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The Originals | Bad girls.
Dziękuję za obejrzenie. Zostaw łapkę w górę :) ASK.FM - http://ask.fm/serceoceanu Inne filmy: Ludmiła&Federico - https://youtu.be/mN1Ycs1xl08 Mia&Miguel - https://youtu.be/WnEBJsLjgKA Rebekah&Caroline - https://youtu.be/9nBF85coFNk Leonetta&Fedemila - https://youtu.be/qqYFvhbXcAU Anahi&Dulce&Maite - https://youtu.be/CCAc4N8x1ic Montserrat&Alejandro - https://youtu.be/davnDk2Sryk Maria&Max - https://youtu.be/Q2Vl9wR21Zc Saszan - https://youtu.be/BWpot0F6NEc Fiorella y Pedro - https://youtu.be/KN6C3a--fLU Nora & Mary Louise - https://youtu.be/KYuf__Yd1_I
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Lo Air - Bad Girl (Original mix) [Music Video]
✖S.O.H. - Share your feelings to music -------------------------------------------------------------------- https://soundcloud.com/Sharabidze1 https://www.facebook.com/gsharabidze http://soundsofheaven1.tumblr.com/ https://twitter.com/TheSharab1000 ✖Lo Air https://soundcloud.com/loairofficial https://www.facebook.com/LoAirOfficial https://twitter.com/loairofficial ✖I could not find the respective owner of this video. If you are the owner and want this video to be removed or atleast get the credits for it, contact me and we will find a solution. ✖My only goal is to promote excellent & outstanding music. If you wish for a track to be removed just let me know. If any producer, label and photographer has an issue with any of the uploads please contact ([email protected] or send a private message) and we will delete it immediately.
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Diaz & Taspin - Bad Girl (Original Mix)
Diaz & Taspin - Bad Girl (Original Mix) Follow Diaz : https://soundcloud.com/dj_diazmoscow https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000931471894 https://vk.com/diazdj http://promodj.com/diazdj Follow Taspin : https://soundcloud.com/taspin https://www.beatport.com/artist/taspin/439732 Follow Housesession Records : https://soundcloud.com/housesession-records http://www.housesession.com/ https://twitter.com/housesession https://www.facebook.com/housesessionrecords Buy on Beatport : https://www.beatport.com/track/bad-girl-original-mix/8488601 If any producer,artist,label,photographer ... has an issue with any music uploads or pictures please contact us and we will remove the material imediately. Contact us at : [email protected]
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M.I.A. - "Bad Girls" (Official Video)
THE POP DIASPORA OF M.I.A.: http://bit.ly/1pFnExp Watch MIA respond to comments left on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fweHtun3LY ** For the best viewing experience, watch in 1080p (HD). M.I.A. OFFICIAL SITE | MIAUNIVERSE: http://www.miauk.com ** Head to http://www.youtube.com/noisey to check out our other shows. Noisey is VICE's new music channel, so you know it's going to feature music that's actually good. But music is more than just sound—our shows cover everything about music culture: awesome live shows, geeky record store clerks, smarmy critics, destroyed hotel rooms, sex-crazed groupies, and roadies. Never underestimate the roadies. Videos, daily updates, and more: http://www.noisey.com/ Like Noisey on Facebook: http://fb.com/noisey Follow Noisey on Twitter: http://twitter.com/noiseymusic Read our tumblr: http://noiseymusic.tumblr.com/
