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Teaching Spiking to Beginners with Tod Mattox

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Bishop High School coach Tod Mattox breaks down how to get young volleyball players comfortable with the spiking process. First by arm swing, and then with a 2-step approach called “Flamingo”. Next, he puts it all together with a fun game of “Defenders vs. Hitters,” which has attackers start with a 2-step approach and progress to a 4-step approach. Check out more videos at our website: http://www.theartofcoachingvolleyball.com/
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Text Comments (177)
Milli Pete (5 hours ago)
When you’re 4’11 it sucks
Bts Army (2 days ago)
I'm gonna ask my teammates to call me ace cuz I'm best player on my team funny thing the shortest person on my team is the cockyest person we are gonna start calling him little giant I'm also team captain
Regal Daughters (7 days ago)
Do you have hand techniques for Beginners with a volleyball?
Red Roses (1 month ago)
Damnnn i love it..
Siti Nurbaya (1 month ago)
me as a grown ups:coach..i wanna be in the sama team with jessica because i hate the other girl.
Oreo The Doggo (1 month ago)
The short one wearing the long sleeve shirt is awesome!!
Claudio Castro (2 months ago)
I loved the game you played with the girls, great job. Thank you.
onesmo kibate (2 months ago)
nice coatching
Raymond (2 months ago)
He shouldn’t be throwing quicks
NapstaMeme (2 months ago)
When I first started, I thought myself the basic. Than I watch video's on how to properly do it. Now I'm gud at it ;p
volley ball fans 29 (2 months ago)
Really good 👌🙏
sofia main (2 months ago)
I've been playing volleyball for 3 years why am I here
Jaleea West (1 month ago)
Kenny hall 😘😘😘🥰🥰
Jaleea West (1 month ago)
sofia main Kenny hall 😘😘🥰😋
life of djene ! (3 months ago)
I’m really tall so I spike for my team .
Kawaii Nayumi (3 months ago)
i dont jump
Shut up Becky (3 months ago)
Braden Waugh (3 months ago)
My gym teacher gave us this to watch for homework lol
mrsniper12333 (3 months ago)
wtf my coach is just "play till you learn" i got yelled so many times by her
Dennis Ioannou (5 months ago)
Volleyball is my favorite sport and I have decided to learn how to play. The problem is that, due to financial issues, I'm not able to get the proper teaching in order to achieve my goal. Is it possible for me to keep getting better by simply the "free" help that the Internet can provide me with?
Yona Haru (6 months ago)
I'm trying out for our volleyball team in the upcoming event....i'm only a good libero, my receives are always on point and accurate but...the others who are trying out are also liberos/good at receiving so..thinking of losing my place I'm trying to learn everything..so yeah, wish me luck
Livia Newman (6 months ago)
If my team is versing dis team, were done.
Kiana Yoshimura (6 months ago)
Alexis Tourand (6 months ago)
I got my team two points by spiking.I didn't even know how to spike.The ball just flew at me and then I just hit the ball to the floor.
Te Sweetener (7 months ago)
They pretty good for beginners...
Te Sweetener (7 months ago)
I cant do the elbow lift serve thing its so hard
emily clark (7 months ago)
Ummm​ why are they better than me when I've been playing for two years.
Hafiz Muhammad Siddique (7 months ago)
-PD- (7 months ago)
quick hit for beginners?
Super Manik (7 months ago)
07:40 beautiful left right left .....😁
You are the bomb, Tod Mattox. Played all through middle school, high school, and college- just started coaching middle schoolers and I haven't, for the LIFE of me, been able to remember how I learned the basics! This will be awesome for teaching some of my first timers!! Thank you!
Lillie Blaylock (8 months ago)
i just started playing volleyball and my team is new too so some of us know how to serve overhand. I know how . to serve overhanded. But I want to learn how the footwork is for spiking because we might start learning how in the end of our season. This video helped me a lot and I definately know that this will help me because how they said right left right left for 4 step approach and for 2 step approach you go right left! But thank you for this video it is really helpful
somebody once told me (8 months ago)
I’m gonna play volleyball this year and I’m scared that no one on the team will like me but my best friend plays volleyball so I’m still happy.
