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Mad Men: Who is Don Draper?

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Who is Don Draper? Even the protagonist of AMC's Mad Men himself cannot answer the question. Support ScreenPrism on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=7792695 In many ways, the Jon Hamm character is the American ideal that everyone aspires to be, but nobody really is. In the ending of the series, Don appears to finally have learned how to bridge his past and his present. But how did he arrive at this point, ready to create the iconic Hilltop Coca-Cola ad? Sign up for exclusive updates: http://bit.ly/2oVVB1Q If you like this video, subscribe to our YouTube channel for more. Like ScreenPrism on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/screenprism Follow ScreenPrism on Twitter: http://twitter.com/screenprism Visit ScreenPrism.com: http://screenprism.com/
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Text Comments (719)
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soul sessions tv Bdhrh (13 days ago)
He is so Self loathing! it's very telling!
Ashley Potter (3 months ago)
You should do one for Sally because she went through so much and she developed so much and she turned out to be better than her parents.
Trevor Cormier (3 months ago)
@JoeyD. Joey, can you see my comments?
Trevor Cormier (3 months ago)
@12:20  Hey, Don Draper was sexually assaulted as a child by a woman. (must been all that male privilege he was born with)
Trevor Cormier (3 months ago)
@Jasean Harbin. I love Cowboy Bebop.  Please don't send such a wonderful show to be crapped on by feminists. It'll be:  Spike held back the women he associates with due to his sub human white maleness (even though he is Asian)
Big Boss (1 day ago)
No homo but Don Draper is the best looking man ever
kongfeet81 (6 days ago)
Derp Draper
Tomas Maldonado (8 days ago)
You didn’t mention the scene where Anna gives Don his Tarot card reading. It mirrors the ending.
Zoe Sheveleva (12 days ago)
he is handsome and extremely attractive, but it makes him dangerous, complicated. i mean he is one of those men who sleeps with every woman he meets and everybody can say it by the way he looks and acts. so unreliable ugh. is it really worth in his eyes to have wife and just to show off and be considered as serious man. somebody, tell me, is it common thing in life so films keep talking about it or it`s just another fairy-tale trope for us to see interesting script(
Andrew Usher (12 days ago)
Gives some perspective on how far we've come!
soul sessions tv Bdhrh (13 days ago)
He s Dick Witman!
Serdar Atalay (14 days ago)
Move forward: Cure for existential crisis
ferociousgumby (18 days ago)
How did they EVER get the rights to that Coke ad?
Opportunity In China (27 days ago)
Good summary
Doug In Texas (1 month ago)
So many poor white people rolled their eyes at the white reference. How did Obama become President again?
00 00 (1 month ago)
very smart observations.. like the lady's voice.. sexy just like Don Juan Draper.. LOL
Insomniac DaydreamzZz (1 month ago)
“...that confirms there’s hope for this new Don after all.” I guess you could say that it’s a... new dawn. I’ll show myself out.
Toby Wood (1 month ago)
*L E E I A C O C A*
bettiepagebombshell (1 month ago)
Im surprised they didn’t show sal hiding his homosexuality to fit in as part of the checkers giving up parts of themselves that don’t fit into the mainstream as screenprism puts it. But I’m not all the way through the vid also haven’t watched the entire series lol so who knows maybe they will or maybe I’m wrong.
Ross' girl R (1 month ago)
thanks for the analysis: concise, rational and truly gripping !!!!
Marshmellow3971 (1 month ago)
Mad Men always reminded me of the Great Gatsby. Don Draper & Jay Gatsby are both frauds who seem to have perfect lives, but it’s all an illusion. And in the end you find out that they’re sad, lonely and chasing something that they’ll never have. As classic as the Great Gatsby is I have to say I think Mad Men did it better.
o0OHermioneO0o (1 month ago)
I love the honesty about 20th (and pretty much also 21st) century USA in this video. About the dark parts in its history that keep boiling up to the surface. I hope there won't only be admitting of mistakes, but also change.
