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Big Mouth Black Women Can't Keep Quiet & 3 Humble Sisters Take Heed!!!

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Text Comments (1939)
72defender (32 minutes ago)
This segment brought to you by Advil. Lord knows you’re going to need it after 22:40 of non-stop barking.
ManofWords (2 days ago)
mentally ill people will always see justice ass hate because their egos are good for now even if that means degrading yourself to a lower form
Donny Brown (2 days ago)
Kim Ivey (4 days ago)
The most high don't care about your decree all shall burn in fire. Our people are lost period
Ileen Randle (5 days ago)
Woww my Brothers surely bring out the devil in the Jakes🔥🔥🔥🔥✊🏽✊🏽
jonjon (11 days ago)
Whoever got her pregnant had to commit suicide nvm his still alive dying inside
Big Jboogie (13 days ago)
Lmao she tried to out talk someone with a crew of men, mic, and speakers. So unprepared.
frank davi (17 days ago)
African American men well done tell them the true the true shall set us free this is what they call a woman who listens to word of Jehovah
frank davi (17 days ago)
Africa America women her all copying white folks how they dress that is why America people don't have culture
frank davi (17 days ago)
This girl is not even Ashame of her self with edomic white folk idiot
frank davi (17 days ago)
Is that a white folk husband or what you Africa American do not know your culture at all
frank davi (17 days ago)
Sometime if I see Africa American black woman her not well train in their father and mother home they talk any how
Another part of the 2/3 tribe a lost soul we don’t need wick heathens in our tribe/tribes
Fred Mac (19 days ago)
Unfortunately he does not wear the pants or run his house hold that was extremely disrespectful for run up on grown ass men then cover her husband mouth up WOW. smh
john smith (20 days ago)
she right its nothing you can do but deal with it but all these pro black groups need to go to Washington and do something about blacks being called MINORITIES.PREACH TO WHITE MEN IN WASHINGTON AND CHANGE THAT
Justin Matthews (22 days ago)
Shut up you stupid loud mouth fuck spewing stupid racist shit
Nita J (23 days ago)
Why do these dogs get to harass people ??? I hate these Black Supremest !!!
Nita J (23 days ago)
I hate these people. People trying to live life and these animals have to be loud and obnoxious. Puke !!!
He can control his biyach this is the average bw.She and her husband proved there point.The smartest one was the kid.
Amin Yousuf (27 days ago)
But what are they trying to achieve.?
Sydney Austin (28 days ago)
Where is this at ? Hummm...I aint taken no sides but, The Google me rant was it for me... Google me, lol
Us Jacob's (jews) Hebrew Israelites are the way and the kings
Blue Eyes (1 month ago)
Any fool that wants to bow down to these THINGS.....and be enslaved by these THINGS... Deserves the most miserable lives they could ever imagine...Who the hell is bowing down to this kind of male and why? They are a joke.. Mouthy and threatening.. If they truly followed and BELIEVED in the words of God then they sure as hell wouldnt be out and about threatening people... God sees these THINGS for exactly what they are.. SINNERS.....hate, violence, judgement....smdh...Its not surprising to see these THINGS...picking on women and insulting them.. That shows their weakness..weak, whiny males.. Not men...Cowards, pathetic, bullys and oooooo how intimidating to see a whole 8 of these..THINGS...
Blue Eyes (1 month ago)
Ragingbull340 (1 month ago)
Those young sisters were probably never told they were worthy of anything.
Loretta Moses (1 month ago)
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.
Loretta Moses (1 month ago)
“A shameless woman shall be counted as a dog; but she that is shamefaced will fear the Lord.”
RAYMOND Palmer (1 month ago)
Some people graduate college and be still stupid mr west before the death of his mother
Willie Paul (1 month ago)
She said go to school nd get an education?huh what?
Robin baddie (1 month ago)
Changing my whole life I use to be loud mouth so not cute 😞 gotta Grow
T V (1 month ago)
Actually both sides are retarded. Neither makes a compelling argument.
jay man (1 month ago)
We stuck because we are lazy and want someone to give us something.
MusicX (1 month ago)
Y’all are part of some weird cult or something huh.
guitar guy (1 month ago)
The way both sides are acting is an embarrassment....all the yelling .....neither side is listening to the other's point.. Its just a lot of effing noise....
