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How to Hit a Volleyball - Arm Swing Mechanics

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AVP Beach Volleyball Pro, Taylor Crabb teaches how to hit a volleyball on the beach with the proper arm swing mechanics in this MCKB Volleyball tutorial. Click here https://goo.gl/rvxM5z to subscribe to MCKB Volleyball and get notified when we come out with a new video! Link to Beach Volleyball Hitting Footwork by Taylor Crabb https://goo.gl/1rhkdo VISIT http://MCKIBBINBROTHERS.com FOR MORE BEACH VOLLEYBALL TUTORIALS SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL LIST FOR OUR WORKOUTS! https://goo.gl/sZaccz FOLLOW THE BEARD BROS MCKIBBIN: -Instagram: @themckibbinbros https://goo.gl/U54Mmm -Riley's Instagram: @riley_mack4 https://goo.gl/91pyJx -Maddison's Instagram: @mmckibbi https://goo.gl/X1NaQz -Twitter: @TheMckibbinBros https://goo.gl/J6grgM -Email: [email protected] Credits: -Produced/Edited by: The McKibbin Brothers -Video Captured by: The McKibbin Brothers and Colton Knedler Clips Used: NYvarsity Sports: https://goo.gl/CMKh4m AVP Beach Volleyball: https://goo.gl/2twteK
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Text Comments (488)
Zbigniew Rodowski (4 days ago)
Jack Sparrow has awesome hit
Jorgi Penny (6 days ago)
way to at least appreciate left handed people😔😂
Admiral Hood (7 days ago)
Ahah fegs
zacharias. stav (7 days ago)
How can you improve your jumb to jumb higher?
Th3 Freek (8 days ago)
Hey McKibbin’s and/or Taylor Crabb! Quick question on how you would train for these mechanics, especially if you’ve already been playing a while and may have developed some bad habits. Would you want to train them all-together or in parts so you’re not overwhelmed? And secondly, would you do it by swinging against a wall or actually getting on a court so it’s more apt to the situation you’re actually training for? Thanks!
Killian Tinsley (9 days ago)
fantastic video, thanks for breaking down all the different parts, but are these mechanics only for beach volley or can I apply them to volleyball as well??
The McKibbin Brothers (8 days ago)
Works for both my friend!
I wanna be hit by them lol
Carlos Jiansley (12 days ago)
How high a 1,75 meters person need to jump to spike professionally?
leonardo angelocola (11 days ago)
Carlos Jiansley If you mean professionally like the players of the Italian “Serie A” you should Hit the ball atleast at 3,33m
Mixioniukas (12 days ago)
Do the same with a kids
El Sujeto :v (13 days ago)
So, I have to do abs to hit harder, right?
The McKibbin Brothers (11 days ago)
haha it'd help for sure
nathaniel kelvin (14 days ago)
This is very interesting, thank you for sharing this kind of informative information.
Freerunbro (14 days ago)
You can hit the volleyball very good but you can't hit hands 0:13
Patrick V (16 days ago)
These brother's are great players, funny and cool. Great pointers!
Love the beards
Dope channel, subscribing!
Bubba Hubba (18 days ago)
Worlds best vid no doubt but would have been super cool if at end of the video you guys showed us practice hitting alone using this swing like by yourself in front of a mirror at the gym with no ball and no dumbbell weights maybe 25 50 reps 4 sets or so..
Daniella Pierre (20 days ago)
This helped so much, THANK YOU!!! xoxo
Jonathan Lee (20 days ago)
so i'm not supposed to stiffen up my arms but instead use my body swing and hit with loose arms?
Home BG (21 days ago)
Wow! Great video! Espically for a 10 year old. It’s cause I need some tips for hitting in volleyball! SUCH A GOOD VID helps me soooooo much!!!!!!!
brianbarillo barillo (21 days ago)
This s*** is good
Rachel Blair (22 days ago)
Thanks for the breakdown, not enough teaching videos on this topic from experienced coaches and players. I do have a question... I coach girls indoor and have always coached a similar arm swing to what you showed until I watched a video a few years ago with Jim Stone that emphasized the importance of drawing loose wrist below their chin and drawing hitting elbow down and back. The reasoning that made sense to me was that it allows for bigger core stretch, keeping chest high and reach with non-hitting arm and upper body rotation as opposed to drawing hitting hand and elbow high. This is the video at around 15:00 is where he talks about it. https://youtu.be/qxdSwHXY0aY Long story longer, I’ve seen great arguments for both techniques but was wondering if you see a higher payoff with high hand and elbow?
Javier Castelblanco (23 days ago)
Devard Irving (27 days ago)
This was helpful thanks guy's. I have another problem though sometimes I'm in the air eye's on the ball and right at the swing most times i took my eye's away and it results in me missing the ball how can i fix this?
