the Amazon company? Use the link below anytime you use Amazon, and a that small percentage will be donated to me! https://www.amazon.com/?tag=roadtorec... ------- My gear: Portable Power Station: http://amzn.to/2HTiH2L (coupon code 982PUTYU) Camping stove: http://amzn.to/2Bvz5D3 Pour over coffee filter: http://amzn.to/2DTKCOx Window alarms: http://amzn.to/2BuFzCe Phone/trpod mount: http://amzn.to/2DZzcvR Jaws tripod: http://amzn.to/2GvGiqv Super cheap go pro: http://amzn.to/2DNp35v Phone Gimbal: http://amzn.to/2nhz2p9 Phone ring light: http://amzn.to/2DVpmLn Computer/phone Mic: http://amzn.to/2DZ6L1a Floor mat/counter/table: http://amzn.to/2EljVTO Keyboard stand: http://amzn.to/2GzyhAQ What I’m reading: Into the Magic Shop: http://amzn.to/2GtP4Fx I Hope I Screw This Up: http://amzn.to/2GsASfI Braving the Wilderness: http://amzn.to/2DNmEoc
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My weird dream
A kid falls asleep, dreams about fairy unicorns, then time travels!!!
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Hypnosis for Meeting Your Spirit Guide In a Lucid Dream (Guided Meditation, Inner Adviser)
To get a free hypnosis audio on letting go of stress then go to http://get.hypnoticlabs.com/ To purchase this track go to... http://hypnoticlabs.com/product/hypnosis-for-meeting-your-spirit-guide-in-a-lucid-dream-guided-meditation-inner-adviser/ To purchase the Isochonic Tones Version go here: http://hypnoticlabs.com/product/hypnosis-for-meeting-your-spirit-guide-in-a-lucid-dream-guided-meditation-inner-adviser-with-isochronic-tones/ Check out my new course on Lucid Dreaming: http://guidedluciddreaming.com/ Get 30 of my most popular guided meditation at 50% off: http://get.hypnoticlabs.com/meditation-stack-vsl/ Get 50% off on 25 Guided Meditations with Isochronic Tones from Joe Treacy: http://get.hypnoticlabs.com/isochronic-tones-stack-vsl/ This guided meditation was created to help meet your inner adviser or spirit guide in a dream or perhaps a Lucid Dream. Candle Video by my dad. Music and Vocals by Joe Treacy Main Script by Denise Stallcup http://deniseleehypnosis.com/ Progressive Relaxation by Katherine Zimmerman http://trancetime.com Disclaimer: Never listen to this recording while driving or operating machinery. And this hypnosis audio is for educational purposes only. Please consult with a professional before listening. Category Entertainment
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