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Updated SeaXplorer 75 design unveiled
DAMEN’s updated SeaXplorer 75 provides the ultimate crossover of superyacht quality and finish with serious capability. The SeaXplorer 75 is a yacht for all seasons for clients who want to make more use of their time to explore the world” comments Managing Director Rose Damen, “The combination of our AMELS luxury yachting knowhow with our Damen Shipyards Group experience delivering commercial vessels is really unique – and you can see that in the design. The SeaXplorer 75 offers serious global capability but with true superyacht refinement at home in any marina. We’ve also designed her to be customised to our client’s bespoke requirements The first two SeaXplorer projects sold are now under construction for delivery in 2020. The keel laying of a customised version of the SeaXplorer 75 took place in July. The yacht will be delivered to her owner in late 2020.
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This Ice Class Explorer Yacht Is Ready for Extreme Adventure | Damen SeaXplorer 75 | AHY AM NET
This Ice-Class Explorer Yacht Is Ready for Extreme Adventure , Damen SeaXplorer 75 Two helicopters, three tenders, and a luxury interior make the Damen SeaXplorer 75 unique among expedition yachts. Part yacht, part shadow vessel, the SeaXplorer 75 is different from most expedition yachts; it’s built with redundant systems and extended fuel tanks, much like a commercial vessel, so it can be self-reliant for weeks in the world’s most remote and extreme locations. It can carry 40 days of fuel and provisions for 12 guests and 24 crew. Its big holding tanks and garbage-management system also mean the yacht will leave no trace in the wilds. In other words, the SeaXplorer 75 doesn’t just look like an extreme ocean wanderer. It really is one. And the world got its first look at this 252-foot Damen last week at the Monaco Yacht Show. The Dutch builder has taken a crossover philosophy to the SeaXplorers, which now includes five models up to 328 feet. The 75 will also be equipped with several garages’ worth of expedition equipment, including two helicopters that are stored on the certified helidecks and belowdecks hangar, a scuba-dive center, and two tender garages in the fore and aft sections that carry three boats and four jet-skis. The Damen is also Ice Class and IMO Polar Code compliant for cruising into the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Damen owns the Amels superyacht range as well, whose designers added many of the luxury touches on board. EYOS Expeditions provided Damen with operational design input and exterior styling from Azure Yacht Design. One can see the luxury in the master suite, two VIP staterooms, and a special observation lounge near the bow. “The combination of our Amels luxury yachting knowhow with our Damen Shipyards Group experience delivering commercial vessels is really unique—and you can see that in the design,” says Rose Damen, managing director. “The SeaXplorer 75 offers serious global capability but with superyacht refinement. She’s also to be customized to our client’s requirements.” The first 75 is under construction at Damen. Two other SeaXplorers are farther along and will be delivered in 2020.
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Sea Xplorer Sea Hawk
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Helicopter operations on board DAMEN Yacht Support Vessel 6711 - by Imperial Yachts
Delivered in early 2014, 6711GEO (ex ‘6711’) is a great example of the level of customisation possible with a DAMEN Yacht Support vessel. With accommodation for 21 crew and staff, this 67-metre SEA AXE has been configured with a 70 square-metre dive centre, which even includes a decompression chamber. Deck space is an impressive 275 square metres, not including the LY2 helipad with 5,000 kg take-off weight. With four MTU engines, 6711GEO is capable of speeds up to 22 knots. The grey hull and white superstructure really shine and are a great example of just how stunning a support vessel can look. Video credits - Imperial Yachts
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Super yacht SeaXplorer 65 Interior Luxurious
^^^^^^ Thanks For Watching ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ Please Subscribe Us ^^^^^^^ Published on 04 March 2018 Super yacht SeaXplorer 65 Interior Luxurious ============================================================================================================ Damen SeaXplorer 65 Super Yacht, 2019 Damen SeaXplorer 65 Super Yacht, High-Technology, speed, Features New Generation, New Engine, Engine Next Generation, New program, New Generation, ==================================================================================================================================================================
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A True Expedition Yacht - DAMEN SeaXplorer
Since we launched this exciting new expedition yachting concept at the Monaco Yacht Show, we have sold two SeaXplorer yachts – a SeaXplorer 75 and a SeaXplorer 65 – which are now both under construction. Today, before the first build has even touched the water, the SeaXplorer has quickly acquired an enviable and serious reputation in the high-end yachting market. The SeaXplorer range has grown to five designs from 55 to 100 metres in length. Behind each of these designs is DAMEN’s dedicated SeaXplorer design team, a well-established pool of naval architecture talent and shipbuilding expertise. Together with our design partners at DAMEN Research, our luxury yacht builder AMELS, EYOS Expeditions and AZURE Yacht Design, we have the know-how and resources to meet the individual requirements of each client. We are enormously proud to offer the highest levels of safety, professionalism and luxury lifestyle in the expedition yachting market. But we also understand that behind the technology and the innovation, the SeaXplorer is about unforgettable moments, the drive for adventure and the most spectacular destinations on Earth. Where will your journey take you?