Marshall Posey (1 month ago)
What a moron
Stefan Pigford (1 month ago)
Kirk (1 month ago)
Did he say death to America at the end?
isa ali (1 month ago)
At age 11 my mother once told me that she hated black men and that she is a bitch and I better not ever forget it. I'm African-American male and my experiences with the black woman has been distant with tall walls and razor wire fences.!
shooguy 87 (1 month ago)
Proud to be ratchet
ViBin.IndiGo Hill (1 month ago)
I like the speaker. His voice and knowledge has power.
warrior Dog (1 month ago)
what a weak dude, man never let your woman disrespect you,....the brothers are reading from the Bible...
Cynthia Rivera (1 month ago)
Put them in prison
Cynthia Rivera (1 month ago)
The fact that xthey stand in the street insulting people who are walking by. I wishthey would just get arrested. I don't understand why they think anybody has respect for them. The man is standi g on the corner instead of making a living for his woman. That's why black women were raped and sold. Our men stand in the street putting people down.
Gilbert Fuentes (1 month ago)
If Blacks could do then they would have done it in Africa.. Where what time and place did Blacks build any society? You live in the shit-neighborhoods is because they vote democrat...
Cee N (1 month ago)
6:30 look at the dude jogging in place. LOL!!!
John Brock (1 month ago)
you have 120 years ( 4 generations ) out of slavery yet still you have not allowed yourselves to move forward and still have an average IQ of 78 to 80. The one's who have moved on and assimilated to the laws of the land and took matters into their own hands with the same modern day free education system that 98% of us have attend ed since the 1960-'s are doing just fine, you brothers need to examine your own selves and move on... Sorry GOD helps those who help themselves. Let GOD take care of the wicked in the end, in the mean time the people around you ( john q. public ) your neighbors did nothing to enslave your kind, let god take care of it, you want reparations, God put your people in the position that they are for a reason, just like my poor working 2 jobs white azz to take care of my family. Slavery was a travesty and it was the white man of the north in the usa that fought and died for slavery to end, are you gonna pay for what my grandpa and his sons did to free the slaves, it's called history for a reason. We learn from past and move forward. You are still playing the blame game.... sorry Bruh's yawl keep on with speaking of the word, but move yourself up as individuals, no one will listed to a man who cannot even pronounce basci words from the bible, who are you kidding.... yourself. I Pray you seek the holy spirit for wisdom and humble knowledge, your tone is hateful.... I will pray for you my godly brothers...
Sunnie Dae (1 month ago)
When they boast about how many houses they have, just remind them of Matthew 19:24 when Yahawashi says to his disciples "And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God". That shuts that down. :D
DE LA (1 month ago)
Retarted religizoids screaming at people trying to enjoy their day.
Helan byxkltz (1 month ago)
News flash isrealites no one cares!
tabletennisrubysuet (1 month ago)
I don't get it why hate all white people do they still have to pay for things they haven't done do they still have to pay for the sins of their ancestors yeah i really don't get it at all love don't hate especially if you are a religious person forgive the people and their sins cause no one is righteous in god's eye
D'Juan Lewis (1 month ago)
It's always a black women who shows her AZZ and her Jezebel spirit
dark matter (1 month ago)
Yall go this hard on blk women but don't say shit to the white men actually in power
Omar Carnegie (1 month ago)
Good job brothers keep up the good work
Audi Jones (1 month ago)
Somebody should slap that bitch.
Branden Wilcox (1 month ago)
If one of u niggas ever disrespected my woman like this I would punch u tf out. My woman is a creator of life. She has every right to express herself. U niggas are clowns and any woman who agrees with this shit is a weak bitch.
Donta Roberts (1 month ago)
Welp this youtubers racist
renttojo (1 month ago)
I laugh at such fools that you are wall I'm not a non believer I don't believe in such foolary you preach
eddie wallace (1 month ago)
marrided to a white guy, what do that tell you.
yuri gargari (1 month ago)
Yelling over everybody does not mean you're right
yuri gargari (1 month ago)
They cant handle when someone brings the truth. Lol
Jo the Animator (1 month ago)
Damn. I need to get back into the word.
Mokka (1 month ago)
Lmao the bandwagon @ 4:50 couldn't be bothered by the truth 😅
Gregory Oliver (2 months ago)
Nigger if your god is the truth let him fight his own battle your god told you to fight with a woman.
wow (2 months ago)
Dr. Who? (2 months ago)
Lmaoo! Nothing but weak black women in america they hate when men check em, they wanna be like men and love beta males like that lady husband that let her run up on men clapping and yelling, just disgusting
ClapGod Beats (2 months ago)
I wonder if any of them even have a wife smh, I'm lost and confused by this video and I'm irritated it even showed up on my feed. This man is so conceited and cocky he isnt even assured a spot in the kingdom of heaven...he knew who to talk the ish to cuz I woulda aired out that whole gathering of shick talk
BadManNoFear (2 months ago)
Body and Soul (2 months ago)
MAN .......  How I wish I could have been there to tell that bitch to take her ass cutting shorts and blonde dyed hair  on with Esau and Esau's baby who will be going into slavery  ....................  DAMN , HOW I WISH .
