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Russia: Two Turkish warships welcomed on unofficial visit to Novorossiysk
Two Turkish warships arrived at the southern Russian port of Novorossiysk on Monday for an unofficial three-day visit. The vessels, a frigate and a corvette, arrived at the port after completing a round of annual Turkish naval exercises, codenamed Sea Star, in the Black Sea. Commander of the Russian Navy's Admiral Grigorovich frigate, Anatoliy Velitshko, said of the visit: "We have prepared very hard for this event. We hope that the preparation of our ship and of our crew will be as good as the preparation of our Turkish colleagues." The Turkish crew is expected to meet the commander of the Black Sea Fleet and the mayor of Novorossiysk, before taking part in a football tournament with sailors stationed at the Russian port. Both Turkish warships will offer tours to all visitors during their stay in Novorossiysk. Commander Anatoliy Velitshko, Admiral Grigorovich frigate (Russian): "Yes, this isn't an ordinary event. These are the first exercises of this magnitude. For this reason, our ship has undergone some serious preparatory work. We have prepared very hard for this event. We hope that the preparation of our ship and of our crew will be as good as the preparation of our Turkish colleagues. And that every task will be accomplished with good, or even great, results." Video ID: 20170403 049 Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly.tv Contact: [email protected] Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ruptly Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ruptly
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PIRAEUS commercial port
#Piraeus #Πειραιας #PiraeusPort #ΛιμανιΠειραια The video is taken by Petros Psarras © 2017 for Πειραιάς-Piraeus You can also follow us at : visit our website : http://www.pireaspiraeus.com PireasPiraeus in social media: facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Pireas.Piraeus twitter: http://twitter.com/pireaspiraeus forum: http://pireaspiraeus.forumgreek.com/ flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pireaspiraeus/
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Russia: Putin calls for development of Crimean port alongside Azov and Black Sea
Video ID: 20140923-035 W/S Russian President Vladimir Putin enters conference room, takes seat M/S Putin speaking at conference M/S Officials listening to Putin's briefing M/S Putin speaking at conference W/S Putin speaking at conference M/S Putin speaking at conference M/S Officials listening to Putin's briefing M/S Official listening to Putin's briefing M/S Putin speaking at conference M/S Officials listening to Putin's briefing W/S Putin speaking at conference M/S Putin speaking at conference SCRIPT President Putin arrived to Novorossiysk on Tuesday to discuss how to incorporate Crimea into development plans originally outlined for ports on the Azov and Black Seas. Putin said they need to see "what adjustments we need to make to our plans in connection to Crimea and Sevastopol re-joining Russia." Putin then said he was happy to report a stable increase in the freight sea traffic volume in Russia despite the "challenging situation on the international markets", with traffic since the start of 2014 increasing by 6.4%, with the total traffic volume exceeding 419 million tons across different industries. Putin said the objective was now to maintain this upward trend and how to strengthening Russia's position as a world's major transportation hub. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ruptly Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ruptly LiveLeak: http://www.liveleak.com/c/Ruptly Google Plus: http://google.com/+RuptlyTV Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/Ruptly YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/RuptlyTV DailyMotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/ruptly Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly.tv
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What is the Benefit of Port State Control
What is the Benefit of Port State Control #PortStateControl #MarineOnline #PSC Don't Forget to Subscribe Us Like Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarineOnlineYoutube Follow Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarineOnlineYou Follow Google+ https://plus.google.com/107450234425940445683 Website: https://marineonlineyou.blogspot.com/
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Klaipeda Port, Lithuania
Filmed on a Thompson (TUI) Cruises, this video shows the Klaipeda Port, Lithuania in pouring rain with it's railway system (I don't know many railway systems in the world like this). I apologize to anyone at the Port who don't like this being shown here.