Erick Vant (26 days ago)
U also want to focus on the ball and the spot you’re gonna hit it to
Erick Vant (26 days ago)
Devard Irving watch elevate yourself you’ll learn something there
happyrhino8 (29 days ago)
thanks :)
Alex Trifilov (1 month ago)
Do you guys look at the court the whole time or you just glance and focus on the ball?
Alex Trifilov (26 days ago)
Alex Trifilov (1 month ago)
Is there specific volleyball workouts you guys do? I’m 5’09” and I’m athletic but a bit overweight for volleyball. My vertical isn’t that great as well as me using my core I cannot whatsoever remember to use my core when I swing
Gunars Lodzins (1 month ago)
Fantastic video! Watch, try, watch, try - rinse, repeat until you get it working. I can say it about all tutorial videos. Love them because they are not only informative but also fun :)
How do we increase concentrationon the ball while hitting
Rachel Dobson (1 month ago)
This helped so much! I was taught a different way and my arm and shoulder would always hurt so badly after practice. Thanks so much! You guys not only are teaching great tips and tricks but also preventing people from getting hurt while spiking.
Maddy A. Moskowitz (1 month ago)
Is their anything I can do besides actually playing to strengthen my arms?
The McKibbin Brothers (1 month ago)
yes of course! almost everything you have to do to strengthen your arms happens in the weight room, not on the court/sand (playing)
Tony Bui (1 month ago)
what does it mean by jolt your right hip forward?
The McKibbin Brothers (1 month ago)
move it from perpendicular to the net to parallel to the net
Xyren (1 month ago)
Thanks you so much guys
The McKibbin Brothers (1 month ago)
thank you!
Anil Pradhan (1 month ago)
How to timing volleyball
Juluis Maatubang (1 month ago)
I am learning Volleyball nearly a year now. And this video helps me. How can I have a strong or smash hit?
Matheus Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Work out your arm with a weight, or hit a wall with a ball doing a loop
nebulousJames12345 (1 month ago)
my core isn't like jello, it is literally jello
rishal rishal (1 month ago)
Full hand loosing
Chloé Petit (1 month ago)
Great video 👍 could you two tell us your favorite exercises for a stronger core? Thank you so much 🙏
Jessica Chattergoon (1 month ago)
What about if your a lefty??? Do you hit with your right😭🏐 I need some tips pleaseee for lefty
Erick Vant (26 days ago)
Jessica Chattergoon you will hit it on the right side hitter instead of the left side
fortune lubinda (1 month ago)
Am having a problem in spiking with power whenever I hit the ball its not strong enough.i need yo support
chi mo (16 days ago)
I think the answer already on video, same as me. I can't hit hard. Ill try to make my move like this vid I guess next training
Radek Pýcha (1 month ago)
Hey guys. Good video. But can you show us the front (or behind) picture of him hitting the ball and not only the profile...im curious about the position of his spiking hand towards his body...Or you can answer here. Thanks a lot. Because i assume its not completely in one straight line? Okay, nvm i can see it now in 0:17
Joshua Ramirez (1 month ago)
Stumbled upon you guys searching for vids of Taylor (went to school together), but got intrigued by your guys’ content and the fact that you both are pros and still dish out all these vids in your spare time. Really awesome to see. Def got a new long term sub! 🤙🏽
Badrinath Malkapuram (1 month ago)
Can I have a video about the tutorial to jump higher ??
Awesome video!
Monkey 03 (2 months ago)
I think people confuse power with speed!! If you try to snap using power, it makes your arms heavy and you will get slower results... now compare that with an relax back stretch following a quick snap finish.... You get a fast ball drop!!
alana michele (2 months ago)
my core is jello and i think this is a sign i need to get fit
Rahul Chavhan (2 months ago)
spic to Hindi language bro
Akhil Podem (2 months ago)
I use left hand to hit but i don't know how to take jump and how to hit ball can you tell me plz how to increase volleyball jump what exercises I have to do..
Natasha Sidnell (2 months ago)
I don’t know why but talking about sports just gets my adrenaline going and gets me all restless
Odiskis1 (2 months ago)
Is it possible to put up those slow mo shots by themselves? Just to be able to see the whole action from se the set, going to the batters box, and hitting. If you have more different angles that would be great too. I think you can learn a lot from watching the pros, but I feel like theres a few videos like that in volleyball. Where you see athletes doing one hit in slow motion. It is a big thing in tennis
The McKibbin Brothers (2 months ago)
This is a great idea, I actually just copied and pasted that into our video ideas list
Ranjoy Choudhuri (3 months ago)
Hey guys, I’m a pretty short dude.. about 5’7”. Recently I’ve been working on my jumping and spiking, but I have noticed that I have to take quite a bit of power off the swing in order to keep the ball within bounds, after hitting.. as far as my vertical goes, I can brush the top of a men’s net with my wrist, in sand.. any tips on how I could hit the ball harder and keep it within the lines at the same time. Also, any tips on how to increase my vertical, in sand, given that I am so short?? Thanks a bunch
Aaron A (3 months ago)
Libero players step up
Zaytsev The king (3 months ago)
I'm opposite spiker...please give me some tips...😢
Ethan Larsen (3 months ago)
Love the video. Weird question, but would you also apply this type of arm swing to indoor volleyball or would a "bow and arrow style" be more preferred? I have attempted to use it in indoor and have enjoyed it (although I am inductively still changing up my form). Just wanted to check in with you guys.