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Lo Air - Bad Girl (Original Mix)
Lo Air - Bad Girl (Original Mix) 😈 🌴 Follow us on Spotify → https://www.chillyourmind.com/spotify 🌴 More Music → http://bit.ly/chillyourminduploads #LoAir 's old hit #badgirl .. on popular demand! Enjoy the #deephouse vibes. ✓ Turn on the '🔔' to get notifications for new uploads! 🛍 ChillYourMind Shop: https://chillyourmind.com/shop 🔊 Stream/Download Lo Air - Bad Girl (Original Mix): https://theartistunion.com/tracks/958fa4 🗣Connect with Me: https://www.instagram.com/chillyourmind ChillYourMind • https://www.chillyourmind.com/spotify • http://bit.ly/cymapple • http://bit.ly/facebookcym • http://bit.ly/cyminstagram • http://bit.ly/cymsc Lo Air: • https://soundcloud.com/loairofficial • https://www.facebook.com/LoAirOfficial • https://twitter.com/loairofficial • https://www.instagram.com/loairofficial/ 🎧 Youtube Playlists: ↪︎ http://bit.ly/chillyourmindmixes ↪︎ http://bit.ly/CYM2019 ↪︎ http://bit.ly/CYMRecordsReleases ↪︎ http://bit.ly/CYMDeepHouseList ↪︎ http://bit.ly/CYMTropical ↪︎ http://bit.ly/CYMSummerPlaylist ↪︎ http://bit.ly/CYMDancePop ↪︎ http://bit.ly/CYMLateNightVibes ↪︎ http://bit.ly/CYMPopularRemixes 🎧 Spotify Playlists: ↪︎ https://www.chillyourmind.com/spotify ↪︎ http://bit.ly/CYMReleases ↪︎ http://bit.ly/CYMTropicalHouse ↪︎ http://bit.ly/CYMSummerHits ↪︎ http://bit.ly/CYMDeepHouse ↪︎ http://bit.ly/CYMLoungeMusic ↪︎ http://bit.ly/CYMDanceMusicPop • Photo: https://www.unsplash.com Good Vibes Only.
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Top 10 Bad Girls Club (BGC) Fights And Why They Happened 😂
If you watch Bad Girls Club on Oxygen, then you know they fight. The BGC fights a lot. 🥊 Here are the 10 biggest fights on BGC. For more great reality TV videos, please like and subscribe to our YouTube channel and visit our website! http://www.idaily.com
Security Intervenes In House Fight | Bad Girls Club
From Season 16, 'Like It Or Nah' - Security has to get involved when the girls try to kick Kailie out. #bgc #hayu #bgcs16 Watch All Your Favourite Reality Shows Here: https://www.hayu.com/ Subscribe to the Official Hayu Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/hayu Hayu is the place to watch your favourite reality shows whenever and wherever you want. With loads of shows the same day as the U.S. and thousands of episodes of binge-worthy Box Sets from the start, hayu is the undoubted home of reality TV. And if all that wasn't enough, we've got exclusive clips and snippets you can share and your fave stars' social media all in one place. With hayu, you can literally have it all.
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Girls' Generation 少女時代 'BAD GIRL' MV
"BAD GIRL" MV is the latest music video of Girls' Generation's first Japanese original album which has been sold over 800,000 copies. Girls' Generation has performed their first Japan tour with this album. Through this concert, Girls' Generation performed 14 performances and gathered over 140,000 fans. The quality of their performance and songs were highly acclaimed in Japan. ♪ JAPAN 1st Album 'GIRLS' GENERATION' ☞ UPCH-29071 [CD+DVD] : ¥3,990(tax in) ☞ UPCH-20250 [CD] : ¥3,000(tax in) ☞ DVD includes : MR.TAXI (Original ver.) / GENIE (JPN Original ver.) / Gee (JPN Original ver.) ♪ Album tracks M1 MR.TAXI M2 GENIE M3 you-aholic M4 Run Devil Run M5 BAD GIRL M6 Beautiful Stranger M7 I'm In Love With The HERO M8 Let It Rain M9 Gee M10 THE GREAT ESCAPE M11 HOOT M12 BORN TO BE A LADY ♪ Download on iTunes : http://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/girls-generation/id438579882