Shipping port Vladivostok
A shipping port in action in Vladivostok, Russia
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Russia arrests billionaire Magomedov over embezzlement of $35M
Russia arrests billionaire Magomedov over embezzlement of $35M Russian authorities on Saturday arrested billionaire Ziyavudin Magomedov on charges of embezzling more than $35 million, in one of the highest-profile prosecutions of a Russian tycoon in years. Magomedov denied the charges at a pre-trial hearing, where a judge ordered that he be held in custody until May 30. One of Russia's richest men, the 49-year-old Magomedov holds assets in construction and logistics through his sprawling Summa Group. He also has investments in U.S. tech ventures, including the Virgin One Hyperloop project. He was detained along with his business partner and brother, Magomed Magomedov and Artur Maksidov, the head of a company in the Summa Group that was involved in the construction of a soccer World Cup venue in the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. Both businessmen will also be held in custody until May 30, the court ruled. At a hearing in Moscow's Tverskoy District Court to decide whether Magomedov and his associates should be detained before their trial, Judge Maria Sizintseva said they had acted as part of an organized crime group and had tried to put pressure on witnesses. She rejected an offer from Magomedov to put up a $35 million bail bond, and ordered he be detained. Citing the arguments against granting bail, the judge said Magomedov had access to his own aircraft, and assets abroad. The day before he was detained, he had booked a flight from Moscow to Miami, the judge said. Summa said it planned to appeal the court decision and was ready to cooperate with the investigation. Invited to speak from a cage in the courtroom, Magomedov, dressed in a dark-blue jogging suit, said: "I categorically disagree with the charges presented ... The prosecution case does not stand up to scrutiny." He said he needed treatment in the United States for a medical problem, and offered to put up the $35 million bail. "I'm willing to pull together this money, so no one has any thoughts that I might go on the run," Magomedov said. Magomedov is part of a group of Russian multimillionaires who, while publicly loyal to the Kremlin, are not in President Vladimir Putin's inner circle. Some members of the group say they are being squeezed by a tough economy, Western sanctions on Russia, and powerful state-run companies that are muscling in on nearly all sectors of the economy. In past cases when magnates have been prosecuted, some in the Russia business community have said the tycoons were victims of a plot by the Kremlin or by politically connected business rivals - though the authorities deny that. People familiar with the Russian judicial system say high-profile corruption cases are rarely fabricated, but that the law is applied selectively, and that prosecutions can be influenced by outside factors. Ziyavudin Magomedov ranked 63rd last year on the Forbes list of the richest business people in Russia with $1.4 billion. In January, he was listed by the U.S. Treasury Department as one of 96 "oligarchs" close to Putin. His Caspian Venture Capital fund has investments in ride-hailing service Uber UBER.UL; Diamond Foundry, a company that produces man-made diamonds; and Peek, an online leisure activities company. Magomedov is also co-executive chairman of Los Angeles-based tech firm Virgin Hyperloop One, which is chaired by Richard Branson. It is one of several firms developing a futuristic transport system that involves propelling people at high speed through sealed tubes. He also co-owns the Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port (NMTP.MM) with Russian oil pipeline monopoly Transneft (TRNF_p.MM) and transportation group Fesco (FESH.MM).
