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How to Clean Marine Water Strainer
Do you want to know how to clean your marine air conditioner water strainer? Do you want to know how to clean your boats motor water strainer? In this video, you will see just how to do it. You will also learn about some other youtubers and soon to be cruisers that we will be visiting with soon. I can't wait to meet Jason, Nikki and the family in person. We have connected over our love of Leaky Teaky sailboats and look forward to them visiting. See you soon Nikki and Jason. Check out their channel here. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpSsYYpjirwZnLcQ6h9j1nQ Join us on our journey as we continue to rebuild, refit and prepare our Formosa 51 Sailboat for our continued cruising journey. We have always loved the Formosa, bought one (on a bit of a whim) late in 2014, moved aboard this one right away and started to do our refit while living board. We are avid fans of Cruising Outpost and Good Ole Boat (Good Old Boat) magazines and love the ideas we get from them. Subscribe !! https://www.youtube.com/c/svdreamchaser?sub_confirmation=1 Support !! http://www.patreon.com/svdreamchaser Lets Connect !! - http://www.facebook.com/svdreamchaser - http://www.twitter.com/svdreamchaser - http://svdreamchaser.tumbler.com -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How to repair a wooden mast, boom, spar or Bulkhead (Step by Step) " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Nxr-yxUjvQ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Forespar Raw Water Strainer
In the continuing series of videos on Forespar's Marelon products, boat owner and builder Wes Gary discusses the advantages of the Forespar Marelon Raw Strainer. http://www.forespar.com
Cleaning A Sea Strainer | BoatUS
BoatUS Magazine associate editor Mark Corke shows you how to clean the sea strainer on your boat's raw-water intakes. This important maintenance task will help prevent your engine from overheating for lack of cooling water. For more DIY and maintenance projects on your boat, visit http://www.boatus.com/magazine BoatUS is the nation’s largest association of recreational boaters with over half a million Members. We provide a diverse offering of services including marine insurance, on-the-water towing provided by TowBoatUS, the nation’s largest fleet, plus boat financing, graphics and lettering, representation for boaters on Capitol Hill, the award-winning BoatUS Magazine and much more. For over 50 years, BoatUS has made boating safer, more affordable and more accessible. Join BoatUS Today! https://www.boatus.com/BoatUSMembershipExpress/page0.aspx?programtype=MWSBUSJOIN&programtypecode=mwsjoin&promocode=HEWEBYT Connect with us: Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/BoatUS Twitter: https://twitter.com/BoatUS Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/boatus/ Google+: https://plus.google.com/+boatus/posts Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/boatus/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/boatus
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How to change gaskets on a Volvo Penta sea water strainer
The gaskets on the copper pipes at the bottom of the sea water filter has over time leaked a little water so I thought it was a good idea to change them to some new. The price for two rubber gaskets is 10 US Dollars. Think they will last for 10-15 years before they will leak again.
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Perko Raw Water or Sea Strainer Rebuild and assembly by Sea Flush
Showing how to reassemble a Perko Sea Strainer with new parts after disassembling.
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How to clean sea water intake strainer in motor yacht part1
This video about how you take care your motor yacht sea strainer ,raw water system for engine and other machinery that take sea water.
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SSTV 12-25 - Go-Fast Boats/Sea Strainers
This amazing episode is packed full of goodies. John rides in a Fountain Go-Fast Boat, a high performance vessel… and we learn how this boat's technology is transferring into the Fishing Boat industry. Also... Because of the high speeds, that type of vessel may have a necessity to pick up some water from outside the boat. Which leads us to the importance of Sea Strainers and how effective they can be. For more episodes visit: http://www.shipshapetv.com
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Tips & Tricks   Engine Room Checks Part 4   Sea Strainers
Keep your engines cool. Back in the engine room of an IPS boat you'll notice the sea strainers are up high and easy to check. Ben takes a quick look into the process to check your sea strainers.
Clean your strainers
Learn how to clean your strainers, keep the cooling water flowing. Propulsion engines, generator and of course the air conditioner. Cruising 101 FUNdamentals and Introduction to Boat Systems in FL.. Ask Captain Chris, https://www.CaptainChrisShipStore.com/
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Air conditioner water pump and strainer
Learn more about your water cooled air conditioner from the sea strainer to the electric pump. See it all here. http://CaptainChrisYachtServices.com/details.php?id=695 or join us in FL for our next 2 day Intro to Boat Systems class.