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이효리 (Lee Hyori) - Bad Girls (배드 걸스) MV
★ Download on iTunes (Music) : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/monochrome/id651356862?l=ko&ls=1 이효리 (Lee Hyori) - Bad Girls (배드 걸스) MV 기다리던 진짜가 돌아왔다! 가요계의 독보적인 QUEEN! 2013년 5월 21일 이효리의 정규5집 앨범 'MONOCHROME' 발매 지금까지 우리가 알고 있던 그 이효리이기도 하고 아니기도 하다. 2013년 5월, 약 3년이라는 긴 공백기간을 끝내고 돌아온 우리들의 진짜 QUEEN 이효리가 돌아왔다. 긴 공백기간 동안 가수 이효리의 컴백을 기다린 팬들에게 'MONOCHROME' 은 최고의 선물이 아닐 수 없다. 1년 6개월이 넘는 준비기간을 거쳐 대중들에게 선보이게 된 이번 5집 정규앨범 'MONOCHROME' 은 준비기간이 길었던 만큼 앨범 곳곳에 이효리의 손이 닿지 않은 곳이 없을 정도로 많은 고민과 애정의 흔적들을 찾아볼 수 있다. 'MONOCHROME'은 일반적인 앨범의 곡 수를 넘는 총 16곡이 수록되며, 그 동안 변화와 함께 진화한 이효리의 음악들을 접할 수 있다. 이효리의 음악적 변화와 진화는 앨범의 선공개곡인 미스코리아가 확인시켜주었다. 미스코리아는 어쿠스틱한 분위기와 아날로그적인 밴드사운드의 이효리가 작사,작곡한 곡으로 발표 직후, 모든 음원차트의 1위를 휩쓸어 주간차트 1위에 올랐다. 미스코리아로 가수 이효리의 존재감을 입증함과 동시에 컴백에 대한 대중들의 기대감을 확인할 수 있었다. 타이틀곡 Bad Girls 는 어쿠스틱 밴드사운드로만 구성된 신나는 댄스곡으로 "지는 게 죽는 것보다 싫은 여자, 독설을 날려도 빛이 나는 여자, 거부할 수 없는 묘한 매력으로 어딘지 모르게 자꾸 끌리는 여자..."신나는 사운드와 직설적인 가사 외에도 이효리의 화려한 무대 퍼포먼스를 기대하게 만드는 곡이다. 이효리는'MONOCHROME' 수록곡 중 미스코리아 작사,작곡외 9곡의 작사를 했으며, 신예래퍼 빈지노가 참여한 Love Radar, 레트로풍 로큰롤 Full Moon, 빠른 템포의 컨트리곡 사랑의 부도수표 등 다양한 분위기의 이효리를 느낄 수 있는 앨범이 될 것이다. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CJ E&M Music은 아시아 No.1 엔터테인먼트 기업인 CJ E&M의 음악사업 브랜드로 음원/음반의 투자•제작•유통부터 콘서트•페스티벌 개최까지 포함하고 있습니다. CJ E&M MUSIC과 함께 하는 K-POP 아티스트들의 신곡과 뮤직비디오, 미공개 독점 영상 등을 이곳 YOUTUBE 채널에서 가장 먼저 만나보세요. THE QUEEN IS BACK! The hottest and sexiest Queen 'Lee Hyori' has released her fifth studio album 'Monochrome'. This album contains 16 tracks, including "Bad Girls" and her self-composed track "Miss Korea". Lee Hyori has written 9 of the songs in her new album. This album will be even more special for her fans. Add Hyori's music video to your favorite list and share with your friends! :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CJ E&M Music is a music business brand of CJ E&M, Asia's No.1 entertainment company. CJ E&M Music covers investment, production and distribution of album and also provides the best music festival and concerts. Meet the K-POP artists' brand new music videos and exclusive video clips on the official YouTube of CJ E&M Music.
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{The Bad Girl and The Pretty Boy} {original glmm} {part 1 & 2}
Hey guys this is part one and two together in the same video!! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/___losernoo... 2nd Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/noodlesxup/ you can talk to me on insta or send me fanart!
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02. Donna Summer - Bad Girls (Bad Girls) 1979 HQ
Bad Girls is the seventh studio album by American singer and songwriter Donna Summer, released in April 25, 1979 on Casablanca Records. Originally issued as a double album, it incorporates such musical styles as pop, disco, soul, rock, funk and country . Bad Girls became the best-selling album of Summer's career, achieving triple platinum sales certification in the United States, and selling over ten million copies worldwide.