Uchenna Esomonu (1 month ago)
Let me tell you the way don has disappointed me throughout the show I am almost a hundred percent sure that he'll lapse into old behaviors again and that that zen moment he had in the finale will become a load of shit. But that's don and I love him
KipIngram (1 month ago)
I think you nailed the message the producer wanted us to receive - let's not forget that this wasn't a real story about a real man, but rather an image that someone deliberately wanted to purvey to us. I don't think it's a foregone conclusion that a real Don Draper would have suffered to the extent our fictional one did at all. Because *ultimately* it's not the past that matters. In the immortal words of Burt Cooper, "Who cares? Who... CARES???" Burt accepted Don for exactly what he was, right here, right now. And THAT is how we should treat one another. The expectations of society, and its rejection of anything that doesn't "fit our fairy tail" is responsible for Don's difficulties as much as (or more than) Don himself was. We are responsible for this world we've created that won't let people "just be."
Liberal BS...being White! WTF? White people, it's okay to be White. Wow, Hollywood socialists are the biggest f'n racists! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Aria Sijia Li (1 month ago)
Wow. That was beautiful. Thank you Screen Prism, I can tell so much work was put into this.
Pedro Henrique Malta (1 month ago)
To escape the war, escape poverty i think was an afterthought
Edriss Alexis (1 month ago)
Yeah, but what did that ghostly woman he met when she was a waitress in New York and he chased back to her supposed home in Wisconsin toward the end of the series mean to Don Draper?
michellemartinez1994 (1 month ago)
We need one for Kenny and then Harry.
g nolan (2 months ago)
This explanation of Don & the show boils down to the claim that everything is rotten and a fraud in America. That's disgusting. I watched every episode several times and I don't think Matthew Weiner pulled any punches but he was much more charitable in his historical insights. In the end Don straightens himself out.
dagda54 (2 months ago)
Dear God...I AM Don Draper...This is my story...
EscargoTouChaud (2 months ago)
The scene in which he takes the children to the childhood home gave me goosebumps. And the perfect music!
Brain rich (2 months ago)
The Jewish woman, Dr. Fay and the elementary school teacher were the most gorgeous women Don was with in my opinion.
Lori Mitchell Barnett (2 months ago)
The Mad Men critiques/prisms are the best. Now that I've watched all of them I am going back to the beginning of Mad Men to watch again. I believe the show is the pinnacle of Television and brought on the most incredible wave of TV as art. Thanks for doing this work regarding the show.
Aidan Woodford (2 months ago)
He's kinda like Jay Gatsby.
Romina C (2 months ago)
Someone once told me during an argument: "You're never going to be your authentic self if you don't put your pieces together and embrace yourself really tight, present and past, with the light and the darkness". That was what Don (Dick) realized in the end, when he hugged that man named Leonard during group therapy...and maybe why I cried during the last 2 episodes.
Anonymouse (2 months ago)
Who is Don Draper? He won the world's most coveted award for Biggest Slut on Earth. A friggin whore, that's who. He sleeps with anything that moves. Monogamy is not in his vocabulary. He is such a pig.
sneakymia1 (2 months ago)
creator of this show is amazing at making tragic complex characters, they seem to have it all, but when you look closer, they are always so close to losing everything all the time, and sometimes watching this show, seems like watching a train wreck, the men at first have ideal lives with beautiful wives, and happy home life, but they also have dark sides, they make harsh business decisions and constantly cheat on their wives with women, who instantly fall for their charm, but to the men, the women mean nothing to them, so their wives, and the random women who sleep with them, also face the same tragic fate as the mad men
Ben Dawn-Cross (2 months ago)
Notice the shot at 15:41, as each of the characters stand at the window of the new office. Each of the other characters are 'framed' by the window panes, as if perfectly comfortable where they are; all that is, save for Don.
freo 76 (2 months ago)
Americans and always talking about race. Whiteness, come on, white privilege.... Really? Lets move on
David Alexander (2 months ago)
Off topic: could you guys make a video about Nina from The Americans? That would be so great!