Lorin Quintana (9 months ago)
Ewh I hate when coaches touch me instead of just doing it with their arms to show me
MukmukGameplays (9 months ago)
I'm a libero also im 4'6. why am I here
What's your height now?
Jenzie Shipper (9 months ago)
This helped me a lot. When I first tried out I didn’t make the team because I couldn’t spike but then I watched this and begged them to let me try again and then I made the team and now I’m the captain. Thank you so much
Jaleea West (1 month ago)
Kenny hall 😘😘😘
Yung oofie (9 months ago)
I wanna be the little gaint
Liquid'Donaldo (13 days ago)
Waffles Panda (16 days ago)
Dina Hatzouli no. Its not
Superkitty17 (16 days ago)
Emma Hallows IKR
Superkitty17 (16 days ago)
Lina Dublin SAME
My Trang (16 days ago)
Cori Northcut vlogs (9 months ago)
All y'all who think u can do good in vball bye just going to practice well guess what your wrong u have to take time out of your day to go on your own and practice ,me and one of my friends have to fight for our spot on a team but now we don't so y'all out there who just go to practice ,well guess what..you'll never be good
ashraf 1234 (10 months ago)
ItsKLEO (10 months ago)
That “right left, right-left” really helped me A LOT omfg so thankful
ernestine (10 months ago)
I wish i had teammates as good as these girls
Jaleea West (1 month ago)
ernestine Kenny hall 😘😘
saliya shims (10 months ago)
Hes really a gud coach
jimmesep 210 (10 months ago)
Thanks for the videos,great for my 10 year old.good to see small little ladies spiking the ball.my daughter thinks she is to small to try. She's got to see this
KirztenGaming (10 months ago)
I got back home from school last Friday,we were playing volleyball with the 8th grade and we beat them some of us needed to go on their team in order to make a game,😂😂😂
FREE Vloger (11 months ago)
I just saw the girl in white why is her shirt like that 😂 just tellin.
Kim Hayeon (11 months ago)
the steps are wrong:(
GamerGirl (10 months ago)
Kim Hayeon yeah
Avery Redfern (1 year ago)
It’s Tod!
Rob Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Great tutorial! At what age should this be taught? I just started coaching and have 10&11 year old girls. Thanks
Luxury Volleyball (1 year ago)
Great video! You can buy the training aids: https://www.volleyballtrainingaids.com/
George Kipgen (1 year ago)
I had been playing more than 3 years.But i don't get the timing to hit. Can u help me
Clear (1 year ago)
Why is this in my recommended after watch an OOT Speedrun?
Kayc Sanderson (1 year ago)
the girl in the white is a natural
Amabelle Cesar (1 year ago)
This is just superb, I been tryin to find out about "volleyball drills for middle school girls" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Renndrew Volleyball Victimless - (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? I've heard some incredible things about it and my co-worker got cool results with it.
Crucified (1 year ago)
They can’t jump high
You Shall Not Pass (2 months ago)
Neptuna they’re beginners calm down lmao
Saurabh Yadav (1 year ago)
thanks sir it helps me a lot
Invelosity dude (1 year ago)
this kills my will to start training ;/
Jhemuel Soriano (1 year ago)
There are no black people...
Baby girl Kupid (5 months ago)
Malaika Shirlena Hucks ok and?
emma o (1 year ago)
i hv volleyball tryouts next week let’s hope this helps!
Chismosang Kapitbahay (1 year ago)
I need a tip to ba a good player because tommorow is my game pls pray for me
Jaleea West (1 month ago)
Chismosang Kapitbahay Kenny hall
The Random vids (9 months ago)
Did u win
Cori Northcut vlogs (9 months ago)
Jammy TV here is a tip and don't go to just practice go do stuff on your own and it helps
Chain Z (1 year ago)
I hate being left handed.......
