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SCAR -H with X-25 Drum
LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? CONSIDER PURCHASING A MAN CAN: https://goo.gl/Vam7yR AMAZON Store: https://amzn.to/2H7Lq6Y PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/iv8888 CHECK OUT OUR MUSIC CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/c/Guitarsenal Finally got a chance to take my Scar out to the range to play. Currently my rifle is equipped with the HANDL Defense lower receiver which will accept the X-25 Drum magazine as well as standard AR-10 magazines. Drum Magazines: http://www.xproducts.com SCAR Lowers: http://handldefense.com/ CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE! http://www.iraqveteran8888.com Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/iraqveteran8888official Follow Us On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iraqveteran8888_official http://instagram.com/mrsiraqveteran8888/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Iraqveteran8888 Shirts & other Apparel: http://www.iraqveteran8888.spreadshirt.com Royalty Free Music by www.premiumbeat.com Copyright 2014, 88 Industries, LLC FTC- This video contains a paid product placement in a syndicated professional video production; all opinions are our own and are neither approved nor disapproved by the advertiser. DISCLAIMER: Our videos are strictly for documentary, educational, and entertainment purposes only. Imitation or the use of any acts depicted in these videos is solely AT YOUR OWN RISK. All work on firearms should be carried out by a licensed individual and all state and federal rules apply to such. We (including YouTube) will not be held liable for any injury to yourself or damage to your firearms resulting from attempting anything shown in any our videos. We do not endorse any specific product and this video is not an attempt to sell you a good or service. We are not a gun store and DO NOT sell or deal in firearms. Such a practice is heavily regulated and subject to applicable laws. We DO NOT sell parts, magazines, or firearms. These videos are free to watch and if anyone attempts to charge for this video notify us immediately. By viewing or flagging this video you are acknowledging the above. Fair Use: In the rare instance we include someone else’s footage it is covered in Fair Use for Documentary and Educational purposes with intention of driving commentary and allowing freedom of speech.
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My SCAR 17s set up
Thanks for watching! Giessele trigger install---- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n733t-8zV1Y Molon Labe mags------- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN9I7cKFsGs facebook------- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bootstastefunny/244738095700813?ref=hl
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FN SCAR Magazine Failure
Issues with the factory FN SCAR magazines failing to feed.
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scar 17 mag review part 1
scar 17 mag review part 1
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How to convert your FAL magazine into a FN SCAR 17 magazine
This is a video demonstration on how to convert your old metric FAL magazines into FN Herstal SCAR 17s Magazines using basic home tools. This magazine cost about $10 and took 1 hour to complete.
"Scar 17s 15/20RD Mag Blocks"
Since I live in Jersey, I ordered 15/20rd Magazine blocks. Now my factory FNH 20rd Mags are all set to 15rd so when my Scar Heavy gets here, I am ready! http://www.magazineblocks.com/magento/
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Click-2-Tweet- http://ctt.ec/uQ12y Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FPSRUSSIA Twitter: https://twitter.com/thefpshow Big Thanks to Richard! http://www.youtube.com/ratedrr My Store: http://fpsrussia.spreadshirt.com/
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RUN A SCAR or MK16/17 like a BOSS!
The Haley Strategic training team has employed the FN Herstal SCAR(MK16, MK17) platform for over a year in our internal exercises as well as classes. Talking through his personal setups and the different weapon manipulation considerations that drives them, Travis Haley covers stock and advanced set-ups, utilizing rail extensions to modify the ergonomics and deliver faster performance in high risk situations.
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Do SR-25/M110 mags fit in a SCAR-H??
Check out our online store! http://www.airsoftgi.com/index.php Need mags?? Check them out here http://www.airsoftgi.com/product/Classic-Army-SR25-470-rd-AEG-High-Cap-Magazine-Black-30068/ http://www.airsoftgi.com/product/VFC-FN-Herstal-SCAR-H-160-rd-AEG-Mid-Capacity-Magazine-Flat-Dark-Earth-9754/ http://www.airsoftgi.com/product/VFC-FN-Herstal-SCAR-H-160-rd-AEG-Mid-Capacity-Magazine-Black-9753/ http://www.airsoftgi.com/product/Condor-Outdoor-Dual-M14-Magazine-Molle-Pouch-Coyote-32770/ http://www.airsoftgi.com/new_products.php [Visit our selection of Airsoft Guns here:] http://www.airsoftgi.com/Airsoft-Guns-139 [For more cool information, photos, and videos about Airsoft, check out our AirsoftGITV blog here:] http://www.airsoftgitv.com/
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SCAR-H Обзор страйкбольного привода от Cybergun