hurricane katrina (2 months ago)
Ethan Larsen i hit like that indoors and it’s killer. even using the nike swoosh arm swing when down balling makes a crazy difference
Kurt Kraus (3 months ago)
I'm 53 years old and have been playing volleyball for over 30 years. The last 5 years or so my spike velocity has dropped off significantly. After watching this video, I thought I would try the "nike swoosh" technique. OMG, what a difference! I don't think I've ever hit this hard in my life. Thanks McKibbin brothers for doing this video!
Rajneesh kumar (3 months ago)
Jumping tips please tell me
omar ghw (3 months ago)
I have a thing when i jump for a spike 😭 I do FORGOT all the technics and tips videos I watched, on how to spike
Deepak Kumar (3 months ago)
how to incarcerated my jump
MoVies cLip (4 months ago)
So what can i do
MoVies cLip (4 months ago)
I can not always take a higher jum
Cameron Fry (4 months ago)
You guys rock
Jason Lim (4 months ago)
Nice This will help me
Kiran Bhosale (4 months ago)
how would i increase my jump
TyDAN Music (4 months ago)
Really!! I am improving....thnks
songes pf (4 months ago)
My jumb very week... I can't
T P (4 months ago)
So we have to learn how to spike in gym right now but I’m 5 foot! How the hell am I supposed to spike the ball
The McKibbin Brothers (4 months ago)
put a lot of top spin on that bad boy
Jeff Lostica (4 months ago)
You guys are cool. And the "Bug" can Hit. I coach 7th grade girls. And the porblem with them is timing. I asked them why do you choose to Hit at a game when it has been set perfectly and you choose to freestanding hit. The answered " Cause we don't want to miss and look stupid at a game in front of the spectators, family or friends. WOW! So you rather take the chance for the other tem to score and look better? That was my reply. So, I tried multiple ways when to start your approach as the ball touches the hands of the setter. But they still stutter step and that's is one of the reasons the timing is off. After I see this video I liked how you both explained the steps and it's purpose ( which I have to do coaching the level of youth volleyball. I know its not me. And I know that most of my girls (if they try much more harder) can execute this main feature of volleyball. You might have already Ade a video of this cause I have not had a chance to scroll thrill of the yet. But if you have time , ideas and or suggestions that can help me explain it to them much better. I would appreciate it and will run the drill at our practices. Keep up the good work and thank you. Coach Jeff
Jeff Lostica (4 months ago)
Disregard, I found the proper video. Pretty close to what I have been training them to do. But, your 4 step hitting work is better. Lol P.S. I totally missed your explanation on the begining of this video that directs me to that link. Thanks guys. I will update you on the results....Coach Jeff.
sandeep singh (4 months ago)
Sir I m 5.10 my jump is not so high to smash what should I do ?
The McKibbin Brothers (4 months ago)
put a lot of top spin on the ball (snap that wrist)
ULzII D (4 months ago)
great video thanks guys :D
Davy Makaya (4 months ago)
I would like to know if you can correct your way to hit the ball at any age? Thanks you for the video by the way
The McKibbin Brothers (4 months ago)
hit against the wall standing focusing on proper technique. It's how i fixed my armswing
T3 Gaming (4 months ago)
How far away from the net would you say is ideal to jump from? (Considering the ball is centimeters from the net)
The McKibbin Brothers (4 months ago)
in beach you want to jump more straight up and down as opposed to indoor volleyball where it's better to broad jump
James (4 months ago)
5- vertical 6- power I don't have any of this :(
The McKibbin Brothers (4 months ago)
All of which can be improved in the weightroom homie!
dan belzerian ignitē (5 months ago)
How to jump higher and some exercises
Kevin ThePower (5 months ago)
Thank you so much!!! My spike's become much stronger after watching this video and training.
Kevin ThePower (4 months ago)
Wow thanks for the reply bro!
The McKibbin Brothers (4 months ago)
YESSSS! Love hearing stuff like this
Karthik Paniyoor (5 months ago)
What should be the general distance between the body and the ball while attacking. Because while I attack the ball is too far away or too close while I hit. I cannot syncronize my jump and ball contact. Any tips will be appreciated. Or make a video for this issue it will help a lot.
