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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Black Face debate

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Mac, Frank and Dennis debate the tricky moral dilemna of 'black face'
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Low Bo47omz Ascot Ave (13 days ago)
*Eastside Low Bottoms shit !* As a Black man, i must say THIS SHOW IS THE SHIT !!!! For u squares, that's one of the highest compliments u could receive. This makes me want to go home and break out the DVD's ! #TheNightmanCometh
connor wentzell (1 month ago)
I’m black and I love this scene to death. Especially frank. I give this the go ahead 😂
Hank Hill (2 months ago)
Dennis can pull off a more believable black voice than Shaun King
Adamatronamus (2 months ago)
This debate is over. Always Sunny cast broke down walls.
TJT (2 months ago)
Topical now
Michael Riccio (2 months ago)
Democrats in Virginia right now.
Sexhaie (2 months ago)
I love that they have a debate that sounds like actual talking points people have on these types of issues, and then Frank comes along and throws a wrench in the debate with an absurd POV.
Manuel M (2 months ago)
If only Ralph "Coonman" Northman knew what we know now.
Russian Bot (3 months ago)
Racism is made up bullshit used to divide us and pander for votes.
Jack Package (3 months ago)
Nothing racist about black face. Besides nothing wrong with racism.
Glenn Matthews (3 months ago)
I love how there's a black guy sitting in the back
harrigan71 (4 months ago)
It's funny because its true, black people have gigantic lips.
Kazimir Schwitters (5 months ago)
This is possibly the funniest bit of the whole show.
Tickleshits (5 months ago)
anyone else notice the black guy in the back? lmao
Wyatt Strauss (8 months ago)
I agree with Mac.
Itsa Games (8 months ago)
Gotttta make the lips funny 😂😂
wlfmanjack (8 months ago)
James Earl Jones is doing a great black face
Joel Smith (8 months ago)
Mac and Dennis are both wrong. Frank is spot on though
Daryl Evans (8 months ago)
“What kinda voice was that”! Lol
Dominic DiRicci (8 months ago)
...Do I wanna see my ex special-forces ex-partner, marry my baby girl daughter?
Morgan The God (8 months ago)
Shoutout Drake
Patrick Beavers (8 months ago)
“He HAS a black face, HE’S A BLACK MAN!!”
Patrick Beavers (8 months ago)
“A very tasteful example of reverse-blackface”
Mr Research ADOS NEWS (9 months ago)
Kim House (9 months ago)
Love how they try to rationalize this shit
dacosta0656 (10 months ago)
the trick is to get the right colored shoe polish
Kurt Freaking Cobain (11 months ago)
Is this their first Lethal Weapon episode? which specific episode is this?
eat it stanley (10 months ago)
s6 ep9 "dee reynolds: shaping americas youth"
Pipa Cacao (1 year ago)
I love how all of them are oblivious in regards to the quality of the Lethal Weapons remake that they did. :D
Tryhardblackguy (1 year ago)
Jamie Wells (1 year ago)
We are in the process of making Passenger 58 where I will be playing Wesley Snipes in Black Face
Tre B (1 year ago)
It's funny how Mac and Dennis' belief on "what is racist" reveals so much about their characters. Mac committed a terrible social taboo in wearing blackface, but it was in the sincere attempt to try and portray the character of Murtaugh accurately. There's nothing exaggerated about his appearance, and he tries his best to mimic Danny Glover's voice. Dennis, on the other hand, is very much focused on appearances. He is conscious of the social taboos of playing a blackfaced character, and completely avoids it. But then, feeling he's safe from any racist labeling, chooses to give Murtaugh a stereotypical black voice, when Danny Glover sounds nothing like that. Now, in Dennis' defense, he just views the world in stereotypes, which is why he also gives Riggs a ridiculous Australian accent, in spite of the fact that it sounds nothing like Riggs. He does this just because Mel Gibson was raised in Australia, so he figures "I'll give him an Aussie accent." As a sidenote, Dee is worse than both of them, because she did both blackface and a ridiculous "black" voice for her character. Then of course there's Frank, who doesn't give a fuck and just comes up with the most ridiculous Indian stereotype he can come up with.
Gottenburg (6 days ago)
Jesus Christ I finished a whole beer start to finish reading that!
locprism (13 days ago)
shut up science bitch
Danny was only doing his Penguin impression though, throughout the shark scene
Now that is an interesting insight. Love how one can see these kinds of analysis on yt only in iasip clips. Didn't see that in other sitcom clips
Mashano Malbrough (5 months ago)
I appreciate the fact that they are making fun of ignorant people, the real low lives in society.