Магазин где можно купить SCHAR-H: www.topgun.lv Мой Инстаграм: https://www.instagram.com/rsgalaxy/ Моя группа ВК: https://vk.com/rs_tactic Facebok: https://www.facebook.com/RSTactic Веб сайт: http://www.rstactic.pro Поддержи нас финансово: Yandex money: https://money.yandex.ru/to/410011989203891 PayPal: paypal.me/rfob По поводу рекламы , обращаться сюда: https://goo.gl/T14unO #airsoft #tactic
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Оружие из под дна #1 // SCAR-H // Почему именно он? // Малый магазин, но отличная дальность ваншота
Общая информация: 💬Вк СКРАГА : https://vk.com/scrag_official 💬 📊Вк Слезера: https://vk.com/slims8ady📊 😁Канал димы: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqCYb2CLNfhiu81LCUTO2Og😁 😜Канал Серёги: https://www.youtube.com/scrag 😜 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Стань другом-рефералом: https://wf.mail.ru/promo/referal/?ref=ip8knf👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 💲 Как получить бесплатные пин-коды:💲 🤑Бесплатные пин-коды каждый день: https://vk.com/wfeasy🤑 #скар #warface #варфейс #оружиеизподдна
(Airsoft) SCAR H VFC
Shots with the Scar H VFC. It's an AEG. I used a 7,4 lipo battery in this video. Note that this is the 1st version, which comes in a hard case with a suppressor and trademarks. The last ones have no hard case, no supressor... And no trademarks (I think it's because Cybergun has the licences now... Which sucks). I bought it second hand from an other airsoft player, for about 400 €. You can buy it, for example, on Uncompany. Great looking. It's a really nice one. The power is about 340 fps... And as I always say, it's not because you have a higher power that you have higher performances. The Tokyo Marui Scar L has much better performances. On my Scar H Vfc, the hop up is really bad, and the barrel seems not good too. The bb's are spread on a large portion... And the range is not great compared to the power. I need to put a new barrel and a new hop up in this thing, then I guess it's going to be okay. I can put a long barrel which could be hidden by the suppressor... I'm thinking about that, maybe. And, well... When you are used to use Tokyo Marui Ebbr, it's hard to come back on a regular AEG. No blowback, no recoil, no bolt catch, shitload of bb's which fall when you change magazines, etc... The reactivity of the Scar L Marui is great too. The trigger feeling is not as good on the Scar VFC. It's a nice gun though. I really like the look of the Scar H.
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Airsoft Review - VFC SCAR H
Amazing FN SCAR H replica by VFC. This Airsoft Gun can be purchased here at StrykeAirsoft :http://www.strykeairsoft.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=3_128&zenid=4ps2p9huu2g6a6ku18k0an64n4 Become a Fan of Airsoft on Facebook! :http://www.facebook.com/pages/Airsoft/293290627970?ref=ts
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SCAR 17 lower converted to except unmodified Magpul 20LR magazines
This is a conversion I preformed on my SCAR 17 factory lower to except unmodified, inexpensive, and readily available Magpul 20LR Pmags. In this video you can see the rifle functions flawlessly.
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Fix Problem Magazine Scar H Sniper Gel Gun
Fix Problem Magazine Scar H Sniper Gel Gun In this video i show you how to fix stuck bullet on magazine for scar H sniper Video by fb quadcopter murah
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Is Cybergun's FN SCAR-H Gas Rifle The Best GBBR? - RWTV RedWolf Airsoft
Highly anticipated Cybergun FN SCAR-H manufactured by VFC is here! Marck answers the question of whether this is the definitive version of the SCAR-H in GBBR form? Better than the WE version? Some similarities to the Umarex HK417? Watch this episode to find out. Buy here: http://tinyurl.com/gmrx8dl Our Shop: http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/ Our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/redwolfairsoft/ Our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/redwolfairsoft Our Ambassador: https://www.instagram.com/redwolftim Our Ambassador: https://www.facebook.com/novritsch Our Ambassador: https://www.instagram.com/robomurray Our Presenter: https://www.instagram.com/rwmarck
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TM SCAR-H Recoil Shock Airsoft Gun Review - EpicAirsoftHD
The Tokyo Marui Recoil Series SCAR H or MK17 has been around for over a year now. Finally, Jai gets his hands on one and we take it to the 30 meter shooting range to test just how good it really is! This is probably the most expensive SCAR-H out there on the market but does it's bang make up for its buck? Let's put it to the test! You can see more information on where to buy this gun here (worldwide shipping): Tan: http://www.airsoftworld.net/airsoft-guns/airsoft-bb-gun-type/airsoft-bb-gun-rifles/airsoft-bb-gun-modern-rifles/tokyo-marui-dark-earth-scar-h-recoil-shock.html Black: http://www.airsoftworld.net/airsoft-guns/airsoft-bb-gun-type/airsoft-bb-gun-rifles/airsoft-bb-gun-modern-rifles/tokyo-marui-black-scar-h-recoil-shock.html Magazines Midcap: http://www.airsoftworld.net/tokyo-marui-scar-h-black-90rd-magazine.html Highcap: http://www.airsoftworld.net/tokyo-marui-scar-h-dark-earth-540rd-magazine.html Jai's using Revision Military ballistic glasses in this video, see them at the link below, or check our our earlier videos for a two-part review on their range: http://www.revisionmilitary.com/ We publish a new video review every Sunday as well as mid-week episodes, so remember to subscribe to this channel to keep up to date! You can also "Like" our Facebook page to be informed of new content, ask questions about a specific bit of airsoft kit, or give us feedback: http://www.facebook.com/EpicAirsoftHD Subscribe to catch every episode every week! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=EpicAirsoftHD Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/EpicAirsoftHD Music (used with permission) by: You Already Know You can buy their albums on Amazon and iTunes! Presented by: Jai Shot & Edited by: Graeme Hutton