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miss A "Bad Girl, Good Girl” M/V
miss A(미쓰에이) "Bad Girl, Good Girl” M/V miss A Official Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/saymissA miss A Official Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jypemissA miss A Official Fan's: http://fans.jype.com miss A Official Homepage: http://missA.jype.com Copyrights 2010 ⓒ JYP Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
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Bad girls (Original meme) (Fontik/RibChills re upload)
All the credits go to Fontik/RibChills: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYsivedUoD3ARaXyMQ6d8qw give her sum love UwU EDIT [14/04/2018] Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNTNzZsNzZs
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Lo Air - Bad Girl
Ediv Music on Spotify : http://spoti.fi/2aAWA3o Ediv Music on Facebook : http://bit.ly/EdivMusicFacebook Ediv Music on Soundcloud : http://bit.ly/EdivSoundCloud Download Link : https://theartistunion.com/tracks/958fa4 Lo Air: https://soundcloud.com/loairofficial https://www.facebook.com/LoAirOfficial https://twitter.com/loairofficial https://www.instagram.com/loairofficial/ Picture : © Andre Josselin (https://goo.gl/7IbPT9) https://www.facebook.com/jerseyyy/ https://www.instagram.com/andrejosselin/ If you want to submit your content to our channel, just send us an e-mail: [email protected] or fill out the form at https://www.edivmusic.com We do not claim the copyright of this music. Nous ne revendiquons pas les droits d'auteur de cette musique. If you want your music or image deleted from this channel please contact [email protected] and the content will be deleted immediately
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Remembrance the Original 90's bad girl, Ebony Reigns.
Remembrance the Original 90's bad girl, Ebony Reigns. #PulseTv Follow us on Facebook: @PulseGhana Follow us on Twitter: @pulseghana Follow us on Instagram: @pulseghana
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this came out way edgier than i intended! but i hope you like it the original was deleted but it was by fontik music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNTNzZsNzZs twitter: https://twitter.com/yeagars dA: https://yeagar.deviantart.com/ tumblr: http://peachtea.tumblr.com/ art tumblr: http://yeagart.tumblr.com/ instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yeagars/
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The Bad Girl's Secret || Original GLMM
Disclaimer: I do not own any audio. All credits go to their owners. Millie is a girl who has a mental illness. Because of this, she often feels left out. On her first day of school,she is assigned a project and a partner...But what will happen when she falls in love with him? Watch the video to find out. OwO
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Donna Summer ~ Bad Girls
Donna Summer - Bad Girls. .....Toot Toot Hey Beep Beep
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[The Bad girl and The Pretty Boy] [short glmm] [original glmm?]
Hey guys!, I don't know if this is original or not but I'm going to call it original since i have not seen any videos like this. I'm so sorry its so short, this took so long though! It took 2 days! I really hope you guys enjoy this since it took me so long to create If you do get inspired by this please credit me! :) And also before i go another thank you for 1,000 subscribers like damn!! didn't expect so much so fast OwO Go check out my second instagram account! Second Insta: https://www.instagram.com/noodlesxup/ Main Insta: https://www.instagram.com/___losernoodle___/ Message me I'm always up for making new friends! Thats all i have to say goodbye see you in my next videos!
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Rebekah Mikaelson | Bad girl [The Originals]
Hey everyone! Small video of my little Bekah ! I love her ! She is really beautiful and fantastic ! I wonder who does not like Rebekah ?! ^ ^ It's really my favorite character! So here, I hope you enjoy ! =) Now, to more important things ... I want to thank all of my subscribers. Thank you for watching, like and comment my videos! I'm really happy! I can never thank you enough because I love making videos, it's really my passion! But I know that without you, this wouldn't be the same. So thank you !! Love you all !! ♥♥ _____________________________________________________________ ►Fandom: The Vampire Diaries - The originals ►Song: Bad girls - Mia ►Program: Sony Vegas ►Backup: http://www.youtube.com/user/mwa4135 ► Watermark : http://www.youtube.com/user/MorganaAndArthur _______________________________________________________________ ·٠•● Thank you for watching ! ●•٠·˙
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BGC14 Shannon and Shannade Best Moments ( Clermont Twins )
No copyright intended ! I own no audio or clips shown in this video. All rights go to Oxygen, NBC and other companies associated with created and distributing Bad Girls Club !
