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How Big is Toyota? (They’ve Owned 27% of Tesla Motors!)
Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/9FS8uF Check out the previous episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmc7aUVKCMA Become a Patron!: https://www.patreon.com/ColdFusion_TV Hi, welcome to ColdFusion (formerly known as ColdfusTion). Experience the cutting edge of the world around us in a fun relaxed atmosphere. Sources: https://www.toyota-industries.com/company/history/toyoda_sakichi/ https://techcrunch.com/2017/07/25/toyotas-new-solid-state-battery-could-make-its-way-to-cars-by-2020/ http://www.toyota-global.com/company/history_of_toyota/75years/text/taking_on_the_automotive_business/chapter2/section5/item1.html https://carfromjapan.com/article/industry-knowledge/10-interesting-facts-about-toyota/ http://www.davesultimateautomotive.com/10-fun-interesting-amazing-toyota-facts/ https://www.msn.com/en-gb/cars/enthusiasts/20-surprising-facts-about-toyota/ss-BBD1gal https://gearheads.org/10-cool-things-you-probably-didnt-know-about-toyota/ https://paultan.org/2017/09/20/era-of-boring-bland-toyotas-is-over-designer/ http://www.drive.com.au/motor-news/toyota-changes-design-direction-20140114-30rvd.html //Soundtrack// 0:00 Ephemerals - You'll Never See Me Cry (Ambassadeurs Remix) 1:20 Slow Meadow - Hananel's Recovery 2:20 Owen – Places to Go 4:10 Endhel – Beginning 5:00 myk. - Dye Works 6:00 Grifta – Dawn 7:18 Pacific Coliseum - Ocean City 8:13 Mike Newman - I Don't Wanna (Original Mix) 9:49 3rd Core - Mindless And Broken (MJ Cole Mix) 10:42 Need a Name - Road to Berlin 12:42 Wild Nothing – Shadow 13:10 Burn Water - Hide » Google + | http://www.google.com/+coldfustion » Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/ColdFusionTV » My music | http://burnwater.bandcamp.com or » http://www.soundcloud.com/burnwater » https://www.patreon.com/ColdFusion_TV » Collection of music used in videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOrJJKW31OA Producer: Dagogo Altraide » Twitter | @ColdFusion_TV
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Everything Wrong With Toyota
Get your anime on with 30 days free at http://crunchyroll.com/brandsins Toyota, we agree, let's go places, and in those places we will find all the sins for you. Watch. Sin. Enjoy. What sinful topic would you like to see covered next? ___
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3 Marketing Strategy: Branding Basics, Brand Hierarchy, Mercedes, Segmentation, Toyota - part 3
An in-depth discussion of marketing strategy by Professor Myles Bassell.
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15 Things You Didn't Know About TOYOTA
15 Things You Didn't Know About TOYOTA | SUBSCRIBE to ALUX: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNjPtOCvMrKY5eLwr_-7eUg?sub_confirmation=1 15 Things About BMW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQcFctz1rxo 15 Things About LAND ROVER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yl17pZGiZFo In this Alux.com video we'll try to answer the following questions: Who owns Toyota? When did Toyota started? Did toyota alwas made cars? What is the most expensive Toyota car? Does toyota have any electric cars? Which is the most expensive Toyota car? Which is the fastest Toyota car? Where can you buy Toyota cars? What is the best Toyota car? Does Toyota have any concept cars? What does the Toyota logo mean? How big is Toyota? What is the most expensive toyota car ever? What is the best toyota? is toyota a good car? WATCH MORE VIDEOS ON ALUX.COM! Most Expensive Things: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ay0u3dJRZas&list=PLP35LyTOQVIu4tNnitmhUqIjySwUhfOyl Luxury Cars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5GhenZZs1k&index=1&list=PLP35LyTOQVItrVHGzdB9KY-Sbjq4gU-Ym Becoming a Billionaire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Skwfwf2SNpw&index=6&list=PLP35LyTOQVIsO8kOTx8-YOgwkGvrPtJ3M World's Richest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAy_G-1JF74&index=1&list=PLP35LyTOQVIvthSKr0S3JdjWw3qA9foBa Inspiring People: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMjO3Gg45pM&list=PLP35LyTOQVItaKCX5o3yaje6_H9D-GuEM Travel the World: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Blsz2JbdgM&t=2s&index=23&list=PLP35LyTOQVIt823Sy_C3-166RLzONbw6W Dark Luxury: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ch7JWVk8Ldk&index=6&list=PLP35LyTOQVIvQU6lzpW5_lryMmdB6zncU Celebrity Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuhPRVdDli0&list=PLP35LyTOQVIuJuINlyvSU2VvP6pk9zjUk Businesses & Brands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xr2YdBz2uWk&list=PLP35LyTOQVIv0fNwEgqmkrDd9d9Nkl7dz - Follow us on INSTAGRAM for amazing visual inspiration: https://www.instagram.com/alux/ & Don't miss the latest Luxury News only on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ealuxe --- Alux.com is the largest community of luxury & fine living enthusiasts in the world. We are the #1 online resource for ranking the most expensive things in the world and frequently refferenced in publications such as Forbes, USAToday, Wikipedia and many more, as the GO-TO destination for luxury content! Our website: https://www.alux.com is the largest social network for people who are passionate about LUXURY! Join today! SUBSCRIBE so you never miss another video: https://goo.gl/KPRQT8 -- To see how rich is your favorite celebrity go to: https://www.alux.com/networth/ -- For businesses inquiries we're available at: https://www.alux.com/contact/
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Why Toyota Makes the Most Reliable Cars, Japanese vs American Culture