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Containers met an accident when being uploaded in ship
Two containers were completely crushed as a result of emergency when unloading the ship in the Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port
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Владивостокский морской торговый порт (ВМТП) Commercial port of Vladivostok (VMTP)
Видео таймлапс работы, погрузка с помощью портовых кранов и отправка на кораблях, контейнеров в владивостокском морском торговом порту. Timelapse of work of Commercial port of Vladivostok (VMTP). loading with port cranes and shipping on ships containers soundtrack: Stavros - The Ginning (Felkon remix)
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Крымъ 4K: Керченскій торговый портъ и паромъ «Борисъ Штоколовъ»
2016.09.11 Керченский морской торговый порт является одним из старейших предприятий Керчи — он был учреждён вместе с Керчь-Еникальским градоначальством в 1821 году по указу Императора Александра I, посетившего город в 1818 году. С появлением порта началась борьба между Керчью и Таганрогом за управление торговлей в Азовском море. В значительной степени государство поддерживало керченскую торговлю искусственными мерами с целью развития Крыма — например, в 1833 году главный карантин был переведён в Керчь и суда, совершавшие иностранное плавание, должны были выдерживать его от 30 до 50 дней. Это обстоятельство серьёзно затруднило доступ судов в Азовское море. Но в результате главным выгодополучателем становилась Одесса, которая быстро превратилась в южную столицу империи. Новороссийские генерал-губернаторы стремились максимально ограничить азовскую торговлю, содействуя этими мерами и развитию Керчи. Сегодня в порту существует три основных пирса, самым старым из которых является Широкий мол, построенный к 1910 году (тогда же были проведены дноуглубительные работы для прохода в порт судов с большой осадкой, была проложена и линия железной дороги). В настоящее время предприятие едва работает из-за международных санкций. Кроме того, до возвращения Крыма в состав русского государства в 2014 году основным экспортным товаром являлся уголь с Донбасса, а также зерно из Новороссии. С востока к порту примыкает предприятие «Керченский район Госгидрографии», которое занимается установкой, снятием и обслуживанием буёв, а также подводными работами. На видеоролике запечатлён автомобильно-пассажирский паром «Борис Штоколов» с односторонней загрузкой. Построен он в турецком городе Бандырма в 2008 году под именем Yener C. В 2016 году паром сменил порт приписки на Новороссийск и был переименован в честь выдающегося русского оперного певца Бориса Тимофеевича Штоколова (1930—2005). Работает на линии «Порт Кавказ — Керченский морской торговый порт», перевозит исключительно грузовой транспорт. Габариты судна 80 × 16 метров. В июне на нём начали бесплатно кормить водителей. В августе из-за поломки этого парома создалась кризисная ситуация — некоторые фуры в течение нескольких дней не могли пересечь пролив, что вызвало негодование дальнобойщиков (последним отдаётся минимальный приоритет на переправе после пассажиров и легковых авто). Музыка: Nicolai Heidlas — Bass Beat CC BY License 4.0
Один день из жизни Туапсинского порта. Сентябрь 2016
Перед инвестиционным форумом в Сочи "Факты 24" побывали в Туапсинском морском порту. Что и как они увидели - в сюжете
C-Shipping Ltd
C-Shipping offers competitive rates for container transportation and high-quality service connecting ports of the Mditerranean, Marmara and Black Seas: Sfax-Novorossiysk-Istanbul-Sfax. Furthermore, Ro-Ro services ara available linking Constanza, Novorossiysk and Ilyichevsk with worldwide destinations for cars, commercial trucks and high&heavy units.
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SCF Black Sea 2014 promo
SCF Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2014. 30.04-27.05.2013 Варна - Новороссийск - Сочи - Констанца Впервые в истории регата крупнейших в мире учебно-парусных судов пройдет вдоль черноморского побережья России. Внушительная флотилия самых больших учебно-парусных судов со всего мира, включая российские "Мир", "Седов", "Крузенштерн", "Надежда", — дважды пересечет Черное море и на четыре дня станет гостем в каждом из четырех городов: Варне, Новороссийске, Сочи и Констанце. Основная цель регаты — повышение интереса молодежи к морскому образованию, традициям и морским профессиям, пропаганда здорового образа жизни, популяризация морского и яхтенного туризма на Черном море, укрепление добрососедских отношений между государствами. Особенностью регаты станет заход крупнейших в мире парусников в порт Сочи — столицу XXII Зимних Олимпийских игр, где гости и участники смогут познакомиться с олимпийскими объектами и объектами инфраструктуры Олимпиады, в числе которых яхтенная Марина — центр яхтенного спорта и туризма на Черном море международного класса. По традиции регаты проходят под патронатом глав государств-участников. С приветствием к гостям и спортсменам регаты обратился президент Российской Федерации В.В. Путин. Патронами регаты также являются президент Болгарии Росен Плевнелиев и президент Румынии Траян Бэсеску. Организатором регаты выступает британская благотворительная организация Sail Training International, которая проводит международные регаты Tall Ships, начиная с 1956 года.