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This Adventure Yacht Channels Your Inner Jacques Cousteau with a Deep Dive Submarine and Scuba Cente
This Adventure Yacht Channels Your Inner Jacques Cousteau with a Deep-Dive Submarine and Scuba Center Recently delivered to its owner, Damen’s Game Changer received modifications and a custom helicopter that makes it the ultimate explorer yacht. Damen Yacht Support Game Changer Soon, you might find Game Changer—a 227-foot yacht built by Damen—operating somewhere around either of the poles, launching a submarine in the name of scientific research. In fact, there’s almost nowhere on earth that this yacht can’t go, thanks to recent modifications. Launched last year, Game Changer is Damen’s fourth Yacht Support vessel in the 70-meter range and one of 12 support vessels that have either been delivered or are currently in build in the Dutch shipyard. After buying the yacht last year, Game Changer’s owner decided he wanted a vessel that could literally journey to the far corners of the earth. Game Changer is now certified for Arctic and Antarctic operations in compliance with the IMO Polar Code. The owner wanted a vessel for marine conservation, ocean research, documenting ocean biodiversity, and, of course, luxury dive expeditions. Top of the modification list was a custom scuba center, with tri-mix facilities that allow deep diving for extended periods. The yacht will also have a C-Researcher submarine by U-Boat Worx that can dive to 3,600 feet. The Falcon ROV (remotely operated vehicle) by Saab Seaeye gives the yacht further exploration capabilities. The fully certified helideck and hangar underneath will accommodate Game Changer’s custom Airbus H130 T2 helicopter. The Airbus chopper has a Shotover 8k camera system for exceptional quality on flights over water or during in-land exploration. Game Changer’s center deck can house multiple tenders and motorboats. Damen also made large modifications to the boat’s guest and crew areas to improve comfort during long trips. “It’s exciting to see how these clients are using Damen vessels to realize their vision of yachting,” says Rose Damen, Damen’s commercial director. Damen is sister company to superyacht-builder Amels. “It’s not only about the capability to do more, see more, and enjoy their yachts more, but we also see that our clients enjoy spending time on their Yacht Support vessels,” says Damen. “It’s important that our vessels go beyond commercial ship standards and that’s exactly where our experience and yachting know-how sets us apart.” Mike Rouse, the owner’s representative who supervised the extensive project, said it was a “long and intense period” preparing Game Changer for future voyages. “But we’re confident we are starting this exciting journey with a very capable vessel.”
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"6711" BIKINI Super Yacht SPACE and FANTASTIC Damen Sea Axe Fench travel trip
the most beautiful boats in the world On you tube: The Damen 67 meter ' 220 feet' Sea Axe named 6711 BIKINI. Its a sistership to Garcon" The first Damen Sea Axe". Its a amazing mega yacht with an extensive dive center, including own decompression chamber. Deck space, excluding fully certified helipad "275 square meters" for helicopter or small plane. there are on board many tender, jetski, Seadoo, Jet boats, watercraft, Speedboat.....it is not one biggest or largest yacht in the world. Un bateau tres étrange mais incroyable. il fait parti des yacht privé les plus cher du monde et les plus moderne. Un tender avec hélicoptère ou avion a son bord. Il fait parti aussi des plus grand yacht privé au monde. Avec son look de bateau de guerre, il ne passe pas inaperçue. Il passe très souvent l'été dans les eaux de la méditerranéen entre Monaco, Cannes et Saint Tropez. Les plus beaux bateaux du monde.
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DAMEN Yacht Support AXIS - Part of The Allen Exploration Fleet
Owner Carl A. Allen introduces his amazing exploration fleet including DAMEN Yacht Support vessel AXIS. “The oceans, the islands have a lot more to offer than just chartering a white boat. What we’re talking about is a complete experience, whether it’s diving, submarining, fishing, sightseeing and all the toys with jetskis and sailboats.” Based in the United States, AXIS is 55.5 metres in length (183 ft) and carries a sport aircraft by Icon, a Triton submersible, sport fishing tenders and lots of toys. She also has a touch and go helipad for helicopter landings.