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PMAGs and the SCAR 16S:  Prevent damage to your rifle
PMAGs can damage SCAR 16S rifles if they aren't modified to fit the profile of a standard STANAG AR15 magazine. The PMAG that is unmodified will push the bolt hold up all the time causing it to stay in contact with the bolt/carrier of the SCAR 16S which in turn causes damage to the rifle. You can quickly and easily modify PMAGs to work with the SCAR 16S and I show you how to do this in the video. PLEASE SUPPORT MAC ON PATREON: http://www.patreon.com/militaryarms -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "BCM Mk12 with AEM5 Silencer and some cool winter rigging!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kf1bGpc0aHo -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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[Review] WE SCAR-H (MK17) GBB 6mm Airsoft German/Deutsch - 4K UHD
Moin Moin ! Wir haben uns die WE SCAR-H (MK17) die letzten Tage für euch angeschaut und speziell auf Unterschiede zur SCAR-L (MK16) geachtet. Die H Version weist einen etwas stärkeren Rückstoß und Mündungsengerie auf, ist aber im Großen und ganzen mit der L identisch. Einziges Manko sind die teuren Gas Magazine. Kapitel/Übersicht: 01:05 - Lieferumfang / shipment 02:18 - Technische-Daten / technical data 03:48 - Verarbeitung und Materialien / finish and materials 04:46 - Oberfläche und Farbgebung / surface and color 07:43 - Visierung / sights 08:45 - HopUp 09:26 - Demontage / disassembly 10:47 - Internals (Abzugsgruppe) 11:09 - Internals (Verschluss und Nozzle) 11:48 - Markings 12:40 - Magazin 14:47 - Chrono, Cool-Down und Kältetest 17:01 - Slow Motion 17:22 - Schusstest / accuracy 18:24 - Fazit Shoplinks (supported by Begadi.de) WE SCAR-H (MK17) TAN - https://goo.gl/sWWMhx WE SCAR-H (MK17) Black - https://goo.gl/EJUyWB WE SCAR-L (MK16) TAN - https://goo.gl/Zy4w9D WE SCAR-L (MK16) Black - https://goo.gl/R7xlKC WE SCAR-H Magazin (TAN) - https://goo.gl/Uhlpa9 WE SCAR-H Magazin (Black) - https://goo.gl/krfDs8 WE SCAR-L Gas Magazin (TAN) - https://goo.gl/ApAUQ3 WE SCAR-L Gas Magazin (Black) - https://goo.gl/5PDrEx ---
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CAV-MFG MK17S SCAR-H P-MAG Lower Testing
Final Pre-Production Sample of the CAV-MFG MK17S SCAR-H P-MAG Lower. No issues with this unit, it functioned as it should.
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Leaky scar h magazine
Here's the video as promised, red wolf.
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SR-25 Magazine Compatible Lower Upgrade for SCAR-17
Video by Guns & Tactics Magazine. www.gunsandtactics.com Handl Defense, LLC has developed the SCAR25, the first SR-25/M110 magazine compatible; billet aluminum lower upgrade for the SCAR-17. Their revolutionary design elevates the SCAR-17 to supreme battle rifle status. The SCAR25 was developed for the special operations warfighter. The SCAR25 lower was specifically designed and engineered to accept NATO STANAG SR-25 and M-110 battle proven magazines as well as the readily available and popular MAGPUL P-MAG 20 in 7.62x51mm NATO. The SCAR25 will also accept DPMS and POF magazines as well as X-25 drums. This is significant because for the first time operators employing M110/MK11/SR25 and the SCAR-H/SCAR17 series of rifle concurrently, will be able to utilize readily available, battle proven M110/SR25 magazines for both systems. A serious design error in the original lower was also corrected. The SCAR25 grip tang was redesigned to accept all M-16/M-4 compatible grips such as MAGPUL and ERGO. Furthermore the SCAR25 lower was enhanced to be user friendly. The arch above the grip was re-contoured to allow gloved or small hands better access to the fire controls. The original lower was made of plastic and was prone to flexing particularly around the magazine well. The SCAR25 is CNC machined from 7075 T6 billet aluminum. It is now stronger and more durable and flexing is no longer an issue. The SCAR25's exterior appearance resembles the original lower. The SCAR25 is available in black and FDE. All SCAR25 lowers are Type III Hard Coat anodized black. SCAR25 lowers in FDE are coated with a mil-spec ceramic finish color matched to resemble the original lower. Factory FN SCAR lower parts DO NOT require any type of modification for installation, and drop into the SCAR25 lower. It takes a qualified gunsmith two minutes to complete the upgrade. Once complete the operator simply attaches the SCAR25 lower to the upper receiver resulting in an upgraded superior SCAR-17. Handl Defense, LLC used rapid prototyping technology to produce two pre-production prototypes of the SCAR25 lower. Like the original lower, the SCAR25 prototypes are made entirely of ABS plastic. Extensive test firing has validated the concept and engineering; proof positive the SCAR25 lower works. The SCAR25 is in the early stages of production. Expect to see delivery in September of 2012. A select-fire SCAR25 lower is planned for qualified buyers, LEO and MIL agencies in the near future.