Russia: Putin discusses future of Novorossiysk naval base
Video ID: 20140923-031 M/S Vladimir Putin, Russian President enters conference, shakes hands with Russian naval officials M/S Putin listens to naval officials M/S Government and naval officials M/S Putin listens to naval officials C/U Putin and naval officials M/S Putin and naval officials looking at diagram of port M/S Putin and naval officials looking at diagram of port C/U Diagram of port M/S Putin with government and naval officials M/S Putin with government and naval officials M/S Putin shakes hands with officials W/S Putin and officials listening to debriefing M/S Putin and officials listening to debriefing W/S Video conference with officials in port of Taman and the Kochetovsky hydrosystem M/S Television screen used for video conference W/S Putin in video conference M/S Television screen used for video conference M/S Putin in video conference M/S Television screen used for video conference W/S Putin in video conference M/S Putin in video conference M/S Press and screen used for video conference W/S Putin leaves conference SCRIPT: Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived at Russia's Black Sea port of Novorossiysk to hold a conference on the port's future, Tuesday. Putin was briefed on plans for the construction of a submarine base in Novorossiysk for Russia's Black Sea Fleet by the Black Sea Fleet Commander, Alexander Vitko. The commander told the president that with Crimea's return to Russia, the relevance of the base has increased due to NATO's presence in the Black Sea, prompting plans for a Russian new naval base in the area. Vitko also spoke about the how the port is set to accommodate submarines carrying long-range cruise missiles (with a range of over 1,500 km), as the location will allow for better secrecy than maintaining such submarines in the port of Sevastopol. Putin also participated in a video conference with officials in the port of Taman and the Kochetovsky hydro-system, ahead of chairing a meeting regarding the development of infrastructure at the Azov-Black Sea port. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ruptly Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ruptly LiveLeak: http://www.liveleak.com/c/Ruptly Google Plus: http://google.com/+RuptlyTV Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/Ruptly YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/RuptlyTV DailyMotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/ruptly Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly.tv
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Crisis in Ukraine : Russia Extends its Control over the Black Sea and Strategic Waterways
Crisis in Ukraine: Russia Extends its Control over the Black Sea and Strategic Waterways On May 15, President Vladimir Putin took part in the opening ceremony of the Crimean Bridge – “a super 19-kilometre-long construction” linking Crimea to Russia’s Krasnodar region. This bridge is strategic and broader the economic and geopolitical implications in the region. The decision of Crimea to join the Russian Federation has strategic and geopolitical implications. The union of Crimea with Russia redefines both the geography as well as the geopolitical chessboard in the Black Sea basin. It constitutes a major setback for US-NATO, whose longstanding objective has been to integrate Ukraine into NATO with a view to undermining Russia, while extending Western military presence in the Black Sea basin. With the March 18, 2014 Treaty signed between Russia and Crimea, the Russian Federation will extend its control over the Black Sea as well over the Sea of Azov, the West coastline of which borders on Eastern Ukraine and the Donesk region. Under the agreement between Russia and Crimea announced by president Putin, two “constituent regions” of Crimea will join the Russian Federation: the “Republic of Crimea” and the “City of Sevastopol”. Both will have the status of “autonomous regions”. The status of Sevastopol as an autonomous entity separate from Crimea is related to the location of Russia’s Naval base in Sevastopol. Since the break-up of the Soviet Union, Russia retained its naval base in Sevastopol under a bilateral agreement with Ukraine. With the signing of the March 18th Treaty, that agreement is null and void. Sevastopol including the Russian naval base become part of an autonomous region within the Russian Federation. The naval base is no within Ukraine under a lease agreement. Moreover, Crimea’s territorial waters now belong to the Russian Federation. Russia