Jay H (2 months ago)
Can you please do Thomas Shelby from the show Peaky Blinders??
tamara nadinecoyle (2 months ago)
Mad Men is an amazing show and Don Draper is a brilliantly scripted character. I do think other TV male anti-heroes Walter White, Tony Soprano, Jesse Pinkman and Jimmy McNulty (The Wire) are on par also. They get the chance to be 3 dimensional and complex. Any others? But can anyone think of any black or non-white characters from an iconic TV show? Maybe Omar Little?
angbable (3 months ago)
To me, the ending was tragic. He again thinks he’s found himself. He buys into the new wave trend of inner peace and world unity to try to find happiness. But he exploits it, as he does with every emotion. And while it provides him temporary happiness, he will fall back into his despondent self, as he does every time he discovers a new “happy, like with Megan. He’s doomed to continue his cycle. His meditation makes you think it’s a happy ending, and then it ends with the commercialism of his experience.
Tacoma98 (3 months ago)
The "I think it's broken"-"You can hear that?" moment is brilliant.
neil bhatia (3 months ago)
Don is Don because he believes it
journigan c (3 months ago)
Yup figured...more liberal propaganda
WhiteWolf496 (3 months ago)
I thought that in the final episodes that Don would be killed by a cult thing like Charles Manson Just the setting, dialogue and the execution of each scene made me believe that. BUT I was wrong. I felt a bit underwhelmed by Don's ending but after watching this. It makes more sense as to why they did that. Thanks for another great video on a great show.
I really liked Mad Men But the whole leftist take on this is such a turn off and eye roller. I mean brother. It’s super crazy how much PO want to put others down or make it seem impossible to anyone else to be successful. Because in the end all this is show is bull and make believe. In other words they have to make up characters to fit this nonsense leftist thought and sell it as fact. 🙄🙄🙄
Estella979 Bianchi (3 months ago)
What I liked about MM was I didn’t know what to expect. It took me a while to get in to the show, and it felt slow- not in a bad way, but slow and steady. And then when the revelation about Don’s past comes out it’s like wooooow! After that I couldn’t stop watching. This makes me want to watch it all again.
Sam (3 months ago)
hot af dsddy
andromedastar (3 months ago)
Don reminds me of my father, it's a little uncanny how similar they are. My father lived during that time period, though he would have been Pete's age instead of Don's, as he was born in the mid 1930s. My father also had the image...the looks, the dapper suits, women fell for him against their better judgement. But what was most like Don about him is that he also basically erased his past and revealed so little about himself to the people around him. He had a poor upbringing, but became somewhat wealthy doing pretty much what Don did (not necessarily the profession, but the conning). He knew a lot of people, but none on anything deeper than a surface level. When Sally tells her father that she doesn't know anything that about him, that sums it up. After my father passed, I realized how little I knew about him, how little my mother knew. I have the pictures of him from the 1960s...standing there in his tailored suits and smiling, holding a drink, behind the wheel of his latest expensive car...and it feels like looking at a stranger.
Griff Overbey (3 months ago)
Are we gonna get a sally video ?
Mariana Filio (3 months ago)
Hi! Love your content. if you're ever interested on translating and recording these videos in spanish lenguaje with professional VO please contact me!
Yoga with Gloria (3 months ago)
Love Madmen speaks to me on so many levels, I'm on season 5 watching on Netflix. Brilliant! I cry, I laugh, I am angered and surprised almost with every episode.
tal (3 months ago)
to me, i always felt like that show was about men who can never be happy with what they have, as they can't really understand what it is that they're looking for in the first place
Analyzing Male Slavery (3 months ago)
Anti white male dribble. women select for higher status men, who conform to narrow gender roles, and deselect low status men who do not conform. Men build society for women, fucking over men to do so, then they shit on them calling them oppressor for doing do.
Analyzing Male Slavery (3 months ago)
+Eric Schiedler yes. I meant that. I fixed my post.
Pro Male Revolutionary (3 months ago)
Analyzing Male Slavery It took me a while to find this comment. Men will be blamed for everything.