Why Navy SEALs Hate the FN SCAR 17 - Vigilance Elite
Former Navy SEALs Shawn Ryan of Vigilance Elite and Jeff Reid (Alaskan Dog Musher) of Frozen Trident Kennel talk about the pros and cons of the FN SCAR 17. Reid a former SEAL with multiple combat deployments gives a very in depth first hand account and untold truth about the FN SCAR. The information you given in this video can only be told from men who have actually engaged real enemies in combat with the FN SCAR 17. Enjoy... Comment below on what you thought about the video, please subscribe and share the videos on social media. You can find Jeff Reid at: Website - https://www.frozen-trident.com/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/frozentrident/ #SHOOTERREADY #SHAWNRYAN #VIGILANCEELITE Vigilance Elite/Shawn Ryan Links: Website - https://www.vigilanceelite.com/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/shawnryan762/ - https://www.instagram.com/vigilanceelite/ Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/VigilanceElite Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/shop/vigilanceelite Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/shawnryan762/ - https://www.facebook.com/VigilanceElite/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/VigilanceElite Full30 - https://www.full30.com/channels/vigilanceelite Linked In - https://www.linkedin.com/in/shawn-ryan-84b97314a/
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SCAR 16 & 17 RADDLOCK Magazine Lock Installation Tutorial
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(Airsoft) We Scar H gbbr One month of ownership update
we scar h gbbr one month of ownership update
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Upgrading the SCAR 17s- Unboxing and Review of the X-PRODUCTS X17 Lower And 50 round DRUM!
Ditching the polymer lower for the use of stanrardized mags- goodbye, $50 mags!
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The Baddest Battle Rifle on the Planet! - FN SCAR 17S Definitive Review
Welcome to the most comprehensive SCAR 17S review to ever grace YouTube. Over the last four years we have had the opportunity to thoroughly test the SCAR platform. This is what we discovered. We've put this beast through its paces with many of the aftermarket parts available to it, and we'll share what has worked best for us. We'll also share what makes it great, and what little could be improved upon. This review is long overdue. The SCAR 17s has carved out a permanent spot in our hearts, like few firearms ever have. We've loaded the entire video with live shooting footage gathered throughout our time with this fantastic rifle. You won't find a more comprehensive review anywhere. As requested, here is a list of the aftermarket upgrades I have made to my SCAR, as seen at various points in the video. I may have forgotten a few accessories, but this list should contain the majority. -Leupold LR/T Mark 4 3.5-10x40 M2 Illuminated -Handle Defense SCAR25 MOD 2 Magnesium Lower -20" Rebarreling Fluted -C-MORE STS FDE -Geissele Super SCAR Trigger -MI SSR-SCAR Keymod Handguard -LaRue Tactical SPR-S 20 MOA Mount -Handle Defense SCAR Stock Hinge Tan -TBR FN SCAR Brass Recovery Bag -Nightforce Angle Degree Indicator -Vltor SCAR Stock -Accuracy First Cant Indicator -SureFire SR09 Plug-In Tape Switch -Savvy Sniper QUAD Duel QD Sling -Magpul MBUS Pro Front Sight -Fortis SHIFT Angled Keymod Grip -TangoDown Aluminum Stock Latch -IWC THORNTAIL Keymod Adaptive Light Mount -Fortis Keymod Rail Sections -GG&G SCAR Quick Detach Rear Sling Attachment -IWC SCAR Angled Charging Handle -Magpul MIAD Grip -Modified Magpul B.A.D. Lever -Handle Defense SCAR Extended Magazine Release -GG&G 45 Degree Offset Accessory Rail -Fortis Keymod QD Sling Mount -Magpul SSG SCAR Safety Selector -LaRue Index Clip -Butler Creek Scope Caps -Leather Cheek Rest -Duracoat -SCAR Gas Screws -Paracord -Polish/Paint -American Flag Vinyl Stickers -OSS OTB Suppressor 7.62 -Thunder Beast 30P-1 Suppressor -Magpul PMAG 25 LR/SR Gen M3 Magazines -Magpul PMAG 20 LR/SR Gen M3 Magazines -Magpul PMAG 10 LR/SR Gen M3 Magazines -X Products X-25 Skeletonized 50 Round Drum -SureFire M952V EX192-QD + Diffuser -Atlas QD Bipod BT10-NC and LT271 -Elite Iron Suppressor Wrap -TangoDown Style Handguard -GG&G SCAR Enhance Angled Charging Handle -GG&G QD Picattiny Sling Mounts -Magpul Rail Covers Intro/Outro: Music4YourVids.co.uk Mid Video: "Steel Rods" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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❎ review scar h ❎ mk17 ares by jeeday ❎ wpr34