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Sea Ray Sundancer Sea Strainer Cleaning
Quick video on how to clean a sea strainer on a 2006 Sea Ray 300 Sundancer. There are two sea strainers on the boat, only two since this boat is a sterndrive. This is a very easy and simple process, I hope this works on your boat. If this helped please drop a like and subscribe for more boating and aviation related content. Down below are step by step instructions on the cleaning process. Step 1 Close seacock to prevent water from entering boat. Step 2 Unscrew the cap from the top of the sea strainer. Step 3 Lift the basket out from the sea strainer and let the water drain out. Step 4 Wash basket Step 5 Put basket back in and close cap, if necessary you may have to re-prime the system. Step 6 Reopen seacock.
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Seawater Strainer Tilting Device
Pneumatic machine used to support a seawater strainer vertically, and then tilt up to horizontal. The customer wanted a tool to make cleaning and maintaining the strainers safer and more efficient.
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Vac Cubes In-Line Filters Strainers
Filters are used to protect valves, pumps, ejectors etc. from dust and other harmful particles. In-line strainers are designed to be cleaned without removing the entire strainer from the line but instead just removing the bowl and element. The transparent bowl lets you easily monitor the condition of the filter element. Filters or strainers are used with agricultural sprayers, pressure washers, floor scrubbers, drinking water pre-filters, medical devices, car washes, marine raw water strainers, laser cutting and CNC machines and before any vacuum system. Vac Cubes offers in-line strainers in 3 main sizes with porting connections from 1/8" to 1-1/2". Threaded connections and barbed fittings come in a variety of materials to meet your needs. We stock female threaded filters with a black polypropylene top, clear nylon bowl, 40 mesh stainless steel screen and EPDM gasket. Many other combinations are available in the three sizes of filters. The top can be black polypropylene or white nylon. The bowl can be black polypropylene, white nylon or clear nylon. We recommend a clean nylon bowl so that you can see when the filter needs to be cleaned. The gasket can be Buna, Viton or EPDM. Lastly the element can be 20-80 mesh stainless steel for all sizes and poly elements available as well.
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Strainer AIR?
Air in your strainer can be bad for the rubber impeller on the raw water pump. Is the sea cock completely open or is the strainer cap closed properly. Come to Vero Beach this winter and enjoy the weather. https://www.CaptainChrisShipStore.com Look at our 2 day courses, Cruising 101 FUNdamentals and Introduction to Boat Systems. 772-205-1859
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Forespar - Marelon Raw Water Strainer
Wes Gary explains the advantages of the Marelon Raw Water Strainer from Forespar. More videos and information at http://www.forespar.com
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Volvo Penta Sea water strainer
For sale volvo penta sea water strainer a genuine parts from volvo part number 3809071 3583342 Visit my ebay store sailor_john1999671
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Indmar Sea Strainer
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Inspecting and Restoring the Perko Intake Water Strainer | vlog
In this video we vlog the refit the Ericson's cooling system. We clean, repair, replace and test the engine cooling system. Join Eight Crows Media as they restore an Ericson 27 sailboat. Music: Is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...) Artist: http://audionautix.com/ Blessed http://www.purple-planet.com Retrosould - Bensound.com Eight Crows Media: Subscribe: https://goo.gl/bBF1S1 FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/EightCrowsMe... Twitter: https://twitter.com/EightCrowsMedia, @EightCrowsMedia Website: http://www.eightcrows.ca/ Snapchat: @EightCrows Instagram: @EightCrows Booyah!
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Replacing the Engine Raw Water Strainer - Ep. 11 - Sailing Moxie
In this episode, I replace the raw water strainer for the engine with a $20 alternative to my old expensive one. Making progress!
