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Goldberg's most extreme moments: WWE Top 10

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Since his debut in 1997, Goldberg has proven time and again that he is one of the most powerful forces in sports-entertainment. Count down 10 of the most extreme moments involving the man they call Goldberg. Get your first month of WWE Network for FREE: http://wwenetwork.com Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: http://bit.ly/1i64OdT Visit WWE.com: http://goo.gl/akf0J4 Must-See WWE videos on YouTube: https://goo.gl/QmhBof
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Text Comments (3431)
100% Wahrheit (16 hours ago)
Extreme Moment No: 7? 😂😂😂
rico rico (1 day ago)
Always for Goldberg !
Пагнали (2 days ago)
Что это за чмошники
god valkrie beyblade (2 days ago)
Top 5 ppl
Elvis Avetu (2 days ago)
Rushi Khan (3 days ago)
Nice video ha par isma roman nahi
郭立群 (3 days ago)
MrPainful21 (4 days ago)
Goldberg is Hiob.
Monkey Luffy (5 days ago)
Goldbergs way wasnt used by wwe they dont want him to be so dominant
Santosh Chourasiya (7 days ago)
Goldberg very powerful man OK
Santosh Chourasiya (7 days ago)
Goldberg very powerful man OK
Rahul Pandey (7 days ago)
Goldberg is pure beast !! Unmatched
Ali Kali (7 days ago)
Shubham kumar (8 days ago)
2:23 😂🤣😄😅😆
Kinjal Banik (8 days ago)
Goldberg is one of the most powerful wrestler in wwe history.
MY FINGER SLIPPED. (11 days ago)
1:03 butt cam
Michael Burrell (11 days ago)
The GOAT 🐐
Dharmesh Thakor (11 days ago)
Goldberg is very fast
Dharmesh Thakor (11 days ago)
Goldberg is a strong man and stamina is too crowded
Theocharis2 arkopelos (12 days ago)
173-0 streak ..nothing more
Nicolas Balint (12 days ago)
Umut Akdogan (11 days ago)
Ajmal Akbar (12 days ago)
I've Never seen such impressive flexibility, in-ring talent and physique in any other superstar.
A _Hassan (14 days ago)
Real best ❤
Big Boyz 49 (14 days ago)
GoldBerg is the man who think for his Sturgles and his 367 pound Body of high fat Muscles
Muh Nizam (15 days ago)
Goldberg ia the best
Big Daddy886 (15 days ago)
My boy bam bam bigalo
Ayush Rao (15 days ago)
1:57 and 2:16 was too epic man Also 3:45
MFF monsters (15 days ago)
Goldberg is the best wrestler ever in wwe and Roman also can't beat him
Zurely (15 days ago)
GOLDBURG made wrestling more interesting.
G4 MaxBoy (15 days ago)
I think he is the strongest wwe wrestler in history
Time Is Money (15 days ago)
soumyadeep chatterjee (16 days ago)
0:31 jump
GG Nympex (16 days ago)
Goldberg number one..!
ShiVam (17 days ago)
Goldberg my hero
Marcus De Villiers (18 days ago)
3:03 ICON
Aaron M (18 days ago)
Him beating Hogan isn’t on this list!? Did you see the crowd pop that had!?
Irawati Soeryosuseno (19 days ago)
My list of all times: 1 GOLDBERG 2 John Cena 3 Stone Cold Steve AUSTIN
lickitysplit roberts (19 days ago)
Was always my favorite
AlphaOmega (19 days ago)
That look on triple Hs face when Jericho got speared
XD Kiznix (20 days ago)
If only Goldberg is not leave the WWE and not follow the script he will remain unstoppable so the streak continue and i think he can beat Undertaker i mean he defended 2 stronger superstar (which i think) Brock Lesnar 2 time and Scott Steiner who became rival to Goldberg on back day and remember he lift the biggest athlete like Big Show and Bam Bam Well that just what i think because i love Goldberg he show how dominance can be on the ring
Igbale Jakupi (20 days ago)
Mehul Kashyap (22 days ago)
1:47 damn most extreme moment 😬😂
ABHIJEET THOMBRE (22 days ago)
Goldberg was undoubtedly a wrestling legend, but WWE was fake. Rampaging the room!? Seriously do u say he was insane? U should read about him
Rufino Esquivel (23 days ago)
stone cold is better
V2 Vids (23 days ago)
shad jc (21 days ago)
Sandra Buitrago (23 days ago)
The best. ..