Lien pour les chargeurs / https://www.rainbow8.com/products/fn-scar-h-m14-70-rounds-magazine-box-set-tan PAGE / HARDSOFT CUSTOM https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=hard%20soft%20custom&epa=SEARCH_BOX PAGE / HERITAGE AIRSOFT https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=heritage-airsoft&epa=SEARCH_BOX PAGE/ WOLFPACK RECON 34 https://www.facebook.com/WolfpackRecon/ PAGE/ WOLF AIRSOFT DESIGN https://www.facebook.com/wolfairsoftdesign/ PAGE / RIP HOLSTER KYDEX https://www.facebook.com/Rip.holster/
Airsoft GI - VFC Full Metal Scar-H MK17 Gun Review
►►► Enjoy the video? Follow the link to subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=airsoftgidotcom ◄◄◄ VFC's M17 is a great gun, and feature a folding stock, larger magazine, and great externals and internals. Don't wait any longer to grab a gun that would dramatically increase your game on the battlefield. Be sure to check it out on our website. -VFC SCAR- H MK17 http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=9595 http://www.airsoftgi.com/index.php
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Présentation SCAR H SSR [FR]
Bonjour à tous, On se retrouve pour une nouvelle vidéo et cette fois-ci pour la présentation d'une nouvelle réplique. Le scar H SSR de chez VFC. Cette présentation a été réaliser grâce à shopgun. Qui m'a prêté leurs locaux ainsi que la réplique. Bonne continuation à tous Airsoftement scar H SSR : http://www.shop-gun.fr/vfc/4787-fn-scar-ssr-fullmetal-tan.html Mon association : https://www.facebook.com/Team-Staff-Airsoft-141714569265614/?fref=ts
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Ares SCAR-H | Airsoft Nachtrag [FullHD] | TheWithaker
Hier ist *endlich* das Update-Video zu meinem SCAR-H. Die Links MidCap Magazin: http://www.phoenix-airsoft-store.de/Airsoftwaffen-Zubehoer/Magazine-Zubehoer/Magazine-AEG/Mid-Cap-Magazine/Sonstige/ARES-Magazine-Mid-Cap-SCAR-H-180-Metal::37784.html LowCap Magazin: http://www.phoenix-airsoft-store.de/Airsoftwaffen-Zubehoer/Magazine-Zubehoer/Magazine-AEG/Low-Cap-Magazine/Sonstige/ARES-Magazine-Low-Cap-SCAR-H-74::37815.html Die Akkus: Passt: http://www.begadishop.de/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=585_88_81_370&products_id=9637 Passt: http://airsoftgun.at/Akkus-und-Ladegeraete/Li-Po-Li-Ion-LiFePo4/8Fields-Li-Po-1200mAh-7-4V-15C-Nunchuck.html Passt nicht: http://www.begadishop.de/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=585_88_81_732&products_id=9370 Passt nicht: http://www.begadishop.de/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=585_88_81_732&products_id=9197 Hier gehts zum Kanal meines Editors Dennis: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheCubex182 Viel Spaß beim Schauen und ich hoffe, dass es euch gefällt! Euer Withaker
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Новый бонусный магазин в Warface!!!Scar-H, золотой CZ-75, магма шлемы бесплатно!Требуем обновления!
https://goo.gl/3LTLEw -играй в Warface и получи ДОНАТ И VIP БЕСПЛАТНО!!! Требуем обновления бонус магазина Warface!!!Предлагаю свои варианты: Scar-H,золотая CZ-75 auto, магма шлемы, летние игры! https://vk.com/razormovies -мой паблик ВКонтакте https://www.instagram.com/tvrazor/ -Инстаграм с фоточками Для участия в конкурсе нужно: 1.Подписаться на RazorTV 2.Поставить лайк этому видео 3.Оставить любой комментарий Победитель прошлого конкурса: The Fregg https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy6b2FMvtw2893Q673J0Sog Пиши мне в ЛС на Ютубе:)
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AIRSOFT Scar H (MK17) WE GBBR review + test de tir (fr)
Lien pour soutenir le Shop: https://www.leetchi.com/c/solidarite-de-josselin-vilette Vidéo de Dingo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GH9WxXBXVK8 Vidéo d'airsoft Review : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CR5glmGCnwk Le lien ou j'ai acheté la réplique : http://www.airsoft-entrepot.fr/repliques/gbb-rifles/we-mk17-h-black-open-bolt-gbb.html Pour me joindre : [email protected]
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Обзор страйкбольного SCAR-H от VFC/Cybergun
http://bfguns.ru/aeg/cybergun-vfc-fn-... http://vk.com/lancaster_airsoft https://instagram.com/lancasterairsof...