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Damen Offshore Support Vessels
With many years of experience Damen has the know-how to build complex vessels to perform specialist tasks, particularly important in the offshore sector where many dedicated one-off vessels are often built. Discover the full range of Damen Offshore vessels at http://products.damen.com/en/search?q=offshore
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Game Changer: The 69m lifestyle launch pad from Damen
Game Changer: The 69m lifestyle launch pad from Damen “This is really a floating heliport, that’s what it is.” Speaking to Rose Damen, commercial director of Damen, it’s clear that one feature stands out above all others on board 69.15 metre Game Changer, the latest member of the Dutch yard’s Yacht Support collection. She is not just the largest of the fleet to date; she is the only one with an explosion-proof hangar under her fully certified, SOLAS approved, five tonne helipad. This cavernous space can swallow up a Bell 429, Leonardo AW109 Grand New or an Airbus H155. Whichever model is carried, there is enough fuel on board (10,000 litres) to keep the chopper topped up all season. “You can’t really compare it to a yacht from a helicopter operations perspective,” Damen adds. “It’s a different story.” But Game Changer is not a one-trick pony. Described by her builders as a crew paradise, this superyacht support vessel was designed to lure the best staff, with enviable accommodation and service facilities: she sleeps 21 crew members in 11 cabins, and boasts a restaurant-grade galley, SOLAS-approved hospital and even an on-board gym. The wealth of space allows the crew to work on rotation and properly relax when they are off duty and not worry about disturbing guests — because the guests are on another boat. Kenan Seginer, former captain of Garçon, a 67 metre version of Damen’s Yacht Support vessel, is in no doubt as to the benefits of running such a boat alongside a yacht. It’s not just about carrying a larger helicopter or more crew, he argues, but thinking outside the box in terms of what the superyacht experience can be. “You can play around with it — you can have your support yacht sitting off Pampelonne beach and your mother yacht sitting in Monaco. All you have to do is transfer guests by helicopter — it takes 15 minutes and job done. The spontaneity is worth it.” But with a range of 4,500 nautical miles at 16 knots and some seriously rugged naval architecture, Game Changer is by no means tied to the Med. The design is unashamedly utilitarian, with purposeful lines that draw on the yard’s commercial heritage. “It’s all about the axe bow,” explains Wouter Kleijpoel, Yacht Support design manager at Damen. “It literally slices through the waves, like an axe.” The yard reasons that a 75 metre mothership served by a 69 metre support vessel will have the combined capabilities of a 97 metre superyacht, but at only 70 per cent of the cost. This is evident in her toy and tender storage. Game Changer’s 250 square metre amidships deck can carry 350 tonnes of cargo, loaded via a seriously chunky davit crane that can lift 11.45 tonnes, slew around 360 degrees and reach up to 16 metres. And there is a secondary crane too, dedicated to launching the crew tender. For her debut voyage across the North Sea, Damen loaded up a Wajer 38 dayboat, a 10.5 metre military-style RIB and a U-Boat Worx personal submarine. Inside, her fully stocked dive centre has plenty of room for a decompression chamber, should an owner want to add one, while the 48 square metre workshop allows Jet Skis and smaller tenders to be serviced in a weatherproof, air-conditioned environment. Even with all this kit on board, Game Changer’s quadruple MTU 16V 4000 M63L diesel engine set-up generates a grand total of 12,000hp and delivers a top speed of 20 knots. Game Changer is the ninth Yacht Support vessel to launch, closely followed by the 55.3 metre New Frontiers, which was splashed in July. With an 11th vessel already under construction, this range of floating launch pads seems to be taking off as fast as its choppers.
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Ocean Warrior first sea travel (HD+)
Ocean Warrior, sea travel, Sea Shepert, Quelle: Ocean Warrior: Welcome Aboard the Maiden Voyage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KCOY_2w0u4 Sea Shepherd
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Damen / Amels SeaXplorer Ice Test
Ice tank test of the Damen / Amels SeaXplorer - a 90m explorer yacht concept.
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Luxury Expedition Yachting with DAMEN SeaXplorer
The SeaXplorer is the world’s first purpose-built, Polar Code compliant range of expedition yachts with full capability for remote destinations – from extreme Polar to remote Tropical areas. From the very first sketches to the fully engineered range, DAMEN has designed every detail of these rugged yachts for the most extraordinary adventures anywhere on the planet. http://seaxplorer.nl/
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DAMEN Yacht Support 67911GEO on sea trials in the Netherlands
Delivered in early 2014 after sea trials near the AMELS yard in Vlissingen, Holland, 6711GEO is a great example of the level of customisation possible with a DAMEN Yacht Support vessel. With accommodation for 21 crew and staff, this 67-metre vessel has been configured with a 70 square-metre dive centre, which even includes a decompression chamber. Deck space is an impressive 275 square metres, not including the LY2 helipad with 5,000 kg take-off weight. With four MTU engines, ‘6711’ is capable of speeds up to 22 knots. The grey hull and white superstructure really shine and are a great example of just how stunning a support vessel can look. http://www.amels-holland.com/amels/news/article/great-looks-and-performance-for-damen-67m-sea-axe-yacht-support/
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SeaXplorer first sale and product introduction - Rob McCallum EYOS Expeditions
Rob McCallum, co-founder of EYOS Expeditions, explains the rise of luxury expedition yachting as a new generation of superyacht owners explore the wildest places on Earth. The DAMEN SeaXplorer range of expedition yachts are designed to provide owners with total comfort, luxury and safety with no compromises. The first SeaXplorer yacht is now under construction for delivery in late 2019. http://seaxplorer.nl/
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Damen Cruise Expedition Vessel
Damen and Knud E. Hansen are proud to present Damen’s Cruise Expedition Vessel. The vessel has been designed for extreme versatility and is able to take her passengers to exciting destinations all over the world, safely, sustainable and luxuriously. Discover more: http://damencruise.com/
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SeaXplorer Ice-breaking Yacht