Why Toyota Makes the Most Reliable Cars, Japanese vs American Culture, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Japanese vs American cars. Are Toyotas reliable? Why Toyota makes the best cars on the market today and what is has to do with Japanese society. Who makes the best cars? The most reliable cars to buy. Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 50 years. ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools: 1. Bluetooth Scan Tool: http://amzn.to/2nfvmaD 2. Cheap Scan Tool: https://amzn.to/2D8Tvae 3. Professional Socket Set: http://amzn.to/2Bzmccg 4. Wrench Set: http://amzn.to/2kmBaOU 5. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter: https://amzn.to/2CthnUU 6. Battery Pack Car Jump Starter: http://amzn.to/2nrc6qR ⬇️ Things used in this video: 1. Common Sense 2. 4k Camera: https://amzn.to/2HkjavH 3. Camera Microphone: https://amzn.to/2Evn167 4. Camera Tripod: https://amzn.to/2Jwog8S 5. My computer for editing / uploading: https://amzn.to/2uUZ3lo 6. Video editing software: http://amzn.to/2jv5Fhf 7. Thumbnail software: http://amzn.to/2k7tz6C 🛠Check out the tools I use and highly recommend ► https://goo.gl/rwYt2y 🔥Scotty Shirts and Merch ► https://goo.gl/pTAeca Subscribe and hit the notification bell! ► https://goo.gl/CFismN Scotty on Social: Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/scottymechanic/ Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/scotty_the_mechanic/ Twitter ► https://twitter.com/Scottymechanic?lang=en This is the people's automotive channel! The most honest and funniest car channel on YouTube. Never any sponsored content, just the truth about everything! Learn how to fix your car and how it works. Get a chance to show off your own car on Sundays. Or show off your own car mod on Wednesdays. Tool giveaways every Monday to help you with your own car projects. We have a new video every day! I've been an auto mechanic for the past 50 years and I'm here to share my knowledge with you. ►Here's our weekly video schedule: Monday: Tool giveaway Tuesday: Auto repair video Wednesday: Viewers car mod show off Thursday: Viewer Car Question Video AND Live Car Q&A Friday: Auto repair video Saturday: Second Live Car Q&A Sunday: Viewers car show off ►Second Daily Upload Every Afternoon of Live Car Q&A videos as well! Scotty Kilmer is a participant in the Amazon Influencer Program. #savagescotty
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How To Pronounce Japanese Car Brand Names. Say Mitsubishi, Subaru, Toyota, Correctly
Have you ever wondered how Japanese people pronounce japanese car brand names? well, fear no more. In today's video, I will teach you how to say Japanese car brand names such as Mitsubishi, Subaru, Mazda, Lexus, Acura and Toyota. Sorry guys, I meant Lexus wasn't recognized as a brand in Japan until 2005. Not North America. And for those of you getting butthurt over this "correct" pronunciation video, let me remind you that I did not create this video to force anyone to pronounce brands the Japanese way. Do I force Japanese people to pronounce Ford, GM, and Chrysler the way we do in the states? Hell no. This video is for entertainment and educational purposes only. Every region pronounces words differently and that's the beauty of the diverse world we live in. I plan on filming another episode on "how to pronounce Japanese car models" and motorcycle brand names. if you have a car like Hakosuka or Hachiroku that you are curious how it's pronounced, comment away in the comment section below :) Help Us Reach 250k Subscribers! - https://goo.gl/6YCzTF  Evo Parts And CZero Merchandise - http://www.CZeroMedia.com (Coupon Code "YOUTUBE") *** Facebook - https://goo.gl/qJMpn3 *** Instagram - https://goo.gl/1RJmhc *** My Camera Setup - https://goo.gl/VU2xLJ Follow my builds *** 500HP Voltex Evo 8 - https://goo.gl/2NYogt *** LS6 FD RX7 Race Car - https://goo.gl/BJZ1AK *** Honda Café Racer - https://goo.gl/aYPCss *** Asian Redneck Dodge Ram - https://goo.gl/4sFyy5 *** Vlogs - https://goo.gl/PbsHpF acura
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New Toyota Concept-i - interior Exterior (Fantastic Car)
2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES2017) Press Conference - Bob Carter BOB CARTER REMARKS: 2017 CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW Good afternoon, everyone! I am so happy to welcome you to the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. But before I begin to tell you about what we have at the show this year I'd like to acknowledge and welcome Tomoyama-san, Sr. Managing Officer, TMC. Thank you, Tomoyama-san for joining us today. Now, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t share our 2016 sales results: The industry ended with a best-ever December and best year with 17.5 M sales, exceeding 2015 and the 7th consecutive year of growth. Notably we've seen the car-truck mix move from 50/50 to 37/63 over the past three years, demonstrating the shift to SUVs and trucks is real. Toyota Motor Sales sold 2.45M vehicles in 2016.The Toyota brand was the #1 retail brand for the 5th consecutive year and, for the 15th consecutive year, the Camry was the no. 1 selling vehicle in America. Lexus had its 2nd best year in its 27-year history. OK, let’s get to it. Toyota has an amazing floor display this year that we are really proud of. You’re going to get a first look at Entune 3.0, our next-generation telematics system. We’re also showing off Smart Device Link. It’s a platform for app developers to connect smartphones with vehicles. I encourage every one of you to stop by and have a look. But today, we’re going to do something a bit different. We’re going to introduce you to a really special concept vehicle. And why is it so special? Because with all the talk about advances in automobile technology, it’s easy to lose sight of why we make cars in the first place. They’re for people. And at Toyota, we think the important question isn’t whether vehicles of the future will be equipped with automated or connected technologies. Of course they will. The important question is this: what will be the relationship between those vehicles and the people who use them? Will it be cold? Robotic? Sterile? Tool-like? Technology on wheels and nothing more? Or will it be warm and friendly? Engaging? Immersive? Because cars have always done more than just get us from point A to point B. They are our home on wheels. We connect with them. We build an emotional relationship. And thanks to our research into advanced artificial intelligence, we think that the future of the automobile is a vehicle that can connect with us right back. