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Hollywood Squares  1989   Howard Stern
Howard's appearance on Hollywood Squares Spring 1989.
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New Hollywood Squares
Her humor was based on what was happening now. Topical, biting, blue, creative. ‪Joan Rivers‬ was all that and much, much more. Most important of all, she was funny. She blazed the trail for male and female comedians alike. Safe to say there has never been one like her. And we will never see the likes of her again. Had Joan had been able to plan her final moments on this earth - those moments would have been performing live, on stage. Heaven has welcomed a person who will give laughs to one and all who preceded her. She was not ready to say goodbye. Nor were we prepared to say goodbye to her. Thus the shock to learn of her passing Thursday. To celebrate her life, here is the very first episode in which she is introduced as the new permanent center square on Hollywood Squares! Joan Rivers will be greatly missed. Our prayers go out to daughter Melissa, who Joan loved more than life itself. - The Winker
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Hollywood Squares with John Davidson Premiere Part 1 of 2
From September 15, 1986, part 1 of the first episode of John Davidson's "Hollywood Squares".
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Hollywood Squares - David vs Valerie (The You Fool! Episode)
Arguably the most bizarre episode ever hosted in Tom Bergeron's tenure hosting Hollywood Squares, returning champion David defends his title against Valerie in an episode that features 9 consecutive incorrect guesses, with 6 of them on celebrity Gilbert Gottfried, who, along with Penn & Teller, frequently shout "You Fool!" after many of the incorrect guesses. It's the only Bergeron-hosted episode that lasted precisely one round, and thus did not make it to a Secret Square game.
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Hollywood Squares (Christmas 1987) | Scott vs. Becky
A very special Christmas edition of the new Hollywood Squares. In this episode, instead of the usual adults competing, 2 kids compete! (yes, I know, kids compete in the 1988 Christmas episode, as well) Plus, in this episode, the cash figures are somewhat lowered to $100 for the first 2 games, $200 for subsequent games, and $50 per square if time runs out during the last game. Today's Secret Square prize: A trip to Walt Disney World. (decent enough) The winner gets to play for, instead of one of 5 cars, one of 5 nice prizes. Mr. X: Scott Ferguson Miss Circle: Becky Paxson (sp?) Today's stars: Joan Rivers & John Davidson, Jr. (John's son!) Joe Alaskey Gary Coleman Jim J. Bullock (he's got one heck of a voice today! (and some attitude)) Joan Embery Alyssa Milano & Danny Pintauro Tracey, Brandy, & Missy Gold Mitch Gaylord Shadoe Stevens Some commercials are included. (c) 1987 Rick Rosner Productions DISCLAIMER: Nothing seen here is my property.
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Hip Hop Squares | Watch The First 5 Minutes Of The Series Premiere | VH1
Host DeRay Davis introduces contestants and supermodels Don Benjamin and Tyson Beckford. Things quickly escalate into a full blown runway walk-off between the cast. Don't miss the craziness that's bound to ensue tonight + 9/8c on VH1. #VH1 #HipHopSquares Subscribe to VH1: http://on.vh1.com/subscribe Shows + Pop Culture + Music + Celebrity. VH1: We complete you. Connect with VH1 Online VH1 Official Site: http://vh1.com Follow @VH1 on Twitter: http://twitter.com/VH1 Find VH1 on Facebook: http://facebook.com/VH1 Find VH1 on Tumblr : http://vh1.tumblr.com Follow VH1 on Instagram : http://instagram.com/vh1 Find VH1 on Google + : http://plus.google.com/+vh1 Follow VH1 on Pinterest : http://pinterest.com/vh1 Hip Hop Squares | Watch The First 5 Minutes Of The Series Premiere | VH1 http://www.youtube.com/user/VH1
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Hollywood Squares (July 4, 1978): Robin vs Tony
Today, I found out that Wheel of Fortune's director, Mark Corwin, passed away. And while I wasn't originally planning on uploading anything today, I decided to think outside the box and post a different show he worked on. Here's an episode of the Hollywood Squares from 1978! It's Independence Day, and both players want to win lots of prizes and a new car. Who will get the keys and drive out in style? No copyright infringement is intended. Commercials are included. Panel: Harvey Korman, Rose Marie, Paul Williams, Loretta Lynn, Melissa Gilbert, George Gobel, Karen Lynn Gorney, John Amos, and Paul Lynde.
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Hollywood Squares (10/2/86) - Bob Hope, Richard Simmons, and more!
SUPER exciting episode of the 1980s Hollywood Squares, kicked off right with the studio audience being led in a workout by Richard Simmons. Golden Girls' Estelle Getty plus the iconic Louie Anderson are in the squares, and comedy legend Bob Hope makes an appearance later in the show!