The D-Boys SCAR-H
This is the Airsoft SCAR-H from D-Boys which is not very popular due to its recent release, unlike the SCAR-L variant which has been released for some time now the SCAR-H takes its own kind of magazines and the standard M4 magazines will not fit inside of the SCAR-H like they would with the SCAR-L Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AirsoftWarfareHD
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В Warface добавили "золотой FN SCAR H" . Нагибает ли золотой скар в "варфейс" ? Стоит ли выбивать данный донат ? Ответы на эти и другие вопросы в ролике! Gold FN SCAR-H . ЖДЁМ GOLD САЙГУ 12С ! ►Сайт в начале видео: http://warcard.ru ►Мой магазин игр: ● http://unick-shop.ru ● ►Бесплатные Кредиты ● http://bit.ly/1M2kKku ● ►Группа в Вконтакте https://vk.com/unicklive ►Мой второй канал http://goo.gl/EvYWPY ►Сотрудничество : [email protected] ● http://vk.com/topic-87538270_33098639 ►Я в ВК https://vk.com/unick_zz ►Имеешь 50 подписчиков?-Подключи партнёрку и получай доход в YouTube https://youpartnerwsp.com/join?12749 ►Ответы на популярные вопросы ● http://bit.ly/OtvetyNaVoprosi ● ►Музыка в группе ►Зовут Влад. Делаю ролики по Warface. #Warface #Варфейс #Unick #Уник FN SCAR-H в "Warface" , варфейс Оружие временно убрано из продажи в игровом магазине. Покупка наборов с этой штурмовой винтовкой даёт шанс получить оружие как навсегда, так и на время. Боевая эффективность FN SCAR обладает самым большим уроном среди штурмовых винтовок. Эффективна на любой дистанции. Против больших групп врагов не хватает вместимости маленького магазина. Достоинства WF • Самый высокий урон среди штурмовых винтовок. • Отличная дальность стрельбы. • Неплохая точность. • Легко контролируемая отдача. • Большое количество модулей, доступных для установки. • Высокая пробивная способность. • Не требует открытия у поставщиков. Недостатки • Малый размер магазина — 20 патронов. • Приличный разброс при стрельбе «от бедра». Золотой FN SCAR H - 25 патронов
Views: 83839 Unick
Airsoft GI Uncut - VFC Full Metal FN Herstal SCAR-H MK17 CQC AEG Airsoft Gun (BLK)
Description: The VFC Full Metal FN Herstal SCAR-H MK17 CQC Airsoft Gun is now fully licensed by FN Herstal of Belgium, and is arguably the most realistic SCAR-H replica on the airsoft market. The VFC SCAR-H maintains many of the same features and controls as the M4/M16 series, so the transition for users is simple. In addition, the MK17-H has many improvements over the M4 and the M16. The lower receiver is constructed from sturdy polymers to reduce weight. The magazine release and selector switch are ambidextrous, and the bolt release is functional. Not only is the stock retractable it is side folding and has an adjustable cheek rest, and unlike the many other brands, the wires are not exposed when the stock is folded. Specifications: Manufacturer: VFC Model: SCAR-H Muzzle Velocity: 400 fps Magazine Capacity: 500 rounds Color: Black Package Includes: Gun and High Capacity Magazine Features: Fully licensed and trademarked Adjustable Cheek Rest Functional Bolt & Release Ambidextrous Magazine Release and Selector http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=9595
Views: 6554 AirsoftGITV Uncut
Ares SCAR-H | Airsoft Review [FullHD] | TheWithaker
Hier der Link zu Dennis Kanal: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheCubex182 Der einzige Akku, der von den Maßen passt UND mir persönlich hochwertig genug ist: http://www.begadishop.de/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=585_88_81_370&products_id=3920 Bitte kauft euch nicht diesen Akku, da er etwa 2mm zu breit ist und definitiv NICHT passt: http://www.begadishop.de/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=585_88_81_732&products_id=9370 Vfc Magazine passen mit Sicherheit NICHT. Über diesen Link könnt ihr euch genau passende Magazine kaufen, die nicht mehr angepasst werden müssen (von denen ich aber nicht sicher sagen kann, dass sie auch funktionieren): http://www.phoenix-airsoft-store.de/Airsoftwaffen-Zubehoer/Magazine-Zubehoer/Magazine-AEG/Low-Cap-Magazine/Sonstige/ARES-Magazine-Low-Cap-SCAR-H-74::37815.html http://www.phoenix-airsoft-store.de/Airsoftwaffen-Zubehoer/Magazine-Zubehoer/Magazine-AEG/Mid-Cap-Magazine/Sonstige/ARES-Magazine-Mid-Cap-SCAR-H-180-Metal::37784.html
Views: 6784 TheWithaker
*Airsoft Review *  VFC  SCAR H GBB