While the vast majority of us will never be able to relate to this "problem," it is conceivable that the world's super-rich could eventually get bored of cruising the same ol' Caribbean and Mediterranean seas. Reaching more remote, less hospital locations, however, would take a special kind of yacht ... and that's just what the ice-breaking SeaXplorer is intended to be. The SeaXplorer is being built by Dutch shipyard Damen, and was designed in partnership with yacht-builder Amal Ltd., extreme travel company EYOS Expeditions, and Azure Yacht Design & Naval Architecture When it comes time to move through ice caps up to 90 cm (35 in) thick, the SeaXplorer's two propulsive pods turn around 180 degrees, and it essentially reverses its way through A diagram of the SeaXplorer's propulsion and stabilization systems The SeaXplorer is being built by Dutch shipyard Damen, and was designed in partnership with yacht-builder Amels, extreme travel company EYOS Expeditions, and Azure Yacht Design & Naval Architecture. Buyers will actually be able to choose between three sizes of yacht, ranging in length from 65 to 90 to 100 meters (213, 295 or 328 ft). The largest will accommodate up to 30 guests and 50 crew. All three models will feature Damen's existing Sea Axe bow, which reportedly allows ships to smoothly slice through waves instead of roughly slamming into them. That design, however, proved not to be conducive to ice-breaking. Instead, the Damen engineers gave the SeaXplorer an ice-breaking stern – when it comes time to move through ice caps up to 90 cm (35 in) thick, the yacht's two propulsive pods turn around 180 degrees, and it essentially reverses its way through. Because the ship could be gone for a long time in relatively uncivilized places, it's designed to remain self-sufficient for up to 40 days at a time. Those locations could be ecologically-sensitive, so it will additionally utilize environmentally-friendly features such as a zero-discharge waste system. The yacht will also have space for a helicopter, along with one or more rescue boats, dive support boats, Zodiacs, submersibles and personal watercraft like jet skis. Other features – on the four-level 100-meter model, at least – include indoor and outdoor lounges, an elevator, a dive centre, a swimming pool and sauna, plus facilities such as a mess hall, hospital, gym and internet cafe. http://newatlas.com/seaxplorer-ice-breaking-yacht/39694/
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Antarctica21 launches Magellan Explorer
Antarctica21 is proud to share the images from the launch of the new polar vessel Magellan Explorer in Valdivia, Chile. She is now ready for the outfitting process, then sea trials before welcoming her very first Antarctic travelers late November 2019. We are infinitely thankful for the amazing work achieved until today, and to the team that will continue shaping Magellan Explorer. Fantastic drone shots by Carlos Kuschel (ASENAV)
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Explorer superyacht SCOUT on the North Sea
SCOUT: https://www.superyachttimes.com/yacht-news/hakvoort-superyacht-scout-delivered FOLLOW US HERE INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/superyachttimes/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SuperYachtTimes/ LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/superyachttimes/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/sytreports Track: Lorn - Anvil https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/lorn/255735145 https://open.spotify.com/track/5Y7CCUdF87MwbmLllXplou?si=Lq7YJ_vMRzqyZme4BvoOwQ https://soundcloud.com/lorn
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The World's Greatest Explorer Yachts
The World's Greatest Explorer Yachts The recent sale of $195,000,000 explorer yacht "Ulysses" inspired me to produce this video, looking at just what makes for a great explorer yacht. Explorer yachts come in all shapes and sizes, and here I look at some of the most interesting that are available for sale at the moment. For more information about any of these yachts, or if you are in the market to buy an explorer yacht, do not hesitate to contact me at any time at [email protected] You can also receive Inside Information from the yachting industry direct to your inbox by subscribing to my newsletter at yachtsforsalechannel.com
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DAMEN YS 4508 JOY RIDER transported through the Dutch canals
DAMEN’s JOY RIDER, now under construction for delivery in summer 2018, arrived at Damen’s outfitting yard in the Netherlands. The first of the newly developed 45-metre YS 4508 (150 ft) design, JOY RIDER is perfect for the owner who wants to enjoy amazing adventures, undersea treasures and come face-to-face with Earth’s most spectacular wildlife. JOY RIDER offers a fun and flexible configuration with comfortable accommodation and lots of room for high-end toys, submarines and tenders. The workhorse at the heart of the action is an impressive high-performance deck crane, making use of the aft deck space for tenders and toys. The blend of superyacht support and stand-alone functionality includes Sun Deck relaxation, a spacious Main Deck lounge, accommodation for 6 guests and 7 crew/staff; touch-and-go helipad and high comfort thanks to stabilisers and the yacht’s patented Sea Axe pedigree. The rugged exterior design disguises an accomplished yachting platform including wet exhaust, smooth power management, watermaker and large tank capacities, plus stores for provisions, petrol and beach party set ups. She is very capable, reliable and economical to maintain. https://www.yacht-support.nl/yacht-support/range/ys-4508/
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SeaXplorer Expedition Yacht
SeaXplorer Expedition Yacht.
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Seaxplorer Expedition Yacht by Demen Yacht
SeaXplorer by Damen yachts, is for adventurers who dream of discovering the world beyond limits, visiting the most remote places on earth in total style and comfort. The luxury yacht lets you find our planet’s true unspoiled destinations, suitable for extreme polar and tropical adventures, while enjoying the highest level of comfort, style and independence. The SeaXplorer uses an optimized hull design for breaking through ice, and carries tenders (including a dive support tender), expedition equipment, toys, submersibles, dive equipment (including recompression chamber) and up to two helicopters. SeaXplorer yachts will span 213 to 328 feet (65 to 100 meters). watch the video after the jump
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SeaExplorer mission in the Barents Sea
A SeaExplorer was deployed in September 2014 for a 3-week science mission in the central Barents Sea, covering 388km and providing high-resolution physical and biological data. Video courtesy of Michael Field
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Full Video - Sea Trials ASD 2811 tug ''E TWO'' at Vietnam
Full sea trail video of EMAR Offshore Services her new and next generation harbor tug, the ''ASD Tug 2811''. With her 61Tbp, E-TWO will be the second ASD Tug 2811 to be delivered so far and the 5th Damen tug in our fleet.