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the advanced artificial intelligence system we call “Yui.” [TO YUI:] Say “hello”, Yui. YUI: HELLO YUI. [TO YUI:] Very funny. Yui learns from us, grows with us, and builds a relationship that is meaningful and emotional. What does that mean? Yui learns our preferences and our lifestyle; remembers where we like to go; pays attention to when we’re happy or sad. [YUI SCANS BOB, PULLS UP INFO AND BIOMETRICS] And helps in ways that are big and small, anticipates our needs and improve our lives. YUI: IS EVERYTHING ALL RIGHT, BOB? YOU SEEM STRESSED [TO YUI:] What did you expect, Yui? I’m on stage giving a speech to all these people. YUI: COME ON, BOB. WHY DON’T WE DO SOME BREATHING EXERCISES? [BOB TAKES A FEW DEEP BREATHS] [TO YUI:] Thanks, Yui. Much better. [TO YUI:] But what are you still doing up there on the screen? You’re supposed to be down there so I can let everyone see this amazing car! [YUI “JUMPS” OFF SCREEN AND ENTERS THE CONCEPT – I] Say hello to the Toyota Concept-I. First of all, this car is gorgeous. I want to recognize and congratulate CALTY Studio Chief Designer Ian Cartabiano, and Chief Engineer Makoto Okabe, and their teams for the amazing work they’ve done to bring it to life. But it’s more than just a pretty face. The CALTY team developed a concept called Kinetic Warmth. It’s a design philosophy that guided every element of Concept-I’s creation beginning with artificial intelligence. It follows from our belief that the vehicle of the future shouldn’t start with technology it should start with the experience of the people who use it. And so we built the Concept-I from the inside out, focusing on making it immersive, warm, and energetic. With assistance from the Toyota Innovation Hub in San Francisco, the interior of the vehicle is designed to help support that user experience. Lines flow from the center of the dashboard throughout the vehicle, and Yui can travel around them, using light, sound and even touch to communicate critical information. There’s an amazing 3-D, head up display to help keep the driver’s eyes and attention on the road, but information also appears like magic on the dashboard, the walls, seats wherever you need it, when you need it. Even the exterior of the vehicle is about building the relationship between the car and the world around it, communicating with others on the road while expressing motion, excitement, and even a little bit of magic. "SUBSCRIBE NOW"
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Country of origin of car brands. List: Abarth - Italy Acura - Japan Alfa Romeo - Italy AMC - United State Aston Martin - United Kingdom Audi - Germany Austin United Kingdom Austin-Healey - United Kingdom Bentley - United Kingdom BMW - Germany Bufori - United Kingdom Bugatti - France Buick - United State Cadillac - United State Chana - China Changfeng - China Chery - China Chevrolet - United State Chrysler - United State Citroën - France Dacia - Romania Daewoo - South Korea Daihatsu - Japan Dodge - United State Dongfeng - China Elfin - Australia Ferrari - Italy Fiat - Italy Ford - United States GM United State GMC United State GreatWall China Hafei China Haima China Holden Australia Honda Japan Hongqi China Hummer United State Hyundai South Korea Infiniti Japan Isuzu Japan Iveco Italy Jaguar United Kingdom Jeep United State Kia South Korea Koenigsegg Sweden Lada (AvtoVAZ) Russia Lamborghini Italy Lancia Italy Land Rover United Kingdom Lexus Japan Leyland United Kingdom Lincoln United State Lotus United Kingdom Mahindra India Maserati Italy Maybach Germany Mazda Japan McLaren United Kingdom Mercedes-Benz Germany Mercury United State MG United Kingdom MINI United Kingdom Mitsubishi Japan Mitsuoka Japan Morgan United Kingdom Nissan Japan Oldsmobile United State Opel Germany Orion Canada Pagani Italy Perodua Malaysia Peugeot France Plymouth United State Pontiac United State Porsche Germany Proton Malaysia Ram United State Renault France Rolls-Royce United Kingdom Saab Sweden Saleen United State Saturn United State Scania Sweden Scion United State SEAT Spain Setra Germany Škoda Czech Replublic Smart Germany SsangYong South Korea Subaru Japan Suzuki Japan Tata India Tesla United State Toyota Japan Triumph United Kingdom TVR United Kingdom Vauxhall United Kingdom Volkswagen - Germany Volvo - Sweden Wuling - China Zhongxing - China LIKE II SHARE II SUBSCRIBE II COMMENT
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Toyota Story of Better - Brand Introduction Movie
How do you see the world? At Toyota, we believe that nothing is so good that it cannot be made better. We constantly challenge ourselves to find better ways to give our customers peace of mind and ideas for a better life. Curious? Then watch the film, Stories of Better. To find out more, visit the Toyota UK blog http://blog.toyota.co.uk
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Ferrari? The Brand new 2015 Toyota Supra!!!