Elizabeth Dianne Rose (2 months ago)
Whooooaaaa so why is every human being on this earth blood is one colour red red red red
Kris Jones Jones (2 months ago)
It's unreal how many neanderthals in the comment section condem this woman for standing up to a gang of racist bully's.That black woman was more intelligent than all those unga bunga men put together,They bang on and on about slavery claiming the white man is evil,yet slavery is an black african thing.Slavery has been practiced in Africa since before America was founded.Aricans enslaved millions of white Europeans during the Barbary slave trade,he says "we are the only people who were sold" not at all.millions of white Europeans where sold by their black captors in North Africa during the Barbary slave trade.He is extremely uneducated.Probably unable to be educated due to his low IQ.Slavery is still alive and well in Africa to this very day,The "3 Humble sisters take heed" they are clearly Embarressed but still they have the decency to stop and listen Only for the Unga Bunga man to tell them they are not Jamaican
Babyface Benji (2 months ago)
Babyface Benji (2 months ago)
That black girl is a foolish gay whore
Cassie Nelson (2 months ago)
Its not about you
Quinton TV (2 months ago)
Sure most of these women's behavior or reactions are uncalled for, out of line. But he literally baited her @3:34 to get that reaction, then when she tries to responds. His tactic was to simply drown her out with the mic.😑 I rarely say this, but in this case, the guy was wrong.
Ben Hurn (2 months ago)
That loud mouthed woman said "I raised my child by myself", like that's something to be proud of!!! Most women are off the hook crazy these days, not just the "black" ones! The "white" ones just go about it in a more devious manner.
Toi (2 months ago)
children of Israel fell to follow the commandments. Premise on the so called black man braking the Law. How about get yourself together with the Law and then try and speak on others sins.
Reverdy Ransom (2 months ago)
No my brother the average modern black woman is just too hard and independant. No offense intended sistas. Maybee society has made them like this. Oh dont hit the dislike button on me yet sistas i know us black men have our fault in it too. Much love there it is none of us perfect.
Malachi seer israel (2 months ago)
I saw millions of israelite daughters weeping for their unrighteousness,this is one Jezebel spirited israelite daughter.and when she stands before the master at his GREAT WHITE THRONE SHE WILL REPENT AND WEEP,BUT IT WILL BE TO LATE.
NAHJ1 DON (2 months ago)
She say she got degree....but do u got salvation mam??? Lmaoo
valley of kings (3 months ago)
Oh it's the jobless street corner clowns dressed up as clowns lmfaooooo.
Johnny lumpkins (3 months ago)
Man, I truly Respect these Men! The Most High Word Do not Come back void!
hubble2016 (3 months ago)
Even the child knew his mother was out of line. She ran her mouth non stop and the moment her husband tried to speak one word she put her hand over his mouth.
Eugene Sant (3 months ago)
Jews don't eat shrimp?
Dale O'Hara (3 months ago)
Lmmfao he said we good at sports. We good at math. Lmmfao. Look at some stats u idiots.most blacks inner city blacks anyway can't read above a 3rd grade level or do simple division or multiply. And see how nice they speak to people that listen to this shit.making the Bible into their own narrative. SMH god says not rondo that. And all races were slaves at 1 point. And they reading from a book that goes back 5000 yrs.and no blacks weren't the only 1s sold. Whites and blacks alike were sold. That why alot of the slave documents read free whites and enslaved whites. Free from what. Sounds like these dudes r indoctrinated by only god knows who. Holy people don't go around killing in mass numbers and raping in mass numbers. Look at the numbers u ignorant fuck.