New technology shown on luxury yachts at Monaco show
(30 Sep 2016) LEAD IN: Hybrid engines and aluminum hulls are just some of the new design features on board superyachts being showcased in Monaco. For the super rich there's also a new support vessel being shown to transport those must-have extras like ski jets and additional fridges. STORY-LINE: Big, bold and packed with everything a modern multi-millionaire might need. These super yachts are in Port Hercule for this year's Monaco Yacht Show. Every year, shipyards bring their newest vessels to unveil them before the world's yachting industry. And 2016 is no exception with 40 luxury boats making their world premiere. A new build is a new opportunity to embrace the latest developments in technology and the Divine is an example of just how far designers are prepared to go. The 40 metre (131 feet) yacht has an innovative new I-bridge: a digital control system from where the captain can operate different parts of the vessel – including the engine room. "That means from the bridge I can open and close valves, I can operate the generator, I can make parallel (the engines), I can switch on and off lights, beach pump, fire pump, whatever I want. I can monitor and operate. This is an innovation," says Giulio Maresca, Sales Coordinator for Palumbo Group, which built the Divine. And the Divine is cutting-edge inside the engine room too. She's the first yacht ever to have a certified hybrid propulsion system – a mix of diesel and electric motors that she can switch between with ease. While the diesel motors are used for fast speeds, the electric option is perfect for when a more relaxed pace is required. The electric motor is more economical with fuel. although saving money is not a big concern for super rich yacht owners and is better for the environment. But the big plus is that it runs almost silently, ideal for when guests want a bit of tranquility. "We can open the balconies even at sea, without any noise. Feeling the waves, feeling – not the noise – feeling the voice of the sea. And going straight away to the horizon. This is fantastic," says Maresca. The Divine is currently listed for sale at 14,800,000 Euros. And there's been a move towards new materials for the structure of super yachts. Like the Divine, the Gipsy has an aluminium hull. The metal has significant advantages over a conventional steel construction. "Aluminum gives you the possibility to be lighter, to be faster," says Matteo Belardinelli, Sales and Communication Manager for Otam, the company which built Gipsy. It means this 35 metre boat can reach speeds of 20 knots, something Belerdinelli says is "quite an achievement". It has four VIP cabins, while the upper deck is for the sole use of the owner. The yacht can accomodate six staff. Wealthy yacht owners like to bring a lot of extra entertainment items on their travels. But they still want maximum space on their vessels. So why let jet skis take up precious square footage when they can simply be stored on a second vessel? That's the new idea behind the YTX support vessel, being shown in public for the first time at the Monaco Yacht Show. Filippo Rossi, Sales and Marketing Director for Lynx Yachts which builds the YTX, says it has enough room to carry "extra toys" like smaller sailing boats as well as functional items like washing machines and fridges. "So all your needs are covered by a support vessel that really can follow you wherever you want," he says. So what next for the yachting industry? The Sybaris sailing yacht won the show's interior design award this year. And the man behind these modern lines, Philippe Briand, is already thinking about the next big development. He wants to mix sailing yachts with motor yachts. The Monaco Yacht show runs until 1 October. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/57ef0c591d9f41e0ecb53c9df1406646 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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If Jacques Cousteau Had a Luxury Yacht, It Might Be This Damen
If Jacques Cousteau Had a Luxury Yacht, It Might Be This Damen The 182-foot Power Play works as a as shadow boat or as a primary adventure yacht. Due to be released in summer, Damen’s new Power Play is more than just a support vessel that carries tenders, toys, and extra provisions. The 182-footer is actually more of a hybrid between a shadow boat and primary yacht, with three large staterooms, a main-deck saloon, and a rear deck for guests. The sixth of Damen’s YS-5009 series, its sisterships include Ad-Vantage, Axis, and Shadow, and like those yachts, Power Play has been configured for adventure. It can be used for long-distance journeys as a standalone yacht, or as a support vessel for extra crew or security. Before this collection, shadow boats tended to be refitted commercial vessels configured for carrying the owner’s toys and tenders. Damen’s idea of adding luxurious accommodations, along with the ability to carry personal submarines or aircraft, has created a new type of yacht. Think high-end boat for Jacques Cousteau, designed for an active yachtsperson who wants to explore.