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Forespar Tech Tips Raw Water Strainer
Randall Risvold tells you the proper way to clean out and replace gaskets and parts on a Forespar Marelon Raw Water Strainer. www.Forespar.com
How Industrial & Marine Filters And Strainers Work
http://www.heat-exchangers.co.za/filters-and-strainers/ The Alfa Laval Filter protects the heat exchanger from clogging and fouling and also prevents blockages in the cooling water system. This filter, which is generally installed close to the heat exchanger inlet, removes debris and marine life and is automatically backflushed at regular intervals. Mechinox CC is an Authorized Distributor of Alfa Laval in South Africa
Sea Chest Strainer With Jelly Fish
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seafarers - Technical Guide for MarineEngineers -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RT-FLEX Engine : http://rtflexengine.devanandts.com/ Nitrogen Generator : http://nitrogen.devanandts.com/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1fW5npUMWzg4NziCyTwReg/playlists ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For Technical Assistance : Email : [email protected] Phone No : +91 - 9710190175 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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** Click Below - " SHOW MORE " - https://youtu.be/x_pqxVWNcmc ** Please - SUBSCRIBE, TURN "ON" YOUR NOTIFICATION BELL FOR NEW VIDEOS COMING YOUR WAY, LIKE IT w/ a THUMBS UP, COMMENT, SHARE w/ a FRIEND and WATCH THE PLAYLIST FOR ALL PREVIOUS EPISODES ! ** In This Episode #122, We get back into the nuts and bolts of why the port engine is not getting enough water pressure on the inboard header ... we systematically do a process of elimination for the fix. How easy will it be ?? ... Lets see as we start with having had Lilly Sport Boats install the relief lines on the tops of both of the engine's sea strainer's to blow off EXCESS AIR !! ** We reached a mile stone of 1000 Subscribers and 1,000,000 views !! ... I would like to personally Thank Each and Everyone of You for Your Support. ** SPEEDBOATMANIAC 410 COMIN AT YA ! ** Thank You For Watching and GOD Bless ** SOTW ( Scripture Of The Week ) Isaiah 48:18 - The Lord said "If only you had paid attention to my commands, your peace would have been like a river."
Sailing Balachandra Episode 16 - Sea Strainer Maintenance
My Perko Sea Strainer was in need of new seals and a bit of TLC! If you like my videos, please SUBSCRIBE to see more, and be sure to give this video a like, Thanks! In August of 2017 I sold everything and moved aboard Balachandra, a 1986 C&C44 sailboat, then sailed it over 300 nautical miles to Halifax Nova Scotia to spend a cold Canadian winter in the frozen waters of the North Atlantic. Sailing Balachandra is my YouTube sailing vlog inspired by other great channels such as Delos and La Vagabonde, which documents the sailing adventures of myself and the occasional crewmembers(s) as we navigate the east coast of North America and beyond. I also dive into lots of DIY boat projects both above and below decks, and share with you all of the pros and cons of living aboard in a cold climate. Sailing Balachandra is published weekly so please subscribe so you don't miss out on future videos! This video was shot with equipment from Optrix by Body Glove Opening Theme Music by Tristan Mailman (used with permission) Other music by YouTube Music Library: Acoustic Meditation 2 by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...) Artist: http://audionautix.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sailingbalachandra Instagram: http://instagram.com/sailing_balachandra
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Cleaning water strainers and finding leaks with new tool
I got a new tool this christmas so I can search for leaks, first you must calibrate the tool to the humidity in the room, then you can find moisture in various materials down to 40 mm. I first saw this tool by the YouTube channel "Sailmermaid" The price is 89 US Dollars and you can find it at www.biltema.dk search for "Fugtighedsmåler". In the USA you can also find the instrument in a multitude of other editions but with the same function.
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Captain Dan of MarineMax - Sea Strainer
Captain Dan will show you how to clean your sea strainers.
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How-To: Install Thru-hull Fittings in Boat Hull
We hear it from so many of our customers; "there's no way I can install a ballast system in my boat, I can't drill a hole in the bottom of it." While we recognize that putting a hole in the bottom of your boat can be intimidating to think about, the actual process is not difficult. We outline the entire process in this video, and show you just how easy it can be. Thru-hull Intake Fittings: http://www.wakemakers.com/wakeboard-ballast-parts/raw-water-intake-hardware Above Waterline Thru-hull Fittings: http://www.wakemakers.com/wakeboard-ballast-parts/thru-hull-vent-and-drain-connectors
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Forespar Tech Tips Raw Water Strainer
Take a look at this tech video by Forespar explaining the functions of their Marelon Water Strainer. The Forespar Marelon Water Strainer is made of marine grade materials and features an integral mounting bracket with a clear polycarbonate lid for ready inspection. To learn more about the Forespar raw water strainer visit us at http://tinyurl.com/67se5wa
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JMYS Trawler Skills – Changing a Sea Strainer
