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College Girls On Does Height Matter (West Virginia University) | DOSSIFYING

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This time, we went to High Street in Morgantown again and interviewed WVU students about advice for guys, "Does Height Matter?" What do you think? Let us know in the comments! Like & Subscribe! Subscribe and turn on notifications! It's fall and there will be videos EVERY WEDNESDAY! SUBSCRIBE: https://tinyurl.com/y9qufl28 FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAM: @DOSSIFYING @ThomasMillman @ Tyler_Sierzega TWITTER: @ThomasMillman @Tyler_Sierzega OUR SNAPCHAT: Dossifying Wanna Collab? Email us: [email protected]
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Text Comments (44)
Kojak_777 (17 days ago)
Am I the only one that feels like us West Virginians are tall? I’m only slightly above average (for freshman boys) at my high school and I’m 6 ft
Devaney Kerns (5 days ago)
Fr, I'm a female and I'm 5'3", which I'm sure is average for women, but felt so short when I was in high school because there were girls and guys like 6 feet tall.
Kojak_777 (17 days ago)
I feel good about myself. Not even 15 and I just hit 6 ft. My dad is 6 6 and my oldest brother is 6 4. Hope girls won’t think I’m too tall
Greg Adams (18 days ago)
Drunk AF
kmusic (18 days ago)
The bitch that said she's your height is delusional... I can tell she dumb as a rock too...pass.. All these bitch want someone who is 6 feet tall...Regardless of their own height....🙄
Dossifying (18 days ago)
They just aren't realistic
Arthur Morgan (24 days ago)
They seem all drunk
Albert Ramos (24 days ago)
If your female,and intoxicated,you don't matter.
Anonymous Person (29 days ago)
These girls are sooooo wasted. Party animals!
Derek Requiem (1 month ago)
That 4'11" midget gremlin demanding a guy be 6 foot I fcking cant, American women have such unrealistic expectations 🙄
Dossifying (1 month ago)
The things some of these girls say is ridiculous
xLil TicTacx (1 month ago)
I’m in 7th and I’m 6 foot I’m already set for most of them lol
NickWavvy • (18 days ago)
Anonymous Person says the anonymous person
NickWavvy • (18 days ago)
Anonymous Person ok bruh 😂
Yomama Bin Fartin (18 days ago)
NickWavvy • LOLOLOL!!
Anonymous Person (29 days ago)
+NickWavvy • - Don't be a mean bully to a child, you psycho! Get a life instead of bullying complete strangers online. Your self-esteem must be extremely low!
NickWavvy • (1 month ago)
xLil TicTacx yea but u prolly ugly af
James Coco (3 months ago)
These women with so much to demand and so little to offer 🤦🏻‍♂️
TheRealA1 (4 months ago)
Let’s collab on a vid. Add my snap @robinson_1911
mojo (4 months ago)
Red top rack city!!!!! 😍😍😍😍
Vin Monilla (4 months ago)
Hoe girls dont deserve a good man 😂
mahdi green (4 months ago)
im 6 ft tall guy in country who averge is 5.7 thats like be 6.2 for usa and have good look and 7 dick ........... but i have to say some thing to girls who want s guys what are over 6 ft and big dick...... u are so picky honey ... only 14 percent of male are over 6 ft and only 9 percent of guy have over 7 inch dick..... and all tall guys dont have big dick...... and if u wanna that small parts of male in world .... bad news is that all of u guys cant earn that and reason is simple .... not enough guys........ so i say to u pls dicrease your standards ....
PatrickE39 (5 months ago)
Even landwhale midgets want 6'0 wtf
Derek Requiem (1 month ago)
Facts 😂😂😂
BallCreep Frank (3 months ago)
Landwhale midgets 🤣🤣
Reqz Vile (4 months ago)
PatrickE39 fr
ELdASenSei (5 months ago)
The Geeks (5 months ago)
The Geeks (5 months ago)
0:30 wtf wow great now I’m going to think about this every day 😢
Ageezy16 (6 months ago)
That bitch said “I’m taller than you” ☠️
Razear (6 months ago)
That 4'11" oompa loompa girl has no business expecting a guy to be taller than 5'2". LOL
Arashdeep Singh (6 months ago)
Lmao about 4 inches ??? Bruh u taller than by like 6-8 inches lmaooo
Niteshwar singh (7 months ago)
Hey dude whats your height in Cm?
Osman (3 months ago)
Cuddyy (7 months ago)
“5’8 and above is good”...”I don’t discriminate”😂😂
Sergio Disick (7 months ago)
I shush I was 5’11 6ft I’m short! I’m 5’9 and 17.
raptorgod77 (3 months ago)
Bruh im 5'4 FUCK I would have to date a midget
Blue Space (4 months ago)
Im 6'1 and im 16
oh yeah yeah (4 months ago)
Im 5'8 or 5 '7 tho
Goin' With Gus (7 months ago)
Keep up the good work big dawg!
X True (7 months ago)
My left ear enjoyed this
xLil TicTacx (1 month ago)
X True why?
SkidzClash (7 months ago)
girls are way to picky these days
32 Orb (7 months ago)
No Worries! Only future single moms have such standards.

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