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90 Meter Explorer Yacht Taboo
90-Meter Explorer Yacht Taboo Taking yachting to the extreme, this explorer was created for the adventurous sailor who envisions cruising among polar ice caps and remote tropical waters—all while comfortably settled into a luxuriously appointed vessel with room for 26 passengers and 40 crewmembers. Highlights of this futuristic-looking yacht include a full-size, swimming pool flanked by a lounging area protected by glass walls for uninterrupted views and weather insulation while taking a dip. Taboo’s plans also call for two Jacuzzis, a gym and spa area, and an aft summerhouse that can be used for anything from an extra stateroom to a lounge or casino. The owner will enjoy his or her own deck that includes a private lounge, outdoor space, and offices. A helicopter landing pad and accompanying retractable, enclosed helicopter garage ensure guests easy access to the yacht from wherever they might be arriving. And tender garages on the bottom deck can accommodate any type of tender up to 46 feet. The firm suggests stowing your personal submarine or amphibious car, a plane, or even a hot-air balloon for exploring once you drop anchor. Multilevel living areas with large windows, some of which feature one-way glazing for privacy with views and light in personal spaces, can transform into open entertainment space. Adaptability was one of the focuses of the design. If the yacht is built as planned, Taboo will include 12 guest staterooms and one owner’s suite, as well as 24 cabins for crew. In terms of performance, this explorer will have approximately a 7000 nm range, with a top speed of 16 knots and a cruising speed of 12. And while the firm has received inquiries into the project, “The design is currently still open to interest from clients/brokers and can be fully customized to client requirements and wishes,” said Schmid.
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2019 Ocean King Ducale 118 Luxury Explorer Yacht
2019 Ocean King Ducale 118 Luxury Explorer Yacht €12,700,000 The Ducale series from Ocean King - a new breed of contemporary luxury Explorer Yacht. The 118 offers 402GT of interior volume in a full displacement steel hull type with aluminium superstructure.
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Metal Shark Introduces Damen FCS 7011 Fast Crew Supply Vessel
As an extension of its existing relationship with Netherlands-based Damen Shipyards, Louisiana-based shipbuilder Metal Shark is proud to announce the availability of the new Damen FCS 7011 for the U.S. market. Developed by Damen in response to feedback from leaders in the offshore oil and gas sector, the FCS 7011 has been designed to reduce logistical cost and increase efficiencies in an era of low oil prices. The custom-configurable vessel offers 40 knot cruise speed and 150-passenger capacity. Incorporating Damen’s “Sea Axe” bow and a ride control system for pitch and roll reduction, the FCS 7011 offers increased operability in offshore sea states. Steerable skegs allow for highly accurate course corrections, while a gyroscope maintains stability during crew transfer. The FCS 7011 will be produced at Metal Shark’s Franklin, Louisiana shipyard. metalsharkboats.com
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AMELS and DAMEN superyachts at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2017
Watch our Commercial Director Rose Damen in Florida on day 1 of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2017. From 1 to 5 November the AMELS and DAMEN team is showcasing AMELS superyachts, the DAMEN SeaXplorer range, and a double dose of DAMEN Yacht Support vessels - NEW FRONTIERS and AXIS.
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DAMEN Yacht Support GAME CHANGER in London
A rare sight on the Thames, DAMEN’s new 70-metre GAME CHANGER (227 ft) has spent three days in London to promote the Yacht Support range of vessels. Visitors enjoyed a full array of tenders, toys and a submersible, but GAME CHANGER also prompted many serious discussions about safe helicopter operations. “GAME CHANGER made a big impression on the owners, captains, brokers and designers who joined us on board, particularly with its helicopter capability and all-weather protected hangar,” comments AMELS Commercial Director Rose Damen, who is also responsible for DAMEN’s yachting portfolio. “When it comes to superyacht helipad design and operation, many in the industry are re-examining accepted practice and rethinking the level of risk that we are asking owners to accept for their family and friends. GAME CHANGER really offers the ultimate yachting solution for professional helicopter operations.” http://www.yacht-support.nl/yacht-support/fleet/game-changer/#1
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A Fabulous Ocean Research Platform: Golden Shadow Ship Tour
The Golden Shadow is the research vessel for the world's biggest and most comprehensive coral reef survey, The Global Reef Expedition, currently underway in the coral triangle, north of Australia. Tasked with providing accommodation and diving support for over 30 scientists at a time, from all over the world, it is a vital component for any ocean research on this scale. Take a guided tour with the director of the Khaled Bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation, Phil Renaud, and go below decks to see what's inside. Learn more: https://www.livingoceansfoundation.org/about/research-vessel/
Explorer Yacht Carolin IV - A Pleasure Tug
*English subtitles available - English desciption below* Carolin IV nasce dal forte desiderio del suo armatore di avere uno yacht robusto e performante come un rimorchiatore d'altura capace di affrontare qualsiasi mare e allo stesso tempo una vera e propria casa a centinaia di miglia dalla costa. L'Explorer Yacht Carolin IV è stato ultimato e consegnato all'armatore ad inizio giugno 2016. Carolin IV is the result of owner's desire to sail at any sea conditions in total comfort and safety thanks to a solid and performing yacht. He was looking for a high quality finishing yacht, but also a great reliability and strenght yacht as only commercial ships could be. Carolin IV has been launched on June 2016. More info: www.innave.it Contact us at [email protected]
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OceanX announces plans for 85 3m Alucia2 explorer yacht refit
OceanX announces plans for 85.3m Alucia2 explorer yacht refit OceanX, the non-profit ocean exploration and media production company spearheaded by billionaire Ray Dalio and his son Mark Dalio, with Hollywood director James Cameron, has announced plans to refit the 85.3 metre explorer yacht Alucia2. Designed to build upon the success of the current 55.75 metre Alucia (the initiative's production arm was formerly known as Alucia Productions), which appeared in the BBC’s highly popular Blue Planet II series and is currently listed for sale with Fraser, Alucia2 was built by Freire and launched in 2010. As part of her transformation into a high-tech scientific research vessel, she is currently undergoing a major refit in The Netherlands, during which significant improvements will be made with the aim of enabling the OceanX team to explore further than ever before. Highlights will include a forward helicopter landing deck with adjacent hangar, a garage capable of housing three 1,000 metre manned submersibles, a dedicated ROV deployment bay and aft deck launch and side boarding systems for scuba divers. Her upper deck will also feature a 40-ton crane and a 40-ton A-frame as well as space to load 6 metre and 12 metre shipping containers. Inside Alucia2 will boast state-of-the-art wet and dry marine search labs and a media and production centre allowing the team to create high quality films and documentaries while at sea. Delivery is expected in 2019 and, while no official missions have yet been announced for Alucia2, those undertaken by her predecessor include assessing sperm whale populations in New Zealand, tagging manta rays in Raja Ampat, searching for giant squid in the Ogasawara Islands and a full-scale survey of the coral reefs in Palau.