Jimin's Lost Jams (8 months ago)
ιм α яιgнту ι ѕριкє ωιтн му ℓєfт
GamerGirl (10 months ago)
I know I’m left handed but I love it
Cameron Walker (1 year ago)
Being a lefty in volleyball is really desirable 😊 But nearly every tutorial for everything is geared towards right handed people
User 1 (1 year ago)
ok I love playing volleyball but did anyone else start to cringe when the guy was talking in the beginning
CMZ T (1 year ago)
The right-left was so helpful!! 👍🏼
Cailyn Shields (1 year ago)
Your supposed to start you spike approach when the ball is at its highest point.
Cinja G (6 months ago)
That always depends on what speed you are attacking 😂I don’t know how it is in other Countries but here in Germany we call it speed 1 speed 2 and speed 3 You always have to start your approach at a different point in time it just depends on the”speed” of the set
Aubrey Sheppard (1 year ago)
Cailyn Shields u r actually supposed to start your approach when the ball is at the setters hands. You should contact the ball at its highest point so it can go down. I am on a club elite team and that’s what they taught us and now I can hit the ball straight down
Princess Ao (1 year ago)
how to spike.
Mukesh Kumar (1 year ago)
make new videos to teach properly. please . my match is on 14th july2017. girls volleyball under 14
Skysky (1 year ago)
She asked how do we know when to start our approach and he said just do it but you're suppose to wait till the ball reaches the highest point
Bread Stick (3 months ago)
Aubrey Sheppard you contact the ball at your OWN highest reaching point, not the balls highest point
Rowan Smith (11 months ago)
Aubrey Sheppard exactly.
Aubrey Sheppard (1 year ago)
Skysky no u r supposed to contact the ball at the highest point so the ball can go down and start your approach when the ball is in the setters hands
Sabrina Hanley (1 year ago)
Must practice. We must win against the higher grade
ella gast (1 year ago)
This was confusing for me since I'm a lefty.
Blue skai (2 years ago)
The right-left, right-left thingy was so helpful. 👏❤
jieson genciagan (2 years ago)
He's a good teacher. It looks like he's nice and not giving pressures to his players.
Cori Northcut vlogs (9 months ago)
jieson genciagan no he's not you want a mean hard coach they will make you a better player
Jetemen (2 years ago)
Why isn't our coach like this T_T
nathankesed (10 months ago)
Jetemen same
emobitch (2 years ago)
I feel like it's weird to have a guy coach
Alex _Santoro_23 (2 months ago)
emobitch not at all! If anything the girl coaches are not so good. They only care about winning and the punishments the team gets when they lose. My guy coach for JV is much more understanding to what we can and can’t do and he also helps us understand it’s not about winning so it’s not a big deal if we lose
Trinity Boyer (2 months ago)
I have a guy and a girl coach it’s not weird to me lol both of his daughters did volleyball too
Emma Sakamoto Flack (5 months ago)
emobitch my dad is my coach
emobitch (1 year ago)
Emma Fortinelli my volleyball coach is a female
chaoticEmz (1 year ago)
CrankThatDank ?? Why
805edog (2 years ago)
What an awesome drill, gonna use this on Monday!
Craig Plummer (2 years ago)
you should tell them to start running once the ball is at its climax
Heey Laal (2 years ago)
wow i liked it
Juliana Mejia (2 years ago)
0:01 " Hey. Spiking is fun." I sure hope so, bud.
FREE Vloger (11 months ago)
Spiking is lyfe 😂😂 i always spike then ok just ok 😂😂
yo momma (1 year ago)
Juliana Mejia Spiking is fun. I'm a outside hitter. (But I play all around)
Isa Ochoa (2 years ago)
City: Bomb set spike Club: Pass Hit Set
Kristen Ngo (2 years ago)
Shouldn't the footwork be left, right, left not right, left?
Tacos - (7 months ago)
Left right left is 3 step approach They are doing 2 step approach
Technically Taylor (8 months ago)
Kristen Ngo some coaches do it differently. We do left right left, but our varsity does right left
Itz Me Myrdell (9 months ago)
Kristen Ngo it can also be, right, left, right, left. That’s how I learned it.