now formally controls a much larger portion of the Black Sea, which includes the entire coastline of the Crimean peninsula. The Eastern part of Crimea –including the Kerch straits– are now under Russia’s jurisdiction control. On the Eastern side of the Kerch straits is Russia’s Krasnodar region and extending southwards are the port cities of Novorossiysk and Sochi. Novorossiysk is also strategic. It is Russia’s largest commercial port on the Black Sea, at the cross-roads of major oil and gas pipelines between the Black Sea and Caspian sea. Historically, the Kerch straits have played a strategic role. They constitute a gateway from the Black Sea to Russia’s major waterways including the Don and the Volga. During World War II, the Kerch peninsula occupied by Nazi Germany was an important point of transit by land and water. In the coldest months of Winter, it became an ice bridge linking Crimea to the Krasnodar region. The Kerch straits are about 5 kilometers in length and 4.5 km. wide at the narrowest point between the tip of Eastern Crimea and the peninsula of Taman. Kerch is a major commercial port linked to railway, ferry and river routes. the integration of Crimea into the Russian Federation means that Moscow is now in full control of the Kerch Straits linking the Black Sea to the Sea of Azov. The Ukrainian authorities are no longer in control of the port of Kerch. The bilateral agreement between Russia and Ukraine governing the maritime route through the Kerch straights has been scrapped. The straits constitute an entry point into Russia’s major river waterways. The Sea of Azov connects with the Don River and the Volga, through the Volga Don Canal. In turn, the Volga flows into the Caspian sea. The Kerch straits are strategic. The Kerch-Yenikalskiy Canal allows large vessels to transit from the Black sea to the Sea of Azov. the Kerch Straits link the Black Sea to the Volga which in turn connects to the Moscow river through the Volga-Moskva canal. Full control of the narrow Kerch straits by Russia ensures unimpeded maritime transit from the Black Sea to Russia’s capital as well as the maritime route to the Caspian Sea. The Russia-Ukraine 2013 agreement pertaining to the construction of the bridge had, for all purposes already been scrapped before March 16. Crimea’s union to Russia was already in the pipeline prior to the referendum, it was a fait accompli. Less than two weeks before the March 16 Referendum, at the height of the crisis in Ukraine, Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev ordered the state-road building corporation “Russian Highways” “to create a subsidiary company that will oversee the building of a bridge across the Kerch Strait”. This bridge would largely be geared towards train transport routes linking Western and Eastern Europe to the Caspian Sea basin, Kazakhstan and China. subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9IFRHTtYJFjhI5fBrLIJiQ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DNA997
Piraeus port timelapse-Minutes before the rain
www.facebook.com/photolabgr A short timelapse video from the commercial port of Piraeus (Greece) Compilation from 900 photos taken using a Nikon D200 and a Nikon D600. See more on our facebook page : www.facebook.com/photolabgr
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YVNG DYXRD - Dope Shit (prod. JP Soundz)
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YVNG DYXRD - Gun Bars (prod. CorMill)
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Chioggia, Italy - Ilyichevsk, Ukraine - Zhlobin, Belarus October 2015
В октябре 2015 компанией РТЛ был реализован проект по доставке трансформатора, произведенного итальянской компанией TES Transformer для Белорусского Металлургического завода. Трансформатор имел размеры 7,7 х 3,3 х 4,4 метра, весом 107 тонн. Груз следовал из Итальянского порта Кьоджа в порт Ильичевск, Украина на судне типа река-море. В порту Ильичевск трансформатор был перегружен на 8-осный железнодорожный транспортер. Схема крепления и размещения была разработана и согласована инженерами РТЛ. Специалистами РТЛ была изготовлена металлическая рама для фиксации груза на вагоне и осуществлены работы по креплению согласно ранее разработанной схеме. Размещенный на транспортере трансформатор имел сверхнегабаритные размеры и попадал под индекс Н0180, в связи с этим в составе поезда следовал вагон, оборудованный контрольной рамой, повторяющей габариты трансформатора. Транспортер и вагон с контрольной рамой двигались специальным составом по предварительно согласованному маршруту.