Luke T. (1 year ago)
Dennis makes actually a good point. The Wayne's Brother did 'White face' (with some stereo typical White girl), and no one seems to care. I didn't care at all. I still don't care. Why are people so "sensitive"? Why are some people always complain?
Reubenofthedead (4 months ago)
Yeah, but the movie sucked, and I found that offensive.
Chris Grudge (8 months ago)
Black face existed because blacks weren’t allowed to be in movies (and when it got a bit better, not allowed for lead/speaking roles). In modern times blacks aren’t proportionally represented in Hollywood or any non white race for that matter. The white chicks example is as asinine as asking why there isn’t a white entertainment channel, you pretty much have to void all context for those things to be equal.
Sean Appel (1 year ago)
Well, that and the fact that, especially back then, it wasnt hard for a white person to be in a movie, but rare for a black person to be in a movie. So instead of hiring black actors, people would hire white actors and dress them up as black people.
Aisosa Ihama (1 year ago)
*Wayans plus the difference is in the pretext to it. Blackface was solely to dehumanise and mock the black people already brutalised at the time and whiteface, if you can even call it that, wasn't ever a thing done by masses of black people for the purpose of degrading whites. Apart from that I pretty much agree with you
Jeff (1 year ago)
Olga (1 year ago)
i love this scene cause it shows pretty clearly that doing a "black voice" is just as racist
Aaron B (7 months ago)
Olga Svenselts wrong.
John Chaser (7 months ago)
Not really
Kaler Wen (8 months ago)
mohsen maghrebi boo
mohsen maghrebi (11 months ago)
Olga Svenselts u r hot
Regan (1 year ago)
i love that frank has a coaster but isn’t using it
MegaBro Games (1 year ago)
AlwaysGonnaSing (1 year ago)
You gotta understand, the joke is that none of them have any clue what the hell they're talking about
Letty Lunasical (1 day ago)
+Stout Shako So many people argue that 'anything can be funny' which is true; but it depends who you are laughing at and how talented a comedian you are. The Always Sunny guys get that, hence why they're so funny and not Family Guy.
ben dover (13 days ago)
+Rodycaz 'Explaining jokes is like dissecting a frog, no one cares and the frog is dead'
Rodycaz (8 months ago)
AlwaysGonnaSing You gotta understand, explaining jokes is the lamest thing somebody can do.
Stout Shako (9 months ago)
I remember watching the first episode and getting outraged and disgusted because it seemed like the show was saying HEY LOOK THIS GUY GOT RAPED BY OTHER GUYS ISN'T THAT FUNNY. It wasn't until I forced myself to watch through more episodes (I really wanted to get to the episodes with Danny DeVito so I could see the Troll Toll happen) that I finally GOT it. The joke wasn't that rape is funny. The joke is that Dennis's friends are so awful, they set him up to get raped just out of pettiness. Which would still be horrible if Dennis himself wasn't just as disgusting of a person. It's a wonder how this show is still chugging along with such horrid, despicable characters, but they're its greatest asset. It's got some of the most clever writing simply because they can cover literally any horrible topic, and still make it funny just because you're having so much fun laughing at their misfortune.
crimson bolt (1 year ago)
I have no clue what you're talking about
Big Jimmy (1 year ago)
This is arguably the greatest clip in tv history
Snakes In The Lane (1 year ago)
And you gotta get the right color of shoe polish.
D. Jones (1 year ago)
Haha, where's the bit where Frank mentions James Earl Jones in Star Wars "Great blackface!" and Dennis goes "James Earl Jones has a black face! James Earl Jones is a black man!" and Frank says, "He was Darth Vader, they took off the mask, the guy was white!"
Tacodog 76 (1 year ago)
Robert Downey Jr in tropic thunder?
Benny Hath (3 months ago)
Ain't nothin' but a thang
Max Power (3 months ago)
Dan Aykroyd in that one scene in Trading Places. And also Kramer in "The Wife" episode of Seinfeld. Aykroyd: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cb72148xQco Kramer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjuCx2EQt1k&t=19s
Ashton Salinas (4 months ago)
Technically his character underwent pigmentation surgery in order to gain the darker skin tone. Kudos to Downey for playing one of the most complex characters in modern comedy. A dude playing a dude disgused as another dude!
magna blemur (6 months ago)
His character is in blackface
Kit Palmer (7 months ago)
+Mamamew TheRani I was only 9 or 10 when that film came out, only saw the trailer and it took me years to figure out Robert Downey Jr was white
The Admiral (1 year ago)
RDJ in Tropic Thunder
Library Adjacent (5 months ago)
+mr. Wldasoldmysoul4pussyasateen im black and I cried laughing when I saw this years ago.