► English text & chapter below◄ Die SCAR-H von VFC/Cybergun als GBB und dann noch mit original Markings verpackt in genialer Qualität und Schussleistung ist schon mal ein mega Plus. Begeistern tut mich aber auch vor allem der wahnsinns Kick und der Sound. Aber seht doch selbst. Cybergun SCAR-H GBB: https://goo.gl/8T9Fdt Cybergun SCAR-H GBB Schwarz: https://goo.gl/5w7yjl NcStar Vism ECO Mod 03: https://goo.gl/tPwfiD G&G Armament Frontgriff mit Bipod: https://goo.gl/y2tylM AngryGun Schalldämpfer: https://goo.gl/y9xzPE Powered by SNIPER.AS http://www.sniper-as.de ENGLISH ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------- The SCAR-H from VFC / Cybergun as GBBR is just a dream airsoft replic. It comes with original markings in ingenious quality and accuracy. I'm also very enthusiastic about the crazy "kick" and the sound. But see for yourself. ► CHAPTER◄ ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------- Full Review (Chapter) 0:01 Intro 0:55 Datasheet 1:03 Unboxing 3:53 Real Steel 5:44 Bodycheck 8:08 Data 9:45 Chrono 10:07 In Motion 11:09 Scar-H vs HK417D 14:46 Markings 16:23 Details 20:07 Operation 24:12 Buttstock 26:58 Slingmounts 27:16 Magazine 29:21 Target Shooting 31:02 Disassemble 34:43 Pro & Contra 39:51 Upshot ------------------------------­---------­---------------------­------------------­----------- Name: FN SCAR-H Product Brand: Cybergun Hop-Up: yes Weight: 3220 g Length: 630/815/870 mm Capacity: 30 rds Power: 405 FPS Power Source: Gas Blowback: Yes Shooting Mode: Semi (only germany) Price: 498,-€ ------------------------------­---------­---------------------­------------------­----------- video i used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jnk3AZLpN8 Brett Meier - Slow motion Scar-H https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7fB2-S7sC0 Iraqveteran8888 - SCAR -H with X-25 Drum
Views: 27953 BB2K Airsoft
(Airsoft) VFC FN Herstal SCAR-H MK17 CQC shooting test
Shooting Test: VFC FN Herstal SCAR-H MK17 CQC Airsoft Gun (2-tone/Black Lower Receiver) VFC has taken their popular MK17-H, which has been referred to as the best replica of the MK17 currently on the market, and made it even better. The VFC Full Metal FN Herstal SCAR-H MK17 CQC Airsoft Gun is now fully licensed by FN Herstal of Belgium, and is arguably the most realistic SCAR-H replica on the airsoft market. The VFC SCAR-H maintains many of the same features and controls as the M4/M16 series, so the transition for users is simple. In addition, the MK17-H has many improvements over the M4 and the M16. The lower receiver is constructed from sturdy polymers to reduce weight. The magazine release and selector switch are ambidextrous, and the bolt release is functional. Not only is the stock retractable it is side folding and has an adjustable cheek rest, and unlike the many other brands, the wires are not exposed when the stock is folded. As if all of that wasn't enough, An integrated and uninterrupted rail runs along the top of the receiver giving the user plenty of room to mount optics and night vision equipment. In addition, there is a rail on the underside of the handguard and two removable rails for each side of the handguard that enable the user to mount accessories like a flashlight or vertical grip. VFC has really outdone themselves on this one. Specifications: Manufacturer: VFC Model: SCAR-H Muzzle Velocity: 390-400 FPS Magazine Capacity: 500 rounds Color: 2-tone / Black Lower Receiver Package Includes: Gun and High Capacity Magazine Features: Fully licensed and trademarked Adjustable Cheek Rest Functional Bolt & Release Ambidextrous Magazine Release and Selector Enjoy
Views: 11113 pjboy airsofter
THIS SCAR-L DESTROYS! | Wasteland Ops Airsoft | Part 3: Ep. 1 - VFC SCAR-L Gameplay
The beloved SCAR-L, infamous in video game and film culture and also the one gun that everyone seems to like. In this episode, we will be running the VFC SCAR-L with a dual magazine for faster reloads and an added extra coolness factor. Joining us today will be Nick who is testing out his new Russian load-out and the infamous Tactical Snoopy. We hope you enjoy! Like the field? Be sure to check out wasteland ops' website: https://www.wastelandops.com Also, be sure to check us out on all of our social media to stay up to date with our most recent uploads and airsoft game attendances - FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/RWMilsim-GC-... Instagram: Team - @RWMilSim Matt D - @RWM_Matt Nick B - @RWM_Nick Daniel R - @RWM_Dan Christian M - @Christian4mac Joey T - @RWM_No76 Tyler R - @Tyler_Romines Joe O - @Joethemedic
Views: 118217 RWMilSim
WE Tech FN SCAR-H CQC Airsoft AEG Rifle Tan - AirSplat On Demand
WE Tech FN SCAR-H CQC AEG Rifle Tan $349.99 http://www.airsplat.com/items/ER-WE-SCAR-CQCT.htm Specifications: - Velocity: 400 FPS (0.20g BB) / Range 130-140 Feet - Barrel Length: 12.6 inches / 32 cm - Magazine Capacity: 330 Rounds Features: - New Hybrid V2 Metal Gearbox - Metal Upper Receiver and Polymer Lower - Version 2 Gearbox - Battery Storage in Rear Stock - Battery and Charger Sold Separately (Small) - Please Note: Manufacturer Labels note 280 FPS range. On Site Testing resulted in an average velocity of 400 FPS.