Joan Rivers Show - Hollywood Squares
John Davidson, Shadoe Stevens, and producer Rick Rosner appear on The Joan Rivers Show to talk about Hollywood Squares.
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Hollywood Squares - YOU FOOL! (Part 1/2)
Contrary to popular belief, the streak was not six wrong agree/disagrees in a row... it was nine. The first three occur in this segment.
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Hollywood Squares (March 6, 1987) - Mark vs. Pamela (ALF guest hosts!)
An MRC1 re-upload. Credit goes to Rob Homa. Bringing in the new game show generation behind Wheel and the Sweep, it's time for an addition to MRC's exclusive noteworthy of game shows! The stars is getting ready to play Hollywood Squares and contestants could win a car to fit the right key! If you liked the game show, then please like this video! On this high-heeled episode, ALF (aka Alien Life Form) takes over host on Hollywood Squares and Davidson plays on the center square (hence that Davidson still hosted for only the first segment of the show) Featured guests: Weird "Al" Yankovic Stuart Pankin Jim J. Bullock Justin Wilson (the square nearly is big, as always in addition to the table) Dixie Carter Tony O'Dell Teresa Ganzel Christina Pickles and ALF (aka Alien Life Form in the center square, played in the voiceover role by Paul Fusco) NOTE: sorry for low audio quality. FOLLOW US ON: Facebook: http://facebook.com/MRCNetworks Twitter: http://twitter.com/MRCNetworks
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Hollywood Squares close and open
From the John Davidson era, circa 1987
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Hollywood Squares (April 20, 1987): Darrin vs Alison
Here is an April 1987 episode of Hollywood Squares. We start off a new week with two new players hoping to win a Buick. Who will survive? No copyright infringement is intended. Canadian commercials are included. Panel: Shirley Jones, Robin Strasser, John Schneider, Alaina Reed, Doc Severinsen, Dick Clark, Ellen DeGeneres, Louis Nye, and Richard Lewis (center square).
Hollywood Squares (July 1999): John vs Piper
Continuing Happy Retro-Days, here is a July 1999 episode of Hollywood Squares. As season 1 winds down, John and Piper hope to cash in and win a car. Who will prevail? No copyright infringement is intended. Panel: Carol Kane, Caroline Rhea, Coolio, Bruno Campos, Brad Garrett, Gilbert Gottfried, Dick Clark, Donny & Marie Osmond, and Whoopi Goldberg (center square).
New Hollywood Squares - What's Happening...
It's just one of those weeks...
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Ray Stevens On New Hollywood Squares (October 5-9, 1987)
Ray Stevens was one of the celebrity guests on The New Hollywood Squares for the week of October 5-9, 1987. Here are some of his highlights. The other celebrity guests for this week included Shadoe Stevens, Steve Allen, Dean Butler & Caryn Richman, Charo, Clifton Davis, Corey Feldman, & Betty White. Check it out! www.RayStevens.com
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Hollywood Squares (February 6, 1987): Mark vs Janet
Here is a February 1987 episode of the Hollywood Squares. As this version celebrates 100 episodes, we have two new challengers vying for a car. Can either end the week in style? No copyright infringement is intended. Most commercials are included. Panel: Ned Beatty, Heidi Bohay, Stephen Furst, Stacey Q, Jeffrey Osborne, Richard Lewis, Dr. Lendon Smith, Marsha Warfield, and Phyllis Diller (center square).
Hollywood Squares (2000) Woody vs. Katie
Time for a new show to debut on my channel. Here is a 2000 episode of Hollywood Squares hosted by Tom Bergeron. Our guests today are Kathy Najimy, Bryan Cranston, Melissa Gilbert, Wayne Brady, Amanda Lewis, Rich Little, Caroline Rhea, Bruce Vilanch, and Whoopi Goldberg. Enjoy! No Copyright Infringement is Intended
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Hollywood Squares (11/2/87) | Steve vs. Dana
In light of the recent news about Joan Rivers, here's an episode of the 80s version of Hollywood Squares in her memory. Today's contestants (both challengers): Mr. X: Steve Ray Miss Circle: Dana Lewis The cars at stake today are Mazdas. Stars: Joan Rivers (we miss you already, Joan) Jim J. Bullock Tom Poston Jonathan Prince Stuart Pankin Tracey Bregman Rex Reed & Bill Harris Marilyn McCoo and Shadoe Stevens © 1987 Rick Rosner Productions DISCLAIMER: Nothing seen here is my property. Upload intended solely for entertainment purposes.