Trevor Cormier (3 months ago)
How can anyone watch Madmen and think that the men have privilege?
Eric Schiedler (3 months ago)
Do you mean "Women select for higher status men....." ?
So deep
Swifty (3 months ago)
I've always thought that Jon Hamm must have some serious personal demons that he used in his performance as Don Draper. He *seems* so different from Don in interviews, a friendly, charming, and incredibly funny guy, but the intensity of portraying the ugliness inside of Don makes me think it's partly a persona. There are scenes of Mad Men where there are close ups of Don's agonized face so deep in despair, self-loathing, and hatred that it's almost repulsive, and I wonder just how much of that is acting on Hamm's part. I hope a lot.
Hannah (1 month ago)
I don' know much about Jon Hamm, but he struggled with alcohol too, went to rehab not long ago. And there was something perfect about him being an unknown actor before- because the role couldn't have been cast better. Rather like how Don comes from nowehere to be the hot shit ad man everyone in the industry is drooling over.
Richard Hoffman (3 months ago)
People admire his confidence and success not his skin color.
charlie wartelle (3 months ago)
This is one of my favorite shows, but is every TV show these days based upon a neo marxist narrative?
nietzscheslover (3 months ago)
I was kinda surprised he never dated peggy. Why didn't he?
Miriam Houghton (3 months ago)
Wow, thank you so much for making these videos! This is so fascinating and makes me appreciate the show ever more.
Sam (3 months ago)
Sarah G. Moore (3 months ago)
Either this show is ridiculous millennial pandering bullshit or the narraroter is making it seem that way.
Ian Wagoner (3 months ago)
Mad Men is still my favorite show of all time. Thank you for making these videos on the characters of Mad Men, they are very insightful.
cell pat (3 months ago)
At the end of the last episode they should've written an epilogue of what became of Don Draper.
cell pat (3 months ago)
9:20 - Sylvia Rosen! (grrrr...........)
Victor Espinoza (3 months ago)
Beautiful analysis
Dagens24 (3 months ago)
Huh, I saw the ending as the opposite; very bleak. Don manages to sell counter culture to the world; he takes a movement that is inherently anti-capitalistic and capitalizes upon it. He has the opportunity to turn away from his old life and embrace a new one, but he returns to his old ways and uses his glimpses into his potential new life as little more then a way to sell more products. I saw it as hyper cynical.
blobcity (3 months ago)
SJW anti-white bullshit once again by ((()))
Erika Grohoski Peralta (3 months ago)
Kind of off topic on a year old video but I always thought of the ending as the suicide of Don Draper. He says good bye to the most important people in his life, he has a break down, he embraces the broken man he always thought of himself as and in the end is meditating peacefully because he released himself from his earthly trauma. The ad at the end almost felt like a nod to the type of advertising that the show was always idealizing - ending on the genius Don brought the table - not as something he was going to eventually create - but as the best example of the kind of work he did. Idk, I'm not formulating my best argument but I could never see Don growing and coming to terms with himself with that much positivity.
Gabrielle Shaw (3 months ago)
Not to sound like a terrible person but I seriously wanted Don to die.
PainedGore (3 months ago)
This is the most Jewish show ever written
polynesianpuppet (3 months ago)
can you do buffy the vampire slayer characters next
Brian Bechtel (3 months ago)
How do you do This? How do you identify all the symbolism so well?
Drake Lang (3 months ago)
Best TV Drama characters ever: 1. Tony Soprano -The Sopranos 2. Don Draper -Mad Men 3. Walter White -Breaking Bad 4. Omar Little -The Wire 5. Al Swearengen -Deadwood 6. Tyrion Lannister -Game of Thrones 7. Carmela Soprano -The Sopranos 8. Dexter Morgan- Dexter 9. Rustin Cohle -True Detective 10. Vick Mackey -The Shield 11. David Fisher -Six Feet Under 12. Saul Goodman -Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul 13. Mike Ehrmnatraut -Breaking Bad/ Better Call Saul 14. Jimmy McNulty -The Wire 15. John Locke -Lost
Curtis Jones (3 months ago)
Tfw you realize you are a caricature
Katarina O (4 months ago)
Oh god I need to watch this show again AGAIN
Caroline Lynch (4 months ago)
Don Draper is a womaniser. He's fucking that teacher off in season 3.