Here's a Sneak Peak for the All New Brand new Toyota Supra! All right Reserved to Toyota. I Don't own Any of the Footage.
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Brand New 2018 Toyota Vios | The Super Economic Car | Review
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Brand New M4 Got Hit By A Toyota
M4 F82 was involved in an accident in Malaysia because of an irresponsible Toyota Avanza that had beaten a red light by at least 3 seconds.
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Brand New Car of 2019 Price in Bd | Toyota,Volvo,Subaru,Honda & Mitsubishi car in Bd
Welcome to Nomans World Brand New Car of 2019 Price in Bd | Toyota,Volvo,Subaru,Honda & Mitsubishi car in ব্দ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Say Hello Me On : Instagram :https://goo.gl/PkMrR5 FaceBook Group : https://goo.gl/thBgmN #BrandNewCarinBd #BrandNewSubaruCar -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For Business Promotion & Sponsors Phone-01673092852 Email : [email protected] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Brand New 1970 Toyota Abandoned on Dealer Lot in Cyprus
Bo de Visser, a photographer and journalist from The Netherlands, who was able to visit the Green Line in Cyprus and discover an abandoned Toyota dealer lot with an amazing collection of new cars from the 1970s.
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Brand New Toyota Camry
Quick walkaround of the new 2018 Camry we just haf delivered. This one is an SE, Middle of the line sport edition. I will do one of the LE and XSE and XLE once we get one.
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How to design a successful logo? How to build a famous brand for your business? Some of the most well-known logos in the world were purposefully designed to indicate something much more than simple beauty. In fact, it seems that in some cases, every line, curve, and color has meaning behind it. Adidas, Apple, BMW, Coca-Cola, Toyota… We see these famous brands everywhere but never consider what their logos exactly mean. Curious to know the secret? Watch the 16 famous logos with a hidden meaning you've never noticed. #logomeaning #logosecret # Hyundai 0:33 The letter ’Н’ symbolizes two people – a client and a representative of the company – shaking hands. Adidas 0:52 The current logo is three stripes at an angle which together form a triangle. This symbolizes a mountain, which in turn represents the challenges that all sportsmen have to overcome day after day. Apple 1:21 Rob Janoff, the designer who came up with the world-famous Apple company logo, explained his idea in one of his interviews. He bought a bag of apples, placed them in a bowl, and spent time drawing them for a week, trying to break the image down into something simple. Vaio 1:58 The first two letters of the Vaio logo symbolize an analogue wave. The last two are similar to the numbers 1 and 0 — that is, symbols of a digital signal. Amazon 2:14 The orange arrow is similar to a smile because the company wants its customers to be satisfied. The arrow is also stretched between the letters ’A’ and ’Z’, in a hint that the company sells absolutely every product you can imagine. Baskin Robbins 2:40 The pink-colored parts of the "BR" section make up the number 31, which is how many ice cream flavors Baskin Robbins used to famously sell. Toyota 2:56 The logo represents a stylized image of a needle eye with a thread passing through it. This is a hint at the company’s past – they used to produce weaving machines. Continental 3:28 Continental, a famous car tire producer, has a logo in which the first two letters depict a car wheel. Formula 1 3:41 If you look carefully at the white space between the letter ’F’ and the red stripes, you can see the number 1. Pinterest 3:59 On Pinterest, people collect images they like from across the Internet and ’pin’ them to their online boards. That’s why the image of a pin is hidden in the letter P. Beats 4:17 Beats, an audio equipment producer based in the USA, uses a logo in which the letter ’B’ looks like headphones on a person’s head. Toblerone 4:32 The famous chocolate company based in Bern, Switzerland, has a silhouette of a bear in its logo. That's because Bern is sometimes called a city of bears. BMW 4:55 The logo is simply a part of the Bavarian flag, the area of Germany where the company originated. LG 5:18 The logo is a stylized image of a person’s face. According to the company, this represents its aspiration to have human relations with their customers. Evernote 5:34 The corner of the elephant’s ear is folded over in a similar way how people fold the corner of a page to make notes. Coca-Cola 5:57 In the space between the letters ’O’ and ’L’, you can see the Danish flag. It’s purely a coincidence. Nevertheless, Coca-Cola has used this as part of its marketing campaigns in the Scandinavian country. If you’ve enjoyed this video, hit that thumbs up button! Music: That Feeling by HookSounds (http://www.hooksounds.com) is licensed under a Creative Commons license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/). Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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#Grabfeldrallye 2018 Toyota Corolla AE86 by #MatsvdBrand & #HeinVerschuuren
