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Men funny ballet dance

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Boys dance like girls
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thegayestgoth (1 year ago)
Okay the larger guy at 01:56 wasn't that bad
Klára Leblochová (1 year ago)
vždycky jsem snila o spolužácích, co by byli ochotní udělat něco podobného :)
Jason Will (2 years ago)
haha funny
sunset horizon (2 years ago)
were the women not available for this? they look, um how do I say this without sounding rude, absolutely stupid
Veronika Máliková (11 months ago)
Slovakia :-D why?
thegayestgoth (1 year ago)
"The women"? What country are YOU from?
coralarch (1 year ago)
Loosen up- it's a comedy act!

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