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//EDIT: Comments removed because of a thing, read this if you wanna know about it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXms31yK2BFC-Cc59Y9sSQw/community?lb=UgyGBpyilgEzUc-rrk94AaABCQ I want to apologize for super low quality and a few mistakes, I really wanted to fix them! But Camtasia was super super glitchy and I was honestly even afraid to touch it cause it crashed like 10 times ( no joke) and I even had to remove something from it just so it would stop crashing during the rendering, yet it still couldn't render so I had to render it with 720p, instead of 1080p which maks quite a difference in quality. --- Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKP49Nbo93g ♥Programs I used♥ -Camtasia studio 8 to edit -Paint tool SAI to draw and animate -Tablet: Wacom Bamboo You can also find me! ♥DEVIANTART: http://ghostfacenikol.deviantart.com/ ♥INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/ghostfaceni... ♥MERCH: https://www.teepublic.com/user/ghostf... ♥GMAIL: [email protected]
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Bad Girls -Gacha Meme-
So, Here's a meme. And no, that purple haired girl isn't a new oc (,: It's just an evil version of me lmao Original meme:the original was deleted but it was by fontik.. (idk what to add anymore to the desc so bye (::) Editors: Final cut pro Fire Alpaca Imovie #BadGirlsMeme #GachaMeme #Lav
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【Kagamine Rin】Bad Girl Online - Eng Sub 【MinusP】
I think the moral is to not trust girls with no eyes and really sharp teeth by request! notes “behind your back” could also be interpreted as “on the hidden (account)” ; the word 裏 means “behind, back, something hidden from view, etc” both lines "behind your back" and "on the hidden account" use it everything from "who shall I pick" to "Kaki no tane" is a japanese playground rhyme used for picking people (basically the same thing as eeny meeny miny mo) ---Lyrics--- 「内緒だよ?」とか言いながら 一人二人と拡散してく 親友にしか言えないアレな話 Whilst saying “It’s a secret, ok?” one person, two people, it spreads that kind of story you’d only ever tell to your closest friends ヤバい時、絡んでくれて ホントありがと嬉しかった 特別に教えてあげる 裏アカウント “you supported me, when times were tough thank you, really, that made me happy I’ll tell you, specially, about the hidden account 絡んで is literally "be involved with" I went with "supported me" but it has a "stick with me" idea, wasn't sure how to phrase... 仲良しグループこの中に一人ないし 二人ほどの裏切り者がいるみたい a group of close friends, it seems in our midst one or two traitors are present ちょっと待って セキュリティが 甘いっていうレベルじゃねーぞ ほら先週の会話内容が晒されてる 冗談じゃねえ wait a minute, the security here isn’t exactly at a level where it can be called soft y’know look, the contents of last week’s conversation is being totally exposed this isn’t a joke あれれ もしかしてみんな 仮面-マスク-を装備してらっしゃる? 「もう金輪際、からかわないで」 裏切りものは誰でしょや? my my? don’t tell me everyone has masks equipped “Aa, for the life of me, don’t ridicule me (for this?)” who could the traitor be? どちらにしようかな 天の神様の言う通り あーめんそーめんアブラムシ あべべのべで 柿の種 Who shall I pick, it’s all as the heavenly god commands amen, somen, aburamushi*, abebenobede kaki no tane** *cockroach *persimmon seed あの子はね、裏でずっと 君の悪口言ってたよ 私はさ 君の味方で心配なんだ um y’know, that girl, is always bad-mouthing you behind your back and as your friend, I’m a little worried ゲームってさ 何かを育んだり 何かを守ったり 何かをかばったりするより じわじわ奪ったり めちゃめちゃに壊したり 罠にハメたり 裏切ったりするほうが ゾクゾクする… そうじゃない? the thing about games; more than raising something more than protecting something more than sticking up for something stealing things bit by bit breaking things into pieces catching things in traps and betraying things, is far far more thrilling (x3) ain’t that right? 