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Hollywood Squares (October 7, 1988): Nick vs Tina
Here is a October 1988 episode of Hollywood Squares. Nick is back as champion with $1700 in cash so far. Will he get another shot at a car? No copyright infringement is intended. Panel: Jim J. Bullock, Jimmie Walker, "Phreckles", Steve Garvey, Thom & Craig Bierdz, Anthony Newley, Shadoe Stevens, Richard Simmons, and Joan Rivers (center square).
New York Hollywood Squares - Behind the Scenes
Rare footage of the stars being introduced before a taping of the New York Hollywood Squares at Radio City Music Hall in 1987!
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The New Hollywood Squares - Brian vs. Rebecca (4/16/1987) Part 1
Complete episode with original commercials from WKYC in Cleveland. All copyrights acknowledged.
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CLASSIC Hollywood Squares Outtakes - Parts 1-5
Here are all of the Hollywood Squares Zingers...back to back...enjoy!
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Hollywood Squares (November 29, 2002): Michael vs C.J.
Continuing my 12 Games of Christmas, here is a November 2002 episode of Hollywood Squares. C.J. is on a major roll, having racked up $79,184 in cash and other goodies. Can she keep it rolling on her fourth day? No copyright infringement is intended. Panel: Elayne Boosler, Tyson Beckford, Penn & Teller, Jon Secada, Chris Rich, Martin Mull, Montel Williams, Gilbert Gottfried, and Reba McEntire (center square).
Hollywood Squares (11/10/87) | Daniel vs. Bea
Here's a repost (w/o commercials) of a 1987 episode of Hollywood Squares from Radio City Music Hall! Celebrities: Joan Rivers Willard Scott Peter Allen Jim J. Bullock Regis Philbin Mark Gastineau Jim Morris Joan Lunden Dr. Ruth Westheimer & Shadoe Stevens (c) 1987 Rick Rosner Productions DISCLAIMER: Nothing seen here is my property. Upload intended solely for entertainment purposes.
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The New Hollywood Squares - Brian vs. Rebecca (4/16/1987) Part 3
Complete episode with original commercials from WKYC in Cleveland. All copyrights acknowledged.
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Hollywood Squares (April 21, 1988): Richard vs Terri
Here's an April 1988 episode of Hollywood Squares. Richard returns as the champ with $1600 plus a nice trip. Can he get another shot at a car? No copyright infringement is intended. Panel: Dick Clark, George Gobel, Jerry Seinfeld, Jim J. Bullock, Tia Carrere, Shadoe Stevens, Anne Bloom, Winston Rekert, and Joan Rivers (center square).
Hollywood Squares - Alf guest-hosts!
During Round 1, Alf made a comment to John saying that it's really hard to be a game show host. So John Davidson arranged this to prove him wrong. And boy it's a very strange yet hysterical look! Please note, I won't upload the rest of the episode until further notice. It takes forever for me to upload a video like this. And apologies for the glitchy video. DISCLAIMER: Nothing you see here is my property.
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Hollywood Squares (1977): Lolly vs Don
Today, the New Fun & Games Channel pays tribute to the late Jonathan Winters by presenting a 1977 syndicated episode of the Hollywood Squares. Lolly and John hope to win great prizes, cash, and a new car if they're lucky. Who will emerge triumphant? No copyright infringement is intended. Panel: John Amos, Rose Marie, LeVar Burton, Karen Valentine, Jonathan Winters, George Gobel, Linda Lavin, Tony Randall, and Paul Lynde (center square)
1988 - Promo for the New 'Hollywood Squares'
Joan Rivers is back, and so is Betty White. This aired in Indianapolis September 22, 1988.
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The Hollywood Squares (1972)
Taped in October 1972 with Michael Landon, Lee Grant, Redd Foxx, Vincent Price, Wally Cox, Rose Marie, Mel Brooks, Linda Day George, and Paul Lynde.
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Hollywood Squares (December 9, 1986): Tom vs Stacey
Here is an episode of John Davidson's Hollywood Squares from December 1986. Today, Tom returns to have another crack at a new car. Will he or Stacey get that chance at the end of the show? No copyright infringement is intended. Panel: Roseanne (Barr), Mary Lou Retton, Fred Travalena, Judy & Audrey Landers, Lou Rawls, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Shadoe Stevens, Steve Allen, and Richard Simmons (center square)
Paul Lynde Hollywood Squares
Compilation of Paul Lynde clips from the original Hollywood Squares
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Hollywood Squares (December 31, 1979): Barbara vs Gary
Here is the New Year's Eve 1979 episode of the daytime Hollywood Squares. We have...no returning champ on this episode, due to that champ knowing some of the panelists, so we have two challengers (one of whom needed that reprieve) vying for the distinction of being the last champion of the 70s. Who will win? No copyright infringement is intended. Commercials are included. Panel: Tom Poston, the Lennon Sisters (Dianne, Peggy, Kathy and Janet), James Coco, George Gobel, Robert Mandan, Richard Sanders, Pia Zadora, and David Brenner (center square).
