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Wish Free Gift - Hair Braiding Tool

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I try a hair braiding tool (a gift from Wish) for the first time.
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Mirian Teran (6 months ago)
I actually bought it from wish . Glad u could figure it out
Laura Quijano (7 months ago)
So what's the point of the first bloody 8 minutes of the video? Apart from wasting time?
Lynne Gibbons (1 year ago)
do you end up leaving the plastic tool in your hair? or does it slide out somehow?
Zappy Doo (2 years ago)
Thanks for this! I finally have an idea what to do!
sagar yasmine (2 years ago)
stupid girl
TrollKing (2 years ago)
what is your email
hubbas girl (2 years ago)
Had one of those back in 1998-99...loved it! It was called the braidini then. Didnt know you could still get them
Jean Proctor (2 years ago)
I've had one of these things for over a month now and tried to use it today. What a nightmare! My elbows were killing and I got so frustrated I gave up. Seriously, French braiding without one of these monstrosities is so much easier. There's nothing quick or easy about it is there? I've tried hair from the top, hair from the sides, twisting, not twisting...maybe it's only fit for the bin, I dunno. You have a lot more patience than I do, that's for sure! :D Mine cost about £1 on a Groupon or Livingsocial offer. I will save my pound next time and put it to better use - I bet you're glad that yours was a freebie, eh?
Payton Elizabeth (2 years ago)
I bought 2, wishing to do pigtails, and I tried over and over and couldn't figure it out. So now I have 2 that I can't use.
Karina Bradlaugh (2 years ago)
Your suppose to twist the hair first So it's easier to get in
Lisa Dantonio (2 years ago)
That looks awesome!  Great job!
Nikita wongso (3 years ago)
bobby pins
Nikita wongso (3 years ago)
try to twist your hear for the first loop and pin it with hair pins
TrollKing (3 years ago)
I love your videos

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