Dale O'Hara (3 months ago)
No y'all black ASSES live in ghettos bcuz u turned ur neighborhoods in shitholes. Ur shot up by eachother more than any other race. And cops don't kill blacks in large numbers either.the Bible teaches love and kinship I thought.not all this racism and hate..and look almost black on black violence.cant even talk to eachother. And they didn't even give her a chance to speak, shit.id done smack the shit outta them clowns if I was her man.is itvreally that hard for any1 tinder they just spew hate and it's nothing but a cult.they twist the Bible to what they want people to hear.smfh.theybshould be ashamed. Boy when Jesus does come back. These black Hebrew Israelites r in trouble. And I'm sure they don't keep the shabot or Sabbath. I guarantee it. Shit I bet it's sundown on Friday when they out there pontificating that hate out their mouths. And how the duck ur black ASSES Gona set order on earth when y'all can't even set order to ur "hoods"shit can't even keep order in ur country. How y'all black Hebrew Israelites Gona bring order to earth with hate? Do y'all really think god sees y'all. His back is to y'all. U best believe that. All y'all do is take Bible versus and do what every pastor and Pos that claims to be holy does.dictate it to be what y'all want.and there is no such word as whiteman in the Bible either u fuckin idiot
Biffy Heartblast (3 months ago)
save yourself! noone owes you a living get off your broke black ass and WORK!
Biffy Heartblast (3 months ago)
Roel Rangel (3 months ago)
don't fall into there trap, these black ignorant people, think they are the chosen people, it's nonsense, these blacks feel they are the only people who has suffered, these blacks are just Monday morning quarterbacks, dictating to the world how righteous they are, they are losers then and losers now. God bless all of you who rejects there teaching. amen
Henchman Bodybuilder (3 months ago)
These hos No order wow his wife covered his mouth
Henchman Bodybuilder (3 months ago)
Love these guys they all ways pop up at the right wrong time
Lion of Judah (3 months ago)
I thought you guys know the bible, Philippians 3.13 " But one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead .." You are obsessed with slavery and what happened to your forefathers, yes it was wicked to the core and cruel, but so was what hitler did to millions of men, women and children- you never see anyone shouting on the streets about that. You don't have the Holy Spirit who is Love, Joy, Peace, long suffering, goodness, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control.And you are NOT the greatest in heaven (delusion) because you wont even make heaven as your hearts are full of hatred, bitterness, revenge and unforgiveness!!! I feel sorry for you- you"have been taken captive by Satan to do HIS WILL." 2 TIMOTHY 2.26. You complain ( the bible says not to) about always "being on the bottom " which is totally not true! What happened to " be content with what you have " Hebrews 13.5. You are just another man made cult, only this time with foolish outfits.
Lee Jizzle (3 months ago)
I can promise you other dudes running up in that big mouth gutter snipe
Chris Morring (3 months ago)
They shut them hoes down...They quoting the bible and that trick quoting some damn Tupac. Dum ass flip flop wearing trick.
Iron Islam (3 months ago)
"I'm a sister and you going to talk to me in that kind of way"....I guarantee you she does not identify as black whatsoever.
Iron Islam (3 months ago)
Wow that was a very effeminate guy, but then again the sister knew that and that's why she got with him, he just might be one of those bisexual people. no way in hell I would let a woman that I just met do a lot of speaking, let alone my wife.
Laugh ter (3 months ago)
The "man" in this video yelling at the woman for voicing her opinion was shameful (mind you, you stopped them, asked them for their time, made your spiel, and then got angry at her for not agreeing with your teaching)! You treated that woman horribly. Where was your humility? You're supposed to teach not scream and degrade because someone does not share your opinion or belief. This disgusts me when these "professed men of God" scream and yell at women. Always cursing "black" women, who are you going to run to when you preach not to be with or marry "strange" women? Y'all just want a rug so that you will do and say whatever you want to her. Israel's women are not supposed to be treated like you treated that first lady. You acted so undignified. Women have to make decisions for themselves and observe the Laws, statutes and commandments just as the men, but we are treated as smut and dog dung by you men in those camps. (Gives you a poisoned persona.) Hideous. I NEVER read where Yehsua yelled at Israelite females or belittled them as you "so-called" Israelite men do.
Dick Peters (3 months ago)
The operative ethic of the Christian faith is love, not getting back at prior grievances. Jesus said to love your enemy, so forget the slavery bullshit and follow the true path of Christ!
drew63215 (4 months ago)
If the only thing you have is that Fictional book called the Bible, then you've already lost. That book has no historicity whatsoever. Hell, they don't even know who wrote it. A book written over 2,000 years ago talking about animal sacrifices and circumcisions, and mass killings. That book of Mythology and Fiction needs to go in the trash. The Lord of the Rings is a better version of that book. Hell, Harry Potter is even better. Hebrew Israelites base their hope and belief on a man named Abraham and his sons....NONE OF THEM EVER EXISTED!!!! PERIOD!!
Miquel Shane gompel (4 months ago)
She even laughs as a devil
Miquel Shane gompel (4 months ago)
beauty love (4 months ago)
Those black hebrew israelites are arrogant annoying and ugly.

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