Grabfeldrallye 2018 Mats vd Brand co-driven by Hein Verschuuren in the Toyota Corolla AE86. SUBSCRIBE and FOLLOW M.A.T.S. to keep updated for more amazing videos! YouTube Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=MatsvandenBrand Facebook: https://facebook.com/MatsvandenBrand Instagram: https://instagram.com/MatsvdBrand Twitter: https://twitter.com/MatsvdBrand www.MatsVdBrand.nl #BMWM3E30 #Rally #Rallysport #Grabfeldrallye
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Let's take a first look and walkaround of the brand new Toyota GR Supra! We can explore in detail the flagship A90 Edition version of the 5th generation Supra, but not only that I can also announce that I have ordered one too! Mine is also the very first one to be allocated in the UK, and will arrive later in 2019, more to come soon. The long-awaited A90 Supra has been a decade in the making and as it has arrived ever-closer there has been tremendous buzz around it with various concepts, racing versions and even the camoflagued car running at different events. However now released upon the world at the Detroit Motorshow, NAIAS, it has arrived in full for us to take in. The new car is based on a platform share with BMW and sits as the Coupe to its sister in the form of the soft-top BMW Z4. It's powered by the 3.0l inline-6 with 340PS and 500nm, which thanks to an 8spd auto means 0-100km/h (62mph) in 4.3 seconds. It's a 2-seat format with a large rear hatch and is positioned very much as a sporty driving experience with rear-wheel-drive. The "900 Club" represents the first round of cars for Toyota with 900 allocations primarily to the UK and Germany as well as other European countries. Within those, there will be an opportunity for 90 customers to purchase the A90 Edition; which comes in the matte Storm Grey paintwork along with other distinct characteristics. With regards to my decision to place a deposit for a Supra; I've found it a fascinating story as the car has gone from the FT-1 Concept through to reveal now. I've been looking for a new 'daily driver' and it fits the bill as well as being a very interesting product in its own right to get to know and experience. I followed the process behind the scenes and ensured I was in the correct place during the day sales started so that the moment it went live I could lock in my deposit in which has turned out to be the first one for the UK market! Further information will come in due course which will establish if that certainly makes it possible to choose the A90 Edition specification, but I will update you when I know more. Thanks for watching, Tim Subscribe: http://bit.ly/Shmee150YT Website: http://www.shmee150.com Facebook: http://www.fb.com/shmee150 Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/shmee150
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Toyota's brand new 2014 Corolla
The Toyota Corolla, which hasn't been redesigned in many years is getting an updated, sleeker look and a "smart" gearbox to appeal to American buyers.
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2011 Scion tC Review - Toyota's revolutionary brand gets evolutionary
Toyota's youth-oriented Scion brand is growing up, ever so slightly, refining its popular flagship tC model for 2011. Currently the tC boasts the youngest buyer in the industry with an average age of just 26 years old, and while Scion wants to maintain that core group of younger buyers, they're also looking to bring in some slightly older customers (including second-time buyers) with a long list of small but important improvements. http://www.autoguide.com/manufacturer/scion/2011-scion-tc-review-first-drive-1405.html Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=AutoGuideVideo http://www.youtube.com/Autoguide Twitter http://twitter.com/AutoGuide http://twitter.com/ColumWood Facebook - http://facebook.com/AutoGuide Google+ - http://goo.gl/LBxsP Web - http://www.AutoGuide.com AutoGuide reviews the latest new cars with test drives, car comparisons and shootouts plus coverage of breaking auto industry news, auto shows, rumors and spy photos. Help shop for your new car with informative car buying tips and car recall news, and be entertained with feature stories, Top 10s and car review videos.
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Toyota Called Me About Buying The Brand New 2020 Supra!!
The 2020 Supra is Here! Should I buy it now? Bros FOURR Speed Apparel! https://teespring.com/en-GB/stores/bros-fourr-speed-apparel Help us reach 250,000 SUBSCRIBERS! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVx5ZqHmGq1PZE_4GUxIe8w *** We have BFS Decals!! Send $2 via PayPal to [email protected] indicating your color preference and Shipping address! (red, blue, bronze, black) US Shipping only *** ********************************************************************* Want To Watch More? 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road Videos! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtqegDRsizE&list=PLOOac9QhFJYgzqo88Iv2ILLbFzL_iMKdz 2014 Nissan GT-R Videos! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYMNKjZuaLs&list=PLOOac9QhFJYgQ7muH0pIXLXCnqOwXFS8o 2010 Audi R8 Videos! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6bA3DeNkGQ&list=PLOOac9QhFJYhESFtw9YwwB9-aoi78Fscw New Car Review Videos! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMsbJfBRlfo&list=PLOOac9QhFJYhpLSwVcG_tAZ3sRze1Y2Aw Motorcycle Review Videos! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GI9EFf09Wc8&list=PLOOac9QhFJYiY4dAowHoeo6ISsPmcaKua ********************************************************************* I have been on the list with my Toyota dealership for the last 8 months to be one of the firsts to purchase the all new 2020 Toyota Supra! They gave me a call and let me know that the end of the month a black Supra is coming in. They asked if I'd like to place a deposit on it to buy it! I said no just because I want a white or red car. So in the next month or so I will be getting another call when my desired spec is on the way. The $2,500 deposit will hold the car and gets deducted from my down payment. So.... What should I do? Should I trade in my 2014 Nissan GT-R for the new Supra and then buy another Nismo 370Z ASAP? Or... Buy the new Supra along side my current GT-R and have them together for a while and later in the year/early next year, decide what car gets swapped for something else, if anything. Lastly... Not buy a brand new 2020 Supra, and plan on buying one in a year when they are on the used market for close to $40k? Which would mean, go ahead and buy a Nismo 370Z along side my 14' GT-R, and then trade in my GT-R for a 2017+ GT-R! I am pretty torn on what makes the most sense. Each option has its pros and cons, so I'd love some feedback! Thanks :) Music By: Joakim Karud http://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud Spring Light Follow us on [email protected] Like us on Facebook..Facebook.com/brosfourrspeed
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Bobcat smashes a brand new Toyota 200 Series Landcruiser
A huge surprise turns into an epic fail! http://www.all4adventure.com
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TOYOTA GAZOO Racing - Brand Message
【TOYOTA GAZOO Racing 】 http://toyotagazooracing.com/
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Ford Truck Pulls Brand New Toyota Tundra out of Rut || ViralHog
Occurred on January 1, 2019 / I-20, Louisiana, USA "A 2018 F-350 pulled out a stuck 2019 Toyota Tundra with 400 miles on it. Mods on mine are 22-inch Fuel Maverick Rims, 40x15.50 Fury Off-Road Tires, 6” Superlift lift kit, and Patriot Tuning." Contact [email protected] to license this or any ViralHog video. Make money from your videos! Submit footage here: https://goo.gl/yejGkm Subscribe, Like, or Follow ViralHog: YouTube: https://goo.gl/A0gBKk Facebook: https://goo.gl/XQWqJt Instagram: https://goo.gl/NMq8dl Twitter: https://goo.gl/pF8Xop
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Brand New Customized Toyota Hilux Revo TRD Sportivo
Visit Our Showroom: 563 On Nut Rd, Khwaeng Prawet, Khet Prawet, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10250 Email Us: [email protected] Follow Us On Facebook: Roni Motors Thailand Contact Us: Mr Soni: 0891135701 Mr Roni: 0822122022 Visit Our Website: http://www.ronimotorsthailand.net Help Us Reach Our Website on Number 1 On Google Please SubsCribe And Share Our Video Thank You Please Let Us Know Anything You Want to Ask Us In The Comments Section Below
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Toyota Innova Reborn Tipe G 2019 Pasang Bodykit Innova VENTURER Brand New Original Toyota
Toko Bobby (Spec. Rare Item) Alamat: Mall MGK Kemayoran Lt.6 Blok A20 No.1 Jakarta Pusat. Google Maps: Bobby Spec. Rare Item 0813 8043 0320 (Call/Whatsapp) . IG: @bobbyspecrareitem
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Toyota Yaris GRMN review - Gazoo Racing brand kicks off with 209bhp hot hatch
SUBSCRIBE for more great car videos: http://aex.ae/2gY9ABE 2018 Toyota Yaris GRMN - full review: http://aex.ae/2AM8ktG Toyota has never fully committed to the idea of making a bona fide hot hatchback before, preferring instead to deliver a series of competent but hardly mind-altering warm hatchbacks over the years. But this new, limited edition, £26,295, 209bhp Toyota Yaris GRMN is the exception to that rule. Let’s see what it can do… More Auto Express videos Car reviews playlist: http://aex.ae/2gY4ViX More on AutoExpress.co.uk Top 10 hot hatches 2018: http://aex.ae/2n4sUkh Top 10 best superminis cars: http://aex.ae/2DBko7d New VW up! GTI review: http://aex.ae/2DoKWZu Follow us Twitter: https://twitter.com/AutoExpress Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AutoExpress Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/autoexpress... Snapchat: http://www.snapchat.com/add/auto.express
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New Toyota Car Prices In The Philippines. (2019)
New Toyota Car Prices In The Philippines. (2019) I made a video about used cars, and many requested I did a video about new cars. So we toured a large Toyota Showroom in the Philippines and got an idea of the prices. Included in the video are prices lists of all models, both cash and credit. Contact details for the person who showed us around are also in the video. We just make videos, we don't sell cars. Village People Philippines.
Onboard | Grabfeld Rallye 2018 Mats vd Brand/Hein Verschuuren - Toyota Corolla AE86 [HD]
Onboard Mats van den Brand/Hein Verschuuren Toyota Corolla AE86 Grabfeldrallye 2018 WP2 Bayernturm XL.
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COLLECTION DAY! Buying My Second BRAND NEW Toyota Tacoma!