Riley Freeman (3 months ago)
Jarod Armstrong (4 months ago)
You had me until the bit about the impossibility of honestly succeeding without being a rich white male 🙄
Analyzing Male Slavery (3 months ago)
Video make is an other white racist bigot.
Gary Kuo (4 months ago)
Wow, this video was like a whole semester of film school! 🎬
lovepeople Hu (4 months ago)
+ScreenPrism I never knew your video is an Anti-White propaganda. Yes evil White Men that built America. Fuck you
Analyzing Male Slavery (3 months ago)
These anti white male racists will turn on men of other races too. they are all feminists. For example Zimmerman is only half white, but when he defended himself from attack from a young black thug, the whole left told lies about him. Also the left throw black men under the bus too. if a black man is falsely accused of rape, he will get lynched. For example Bill Cosby was lynched legally, since the accusations against him where unprovable but he was found guilty anything.
Michael Camacho (4 months ago)
So I gave up working out and learning Jeet June Do from a fucking book, just to hear this shit? At least I'm not learning Tagalog and Filipino culture.
youtubeuser (4 months ago)
Here I am at 4 AM thinking of ways to lie, embellish, and fake my current circumstances to get by....
Linus Greaser (4 months ago)
One of my favorite analysis
Bobby Dylan65 (4 months ago)
HE'S BATMAN!!!.....Well hopefully he'll be Batman.
Luisa B (4 months ago)
Currently I'm in season 4 and I really, really don't like Don. At times I even wish to yell at him. Which means, I guess, that he is an incredibly well written character.
Regan Reviews Everything (4 months ago)
so epic Man I'm 29 and I feel like I'm going through an existential crisis and nihilistic compulsions. Like why the fuck is any of this here? The fast food culture we live in, inequality, the trump era, why the hell is any of this happening? Literally everything is just matter and protein synthesis for no fucking reason than to just exist. My parents were a joke couple and a gamble and I am the result. This show hits home and I feel draper's narrative and roger sterling tendencies so innately.
MASTER BLASTER (4 months ago)
I love watching working people trying to reach the top of the ladder
WavvyPrince (4 months ago)
Do one for Megan! She’s an extremely underrated character.
Clancy Featherton (4 months ago)
Not Who, but When is Don Draper...
a question...Who did Don love the most..Betty or megan.? or did he really loved them? because he swore he loved them but he kept cheating on them.
Jersey Paul (4 months ago)
The writing is brilliant!
alexandra ponce (4 months ago)
Beautiful explained. Don Draper a damaged soul
Emily Mathews (4 months ago)
Don is torn up, never truly happy, alcoholic, womanizing, always searching, smooth, dapper, impeccably dressed, and the best character ever written and delivered. He’ll go down in history.
Esteban Rincon (4 months ago)
Admitting the past or not, doesn't change the past.
BigDogWrestler (4 months ago)
Good analysis, just wish it wasn't filled with lefty catch phrases and ideals. Was a little too much in your face imo
DLeCo (4 months ago)
Too much social justice, much like too much denial, is a prescription for disaster...as were finding out
Christopher Boi (4 months ago)
Apart from exception the only people that can make it in this world is white male privlaged people shut the fuck up
Meris (5 months ago)
*Sterling sips a glass of whiskey* "Who cares"
ferociousgumby (5 months ago)
I'd almost forgotten how good he was in that role - he knew Don inside-out
Dylan Kane (5 months ago)
“Being white” why is screen prism obsessed with race?
Rene (5 months ago)
Who is the murderer Don Draper: a murder Korean war veteran who is identity stolen by a underprivileged genius name dick Whitman

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