Smack I'm black and that was hilarious
Shinichi Kudo (1 year ago)
Well, nowadays, if you use ebonics or black voice speak, people would just normally assume that you are doing an impression of someone. It is nowhere near as racist when you actually paint your skin to copy a different race.
Boogie Man (7 months ago)
Marc Blackface isn’t racist? Yeah you definitely an racist clown.
Olga (1 year ago)
"ebonics" are just as racist, as this scene shows. that's what this scene is about, that's the point of this scene.
Miguel Perez (1 year ago)
But what if you actually paint your face to do an accurate impression of someone, in this case Danny Glover?
ÅNtwΛN ÅNdRΞsoN (1 year ago)
Rafael artiga (1 year ago)
you gotta make the lips funny 💀
Handful Of Rag Tags (2 years ago)
anastasia (2 years ago)
"you can't do the voice without the lips"
SuperChunkymonkey98 (2 years ago)
Which episode is this
Panny Baek (2 years ago)
God...this could actually be in a philosophy class!
I do believe that if one day humanity will go to making more complex and deep sitcom characters we will study iasip like a fucking multiplication table
CHR1SV1DS (2 years ago)
and you gotta make the lips funny
PROTECTION (10 months ago)
Ooooh! No.
Kevin Lazaro (2 years ago)
CHR1SV1DS whoah what's that, that is extremely racist
Matt Phebus (2 years ago)
I like how Frank is making a mosaic out of cashews on the bar
Chesterson Jack (10 months ago)
I’ve done that
trolzilalol (1 year ago)
Zero Rocks frank is filthy rich so he don't give a damn lol
Zero Rocks (1 year ago)
Ned's Head Criminal misuse. Those motherfuckers are expensive.
JR Ewing (2 years ago)
It's ironic how the The Gang are disgusted by racism but still displayed racist tendencies towards Gays, Jews, Blacks and other people.
Snakes In The Lane (1 year ago)
Dis a Taiwan Tammy, she own raunry and do dry crean and nairs.
Jesus Delgado (1 year ago)
Thats Donald trump in a nutshell
Vyacheslav Lisiy (1 year ago)
actually, Theroux... Devito is about as liberal as they come. Supported Bernie Sanders. MacElhenney has two moms and is an advocate for gay rights. They all show up at LGBTQ pride events. Think you're a little bit wrong, bud.
- anne (2 years ago)
that's the joke
Theroux (2 years ago)
None of them are racist or liberal, same applies to all of them in real life. They play their characters well both in the show and real life.
agenerichuman (3 years ago)
I love how no one has a problem with Frank playing an American Indian.
Letty Lunasical (1 day ago)
+Mini Panini Nice shade at all black people. But some Native Americans *do* get pissed off about appropriation and people dressing as them in a costume.
Eh, he was just doing his Penguin impression
Skeet Skeet (8 months ago)
Lollll that completely flew over my head. This show has some incredible social commentary.
OrangeManBad (8 months ago)
IM DA PINNACLE OF HUMANITEE Brush up on the meaning of edge. You've got a good name, I have high hopes for you, don't squander it by misusing edge and cringe.
Why is Freddie Freaker being so edgy as shit
desertsn0wball (3 years ago)
The lips part got me lol
Nana Adu-Krow (1 year ago)
desertsn0wball I laugh at Frank's moment every single time 😂
starkiller871 (3 years ago)
i love dennis's impersonation of all black people
Dutch McCavern (1 year ago)
Goddammit Dutch! What other errands do you have us running for the D.A.?!
xtacoxfacex on PS (1 year ago)
I like his CCH Pounder impression
A H (1 year ago)
starkiller871 should have said we out here
Kevin Lazaro (2 years ago)
starkiller871 oh come man what that white man doin come on that ain't right get a black man
213213yoyo (2 years ago)
Love your avatar
VCthaGOATdunker (3 years ago)
Mac is such a politically correct panzy.
MarvelousMusic (8 months ago)
23 idiots liked? Hmm
Olga (1 year ago)
if you're watching this show thinking they aren't making fun of politically incorrect people, you're wrong
Katherine Byers (1 year ago)
this thread needs a nice cup of tea ☕️ and a reminder that it's just a silly show.
Max Durk (1 year ago)
VCthaGOATdunker Youre just trying to start fights
Oscar Öhman (1 year ago)
Yet I wasn't calling anyone a racist. I call people racists when they make racist statements.

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