Help us reach 50,000 SUBSCRIBERS! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVx5ZqHmGq1PZE_4GUxIe8w Come along for the Collection Day of my BRAND NEW 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road!! I truly loved owning the 2007 Tacoma for 8 years, and this time around, when searching for the vehicle to replace my 2010 Lotus Evora, swapping out for a new Tacoma was the best possible choice! Red or Blue were the only colors I really wanted, and I figured that if I was going for my dream truck, CRAWL Control had to be on the options list! This was a tough choice deciding on the used 2016 or a brand new 2017. Both trucks were nearly identical except for the fact that 2017 has a power sliding rear glass. But since it was only $2k more for brand new, and I plan on having this 10+ years, going for brand new was the best choice! I love my new Tacoma and it makes adding my dream sportscar even more attainable! Enjoy the new addition to the channel and some fun adventures! Music By: Joakim Karud http://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud Spring Light https://soundcloud.com/ukiyoau Fast Forward Follow us on [email protected] Like us on Facebook..Facebook.com/brosfourrspeed
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Ronnie Ward Toyota Brand
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BRAND NEW 2019 RED DEAD HILUX // Toyota Hilux Fuel Zephyr Wheels, Tyres, Lift Kit & 4x4 Accessories
Roses are red and envy is green, this Hilux has the first, candy apple red Zephyrs to be seen. It’s always a pleasure to reveal new and exclusive products, but even more so when customers put full trust in our process. It’s the standards we have, the passion we drive and the enthusiasm we share that makes people drop their keys off and leave it in our capable hands. We added subtle touches to Phillips Hilux that we know he’d love. Being a Brian Deegan fan, we sourced some Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 M/T’s to finish off what was a tasteful build to promote his brand of detailing and polishing. The first Fuel Zephyr in candy Apple Red to go on any car in Australia was also Phillips differentiator. Of course, an AC 2 inch lift kit, E boards and simple black outs and smoked tail lights, it didn’t take much to make it stand out. ► Fuel Zephyr Wheels [Candy Apple Red] ►Deegan 38" M/T Tyres ►Window Tint ►2" AC LIFT KIT ►E Boards ►Smoked Tail Lights ►Bonnet Protector ►Weather Shields ►Blacked Out Components Shop now: http://www.autocraze.com.au Call: 1800 099 634 12 Months Interest-Free Available ☎️ 1800 099 634 💰 12 Months Interest-Free Available 🚚 Free Shipping Australia-wide ❤️ FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/autocrazeau 🍆 Instagram: https://instagram.com/autocrazeau/ ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------------------------- Save up to 50% off wheels, tyres and wheel & tyre packages at AutoCraze. Free Shipping Australia-wide*
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Bbnaija!!! Alex Gets A Surprise Brand New Toyota Car And Bike On Her Birthday From Fans
Bbnaija!!! Alex Gets A Surprise Brand New Toyota Car And Bike On Her Birthday From Fans Subscribe: https://goo.gl/xFCco2
Introducing the Brand New 2018 Toyota C-HR!
We couldn't be more excited to have a brand new Toyota on the lot! Sales Consultant Randy Hirneisen explains why we can't stop gushing over the 2018 Toyota C-HR XLE. Milton Ruben Toyota 3510 Washington Rd. Augusta, GA 3090 Sales: 888-516-3798 Service: 706-396-3551 http://www.miltonrubentoyota.com
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Is Toyota The Most Unappreciated Brand In 2019?
Ever since the new Toyota Supra has been unveiled, many car enthusiasts have vented their frustration and disappointment with the design and that it's basically a BMW Z4. However, are we being unappreciative of what the Toyota brand has done over the last 5 years? First Podcast Episode: https://soundcloud.com/user-195016235/first-podcast-is-toyota-unappreciated Follow Boston Auto Blog on Instagram: @BostonAutoBlog Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bostonautoblog/ Website: http://www.bostonautoblog.com
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Toyota Nederland - Brand Event 2017 Aftermovie
Finally! Here is the longer version of the recap form the Toyota brand event 2017 in Raamsdonksveer. If you like the video, have any questions or suggestions let us know! Don't forget to like and subscribe for more good stuff in the future. -------------------------------------------------------------------- ►Website: http://www.ampersandmedia.nl ►Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ampersand_media/ ►Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ampersandfilm/ --------------------------------------------------------------------
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Toyota Nederland - Brand event 2017
Short recap form the Toyota brand event 2017 in Raamsdonksveer. If you like the video, have any questions or suggestions let us know! Don't forget to like and subscribe for more good stuff in the future. -------------------------------------------------------------------- ►Website: http://www.ampersandmedia.nl ►Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ampersand_media/ ►Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ampersandfilm/ --------------------------------------------------------------------
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Cars Loan & Cars for Sale Brand of Lexus RX300-330 | Toyota Prius & Toyota HighLander Limited
Hello ! Everyone, Wellcome to my channel. My channels made Video about Knowledge Technology For Car.In this video you will see Second hand cars for sale details. These used cars are in really good condition and the prices mentioned are negotiable to certain extent. You can contact the showroom for further details. There are facilities of sale, exchange, finance and purchase with 3 months of warranty on engine and Gear Transmission. Rates and prices of all the second hand cars are mentioned on the cars and also mentioned in the video along with the odoo meter reading and year of manufacture and registration.⁣⁣ Car for sale all model. Thank so much! Contact me on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/usacarimportcambodia/ Contact me on youtube :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCROD1So_juGCM_fPIHQw8OQ Find me on Facebook Page :https://www.facebook.com/Mondial-Auto-806153822791414/
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Toyota Glanza Walkaround | Hindi | MotorOctane
Toyota Glanza is an all new premium hatchback or a rebadged Baleno, whichever way you look at it. This is a new product for the Toyota brand, which the company is looking at adding more options into its fleet. In terms of performance, there is the same 1.2-litre petrol engine. It comes mated to a five-speed manual and CVT. Follow us on Subscribe us @ YouTube : http://bit.ly/MotorOctane Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/motoroctane Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/motoroctane Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/motoroctane YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MotorOctane #ToyotaGlanza #MotorOctane Website: https://motoroctane.com Digitally Powered by One Digital Entertainment [https://www.facebook.com/onedigitalentertainment] [http://www.onedigitalentertainment.com]
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Абсолютно новая Toyota Camry Презентация
#Toyota #Camry #newCamry Новое поколение Toyota Camry — это триумф инженерной мысли и премиальный комфорт, вдохновляющий на новые победы. Уникальная модульная архитектура TNGA*, динамичный дизайн с плавными линиями кузова и передовое техническое оснащение позволяют стать новому поколению Toyota Camry эталоном бизнес-седана.
