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Unboxing of an Oracle Sun Ray 3 Plus
Announced March 31, 2010, The Sun Ray 3 Plus takes desktop appliances to a new level. See why:
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Sunray Server Running on Centos
Steps on Centos 5.10: Download the software from Oracle's support portal (requires login) cd /opt/ # download files from Oracle's website unzip V37034-01.zip unzip p16406547_111_Generic.zip Install the dependencies yum install glib dhcp openldap-clients tftp-server libXp libXfont.i386 openmotif22 openssl compat-libstdc++-33 libusb-devel compat-openldap kernel-devel gdbm.i386 gcc openmotif.i386 sssd-client.i386 If you are not using sssd you will need to install the nscd.i386 package. Install the firmware cd /opt/sros_11.1.1.0/ ./utfwinstall Installing Sun Ray Operating Software Sun Ray Operating Software has been successfully installed. This output has been logged to /var/log/utfwinstall.2013_05_09_14:48:54.log +++ Done. Install the bundled JRE and Apache Tomcat cd /opt/srs_5.4.0.0-Linux.i386/Supplemental/Java_Runtime_Environment/Linux sh jre-6u41-linux-i586.bin mv jre1.6.0_41/ /opt/ cd /opt/srs_5.4.0.0-Linux.i386/Supplemental/Apache_Tomcat gunzip apache-tomcat-5.5.36.tar.gz tar xvf apache-tomcat-5.5.36.tar mv apache-tomcat-5.5.36 /opt/ ln -s /opt/apache-tomcat-5.5.36/ /opt/apache-tomcat Install the Sunray Server Software cd /opt/srs_5.4.0.0-Linux.i386 ./utsetup [...] Accept? (Y/N) y [...] Enter Java v1.6 (or later) location: [/usr/java] /opt/jre1.6.0_41/ [...] Continue? (Y/N) [Y] y Enter new UT admin password: Again: Enter new UT admin password: Configure Sun Ray Web Administration? (Y/N) [N] y Enter Apache Tomcat installation directory [/opt/apache-tomcat] Enter HTTP port number [1660] 8080 Enable secure connections? (Y/N) [Y] y Enter HTTPS port number [1661] 8081 Enter Tomcat process username [utwww] Enable remote server administration? (Y/N) [N] Y Configure Sun Ray Kiosk Mode? (Y/N) [N] N Configure this server for a failover group? (Y/N) [N] About to configure the following software products: Sun Ray Data Store 3.5 Hostname: mysunrayserver.example.org Sun Ray root entry: o=utdata Sun Ray root name: utdata Sun Ray utdata admin password: (not shown) SRDS 'rootdn': cn=admin,o=utdata Sun Ray Web Administration hosted at Apache Tomcat/5.5.36 Apache Tomcat installation directory: /opt/apache-tomcat HTTP port number: 8080 HTTPS port number: 8081 Tomcat process username: utwww Remote server administration: Enabled Sun Ray Server Software 4.5 Failover group: no Sun Ray Kiosk Mode: no Continue? (Y/N) [Y] Enter groupname for Windows Connector [utwc] Enter group ID (gid) for the group [auto] Do you want to configure Firmware downloads for Sun Ray clients? (Y/N) [Y] Reboot Seriously you should reboot If the services are not running on reboot You can manually start them with: /opt/SUNWut/sbin/utadm -L on /opt/SUNWut/sbin/utstart SunRay Web Administration Log into https://mysunrayserver.example.org:8081 With the user: admin and the password you specified in the installer. Note: Replace port 8081 with the port you selected in the installer if you did not select 8081. If you can't log in because the "data store is not responding" proceed to the debugging section. Click "Advanced" Check all the encryption buttons Switch soft to hard for client and server Following instruction to restart client Debugging The following two log files were especially helpful in debugging problems. tail -f /var/opt/SUNWut/log/messages tail -f /var/log/autholog Security We have the SunRays in there own vlan and only the SunRay servers are allowed to communicate with them. You should also firewall the Web Admin ports in my case port 8080 and 8081. Summary I havn't had a lot of luck with a consistent installation using the instructions above. If it doesn't work the first time try uninstalling and resintalling the SunRay software. Also I was doing this with SELinux disabled and we already had working SunRays with Solaris 10 so I can't really comment on the dhcp configs or any special network acls we may have in place.
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Sun Ray Presentation
This is a presentation on the Sun Sun Ray thin client.
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BIVBlog #34: Playing Around with SunRay 1 Thin Clients
During an IPv6 training I held last year I was given two Sun Microsystems SunRay 1 thin clients. I give them a closer look, explain why they caused so much excitement when they hit the market, and tell about the problems I ran into trying while trying to get the server side to work. References and discussion forum at http://www.stepladder-it.com/bivblog/34. Follow-up video on the strengths and weaknesses, and the eventual obsolence, of thin clients in general in BIVBlog #35 (http://www.stepladder-it.com/bivblog/35).