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Miami  ночной порт
Miami ночной порт
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Балтийск - крупнейший курорт и морской порт на Балтийском море
Длина пляжа 42 км. Балтийск (до 1946 года — Пиллау, нем. Pillau; польск. Piława; лит. Piliava) — город-курорт и крупнейший морской порт в Калининградской области Российской Федерации. С 2008 года — административный центр Балтийского района. Расположен на северной части Балтийской косы — Пиллауском полуострове, на берегу Балтийского пролива, соединяющего Калининградский и Гданьский заливы Балтийского моря. Курортный город Балтийск — самый западный город России. Балтийск крупный морской порт, паромный терминал, железнодорожный вокзал. Общая протяжённость российского участка косы — около 25 километров, ширина составляет 300—1800 метров. Площадь российской части Балтийской косы — 25,5 квадратных километров, а ширина пляжей — 30—40 метров. Нетронутая уникальная природа Балтийской косы привлекает множество туристов,археологов и антикваров.
Port of Klaipėda 25 years of independence
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Canadian, German & Turkish Ships in Florida - Morning Colors [EN/FR/DE/TR]
FR, DE, TR translations below. Voir aussi la traduction FRANÇAISE ci-dessous. Siehe auch DEUTSCHE Übersetzung unten. Ayrıca aşağıda TÜRK çeviri görmek. ---------- ENGLISH: ---------- This video was taken at 8:00 AM on Sunday, August 17th, 2014 at Naval Station Mayport, Florida, USA. It is the performance/observance of Morning Colors pierside to the FGS Niedersachsen and three Canadian Navy ships. A Turkish Navy ship, TCG Kemalreis, is seen in the distance. During colors, commands afloat will blow a whistle on their announcing system and the command ashore will play recordings of the national anthems, starting with the American, and following with those of all foreign ships in the harbor. The five ships are part of Standing NATO Maritime Group 2, and they are conducting an international exercise (war games, so to speak). In following my Tom Lehrer song videos, I added lyrics to the national anthems as they play. Produced with Cyberlink PowerDirector 12. PS: If anyone could provide a better French, German or Turkish translation, I'd really appreciate it. ---------- FRANÇAIS: ---------- Cette vidéo a été prise à 08h00 le dimanche 17 Août 2014, au station navale de Mayport, en Floride, USA. C'est la performance / respect des couleurs du matin à côté de la FGS Niedersachsen et trois navires de la Marine canadienne. Un navire de la Marine turque TCG Kemalreis, est visible au loin. Pendant les couleurs, les commandes à flot sera un coup de sifflet annonçant sur ​​leur système et la commande à terre pour lire les enregistrements des hymnes nationaux, à commencer par l'Américain, et après avec celles de tous les navires étrangers dans le port. Les cinq navires font partie du groupe maritime permanent OTAN 2 (SNMG2), et ils procèdent à un exercice international (jeux de guerre, pour ainsi dire). En suivant mes vidéos de chansons de Tom Lehrer, j'ai ajouté paroles de l'hymne national, car ils jouent. Produit avec Cyberlink PowerDirector 12. PS: Si quelqu'un pourrait fournir une meilleure traduction français, allemand ou turc, je l'apprécie vraiment. ---------- DEUTSCH: ---------- Dieses Video wurde um 8:00 Uhr am Sonntag, den 17. August 2014 an der Marinestation Mayport, Florida, USA. Es ist die Leistung / Einhaltung der Morgen Farben neben der FGS Niedersachsen und drei kanadischen Marineschiffe. Eine türkische Marineschiff, TCG Kemalreis, ist in der Ferne zu sehen. Während Farben, flott Befehle wird eine Pfeife auf ihre Ankündigung System blasen, und der Befehl wird an Land Aufnahmen der Nationalhymnen, beginnend mit der amerikanischen und nach mit denen von allen