Toyota Cross Branding Pontiac and Our Denver Auto Repair
303 919 7769 https://autorepairdenvercolorado.com/ Today, we are going to talk about a little bit more about Toyota vehicles and how their cross-branding helps not only save you money but to keep you in a more reliable car. We often hear cross-branding in terms of one manufacture making multiple different brands with the same name in the case of Toyota, Scion and Lexus are all Toyota products yet are delineated as different brand names for different markets in the united states. One thing that we often look at that the consumer may not see directly, is the way cross-branding affects you even in different makes and models that you never thought were together. 303 919 7769 https://autorepairdenvercolorado.com/ Creative Digital B2C Inbound, Content and social marketing by THE Local SEO and YouTube Marketing experts https://stern.marketing #denver #toyota #autorepair #pontiac #getstern
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TOYOTA 79 SERIES LANDCRUISER TOUR // inc. brands, links, tips & essentials for remote travel
Here it is the highly requested 79 Series tour… Michael & Wendy have returned from nearly 9 weeks on the road in their 79 Series and Ultimate Off-Road Camper… One question we were constantly asked was ‘Can you show us through the truck’… Yes we can! We have kept it brief although the video is on the long side (there is so much to see and cover) so if you have any questions or would like to know more about a specific part or product please let us know in the comments below… In this video not only do you get a tour of the Toyota 79 Series you also get some great remote/outback travel tips and an essential packing list which both make great resources if you are planning a trip in the near future. *this video was not endorsed or sponsored by any of the brands featured, there are so many great brands available we recommend doing your own research and finding which brand suits your needs the best. In most cases we have used these brands for years and are happy with them so we stick to them… ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL OUTBACK TRAVEL 1. PREPERATION - not just of your vehicle and trailer but of yourself, know where your going and what could be expected 2. AIR DOWN - let your tyre pressures down 3. SLOW DOWN - enjoy the scenery and the trip, don’t be in a hurry! 4. Drive to the road conditions ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ESSENTIAL ITEMS TO PACK FOR REMOTE TRAVEL - Laser thermometer - Michael Explains why this is a really important tool to keep handy on your next big trip - First aid kit - no brainer - Water & extra fuel - Spare parts to suit your car - Fire extinguisher - there are 2 fitted in the 79 Series, 1 in the cabin and one in the canopy. - Recovery gear - Tyre puncture repair kit - bush knife/axe/machete - A personal Locator Beacon - We carry the KTI brand ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Canopy by Trig Point - http://www.trigpoint.com.au Head Lights & Rear Spot Lights by Narva - https://www.narva.com.au Bullbar & Side steps by Unique 4x4 - http://uneek4x4.com.au/ Winch by Warn - https://international.warn.com Antenas & UHF Radio by GME - https://www.gme.net.au/gme-au Tyres by Mickey Thompson, running Baja ATZ - https://www.mickeythompsontires.com.au Rims by Speedy Wheels, Deadlock Alloy 16x8 - https://speedywheels.com.au/product/deadlock/ Snorkel by Safari 4x4 - https://www.safari4x4.com.au Canopy Drawers are designed and made by Ultimate Campers Airbags to help level the car when fully loaded by Dominator fitted by ARB Burleigh - https://www.arb.com.au Storage Bag on rear wheel by ARB - https://www.arb.com.au Bog mats fitted on roof by Max Trax - https://www.maxtrax.com.au Reverse Camera, Multi Media System & Speakers by Kenwood - http://www.kenwood.com/au/car/ Rear View camera by Elinz but was supplied and fitted by Trig Point Auxilery Battery by Remco, 170AMP AGM Battery - http://www.remcobatteries.com.au DCDC Charger by Redarc - https://www.redarc.com.au Canopy Fridge by Evakool - https://www.evakool.com Air Compressor by Thomas Air Compressors Roof racks on top of canopy and used inside canopy by Rhino Rack - http://www.rhinorack.com.au Seat Covers by The Wet Seat - http://thewetseat.com Subwoofer by Fusion - https://www.fusionentertainment.com Door Speaker pods and centre console by Cruiser Consoles - https://cruiserconsole.com.au Electric Break Controller by Redarc, Tow Pro - https://www.redarc.com.au/electric-trailer-brake-controller Suspension by Old Man Emu - https://www.arb.com.au Navigation throughout the trip by Hema Maps, Explorer App - https://www.hemamaps.com/navigate/hema-explorer
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TOYOTA GAZOO Racing - Brand Message
TOYOTA GAZOO Racing とは https://toyotagazooracing.com/jp/our-story/ TOYOTA GAZOO Racingの使命は、 「もっといいクルマづくり」への挑戦である。 モータースポーツという極限の状況で 新しい技術や方法を追求し、 自らを革新しつづけられるか。 クルマを鍛え、人を鍛える。 その挑戦のなかで学ぶものは大きいはずだ。 道と語り、人を鍛える。 それはやがてTOYOTAのDNAとなる。 TOYOTA GAZOO Racingは、 クルマがくれる走る歓びを すべてのひとにもたらすために、走る。 PUSHING THE LIMITS FOR BETTER
Views: 4999 TOYOTA GAZOO Racing