Here’s another Trawler Tip video. Jeff Merrill learns how Christopher Bruce changes out the intake strainer basket on his Kadey Krogen 44AE. This is a simple step by step procedure that takes just a few minutes to perform and helps insure that your sea water intake cooling water flow is unobstructed. In this video, Christopher is changing the main engine cooling water strainer basket. With a fresh strainer basket ready, a small container to hold the old strainer once pulled, you don’t need any tools - just some paper towels to soak up the seawater and a fresh water rinse once you have confirmed the installation is correct. Christopher follows the same steps to change the strainer for his generator, air conditioning, sea water wash down, water maker, etc. Thank you Alexandra Bruce for filming this Trawler Skills video. Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeffmerrillyachtsales/?fref=nf Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/merrillyachts Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jeffmerrilljmys/ Contact: Jeff Merrill Yacht Sales, Inc. Christopher Bruce [email protected] +1 603.397.8397 Or Jeff Merrill [email protected] +1 949.355.4950 © 2018 Jeff Merrill Yacht Sales, Inc. Music: https://www.bensound.com
Cleaning Headhunter HMX sea water strainer
Quick video showing you how to clean a scaled up strainer element for the Headhunter HMX system
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1946 Chris Craft Brightside U22 Water Strainer & Winterizing System 8 3 2018
After dealing with two engines that had been run in Lake Champlain for two seasons post-rebuild that were overheating, we will now routinely recommend, read insist on installing a sea water strainer between the raw water inlet and the water pump in every boat we preserve. In both cases, starting at the water pump and continuing into the exhaust manifold, the engines’ cooking systems were fouled with grit and remnants of vegetation. Installing a strainer in this Chrysler proved particularly vexing as the water pump lives directly beneath the exhaust elbow, thereby denying us the room needed for an easy install just above the raw water thruhull. Instead, RJ designed and plumbed lines running beneath the engine from the thruhull to the strainer and then back to the water pump. Let’s face it. Winterizing is nothing but a chore, and usually a frustrating one. We add a gate valve at the raw water inlet and plumb a garden hose line through a T that continues to the water pump. The raw water inlet runs into one leg of the T with the winterizing line running into the other one. Closing the inlet gate valve and opening the winterizing gate valve allows water or antifreeze to be drawn from a five gallon bucket through the garden hose and into the engine. We will use at least five gallons of antifreeze when winterizing an engine. (Just beginning to run pink out the exhaust is necessary but not sufficient for thorough winterization. Once the exhaust is running full pink and the engine is shut down, we open stopcocks and any other valve in the block and at the bottom of the water pump. Note that this winterizing system also affords a simple and straightforward flushing system for boats run in salt or brackish water. Our system makes these chores easier, but they are still no fun!
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With Dr. X Rust Remover cleaning solution, getting rid of rust has never been so easy. We have the rust removing solution that is so powerful yet so gentle. It will remove rust and not harm paint. We also provide rust remover for marine. It gets deep in rust pores to remove rust so the rust doesn't come back! Check out our website where you can buy the product and see more videos! General Rust Remover: http://www.drx1.com Marine Rust Remover: http://www.drx2.com
Sea strainer mount and two tier floatswitch and bi
Made a couple things for trillium out of scrap 3/4 inch starboard
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MasterCraft How To: New Sea Strainer Change out
This video describes the prodecure to change out the sea strainer in your boat to the newer much improved version.
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With Dr. X Rust Remover cleaning solution, getting rid of rust has never been so easy. We have the rust removing solution that is so powerful yet so gentle. It will remove rust and not harm paint. We also provide rust remover for marine. It gets deep in rust pores to remove rust so the rust doesn't come back! Check out our website where you can buy the product and see more videos! General Rust Remover: http://www.drx1.com Marine Rust Remover: http://www.drx2.com
Project Spotlight: Radon 27 Sea Strainer and Propshaft Alignment ZF85IV
This video picks up with the 27 Radon after we installed the Cummins QSB 5.9. and the close coupled V Drive ZF85IV. In this series we will show you some of the ancillary systems, Raw Water Sea Strainer, Fuel Filtration, Hydraulic Steering ETC. Subscribe to see more!
Captain Dan of MarineMax - Sea Strainer
Captain Dan will show you how to clean your sea strainers.
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sea strainer
sea strainer :it's machined by hand and use in boat http://www.osspvalve.com [email protected]
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Mercury 575SC sea strainers from go-pro
Recording water pressure on 38 Fountain, video of the sea strainer under power
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Perko Strainer
Strainer for turbo Kolher generator.
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Strainer Cleaning on Puffin
Gotta clean that strainer on the sea chest in order to fire up the air conditioner. What's a sea chest? What types of through hulls are there? What kind of AC system does Puffin have? Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/puffinsv1/ A blurb about puffin
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JMP Corporate Video
JMP Corporate Video
How to Clean a Boat Engine Heat Exhanger using Sea Flush and Barnacle Buster
This video shows a simple pickling method for preventive maintenance of engine raw water systems. Cleaning oil coolers, heat exchangers, exhaust manifolds and mufflers of barnacles, zebra mussels, calcium, rust, lime and other mineral deposits can now be done easily using Sea Flush.
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