Views: 18715 AirSplatcom
Airsoft GI Uncut - VFC Full Metal FN Herstal SCAR-H MK17 SSR AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
VFC has taken their popular MK17-H, which has been referred to as the best replica of the MK17 currently on the market, and made it even better. The VFC Full Metal FN Herstal SCAR-H MK17 SSR Airsoft Gun is now fully licensed by FN Herstal of Belgium, and is arguably the most realistic SCAR-H replica on the airsoft market. The VFC SCAR-H SSR maintains many of the same features and controls as the M4/M16 series, so the transition for users is simple. In addition, the MK17-H SSR has many improvements over the M4 and the M16. The lower receiver is constructed from sturdy polymers to reduce weight. The magazine release and selector switch are ambidextrous, and the bolt release is functional. Specifications: Manufacturer: VFC Model: SCAR-H SSR Muzzle Velocity: 400+ fps Magazine Capacity: 500 rounds Color: Black Package Includes: Gun and High Capacity Magazine Features: Fully licensed and trademarked Adjustable Cheek Rest Functional Bolt & Release Ambidextrous Magazine Release and Selector http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=9597 http://www.airsoftgi.com/index.php
Views: 6856 AirsoftGITV Uncut
VFC SCAR-H SSR Custom Airsoft Gun
Be sure to comment, rate, and subscribe! Thanks for watching! - David Ly Please like my team page! http://www.facebook.com/SPOTMilsim This mega long piece comes in at 1080mm fully extended and is an absolute pleasure to hold with literally no wobble at all! The lower receiver, grip, cheek rest, and butt stock are all made from high quality Fiber Reinforced Polymer, whilst the CNC-milled upper receiver, the immensely long outer barrel and flash hider are made of metal. There is more than enough space to fit optics and accessories onto the SSR with the top rail being over 560mm long, and if that still isn't enough, the 2 side rails and the bottom rail should be able to satisfy your lust for mounting things! Features Include: CNC Milled Aluminum one piece upper receiver, high rigidness & light weight. CNC Milled Aluminum bolt set, can be hold in open position for Hop-Up adjustment. Based on the newest SCAR-III model, completely reproducing all its details. Stainless one piece gas cylinder set. The folding buttstock is telescopic with 6 lengths, whilst the adjustable cheek piece functions just like real steel. The Hop-Up adjustment tool and barrel detach tool is hidden as the gas tuner, making it very easy to maintain. 14mm CCW threading Total Length: 1080mm Batteries Not Included!
Views: 13410 AsianWithHat
Tokyo Marui SCAR-H (MK17 Mod 0) [Review]
► http://www.barbarossasoftair.it ✅ Recommended Gear: https://www.amazon.com/shop/chupacabraoutdoor The SCAR-H Next Gen. by Tokyo Marui is a kick ass, great looking gun with recoil, functioning bolt catch with empty mag, blowback and incredible accuracy. Some minor complaints about battery space and the slightly darker FDE color compared to the legit rifle, but overall a fantastic platform which is definitely gonna deliver on the field. [ITA] Recensione del Tokyo Marui SCAR-H SRE . -------------------- Follow Us at: facebook.com/ChupacabraOutdoor instagram.com/chupacabraoutdoor facebook.com/digitalobserverteam -------------------- THANKS FOR WATCHING!
Views: 10704 Chupacabra Outdoor
FN SCAR 16s Review (with Field Strip) (California Compliant)
Here is the review of the FN SCAR 16s. Checkout our Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/lockandloadllc
Views: 7880 Wind Armory
*Airsoft Unboxing* VFC / Cybergun SCAR H GBB, Army Armament R28 1911
Heute habe ich ein fettes Paket von Sniper.AS erhalten! Ich packe für euch aus: Cybergun SCAR-H GBB: https://goo.gl/8T9Fdt Cybergun SCAR-H GBB Schwarz: https://goo.gl/5w7yjl Army Armament R28 1911 GBB: https://goo.gl/68YWgC NcStar Vism ECO Mod 03: https://goo.gl/tPwfiD G&G Armament Frontgriff mit Bipod: https://goo.gl/y2tylM AngryGun Schalldämpfer: https://goo.gl/y9xzPE Powered by SNIPER.AS http://www.sniper-as.de
Views: 38874 BB2K Airsoft
WARFACE | НАГИБАЕМ С FN SCAR-H УБИЙЦА ЗОМБИ | МЕНЯ СКОРО ЗАБАНЯТ? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Магазин►-http://mcb-shop.ru/ (за положительный отзыв,дается супер ключ!) Купить Gta 5 за 200 рублей ►-http://goo.gl/fKaPS4 Купить CS:GO за 150 рублей►-http://goo.gl/VZJ6Lr Заработай! Моя Реферальная Система!►-http://goo.gl/CRdzMJ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- СТАНЬ СВОИМ►-http://goo.gl/HHN9jo INSTAGRAM►-https://www.instagram.com/bayr011/ ГРУППА ВК►-http://vk.com/club94239716 РЕКЛАМА►-http://goo.gl/VEf3o6 МОЙ ВК►-http://vk.com/idbayr777 Играй в Warface►-https://goo.gl/mtvlDF (Получай призы) Второй канал►- http://goo.gl/LkG0pH Сюда можете кинуть ненужные оружки,кейсы.Буду очень благодарен►-https://goo.gl/OvQ2Ug По Вопросам рекламы писать сюда►-http://vk.com/idbayr777 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Есть 50 подписчиков и 3000 просмотров в месяц,тогда присоединяйся к лучшей партнерской программе,её использую я и много популярных ютуберов►- https://youpartnerwsp.com/join?52429 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Другие видео с канала►https://goo.gl/4RJpKw ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Музыка Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound! ►http://www.epidemicsound.com
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