Cori Northcut vlogs (9 months ago)
Kristen Ngo yeah it should heheh I would now I do this everyday and I'm a full rotation hitter and part rotation setter
ernestine (10 months ago)
Thats just a faster preparation
vaibhav raverkar (2 years ago)
That perfect observation on 3:47 is the reason that he is a trainer :-)
aman alam (2 years ago)
awesome earlier I don't know how to play but now I know
aman alam (2 years ago)
awesome earlier I don't know how to play but now I know
Romeo Acebes (2 years ago)
Jeon Jia (2 years ago)
Omg the right-left was so helpful
Jaleea West (1 month ago)
Kenny hall 😘😘
Dmitriy Vdovin (2 years ago)
I disagree that elbow should go first in swing. This hurts shoulder, makes attacker lose height and power of spike and gives poor ball control on high level of volleyball. From my experience elbow has to stay from the side during spike, approximately on the level of shoulder. I am an ex professional player and several times in my career I had to correct my technique to stop hitting with elbow in front Everything else I agree and it is interesting and useful for me, because I'm going to be volleyball coach and right now I teach new players, most of them have zero knowledge. Thank you for this video
Aubrey Sheppard (1 year ago)
When you throw or hit, your elbow must be in front or the ball wont go down and you will have less accuracy. If u hit the ball behind you, then it will cause shoulder problems. Try hitting the ball in front of u
cristy gavarra (1 year ago)
rdshadden1 (2 years ago)
https://www.theartofcoachingvolleyball.com/a-critical-analysis-of-attacking-armswing-analysis/ https://www.theartofcoachingvolleyball.com/a-critical-analysis-of-attacking-article-2/
Caleb Vukovic (2 years ago)
3 months ago please respond i am curious
Maxi Nita (2 years ago)
+Dmitriy Vdovin Oh okay, I'll try "your way" tomorrow at practice!
Prince Reyes (2 years ago)
lol i need to get good at vollryball because ill be a varsity next year wish me luck
Akashdeep Das (5 months ago)
So, what's the experience?
Michelle Baker (1 year ago)
did you make varsity  ?
arlene mohamed (1 year ago)
Prince Reyes. break a legs :)
Regina George (1 year ago)
Prince Reyes me too I haven't played since 7th grade wish me luck
angel Montez (2 years ago)
meeeeee toooo] im scared
avi-chan kawaii (2 years ago)
i started playing volleyball half a year ago and I really didn't get how to jump and then spike until now. nobody could explain it in a way that's understandable for me (I'm a little dumb in this sort of things). now, with the countig of the girls 'right left right left jump' I got it. really a great help for me. thanks a lot.
Jaleea West (1 month ago)
🥰🥰🥰 hi
Jaleea West (1 month ago)
Kenny hall 😘😘😘🥰🥰
Jaleea West (1 month ago)
avi-chan kawaii hi 😘😘😘 It’s up to me it’s up
Russelle Macapil (1 year ago)
Winner of a video, I been tryin to find out about "seated volleyball drills" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Renndrew Volleyball Victimless - (just google it ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my co-worker got great success with it.
Edlyn Aguas (1 year ago)
avi-chan kawaii Heko
Bill Gehring (2 years ago)
i had my 7th grade girls try the 2 step approach drill, with the hope of just doing something different would help their approaches, most of them are unable to do the drill. I tell them it's more of a jump than a step, but they end up just charging the net and never turning their hips to the wall
TheJose23 (2 years ago)
Who cares ... :D JK
lovelyizzy (2 years ago)
I'm a high school varsity player now but when I first started playing in 4th grade I used to do the same thing!
wlee31 (2 years ago)
The question I wonder should we start younger kids swinging backrow?
AnimalJam Nation (2 years ago)
I would say when the get used to front row like once they know the foot work and get good hits.. Maybe introduce the back row hitting.. I started back row hitting in 5-6th grade and now I'ma back row hitter for my varsity team. :)
wlee31 (2 years ago)
Awesome job coach!!!!

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