彼奴の策略に乗らないで 嘘だらけ ウチらの方が 秘密を共有してるでそ? don’t join in with her scheme this lie-ridden side (?) of ours is sharing secrets you know? ちょwww裏切りクオリティが 高いっていうレベルじゃねーぞ その表面上のじゃれ合いなんて 計算ずく みえみえじゃねぇ? umm wait, your treachery isn’t exactly at a level where it can be called high quality y’know that superficial friendliness of yours is obviously calculated? あれれ もしかしてみんな マスクを装備してらっしゃる? 三文芝居 臭すぎるわ 裏切りものはさぁ… てか、全員じゃね? my my? don’t tell me everyone has masks equipped this cheap drama, really stinks the traitor… -I mean, it’s all of you, right? 「自分は問題ない」 「私悪くないもんね」 「あの子も言ってたよ」 「アリエナイって言ってたもん」 “/I’m/ no problem” “It’s not my fault?” “She’s said it too” “I told you it was impossible” 「なにそれむかついた」 「もういいよ」 「全然よくないよ」 「A子もB子もC子もさ、  調子にのっちゃっておかしいよ」 “the hell is that? I feel sick” “geez... that’s enough” “that's not nice at all” “A-ko, B-ko, C-ko, you’re all getting so carried away it’s weird…” どちらにしようかな 天の神様の言う通り ネガティブ超連鎖 ベストスコア出たんじゃね? who shall I pick it’s all as the heavenly god commands with this long negative chain (/combo) the high score’s appeared, hasn’t it? ---Credits--- /sm24641601 Song : Minus / マイナス (@wan_opo) Illust/movie : Ryuusee / りゅうせー Corrections are welcome! Disclaimer: All rights and credit for the original video belong to the original artist(s). This video and translation were created for nonprofit, entertainment purposes only, intended as a derivative work to expand on and widen the audience of the original. Please give your support to the original artist(s) and check the original uploads above!
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David Guetta - Little Bad Girl ft. Taio Cruz, Ludacris (Official Video)
PRE-ORDER THE NEW DAVID GUETTA ALBUM NOW : https://davidguetta.lnk.to/Album7AY From the album Nothing But The Beat Ultimate - Download on iTunes here: http://smarturl.it/NBTBiTunes?IQid=vevo Featuring Sia, Ne-Yo, Akon, Nicki Minaj, Flo Rida, Will.I.Am, Jessie J, Usher & many more. Download the TuneMoji® App for iPhone & send FREE music GIFs: http://bit.ly/TuneMoji1TuCWWR LITTLE BAD GIRL (FEAT TAIO CRUZ & LUDACRIS) (David Guetta, Frédéric Riesterer, Giorgio H. Tuinfort, Ludacris, Taio Cruz) Produced by David Guetta, Giorgio Tuinfort & Frédéric Riesterer Publishers: What A Publishing Ltd (SACEM); Rister Editions (SACEM); Talpa Music (BUMA)/Piano Songs/Sony ATV (BMI); Ludacris Worldwide Music Publishing, Inc.; EMI April Inc obo Emi Music Publishing Ltd Vocals mixed by Rutger "Rutti" Kroese At Cruise Control Studio's Amsterdam Additional production, Mixed and mastered by Black Raw aka Daddy's Groove @ Test Pressing Studio, Naples, Italy Taio Cruz appears courtesy of Universal Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Ltd Ludacris appears courtesy of Disturbing Tha Peace/Def Jam Records (P) & (C) 2011 What A Music Ltd, Under Exclusive Licence to EMI Music France http://www.davidguetta.com http://facebook.com/DavidGuetta http://www.twitter.com/DavidGuetta http://www.instagram.com/davidguetta