ausländischen Schiffen im Hafen spielen. Die fünf Schiffe sind Teil der Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2) und sie führen ein internationaler Übung (Kriegsspiele, sozusagen). In folgenden meine Tom Lehrer Song-Videos, habe ich Texte der Nationalhymnen, wie sie spielen. Produziert mit Cyberlink Powerdirector 12. PS: Wenn jemand könnte ein besseres Französisch, Deutsch oder Türkisch-Übersetzung liefern, würde ich wirklich zu schätzen. ---------- TÜRK: ---------- Bu video Deniz İstasyonu Mayport, Florida, ABD Pazar, Ağustos 17, 2014 8:00 AM alındı​​. Bu FGS Niedersachsen ve üç Kanada donanma gemilerinde yanındaki Sabah Renklerin performans / gözetilmesi olduğunu. Bir Türk Donanması gemisi TCG Kemalreis, mesafe görülür. Renkler sırasında, ayakta onların duyuran sisteminde bir düdük çalacaktır komutları ve komut karaya milli marşlarının kayıtları, Amerikan ile başlayan ve liman tüm yabancı gemilerin olanlar ile takip oynayacak. Beş gemi NATO Daimi Deniz Grubu 2 (SNMG 2) bir parçasıdır ve onlar (tabiri caizse, savaş oyunları) uluslararası bir egzersiz yapıyorlar. Gibi oynarlar benim Tom Lehrer şarkı videoları izleyen yıllarda, ben milli marşlarının sözleri ekledi. Cyberlink PowerDirector 12 ile üretilmiştir. PS: Herkes daha iyi, Fransızca, Almanca veya Türkçe çevirisini sağlayabilir varsa, bunu gerçekten takdir ediyorum.
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Cargo Terminal of the Port of Baltiysk
Грузовой терминал Балтийска
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Trolleybuso Stay with Axe in Novorossiysk
Мы постояли с топором на 31 троллейбусной остановке. На сьемку видео и на монтаж ушло по 5 часов. Вживую топор лицезрело около 100 человек. Навеяно идеями Where the hell is matt и Metroplidance
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How our Ship Prepares Against Pirate Attacks | Seaman VLOG 038
Chief MAKOi Seaman VLOG ep 038 Our ship prepares against pirate attacks Our ship crosses the Gulf of Aden, the haunt of the notorious pirates of Somalia. The movie Captain Philips was based on true events which happened here. Watch as we prepare our ship against pirate attacks. ship main engine startup ship engine room ============== Buddha by Kontekst https://soundcloud.com/kontekstmusic Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/b6jK2t3lcRs
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Tuapse, Port
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Port of Klaipeda, leaving on ferry
Short video, just to give an idea
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Transneft Kozmino Port, LLC
English subtitles
With the help of the African Development Bank, the container port of Walvis Bay, Namibia is expanding to become a regional gateway hub.
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Russia Will Add 80 New Warships To Black Sea Fleet
Russia's naval commander said on Tuesday that the country will increase its Black Sea fleet by 2020 with more than 80 new warships--and will complete a second naval base for the fleet near the city of Novorossiysk by 2016. In comments made to President Vladimir Putin as he visited the port city, Vice Admiral Alexander Vitko said a second Black Sea base was needed, in addition to the main base on the Crimea peninsula annexed from Ukraine because of NATO expansion. He added, "NATO ships are constantly present in the Black Sea and it plans to establish a naval base in the Black Sea." http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/Reuters/worldNews/~3/gQmrfKDEDew/story01.htm http://www.wochit.com
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Container terminal in Baltiysk
Контейнерный терминал в Балтийске. Terminal kontenerowy w Pilawskiej. 발 티스크의 컨테이너 터미널 Terminal à conteneurs à Baltiisk.
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