The McKibbin Brothers (4 months ago)
check out our approach footwork video with Taylor Crabb! Lemme know if that helps
Tribe_ Mella (5 months ago)
I have problems contacting the ball high and keeping my arm extended how can i improve those things easily? #roadtothatfirstbounce
Tribe_ Mella (4 months ago)
+The McKibbin Brothers thnx alot for ur reply, and thnx for all the work u guys put into this. i will wait with pleasure ;)
The McKibbin Brothers (4 months ago)
i was actually thinking of making a video on this, stay tuned boss
dfdfdgg gjhjjh (5 months ago)
A good arm swing in my opinion depends on one’s shoulder structure. How the bones and joints are put together. I’ve seen plenty of people who will never have a good arm swing.
The McKibbin Brothers (4 months ago)
while this maybe could be true, you can always do something to improve mechanics no matter what you were born with in my opinion.
Gunarsa Arta (5 months ago)
Thanks a lot
Taylor Sander (5 months ago)
When will you post the 3rd video of taylor crabb?
Taylor Sander (4 months ago)
Can't wait for that😍
The McKibbin Brothers (4 months ago)
we're gunna do a bunch more with Taylor very soon
Sarmad Khan (5 months ago)
iam six feet two inches but tell me who should i remove my fear of blocking and defending ball
The McKibbin Brothers (4 months ago)
hey what do you mean exactly?
Angela Valdez (5 months ago)
How do you place the ball where you want while you hit
The McKibbin Brothers (4 months ago)
that's all on your partner, the setter. Communicate where you want the set to be always
You should make subtitles in Spanish for at least this video, the Spanish content is so poor, and my regular English was enough for know what you're talk about , but i'd love that more people (Spanish and latins) understand this video <3 good job and you got an Colombian subscriber
The McKibbin Brothers (4 months ago)
do you know how we can do this?
thank you so much
The McKibbin Brothers (5 months ago)
No problemo. More tutorials coming soon!
Thelma Heath (5 months ago)
Thanks for coming to Hilton Hawaii AVP invitational 2018/ thanks for the tips
The McKibbin Brothers (5 months ago)
Happy to help. And that was a pretty awesome tourney, ya?
Pulkit Anand (5 months ago)
Want to be a volleyball player ...i m a poor guy i need training for this i will do anything please answer me
The McKibbin Brothers (5 months ago)
Stay tuned for more tutorials, hopefully those will help
sandy sandheep (5 months ago)
The McKibbin Brothers (5 months ago)
No problem ;)
Dinesh Didde (6 months ago)
I want spike timing
The McKibbin Brothers (5 months ago)
Ok we'll work on it
Abinash Abinashbalaji (6 months ago)
I'm from India..bro..how to increase my jump..
The McKibbin Brothers (5 months ago)
That's a video we're going to try make soon
wattjerry (6 months ago)
I am 5 feet 6 play as a middle attacker, but find it hard to maintain the height I can jump after several blocks and attacks. Is there anyway I can do to train my muscle or tip to last longer in games?
The McKibbin Brothers (5 months ago)
We'll work on it and get back to you
Andrew Kashaija (6 months ago)
Lost my shoulder
Lulun Haokip (6 months ago)
So you Mean i have to make strong of my core value??? Bro
WWE HD (6 months ago)
Then how much u guys are in height
Abraham Caguiat (6 months ago)
starts at 1:48 thank me later
mahavir medhir (6 months ago)
This was surely helpful,but I think a better jump is must for spiking.so I wanted to ask if there are tricks to jump higher as soon as possible.....
Love Khaira (6 months ago)
I can't strike the spike powerfully
Jp Skie (6 months ago)
How ushijima hits
CLEMENT CU (4 months ago)
Great videos. M an outside spiker but 50% of my shots are going wide. It does not pitch inside the court. Are there any drills that I can do to snap my wrist during spiking to make the ball pitch down inside court more ? I have been looking for tips.
spearfishing_life (5 months ago)
CLEMENT CU people always talk about snapping your wrist but 90% of the people I see that hit the ball too high, don’t contact the ball on the top, they hit the bottom and it goes flying
Andrew Salinas (6 months ago)
This was such good information and my friends been bothering me with my grunts but it really helps me
The McKibbin Brothers (6 months ago)
Hahaha, if it's not broken, don't fix it
Andrew Salinas (6 months ago)
yeshwanth spark (6 months ago)
What about a left arm attacker and will you please post a video on the actions of left arm attacker
The McKibbin Brothers (6 months ago)
It's just the opposite of the right-handed hitter that's why we didn't explain it
Love Khaira (6 months ago)
Can get a good speed when hit a spike So help me
The McKibbin Brothers (6 months ago)
Sorry, I don't fully understand your question

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