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4K | New Mega Explorer Yacht Cloudbreak on sea trail
New Mega Explorer Yacht Cloudbreak from Abeking&Rasmussen on Sea Trail. Sorry for wobbling, there was no time to use my tripod. I arrived just in time. First view after launch: https://youtu.be/RxJoCGLd6Co Abeking & Rasmussen has launched the new 72.5 x14m meter explorer yacht named Cloudbreak. The yacht features exterior design by Espen Oeino, and has been named after one of the best surfing locations, situated in Fiji in the South Pacific. Interior style comes from the boards of Paris based designer Christian Liaigre, with furnishings carefully selected by P H. D architectural bureau. The vessel will undergo sea trials and is expected to be delivered to her owner in May. Cloudbreak will also be available for charter. “With a gross tonnage of more than 2,200 tonnes it is clear that the internal volume specification for this project will make the vessel one of the most substantial global explorer yachts of its kind,” said Abeking & Rasmussen in a statement. SuperYachtsMonaco are responsible for the initial purchase of the yacht on behalf of the owner and have project managed the construction of the yacht. Music license free from Silent Partner "Parasail". If you want to support my work, a donation for DrDuu / wenn du meine Arbeit unterstützen möchtest, eine Spende für DrDuu: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=AG29ANB47EJ6Q My camera equipment, they are Affiliate links, thanks for your support, no costs on your side: Amazon Link für Sony A6300: http://www.amazon.de/gp/search?ie=UTF8&camp=1638&creative=6742&index=electronics&keywords=Sony%20A6300&linkCode=ur2&tag=dr01d-21 Carl Zeiss SEL 1670ZA F4: http://www.amazon.de/gp/search?ie=UTF8&camp=1638&creative=6742&index=electronics&keywords=SEL%201670ZA&linkCode=ur2&tag=dr01d-21 Zoom FE 70-200 F4: http://www.amazon.de/gp/search?ie=UTF8&camp=1638&creative=6742&index=electronics&keywords=FE%2070%20200%20f4%20Sony&linkCode=ur2&tag=dr01d-21 Stativ Togopod Luisa: http://www.amazon.de/gp/search?ie=UTF8&camp=1638&creative=6742&index=electronics&keywords=Stativ%20Luisa%20Togopod&linkCode=ur2&tag=dr01d-21 To be uptodate, please follow me on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/drduu Google plus: https://plus.google.com/+DrDuu Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/#!/DrDuu Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrDuu-1577239449181570/?ref=hl Instagram: https://instagram.com/drduu/ Direct contact for questions or exclusive photos and videos: [email protected] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The used music or jingle is part of Apple iLife products iMovie/FCPX thus license free or in general licence free! Otherwise the common creative part will be named here. The video contents no product placement!
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126m Explorer Yacht OCTOPUS
The famous 126-metre Lürssen explorer yacht OCTOPUS as she cruises across the North Sea en route to Hamburg, Germany in November 2018. Full photo gallery: https://www.superyachttimes.com/yacht-news/in-pictures-126m-explorer-yacht-octopus-returns-to-germany FOLLOW US HERE INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/superyachttimes/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SuperYachtTimes/ LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/superyachttimes/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/sytrepo Captured by SuperYacht Times Track: Lorn - Drawn Out Like An Ache Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/4nQZtkIyr1U3CJ0ZmE4f6C?si=G72Rmi8IS8utV3oQXBJ8WA iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/la/album/drawn-out-like-an-ache/1434910666?i=1434910678&l=fr
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Sea Explorer to Antarctica Nov. 2015
Trip of a lifetime on board The Sea Explorer
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DAMEN 70 metre Yacht Support GARCON - Helicopter operations
The 67-metre DAMEN Yacht Support vessel GARÇON shows the great benefits for helicopter operations, toys and tenders while cruising in Sicily. DAMEN followed the delivery of GARÇON with '6711', the 69-metre INTREPID and 69-metre GAME CHANGER. For more details about this DAMEN Yacht Support vessel and the other models in the range, visit www.yacht-support.nl.