Hollywood Squares- Late 1971 (Charlie vs. Janet)
Here is an early episode of the weekly syndicated version of The Hollywood Squares with Peter Marshall, where every winner is guaranteed a brand new car, along with the usual assortment of cash and potential Secret Square prizes.
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Hollywood Squares (1975): Jane vs Bruce
Here is a 1975 syndicated episode of the Hollywood Squares. Today, Jane and Bruce with battle to win cash, fabulous prizes, and a new car. Who will get to drive home happy? No copyright infringement is intended. Panel: Buck Owens, Rose Marie, Michael Landon, Lynn Redgrave, Charo, Mike Connors, Wink Martindale, John Davidson, and Paul Lynde (center square)
Hollywood Squares (1975): Mildred vs Gene
Today, as a tribute to the late Merrill Heatter, here is a 1975 syndicated episode of the Hollywood Squares. Mildred and Gene hope to win cash, some Secret Square pries, and ultimately a new car. Who will do it? No copyright infringement is intended. Panel: Michael Landon, Leslie Uggams, Vincent Price, Karen Valentine, Jonathan Winters, Marcia Wallace, George Gobel, Robert Fuller, and Paul Lynde (center square).
Hollywood Squares (06/19/1987) - Season 1 Finale (Walter Payton, Art Linkletter)
Last show of the first season for Hollywood Squares with John Davidson. Walter Payton and Art Linkletter are joined by Lynn Redgrave, Jodi Thelen, Norm Crosby, Catherine Hickland, Charlie Pride, Shadoe Stevens, and Louie Anderson
Rebeca Arthur on Hollywood Squares from June 1989 - third set of clips
Perfect Strangers' Rebeca Arthur was a veteran of many game shows in the late 80's and early 90's and was also very skilled at many of the games! Here is a third segment of her appearances on some June 1989 episodes of The Hollywood Squares (more coming soon!)
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Hollywood Squares (March 25, 1980): Diane vs John
Let's kick off the 12 Games of Christmas marathon on this channel with a March 1980 episode of the daytime Hollywood Squares! In this episode from Country Western week, Diane's the champ and one game away from getting a new prize. Can John stop her? No copyright infringement is intended. The commercials are included as well (amusing to me, since this is the 17th birthday of a certain network for "games"). Panel: Tammy Wynette, Mel Tillis, Minnie Pearl, Jim Stafford, George Gobel, George Jones, George Lindsey, Margo Smith, and Roy Clark (center square).
Hollywood Squares (April 14, 1978): Stephanie vs Nearlin
Today will be the start of an unexpected two-show day here on the New Fun & Games Channel. To kick things off, here is an April 1978 syndicated episode of the Hollywood Squares. Today, Stephanie and Nearlin (if I'm hearing that correctly; correct me if I'm wrong) will duke it out for cash, prizes, and a new car. Who will win it? No copyright infringement is intended; the commercials are included. Panel: Rodney Dangerfield, Joan Rivers, Paul Williams, Suzanne Pleshette, James MacArthur, George Gobel, Bonnie Franklin, Gavin MacLeod, and Paul Lynde (center square).
Hollywood Squares (2000) #2099
Here is another 2000 episode of Hollywood Squares with Tom Bergeron. We have two new contestants on today's show. Today's guests are Coolio , Ali Landry, Beth Littleford, Gilbert Gottfried, Melissa Gilbert, Robert Wuhl, Hattie Winston, Bruce Vilanch, and Whoopi Goldberg. Enjoy! No Copyright Infringement is Intended
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Hollywood Squares - 1998 (1)
Featuring Patrick Swayze, Lisa Ann Walter, Florence Griffith-Joyner, Holly Robinson-Peete, Robert Wuhl, Caroline Rhea, Craig Shoemaker, Bruce Vilanch, and Whoopi Goldberg. With your host, Tom Bergeron!
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The Hollywood Squares Syndication 2003 #1
Here is a Classic Episode of The Hollywood Squares 2003 Enjoyed and tune in for the Game Show Fever Chat! The Hollywood Squares New Year's Day Marathon Friday at 3:00PMET/NOONPT.
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Hollywood Squares 1986-1988 Open
The opening music used to introduce the celebrities on Hollywood Squares from 1986 to 1988. Image and Theme courtesy of Century Towers Productions and Orion Television - no Copyright Infringement intended.
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