Vel A (23 days ago)
The most powerful spear i would say is only when he took out Christian and split him into half..as JR would say.. The rest were just grab and push..made to look like a spear.
Kareem Badr (25 days ago)
GSK RK (25 days ago)
I want see again Goldberg action in ring
Wayne Grant (25 days ago)
Vince and Wcw left so much money on the table with this guy. If he would have been promoted and written for better he could have been the best ever!!!
yaseen ahmed (25 days ago)
if goldberg was in jail in less than 1.5 seconds he would be out
Kez How24 (26 days ago)
Craig Marduk
king409lucas cam (27 days ago)
He might be old but he's still a legend
Victor Ajileye (27 days ago)
He’s a beast
monty rawat (27 days ago)
Happy barthday Goldberg 🎂🎂(28/12/2018)
Hardik Sahni (28 days ago)
Love u goldberg
Danyal Mehdi (30 days ago)
3:14 when the hype cam back in the end of 2016.
Danyal Mehdi (30 days ago)
1:35 when you lose a game of fortnite.
Kiwi machine (30 days ago)
I miss the late 90s
mike Blackbone (30 days ago)
Goldberg for life and forever, lesnar is a coward. allll my life till end of time is Goldberg.
rajveer rathore (30 days ago)
Goldberg always my favourite
Ankush Sathe (30 days ago)
Goldberg is wrestling king
R.W.E INDIA (1 month ago)
Jack Chell (1 month ago)
Bill Goldberg
Braun strawman is the strongest in wwe history
Koushikur Rahman (1 month ago)
The Best Ever
Sack Siren (1 month ago)
3:42 Look at the size of this man 😀
Roger Ferris (1 month ago)
The best athlete ever to wrestle!
Ajith Ajith (1 month ago)
2 nice
Vfawrce Mizo (1 month ago)
My childhood hero then and now.. golberg😄
Abdullah Abubaker (1 month ago)
Goldberg is the one who only defeat LESNAR
Nitsuga.G.C GC (1 month ago)
Goldberg is Kratos= Kratosberg
jaga Bandhu (1 month ago)
All time greatest wrestler Goldberg.
scotiansen (1 month ago)
Brock had the stones to fight in the UFC. Goldberg didnt.
Hhh Hhh (1 month ago)
He is a legend Only legend in wwe
Claw X (1 month ago)
Paul Is a Stink as Gay
Thanks! Have a perfect days to all! 🙂
Vedansh Joshi (1 month ago)
Power of Capricorn . Gold berg is Capricorn .
John T (1 month ago)
to shoulder press steiner like that.  omg...
The Game Maniac 3D (1 month ago)
Santa is real mad
We want Goldberg again plz
NIRVANA IS LOVE (1 month ago)
موج البحر (1 month ago)
بطل ولله
Uchiha Madara (1 month ago)
Goldberg, the man everyone wanted to come back and when he did he got boo'ed after a month, like really?
Famas Samy (1 month ago)
Mdrrrrrrrrrrrr catchhhh is all fake
Sugam Khanal (1 month ago)
Can't believe - THIS MAN IS VEGETERIAN !
mehdi skywalker (1 month ago)
2:18 the referee 😂
Neelkamal Notay (1 month ago)
Goldberg is the best
Joseph Anantharaj (1 month ago)
1:57 the one thing only people who are as strong as goldberg are capable of doing
Ajith brock (1 month ago)
My list all of time brocklesnar and Goldberg
RRR FitNESS (1 month ago)
Gaming HD (1 month ago)
the best is bill goldberg
Md Jahangir (1 month ago)
Md raja dada
Tahar Lounes (1 month ago)
There are not real fights.
wenzhao gao (1 month ago)
love goldberg
Arvin Ramjeet (1 month ago)
The chak
parvej saifi (1 month ago)
Goldberg is Goldberg
Bobby Farmer (1 month ago)
Goldberg was an pure athlete and a manbeast in his wcw days. When he returns to wwe,he destroy Brock Lesnar at survivor series with the record setting 1:25 seconds. Goldberg is legendary!!!
Mihir Maiti (1 month ago)
Most powerful men

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