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Sun Ray 2   Thin Client Profile
Quick profile of a SunRay 2. Thin Client/Virtual Desktop/Dumb Terminal Any way you want to describe it
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Oracle Sun Ray wifi 1/3
Oracle Sun Ray using wifi bridge from Vonets VAP11G
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ThinLinc vs Oracle SunRay software
Are you wondering about which features both ThinLinc and Oracle SunRay have in common?' Check for more information: https://www.cendio.com/campaigns/thinlinc-vs-sunray
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Oracle OpenWorld 2012 - Oracle Sun Ray Clients and VDI
John Renko from Oracle discusses Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Oracle Sun Ray Clients at Oracle OpenWorld 2012.
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Innovative Klinik-Arbeitsplätze mit Oracle Sun Ray Clients
Das Klinikum rechts der Isar der Technischen Universität München hat zusammen mit dem Oracle Gold Partner circular Informationssysteme GmbH auf Basis einer Server Based Computing Infrastruktur die Arbeitsplatz-Umgebung im Neuro-Kopf-Zentrum der Klinik buchstäblich auf den Kopf gestellt. Mit Oracle Sun Ray Clients arbeitet das Klinikpersonal mobil und interdisziplinär zusammen. Die Vorteile erstrecken sich auch auf die Sicherheit der Patientendaten, den Energieverbrauch und den Administrationsaufwand. Herr Dr. Härdtner, stellvertretender Leiter des Rechenzentrums erklärt, wie das funktioniert.
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Oracle Sun Ray Technology
A quick demo on how the optimized hot-desk feature of the Sun Ray technology can increase productivity and ease of use.
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Oracle Sun Ray client and Windows 2012 server
Oracle Sun Ray client 3 via de Sun Ray Server verbonden met een Windows 2012 server
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Oracle Sun Ray for 3D Productive Applications
The easy way to give access to Remote 3D Productive Applications (CAD, Modeling, Seismic ...) from Any device (Tablet, PC, Thin Client) using standard Internet connections such as ADSL or 3G to connect the Remote Visualization Center with the Device to visualize/work from.
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The Eco Friendly Packaging of Oracle Sun Ray Clients
In this short video, Oracle's Michael Dann shows the eco friendly packaging of Oracle Sun Ray Clients.
ATC Sun Ray Plus Radiator: Programming the Unit & Setting the Time
This video demonstrates how to Programme and Set the Time on the ATC Sun Ray Plus Radiator. If you would like to see how to Set the Temperature and Operation Modes on your Sun Ray Radiator, please go to our Setting The Temperature Video. If you require further assistance or have any queries regarding Sun Ray Radiators, please contact us on: ATC Ireland Office: 353 (1) 467 8302 ATC UK Office: 0203 5649164 Email: [email protected]
Sun ray on Ubuntu running windows in Virtualbox
Recorded on April 16, 2012 using a Flip Video camera.
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The Eco Friendly Packaging of Oracle Sun Ray Clients
http://packaging-vu.blogspot.ca/ - Eco Friendlier Packaging Solutions - Materials, Supplies, Equipment and Processes. Environmental packaging solutions, reduce impact on the environment and or support the environment. Have you heard that shrink wrapping a cucumber actually helps the environment? (see http://packaging-vu.blogspot.ca/2013/07/shrink-wrap-and-environmental-packaging.html) or that failing to use most efficient packaging, materials / supplies, equipment systems and processes, actually create more waste (landfill). Packaging-Vu shares packaging solution news, insights and discoveries that help reduce carbon footprint and support business success. Environmental packaging blog http://packaging-vu.blogspot.ca/
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Oracle Sun Ray met Windows 2012 Thin client werkplek
Een Oracle Sun Ray client is hier in mijn LAN verbonden met een Windows 2012 server. Deze verbinding gaat over ALP en een 100Mb LAN. De kwaliteit is zeker verbeterd op zowel de Oracle kant maar ook op Micorsoft kant.
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ATC Sun Ray Plus Radiator: Setting the Temperature & Operation Modes
This video demonstrates how to set the Temperature and Operation Modes on the ATC Sun Ray Plus Radiator. If you would like to see how to Set the Time on your Sun Ray Radiator, please go to our Setting The Time Video. If you would like to see how to Programme your Sun Ray Radiator, please go to our Programming Video. If you require further assistance or have any queries regarding Sun Ray Radiators, please contact us on: ATC Ireland Office: 353 (1) 467 8302 ATC UK Office: 0203 5649164 Email: [email protected]
Oracle Sun Ray Virtual Desktop in Healthcare: UAB Health System
The University of Alabama, Birmingham delivers Caregiver Mobility with Security via the Oracle SunRay Virtual Desktop Solution. Contact HealthIT2 for more information and a demonstration.