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Bad Girls Need Love Too - Meme [Flash Warning]
I SPEND TOO MUCH TIME ON ONLY THIS ! But I'm proud so that's okay u-u I made it with Paint Tool SAI and Sony Vegas 15, I don't have any animate software, my computer is too old to handle it uvu'' Hope you like it anyways ~ I don't think there is an original one for this one because I create my own story sooooo Yah The original song is Bad Girls Need Love Too from Hipshaker
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Bad girls // meme// FlipaClip
Original by fontik (Orignal Video Deleted)
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Winx Club 3D: Good Girls Bad Girls [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]
OMG!They've released the album! Finally! DON'T STEAL!!!! IF you want it buy it from Itunes etc... http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/winx-club-3d-magical-adventure/id430623497 http://www.emusic.com/album/Winx-Club-Winx-Club-3d-Magical-Adventure-Original-Motion-P-MP3-Download/12489863.html http://www.amazon.co.uk/Winx-Club-3d-Adventure-Soundtrack/dp/B004VA2WJW This content belongs to (c)Rainbow S.P.A (c)Winx Club 2003 - 2011 PLEASE DON'T COPY! Enjoy :)
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BAD GIRLS - (MEME + sponsor)
Download Quidd: http://bit.ly/2mupOGz ❤ CHECK MY PATREON : https://www.patreon.com/Stariaat_ Here is something edgy for yall uwu ❤original meme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKP49Nbo93g ❤Join my amino! http://aminoapps.com/invite/SFUH2VF5WQ ❤Check my merch https://teespring.com/stores/stariaat... ❤ business email: [email protected] ❤my devianart: http://stariaat.deviantart.com/ ❤My twitter: https://twitter.com/stariaat ❤ My instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stariaat.of... ❤programs: Paint tool SAI Sony Vegas wacom intuous draw
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Ratchet Girls Club Season 2 Episode 14 Reunion Part 2 (Bad Girls Club Parody)
Official site : http://ratchetgirlsclub2.weebly.com/ Rosie's Twitter- https://twitter.com/rosie_bae NEW EPISODE EVERY FRIDAYS! *THIS IS ALL ACTING!* All Rights To the Music Are to the Original Owners (not me)
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Dance Moms: ALDC Group Dance - “Bad Girls” (Season 3) | Lifetime
Watch the ALDC perform their contemporary group dance, "Bad Girls," in this clip from Season 3, Episode 22, "Boy Crazy, Mom Crazy". #DanceMoms Subscribe for more from Dance Moms and other great Lifetime shows: http://po.st/SubscribeToLifetime Enjoy more Dance Moms on YouTube: http://po.st/WatchDanceMoms Find out more about the show and stream full episodes on our site: http://po.st/Social_YouTube_DanceMoms Check out exclusive Lifetime content: Website - http://po.st/Lifetime_Site Facebook - http://po.st/LifetimeFacebook Twitter - http://po.st/LifetimeTwitter Lifetime® is a premier female-focused entertainment destination dedicated to providing viewers with a diverse selection of critically acclaimed and award-winning original movies, scripted dramas, and unscripted programming. A favorite and trusted network for women, we are continually building on our heritage by attracting top Hollywood talent and producing shows that are modern, sexy, exciting, daring, and provocative. Visit us at http://www.myLifetime.com for more info.