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This Hardy Explorer Yacht Makes Surprising Choices
This Hardy Explorer Yacht Makes Surprising Choices Hot Lab’s wild, military-looking expedition superyacht is a new interpretation for the explorer category. Hot Lab’s fresh take on the new 220-foot explorer yacht for Viareggio Superyachts (VSY) includes a tiered profile, a long, open stern, and a luxury interior. The Milan-based design studio borrowed the superstructure style from commercial and military vessels because it provides excellent visibility forward and frees up 150 feet of space in the stern. Instead of the usual deck for a helipad and tender storage, Hot Lab decided to put in a long swimming pool and patio with a cool diamond motif on the main deck—which, in fact, doubles as a helipad. In addition, the designers also did away with the usual stairs aft from the main deck to the swim platform. Instead, the yacht features stairs from the garage/beach club inside that lead up to main deck. An exterior social area on the upper deck in front of the wheelhouse provides a panoramic view of the water, and it sports a small infinity-edge pool. Owners and guests can enjoy the best—and private—views in the inviting upper-deck crow’s nest. The yacht’s five staterooms can comfortably accommodate 10 guests along with a large owner’s suite and separate quarters for a crew of 15. The owner’s suite is located at the forward end of the upper deck for 180-degree views. It includes an office, a private studio, and his-and-her bathrooms. Other highlights of this explorer include a skylounge with picture windows on an upper deck and two gyms—one in the beach club and another on the bridge deck. The interior, measuring 8,000 square feet, has an elevator connecting all the decks. The tender garage houses three boats, two personal watercraft, and other water toys. The yacht is powered by twin 2,600 hp Caterpillar diesels, which will give the yacht a top-end speed of 17 knots. At 12 knots, it will have an estimated range of 5,000 nautical miles.
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Ocean Exploration and Observation: From Ship to Satellite
Situated on a peninsula almost surrounded by water, the Republic of Korea has been a maritime nation throughout its history. As such, understanding the contents of the ocean, from minerals to energy resources, and developing and maintaining port infrastructure and coastal landscapes is extremely important. The Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST) is a government institution tasked with discovering new scientific knowledge about the ocean through development of cutting edge technology, from satellite imaging to state-of-the-art vessels for ocean exploration, as well as investment in the education of next generation of oceanographers. Satellite imaging is essential in getting a clear picture of the ocean, in detail and over time. In June 2010, as part of the payload on Korean satellite COMS-1, the Geostationary Ocean Color Imaging (GOCI) satellite was launched. As the first geostationary orbit satellite image sensor, it acquires data across 8 spectral bands, at a spatial resolution of 500m allowing for the visualization of regional scale ocean processes. Back on the earth’s surface, KIOST researchers are engaged in a number of ocean-going research projects using ISABU, a brand new world-class research vessel. Named after a 6th century maritime general, ISABU features a multitude of state of the art research technology, from multibeam echo sounders to an ultraclean sampling system. All these research areas are providing fundamental knowledge about the way the ocean works, as well as forming the basis for new techniques and technology in ocean science. To sustain these developments, KIOST has established new headquarters in Busan, pushing the technology and insights into the sea even further. http://www.kiost.ac.kr/
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Heli flight over 16 superyachts at Holland's largest yacht builder
During spring 2019, AMELS and DAMEN had a record 25 superyachts under construction – both new build and refit projects. Managing Director Rose Damen took a helicopter to inspect the luxury yacht builder’s two facilities in Vlissingen in the south of the Netherlands, making AMELS and DAMEN the largest luxury yacht builder and refit provider in the Netherlands.
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HORIZON - 60m explorer super yacht
HORIZON - 60m Explorer Superyacht Inspired by true travelers and designed with a brave explorer in mind who crosses over his/her comfort zone for great discoveries. Specific features of the concept encourage the wealth to dive deeper into exploration not only for chance of exclusive experience and fun but also to collect scientific data and add more value to their journeys. Exterior also matches desire to explore and discover - strong and robust, but stylish. One fron the key features is IN/OUT walk around bridge. Due to diverse climate side parts of wingstatios are pat transparent full glass balconies giving guests and crew more than180 degrees view and floating over the water experiene. Foredeck carries underwater submarine C-Researcher which's purpose not only explore but also collect scientific data whrom places no one has ever been before. Foredeck also stores easy to acces rescue boat. In order to make discoveries more secure there is main drone Hover-mast-150 to keep track of and scan surroundings. There are also other two drones located under the hatches below helipad. Their purpose is to record environment, make memoriable shots and even create 3d landscapes. Drones are lounched auromarically and to be controled from two transformable lounges located in helipad One half of the garage is dedicated for water sports and diving with ready to use equipment, other side of the garage stores Zodiac pro 750 rhib to support these activities. Design - Dastinas Steponėnas Visuals - Dastinas Steponėnas Music - unknown https://www.behance.net/DastisStep https://www.linkedin.com/today/author/dastinas-steponenas-b86977a9
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The best explorer yacht concepts
The best explorer yacht concepts
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