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Oracle Sun Ray wifi 2/3
Oracle Sun Ray 270 wifi enabled usig Vonets wifi bridge VAP11 G
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Sun Ray(TM) @ Home - Thin Client
An Innovative Notebook Sun Ray(TM) is Born! *Sun Ray (TM)100% Compatible *Built-in Hardware VPN/DHCP *Built-in Wireless Capability *Built-in Fiber Optic(optional) (more)
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Oracle Sun Ray  wifi 3/3
Oracle Sun Ray Ultra thin client wifi enabled using Vonets wifi Bridge
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Sun Ray(TM) @ Home - Thin Client
Limited Quantity 500 Pcs for Early-Birds till X'mas! An Innovative Notebook Sun Ray(TM) is Born! *Sun Ray (TM)100% Compatible *Built-in Hardware VPN/DHCP *Built-in Wireless Capability *Built-in Fiber Optic(optional)
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Sun Ray Healthcare Compilation
Taken from a number of interviews with healthcare professionals in Canada - their opinions on Sun Rays - Oracle's desktop alternative.
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Oracle VDI on Sun Ray - Demo Video Coronary Catherization
Oracle VDI on Sun Ray - Demo Video Coronary Catherization
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Eco Features of Sun Ray Clients - Oracle OpenWorld 2011
Michael Dann from Oracle explains the eco features of the Sun Ray Client hardware.
Sun Ray(TM) @ Home - Thin Client
An Innovative Notebook Sun Ray(TM) is Born! *Sun Ray (TM)100% Compatible *Built-in Hardware VPN/DHCP *Built-in Wireless Capability *Built-in Fiber Optic(optional)
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Introduction to Sun Ray Clients
Oracle's John Renko does a quick overview of Sun Ray Clients.
Sun Ray 2 displaying google Earth
my sun ray 2 at home showing a google earth session. btw my sun ray server itself is actually just an oracle vm VM.
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Sun Ray thin client
Sun ray thin client powering on Sun ray vékony kliens bootolása
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Sun Ray Connector for Windows Demo
See how Sun Ray Connector for Windows, allows customers to get Windows applications directly on Sun Ray thin clients without any middleware. The demo is on a Sun Ray thin client which has integrated 17" monitor along with a smart card reader. The demo is part of a larger Webcast on Sun/MS interoperability that can be found at sun.com/nettalk/msinterop.
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Dragon dictation on Sun Ray
Dragon dictation (Nuance) on Oracle VDI stack Shown on a Sun Ray 270
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Microsoft Windows on my Sun Ray 2
From: http://sumitsystems.blogspot.com/ Connect to a remote Windows computer via uttsc on my Sun Ray - or better yet, ditch the Windows PC all together and run it locally on the Sun Ray server itself via Win4Solaris.
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Ativando terminal SunRay 170 com Servidor Linux (Ubuntu 9.10)
Processo de inicialização de um terminal burro sunray 170 ligado a um servidor Linux. O padrão da SUN é utilizar o Solaris para estes servidores. O processo adapta o SRSS Sunray server software 4.2 do redhat enterpreise para o ubuntu 9.10 ou 10.04, o que facilita muito para os usuarios, que ainda vão ganhar uma interface igual ao window$ XP. :-P
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OpenSolaris Sun Ray Demo using Virtual Box
My idea for getting the OpenSolaris install and user experience into the hands of more people using Sun Rays and VirtualBox. Could also use Secure Global Desktop for use on almost any device
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Sun Ray Login
Multiple Sun Ray clients via daisy chian
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Sun Ray Multimedia Demo
Demo of the forthcoming Multimedia enhancements to Sun Ray Server Software 4.1. Demonstration of the Xvideo enhancements under Solaris/Linux and the H.264 direct decode under Windows.
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Sun Ray
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Sun Ray - Synchronized Audio/Video
Demo of the forthcoming Multimedia enhancements to Sun Ray Server Software 4.1. Various H.264 and VC-1 clips shown through a Sun Ray to show the synchronization of audio and video
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Sun SunRay 1G 102 380-0809-01 Thin Client Terminals
Here's a video for one of our Sun client terminals, enjoy! Online Store Listing: http://www.austincybershop.com/products/2-sun-sunray-1g-102-380-0809-01-thin-client-terminals eBay Listing: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220988125472&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT#ht_6765wt_1037 Facebook: http://facebook.com/austincybershop eBay: http://stores.ebay.com/Cyberinfinity Online Store: http://www.austincybershop.com/ Blog: http://cyberinfinity.com/
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The Power of Sun Ray
Demo on how to run Windows, Linux, and Open Source Solaris from one device. Deliver any user experience you want from Sun's highly secure and flexible desktop technology.
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Sun Ray Hotdesking Demonstration
From: http://sumitsystems.blogspot.com/ Demo of Hotdesking with Solaris 10 and Sun Ray thin clients
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Enterprise Siebel in iPad using Sun Ray Client
Enterprise Siebel in iPad using Sun Ray Client
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Solaris on Sun Ray.3GP
Can be Solaris installed on Sun Ray client?? Yes :)
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sun ray 2
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Another Sun Ray in Healthcare Story II (Edmonton)
Two doctors speak about using Sun Rays on a day-to-day basis
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