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Bad girls | M E M E | collab with Toshi
the original was deleted but it was by fontik her channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-HOynPQr_t6xjhvdoSwYOQ music - Trap - Hipshaker - Bad Girls Need Love Too - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNTNzZsNzZs ----------------------- группа в вк - https://vk.com/anyclair1333
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Being The Bad Girls/Gacha life/Original mini movie
If you don't understand,read this- Vyone,Syone and Chime has been together since childhood.Vyone,whice is the leader of the team, gave matching necklaces to Syone-twin sister Chime-cousin.When they grew older,Vyone,the leader of the team decided that she,Syone and Chime should try out being bad girls.Syone,said she would never be one of the bad girls.But Vyone disagreed with her.And of course,they started to argue,leaving Chime in a dilema and depression.And that's when Chime was lost in her mind.Everything was pitch black.Chime was in her mind.While Chime was walking in her mind,a monster with red eyes appeared behind her.Chime was shocked. The monster whice is the devil and Vyone,told Chime that she should be a bad girl.But Syone,whice is the angel, told Chime to remain on the good side.Chime agreed with Vyone.Now Chime wasn't in her mind.Vyone said,majority wins,so the team will be bad girls.Syone didn't liked it.Later on,at Vyone's home,Vyon gave Chime and Syon bad girl clothes.And as you see,Syone hates smoking.The girls were discussing what to do next when Chime came up with an idea.Chime said to bully the biggest and spoiled bully in the school,Hailer.Hailer stole Chime's boyfriend and bullied her. So the bad girls searched for Hailer and Hailer was in the playground with Chime's ex boyfriend-Vargern. the bad girls beat both of them up they where enjoying but something terrible happened......something terrible happened!Chime's heart on the necklace became black!Which means she will become evil.But why her?Who knows...?Luckily Chime's imaginary world saved her.Her heart on her necklace became back to normal and the girls became happy again.Syone decided not to be a bad girl and Vyone and Chime agreed.And a few years later,Hailer,Vargern,Syon,Vyone and Chime, became best friends.Vyone even gave friendship necklaces to Hailer and Vargern. THE END! HOPE YOU LIKED IT! BYE!
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Bad Girls||MEME
Just a little lazy animation cause i need do a map part and collab:_) Editing in this meme was really painly cause my programm was crashing. ....................................................................................................... Original meme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKP49Nbo93g Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNTNzZsNzZs ..................................................................................................... Programs: FireAlpaca PaintToolsai VideoPad
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Lesbian Bad Girl Episode 1 (Original series)
Yes ik it's short but a new season of my Fav tv series came out of Netflix and I wanna bingewatch it. Music Natural - Imagine Dragons Screenshots by: Midnight Edited by: Midnight Time taken: 3 hours-ish What's gonna happen next? Find out next time! -Midnight and RedMoon
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Original link to video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDicnlsTF20&t=12s Subscribe for more entertaining- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-DN... Follow me on Instagram/Snapchat Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/ranks_boys Snapchat- https://www.snachat.com/add/ranks_boys Follow Lucky & Tye_dye on IG https://www.instagram.com/jodeci.love https://www.instagram.com/tye_dy3 Follow MAVE on IG https://www.instagram.com/revolutionaristsmave.cbb
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Bad Girls Club Season 8 - Dani & Gabi vs Gia, Erica, Elease & Mimi
Copyright by Oxygen Episode 10: "Double Trouble" Only On Oxygen.
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Bad girls meet the gangsters||GLMM/Series||EP.1
Hope you guys enjoy this :) music used: •Ava Max - sweet but psycho
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Bad Girls : Lee hyori & Yeeun (Original & CLC Comparison)
SONG : BAD GIRLS L - YEEUN FORM CLC Link : https://youtu.be/7VtLCg3gGS8 R - LEE HYORI Link : https://youtu.be/WeYMUTYRZ7o
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'Bad Girls Club" Season 1 Cast: Then and Now
season 1 cast http://www.vh1access.blogspot.com/ https://twitter.com/VH1access
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マクロスMACROSS 82-99 - Bad Girl (w/ Lancaster) - Original Mix
Track #9 on Macross's new album "A Million Miles Away", a nice piece of work. I hate to admit it, but I love vaporwave. The only other youtube instance of the "original mix" of this track is within the full album, available here - /watch?v=MsZtn29d52s Support Macross - https://soundcloud.com/macross-82-99
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Hope Mikaelson - "Bad Girls Do it Well" (HD)
#Legacies #Originals - Hope you enjoy! More videos are coming soon! - The sound got a bit loud so just decrease it a little. Thanks for watching. All the frames, scenes and parts belong to The CW Television Network, song used go to M.I.A. No copyright infringement intended. ------------------------------ You don't have permission to re-post this edit on youtube without giving credits for me. ------------------------------- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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